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F2 Visa Stamping Experience India – F1 holder on OPT, newly married

F2 Visa stamping is one of the trickiest ones as many users have reported their visa stamping did not go well as planned, in fact one user got F2 stamping after 6th attempt. Anyways, one of our readers, Vishnu has taken time to share their successful F2 visa stamping experience in India.  Thanks to Vishnu for taking time to write up the experience to help community. You can share yours with community on blog by emailing us at redbus2us@gmail.com or sharing at User Experiences Section

F2 Visa Stamping – Applicant Background

  • Consulate, Visa, Location : Applying for F2 Visa Stamping at Chennai US Consulate, India
  • F1 Visa Holder ( Spouse) : Working on OPT, requested for STEM OPT extension until June 2021. I-20 states requested STEM OPT extension, not yet approved. The updated I-20 with STEM OPT extension requested was carried for stamping.
  • Sponsor :  F1 Holder was indicated as sponsor and had $20,000 USD in bank balance for the same.
  • F2 Spouse :  Spouse working for a startup in India in IT related job.
  • Marriage Details, Marriage Certificate, I-20 , Passport : We got married on March 10th  2019 and by the next day we registered our marriage and got the marriage certificate. By the following week, he left for us and applied for dependent i20 with the marriage certificate in his college and meanwhile I have added spouse name in my passport.  
  • DS-160, Interview Booking : Once after receiving the new passport and SEVIS ID, we started to fill and DS-160 form and booked a date for visa interview. Initially interview date was on 15th may 2019 and later we rescheduled it for 1st may 2019.

F2 Visa Stamping Documents Checklist

We have gathered for visa interview the below set of documents and carried the same for stamping.

  • DS 160 confirmation and Appointment letter
  • Passport (old and new)
  • F2 dependent I-20 with Extension applied for stem OPT
  • F1 I-20 with Extension applied for stem OPT with His Passport (Color Print)
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Wedding album
  • Marriage invitation card
  • F1 Spouse EAD card
  • F1 Spouse I-975 (Application for Employment Authorization)
  • F1 Spouse Salary slips for the last six months
  • F1 Spouse Bank statements (bank in the United States) for the last six months
  • F1 Spouse Bank statements (bank in the India) and bank passbook
  • F1 Spouse Offer Letter and Employment Proof from his employer
  • F1 Spouse Travel History and Recent I-96
  • F1 Spouse SSN (Social Security Number) cOPY
  • F1 Spouse Office ID card (XEROX)
  • F1 Spouse Driving license for US Address Proof
  • F2 holder offer letter, working in India.
  • F2 holder last six months pay slip
  • F2 Holder Employment Proof Letter from current  employer

VAC Appointment for Biometrics : Completed VAC Appointment on 12th April 2019 and my Consular Appointment was on 1st May 2019.

F2 Visa Stamping Interview Questions

 (The consular officer was a young lady)

  • VO: Hello, Good Morning.
  • Me: Good Morning.
  • VO: What type of visa you are applying for ?
  • ME: F2 Dependent Visa.
  • VO: Can I have your I20?
  • ME: (gave it to her) sure.
  • VO: What is your husband currently doing in US ?
  • Me: He is in his OPT with XYZ company.
  • VO: When did he joined the company?
  • ME: July 2018
  • VO: In which university your husband is doing his masters ?
  • ME: He completed his masters from ABC university.
  • VO: When did your husband leave to the US for higher studies?
  • Me: AUG 2016
  • VO: When did your husband get graduated?
  • Me: May 1st 2018
  • VO: where does he currently stay ?
  • Me: (said the place)
  • VO: Did he shift recently to this place ?
  • Me: yes. 
  • VO: When did you guys got married?
  • Me : Mar 10th 2019
  • VO: Can I have your marriage certificate ?
  • Me:  Sure (gave it to her)
  • VO: Give me a few minutes (left the place and went inside with my marriage certificate)
  • ME: Sure
  • VO: Is it an arranged marriage or love marriage ?
  • ME: Arranged marriage
  • VO: Can I see your marriage album ?
  • ME: Sure gave her the album. 
  • VO: (Had a look at the album) How many days did he stay for marriage ?
  • ME: 2 Weeks
  • VO: When did he leave for US after marriage?
  • ME: (said)
  • VO: (Returned Album and Marriage Certificate) .
  • ME: (collected what she gave ) Thanks.
  • VO: Who will be supporting you financially there?
  • ME: My husband is earning in his OPT, that should be sufficient for us. 
  • VO: Give me a few minutes (left the place and went inside with I20)
  • ME: Sure.
  • VO: What will you be doing in the US ?
  • ME: Spend time with him and will visit some places in the US with him.
  • VO: (Returned i20 with Green slip) Configurations, your visa has been approved. 
  • ME: Thank You !!

