H1B Visa 2019 Lottery Date Season Start and Predictions

Many of you who were not lucky in 2017 with the work visa lottery in US for FY H1B Visa 2018 may be applying this year to work in US. Below are some of the common FAQs that are tied to H1B work visa for fiscal year 2019.  This article will be updated with latest info as we get more info.

  • H1B 2019 Season Start Date ?
  • H1B Visa 2019 Quota ?
  • Will there be lottery for H1B 2019 ?
  • H1B 2019 Lottery date ?
  • How to find H1B 2019 Sponsors ?
  • H1B visa 2019 fees ?
  • H1B 2019 Latest News

Beginner - First Time H1B ?

If you are going through the H1B process first time, it is good to learn some basics like cap, quota, LCA, etc. Click adjacent button

If this is your first time filing H1B, please read H1B Visa Basics – FAQs like Requirements, Quota, LCA, etc.

What is the H1B Visa 2019 season start date ?
Update : USCIS will start accepting H1B Petitions starting from April 2nd, 2018 as per their official update on their website. In general, USCIS starts accepting applications for the next fiscal year exactly 6 months before the start of the next fiscal year. USCIS fiscal year for 2019 starts from 1st October 2018, which means they should accept applications for FY 2019 from April 1st, 2018. As April 1st is a Sunday, USCIS should accept applications for H1B 2019 season from April 2nd, 2019.

What is H1B visa 2019 Quota for Regular and Masters filings ?
As of the date of writing of article, the H1B quota is as below. This is also called the H1B Visa Cap. You can read more at What is H1B Cap ? Regular vs Masters quota ?

  • H1B Regular Quota : 65,000 visas
  • H1B Master’s Quota : 20,000 visas. ( only US Masters eligible)

Also, of the overall 85,000 visa cap, every year 6,800 visas are set aside for the citizens of Singapore and Chile as part of the Free Trade Agreement with them. There were few bills part of Comprehensive Immigration Reform that are not active in Senate that were proposed from Obama administration days to change the cap count to 110,000 and Masters to 25,000, including potential to make H1B cap extend up to 180,000. But nothing has moved and all are dormant. Nothing new has been proposed by the new Trump Administration regarding changing cap count. To get a glimpse of historical cap count changes, you may check H1B visa cap count history from 1990 to 2017

Will there be Lottery for H1B 2019 season ? Lottery Predictions ? Filing Numbers ?
Update : USCIS had lottery for FY 2019 quota and received 190,098 petitions.
Looking at the historical trend of H1B filings, cap reach dates, it is quite possible that we would have lottery for FY 2019 quota.  We have written a detail article looking at historical data, Trump administration new policies like ‘Buy American, Hire American’, students on OPT, H4 EAD removal rule, etc. factors. To know the prediction numbers and details, read the article:  H1B Visa 2019 Lottery Predictions – Analysis, Graphs .

When is H1B Visa 2019 Lottery Date ? 
Update : USCIS Conducted Lottery for FY 2019 on April 11, 2018.
There are two things, one is when the H1B petitions are accepted for the lottery and second is when the actual lottery is done. H1B visa petitions for next fiscal year would be accepted by USCIS from April 2nd, 2018 for 5 working days until April 6th, 2018 to be part of the lottery. Now, the actual lottery date depends on various factors depending the volume of petitions and USCIS load. It can be anywhere in second week of April. For FY 2018, the actual H1B Lottery was done on April 11th, 2017 . We can expect anywhere around the same date like April 11th or April 13th.

How to find H1B visa 2019 Sponsors ? 
It can be very hard to find a good employer and convince them to sponsor H1B to work in US with major unknown like H1B Visa lottery. Anyways, you would be in one of the three scenarios, if you are seeking a H1B Sponsor. 

