Ï 221(g) Tracker, Analytics Reports for H1B, L1, F1, B1/B2 and Other Visas for 2016, FY 2017

221(g) Tracker Stats
Visa Stamping Status
Pending 1970
Approved 820
Denied 89
Withdrawn 4
What's the Timeline for 221(g) ?
Unfortunately, there is no set timeline for processing of cases that were issued a 221(g) slip. It can take as little as a week, or as much as several months. Due to the nature of the case, it can be very tricky. Due to the black box nature, we have created this tracker so that you can get a sense of general trend to be aware of what to expect.
By Slip Color
White 1206
Blue 894
Yellow 302
Green 200
Other 171
Pink 110
Orange 8
Purple 1

Visa Type

H1 1588
Other 668
B1 280
F1 263
L1 89
What can you do after 221(g) is issued ?
221(g) can be issued for variety of reasons depending on the case...The only thing that you can do is submit the relevant documents (if you were given to submit any documents, letters) as soon as you can and hope for the best. If you were not asked to submit anything, you just need to wait...If you do not hear back within a month or so, you can always write to the embassy/ consulate using email ID and request status of your case. If you are asked to submit passport after you submit documents, just submit it.
Passport Status
Passport Returned at Interview 1551
Passport Collected at Interview 1076
Submitted after Visa Interview 265
Status by Slip Color
Slip Color Status Count
Blue Approved 306
Blue Denied 15
Blue Pending 573
Green Approved 60
Green Denied 3
Green Pending 137
Orange Approved 2
Orange Pending 6
Purple Pending 1
Pink Approved 29
Pink Denied 5
Pink Withdrawn 2
Pink Pending 74
White 7
White Approved 319
White Denied 50
White Withdrawn 1
White Pending 829
Yellow 1
Yellow Approved 67
Yellow Denied 13
Yellow Withdrawn 1
Yellow Pending 220
Other 1
Other Approved 37
Other Denied 3
Other Pending 130
List of 221(g) Visa Stamping Cases - Details

The below 221(g) Visa Stamping Cases list is sorted by latest interview date. E.g: April 10th interview date cases will be on top of April 1st.

