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Not everyone are lucky to get H1B visa stamping at first attempt…Some of you might have got 221(g) query from the Visa Consular officer  ( blue, white, yellow) asking to submit documents.

The most frustrating thing about 221(g) blue form is that there is no way to track your application…You just have to wait….it can be frustrating to wait…This page is meant to help others get an idea about processing times and how long does it take to process a 221(g) issued H1B case…If you were ever given 221(g), please share your details to help others get an idea.  You may check out below articles as well.

You can check out our 221(g) tracker that has anonymous data with users like you, who added the details for community benefit.

Check out 221(g) Case Tracker

Check out our 221(g) Tracker with anonymous data from everyone.

Waiting for the 221(g) response from US Consulate can be very painful…To help everyone be informed on average processing time and other similar cases,  we have built an easy way to track for users their 221(g) status and let the community have an idea on the timeline as well. It is fully anonymous. Please add your case to the 221(g) Tracker.

Add your 221(g) Case

Please add your 221(g) Case for everyone's benefit. It is fully anonymous and will help many waiting for it like you.


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  1. Ramesh

    I was attended visa interview on Dec 15th 2014, VO given 221 g – admin process. after one month got a call from ambassy and asked me to ettend re-interview on 30th Jan 2015 but employer asked me that do not attend the interview and dont . dont know wts wrong with them so please suggest me wt are the options i have if i have not attend interview and wt if attend the interview



    i attended the H1B interview on 10-dec-2014. I am having a Master’s degree in Chemistry. I am currently working as a Chemist. The VO gave a white slip and returned my passport and said we need further administrative processing of your application. I received an email the very same day to submit my resume, invitation letter from organization etc, etc. I submitted the documents next day and I received a reply saying my documents are received and you will be notified, if your VISA is approved we will ask to drop your passport.

    What exactly is going with my case? I am a direct hire no clients.

    Please help,


    Kasi Viswanath

  3. Bis_A

    I’ve few questions regarding my H1B visa stamping issues, If someone can share any comments or suggestions if they have faced the similar situation will be helpful. Me and my wife appeared for visa stamping at kolkata embassy on Nov. 18th, 2014, mine was H1B visa and my wife’s H4 visa. VO gave me 221(g) white form asked to send the questionaries through email, but kept our passport. But for my wife they only kept the passport. The kolkata embassy publish a pdf list of all the pending cases for administrative processing. Now my case number was there for past 2 months, recently on Jan. 16 2015 my case number was removed from the list, but on the CEAC website its still showing administrative processing. Does any one have any idea about what can be the issue? Also is it wise to contact the embassy directly and ask? Suggestion and comments please…

  4. Sreekanth


    I was selected in lottery for H1 in 2008, but not yet attended the interview. Is there any chance to reopen the file ?

    Thanks & Regards,
    Sreekanth Basani

  5. raamgoal

    Got I797 pettion approved but got 221g from VO project is inhouse need client letter what to do ?

    When i am in AP for 221g can i change my present employer who hs filed the papers kindly suggest

  6. H1BVisa_Query

    I have got a 221g white form indicating additional administrative processing two weeks back when I attended the visa interview. However when I am trying to check the case status it says “Your search did not return any data”. While this 221g processing is still going on, is it possible to change the employer to a different one ?

    please advise.

  7. sahu

    i got 221g for administrative processing on 17 december…on 23 december my status update date changed to 22 december…
    Can advice does that mean its final decision will be given soon…
    adn in traveldocs website its showing my passport staus as with US embassy…though my passport is with me only….
    Help much appreciated…

  8. RV

    I thought to close out the thread which I opened earlier, http://redbus2us.com/h1b-visa-stamping-221g-tracker/#comment-681015.

    Good news is that, I got my H1B visa stamped after being issued white 221(g). It took almost 52 for the admin processing to complete and VO called me on my phone asking me to drop my passports at the consulate. Dropped the passports the next day and received it back in 1 week.

    Good luck to all of you guys who are still waiting. Dont loose hope, you will get through.

    Cheers !

          1. RV

            That should mean that have started processing your file. You should hear from the consulate in 10-20 days positively.

  9. 221g

    I went for interview on 17 december in Hyderabad…I belong to BEP category company…VO didnt ask any ques…after 30 min verification she said she coudnt get some information from chennai consulate and gave me 221 g with admin processing ticked… she told me they will contact in 2 days…but no update yet…:(

  10. Baba

    I submitted my documents one month after i was issued 221 g white form on 1 Oct. Yesterday i got a mail from Hyderabad consulate asking to submit my Passport.
    can this be taken as a positive sign? What are the chances of getting my visa stamped? How much more time will they take?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Venkat

      Hi Baba, Could you please share from which email id the consulate sends notification? I am in same situation, my mail box is loaded just to monitor that email id and not to miss the updates?