  • F1 Student in US : You can find an internship or co-op at an employer who can sponsor H1B visa and ask them to sponsor your H1B. You can continue to work on OPT once you graduate as well. You find the list of H1B Sponsoring companies using the tool
  • International Professionals  : If you are outside of US, it can be tricky with all the latest rules by Trump administration. Your best bet is to find an multi-national company ( MNC) and work through them to sponsor H1B visa. You may have hurdles inside the company with all the internal process, many waiting, etc. But, it is up to you to negotiate and ask them to take a chance. Many try the IT body shop route, where they ask them to file H1B. Rules have changed in the last few years and it is very risky move and can jeopardize your US hopes. Read comments on this H1B Companies Reviews article  to get an idea and  beware of such consulting companies to avoid fraud.
  • Important Note : We, as RedBu2US, DO NOT Provide any H1B sponsorship or guide anyone using professional services or fee. If anyone approaches you by saying our name, it is pure FRAUD…beware !

If you are looking for more details, check out Guide on How to Find H1B Visa Sponsors 2019

What is H1B 2019 Filing Fee ? 
H1B visa petition filing involves USCIS fee towards certain things and attorney fees, which varies by company size, and attorney involved for the case.  As of FY 2018 season, it can range anywhere from $1,600 USD to $7,400 USD + Attorney Fee.  In year 2016, for FY 2018, the H1B base filing fees, increased from  $325 to $460. Below table is a high level summary from FY 2018 quota as of writing, it maybe subject to change as we approach towards the filing date.  If any changes, we will update this accordingly.    Also, you can Read Summary of H1B Filing Fee – Who pays for What ? .

H1B Fee – Paid Towards Amount in USD
 Base filing fee $460
AICWA Fee $750  or $1,500
Fraud prevent & detection fee $500
Fee based on Public Law 114-113 ( if applicable) $4000
Premium processing fee (Optional) $1,225
Immigration Attorney Fee Varies from $500 to $3000

H1B 2019 Case Tracker  :
Did you work with attorney and sent all documents to apply for FY 2019 ?  It is quite hard for applicants to know the general status of everyone to understand their situation. We have put together a tracker along with good graphs for analysis. It is completely anonymous as we do not capture your case number or any personal information. It is community contributed data, the more you add, the better for everyone, including  You !

Track your H1B Case

Anonymously Track your H1B Case - Share and Get updated from Community.

What’s the latest news on H1B Visa 2019 ?
Below are some of the major news updates on H1B 2019 season. You can check H1B Visa 2019 Cap Count Tracker – Latest News Updates for full details

You can bookmark this page and check this page for updates on H1B FY 2019 season.
Do you have any questions on next H1B 2019 season ?

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Comments ( 6,449 )

  1. Varsha

    Hi All,

    Please help me to respond to my RFE for Specialty Occupation. I know that each person job duties were unique. But for reference purpose, if someone help me to answer below questions. What points mainly we need to highlight to get this approved. Thank you.

    A. Brief Description of Your Job.
    B. Tools/Languages Used in Your Job.
    C. Detailed Job Duties.

  2. pizza

    Is there any chance for any H1B or legal immigration legislation to go thru the US Congress & become law in Summer/Fall of 2018 so as to be operational by April 2019 ? Seriously some drastic changes are needed. Something should happen before midterm elections.

    1. Dont want to get settle down in US

      Ha ha ha ha……changes required they should stop people from permanently settling down in US, finish your work and come back to India……


    Where should we check the case status.




    1. Hopeforthebest

      AD = advanced degree (master degree studied in US)
      Non – AD = master degree from other counties, and bachelor degree

  4. 4thTimeH1B

    Hi Kumar,

    I have applied my H1B 2019 for Californica center but I have received EACxxxx receipt number instead of WACxxxxx receipt number , Is it Normal?


    1. Ricky

      I think, its fine as long as you hold valid receipt#. It may be transferred to different center depends on the volume of petitions at one center. This is my thought.

