Ï 221(g) Tracker, Analytics Reports for H1B, L1, F1, B1/B2 and Other Visas for 2016, FY 2017

221(g) Tracker Stats
Visa Stamping Status
Pending 1763
Approved 772
Denied 75
Withdrawn 3
What's the Timeline for 221(g) ?
Unfortunately, there is no set timeline for processing of cases that were issued a 221(g) slip. It can take as little as a week, or as much as several months. Due to the nature of the case, it can be very tricky. Due to the black box nature, we have created this tracker so that you can get a sense of general trend to be aware of what to expect.
By Slip Color
White 1071
Blue 853
Yellow 258
Green 182
Other 149
Pink 101
Orange 6
Purple 1

Visa Type

H1 1459
Other 585
B1 263
F1 232
L1 78
What can you do after 221(g) is issued ?
221(g) can be issued for variety of reasons depending on the case...The only thing that you can do is submit the relevant documents (if you were given to submit any documents, letters) as soon as you can and hope for the best. If you were not asked to submit anything, you just need to wait...If you do not hear back within a month or so, you can always write to the embassy/ consulate using email ID and request status of your case. If you are asked to submit passport after you submit documents, just submit it.
Passport Status
Passport Returned at Interview 1378
Passport Collected at Interview 1005
Submitted after Visa Interview 238
Status by Slip Color
Slip Color Status Count
Blue Approved 296
Blue Denied 14
Blue Pending 543
Green Approved 56
Green Denied 3
Green Pending 123
Orange Approved 1
Orange Pending 5
Purple Pending 1
Pink Approved 28
Pink Denied 4
Pink Withdrawn 1
Pink Pending 68
White 6
White Approved 296
White Denied 41
White Withdrawn 1
White Pending 727
Yellow 1
Yellow Approved 61
Yellow Denied 10
Yellow Withdrawn 1
Yellow Pending 185
Other 1
Other Approved 34
Other Denied 3
Other Pending 111
List of 221(g) Visa Stamping Cases - Details

The below 221(g) Visa Stamping Cases list is sorted by latest interview date. E.g: April 10th interview date cases will be on top of April 1st.

