Not everyone are lucky to get H1B visa stamping at first attempt…Some of you might have got 221(g) query from the Visa Consular officer  ( blue, white, yellow) asking to submit documents.  The most frustrating thing about 221(g) blue form is that there is no way to track your application…You just have to wait….it can be frustrating to wait…This page is meant to help others get an idea about processing times and how long does it take to process a 221(g) issued H1B case…If you were ever given 221(g), please share your details to help others get an idea.  You may check out below articles as well.

You can check out our 221(g) tracker that has anonymous data with users like you, who added the details for community benefit.

Check out 221(g) Case Tracker

Check out our 221(g) Tracker with anonymous data from everyone.

Waiting for the 221(g) response from US Consulate can be very painful…To help everyone be informed on average processing time and other similar cases,  we have built an easy way to track for users their 221(g) status and let the community have an idea on the timeline as well. It is fully anonymous. Please add your case to the 221(g) Tracker.

Add your 221(g) Case

Please add your 221(g) Case for everyone's benefit. It is fully anonymous and will help many waiting for it like you.

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  1. Kishore

    Hi Saurabh,
    Thank you

    My H1B case was picked up in 2016 lottery but denied recently on the grounds of specialty occupation. I was wondering if transfer of my petition is still possible? I am currently outside US.

    1. administrator


      If the petition was selected, not approved but denied, then you are not considered in the cap. You have to go through the cap again.

  2. AdviseMe


    I got 221g blue slip stating my case requires further administrative processing for H1B. So I travelled to US on H4 visa. I have my petition with me. So can I find other employer and change my status to H1 from H4? Is it possible to change the status from H4 to H1 though I have been issued 221g for H1 at the consulate?

    1. administrator


      Yes, it should still be possible. An employer can file cap-exempt H-1 petition along w/ COS for you.

      1. AdviseMe

        Thank you. I was in a wrong impression that I cannot apply and wasted many months.
        Few more questions.
        1. With a new employer can I start working with approved LCA without waiting for COS decision?
        2. How much time does it take to get LCA or COS in general as premium processing is not there now?

        1. administrator


          1. No, you need COS to be approved before you can start to work.
          2. It could take several months, say 8-9.

          One thing to watch out for (sorry, didn’t include in my previous response), if consulate has made the decision to deny the visa (after 221g processing) they would send the petition back to USCIS for possible revocation. Once USCIS does that, you cannot use the old petition for H-1 transfer. Your COS to H-1 would work only if the old petition has not been revoked by USCIS based upon consulate’s input.

  3. Rahul Goswami

    Urgent help needed:
    I am stuck in India because of 221G Admin processing (yellow slip). My US employer might ask me to Resign because of delay in 221g.
    1. What will happen to my visa if I have to join other employer in India while 221G is in process.
    2. What documents should I ask my current employer before leaving them?
    3. Can other Indian employer transfer my visa if this 221G comes as rejection or in process?

    1. administrator

      Rahul Goswami,

      1. Join other employer on H-1 or as their Indian employee?
      2. Experience letter, copy of 797.
      3. If 221g results in denial, they would send the petition back to USCIS for reconsideration and possible revocation. Try to transfer to another employer before that happens. Unfortunately due to PP ban, this cannot be sped-up.

  4. mark123

    I attended interview on Jan 30th. I was given a blue slip 221g after 3 hours of wait. they marked tax documents to be submitted. After submitting the documents again on March 11 was asked to submit the passport but after 5 days I got my passport without stamping and again with a blue slip mentioning admin processing before a final decision can be made. Eagerly waiting with fingers crossed. Did anyone face any similar situation? Has their visa got approved.

  5. 221g - Admin processing

    Here is my case, i went to VISA interview on March 3rd, had my ofc done on 2nd March.

    1. OFC –> I did mistake with my dependent while taking appointment, i gave same reference as mine for my dependent too
    2. I raised query with Chennai consulate, they asked me to update proper Application ID while Biometri
    3. When i went for Biometri, i asked VFS officer to correct the mistake. he said no issues, but he updated my dependent as H1
    4. Next day, when i went for interview, while verifying our finger prints, VFS officer got confused and asked me who is the petitioner for H1B, i gave my Petition, he made correction to my dependent, i thought its corrected for good.
    5. When i went to Interview, first question was, who is your petitioner, i answered, VISA officer didn’t get convinced, she consulted someone and came back.
    6. I knew something is wrong, she asked me to handover all my supporting documents.
    7. I handed over, she typed something on the computer and went to consult someone again.
    8. She came back and asked me to sit, she said she will call me back
    9. After one hour wait, she called me back and said, we need to do further processing.
    10. She handed me over 221g and marked Admin Processing.
    11. I greeted her and came back. when i checked for the case numbers for status
    12. case no mentioned were only 12 digit, ceac visa tracker needs 14 digit no
    13. when i entered my Application ID, status says Admin processing
    14. for my dependent same status but, case created date as the day i went for OFC, mine updated as the date of interview.
    15. I am confused. what might be real issue.

    1. 221

      Same experience.Just keep waiting .
      The average duration seen is 4 weeks to 7 weeks. My friend got mail for submit Passport after 113days.