      1. 4thTimeH1B

        Yesterday I have received the receipt details from my employer.
        When I checked the status online in USCIS it shows that
        Received date – 4/12/2018
        Notice date – 5/08/2018

    2. administrator

      It should be fine. sometimes, they move cases. You can ask your employer to share the case receipt copy, so that you can confirm, if it is yours.

    1. Ricky

      Nice to hear!! Congrats. If you have created an account with uscis, Do we get any automated email if your case status is changed?

  5. AD_final_goodbyeUSA

    I have a friend who got his receipt at the end of June last year. Is it worth waiting for a receipt now? AD last attempt

    1. ADFirstTimer

      I guess at this juncture your chances are pretty slim (less than 1%). The late receipts are due to postal delays and chances are for such postal delays pretty slim. If your cheque is still not en-cashed then its almost over. I know it feels pretty bad to be in your shoes. I hope you to be in that 1% , best luck 🙂

  6. Shiv

    Received the original approval notice from attorney today.
    Notice Date: 04/26/2018
    Approval Date: 05/31/2018
    WAC, AD



    I applied my first H1B in 2015, it got approved and stamped VISA for just 12 months. As there were few delays from my employer and due to some personal issues, I was not able to move to USA and that visa got expired. Since then, no other employer came forward to reapply my H1B under cap exempt. So, applied new H1B this year under cap with a different employer and it was selected in lottery and got my receipt no. My question is will my first H1B visa does have any impact on this year H1B processing and visa stamping?

      1. NPR_NON_AD


        What I mean is, I checked with many employers (approximately 5-6)for last one and half year, none of them agreed to do it. Where is question for attitude in this? If you answer for my above query please reply.

        1. 3rd Timer


          Once your visa is approved and stamped then as per time line it would have been transferred to new employees till 2021. So, why you have or new employer not wanted to transfer instead to go for new petition? the new employer who applied this year simply would have transferred instead of applying new. Having said that it will not impact the adjudication of new petition.

          1. NPR_NON_AD

            @3rd Timer,

            Thanks a lot for your reply.

            I actually asked them to transfer the old one, but they denied without giving me a reason. So, I accepted for new petition filling this year because something is better than nothing.

  8. CTS_Person

    I am from CTS, I have received receipt on 24 June. But haven’t received approval yet. Does anyone received approval in CTS.. Or any information on when can we expect it.. ?

  9. Andy

    My H1 got approved yesterday. Im an AD applicant, on OPT with EAD expiring in Jan. 2019, I also have an endorsed I-20 and a valid and current F-1 Visa stamp valid until 2020. I am wondering if I can travel abroad before Oct. 1. Also returning to the US before that.
    I have read several law firms FAQs and seems is ok as long all your F-1 docs are valid.


      1. 3rd Timer


        If the H1 was applied as change of status you will not be able to enter but if they applied as consular processing you can. But for CP case, there are some element of risk involved in POE.
        Please consult with your company’s lawyer or independent lawyer and carry all the required documents before you travel. Congrats for your approval and good luck and all the best for your travel.


      Discouraging msg but atleast takes away the anxiety from within.
      ImmigrationGirl mentioned this on her web post:


      May 30, 2018

      I do not expect any more receipts

      1. ImmigrationGirlsWrong

        I received my selection receipt (Vermont center) on 4th June, I am AD, 2nd timer. My receipt notice date is 24th May. I’d suggest AD/Non-AD to not loose hopes completely. But start working on plan B as well

        1. Trump

          I wonder how USCIS generated notice on 24th whereas they finished data entry on 15th!. which means they finished generating receipts. can you post your reciept?.

    2. Sharma

      By ABC if you mean Amerisource Bergen, then answer is Yes. One of my college friend work in IBM (ABC account) and he told already 4-5 people have received their lottery selection news. Hope this helps?

  10. Non-AD

    I can find my case status “We Approved Your Case” at myaccount.uscis but not in the egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/ website. May I know which site will have the latest status?