Name Slip Color Visa Type Visa Stamping Status Consulate Interview Date Processing Time Details
aifei Yellow H1 Pending BEIJING, CHINA 2021-09-10 452 Details
Paven White H1 Pending Hyderabad 2021-09-09 453 Details
Saad Feroz White Other Pending Us embassy Islamabad 2021-09-08 454 Details
dharshana Blue H1 Pending delhi 2021-09-07 455 Details
kart12 Other H1 Approved New Delhi 2021-09-02 0 Details
Rambabu Blue H1 Pending Kolkata 2021-08-30 463 Details
Efoloko Malembe Isaac Blue Other Pending Us/ Kinshasa 2021-08-25 468 Details
Furqi White F1 Pending Islamabad 2021-08-25 468 Details
Denis S. Other H1 Pending Kiev, Ukraine 2021-08-20 473 Details
221g Blue H1 Pending New delhi 2021-08-18 475 Details
Zahir White H1 Pending Delhi 2021-08-18 475 Details
DJGZ White F1 Approved Colombia 2021-08-16 14 Details
Betty Yellow Other Pending Frankfurt, Germany 2021-08-15 478 Details
Yousufi Blue L1 Pending Karachi 2021-08-13 480 Details
Subhrangsu Bose Green B1 Pending Kolkata 2021-08-10 483 Details
Alessandro Yellow F1 Approved Hong Kong 2021-08-06 172 Details
Onur Burak YILDIRIM Yellow H1 Denied ISTANBUL 2021-08-05 488 Details
Shehla Inam White Other Pending Islamabad 2021-08-03 490 Details
PRA White H1 Pending Mumbai 2021-07-30 494 Details
Roman Other F1 Pending Tel Aviv 2021-07-29 495 Details
Padma Priya White Other Approved Mumbai 2021-07-23 76 Details
Rachana Vankayalapati Other F1 Pending Hyderabad 2021-07-23 501 Details
Prashanth White L1 Pending India,Chennai 2021-07-21 503 Details
Ahmed Nasser Muthana Blue H1 Pending Djibouti 2021-07-21 503 Details
Satya Mahendravada White H1 Pending Mumbai 2021-07-14 510 Details
Mohammed Riyaz Ahmed White F1 Pending Hyderabad embassy 2021-07-13 511 Details
Garvit Sharma White Other Pending NEW DELHI, INDIA 2021-07-12 512 Details
Dominican221g White Other Pending Dominican Republic 2021-07-08 516 Details
Akhila White Other Pending Hyderabad 2021-07-07 517 Details
Swati Piparsania White H1 Pending India, Mumbai 2021-06-24 530 Details
Novi Yellow H1 Pending New Delhi 2021-06-24 530 Details
Div White Other Pending Chennai 2021-06-23 531 Details
Petr Blue Other Approved Switzerland 2021-06-17 97 Details
Kamesh White H1 Denied Hyderabad 2021-06-16 538 Details
Sai Varun Reddy G Blue H1 Approved New Delhi 2021-06-14 108 Details
Eswar Blue H1 Approved Toronto 2021-06-11 28 Details
Korana/Waqar White Other Pending Islamabad, Pakistan 2021-06-03 551 Details
Prabhaker Pandey White H1 Pending Mumbai 2021-06-01 553 Details
F1 Administrative Process Yellow F1 Pending Us embassy of Beijing 2021-05-18 567 Details
Manuel mozo Green Other Pending el salvaor 2021-05-05 580 Details
Chang Kyu shin Blue Other Pending South korea 2021-05-03 582 Details
Ameen Other B1 Pending Kuwait 2021-05-02 583 Details
Sri Harsha Kunapuli White H1 Pending US Consulate Hyderabad 2021-04-30 585 Details
HelloGuru White H1 Pending Hyderabad, IN 2021-04-23 592 Details
gauri White Other Pending Chennai 2021-04-21 594 Details
Abhishek Reddy White H1 Pending Chennai 2021-04-20 595 Details
chetana21 White Other Pending India hyderabad 2021-04-20 595 Details
Karan sharma White H1 Pending Chennai 2021-04-20 595 Details
Sudheer White H1 Approved Chennai 2021-04-20 154 Details
Pat White H1 Approved Chennai 2021-04-19 596 Details
edis Blue H1 Approved New Delhi 2021-04-19 64 Details
Har Sid White Other Pending New Delhi 2021-04-16 599 Details
AK1175 White H1 Approved Chennai 2021-04-16 131 Details
Suryendra Blue H1 Pending Delhi consulate 2021-04-16 599 Details
Santhosh Blue H1 Approved New Delhi 2021-04-13 602 Details
P YOVAN White H1 Pending Chennai 2021-04-09 606 Details
Prasana White H1 Pending Chennai 2021-04-07 608 Details
hanumantha rao poluri White H1 Pending india hyderabad 2021-04-05 610 Details
Raj Nagulapalle White H1 Pending Hyderabad 2021-03-30 616 Details
mimi White Other Pending Warsaw 2021-03-30 616 Details
xiao tiange Other F1 Pending beijing 2021-03-30 616 Details
Ravikumar White H1 Pending Chennai 2021-03-26 620 Details
Rexhina White Other Pending USA embassy Albania 2021-03-25 621 Details
Chandra Yellow H1 Pending Mumbai 2021-03-25 621 Details
Rubina Mashaque Shaikh White Other Denied Mumbai 2021-03-23 623 Details
Simhapuri White H1 Approved Chennai 2021-03-15 28 Details
Cristhian GonzalezMorales Yellow Other Pending Guatemala 2021-03-11 635 Details
Edgar Romulo tapia tapia White Other Pending Guayaquil 2021-03-11 635 Details
Mohan Krishna Yellow H1 Pending New Delhi 2021-03-09 637 Details
White Other Mumbai 2021-03-03 643 Details
Sonam jamtsho White Other Denied Mumbai 2021-02-19 655 Details
Dev P Blue H1 Pending New Delhi 2021-02-19 655 Details
Anil Yellow H1 Pending Hyderabad, India 2021-02-19 655 Details
Srinivas White H1 Approved Hyderabad 2021-02-17 69 Details
Sarath White H1 Pending Hyderabad 2021-02-11 663 Details
Krupalsinh Raj White Other Denied Mumbai 2021-02-10 664 Details
Bal Yellow L1 Pending New Delhi 2021-02-09 665 Details
Rakesh Pachawa White H1 Approved Chennai 2021-02-05 34 Details
Kan Green Other Approved Karachi 2021-02-04 43 Details
221g White H1 Pending Hyderabad 2021-02-02 672 Details
Harman Singh Other Other Pending New Delhi 2021-02-02 672 Details
datadragon Blue H1 Approved Delhi 2021-02-02 0 Details
Jai Other B1 Pending Delhi 2021-02-01 673 Details
Abcdefg Blue Other Pending New Delhi 2021-02-01 673 Details
King j lapid Blue Other Approved Manila philippines 2021-01-28 33 Details
sujik Blue H1 Denied New delhi 2021-01-26 679 Details
Krishna ch Blue H1 Denied Delhi 2021-01-21 684 Details
Subhasini s White H1 Pending Mumbai 2021-01-20 685 Details
Mani Yellow H1 Pending Delhi 2021-01-20 685 Details
Wafik Orange Other Approved Amman 2021-01-20 88 Details
Nithya White Other Pending Chennai 2021-01-19 686 Details
H1B 221(g) Admin processi Yellow H1 Pending New Delhi 2021-01-14 691 Details
Than Than Htay White Other Pending Doha, Qartar 2021-01-10 695 Details
Mimi White Other Pending Beirut 2021-01-05 700 Details
Mahima Other F1 Pending Delhi Embassy 2020-12-29 707 Details
Ashish Aggarwal Yellow H1 Pending New Delhi 2020-12-22 714 Details
Pranoy Ray Yellow F1 Pending New Delhi 2020-12-17 719 Details
Khaleel Musatafa White F1 Approved Islamabad 2020-12-16 0 Details
Shinniah Sarah Charles White Other Pending Port of Spain 2020-12-10 726 Details
Srikanth White H1 Pending Chennai 2020-12-10 726 Details
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