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H1B 221(g) Stamping Experience – Approved – Docs submitted after 6 months.

One of our readers, Prasad, shared his H1B Visa 221(g) experience with us. It gives hope for those who have been having tough time with H1B 221(g). Firstly Congrats to Prasad and Thanks for sharing his experience. You can share yours  here

Background Info : Visa Interview , 221(g)

I was issued a 221(G) for my H1-B in 2011 August 1st.

Here is my Personal Visa Interview experience in consulate. Visa Officer asked the below :

  • Experience with my employer and client.

  • Asked about my project details .

  • Asked me to give client letter

As I was not having client letter, once the interview over she told that she cant issue the visa due to lack of client letter. Then she issued 221(G)- in which she put ticks for lot of documents along with other documents. Here is the list.

1) Proof of contract between employer and client.
2) Proof of contract between employer and me.
3)Project description and timelines of project.
4) A notarized list of all the petitioner’s employees at job sit listed. This list should show all employee’s names, their specific job titles, start ,end dates and their individual salaries & Immigration status
5)HR US vacancy letter on my employer letterhead etc…

Submitting 221(g) Response to US Consulate

I was able to submit all the above listed documents by Febraury 23rd 2012. Then I got stamped passport with visa on March 2nd 2012. It took just about 10 days to get the visa stamped on my passport after I submitted the documents.

I had gone through lot of pain to get my pain. Since I got the visa I can say all that patience had not gone vain.

So please be patient and wait for visa. don’t get frustrated. Good Luck !


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  1. Hello, I applied for an American tourist visa for an interview in Dubai 4 days ago. The officer told me that your visa had been approved and he took my passport. After two days, I received an e-mail. Two days later, my passport was returned without a visa. He told me to wait for the next e-mail. I am very worried. What should I do?

  2. I am Iranian and my H1B case has been approved,
    I had an interview in Dubai and my case is in administrative process.
    As you know, President Trump has ordered visa ban for Iranian in next three month.
    What will be happen for my application which is under administrative process. I Just want to know whether it will be rejected or it will pause for further announcement?

    • if we assume that these 90 days is passed and the limitations is over , what do you think that gonna happen ? should I go to embassy for another interview? will my case be cleared ?
      I mean to say, is it possible the embassy reject me for President Trump’s Order before 90 Days?

      • It is too early to speculate, we just need to wait and see what comes out. They have taken this 90 day break to sort out the new process and rules. We do not know anything at this point, we just need to wait for the formal communication on this…

  3. Hello All,

    Need help in understanding that H1 was approved in Dec 2015 but i attended visa stamping at delhi consulate on Jan 19th and got the 221(g) white slip, the VO kept me waiting and collected by all company related documents (I-797, LCA copy, Tax returns, my employment agreement, company presentation etc.) and asked me whether I want to leave my passport, I left the same with them.

    My question is that they didn’t tick on any pointers which says what kind of documents required for further processing and they already have my I-797, LCA copy and Tax returns and only additional information they dont have is “List of petitioners employees” rest all the information is with them already.

    Do i still need to submit all those documents mentioned even if they didn’t make a tick on those pointers and what are the chances for approval.

    Any suggestion or help will be highly appreciated.

  4. Hi ,

    I was on CPT for an year and finally got my h1b approved this 2016 year(first h1b) I went to visa interview on dec 8th 2016 , the VO asked a document of my speeding ticket payment receipt which i dint expect to be asked , I dint have and she gave me a white slip , i had a speeding ticket in 2013 , i went to the court and payed the fine of 600$, everything was cleared got the payment receipt , she told me to email the document , I emailed on Dec 9th 2016 as early as possible , and waiting for the response , how much time would it take to get the response ? and one more thing , they never mentioned anywhere that these documents would be asked , if at all mentioned can someone please share the link or website ? i booked my return ticket before itself , on Dec 17th 2016 , will the response come in before that ? and if at all the response comes , says passport has to be dropped , when will this be finished ! I’m so worried !
    can someone please help me out with this situation !

    Thanks in advance !
    Take care

    • Hi Manasa,

      I am also on the same boat. I attended interview on 9th Dec 2017 and did not carry client letter and SOW. VO issued me a blue form and asked me to submit all those docs along with few more docs. My employer submitted the documents on 19th Dec 2017. But still now i havent got any reply back from consulate. Even i had return flight reservations for 30th Dec 2017. I had to postphone it once hoping it will get cleared in a week or two. But no luck. Still i am just waiting for clearance. Finally i had to cancel my flight also.


      • Hi Vinod , Got an email which said to drop my passport , my visa stamping has been done on 12th January 2017 , finally got my visa , 24th is my flight !
        Hope you get yours too 🙂 bes of luck
        Thanks and Regards,

  5. Hi saurabh,

    I am working in MNC in India. I got an offer from US company for client project.
    Got petition approved in 1st Dec 2015. Attended for visa stamping on 21jan2016. Interviewer told to wait in lobby.
    After 1 hour again called me and asked me to show all my documents.
    I have shown all documents related to my employement and client letter.

