GRE 2011 New Pattern Test 50% Off – Aug 1—Sep 30, 2011 – Why Discount?

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As I was writing the article GRE Old/Current vs New Pattern 2011 , I noticed quite a few signs all over ETS GRE website stating that there is a discount of 50% on the GRE New Test 2011 Pattern if you take the test between August 1—Sep 30, 2011. Let me share few of my thoughts on Why they are giving discount?

What is the GRE New Pattern Discount 50% ? How to avail it ?

It is very simple, to get the discount, Here is the summary :

  • You have to take the GRE Revised General test in new pattern test between August 1—Sep 30, 2011.
  • It is a 50% saving on the test fees.
  • Registration opens for Revised General GRE New Pattern Test on March 15, 2011. To avail this offer, it is recommended that  you sign up for the test as soon as the registration opens next year on Mar 15, 2011
  • GRE Scores taken during this discount period will be sent by Mid November,2011

Why is the Discount on the revised General GRE Test 2011 Pattern ?

Here is what I think may be few of the reasons

  • Marketing pitch : It is a simple marketing pitch to get more people excited about the test and build awareness. It is a lot of saving for students taking test in third world countries.
  • Adapting to New Change : Students are reluctant to change, because they are afraid of the new test and how it works. The only way to get students signed up for the new test is to use a bait and slowly get them plugged in.
  • Lack of Material for New GRE test : There is no external material available for the new pattern test. The only material that will be available will be from ETS and official GRE material. Most of the times, it is very generic and may not give you wide range of questions to learn. So, students are reluctant to take the risk in first few months of new test. This is just a way to encourage students take the risk because they save 50%.
  • 5 Year Validity of Current Old test : The old/ current GRE general test is valid of 5 years even after New GRE Pattern 2011 , students are reluctant to take a big chance with the new test with less material. This is one way to make students think beyond the 5 year validity of old GRE test.
  • Students Psychology : Students psychology is that, they are very risk averse because this is career changing step and they do not want to get screwed over this change. They are very reluctant. This offer is to tempt them and take up the challenge.
  • Multiple Times Test takers : For students who are generally not sure and plan to give the test couple times, this is a winner for them. They save 50% money on the test and also they get to get full experience. Al
  • Better Test or Hard test  : If you look at the sample questions, they are very application oriented and contextual. It is not just cramming bunch of words and throwing up those on test. It is more analytical and may sound hard. Though it is a better test, it may seem hard or the perception may be it is hard. Just to break off that psychological barrier and encourage the test takers to try the new test taking the risk they are giving this discount.

I can write many reasons…

For more details on the offer, check website : ETS GRE Another reason 50% off

Why do you think they are giving this discount ?


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