      1. Dev

        Dear All,
        I am a silent follower of Redbus2US. I have gone through successful stamping of H1B under cap exempt. Please believe in God and follow VO instructions. I hope that my experience will be useful and motivational for my dear friends inspiring for H1B. Following is detailed commentary:
        25-Jul-14: My employer filed with USCIS under cap exempt
        05-Aug-14: Received EAC number from my employer
        23-Sep-14: Received approval email from USCIS
        08-Oct-14: Received visa Kit through courier from my employer
        02-Nov-14: Attended interview for Biometrics at Chennai along with my wife and son. This process is of a few minutes only.
        03-Nov-14: Attended interview at Visa Consulate, Chennai along with my wife and son. VO asked very normal and general questions. He asked for project documentation but I did not have that so he issued blue 221g by highlighting project documentation from employer.
        Following is script of interview and it was quite candid
        Me: Good Morning.
        VO: Wished the same. How are you doing today?
        Me: I am doing good, thank you.
        VO: Please passports
        Me: Passed the passports for myself, wife and son
        VO: Can I see your petition, approval and LCA
        Me: Passed on all documents
        VO: Which company you are working for?
        Me: Currently, I am working for X company
        VO: Which company are you going to work in USA?
        Me: Y Company.
        VO: Do you have offer letter
        Me: Passed the offer letter and he verified the name of company
        VO: How do you come to know about this company?
        Me: My friend referred.
        VO: What will be your role?
        Me: I will be working as programmer analyst
        VO: Who is client?
        Me: Y Company has won two projects (A and B projects). These projects will be executed at Y company office
        VO: Do you have documentation for these projects?
        Me: I have explained about A project but he was looking for documentation. I have mentioned that I have got project details on email from Y Company but I don’t have hard copies at this moment.
        VO: Please send project details to ChennaiH&[email protected] and issued 221g.
        VO: He kept I797, Petition, LCA, Offer letter and said will return after scan .Thank you very much
        Me: Thank you very much. Have a good day
        VO: Good day. Bye.
        Me: Bye

        26-Nov-14: My employer replied 221g and send documentation to Chennai consulate via email
        17-Dec-14: Chennai US Consulate sent an email with another blue 221g and asked to submit passports
        19-Dec-14: Submitted passports for me, wife and son at Bangalore drop box
        30-Dec-14: Received an email from VFS to collect passports. I have collected all passports with stamped visas for myself, wife and son.

  11. H1B_221G

    I was attended visa interview on Sep 25, VO given 221 g – admin process. Still I didn’t got any status, I sent mail to customer support team. They sent response ‘it will take time’.
    I have one doubt, if they will cross check with company or attorney?
    Where I need to check status for admin process. (Attorney or company)


    1. RV

      Yes, they might even visit your company if thats the reason they gave u the 221g.

      Even am on the same boat. We just need to wait, wait and wait…

        1. RV

          They say 60 days on average. But it can even take more than that depending on the kind of admin processing they do.

          We will get a call, or email from the Consulate once the admin processing is complete. Atleast this is what was told to me by the VO.

          You can track the status here, https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx?eQs=o/iS8zDpeAKjMWCuebHqOw==

  12. RP

    I was given 221(g)-administrative processing after H1B visa interview in hdyerabad. After 45 days i was given OF-194 stating my case is being returned to USCIS to revoke. What will happen? Are there any chances of USCIS support my petition and returns to consulate to issue visa?

    1. PSA

      If it goes to USCIS, you can track the status of petition number again.
      I think, USCIS will again update that

      You might have did that tracking during petition processing once it was picked up in lottery.

      pls share your current status?

  13. laxman

    I have applied for the H1B. sponsor company did all the documentation and formalities. It has been told me that my application has been selected in the lottery.. then in Spet 2014 they came with feedback that RFE has been raised. I submitted required documents to them. Now from Spet there is no feedback from anyone and I don’t have application details to track or not received any email from USCIS.
    Is it possible to get this much late to get the things done by USCIS?? Anybody facing the same problem?? Please comment.
    — Laxman

    1. Vijaya

      Hi Laxman,

      If u have receipt no: of I 129 petition then track that no. at www.uscis.com site on ‘my case status’ then u will get information abt ur case.