Received passport in a week with F2 visa stamp, traveled to US soon after that in couple of weeks. Good Luck to you all !


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  1. Hi,
    My husband is working on stem opt i have applied for f2 visa.
    He is making enough to support both of us . But do i need to show extra money to visa officer ? If yes how much ?

  2. Hi, my husband applied for F2 3 weeks after we got married because the I-20 was ready and they had appointments open in his current city. The VO checked my F1 visa and said that his records (I don’t know from where) showed that I was single and he subsequently denied the visa. Do you have any idea what record he may be referring to?

  3. what is the best answer for the intended time of stay in the US if the consular asks this question to my wife (applied for F2 visa)?

  4. Hi,

    Could you please tell if F2 visa holder needs to resign before entering US? Or can they travel on an unpaid leave for a short duration like 1-2 months?


  5. Hi,

    I would really like to know if resigning from your current job affects F2 visa rejection/approval? I’m planning to get married in Dec 2021, after which I will apply for F2 visa to join my partner who’s doing his OPT since July 2020. If I quit my job before marriage to join him, will that affect my application?

    • Charvee,
      I don’t think it has any impact. People can come up with all sorts of assumptions and make theories, but that is not what they usually look at.
      The part of joining someone on OPT or still studying will matter as it affects the ability to fund your stay and etc.
      In general, it should not.

  6. Hello Mr.Kumar,

    My wife had a Masters degree from US. It was non-stem. So technically OPT is only for 12 months.

    She has returned back to India after applying for OPT and her OPT card got issued once she is back in India. Eventually she hasn’t returned back to US to use the OPT even for a day. Although she received the OPT card.

    Now, my wife wants to pursue another master’s for her career growth. This would also be non-STEM. which means, OPT extension is not an option.

    In her case now, Will she be able to apply for the 12 month OPT since she hasn’t used it earlier?

  7. Has anyone got a slot for F-2?
    I got married in Jan 2021 and then after a couple of weeks, I was back in the US.

    I am struggling to find any slots for F-2. It has been almost 5 months and since then unable to get any route to get my spouse on board with me.

    I know situations in India worsen after the 2nd wave, however, need some advice on my case.

    • J,
      Slots are very hard to get. Now, with travel ban, it is even harder. If your spouse is already in US, try to use that and raise an Emergency Appointment.

  8. Hi Team, I am planning to go for studies in the USA after work ex of 3 years. I recently got engaged and plan to get married soon.

    My questions are
    1. How tricky it is to apply F1 and F2 together if we plan to go together? What is the chance involved and what are the risks?
    2. What should be your suggestion in such cases?

  9. Hello Kumar,

    I need your suggestion what would be the best answer,
    Right now i am on day 1 CPT and i was planning to get my wife on F2 visa, also she attended for f1 visa twice got rejected in the month of november & december. Now we planned for F2 visa. so, my question is they might gonna ask why your husband is doing his second master’s and what would be the best answer. Please help me also what kind of question we might expect.

  10. Hi kumar,
    I’m currently working on STEM OPT(ends in May 2022) full time. I’m struggling with health issues and doctors are saying I might need a surgery. I have the doctors note as well. So I’ve scheduled a F2 visa appointment for my husband(got married in Feb2020) on Jan 06th in Hyderabad. My husband is currently working as an IT architect freelancer. I’m funding him and also he will be showing his bank account statements for funding.
    1. Since this is the first time and I need his support here in US, can you please suggest do’s and don’ts for the interview?
    2. What are the chances? All over the internet everyone are saying getting F2 is hard to get and need to try couple of times.
    3. Also could you help us with any additional documents that he need to take at the time of interview
    4. Will there be any rejection because of his freelancing job or funding issues due to health problems ?


    • Abhilaasya,
      1. Sorry ot hear about your situation. There is nothing like that, it totally varies by the situation. hard to say.
      2. Yes, it is hard in general, but as you are working, you should put in all your salary slips and everything to indicate that you can afford the same.
      3. There is nothing as such. You can just carry what the experience says. Frankly, they do not look any of that.
      4. Well, this one, no one can say…
      All you can do is be positive and ask your spouse to be positive and give best shot at interview.

  11. Hi,
    Is there anyone whose F2 visa got approved while their spouse was pursuing their masters? Or we need to wait till their course is finished and they get OPT?

  12. My husband is on Day 1 Cpt currently, he changed his status from OPT to Day 1 CPT just last month

    I am planning to travel to India, so when I came USA my status was F1 OPT status so when i will reenter will there be any issue of Deport or Debar ?

