Ï 221(g) Tracker, Analytics Reports for H1B, L1, F1, B1/B2 and Other Visas for 2016, FY 2017

221(g) Tracker Stats
Visa Stamping Status
Pending 1947
Approved 816
Denied 87
Withdrawn 5
What's the Timeline for 221(g) ?
Unfortunately, there is no set timeline for processing of cases that were issued a 221(g) slip. It can take as little as a week, or as much as several months. Due to the nature of the case, it can be very tricky. Due to the black box nature, we have created this tracker so that you can get a sense of general trend to be aware of what to expect.
By Slip Color
White 1191
Blue 892
Yellow 296
Green 197
Other 170
Pink 109
Orange 8
Purple 1

Visa Type

H1 1573
Other 662
B1 278
F1 260
L1 87
What can you do after 221(g) is issued ?
221(g) can be issued for variety of reasons depending on the case...The only thing that you can do is submit the relevant documents (if you were given to submit any documents, letters) as soon as you can and hope for the best. If you were not asked to submit anything, you just need to wait...If you do not hear back within a month or so, you can always write to the embassy/ consulate using email ID and request status of your case. If you are asked to submit passport after you submit documents, just submit it.
Passport Status
Passport Returned at Interview 1530
Passport Collected at Interview 1072
Submitted after Visa Interview 262
Status by Slip Color
Slip Color Status Count
Blue Approved 305
Blue Denied 15
Blue Pending 572
Green Approved 60
Green Denied 3
Green Pending 134
Orange Approved 2
Orange Pending 6
Purple Pending 1
Pink Approved 29
Pink Denied 4
Pink Withdrawn 2
Pink Pending 74
White 7
White Approved 317
White Denied 50
White Withdrawn 2
White Pending 815
Yellow 1
Yellow Approved 66
Yellow Denied 12
Yellow Withdrawn 1
Yellow Pending 216
Other 1
Other Approved 37
Other Denied 3
Other Pending 129
List of 221(g) Visa Stamping Cases - Details

The below 221(g) Visa Stamping Cases list is sorted by latest interview date. E.g: April 10th interview date cases will be on top of April 1st.