  14. RV

    I appeared for my H1B visa interview in Brussels on 20-Oct. The VO asked me few details and returned my passport / petition and told me that it needs administrative processing and gave me the 221(g) white slip. Also, told me that I need not do anything.

    So, I asked her how long it will take. The answer was “It depends”.

    Its been 3 weeks now and I am checking the status every single day, the status still reads “Administrative Processing”.

    Anybody got any idea on how long this will take ?
    Anyone here applied from Brussels consulate ?

        1. MK

          How will we come to know if they have sent any query to employer or client?
          Did they email us as well?
          Yesterday,the status of my passport changed to “There is no update avaliable for the passport submitted”.
          Previously it was “Submitted with us,embassy”.

          Please keep updated


          1. RV

            No, they didn’t visit my employer or client.

            But, now the Status Updated Date is shown as 02-Dec-2014. Status is still “Admin processing”.

      1. Reji

        Hi Sudhakar,
        Good news is that, I got my H1B visa stamped on 16-Dec. It took almost 52 for the admin processing to complete and VO called me on my phone asking me to drop my passports at the consulate. Dropped the passports the next day and received it back in 1 week.


        1. sudhakar

          Great New.. Do you have any idea what background process went for you..Did any one call you employer and/or client? I went for VISA interview on Nov 28 in india and I received 221G(Administrative process) blue slip.. and Still waiting for response…There is a status update just datetime but nothing changed..

  15. Raj

    Hello all,
    Today I got my H1b visa interview done. VO gave me white 221g without even asking for documents I was already was carrying at time of interview.

    Not sure whats happening. I had previously worked on H1b in US. However, last Jan 2013 I returned to India to pursue MBA and am now planning to go back.

    Any suggestions/ information most welcome.

  16. Rajen

    Hi Admin,
    I have one question, I transferred my H1B from One client to another Company. Right now I am in India I din’t book any slot for appointment. But I got a call from my new employer 2 persons went for the interview and they got 221(g) so he told me to hold on till they clear.Its almost 3 months no update.
    So, my question is if for same employer 2 persons got 221(g) means in my case also it will repeat..? or just luck base..?VO will update in the system how many got 221(g) for this client..? so rest has to follow same ..?
    Do I need to wait till they get clear..?

  17. rk

    Hi All,

    My h1-b visa is under 221(g) Administrative processing, They sent mail to my client for verification my client responded them with all answers on 4th Nov, Today I got call from hyderabad consulate office and said they didn’t received response from client yet.

    Is there any delay after responding mail to US consulate? why did I get call even after my client responded them?

    Your reply would help for me 🙂

  18. KKS

    I have recently got my H1 transferred to an American Company on Oct 16th and started working for the company as a full time employee on Oct 27th. I am travelling to India next month and have my VISA interview scheduled on Nov 16th. By then I would not have completed even a month with my new employer and will have just one pay slip from them. I am working directly for this company i.e. no client/employer relationship issue.
    Can anyone please suggest that this short duration with the new employer can cause any issues with the VISA approval.

  19. 221g_Chennai

    Visa Interview: August
    Status:221 g Administrative processing
    visa type: H1B
    Chennai consulate
    Last update September
    Company verification came in one week after interview
    Waiting and checking my status every day for last two months 🙂

  20. charan

    Dear Advisors & Well Wishers

    Today I had an interview for H1B (2014-2015) in Hyderabad Consulate. The VO asked me general questions like, 1). Who is you client? 2). What they do? 3) Who is you employer? 4). How much salary etc…

    VO asked me to pass the all documents which were given by my petitioner – (Client agreement, Statement of Work, Tax returns … etc.). Finally after an hour of verification, she told me that the Client has staffing & consulting services so, you are not going to work for the client, and the client (Staffing & Consulting services company) will send you to work for their clients and issued me 221(g) White slip and returned my passport & all documents.

    Kindly have a look 221(g) white slip:


    I have few questions:

    In 221g white slip – Other column she wrote this statement: Contracts or documents showing that they have clients

    1). What does this mean? “Contracts or documents showing that they have clients”
    2). Is it applicable to the client or to my petitioner?
    3). If it applicable to my petitioner, then can we submit all of my employer – clients contract copies for this 221(g) query? As he has many genuine clients in US.
    4). Do I wait to get any email from US consulate office?

    Interview date: 09 Oct 2014

    Thanks in advance & Appreciate your response.

    1. Srikanth Devunuri

      Hello Charan,

      My case is exactly same as yours.
      I have attended for interview, they gave me 221G white slip with written note on it, saying “Need contracts” under others section.