    They took my passport and copy of I797 and issued 221g white paper with tick mark on ADMINISTATOR PROCESISNG and said “it will take 7 working days to
    process, you can your case status in online by trakcking ID”.

    I gave resignation in India hoping that H1B as I have to serve 90days notice period. Now I am serving notice period which is only 30 days left from today.
    I dont no what to do..I understood from some forums that there is SLA for 221g, it might take 1 month to 2 years.
    I spoke to my employer they are telling to wait for some time. Consulate didn’t ask any supporting document till now.
    Is there any way to followup the application.

  6. Hi Sourabh,

    I have attended H1b visa interview i got 221g white slip to submit client letter. my interview had happend on 2nd january 2014 still i am waiting for client letter. so far i did not recieved any client letter from my company. today 11th march 2014 what would you suggest


  7. Hi Saurabh,

    My H1B petition is approved and was filed with my maiden name at this moment. Now if I go for a name change in my passport to reflect my married name will it create problem while stamping at the consulate as the petition and new passport will have middle name and last name different?
    Does my employer have to file h1B amendment in such case?


  8. Hi Saurabh,

    How are you?

    I just recently got H1B visa (during December 2012) which is valid till December 2013. I am traveling to India this May and going to get Visa stamped in Chennai consulate. Also, i am planning to Switch company after i comeback from India (may be in July 2013) via consultancy (80-20% ratio). I may go to India again during Jan/Feb 2014 for my marriage. Is it safe to travel within six months after company change? i am worried my visa may get rejected if go for stamping again in six months.

    Please suggest what will be the best option you think, i wanted to switch company and but wanted to make sure that does not affect marriage plans as well.

    Thanks for all your help!


    • Ashok,
      The consulate will not reject the visa only b/c you appear for another stamping in 6 months. It is ok to go for another stamping within 6 months. The chances of approval will depend upon the submitted documents and the presented information.

      • Thanks a lot Saurabh! I will make sure all necessary documents present before going for stamping.

        I heard from few friends who switched job earlier, they suggested to go India after 9 months or more to make sure visa does not get rejected during stamping. I may be required to go more early than that after switching job, is there any criteria that, it’s safe to visit India after certain number of months to make sure visa stamping does not fail, can you please tell me based on your experience when travelling will be safe.

        Also, I will get my first H1B stamping with current employer this May, is it safe to go to Canada and get stamped after my job switch or going to India and stamping is better.

        Thanks again for all your valuable information’s!


        • Ashok,
          There are people who went for stamping after 3-4 years and still faced rejection/221g. So there is no safe wait period. As long as you have been maintaining legal status and have correct documents to support your H-1 employment, it should be fine. Consulate can still put the visa processing in administrative processing if they need additional time/documents to go through your case.

          For the first time stamping, it is always recommended to go to home country – especially if you have not done your Masters in US.

  9. Hi Prasad,

    I also got the 221g at recent interview on 14th feb for H1b renewal. The reason was I did not have client letter. I am going to get the client letter soon, so hopefully I should be OK after that. Can you share your email id, as your case looks very similar to mine. I am going to submit documents soon by next week. Feels good to hear such encouraging cases.
    I can be reached at shaileshrl at yahoo dot com Pls do drop a email.

    Thanks & Congrats.

  10. Hi All/Sourabh,

    I attended h1b interview on Jan 25th 2013 at mumbai consulate and they asked me few ques and cancelled my L1B ( saying cancelling on prejudice) and issued 221g yellow slip which does not requrie any additional docs…just passport , 221g yelllow form and I 797 copy….to nearest vfs drop box.they issues the same yellow slip for my L1b when i attended on May 2009 ..is that because of muslim name ? and can i change my LCA from one location to other now ? since my visa cell says it wll take 2 weeks to get new LCA and no need to worry about 221g and i didnt get stamped yet …they say LCA and 221g are diff process and you can apply for new LCA now( when i am waiting for administrative process)…please suggest

    • Mohamed,
      It could be b/c of your name as they didn’t ask for any client/project information.

      Yes, they can change the LCA while this 221g is under process. Is your employer planning to file H-1 amendment as well after getting the new LCA?

      • Is your employer planning to file H-1 amendment as well after getting the new LCA?
        Yes Saurabh–they just asked 1.passport 2. SEVIS fee receipt 3. I-797 copy…
        what is SEVIS fee receipt ?

      • Saurabh thanks and thanks to redbus…i got my H1b visa last week ….it took 3 weeks for me to clear the 221g yellow slip….


        can we goto US and change LCA ? or we have to do that before going to US …my loc is st loius and may be i need to change bcoz of proj..pls suggest.


        • Mohamed,
          Congrats on your stamping.

          The correct way is to get the new LCA followed by H-1 amendment and then travel to US. No need to go for another stamping as long as the current one is valid.


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