Name Slip Color Visa Type Visa Stamping Status Consulate Interview Date Processing Time Details
White Other Approved Haiti 2029-04-09 2381 Details
Deepak Yadav Green H1 Pending Toronto 2022-09-20 12 Details
ss535 White H1 Pending Hyderabad 2022-09-15 17 Details
Andrei White H1 Pending Uruguay, Montevideo 2022-09-14 18 Details
Ashok Yellow L1 Pending New Delhi 2022-09-14 18 Details
Sam White H1 Approved Hyderabad 2022-09-06 3 Details
Vaibhav Yellow H1 Pending Mumbai 2022-08-25 38 Details
Suman Vemula White H1 Pending Bangkok 2022-08-23 40 Details
FLORINA ROXANA PLESOIANU White B1 Pending Nicosia 2022-08-16 47 Details
RK2022 Yellow H1 Pending New Delhi 2022-08-12 51 Details
PRATIKKUMAR SHAH White H1 Pending INDIA-HYDERABAF 2022-08-10 53 Details
DAVR White F1 Pending Warsaw 2022-08-02 61 Details
KENT JOBOE Green F1 Pending China 2022-08-02 61 Details
Jyotsna jha Green F1 Approved Kolkata 2022-08-02 17 Details
Surinder White Other Denied Mumbai 2022-07-28 66 Details
Rohit Sadh White H1 Pending Mumbai 2022-07-28 66 Details
Dj Lin White H1 Pending London 2022-07-25 69 Details
Sangay wangchuk White Other Denied Mumbai 2022-07-22 72 Details
Sujith P White H1 Pending Hyderabad 2022-07-20 74 Details
PunjabiBoy White H1 Pending New Delhi 2022-07-07 87 Details
Sabeenarizwan Other Other Pending Islamabad embassy 2022-07-01 93 Details
Juan Rubio Blue Other Pending San Salvador 2022-06-29 95 Details
Aneesh Pink H1 Pending chennai 2022-06-27 97 Details
damn5535 White H1 Approved Hyderabad 2022-06-23 20 Details
A.A.M. Tariq Uddin White B1 Pending Dhaka/ Bangladesh 2022-06-20 104 Details
Venkat Yellow H1 Pending Delhi 2022-06-16 108 Details
Sahil Thumma White Other Pending Hyderabad 2022-06-14 110 Details
vrk Other H1 Pending India - New Delhi 2022-06-13 111 Details
PyaePyaeChit Other Other Pending Rangoon Embassy 2022-06-09 115 Details
elif Yellow F1 Pending usa 2022-06-08 116 Details
Sathish Reddy White H1 Pending Hyderabad 2022-06-06 118 Details
Mohammed Ansar Ul Haq White F1 Denied Hyderabad 2022-06-03 121 Details
electricfish Green F1 Approved Beijing 2022-06-02 36 Details
Adham amr Other F1 Pending Cairo 2022-06-02 122 Details
Rene Yellow F1 Pending New Delhi 2022-06-01 123 Details
Hani Gharavi Gharavi White Other Pending Dublin 2022-05-26 129 Details
Anusha White H1 Pending Chennai 2022-05-26 129 Details
SALVACION BUENAVENTE Pink Other Pending MANILA EMBASSY 2022-05-26 129 Details
Zacks Yellow H1 Pending BEIJING 2022-05-24 131 Details
NLQ Blue Other Approved Islamabad 2022-05-24 43 Details
SP MT White H1 Pending India Delhi 2022-05-24 131 Details
Varun Jana Yellow H1 Approved Hyderabad 2022-05-23 21 Details
Aymen Chibani Blue Other Pending Algeria 2022-05-22 133 Details
Stephani Yellow B1 Pending Calgary 2022-05-18 137 Details
Stephani Yellow B1 Approved Calgary 2022-05-18 35 Details
Ramalinga Raju White Other Pending Mumbai 2022-05-17 138 Details
NAVEEN KUMAR White H1 Approved CHENNAI 2022-05-13 76 Details
ANH1 Pink H1 Pending Chennai 2022-05-13 142 Details
Wahid rashad Green B1 Pending Cairo 2022-05-12 143 Details
MANAS TEJA White F1 Pending mumbai consulate 2022-05-11 144 Details
Saiful Islam shaheen White Other Withdrawn Dhaka Bangladesh 2022-05-09 146 Details
target@ Yellow H1 Pending Mumbai 2022-05-09 146 Details
Sai White Other Pending Hyderabad 2022-05-09 146 Details
Muhammad arif Green B1 Pending Manama 2022-05-08 147 Details
Jose nelson gonzalez bedo White Other Pending Bogota colombia 2022-05-05 150 Details
Alpesh Patel Other B1 Pending London 2022-05-05 150 Details
VPR Pink F1 Pending India/Chennai 2022-05-04 151 Details
RLSWAMY White H1 Approved Hyderabad 2022-05-04 29 Details
Khalid Green B1 Pending Munich 2022-04-28 157 Details
Ankit White Other Pending Canada - Vancouver 2022-04-26 159 Details
VKN White H1 Pending Chennai 2022-04-26 159 Details
O1A VISA Applicant White Other Approved Hyderabad 2022-04-26 57 Details
BN H1B White H1 Approved Hyderabad 2022-04-26 36 Details
Majory wairimu Yellow Other Pending Nairobi kenya 2022-04-25 160 Details
skreddy Other H1 Pending hyderabad 2022-04-21 164 Details
dfdsfds Other Other Approved CHENNAI 2022-04-21 7 Details
Shashank Pasupuleti White H1 Pending Hyderabad 2022-04-20 165 Details
Dipesh Yellow H1 Pending New Delhi 2022-04-19 166 Details
MNDN White B1 Pending Yaounde, Cameroon 2022-04-14 171 Details
Kishore Blue H1 Pending Delhi 2022-04-13 172 Details
JAGADEESH R White H1 Pending Hyderabad 2022-04-13 172 Details
Afshaan Mazagonwalla White H1 Pending Chennai 2022-04-12 173 Details
Benita Yellow Other Pending Haiti 2022-04-06 179 Details
Sandeep White L1 Pending US Embassy Oman 2022-04-03 182 Details
Zhaoyu Qu White F1 Pending Auckland, New Zealand 2022-03-31 185 Details
Sameer T White Other Pending Mumbai 2022-03-31 185 Details
ABY White H1 Pending Chennai 2022-03-30 186 Details
Samy Green B1 Pending Munich 2022-03-29 187 Details
Reem White B1 Pending Muscat 2022-03-27 189 Details
Hidden Name Green H1 Approved Toronto 2022-03-24 192 Details
Chandra Sekhar V White H1 Pending Hyderabad 2022-03-22 194 Details
Vikrant White L1 Pending Chennai 2022-03-21 195 Details
Raunak Ramesh Lahoti White H1 Pending New Delhi 2022-03-17 199 Details
max Other B1 Pending dushanbe 2022-03-17 199 Details
Anjelika Atul Kadam Yellow F1 Pending New Delhi 2022-03-16 200 Details
Jessie A. Alminar White Other Denied manila Philippines 2022-03-14 202 Details
Shiva G Yellow H1 Pending New Delhi 2022-03-14 202 Details
Akash Deep Anand Yellow H1 Pending New Delhi 2022-03-11 205 Details
Kiran M White H1 Approved Hyderabad 2022-03-10 69 Details
Venkatesh White H1 Pending Hyderabad 2022-03-08 208 Details
Navkaran Chadha White H1 Pending India,New delhi 2022-03-04 212 Details
Alona A. Blue Other Pending Abu Dhabi 2022-03-01 215 Details
Lalit White H1 Pending Mumbai 2022-02-28 216 Details
Sanket Patiil Yellow H1 Pending New Delhi 2022-02-28 216 Details
Janmesh Blue H1 Pending Delhi 2022-02-25 219 Details
Jennifer McNeil White Other Denied Jamaica 2022-02-22 222 Details
Sierra Papa Blue Other Approved Mumbai 2022-02-22 78 Details
Arjun Blue H1 Pending Hyderabad 2022-02-17 227 Details
Vemula Blue H1 Pending New Delhi 2022-02-11 233 Details
waitingGame Yellow Other Pending New Delhi 2022-02-11 233 Details
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