      Interview is happened on Nov 4, 2014
      Till now, I didn’t received any update (mail/phone) from consulate.

      In online, it is still showing as “Administrative processing”
      Kindly, let me know what are the next steps, what you did?

      If you don’t mind, give me your contact details. We can have direct discussion over phone
      Here’s my contact:

      1. Suresh

        Mine is the same case too. The VO ticked “Contracts from Client” on my 221g White slip. My Employer has submitted the contracts with the client and its been 1 month my employer submitted the documents but no response yet. Tell me your number so that I can give you a clear picture


        1. suresh

          Mine is the same case too. Attended interview on 8th Oct 2014. My employer submitted the required doucments but still no update on the case. I kept calling the support team and they said i have to wait until the consulate responds on the case. Please share your number so we can talk

  21. Morocco

    Dear Friends,

    My H1B petition has approved this year, and I went to US Embassy Hyderabad for stamping. VO took original I797 and issued me 222g pink slip asking to submit lot of documents from employer side. My employer is reluctant to provide the same.

    In this case what are the options I will have?

    Am I eligible for cap exempt? If yes, can another employer file a petition now itself or need to wait till April next year?

    Your advice will be highly appreciated.

    Thank You

  22. Babagoud

    Me and my wife went for H1/H4 stamping at Hyderabad on 1st Oct, 2014.
    Visa officer just asked about my company and the client. As it was an internal project I said their is no client. Immediately he replied saying they are not approving any more visas for in-house projects. Later handed over me my passport, he did not check any of my other documents and handed over me a 221(g) white form and told me to submit all the documents from my petitioner.

    After researching in google found that 221(g) cases don’t get resolved quickly as there is not time limit for the case to be approved.

    I have asked my petitioner about these and he said he will be responding shortly. I have not submitted any of the documents yet.

    My Wife now got her I-20 from couple of universities and wanted to file F1 Visa.
    Can we go ahead with this? What are her chances of getting visa approved with my H1 and her H4 refused?

    Any suggestions highly appreciated.

  23. soujanya

    Hi Saurabh,

    i went for interview on 15th sept 2014 and was given 221g saying i dont have project to work . till now i dont have any intimation. when i called consulate hyderabad, they said my documents are still being processed in consulate.
    what would be the status?why are they not sending to USICS. will they hold this case and finally cancel?

    1. nag

      I finished my consular interview on 12th sep.Issued me 221g and returned all of my documents.please share the info what they have said when you have called them.don’t you asked them for what they are actually looking for.

    2. P.Sagar

      I had a two rounds of H1 Visa interview on 15th september morning @8AM , Hyderabad consulate.
      I went to the counter No.13

      VO(American lady) asked the common questions like Why US?Who is my employer?Who is the client?What is my annual salary?What is my highest degree?What is your designation in client?Why is your salary is low? finally,I answered to all those questions. VO suggested me,why can’t you change your employer,You have master’s degree.I gave a relevant answer.She told me to wait at lobby.After sometime ,authorized people sent me to separate room for another interview,to get some more information.There One Indian lady came and asked me the same questions,she gone through my paystubs and asked the about same salary issue.Finally,they gave me the white form of 221g and returned my passport back.After that I came back to home,checked the status by entering the case number,in https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx?eQs=WwjqOlbeRYzCYubaSQI+RA== .But still it is showing ‘Your search didn’t return any data’ .

    3. karka

      Hi Soujanya,

      My interview done on Sept 17th, same thing happen for me also.they have called me couple of times but they didn’t update status on website. Did you get any update on your case.

  24. kush

    221 g . interview date on April 2014. waiting for visa every day april, may .june, july , august, September… Mumbai American consulate. ask me to submit tax return info for employer, which I dint carry. no employer will give tax documents for its company to employee. after I submitted all documents they told me it will take 60 days after submitting all documents. after 60 days they told, it can take more days. time duration for administrative procedure is uncertain. so its already 6 months.

  25. Raj

    Hello Saurabh,

    How long a case can take under 221g. Mine has been over 6 months now. I appeared in March 2014. They came to my employer(office) in mid june for inquiry and after that there has been no update.


  26. Prakash

    Hi Saurabh,

    I trying to get some help in my case from 4 months, but no luck.

    My H1B was approved for 2014, but was nor approved by Indian Consulate. Now, It was sent back to USCIS (status as below), Can you please advise me what options I have left with.
    I am in India, and working for another company ( Not the one applied for h1b).
    On July 24, 2014, a USCIS office received this case from the State Department with a request that we review it. We will notify you when we complete our review, or if we need something from you.

    Your help would be highly appreciated.