Name Slip Color Visa Type Visa Stamping Status Consulate Interview Date Processing Time Details
IVY WANJIKU Yellow Other Pending NAIROBI 2020-01-14 462 Details
MyH1B Pink H1 Pending Chennai 2020-01-14 462 Details
Anastasiya Other B1 Approved Moscow 2020-01-14 0 Details
Nimish Lambadkar Blue B1 Approved Mumbai 2020-01-10 55 Details
Sruthi Blue H1 Pending Chennai 2020-01-09 467 Details
jahnavi yechuri Other H1 Pending chennai 2020-01-09 467 Details
Yogesh Vishram ghogale Green Other Approved MUMBAI 2020-01-08 468 Details
Prem Yellow B1 Approved Toronto 2020-01-08 23 Details
MK21 White Other Pending Mumbai, India 2020-01-08 468 Details
Tilak108 Blue F1 Pending Mumbai 2020-01-07 469 Details
Noorani White B1 Pending islamabad pakistan 2020-01-07 469 Details
maxvisa Blue H1 Pending Chennai 2020-01-06 470 Details
hardy Blue H1 Pending Mumbai 2020-01-06 470 Details
Felomino de Torres White Other Pending manila 2020-01-03 473 Details
Dan_F1_To_H1B Blue H1 Approved Chennai 2020-01-02 6 Details
donotknow Orange H1 Pending Mumbai 2020-01-02 474 Details
Neeraj Green L1 Approved Ciudad Juaraz 2020-01-02 13 Details
F1TOH1B Blue H1 Pending Chennai 2019-12-31 476 Details
AKS Blue H1 Approved Chennai 2019-12-31 476 Details
Postdoc_research White Other Pending Islamabad 2019-12-31 476 Details
yetanotherh1b Blue H1 Pending Delhi 2019-12-30 477 Details
Dinesh Kalla White H1 Pending Hyderabad 2019-12-30 477 Details
nik01 Yellow L1 Pending Mumbai India 2019-12-30 477 Details
221g_chennai01072020 Blue H1 Approved Chennai 2019-12-27 26 Details
Sandeep Yarabarla Yellow H1 Approved Mumbai 2019-12-26 26 Details
Shriram Blue H1 Approved Chennai 2019-12-23 8 Details
Muflih Yellow Other Pending Jordan 2019-12-23 484 Details
Su TK Blue H1 Pending Chennai 2019-12-20 487 Details
Nadia Farooqui White Other Pending Montreal 2019-12-20 487 Details
Shreenidhi Sudhakar Blue H1 Approved Chennai 2019-12-19 488 Details
Sai White H1 Pending Hyderabad 2019-12-19 488 Details
sri Blue H1 Approved Chennai 2019-12-19 12 Details
Sai Sandeep White H1 Pending Hyderabad 2019-12-19 488 Details
daniel johaness ohemeng White Other Pending ghana 2019-12-19 488 Details
tammy White Other Pending Philippines 2019-12-17 490 Details
K_F1toH1 Blue H1 Pending Chennai 2019-12-17 490 Details
Dante White Other Pending Manila 2019-12-17 490 Details
NAMUQ, SAJJAD HUSSEIN Pink B1 Pending IRAQ, BAGHDAD 2019-12-17 490 Details
Srikanth Blue H1 Pending chennai 2019-12-12 495 Details
randeep singh Green H1 Pending NEW DELHI 2019-12-12 495 Details
Ashfaq Pink H1 Approved Chennai 2019-12-12 41 Details
Shaad Blue H1 Pending Chennai 2019-12-12 495 Details
Priyanka Nagaraju White H1 Pending Hyderabad 2019-12-11 496 Details
Arvindh Mani Blue H1 Approved Chennai 2019-12-11 20 Details
Lyris Blue L1 Pending Chennai India 2019-12-10 497 Details
f12h1confusion Blue H1 Pending Chennai 2019-12-09 498 Details
skd White Other Approved Montreal 2019-12-09 498 Details
Andrzej Landa White B1 Approved Poland Warsaw 2019-12-09 0 Details
Nilesh Yellow H1 Pending Mumbai 2019-12-09 498 Details
Catherine Garcia White Other Pending US EMBASSY PHILIPPINES 2019-12-09 498 Details
Rohak Rajendra Blue Other Pending New Delhi 2019-12-05 502 Details
Prasanna Blue H1 Pending Chennai 2019-12-04 503 Details
Maninder pal Singh Kang Green Other Pending Toronto Canada 2019-12-04 503 Details
Manik Blue H1 Approved Chennai 2019-12-03 8 Details
Muhammad Umar Pink F1 Pending Karachi Consulate 2019-12-03 504 Details
Hitesh Chopra Yellow L1 Approved Monterrary 2019-12-03 3 Details
Erika White Other Approved Manila Philippines 2019-12-03 504 Details
Siddharth Reddy lucky White H1 Pending Hyderabad 2019-12-02 505 Details
Ganesh Rajagopalan Blue H1 Pending Chennai, India 2019-12-02 505 Details
jingle White H1 Pending Hyderabad 2019-12-02 505 Details
Asiya White Other Pending Dakar 2019-12-02 505 Details
Tharinda Madusanka Green H1 Pending Colombo Sri Lanka 2019-12-02 505 Details
Prashanth Blue L1 Pending Bangalore VFS/ Chennai consulate 2019-11-29 508 Details
Ritu Green H1 Approved Kolkata 2019-11-29 48 Details
Princess chandria batusan White Other Pending Manila 2019-11-26 511 Details
Nawishka Yellow Other Pending Colombo 2019-11-26 511 Details
Smitha Gurunathakrishnan Blue H1 Pending Chennai 2019-11-25 512 Details
Priya Blue F1 Approved Chennai 2019-11-25 512 Details
Akhil Adarsh Blue H1 Pending Chennai 2019-11-25 512 Details
Ragu Raman Jayaraman Blue H1 Approved Chennai 2019-11-25 512 Details
oneway White H1 Pending Hyderabad 2019-11-19 518 Details
Jyotish Blue H1 Pending Chennai 2019-11-18 519 Details
kabita acharya Other Other Pending nepal kathmandu 2019-11-18 519 Details
Tom Liu Yellow H1 Pending Beijing 2019-11-18 519 Details
Diego Raul Maita Zea Pink Other Pending Peru 2019-11-15 522 Details
Kiran Yellow H1 Pending Mumbai 2019-11-15 522 Details
mukul jain Green B1 Pending MUMBAI 2019-11-13 524 Details
Enrique Villegas Blue Other Pending Cd. Juarez, Mexico 2019-11-12 525 Details
Lozz and Cat Blue Other Pending US Embassy London 2019-11-12 525 Details
karthik Blue H1 Pending chennai 2019-11-06 531 Details
Priyanka Green Other Denied Delhi 2019-11-06 531 Details
SVR Blue H1 Approved Chennai 2019-11-06 43 Details
GBB Other L1 Pending Kolkata 2019-11-06 531 Details
Anonymous Blue H1 Approved Chennai 2019-11-05 7 Details
Mani Ram White L1 Pending Mumbai consulate 2019-11-05 532 Details
John Razer White B1 Pending Islamabad, Pakistan 2019-11-04 533 Details
Manoj Devappa Yellow H1 Pending Mumbai 2019-11-01 536 Details
Til White H1 Pending Hyderbad 2019-11-01 536 Details
RIG Yellow H1 Pending Hyderabad 2019-10-25 543 Details
Muhammad Imran Khalil White B1 Pending IsLamabad Pakistan 2019-10-25 543 Details
White Other Pending Bombay 2019-10-25 543 Details
Raja White Other Pending Hyderabad 2019-10-24 544 Details
Saravanan R Blue L1 Pending Chennai 2019-10-23 545 Details
csram White H1 Approved Hyderabad, India 2019-10-23 545 Details
Nihar Ranjan Mohapatra Green B1 Pending Mumbai 2019-10-22 546 Details
Jayasimha Grama Prakash Blue L1 Denied Chennai 2019-10-21 547 Details
Nitya White H1 Approved Hyderabad 2019-10-21 36 Details
Ddd Yellow H1 Pending Moscow, Russia 2019-10-21 547 Details
haripriya Blue Other Pending Chennai 2019-10-21 547 Details
Motaz Fuqaha Yellow Other Pending Amman Jordan 2019-10-20 548 Details
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