H1B Visa 2019 Lottery Date Season Start and Predictions

We will look at the some of the common FAQs that are tied to H1B work visa for fiscal year 2019.  This article will be updated with latest info as we get more info.

  • H1B 2019 Season Start Date ?
  • H1B Visa 2019 Quota ?
  • Will there be lottery for H1B 2019 ?
  • H1B 2019 Lottery date ?
  • How to find H1B 2019 Sponsors ?
  • H1B visa 2019 fees ?
  • H1B 2019 Latest News

Beginner - First Time H1B ?

If you are going through the H1B process first time, it is good to learn some basics like cap, quota, LCA, etc. Click adjacent button

Update  : H1B 2019 Season is over, H1B 2020 Season started on April 1st, 2019.  If you have filed a petition or planning to file a petition this year in April 2019, you fall under H1B 2020 Season. Read all details at H1B Visa 2020 – Start Date, Fee, Lottery – FAQs 

What is the H1B Visa 2019 season start date ?
Update : USCIS will start accepting H1B Petitions starting from April 2nd, 2018 as per their official update on their website. In general, USCIS starts accepting applications for the next fiscal year exactly 6 months before the start of the next fiscal year. USCIS fiscal year for 2019 starts from 1st October 2018, which means they should accept applications for FY 2019 from April 1st, 2018. As April 1st is a Sunday, USCIS should accept applications for H1B 2019 season from April 2nd, 2019.

What is H1B visa 2019 Quota for Regular and Masters filings ?
As of the date of writing of article, the H1B quota is as below. This is also called the H1B Visa Cap. You can read more at What is H1B Cap ? Regular vs Masters quota ?

  • H1B Regular Quota : 65,000 visas
  • H1B Master’s Quota : 20,000 visas. ( only US Masters eligible)

Also, of the overall 85,000 visa cap, every year 6,800 visas are set aside for the citizens of Singapore and Chile as part of the Free Trade Agreement with them. There were few bills part of Comprehensive Immigration Reform that are not active in Senate that were proposed from Obama administration days to change the cap count to 110,000 and Masters to 25,000, including potential to make H1B cap extend up to 180,000. But nothing has moved and all are dormant. Nothing new has been proposed by the new Trump Administration regarding changing cap count. To get a glimpse of historical cap count changes, you may check H1B visa cap count history from 1990 to 2017

Will there be Lottery for H1B 2019 season ? Lottery Predictions ? Filing Numbers ?
Update : USCIS had lottery for FY 2019 quota and received 190,098 petitions.
Looking at the historical trend of H1B filings, cap reach dates, it is quite possible that we would have lottery for FY 2019 quota.  We have written a detail article looking at historical data, Trump administration new policies like ‘Buy American, Hire American’, students on OPT, H4 EAD removal rule, etc. factors. To know the prediction numbers and details, read the article:  H1B Visa 2019 Lottery Predictions – Analysis, Graphs .

When is H1B Visa 2019 Lottery Date ? 
Update : USCIS Conducted Lottery for FY 2019 on April 11, 2018.
There are two things, one is when the H1B petitions are accepted for the lottery and second is when the actual lottery is done. H1B visa petitions for next fiscal year would be accepted by USCIS from April 2nd, 2018 for 5 working days until April 6th, 2018 to be part of the lottery. Now, the actual lottery date depends on various factors depending the volume of petitions and USCIS load. It can be anywhere in second week of April. For FY 2018, the actual H1B Lottery was done on April 11th, 2017 . We can expect anywhere around the same date like April 11th or April 13th.

How to find H1B visa 2019 Sponsors ? 
It can be very hard to find a good employer and convince them to sponsor H1B to work in US with major unknown like H1B Visa lottery. Anyways, you would be in one of the three scenarios, if you are seeking a H1B Sponsor. 

  • F1 Student in US : You can find an internship or co-op at an employer who can sponsor H1B visa and ask them to sponsor your H1B. You can continue to work on OPT once you graduate as well. You find the list of H1B Sponsoring companies using the tool
  • International Professionals  : If you are outside of US, it can be tricky with all the latest rules by Trump administration. Your best bet is to find an multi-national company ( MNC) and work through them to sponsor H1B visa. You may have hurdles inside the company with all the internal process, many waiting, etc. But, it is up to you to negotiate and ask them to take a chance. Many try the IT body shop route, where they ask them to file H1B. Rules have changed in the last few years and it is very risky move and can jeopardize your US hopes. Read comments on this H1B Companies Reviews article  to get an idea and  beware of such consulting companies to avoid fraud.
  • Important Note : We, as RedBu2US, DO NOT Provide any H1B sponsorship or guide anyone using professional services or fee. If anyone approaches you by saying our name, it is pure FRAUD…beware !