  27. Patel

    Me and my wife both going for H1B stamping. I am working in research associate h1b with US company since last 2 yrs and my wife is working in University in computer science since last 5 yrs. Both kids are US citizens. We are going together on vacation to India with Mumbai H1B stamping. Is there any chance to get problem in H1B stamping? We did stamping in 2009 at Canada without any problem. dont know this time at mumbai.

  28. sneha

    Hello everyone!!
    I went through H1b interview on 4th june,2014 and I was asked to submit the required docs under 221(g) white form from Mumbai consulate.but i don’t know whether i need to submit it to Team Stanley dropbox too?

    1. rama


      Me & my husband went for stamping on 18th September 2014 in Hyderbad.And
      i was given 221g Whiteslip with case number and she asked more documents for project description and returned my passports also.How long take the time they will for visa.please reply to me

  29. Siva


    I went for stamping on 01 Aug 2014 in Hyderabad. And i was given 221g White slip no documents asked and was told administrative processing for the application and returned my passport and all the documents. Also told me they will call if they need anything.

    When i track my Visa status it shows RFUSED and update date is 01 Aug 2014.

    Please someone tell how time does it take.


    1. satya

      Hi Siva,
      i went for H1B stamping in Mumbai on 12Aug 2014and was asked for mroe information (221G)with green slip.. mine status also says refused on 12 Aug 2014.
      I submitted documents on 19th aug 2014 and got my automated email. I am confused too..did u call them?

          1. Rameshwar Prasad

            Hello Siva,
            Very encouraging reading that they approved after getting refused.
            My case is same as yours. I went for stamping on 20th-AUG-2014 and they refused.Later they called again for re-interview on 28th-AUG-2014 and said they need time to verify certain things and kept my passport. Simultaneously, they also asked me to consult my friends who work for my petitioner and get the feed back.
            They again called me (telephonic this time) on 10-SEP-2014 and asked me what feedback i got.
            Finally, she (caller) said she will update the same to ViSA office.
            not sure what next and how long i need to wait.


          2. snw1109

            Hi Siva,

            Congrats on getting a timely response.I had my interview on 27th sept for H1B and waiting for response since then.

            Can I know a lil bit of your background so that I can get an estimate of processing time?As in what type of Visa you applied for, are you a full-time employee? and in what field?


          3. Vijaya

            Hi all,

            This same thing happnd to my husband on Dec 8th 2014 they kept all the docs and refused his visa, after 2 days one guy from consulate called and for verfication come to consulate. Now I check status it was showing Administrative processing. Don’t know what will happen.

  30. Nelu

    So, here is the breakdown

    I got my petition approved on April 16, 2013 in the 2013 lottery via premium processing for the 20k visa cap for people with a Master’s Degree.

    I went to the consulate for an interview on September 9, 2013 and the VO has given me a white 221g with the Administrative Processing statement on it.
    After keeping my passport for 9 months on June 2, 2014 they decided to give me the passports back (just them, nothing else) with no refusal stamp of anything else in it and gave me the same “Unfortunately your application is still being processed…”

    At this point I had my employer write to a local senator’s office and they (using their back channels) were able to tell me that my packet of documents is traveling back to the VSC – the place were the petition was issued in the first place – for what apparently is a review of their initial decision to issue the petition. It is my guess that the documents did not get sent over until the June 2, 2014 which is the date when I got my passport back.

    Last week I marker 11 moths of being the “proud” owner of the people with a pending status. I lost my home in the US, I am have to default on all of my credit cards, and I don’t think I have much longer before my employer is going to retract his job offer for me. He has spend a huge amount of money to get me to work for his company and seems to be very disappointed in this whole deal.

    I should also mention that my wife and I had a baby whilst we were waiting for the visa. We did not know about the baby at the time of the interview and that is why we did not mention him on the application. It took the USCIS/DHS and the Consulate longer to make a decision about granting us a visa that it took us to make a baby 🙂

    My question to the forum is:
    1) How can I track the diplomatic pouch using to transport my file to the VSC down?
    2) Who do I talk to to get something specific in writing about the status of the application (something other than Administrative Processing)
    3) How much longer do I wait or keep hoping?
    4) Do I want to mention the baby to the embassy now or should I wait?
    5) If the petition was sent back, does that mean that there is a problem with the employer? Does that mean that there is a need to reexamine his “need” for an H1B employee or does that mean that there is a problem with me and my past in the US (I should mention I was a student for a number of years)

    This seems like a case for the books and something that could be used in mass-media to showcase the “effectiveness” of the work of the immigration system in the US. Do I want to go there with this? Do I want to stir this whole pot of mess around to see if I can get some sort of movement on it? Is there a lawyer or some sort of legal advice organisation that specializes in this that would like to gain some notoriety/PR from this that would take this case and run with it? Please advise.

