H4 Visa Stamping by Dropbox for Kid (Child Under 14 years ) Experience –India, 2013

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One of our readers, Magesh, applied for H4 visa for his kid using the drop box facility offered by US embassy. This is the first experience around drop box for a kid shared by any of our readers. Thanks to Magesh for taking time to write up the experience, Congrats to him and his family for getting visa.


Background Information:

Submitted the documents: 16th, September 2013.
Received the passport with H4 Visa: 20th September 2013

I have a valid H1B visa and I wanted to get H4 visa for our Kid (7 months old).
I browsed through the internet and found that I don’t need to travel to consulate with the
kid for the interview. Children under 14 years can use the drop box facility available
across India to get their H4 or any other visa stamping done in their passport; no need for them to be interviewed. I confirmed this information with the consulate by writing them an email. The rest of the procedures remain the same.
Steps for Applying H4 Visa for Kid using Dropbox facility

  • Fill up the DS 160 form online
  • Pay the visa fee
  • Walk in to the drop box center with the  required documents

I choose to drop my documents in Bangalore drop box location. The office is close to MG road and Shivaji  Nagar bus stand. Popular landmark is the Empire hotel which is just opposite to the building where you need to drop your documents. This particular office is in the 3rd Level. There’s a booth to take the photograph and photo copies at the same building just in case you need it

Documents Carried for H4 Visa Stamping for Children under 14 years

1.DS-160 form print out
2.Visa fee receipt
3. I-797 original & copy of mine (principal applicant)
4.Visa copy (H1B) of mine and my wife’s (H4)
5.Kid’s passport
6.My Job Offer letter
7. Pay slips
8.Form 16
9.Experience letters
10. Photos of the kid

Documents Taken at the Dropbox location for H4 visa:

1.DS-160 form printouts, confirmation page
2.Visa fee receipt
3. I-797 copy of H1B Visa holder (principal applicant)
4. H1B Visa copy
5. Kid’s passport
6. 2 Photos of the kid

I insisted the guy at the counter to include the copy of my wife’s visa and he said
its not required. That means you can only submit the documents which the counter guy asks you to submit.

I received my Kid’s Passport with H4 Visa Stamped within 4 days from the submission date.

Do you have any similar experience to share? Please share it here



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Comments ( 34 )

  1. Vishal

    Hi pals,

    My son is 14 months old and he is in India with my wife currently. I have got an appointment for his H4 Visa drop box for Oct 23rd 2020. I have following questions on the same:
    1) The confirmation e-mail says as the “drop box appointment”, hence shall i assume that the biometric is not required for him. we just need to go there and submit the docs on the appointment date ?
    2) The biometric will also happen for him on the same day and after that the drop box document will be taken?

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.


    1. administrator

      If you got dropbox appointment, there will not be any biometrics, it is only documents drop off at VAC location.

      1. Vishal

        Thanks Kumar for the quick response!

        On receiving the appointment confirmation mail i thought the same what you just mentioned. But when i checked on the internet, i found that kids are not exempted from biometric. Hence i was little confused that why they have given the drop box appointment directly without the biometric ? Hence i have raised this query here.
        Note: I have sent a mail to the USCIS support too and waiting for their reply.


        1. administrator

          Do update here how it goes, for community benefit. No need to send to USCIS as they are not really related to visa stamping.

          1. MOHAN SINGH


            Can you please share your experience? How did it go?
            Also can you help with the info – who submitted the documents at drop box ?
            Which center did you choose for the dropbox?


  2. Giriesh

    My daughter has valid H1 Visa till March 2021. She is in India and just turned 14. in India Since she has Valid visa, does she need to go for Biometrics finger printing when she turn 14 outside USA? Or can she travel now and fingerprinting will be done next time H4 visa is renewed?

  3. kishore

    As per USTravel document site, below are the documents needed for Child below 14 years.
    Applicants ( – Child below 14 years or – Applicants over 80 years of age)

    1) Photocopy of each parent’s current passport biographic information page (applicable for child below 14 years)
    2) Photocopy of each parent’s valid U.S. visa page (applicable for child below 14 years)
    3) Applying on or after 80th birthday (applicable for Applicants over 80 years of age)
    4) Most recent visa application was not refused (applicable for Applicants over 80 years of age)

    I am stuck with point (2) ” Photocopy of each parent’s valid U.S. visa page”.
    if we are going for a drop box, means our visa got expired (in most cases); How can this be possible to submit valid US visa page? If any one know, please comment…

    1. Praveen

      Hi Kishore,

      Even I am also in the same situation, me and my wife are eligible for visa drop box and we recently blessed with a kid and planning to apply for her H4. So I am thinking first we need to get the visa before applying H4 visa to my new born? Please share your experience.