If you are looking for more details, check out Guide on How to Find H1B Visa Sponsors 2019

What is H1B 2019 Filing Fee ? 
H1B visa petition filing involves USCIS fee towards certain things and attorney fees, which varies by company size, and attorney involved for the case.  As of FY 2018 season, it can range anywhere from $1,600 USD to $7,400 USD + Attorney Fee.  In year 2016, for FY 2018, the H1B base filing fees, increased from  $325 to $460. Below table is a high level summary from FY 2018 quota as of writing, it maybe subject to change as we approach towards the filing date.  If any changes, we will update this accordingly.    Also, you can Read Summary of H1B Filing Fee – Who pays for What ? .

H1B Fee – Paid Towards Amount in USD
 Base filing fee $460
AICWA Fee $750  or $1,500
Fraud prevent & detection fee $500
Fee based on Public Law 114-113 ( if applicable) $4000
Premium processing fee (Optional) $1,225
Immigration Attorney Fee Varies from $500 to $3000

H1B 2019 Case Tracker  :
Did you work with attorney and sent all documents to apply for FY 2019 ?  It is quite hard for applicants to know the general status of everyone to understand their situation. We have put together a tracker along with good graphs for analysis. It is completely anonymous as we do not capture your case number or any personal information. It is community contributed data, the more you add, the better for everyone, including  You !

Track your H1B Case

Anonymously Track your H1B Case - Share and Get updated from Community.

What’s the latest news on H1B Visa 2019 ?
Below are some of the major news updates on H1B 2019 season. You can check H1B Visa 2019 Cap Count Tracker – Latest News Updates for full details

You can bookmark this page and check this page for updates on H1B FY 2019 season.
Do you have any questions on next H1B 2019 season ?


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Comments ( 8,722 )

  1. h1help

    Hi Kumar,

    Need your advise here. My H1B was approved on November 8th, and surprisingly I have received I797B(with consular processing information) instead of I797A. I am not on CPT and have always maintained proper status. Got the approval notice today from attorney. It states that my COS could not be processed and the reasons for ineligibility would be sent in a separate mail, but only the H1B part was approved. My stem opt expires on November 19th,2018. I have a couple of questions –

    1. On the I797B, consulate was given as Mumbai. But there are no visa slots in Mumbai for the next couple of months, so can I schedule my visa at a different consulate in India? Do I have to file any form for that?

    2. When I contacted my university today, they told that my COS is approved and my stem opt end date was backdated from Nov 19th to Nov 7th. Does it mean that I am out of status from november 7th?

    I am travelling back to India on Nov 19th as that is the last day on my stem opt.

    Thanks for your help in advance!

    1. administrator

      1. It is recommended to go to listed consulate, but you may go to other locations. No need of any form, you may need to explain to Visa officer, if requested.
      2. Well, not sure how these systems updates work, there could be issues as well. What you received from your attorney in physical copy is what matters.

  2. RFE Non AD

    Got update from attorney on RFE

    USCIS is asking for clarification on how my “Bachelors in Software Engineering” is related to the position of “Software Engineer” in my petition.

    Sent all the information attorney asked, hopefully, will get this approved soon.

  3. Confused

    Hi guys need urgent help.

    I have choosed wrong location for visa interview on DS160 and submitted. Can i refill it? I havent make the payment

  4. abhi

    I got this bizarre update on my case. Till now my case was in received state and some 3-4 days back I got automated email from USCIS that they are still working on the case and today I got an email that they have a taken action on my case and here is the status. Per their note, they are reconsidering their earlier decision which in my case was nothing, no Approval or RFE or Denial. Don’t know if it is a System Glitch or meant something else. I am really confused and will appreciate any help on it. TIA

    November 14, 2018

    Case Was Reopened For Reconsideration
    On November 14, 2018, we reopened your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number WAC18160XXXXX, and are reconsidering our earlier decision. We sent you a notice that describes how we will process your case. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you do not receive your notice by December 14, 2018, please go to www.uscis.gov/e-request to request a copy of the notice. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.