    1. Nelu

      Hi Saurabh

      Everybody on this forum seems to go to you when they need help.
      I am sure you will find this case VERY interesting.
      I am looking forward to hearing from you.

      I also would welcome any other input from other experts

    1. pavan

      Hi Sk,
      after how many weeks your visa got approved…..
      I also got Form 221(g) white slip, on Sep 3 2014.
      All the H1-B docs and Passport are with the VO. At the end of interview the VO gave me the Form 221(g) and asked me to wait outside.

    2. H1B221g

      Could you please provide more details (dates) as I am also stuck with 221g Delhi Embassy and would be helpful to get an idea on 221g process timelines.

  31. Priya

    My friend went for his H1-B visa stamping in Malyasiya and after a visit it was denied with 221 g stamp on his passport. Also his passport was marked with some code “P6C1” handwritten ? What does this mean ? It was in 2005. Now his passport is reissued. Can he apply for new L1 B from his employer?

    I appreciate your help.

  32. VJ

    My employer has filed for 30 people and have a client contract for only 15 people. USCIS has contacted client for the verification and client has told they are required for 15 resources. If i go for visa stamping is there a way I will get it or rejected.

    Petition approved – 29th April

    Any suggestion please???

  33. SK

    Hi Saurabh/experts,

    I have submitted my docs for 221g query white slip I had, however when I submitted them, I was asked not to submit my original passport, now after 4 weeks.. I got another mail from them asking to submit passport.

    I read somewhere that they would ask for passport only if visa is approved. Can you let me know if that would be the case, or they just need it for additional processing as stated in mail.


  34. Raman

    I work for a consulting and came on vacation with recently extended I797. I got a 221g blue (on 12-04-2014) with additional admin processing frm chnnai consulat and no additional documents asked . The consular took I797 and additional documents at the time of interview. The status date changed once last month. My 221g status is still showing Admin processing. No verifications happened yet with emp or client. But recently I came to know from my employer that the client closed my work order due to delay in returning to work. Please let me know whether this will impact the 221g clearance and getting visa stamped (incase if they do client verification and client tells he worked before but not now).

    1. Lakshman


      I hope you got your Visa. I was also in similar boat last year after 1 year of waiting in Admin processing i was given VISA.

      Not to scare you in my case they have had inquiry at client place and later issued VISA.

      If your company is pure consultancy company it may be problem in getting VISA with out client letter. Again this is not to scare you it depends again the factors of versification sometimes they do verify client details and sometimes employer details.

      No one knows what the process is and how long it will take.

      I hope everything clears in your case and get your VISA.

      All the best man. I know the pain how you are feeling.


  35. Dev

    Dear All,
    I need advice on my approved H1-B but cancelled without prejudice. One of H1B sponsor is suggesting filing under cap exempt. I don’t have much confidence in filing under cap exempt and take financial risk of H1B fee (USD4000). Can you please suggest based on the following sequence of events:
    1. May-2008: Picked-up in H1B lottery
    2. Sep-2008 : H1B approved and received I-797
    3. 08-Dec-2008: Appeared for stamping at Delhi US Embassy along with my wife. Visa officer approved the visas for myself (H1) and my wife (H-4) and mentioned that I will get passport within three – four days.
    4. 12-Dec-2008: I got my wife’s passport with stamped visa (H-4) valid for three years but not mine.
    5. 26-Feb-2009 : I got my passport with stamped visa but with another stamp saying “Cancelled without prejudice” and embassy letter saying “Your petitioner does not appear to be either able or willing to provide qualifying employment in the U.S. in accordance with appropriate laws and regulations ”
    Thank you very much for your kind support and advice in advance

  36. Priya


    I am currently in H1B visa through a desi consulting company.My husband is also in H1b with a US client.We are planning to go to India(and we need to go for stamping this time).
    Probably my husband will get the stamping as his is a US based company but I am worried as I from a consulting company.
    Can you please help me, i have a below questions,
    Question 1: In case if I get 221g or some other issues and if it gets long, can I file H4 and come to US?
    Question 2 : Is it possible to move to H4 in US and go to india , come back in H$ and then move to H1B again?Is that possible?


  37. Sam

    My advice is do not gamble with 221g it took me 18 months to get out of it

    If your husbands employer is a desi consulting firm it’s very likely to get 221g. You both should not go for stamping at once.. If possible have one person stay back as a back up plan..