  6. Nish

    Anybody got 221(g) blue slip with Administrative Processing checked on 3rd Feb 2017 (Friday) from Chennai consulate? Please reply whether got any update from USCIS on your visa status? Ours still showing the same Administrative Processing status. Please share.

  7. Som

    My H1B visa interview was on 23rd feb.
    Consular asked me about my research. Asked me for my research publications.
    He retained my passport and issued 221g blue slip highlighting that additional administrative processing needs to be done before taking decision.

    Any idea what’s going on????

    1. Sree

      221(g) is very common this past few months the consultae will process you application. The average duration seen is 4 weeks. in some cases up to 7 weeks. It is a painful period as no updates are provided by the consulate. You do not have any other option but to wait for an email correspondence from the consulate.

  8. Roxie

    Hello everyone,

    I had my interview on 6th feb 2017 at mumbai consulate.
    Was issued a 221g slip askig for end client letter.
    Ive submitted the same through email,as directed,on 7th feb.
    I would like to know how long does the processing take to complete.
    I know it takes a few weeks.
    Any inputs would be helpful.

    Thank you.

  9. Rohit d

    I had h1b extn interview on 1st of Feb and was given a white slip with 221g….and asked to submit additional docs…anyone know difference between white,yellow,blue slip?

    1. Ram

      They are all the same, every consulate uses different color slips. It’s the check box that matters. If they asked you for additional documents then it’s clear. If they just checked the box for administrative processing, it’s like a black hole. We don’t know how long it may take. Usually, it’s taking 4-6 weeks if it’s Hyderabad and Chennai. While Delhi and Mumbai have lesser wait times.

      1. DP

        3rd Feb h1b Extension stamping interview…got 221g white slip and asked to submit extra doc…submitted same day which was received by embassy on 6th Feb ..since it was a weekend….its almost 5 weeks now ..still waiting for update ..mine was in Delhi …any idea how long is the approx wait time ?

  10. AJ

    I recently gave my documents for drop-off for H1B extension and with a new employer (so new i797). My passport was returned with 221G and I was told to come for an interview. Yesterday, during the interview they said they needed some more confirmation from the university I did my masters from. Currently, the status is showing as Administrative processing. What could be the reason? Currently a full-time employee at a firm.

  11. Jan18

    Me and my husband where asked to do a drop box , after 21 days we were asked to come for the interview with client letter , we attended the interview , the officer took all the documents and made us wait for 3 hours and then gave the blue slip mentioning they ran out time , and the slip mentioned administration processing , we have all documents correct and my husband is 140 approved , any idea how long will it take ?? Is it 60 days or 21 days ?? This silence from their side is killing us

  12. Venkat


    I have attended H1B visa interview in Chennai on 13 Jan 2017. The VO asked standard questions and finally gave me 221g with check on “your application requires additional administrative processing before final decision can be made” He returned all documents except xerox copy of 797. He returned passport also. Any idea how long does it take to get my case resolved?

      1. Teena

        Please share any experience with stamping (EVC model) for H4 planning my visit to India in June n July . My husband works for an IT consulting firm since 2008

  13. Multiple 221


    I have attended H1B visa interview in Mumbai Consulate on 07 of Sept 2016. I got 221g and asked to submit documents but employer didn’t show interest to submit docs . After few days I got another employer ,who applied for Cap Exempt in PP and petition approved.As i have big client name and all documents.

    In 12 Jan 2017 attend visa interview in Hyderabad Consulate.But after basic questions like employer name, client name, salary, client location.She asked

    Have you previously applied for visa?
    1st time i said No.

    Again she asked same question.
    Ans: Yes in Mumbai location from previous employer.And issued Administrative Process slip.

    She moved out of her place n went somewhere and back again and by looking at her computer asked
    1. What is your full name
    Ans: Answered
    2. Date of birth
    Ans: Answered

    Then looked into computer and typed something for 1-2 minutes.
    And issued Administrative process slip.

    Please let me know the what will be reason?? What will be the outcome.

  14. Sa191

    I appeared for visa interview on 4 nov and was given yellow slip . Today my status update date has been changed , and still it says admin processing and may take several weeks ,and mentioned if your visa is approved we will mail in 2 business days.

    Any idea whats going on?

      1. Aditya

        Hi sa191..

        So, you went for a visa stamping on 4th November. On that day, did the US Visa officer keep your passport or s/he give your passport back to you? If they have kept it with them, havae you received the passport yet (With or without visa stamped)?

        I am asking this coz few of the employees from the consultancy that filed my visa have been issued 221g. So, if I am issued 221g and consulate officer keeps my passport, then I may not be able to go for other international travel that is coming up. Can you please reply to my above query? Thanks!

        1. sa191

          Hi aditya sorry for late reply.
          actualy i have recieved my passport with stamp.
          on 4th they kept passport and issued 221g . and on 21 dec i got email and message to pick passport

  15. Tej


    I have attended the Visa Stamping interview in Calgary, Canada on 14 Dec 16.

    VO: Asked my Passport and I797
    Me: Gave her
    VO: Where do you work
    Me: Gave the location information.
    VO: Asked my job duties
    Me: Answered

    She gave me 221g form and told me that I will get a Email and I have to submit the documents. Please note that she did not take my passport.Can some one help me understand how long this process will take. I have to travel to India on a personal work by end of Jan. Can I still travel to India and continue this process. Please let me know the best possible solution for this problem.

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