    1. administrator

      it could be a system glitch, do not worry. Some of these intermittent statuses are confusing and not accurate. Check with your attorney for latest update.

      1. abhi

        Today got another update on my case, not sure what is going on…..

        Case Was Reopened
        On November 15, 2018, we reopened your Form I-129, Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker, Receipt Number WAC18160XXXXX, and mailed you a notice. Please follow the instructions in the notice. If you do not receive your reopening notice by December 15, 2018, please go to www.uscis.gov/e-request to request a copy of the notice. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address.

        1. administrator

          Don’t worry, just work with your attorney to see, if they have received anything…it can happen with system updates and glitches.

  5. h1b2019


    based on ur previous years experience on h1b can u plz answer this

    will uscis looks all h1b petitions picked in lottery mine is in received status wac center.
    am looking at worktheme n h1bstats not even one case is moved from received status this week. immigration girl says 10% cases havent taken any action on oct 30th. 11300 petitions are in received status what shall i do. cant submit inquiry bcoz the processing times is changed.

    premium processing in feb dont think my employer will do

    1. administrator

      all the status on the sites worktheme and other sites is not correct, they do not fully reflect processing of H1Bs alone. It may show info of all forms submitted like H-1B, H-2A, H-2B, H-3, L-1, O-1, O-2, P-1, P-1S, P-2, P-2S, P-3, P-3S, Q-1 or R-1 and more….I dont know if they are working or not…they are scraping USCIS site and trying to put stats…

  6. Aproved


    I have 2 questions,

    1. On my approval letter consulate mentioned as Chennai. Can i able to choose mumbai for my interview.

    2. Chennai slot is opened for November & December. But mumbai showing feb 1st is the first available date. Is Mumbai appointment slot is over for December or yet to open?

    1. administrator

      In general, it is recommended to apply for appointment in your home consular district location. You may apply in other consular district, other than your home one, if you have issues getting appointment earlier than your travel. You should call customer service to check the situation before you do so.

  7. CLient _ LETTER

    Is client letter sufficient?? My client has mentioned in client letter that it has MSA between them and the middle vendor. But I am unable to get the MSA. Is that ok? My employer is emphasizing that I definitely should try to get the MSA and PO

        1. CLient _ LETTER

          They won’t ever help. Please guide. My client letter does mention that there is MSA between vendor and client. Shouldn’t that be sufficient? do i still need MSA copy?

    1. administrator

      It is really hard to say if just client letter is sufficient. It may work or may not, very hard to tell..all depends on the USCIS officer and how they look at your case as an overall petition. In general, the responsibility is on the petitioner to establish employer employer relationship and speciality occupation. There is no set guidance as such that tells that you need to have all MSA, PO or other documents…these all are supporting documents for the petition and it is up to the discretion of USCIS. If is always better to submit detail documentation of MSA and PO, if you can. If you do not have choice, then go with the client letter that is detail enough and hope it works out.

  8. Finally Approved

    Finally approved.
    Bachelor degree CS
    Network and computer System Administrator
    Received:3rd may
    Rfe:23rd July
    Rfe Response: 25th October
    RFE: speciality occupation
    Today attorney received approval notice.

    Keep hopes guys. All the best everyone.

    Thank you so much Kumar for your support to this community.

    1. RFE Non AD

      No one has access to your watched youtube videos except you or Google, and google doesn’t give them this report. As for Facebook, as far as I know, the officials at the airport can ask to see your profile, but the adjudicators will only have access to what you keep public in your profile.

  9. Vin

    Status on USCIS website shows “case was received” . Attorney hasn’t got any updates either.

    Non AD , California, received on April 12th and notice date May 2nd

  10. Query on B1 Travel

    Hi Kumar and All,

    My H1B application is in process and submitted my RFE documents and awaiting for the response from USCIS. I also have a Valid B1 Visa. However I have never traveled on B1 visa.
    Now My query is am I good to travel on B1 Visa now while my H1B is in progress ?

  11. Jeya

    My company had filed I129 H1B application for me. I have received notice dated 8th May 2018 and still waiting for H1B notice of approval. My application was sent to California service centre. In this website I have noticed that some of H1B approval has been received with notice date of 3rd May 2018. When can I expect notice of approval for my case.