  38. Priya

    I am currently in H1B visa through a desi consulting company.My husband is also in H1b with a US client.We are planning to go to India(and we need to go for stamping this time).
    Probably my husband will get the stamping as his is a US based company but I am worried as I from a consulting company.
    Can you please help me, I have a below questions
    Question 1: In case if I get 221g or some other issues and if it gets long, can I file H4 and come to US?
    Question 2 : Is it possible to move to H4 in US and go to india , come back in H4 and then move to H1B again?Is that possible?


  39. vardhan


    Can you please help me,I have a below question about H1b transfer.

    I have got one full time job,so I’m ready to transfer my h1b to the client,but I have issue that dont have recent paystubs i.e for APRIL month,but expect that month I have remaining month paystubs,so how I can handle this situation when client asked for most recent paystubs?


  40. rahul

    Hi all,

    Need a urgent advice. I am working in mnc and they applied my h1b. I am selected in lottery and got the receipt number starting with EAC. Can another employer buy that receipt number for me and go for stamping..??????????????

    Thanks in Advance

  41. Arafath

    Hi Friends/Admin,

    From my employer i didn’t receieved my H1b Lottery status yet and some of my friends got updated status with Acknowledgement status from USCIS.
    Is this mean my visa is not selected in the lottery or still i have any chances ?Please reply friends. Thanks in advance.


  42. Luz

    Dear Friends,
    Please help me with the following query. I submitted all the documents for 221g. However, the VFS personnel at bangalore neither asked me to pay the fee nor asked me the delivery address. I also forgot to ask. Did I do any mistake ? I read in redbus2us that there is a fee for submitting the documents at VFS. Please guide me. I am a little worried.

    Thanks in Advance.

  43. Manjunath

    Hi Saurab,
    I would like to know your opinion on my case.
    I had filed for H1B in 2008 and I got selected in Lottery and got my I-797 paper and it was valid till 2011 Sep and I dint go for stamping since the consultant through which i had applied caught in scam case in US and I didn’t wanted to take risk .
    Now I work for an reputed MNC and filed for 2015 FY H1B and awaiting lottery result and mean while when I was checking forum ,I saw people discussing that petition is valid for 6 years including extension period and my petition was already selected in Lottery in 2008 ,I could have Filed for Cap Except Case ?
    Is that true ?
    If 6 years validity is true ,I still have 5 months left .What are the other option in case of lottery result comes negative ?

    Please clarify.

    1. administrator

      Yes, you are eligible for cap-exempt petition if filed prior to Oct 2014. However, there is another opinion I have heard online who say that the person needs to have visited US at least once in order to be eligible for this. You can let your employer/attorney know about this and take their legal opinion on this.

  44. Tushar

    Hi Saurabh,
    I appeared for interview in mumbai on 7th Feb 2013. Its been over 14 months now in waiting period. Today , after sending many emails to support team, I got a reply that consulate is calling me again for interview with updated documents ( client letter and contract letter ). Could you please help me with what could be the questions this time ? they asked below documents in my 221g.
    1) notarized list of employees,wages, location and all
    2) letter from personnel dept with organization chart
    3) client letter with contract letter ( i m in evc model)
    4) documents related to petition

    I hope they have verified all by this time ( in past 14 months). what are the precautions I need to take for this interview? could you please guide me here.


    1. administrator

      You need to carry the same list of documents from last time plus the ones they asked for in 221g. If the documents are more than few months old, then get a more recently dated documents. For example, a more recently dated client letter (if the client is still willing to hire you), updated org chart, updated list of employees etc.

      There is no surety that new visa stamping attempt will be successful at the window itself. They can still issue 221g.

      1. Tushar

        Hi Saurabh,
        Just a good news that Finally I got visa last week ( only 2 months are remaining in my petition ). it took 15+ months for me to come out of it. Luckily I am still working for the same client from India.
        Thanks again Saurabh..

        I will post the detail interview if any one is interested in it.
        All the best guys..

        1. Nelu

          Hi Tushar

          I would be very interested in finding out more about your interview. I am in the same boat as you only, I have 11 months of waiting 🙂 and I am looking forward to know what it is that they asked you.

  45. Sunil Sutar

    Hi Saurabh,

    My case was something like this –
    – H1 filed and petition approved in 2011.
    – Oct 2011, given interview at Mumbai and received 221(g) with documents asked to submit.
    – Submitted all the required documents in Dec 2011.
    – No reply from Consulate to me

    Now, as per ammendment, my company is filling ammendment to the same petition this year 2014 as I had been told that till 5 years, we can place ammendment. I am with the same employer.

