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F2 Visa Stamping Experience India – F1 holder on OPT, newly married

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F2 Visa stamping is one of the trickiest ones as many users have reported their visa stamping did not go well as planned, in fact one user got F2 stamping after 6th attempt. Anyways, one of our readers, Vishnu has taken time to share their successful F2 visa stamping experience in India.  Thanks to Vishnu for taking time to write up the experience to help community. You can share yours with community on blog by emailing us at [email protected] or sharing at User Experiences Section

F2 Visa Stamping – Applicant Background

  • Consulate, Visa, Location : Applying for F2 Visa Stamping at Chennai US Consulate, India
  • F1 Visa Holder ( Spouse) : Working on OPT, requested for STEM OPT extension until June 2021. I-20 states requested STEM OPT extension, not yet approved. The updated I-20 with STEM OPT extension requested was carried for stamping.
  • Sponsor :  F1 Holder was indicated as sponsor and had $20,000 USD in bank balance for the same.
  • F2 Spouse :  Spouse working for a startup in India in IT related job.
  • Marriage Details, Marriage Certificate, I-20 , Passport : We got married on March 10th  2019 and by the next day we registered our marriage and got the marriage certificate. By the following week, he left for us and applied for dependent i20 with the marriage certificate in his college and meanwhile I have added spouse name in my passport.  
  • DS-160, Interview Booking : Once after receiving the new passport and SEVIS ID, we started to fill and DS-160 form and booked a date for visa interview. Initially interview date was on 15th may 2019 and later we rescheduled it for 1st may 2019.

F2 Visa Stamping Documents Checklist

We have gathered for visa interview the below set of documents and carried the same for stamping.

  • DS 160 confirmation and Appointment letter
  • Passport (old and new)
  • F2 dependent I-20 with Extension applied for stem OPT
  • F1 I-20 with Extension applied for stem OPT with His Passport (Color Print)
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Wedding album
  • Marriage invitation card
  • F1 Spouse EAD card
  • F1 Spouse I-975 (Application for Employment Authorization)
  • F1 Spouse Salary slips for the last six months
  • F1 Spouse Bank statements (bank in the United States) for the last six months
  • F1 Spouse Bank statements (bank in the India) and bank passbook
  • F1 Spouse Offer Letter and Employment Proof from his employer
  • F1 Spouse Travel History and Recent I-96
  • F1 Spouse SSN (Social Security Number) cOPY
  • F1 Spouse Office ID card (XEROX)
  • F1 Spouse Driving license for US Address Proof
  • F2 holder offer letter, working in India.
  • F2 holder last six months pay slip
  • F2 Holder Employment Proof Letter from current  employer

VAC Appointment for Biometrics : Completed VAC Appointment on 12th April 2019 and my Consular Appointment was on 1st May 2019.

F2 Visa Stamping Interview Questions

 (The consular officer was a young lady)

  • VO: Hello, Good Morning.
  • Me: Good Morning.
  • VO: What type of visa you are applying for ?
  • ME: F2 Dependent Visa.
  • VO: Can I have your I20?
  • ME: (gave it to her) sure.
  • VO: What is your husband currently doing in US ?
  • Me: He is in his OPT with XYZ company.
  • VO: When did he joined the company?
  • ME: July 2018
  • VO: In which university your husband is doing his masters ?
  • ME: He completed his masters from ABC university.
  • VO: When did your husband leave to the US for higher studies?
  • Me: AUG 2016
  • VO: When did your husband get graduated?
  • Me: May 1st 2018
  • VO: where does he currently stay ?
  • Me: (said the place)
  • VO: Did he shift recently to this place ?
  • Me: yes. 
  • VO: When did you guys got married?
  • Me : Mar 10th 2019
  • VO: Can I have your marriage certificate ?
  • Me:  Sure (gave it to her)
  • VO: Give me a few minutes (left the place and went inside with my marriage certificate)
  • ME: Sure
  • VO: Is it an arranged marriage or love marriage ?
  • ME: Arranged marriage
  • VO: Can I see your marriage album ?
  • ME: Sure gave her the album. 
  • VO: (Had a look at the album) How many days did he stay for marriage ?
  • ME: 2 Weeks
  • VO: When did he leave for US after marriage?
  • ME: (said)
  • VO: (Returned Album and Marriage Certificate) .
  • ME: (collected what she gave ) Thanks.
  • VO: Who will be supporting you financially there?
  • ME: My husband is earning in his OPT, that should be sufficient for us. 
  • VO: Give me a few minutes (left the place and went inside with I20)
  • ME: Sure.
  • VO: What will you be doing in the US ?
  • ME: Spend time with him and will visit some places in the US with him.
  • VO: (Returned i20 with Green slip) Configurations, your visa has been approved. 
  • ME: Thank You !!