  12. RFE Received

    Hi friends.
    I received RFE which states: to submit “Professional Engineering Licences” of yourself and your immediate supervisor. My supervisor has this license and I will submit it. But I don`t have Professional Engineer Licences. It needs 4 years of experience to be eligible to get this licences. Did anyone here had same experience ?


    1. PE license

      Did you mention in your petition / Resume that you have a PE license? IF yes then you should submit one.

      If not then may be the job description might have mentioned that PE license is preferred. IF that’s the case then its a tricky situation. Although having a PE license is not a 100% requirement but under the current scenario you cant say. I should get my PE too.

  13. Karthik

    Dear All,

    Recently, I had my H1 Visa stamped in Chennai consulate. The visa validity provided is only for 2 months(till December 31st 2018), approved as per the SOW end date.

    So what is the process to travel after December 31st 2018(If I plan to travel after December 31st 2018)

    1. for the same client and same location
    2. Different client and location from the approved LCA

    1. administrator

      You need to submit new documents with updated info in SOW and Client letter. Yes, everything updated related to the changes.

  14. TCS _Approval_Post Rfe

    Guys ,
    Happy Diwali everyone . My Visa got approved on Nov 7th . It’s TCS approval time .

    Approval date : Nov7th (Diwali )
    RFE received : Aug 21.
    RFE: submitted 26th Sept
    EAC series
    Non AD : BE 7 yrs exp .
    Submitted 5-6 documents , sow, job details , chart , offer letters , appraisal letters

  15. TheyWantUsToLeave

    Processing times at WAC

    H-1B – Specialty occupation – Visa to be issued abroad : 7.5 Months to 10 Months
    H-1B – Specialty occupation – Change of status in the U.S. : 7.5 Months to 10 Months


    The strategy seem to be to give the applicants such a hard time that they give up and leave.

  16. Urgent reply needed

    Hi Kumar,

    I need your advice. I am on H1B, my employer has filed an amendment for me for location change in the last week of march this year. It’s been almost 8 months but still waiting for decision from USCIS.

    a. How long it might take to get the decision from USCIS on amendment case in current scenario?
    b. Can I travel out of country while my h1b amendment is still pending? If yes, what are the documents I need to carry?
    c. In case if I receive RFE on my amendment, would it be risky to travel out of country when the case is under processing with an RFE?
    d. What if I travel out of country when my amendment is in processing and I receive an RFE when I am out of country? Please advice.

    1. administrator

      a. Hard to say. In general, should have got something by now, but many things are delayed this year. Ask your attorney to create a case inquiry with USCIS and follow-up.
      b. You may, but avoid, if you can. Standard documents related to your H1B and your amendment filing info. Check with your attorney.
      c. Well, it can be…but, depending on the type of amendment, there are instances where some have come back fine as the original petition before amendment was valid.
      d. same as c, you may or may not be asked at Port of entry on the same. If asked, you need to have all documents and manage. Speak to your attorney to avoid all these confusions and follow their advice.

  17. Amit

    Hi Kumar, Friends,
    I am working for an consulting company for full time with H1B visa and contractor for AT&T. I moved to bench as AT&T contract ended. It is close to 2 months on bench as my employer is still marketing my profile, nothing is finalizedd even after some client interview.
    Should I be concerned, my paystubs are generated. What is your opinion? Will it create any issue on my h1b extension? or any further GC process? please need your help. Thanks in advance.

    1. administrator

      Well, not sure how your employment contract is setup and how your H1B was filed with USCIS. As long as you are employed and paid by your employer, you are maintaining status. Check with your employer on how your petition was filed with USCIS like third party worksite or home location and discuss options with them.

      1. Amit

        Hi Kumar,

        Thanks for your response. I didn’t get on this statement”how your petition was filed with USCIS like third party worksite or home location”

        Originally I got my H1B from TCS in Inida and got it transferd to my consultancy(My employer as well) and moved to AT&T USA project. And not AT&T contract is over hence I am on bench now. I extension is due in 8 months. Still extension not applied. Kindly help . Thanks.

        1. administrator

          Amit, when your H1B was filed for a role, it would be filed either to work at a third party location or in-house depending on how your attorney and employer filed it. Check with them.