    1. Hopeforthebest

      The approval is the last update by it self so no wonder which one have the latest status 🙂 your case is approved congrats !! You’re the first NONAD that I’ve seen approved so far !
      May I know few more detail as : notice date, center, wage level …?

    2. AD_STEM_OPT

      Congrats in your approval…
      Can u please let me know 2 things
      1) Did u receive email or text from uscis account when there was a change in your case status
      2) wage level, notice date, center

      Thanks …once again congrats

  11. Non-AD First Timer

    First timer Non-AD.
    Is there any hope for getting any positive news ?
    My attorney told that he has got no update for my case 🙁

  12. LCA1

    Hi Kumar,

    Having a question on LCA filing. I am in the process of transferring H1B, new employer says LCA is filed on June 1st. However till today I am not finding it official site or any other sites where LCA details can be checked. My question is , will it be visible only after certified ? Also , is there a chance that employer is even lying ? Is there a way to check filed LCA details in case employer is not willing to provide LCA Case number? Please let me know at the earliest.


    1. administrator

      It will probably be visible after it is certified. You should request for a copy of LCA after they say it is certified. They are legally obligated to share you a copy of LCA.

      1. LCA1

        Thank for the response Kumar. Finally employer shared the LCA #, however I am not seeing in any site.
        Like you said, I will wait until it gets Certified , and check again or request the copy.

        1. administrator

          Great. Don’t worry too much. It should be reflected on DOL website, you can check. You can ask for certified copy as well from your employer.

      1. DumbPeopleEverywhere

        @aarya and @3rdTimer

        The appropriate question to ask Sam is what’s the RFE about and maybe offer some constructive suggestion rather than receipt date,notice date,check en-cashed date.

        Try to be bit considerate rather than being so selfish in ur dumb questions.

  13. AntiAviShek

    I was picked in the lottery; I got the approval as well. But, I’ll not stop correcting the posts with incorrect grammar.
    These are the people who need to know that they can’t write proper English and yet they feel they deserve the Visa. They should correct their English first and then apply for the Visa if they have any shame.

    Some people can’t even write/speak properly in English, and still, they want H1B, to earn more money. This should be stopped at all costs.

    1. Enough

      Well, English is not a prerequisite for H1b or any other known visa type. I am not sure who are you to enforce this requirement or stop anything/anyone ‘at all costs’?

      If the visa requires specialized knowledge and you have it – great! Perfect English is not required.

      In fact, there are green cards given out to people through diversity and family visas, when people cannot speak English at all!

      It will be nice for everyone to master a new language but shaming people for mastery of a foreign language is itself shameful. I wonder how will you react when your child doesn’t score a perfect 100 in English or Maths 🙂

      Stop policing others; start policing yourself on social etiquette and empathy!

        1. NON-AD


          Congratulations on your Visa Grant. Best wishes to you for your journey ahead!
          I have studied my schooling in my mother tongue..before the language of instruction shifts to English in degree. I’ve never studied grammar for this language,, if somebody is in a learning phase, he/she should not care about people laughing..So I don’t have to care about such silly people and we must move on..

    2. H1B

      They are not applying H1B for English teacher position. Engineer doesn’t need grammatically correct English.

      Please waste your time somewhere else where your grammatically correct English needed. Dont flood comment section with your grammatically correct English. Dont behave like you are a British.

    3. Seriously Man


      Seriously man….u need to stop this….just because u got approval doesn’t give you any right to make fun of people’s grammatical mistakes who are already in a lot of anxiety and depression for not making through this messed up lottery system. You do know that karma is a bitch and some day its gonna come back and bite u

    4. Selected H1b

      India is the only country in the world where people feel ashamed of its mother tongue or native language (If they are good in English, they consider LS to others ).

      H1b Program is not only for Indians, it is a global program where people from Germany, France,Spain , Chinese and other also takes part and i feel Indians with basic english knowledge are better than other countries.