Received passport in a week with F2 visa stamp, traveled to US soon after that in couple of weeks. Good Luck to you all !


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Comments ( 17 )

  1. Pratik

    Hello Kumar,

    Hope you’re doing well!

    I am getting married on Feb 12th and am applying for spouses F2 VISA, hoping to get a date before 20th.
    I have some questions regarding filing of DS-160 and if my current scenario would have any impact on her VISA.

    1. My STEM OPT expires Jan end, 2021. Will this have a negative impact?

    2. Currently, our marital status is not married, but during the interview – I would be married. What shall I fill out in the DS 160 form? If I say “Married”, it would be incorrect information as We are not married at the time of filling this form. I am in a bit of dilemma here.
    3) Also, currently She is working but soon i will be leaving my company (her own firm) and during the interview, would be unemployed. Again, if I fill out that i am currently employed in DS 160 form, then it would be incorrect information at the time of interview. There are high chances of rejection of her visa.
    4.)In the travel companion section in ds-160, should I mark yes for travelling with someone (as I plan to get her with me to US)

    Thank You,

    1. administrator

      1. No, it wont.
      2. Ideally, you fill it out as single now and then fill out a new DS-160 after marriage with married status, so that it is fully compliant….Having said that, some have put the status as married and were able to do it, so…kind of grey area…I would go for first one with single and then married in new DS-160.
      3. Again, you can do it as working now and later change it after wedding…one more reason to go for new DS-160
      4. Yes, sure, you should, if you are planning to travel together.

  2. Abhilash


    Currently I am on CPT and will be completing my masters in Aug 2020. My wife is struggling to get F2 visa, she had no luck in getting Visa. For the 1st attempt VO asked only two questions like who is he and which visa are you applying for?
    In 2nd attempt I have changed consulate and VO asked many questions but he also rejected. 3rd time also rejected and interview was same like first attempt.

    Could you please suggest me what changes do I need make, earlier I mentioned her father as sponsor. And what do we need to mention reason for denial in ds 160 form.


    1. administrator

      F2 visa stamping is a very tricky one, it is very hard to know what they want. In general, if you are still studying and have not completed Masters, visa officer could be questioning the funding aspect and how you can support…but, also the intent of coming back…again, very hard to know. we have some users, who got stamping on 6th or 7th attempt, check this experience of F2 …..Your wife would have been given a form that tells the reason for denial, you should mention the same.

        1. administrator

          Yes, you should put in the details of rejection as 214(b) and the title on the form given or if anything is checked as the reason on the form.

  3. Praveen

    Hello, I am Praveen, I have been consuming the content on this forum for like 3 yrs now, ever since I decided to study MS in US and have found very helpful stuff, I will be graduating on Feb, 2020 (applied for OPT) and in the process of applying F2 for my family. Have a few doubts, would be great if you could help clarify, please let me know if I should add more details,

    1) I am expecting OPT approval to happen somewhere towards Jan end or early Feb, is it ok to schedule F2 visa interview in like Jan mid or would you suggest waiting until I get the OPT approval
    2) For the question “Intended Length of stay in US”, my understanding is that it would be 3 years (OPT + STEM OPT), please correct me if I am wrong
    3) For US address, I will be at the University off campus housing until I get the EAD card, is it ok if I mention my current address as I haven’t started to look for a place near my work location


    1. administrator

      1. If you can, it is better to get OPT approved so that your spouse can get visa till end of OPT expiry.
      2. Yes, as long as you have STEM OPT expiration end date
      3. It does not matter..yes, you may put in address where you live…

  4. Manasa


    I have given my f2 interview twice and it got rejected.
    First time it was on Sep27 at hyd
    Second was on oct 25th chennai.
    My husband is in stem OPT right now and it is valid till Feb 2021.
    I am planning to reapply again in dec or nov end.
    Can anyone please suggest me what to do

    1. administrator

      Unfortunately, F2 stamping in general is very tricky and many had rejections for no reason…All you can do is carry all documentation and see, what was asked in first and second times and see, if you can answer anything different. Wish there was a better answer from my side…

        1. administrator

          I have not come across many cases applying for F1 stamping on OPT…They usually give F1 visa it for 5 years, so many do not go through the need of it…

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