          1. Amit

            Dear Kumar,
            Thanks a lot for your quick response. Is it possible me to check this details, As I have checked in petition Approval Notice and LCA, but I am not able to see those details. However there was supporting Job description document by a layered consulting company at the time of travel.
            Is this details will be there with my employer or any document I can refer? Thanks.

  18. Mohammed Zafir Zafir Mohideen


    My name is Mohammed and Iam an Experienced Oracle DBA.Iam looking for H1B1 Sponsor (**Not H1B**) .appreciate if anybody can link with me Right Sponsor.FYI ** H1B1 ** is specific for Singaporean Citizens and Can be applied any time of the year completely different from Normal H1B Quota. H1B1 Processing & approvals are Very fast than usual H1B.iam reachable at [email protected] for further discussion


  19. prashath kumar

    Recently my H1B got approved, i have filled DS-160 form and scheduled the vise interview also. But I have found in appointment confirmation my first name and last name got interchanged. Please let me know this will impact my visa stamping.

    1. ramezeio

      you can fill in another DS-160, you can have any number of DS-160’s, but don’t forget to use the latest DS 160 code on visa appointment letter,

      hope this helps, else call customer care, they will help you.


  20. Hopeful

    Hi Guys,

    I have been issued an RFE on a Non AD H1B petition. However, the issue now is that though the client is the same, they have moved location from one state to another. They are willing to provide the new client letter with the new address. Will this affect my changes in a negative way? Is the amendment possible.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. administrator

      Yes, you should inform the update to USCIS and changes or ask your employer to either file a new petition or submit requested documents with new changes. Work with your attorney, they know best.

  21. Pari

    H1B approved yesterday.

    Non AD, Full time employee, Product based company
    California service center

    Receipt Date : April 12 2018
    Notice Date : May 03 2018
    RFE Received: October 22 2018 (Asked only for my current pay stubs)
    RFE Responded: October 30 2018
    Case Approved: November 05 2018

    Thanks everyone. this page helped me lot to understand different scenarios and processing times. Good luck to everyone who are still waiting.

      1. Pari

        Thanks Kumar.

        This is new H1B 2019, not transfer.

        For RFE, they only asked one question about my pay stub (That’s the reason Lawyer didn’t take much time to respond )

        RFE generated on October 15th, and lawyer get the copy on October 22nd. Lawyer shared the RFE copy with me as well. (It takes approximately a week to get the physical copy from USCIS)

        Yes, I have done Undergraduate from USA in Computer Science.

        Thanks everyone.

  22. Ayush

    Guys need your advice urgently. My COS from F1 to H-1B has been approved, but my wife’s COS from F-2 to H4 is still pending. Can she stay in US up until her COS is approved?

  23. Urgent

    Hi Kumar,

    I need your advice. I am on H1B, my employer has filed an amendment for me for location change in the last week of march this year. It’s been almost 8 months but still waiting for decision from USCIS.

    a. How long it might take to get the decision from USCIS on amendment case in current scenario?
    b. Can I travel out of country while my h1b amendment is still pending? If yes, what are the documents I need to carry?
    c. In case if I receive RFE on my amendment, would it be risky to travel out of country when the case is under processing with an RFE?
    d. What if I travel out of country when my amendment is in processing and I receive an RFE when I am out of country? Please advice.

    1. sudInfy

      On a same boat . Mine submitted in Jun 07. 5 months ago . No news. I am hearing that it takes 1 year to hear back . Safe not to travel during this time

  24. NotSureWhatToDo

    Currently, I am working n L1B and my H1B COS is under process with status “Case is Received”.

    What are all my option if I want to continue on L1B and how these options would impact H1b petition if I want to use them in the future.

    Any genuine advise if greatly appreciated.

    1. 3rd Timer

      If you have applied with change of status then you can’t continue with your L1B and your status automatically become H1 on the date of approval. Many of them saying that this may be stopped (Assuming your H1 will be approved without any hiccup) if you travel outside.
      I dont know how much true though. If you travel then system find that you are no longer in nay status so it will be approved as consular. Since you dont know the date of approval traveling may or may not work. Check with your company’s immigration attorney about traveling and consular options.

      1. NotSureWhatToDo

        Thanks for your advice. But Now I am not sure when the approval will happen so travelling before may not be a deal to me.

        is it possible If I travel within a day or two after H1b approval and may come back on L1b status again?