      I suggest you need to first correct your thoughts about H1b Program which is more of skil based and not grammer driven

  14. H1B final

    My case tracker through my company shows “Closed – Closed – Pending Adjudication ”
    Anyone knows what this means? Till this date I still have not received any type of communication from USCIS or my lawyer. Is all hope lost?

  15. H12018

    When can we expect some sort of response from CALIFORNIA center for new H1s of FY 2018?? I got my receipt on May 12, still there’s no progress

    1. Khud kar lo

      USCIS has posted processing times for various centers and various types of applications on its site. Google USCIS + processing time

  16. tn123

    Grammar police … Please stop shaming people here . Its rude , annoying and out of context. We are all here on the same boat ,A D or Non AD we all have same purpose . Do not take your frustration and keep correcting people’s posts. It seems very arrogant and lack social skills.

    1. Enough

      I agree. Although i corrected a few posts myself on previous page, my intention was to confront people engaged in shaming others for grammatical mistakes.

  17. SN

    Hi – What would an RFE look like on the myaccount.uscsis.gov? Currently it just says that “my case was received.” Would that change if an RFE notice is sent to my lawyer?

    1. DumbQuestion

      Do the companies really offer only Level1 wage for AD people, isn’t that lower level for candidates who have done AD?

      1. Lets Debate

        It is. It is low even for people with specialized skills. But then unfortunately, minimum wage is low too.

        there have always been debates around the appropriateness of wages in a society. where do you want to start the discussion?

  18. Sam

    Check encashed a month ago and no receipt. There is no receipt number printed on the back side of the check and my DSO is not ready to help either. I am AD Second Timer and currently on CPT. What does this mean? I am confused!!

    1. H1B

      @ Sam

      Ask your DSO for a new I-20 tell her its for travel purpose she is obliged to provide you one….Receipt number might be available there

  19. AD Second Timer

    Does encashing of check means that my application was selected in lottery? My employer informed me that my check was encashed about a month ago and there are no signs of receipt till date. What does this mean? There is no receipt number mentioned on the back side of the check and DSO is not ready to help either. I am on CPT and dont have SEVP portal too. Please help!!

    1. A_Guide

      Truth: It means ur employer is lying to you that the check got encashed and would have not applied ur H1. If check is encashed, two things shud have happened by the time its been 1 month:
      1. ur sevis should be updated with receipt number . check ur sevis.
      2. it cannot be that the receipt number is not printed behind ur check.

      if both these things have not happened, stop keeping hopes and fire ur employer for lying u.

    1. Smh

      No. Nobody does received anything. Seriously? “Has anyone received” is the right question, or use “did anyone receive”.

        1. Enough

          It’s alright grammar police. Just fyi, your comment is also not flawless.

          Ever heard of articles?
          “Nobody does not received nothing” is [a] more appropriate answer.
          “Nobody does not received nothing” is more appropriate [as an] answer.
          “Nobody does not received nothing” is more appropriate.

      1. Anonymous

        Let’s stick to the spirit of discussion. As long as one understands the context, grammar or vocabulary is not relevant.

        1. Smh

          No, it is relevant, and I will continue pointing out ridiculous errors when I see them. I know what parallelism is, and I can comply to it when I want to in a professional setting. Beginning every question with “does” is a much more basic error, and should be easily avoided if one paid any attention in school. I had my entire education until 22th grade in a local language medium school. So, the quality of school is not an excuse too.

          1. Enough

            Ha ha… So you agree that you have been pointing out ridiculous errors. 😀

            May be the original poster would also choose the appropriate settings including formal and professional ones when he/she wants. Give him the benefit of doubt and get down from that high horse!

            PS: this post too has several errors. one glaring example:
            ….more basic error, and [could] be easily avoided …

          2. Smh

            Look up the comparative and superlative forms of “basic” when you have a chance. Anyway, you are getting into subtle details, and I can find many in your posts too. There is a world of difference between those and what I had commented on; you know that. I will continue to comment on those, when I see one too many in a day. You are welcome to dissect my posts.

