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L2 Visa Stamping India + Applying L2 EAD in US – Experiences – 2019

One of our readers and my friend, Puneeth, recently went through L2 visa stamping and after entering US applied for L2 EAD. He has taken time to share their experience with us. Thanks to him for sharing it with all of us. You can share it with community by emailing us at redbus2us@gmail.com or post yourself in User Experiences Section

Background of my situation before L2 Stamping:

I was working on H1B visa and wanted to transfer my visa from H1-B to L2 Visa.  My scenario was little different, my H1-B visa had only 6 months validity and I want to take a break for my wedding and travel to India. I got released from my project and didn’t have any employer to sponsor. Also, I want to relocate to my spouse’s place.  Therefore, I had decided to transfer my visa to L2. My spouse was working in US on L1B visa.

L2 Visa Stamping in India – Chennai

I scheduled Biometrics on 19th Mar and Interview on 20th Mar at Chennai Consulate. I got myself ready with following documents for the interview. Biometrics took just 20 minutes. For interview, I reached consulate 30 minutes early and separate queue was there based on appointment timings. It took around 45 minutes for me at the consulate.

L2 Visa Stamping Documents Checklist:

  • DS-160 form confirmation page with CEAC barcode printout.
  • L2 Visa interview appointment letter.
  • Valid Passports original.
  •  Marriage Certificate and around 20 photos from marriage
  • My husband passport copy with L1B visa stamping (All pages)
  • I-129 copy
  •  L1B petition copy
  • Deputation (Employer’s ) letter of my spouse’s company
  • Pay stubs, W2 and income tax returns of my husband and mine.
  • SSN copy of my spouse and mine
  • NOC from my current company
  • My education and work related certificates

L2 Visa Stamping Interview Questions

  • Me : Good Morning! Officer.
  • VO: Are you applying for L2 visa ?
  • Me : Yes, Mam.
  • VO : Have you visited any other country ?
  • Me : No, just US
  • VO: When did you get married ?
  • Me: I got married 10 days ago and ( said the date)
  • VO: Do you have marriage certificate?
  • Me : Showed my certificate
  • VO: Approved!
  • Me : Thank You!

I prepared myself for every possible questions and documents. Interview was so quick; I hardly spent a minute with officer. I was so happy to hear the golden words.

Experience Applying L2 EAD in US             

I travelled back to US after a month and within a week after arrival to US I applied for L2 EAD. I have prepared following documents and applied L2 EAD (work permit).

Documents required for L2 EAD Application

  • Completed I-765 Form
  • Two Photographs of applicant
  • Passport copy of applicant and Spouse
  • I-94 of applicant and Spouse
  • SSN copy of applicant (Since I had one, have submitted a copy)
  • Marriage certificate
  • $410 cashier’s check (This is application-filing fee; you do have option to pay online and Check USCIS website for more info)
  • L1 approval notice copy of your spouse

I posted hard copies of these documents to USCIS mailbox on 25 April and received receipt notice within a week’s time.  My application has reached Vermont center. Waiting for approval.

I hope my experience will provide some insight for visa interview preparation. All the best! 


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  1. Is travelling back to India after filing L2-EAD ok? Will it impact my EAD processing?
    Is premium processing available for L2 EAD?

  2. Hi All,
    I would highly appreciate if someone help me out of this. I was in USA from last 2018 in L2 visa and was working with EAD. My EAD expired on 17th April and I was put on suspend assignment without any paid. My company has a protocol that they can hold an employee for good 3 months and within that time frame they decide what to do next. They planned me to send to India for few months and in the mean time I will get my L2 visa stamp renewed and will go back to USA to apply only for EAD. My visa is getting expired on 1st july. I will start work from India from 5th july. Now I want to fill DS160 form to get biometry appointment whenever it is possible.
    There is a point where I am stuck. Previous employment end date. What should I put here. My HR is saying 4th july as they will make 4th july as last date in US payrole and 5th july starting from India Payrole. What if VO sees that 17th April was last date of EAD?
    How they will understand that I was in unpaid leave? Or should I give 17th April, but then in future if they check HR record it will be a mismatch.
    Dont know how to proceed here.


    • A small correction. i am not currently under any payrole, According to HR policy my last date of US employment in 4th july.

  3. Hi,
    I got my L2 visa stamped recently and hoping to apply for EAD.
    Is there a biometrics appointment for L2-EAD? Also, I dont have I-94 but my spouse is in US so can she submit my EAD application while I am still in India?

  4. Hi,
    This was really helpful!
    Had a question – Can L2 visa be applied for within US, without travelling back to India? I am currently on my F-1 visa


    • Sugandha,
      Yes, you can apply for Change of Status (COS) using form I-539. Talk to your Spouse ( on L1) and submit paperwork.

  5. Hello ,
    I have a Question which is as below :
    I was working on L1B visa earlier and 6 months back my L1B VISA extension was denied and hence i had to go back.
    My total stay in USA including extension period was around 3 years and 6 months.
    It’s been 7 months that i came back and not my company is applying for Fresh L1B petition for me.

    Since i did not exhausted my complete quota of 5 years , so will my petition get approved for only remaining 1.5 years.
    Or they will approve my petition for 3 years ?

    Thanks ,

    • Very likely for 1.5 years as you will not be completing 1 year of outside stay. It is better to wait for 5 months and then apply, so that you get full term.

  6. I am curious how long it took you to in India to get the L2 visa?

    (I am currently working on F1 OPT and want to come to India to apply for L2 – so checking if I can come back to the country on F1 OPT again as L2 without EAD wont let me work)

  7. Mine is a H4-EAD case.

    I always wondered if, after getting the dependent visa while you are in India, can you (or your spouse who is in USA) apply for EAD based on approved visa while you are still vacationing in India.
    Is there any requirement that says the EAD applicant should be physically be present in USA to be able to apply for EAD (EAD extension).

    • No, you cannot apply from India. You need to physically be in US to apply for H4 EAD. You need to submit I-94 and your status info, when you submit H4 EAD application.


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