  25. H1b Interview

    Hi ,
    I have the receipt number and mobile photo of the i797 as my employer is not sharing me the I797 is this enough for H1 transfer ?

    1. 3rd Timer

      The important thing is the original petition SHOULD have been approved. If it is in pre approval stage then you CAN’T transfer.

      After approval it is easy to transfer if the petition was filed under COS. There are some rejections reported for Consular cases if the approved petition was not stamped. However, some people received an approval without stamping too.

      I would say 50% chances for transfer for CP cases and almost 100% chances for COS cases (assuming the transfer/new job is specialty occupation, employer paying the prevailing wages and you have specialty skills to the job).

      For your Q, yes, you can initiate the transfer with an receipt number only if it was already approved. if not approved then it will be rejected and you will not get any refund.

        1. 3rd Timer

          It is possible to transfer only with receipt number but for that the original petition needs to be approved first. Good luck and all the best for the transfer.

  26. HappyDiwali

    Non AD, Non -IT, EAC, Approved after RFE
    Visa stamped end of OCT/ Mumbai Consulate
    Passport valid – 2020
    Visa stamped – 2021

  27. Venkat

    Dear All,
    I had my H1B stamping interview scheduled on 30 & 31st Oct in Chennai Consulate. My Visa is approved. Below my visa experience.

    EAC Center – Non-AD – No RFE – Client Project
    Receipt Date: April/12/2018
    Notice Date: May/01/2018
    Approval Date: Aug/01/2018
    Stamped Date: 31st oct

    Officer: Full Name
    Me: XXX
    Officer: Who’s your Petitioner?
    Me: ABC
    Officer: Who’s is your client?
    Me: ABC in US,
    Officer: Client is in which State and City?
    Me: XXX
    Officer: What is your highest qualification?
    Me: Master’s in XXX from Indian University
    Officer: What is salary per annum in US?
    Me: XXX $.
    Officer: Your Visa is approved and didn’t return my passport.

    I got a notification from Consulate within 2 days to collect my passport.

    There were few counters wherein, they were asking for a lot of documents like Client letter, SOW, why your company have chosen you for Onsite, Project details etc.

    Thank you so much to this forum and all you guys for the inputs.

    1. H1bInterview

      Hi Venkat,
      Thanks for the info. Could you let me know the wait time in Chennai? I find a wait time of 21 days on travel.state.gov where as while scheduling an appointment the website displays first available appointment date as 3 days from the current date. Did you face similar issue ?
      PS : Since I didn’t make a payment, i cannot view the dates.

  28. Consulate Change

    My I797B mentions a consulate that has a long wait time . There are other consulates whose wait time is much lesser than the one mentioned in my form. My permanent residence falls under the consulate assigned by USCIS where as my current residence falls under another consulate. Do I have the option of appearing for the stamping at a different consulate ? This is because given the huge wait time , I might miss my already delayed joining date. #H1BFirstTime

  29. H1B_SAM

    Mitron ! May this Diwali bring you the long awaited Happiness. Wish you will get the new land for 2019 crackers and Joy of of spending Dollara !! 🙂

  30. Unsure

    My husband is on opt and is working in a reputed company . I have a f2 dependant visa and came back in feb to india due to a personal work . My h1b was filed this year while i was in india and picked in lottery. I am still stuck in india as the attorney says i have to get stamped at india embassy and return to us .

    My status of the case says its still in recieved state . Any ideas if i can go on dependant visa to us and come back to india for stamping once the case is approved ?Will there be a problem in doing this way ?

    1. CPT Student

      I am glad that your file has been picked this year. However I don’t want to scare you but what I am thinking is, it is very hard to prove that you have a project and working for the employer (or client).

      Secondly, as you mentioned when you filed for your H1-B and you went to India for a reason and not stuck because of the pending status. So embassy may ask you to show the proof of the project, pay stub and the SSN. and for my knowledge, under F2 status you won’t get SSN and without SSN how can you work for any company as a full time.

      But here I wish and will pray to GOD that your case goes smooth and you come to back to the USA.


