Ï 221(g) Tracker, Analytics Reports for H1B, L1, F1, B1/B2 and Other Visas for 2016, FY 2017

221(g) Tracker Stats
Visa Stamping Status
Pending 1722
Approved 763
Denied 69
Withdrawn 3
What's the Timeline for 221(g) ?
Unfortunately, there is no set timeline for processing of cases that were issued a 221(g) slip. It can take as little as a week, or as much as several months. Due to the nature of the case, it can be very tricky. Due to the black box nature, we have created this tracker so that you can get a sense of general trend to be aware of what to expect.
By Slip Color
White 1042
Blue 847
Yellow 247
Green 180
Other 144
Pink 99
Orange 5
Purple 1

Visa Type

H1 1434
Other 567
B1 262
F1 224
L1 74
What can you do after 221(g) is issued ?
221(g) can be issued for variety of reasons depending on the case...The only thing that you can do is submit the relevant documents (if you were given to submit any documents, letters) as soon as you can and hope for the best. If you were not asked to submit anything, you just need to wait...If you do not hear back within a month or so, you can always write to the embassy/ consulate using email ID and request status of your case. If you are asked to submit passport after you submit documents, just submit it.
Passport Status
Passport Returned at Interview 1349
Passport Collected at Interview 984
Submitted after Visa Interview 232
Status by Slip Color
Slip Color Status Count
Blue Approved 294
Blue Denied 12
Blue Pending 541
Green Approved 55
Green Denied 3
Green Pending 122
Orange Pending 5
Purple Pending 1
Pink Approved 27
Pink Denied 4
Pink Withdrawn 1
Pink Pending 67
White 6
White Approved 292
White Denied 37
White Withdrawn 1
White Pending 706
Yellow 1
Yellow Approved 61
Yellow Denied 10
Yellow Withdrawn 1
Yellow Pending 174
Other 1
Other Approved 34
Other Denied 3
Other Pending 106
List of 221(g) Visa Stamping Cases - Details

The below 221(g) Visa Stamping Cases list is sorted by latest interview date. E.g: April 10th interview date cases will be on top of April 1st.