          3. Enough

            comparative – more basic
            superlative – most basic

            Sorry. Not sure what do I need to look up? The error i pointed out was the use of word “should” when “could” was needed. Nothing to do with comparative or superlative form of basic.

            Just to close this thread – didn’t you feel bad when someone pointed out errors in your posts and writings? Didn’t you feel offended when someone picked on you for what you considered minor errors? Now put yourself in original poster’s shoes!

  20. Murugan

    i have raised an amendment and i have already got an RFE on april 27th. but still my online status shows case was received and an receipt notice was sent. we have responded to the RFE 2 days back.

    is this normal?

    1. Smh

      You forgot the definite article in “put yourself in original poster’s shoes”. Mistakes like that are a bit different from using “does anyone received”, or “can able to”. I get irritated when I see those. But, yes, a bit harsh. True. Peace.

    1. Hopeforthebest

      I am waiting too :), notice date may fifth ! So far I haven’t seen any case update for NON AD … i think it will begin during this month! Finger crossed it will come shortly , this waiting game has killed me haha!

      1. Ricky

        It depends. It may come out even after 30 days.. It happened last year.. Few of my friends got receipt in first week of May got approved in June & July… Also, another person got approval in Sep. 🙁

    2. YouAreTearingMeApartH1B

      Same same, waiting for approval. Non-AD, notice date is May-02nd, Cali. I’ve seen at IG people commenting they got approvals with notice date end of April. I don’t know if this matters much now (I guess, right? It would make sense they process in order as they sent the receipts?).

      1. Hopeforthebest

        IG girl wrote in her last article that cases are not processed in any particular order… But for now we can see that ADs poeple are first and .. I mean that’s an order right? Lol

    3. H1B round-n-round

      I am non AD and I received my receipt number in last week of April. Saw some name change notification on May 9th on USCIS online status and rfe on May 15.

      1. Hopeforthebest

        Oh you’re the first non AD that I’ve seen the case processed. So maybe they are processing in a chronological order after all … thank you for sharing!!

        1. H1B round-n-round

          Not sure….my guess it i was kind of picked in the first batch in Non AD so may be they started working on it immediately…any ways I am not surprised on rfe as I was expecting (by looking at the last yr trend)…hope once attorney reply on rfe I get approval.

  21. Inner_voice


    That is what I have heard .. Thanks for confirming .. After USCIS named Infy, CTS and TCS last year they have reduced drastically .. the filings .. which should come around that number in average ..

    1. Nani

      Congrats on the news.
      How were you able to know about the lottery pick ? Is it through check encashed ? Or any other source. Please let me know.
      Thanks in advance.

  22. Infy_Star


    I second your thoughts on this … Infy did not even apply for 1000 new H1B peritions .. which was 25k earlier ..

  23. EddardStark

    I take it back.. i did miss that you mentioned AD folks going through body shop…

    Your comment is approved.. loll

    I honestly agree that I was trigger happy

  24. EddardStark

    Mr. MeanSpirit,

    Again you have simply(politely or conveniently) put the body shop candidates in non-AD category….

    There are AD people too who pay these body shop companies to get additional slots in the lottery… Where they also don’t have an identified projects…

    All AD applicants are genuine is not true….

  25. Mean Spirit

    There are so many non-reasoned comments made here in the context of AD vs Non-AD debate. Yes, there is a problem with the H1b process but atleast look at the root of the problem before blaming each other.

    For AD – yes there is a lot at stake. More so, because we spent our life long savings, took loans for coming to a good college, got a great job and hoping to stay on to repay our loans and make a living. This might apply to you, but do not forget- there is a bunch of ADs who come to US to 3rd and 4th grade colleges, pay minimal fees (if any) and use their relatives (mostly for Telugus) or use IT body shops in US. Now if you are lumping both of these groups of ADs into one and comparing these people against hard working guys from indian companies then sure you would be unfair.