  31. Bhanduranga

    Received RFE for employer-employee relationship. RFE mentions that they need documents like MSA, PO from all the parties from employer to client with details like project description and project duration and job duties.. I got the documents like client letter some MSAs. But the client letter or any other documents that I got doesn’t mention about project duration. Vendor has given a letter on their letterhead that initial duration is 1 year and it’s ongoing project. Any idea if they can deny or approve for at least 1 year

    1. h1baspirant

      Nowadays consultancy based jobs are given H1 for the duration of the project. I think if they have explicitly asked for project duration, it is better to provide it. Otherwise it is possible that they may reject the petition due to non-availability of project duration.

    2. administrator

      It is very hard to say as everything depends on how your case was presented. Try to get as many documents that can help support your case and send. Your attorney is your best person to guide you in this aspect, please work with them closely.

        1. administrator

          Well, I don’t know. You can try to request for something with duration. It is best to check with your attorney on how they would address it. There must be some document that ties with the duration and use that as anchor for every other agreement, so that you may overcome that.

  32. Vin

    Hi Kumar,

    I want your immediate suggestion here. I am into H4 now.

    1. H1B approved today.
    EAC Center – Non-AD – No RFE – In house project
    Receipt Date : April/12/2018
    Notice Date : May/07/2018
    Approval Date : November/01/2018

    2. I have applied for H4 EAD yesterday only – October/31/2018 – If that also approved were I stand?

    What should I do now?


    1. Cnfg

      A H4 EAD cannot be issued when you are not in H4. You will receive and RFE or denial. If you have applied yesterday probably you can stop the shipment (I don’t know) or apply for withdrawal before they process it. The processing of EAD takes around 75 – 135 days .

      One thing is for sure, before issuing H4 EAD, they check if you in H4 or not.

      1. Vin

        I am into phoenix & the uscis office for h4 is around 10 miles from my home. So thought of doing the overnight shipment. It has reached today morning it seems.

    2. Vin

      Thanks all for your wishes and hope every one applied H1 should clear this hurdle.

      Small Story of mine to give hope to others.

      2014 – My wife applied H1 & it got denied on Sep 2014.
      2015 – Again she applied, got selected and approved through PP on July 2015. (Got 1 year only from 1 Oct 2015 to 30th Sep 2016). She came to US on March 2016 and applied PP in July 2016 which approved in 10 days including RFE (Got 2 years Oct 2016 to Sep 2018). Now applied Ext in July 2018 in PP and got RFE, the approved in Oct 2018 for 3 years.
      Meanwhile she got the approval for 1-140 last week of Oct.

      My case – I applied H1B in 2016 & not selected in lottery. 2017 again I applied and got selected in lottery and left my Job from India in December 2017 then came to US in Jan 2018 and once arrived to US my petition got denied in Jan last week 2018. Then I applied throw another consultancy and got selected & my petition got approved Nov 2018. Almost I have worked for 13 years in IT and now sitting in home for 10 months was very frustrating and I had never given up. But learned a lot in cooking and supporting my wife/son. Daily use to worship God and go to temples on weekends.

      So the conclusion is worship God and dont give up. I want to strongly say one thing here, if your case/consultancy is clear in all means then your threw.

      Hope it helps everyone.

    3. Sam

      If you do not want H4 EAD, then block the check you added along with your application.. they wont get money and will deny the application 🙂

  33. Random_guy

    How much time takes for amendment to process ( Place change) . Do I have to live 3 months in the first place which the petition was approved. Please give more details on this

    1. H1B_New_Vimal

      1. I do have same question, Can i change place of location now but my case was received state and yet to approve. Reason:- I do have opening at Chicago and client interview is schedule but my original is WELLINGTON (Florida).

      2. How much time takes for amendment to process ( location change)?

  34. IBM Chennai

    We are a few from IBM Chennai, no one got any updates except “CASE Was Received”. Any one else from IBM got final decisions/RFE/Approvals ?

  35. Sai

    Hi, I’m currently in US and having H1B valid till Feb 2019 from employer A.

    I got another offer from employer B and they filed my H1B transfer in PP.
    Meanwhile I joined employer B and they got RFE for visa transfer.
    Employer B replied for RFE and waiting for decision.

    In case I get denial , what are my options:

    1. do I need to leave US immediately?

    2. Or I stop working for Employer B and they refile my transfer petition and I don’t have to leave US immediately as my I-94 from employer A is valid till Feb 2019. Once employer B get receipt notice for refiled petition, I can resume working for them.

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