    If this is possible, what will be outcome of ammendment. Will that get considered for the same petition of 2011 or new petition with ammendment has to be approved by USCIS?

    What is the success rate for such case?


    1. administrator

      I think the amendment your employer is talking about is the cap-exempt petition like an extension. This will be cap-exempt and USCIS will review all the submitted documents to make their decision. Once approved, you can appear for stamping. Again during stamping they will review the case and documents to either approve the stamp or issue 221g for additional information/processing.

      1. Sai

        Hi Saurabh,

        I attended my H1B visa renewal interview (full-time employee since last 5 years) on August 28th 2014, and was given 221g , with no specific reason (but i guess its TAL) and was asked to respond to email. I received email on the same day , asking for filling out questionnaire , full cvs, research publications, itinerary, degree certificates and transcripts. Since then i was weekly sending email to consulate (at ‘[email protected]’) and was getting standard reply saying that “..your case is under administrative processing” . As of today, this is my 6th week in waiting in frustration. Also, this week , I stopped receiving any response from the consulate , i usually get response back within 24 hours, but it has been 4 days since i sent an email asking for the status, but no response.

        Do you think, it is a bad sign or indication that consulate gave up on my case ? Please share your insights as it is really frustrating to wait without any indication of progress status .


      2. sunil sutar

        Hi Saurabh,

        Like you mentioned, my orgnization applied for H1B extension. I had new petition approved with me for another client which is different than previous one. Working with this client since 1.6 yrs. Today I attended interview at Mumbai location. VO asked me normal questions like employer, client, salary, total yrs with employer etc. I had been in the same organization since last 8.5 yrs.
        He handed over white slip of 221 (g) with asking to email 4 documents as petition copy, contract between me and petitioner, contract between end client and petitioner, letter from end client HR personnel stating that there is vacancy for me.

        What do you think of this case? What will be the outcome?


        1. vijay

          Hi, Did you get any update on your status? Please let me know as your case seems to be similar of mine. I have been waiting for more than 135 days.

          1. Sunil Sutar

            Hi Vijay,

            I waited, waited and waited and right now I am at client end in USA for the same client with whom the petition was filed in.

            Please be patient and the 221(g) will get clear if HR at client end will work correctly with USCIS emails and USCIS members. It worked well in my case in 2014.

            I had received 221(g) again in 2014 but once HR at client end provided all required information to USCIS, it got cleared and I had been given the visa in April 2015.


  46. raj

    Hi, I did attended training and business meetings for 5 months in US on B1 Visa visit two yrs back, and that is my second visit to US and port of entry given 6 months validity to stay. Now for 2015 year my company filed H1B, is this will effect in visa stamping?

  47. Sam

    Sorry to hear this. Remember not to lose hope. Look for a new employer if you can. Join any Indian firm in hyd- TCS wipro IBM avoid small design firms look for a full time employment and u will get a visa no questions asked..

  48. BalaJee

    Hi All,

    My employer filled my H1B based on in-house devloping product work, which would be used by other bank org. Product is expected to be live by Dec’2014.

    During my H1B interview, I was asked to describe my roles and resposibilities.

    As I replied “I would be getting fuctional infomation from bank org’s fuctional team and convert it to technical specification.” the next question asked was where is the contract docs for your employer and bank org.

    And then my case was put in 221G ‘refusal’, and I received a white paper asking for below.

    1) Name of all target bank orgs who would use first version of product

    2) Contract docs with bank org.

    Also, Consulate said.. If your employer feel that these are confidential docs then employer can directly send these docs to US consulate email addess.

    Now, I know providing such docs for my employer is near to impossible.. because I suspect at firt place.. my employer has any such project either.

    I asked my employer to reply on this 221G.. but now he is escaping from it. Now It has been more then 6 weeks, but no reply from employer.

    I am in India and I had visa interview at HYD consulate.

    I lost all hope now, but any help in positive direction would be higly appreciated.

    What’s next ?

    1. sk

      BalaJee, please validate the info I am providing, however to my knowledge.. as your H1 is approved, you can use the approved application and ask other company to sponsor your visa this time. As its already approved, they would need your recepit number only and nothing else. That way you will be exempted from lottery for 2015.

    2. Sashi Rao

      Hi Balajee,
      This is unfortunate and bad to know.
      Which technology you work on and let me know the details.
      If you want to discuss your aspiration you can do it with us.
      You can write to me at avasarala_s at yahoo dot come if you are interested.


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