    For Non-Ad – Some of you wanted to go to US but thought of taking a massive loan scared you or responsibilities at home pulled you back. you worked really hard in your project. Learning new technologies, staying late nights and became super star worker for your teams. Now there is a project at onsight and company is filing the visa for you. Great! But wait – some of these companies are filing for 1000s of other visas just to have a backup options. for many candidates who were neither planning to go, or are planning to get married and settle down right there, or dont even have a client/project identified. These 1000s of extra petitions hurt every other worthy AD and non-AD candidates. I believe when infy or CTS file more than 30K petitions for 65k overall slots, they are abusing the system and making it worse for everyone.

    To top it all there are some genuine ‘fraud’ candidates. They are genuine candidates cause of their ingenuity in defrauding the system time and again. Right from paying for their own visas to multiple filings to coming to US and staying on without a project and salary for indefinite periods – these people do everything to abuse the system.

    Until the day companies and people stop abusing the system, this debate will continue and war of words will continue 🙂

    Peace out!

    1. Inner_Voice

      CTS – INFY – TCS have filed average 1000 applications from FY 2018 onwards, earlier the scenario was somewhat different

      The stats are not true ….

      1. LCAisJoke

        on average 1000? you must be kidding. wait for USCIS to publish the report on approved h1b numbers. There will be more than 1000 approved cases for each of these.

        Also i dont think his/her comment was meant to give stats. it was rather his/her perspective on the situation.

        Anyway, look at past year’s reports and you will tell your inner voice to shut up 😉

        1. Inner_voice

          Absolutely correct if you look for past data you would find very high figures .. and that is exactly what was done earlier .. I agree .. Please note from 2018 .. the data you see are not fresh H1b .. please do some some research with fresh H1b .. maybe use filter on dates ( if you know what that means ) .. you will be come to figure 1000 average .. and chill nobody is fighting here .. nobody needs to shut up .. AD vs NonAD battle will remain .. I did not ask anybody to shut up .. I only gave my 2 cents .. which i know first hand .. Cheers !!

          1. LCAisJoke

            how do you know this data first hand? do you work for all three of these companies at the same time? we will see this when we see this in a published report by uscis. there may be some drop in numbers by these companies that resulted in overall drop in petitions as well this year due to increased scruitney of wage level 1 petitions but again 1000 petition only is a BIG JOKE.

      2. Mean Spirit

        @ Inner_Voice

        Thats all you got from my post? I am in peace mode today so not unleashing the mean spirit but that level of comprehension is dumb.

        1. h1breeze

          he he. mean!

          USCIS has this data publicly available on approved h1b by employers. Given that the probability on average has been around 40-60% in the last 3-4 years, actual petitions must be around 2 times approved ones. The only caveat though is that this file could also include extensions/transfers. but i agree this gives a good sense of the problem.


    2. Just_my_opinion

      Totally agree and here is my opinion.

      Does not matter AD or Non-AD. H1B Visa is for specialized skill. People shuld be given visa on merit based. It does not matter if an AD student spent lot of money as the purpose of studying here is no way connected to H1B Visa. So everyone should stop complaining about AD or Non-AD as there is absolutely no connection. USCIS is at least considerate about Maters students because of which it gives 20k reserved Visas where in all 85k Visa should actually be given on merit basis (USCIS should come up with solid criteria).

  26. 2ndTimerPragmatic

    AD, 2nd timer
    Got selected, got the receipt notice today from my lawyer
    Received date – 4/12/2018
    Notice date – 5/24/2018
    Vermont center

    AD/Non-AD don’t loose hopes yet

      1. 2ndTimerPragmatic

        I didn’t ask about check encashment date, but my notice date is 05/24 so I believe it must a week before that when check would have en-cashed. I had given up hopes, never head anyone getting receipts so late

  27. CTS123

    Can we still wait for Receipts i think we are very near to the week updated by GMT?? did anyone from CTS have received receipts in this week?

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