Name Slip Color Visa Type Visa Stamping Status Consulate Interview Date Processing Time Details
Bouchra Other B1 Approved Madrid 2017-08-16 1055 Details
ABC Green B1 Approved Mumbai 2017-08-16 0 Details
vikraman ramalingam Blue H1 Pending Chennai consulate 2017-08-16 1055 Details
Arpit Green B1 Pending Mumbai 2017-08-16 1055 Details
Santosh Yellow H1 Pending not in India 2017-08-14 1057 Details
kant White Other Pending new delhi 2017-08-14 1057 Details
Sup Blue L1 Pending Chennai 2017-08-11 1060 Details
Rahesh Green B1 Approved Mumbai 2017-08-11 28 Details
Shiva Blue H1 Approved Chennai 2017-08-10 28 Details
Pavan K Chinta White F1 Approved Hyderabad 2017-08-10 46 Details
shanmugapriya selvaraj Blue H1 Pending chennai 2017-08-09 1062 Details
White New Delhi, India 2017-08-09 1062 Details
f**k White Other Pending kelsey guyette 2017-08-08 1063 Details
Phason16 Blue Other Pending London United Kingdom 2017-08-07 1064 Details
Ash Other H1 Approved Uk Consulate 2017-08-07 85 Details
Jancarlo Ortiz Bonilla Green Other Approved honduras 2017-08-07 0 Details
KAPILABEN R THAKOR White Other Pending Mumbai 2017-08-07 1064 Details
Savan Blue H1 Pending Chennai 2017-08-04 1067 Details
Ram White H1 Pending Hyderabad 2017-08-03 1068 Details
amaresh behera Green L1 Pending chennai 2017-08-03 1068 Details
Pauline Green B1 Pending Toronto 2017-08-03 1068 Details
JS_Chennai Blue H1 Approved Chennai 2017-08-02 26 Details
CORNELLIA F. CASIPLE II White Other Pending Manila 2017-08-01 1070 Details
Kshitij Srivastava White F1 Approved New Delhi 2017-08-01 31 Details
Mukhtyar White Other Pending us new delhi 2017-08-01 1070 Details
abe Blue Other Pending mexico 2017-07-31 1071 Details
Robert Other Other Pending Yerevan 2017-07-29 1073 Details
Anil Kumar Gupta Blue H1 Pending Mumbai 2017-07-28 1074 Details
Vishal Prem Jagarapu White F1 Pending Hyderabad 2017-07-27 1075 Details
Sudha Savant White Other Denied Mumbai 2017-07-27 1075 Details
Houraye Diallo Blue Other Pending Senegal, Dakar 2017-07-27 1075 Details
Animesh Tanwar White F1 Approved New Delhi 2017-07-25 35 Details
shveta Green B1 Pending chennai, india 2017-07-25 1077 Details
Maria leonora Pascual White Other Pending Manila 2017-07-25 1077 Details
JamesoyShangShang White Other Pending US Embassy Manila 2017-07-25 1077 Details
Sai White F1 Approved New Delhi 2017-07-25 38 Details
Melinda petitioner White Other Denied Dakar senegal 2017-07-25 1077 Details
Haritha Other F1 Approved Hyderabad 2017-07-24 1078 Details
Aman Tyagi White F1 Pending New Delhi 2017-07-24 1078 Details
test White Other Approved Dhaka 2017-07-23 39 Details
Monika Surasani White F1 Pending US CONSULATE 2017-07-21 1081 Details
Sujai Banerji White F1 Pending New Delhi 2017-07-21 1081 Details
Jesus F Chavez Carmona Blue Other Pending ciudad juarez 2017-07-21 1081 Details
SAGAR DIWATE Yellow H1 Pending Mumbai 2017-07-20 1082 Details
HEMANT BANDI White F1 Pending NEW DELHI 2017-07-20 1082 Details
vaishnavi White H1 Pending Hyd 2017-07-20 1082 Details
Srinivasan G Blue H1 Pending Chennai 2017-07-20 1082 Details
Sandeep Kumar Meda Pink H1 Pending Chennai 2017-07-20 1082 Details
ramesh Blue L1 Approved chennai 2017-07-19 1083 Details
varun829 White H1 Pending hyderabad 2017-07-19 1083 Details
Mohamed Amr AbdelGhany White Other Pending Cairo 2017-07-19 1083 Details
Kumars White H1 Pending Hyderabad 2017-07-19 1083 Details
eric fan Green Other Approved beijing 2017-07-18 85 Details
DEEPA SUDHAKAR Blue H1 Pending US CONSULATE INDIA CHENNAI 2017-07-18 1084 Details
221gProcessing Blue H1 Pending Mumbai 2017-07-18 1084 Details
MS_Kolkata White H1 Approved Kolkata 2017-07-17 53 Details
Harish S White B1 Pending Hyderabad 2017-07-17 1085 Details
Harish Sundaram White B1 Pending India - Hyderabad 2017-07-17 1085 Details
Ashok Mandala White Other Pending Kolkata 2017-07-17 1085 Details
Ho thi mong tuyen White Other Pending Ho chi minh city 2017-07-17 1085 Details
Abhishek Pratap Singh White F1 Approved New Delhi 2017-07-14 33 Details
Ankur khetan White F1 Pending KOLKATA 2017-07-13 1089 Details
niti3789 Blue H1 Approved Mumbai 2017-07-13 1089 Details
Shiva Kumar Blue B1 Approved Chennai, India 2017-07-13 1089 Details
BeYourself Blue H1 Pending Chennai 2017-07-13 1089 Details
Ravikumar Achutha Blue H1 Approved Chennai 2017-07-13 1089 Details
Colm O'Neill White H1 Pending Dublin 2017-07-13 1089 Details
Sandeep Kumar Singh Green F1 Pending Mumbai 2017-07-12 1090 Details
Celina Ramone Green H1 Approved Joe Wilfred 2017-07-12 1090 Details
Naresh Kumar Jain Other B1 Pending New Delhi 2017-07-12 1090 Details
Apnav White H1 Approved New Delhi 2017-07-11 31 Details
Mohammed ayaan khan Blue Other Approved Chennai 2017-07-10 1092 Details
49a6e4c3c4 White Other Pending London 2017-07-10 1092 Details
JANETH A. RAMIREZ MORA Blue Other Pending US CIUDAD JUAREZ CONSULATE 2017-07-10 1092 Details
kihsuak Blue Other Pending Chennai 2017-07-10 1092 Details
Sriram Kumar Blue F1 Pending Chennai 2017-07-07 1095 Details
Amit Blue L1 Approved Chennai 2017-07-06 32 Details
kesava reddy Durgampudi White H1 Pending INIDA/HYDERABAD 2017-07-06 1096 Details
osvaldo cedillo Blue Other Pending ciudad juarez 2017-07-06 1096 Details
Ahmed&Roma White Other Denied Cairo 2017-07-06 1096 Details
kesava reddy durgampudi White H1 Pending US/hyderabad 2017-07-06 1096 Details
Geem Anton Other Other Pending Sweeden 2017-07-05 1097 Details
ANIRUDH MEHTA White F1 Approved DELHI 2017-07-05 26 Details
NotInMyName White H1 Pending India 2017-07-05 1097 Details
Gxox Other B1 Approved Riyadh Saudi 2017-07-03 1099 Details
Sameen Other Other Pending Islamabad, Pakistan 2017-07-03 1099 Details
Hassan Yellow B1 Pending Riyadh 2017-07-02 1100 Details
Ravi Shankar White F1 Pending Kolkata 2017-06-30 1102 Details
Ashok Blue Other Approved Chennai 2017-06-30 63 Details
Imran.sk Blue H1 Approved Chennai 2017-06-29 14 Details
Chang White B1 Pending London 2017-06-28 1104 Details
KKumar White H1 Pending Hyderabad 2017-06-28 1104 Details
Ncg Other H1 Approved New Delhi 2017-06-27 1105 Details
Shreedevi Arun kumar Blue F1 Approved Chennai 2017-06-27 27 Details
Chenda Han White Other Pending Phnom Penh 2017-06-27 1105 Details
Bha Blue H1 Pending CHENNAI 2017-06-27 1105 Details
Eric Wicaksono Green F1 Pending Jakarta 2017-06-27 1105 Details
Mangesh Pantawane Blue F1 Pending Chennai 2017-06-27 1105 Details
Hari Blue Other Pending chennai 2017-06-27 1105 Details
Srishti Jhanwar Green F1 Approved Mumbai 2017-06-23 31 Details
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