      1. administrator

        Yes, you need the visas to be done first. Check https://www.ustraveldocs.com/in/in-svc-visachild.asp , they clearly tell in the parenthesis that parents visa is required. I am not sure, if they allow it do it all together. Check with the embassy.

  4. Bala

    I have dropbox eligibility for me as my visa H1B expired on Dec 2018, however my wife H4 visa expired on Sep2017. I have applied for visa extension now, expected to get the docs in a couple of months, so I am eligible for dropbox facility, can i submit the docs for my wife also in the same dropbox along with me. Or else do we both need to go for PA.

    1. administrator

      Usually, you need the dropbox waiver letter to submit in dropbox. If your spouse is not eligible, she would not get that. It is recommended that you submit for dropbox and then after your visa approval, she can go for H4 stamping in person.

  5. Ram

    Hi I am in US with my wife and chikdren. I have my stamped visa expired on Feb,2018 and now my extension petition is approved.I need to send my daughter india on vacation with her Grandma and they will be returning by June 2018. The visa stamped on my daughter passport expired on April,2016.Please let me know if she is eligible for drop box. And if yes, do her original I797 and my I797 is valid to support the drop box as I could read that parents visa copy need to submitted to support H4 Dropbox but my stamped visa have expired on Feb,2018.Please advise.

  6. Arya

    I am in US and my wife and kid (4 year old) plannin to visit india..our visas are expired 9 months back. We have approved petition. My wife got drop box facility as she qualifies all criteria . But for my son did not qualify dropbox as I dint have valid visa stamped. Can my sone also utilize dropbox for visa renewal?

        1. administrator

          If parents have visa stamping, kids under 14 are eligible for dropbox. Check https://www.ustraveldocs.com/in/in-niv-visarenew.asp

  7. Sumedh

    I paid fees through Neft, I have never received any receipt, but got Receipt number and thats printed on confirmation page. Do I still need to have payment receipt ?

  8. Manoj Prabhakar

    To avail H4 drop box facility for my kid (3 months old), should I submit my passport or I797 original? Also, for drop box, documents can be posted or someone needs to go and provide the documents in drop box facility?
    I am right now in US.


  9. Lavanya

    Hi ,
    Me and my hubby are in Us with my son , now we need to bring my daughter 1 yr old she is in India..can we get her visa through Dropbox facility by anyone in India if so how. Would we show the original I 797 do ument ……reply plz

    Thanks in advance

  10. Karthick

    Hi, I need to apply for a fresh Visa for my son. I have got a valid visa stamped in my passport. Can you please help me with the documents that needs to be carried to the Dropbox centre in Chennai. Thanks in advance.

  11. Sidarth

    Hi I want to know that if I am eligible for Visa DropBox then does my child 5 yrs old and my wife also eligible for Dropbox, and our visa were expired in Sep-2015, and i am with the same employer with whom i had my earlier visa.

    1. administrator


      There are other criteria as well for dropbox, but you satisfy the criteria of visa expiration should be within last 1 year.

  12. Vetrivel


    I am in US with H1 B visa. My wife want to apply for H4 visa for our 7 month kid in India .

    Please tell me the procedure to get visa for my kid, as i am not able to attend visa interview with my wife.

  13. Basu

    Hi Team/Magesh,

    I have question, who can drop the documents in the drop box. Is it need to be parent(s) or anybody can drop off.


  14. CHITTA


    Do we need to logged in to US travel docs site and pay the fees for H4 (Child bellow 14 year age) or is there any way to pay the fee to get receipt.


  15. Anisha

    Hi Team/Magesh,

    I have some queires, kindly assist. I reached US one month ago on my valid H1 and my son is in Bangalore , India with Husband and our parents.

    1. Can I get H4-Visa for my son in India while am in US ? If yes. can we drop the documents and get it done ?

    2. Can he travel to US with my in-laws who will be travelling on Visitors Visa ?



    1. administrator

      1. Yes. From your question in Q&A forum, I suppose your husband will be dropping the documents.
      2. He may travel. They may be asked why he is traveling w/ them and not w/ parents, and they should respond truthfully.

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