    What can I do so that I can travel back without any hassles

    Kindly suggest

  13. Hi Kumar

    My visa got refused 7 times under 214(B). Mi fiance is there in USA and applied for OPT extension doing full-time job. If get extension confirmation he will come back to USA and wants to marry me.
    In the mean while i’m planning for F1 visa again, and now my question is which one have sucessful rate to get visa for USA?!
    Either F1 student ot F2 depndent
    Please help me with your comment. I’m totally confused

    Thanks in advance

    • Bhavana,
      Sorry to hear. It is very difficult to say the F1 changes…If you got rejected 7 sometimes, this is something that clearly tells to the Visa officer that there is no non-immigrant intent from their side…So, it may be tough….You may try for F1, worth a shot..good luck !

  14. Hello I have my f2 visa appointment coming up
    My profile is my husband is in 3rd semester of his masters in US he applied for my visa in March during his first semester but due to covid it got cancelled and now I am appearing in the interview by end of this month. Me and my husband are both sponsored by my father in law. He Is showing exact money mentioned in our i20. And my husband also has his private clinic at our home country which I am running on his behalf until he completes his studies. So m i good to go for interview or should I make any changes in my profile?

  15. Hi ,
    Can any one guide me has recently experience about F2 visa experience in Mumbai consulate in situation pandemic. I am trying to apply my wife F2 Visa, past two time got rejected from Mumbai. I am currently on F1 visa, doing Bachelor Degree, now currently on summer break plus one year CPT from college. So Mumbai consulate will ask for my and wife CPT F1/F2 I-20. Is any chance to get visa, and how many people per day going for interview.

    Thank you.

  16. Hi Kumar,
    I am on F1 visa status and I am going to complete my masters in may 2021. Don’t have OPT or CPT .Now I am thinking of to apply F2 visa for my Husband . we have enough funds to stay . Can you please suggest me is it a good idea to apply now?

      • Thank you Mr.Kumar. Is embassy’s are allowing F2 candidates for the interviews now. I am trying to book the interview slot for my husband but its not allowing me to book. May i know is the embassy’s are opened for F2 visa interviews..? if not when do we expect they will open.

      • Thank you Mr.Kumar. Is embassy’s are allowing F2 candidates for the interviews now. I am trying to book the interview slot for my husband but its not allowing me to book. May i know is the embassy’s are opened for F2 visa interviews..? if not when do we expect they will open.

      • Hello! I will be joining a university for a PhD this fall. I am not married yet but plan to be married before I leave. I have a few questions regarding F2 visa (for my partner):
        1. For how long should you be married to he able to apply for an F2 visa?

        2. My partner is in the US right now on B2 visa since his H1B expired and he could not find a job in the grace period, will it be possible for him to be given na F2 visa considering his B2 is unapproved because of COVID?

        3. Can I sponsor his F2 visa in my first semester itself? I have not mentioned him as a dependent in the applications since we are not married yet, will that be a problem?

        Please try to answer these soon.
        Thank you!

        • Navya,
          1. There is no time limit as such. You can apply for F2 visa right after the wedding.
          2. Well, this is going to be tricky. The simple reason is that F1 and F2 are non-immigrant visas, but H1B is dual intent visa. Your spouse already had a dual intent visa, so it can be tricky with stamping…Your spouse needs to prove to VO that he will return to home after your studies.
          3. Yes, you can. You need to get the paperwork done with school for the same.

          F2 visas are in general very difficult to get due to the funding and other issues. Definitely worth a shot, stay positive and try.

  17. Hello, Kumar.
    This is Mohan Sharma, currently i am working on OPT which will be ending on Sept.2020.i did’t apply for STEM OPT yet. My spouse is not working .she attempted 6th time got rejected , not any specific reason. last we applied on Dec.2019.So,
    1. Should i wait for stem OPT ?
    2. I recently changed my employer,is there any affect on it?
    3. We also tried b1 visa once ?
    4. Should i hire a lawyer for this if it is helpful?
    5. We only applied in Delhi, should we change the state?

    • Mohan Sharma,
      1. You may wait for STEM OPT and then try with that after STEM OPT extension.
      2. No, it should not.
      3. Not sure, it creates more confusions, if that is not genuine.
      4. I do not think hiring an attorney will get your F2….they may guide you, but not sure, if they can guratee
      5. You may try…But, again, it should not matter.

      I know many who have got rejected many times, and then got later…So, you may give it a break for sometime and then try to apply again. There is no silver bullet, it is up to the officer.

      • Hello,

        I have few questions below,

        1) I am on STEM opt and working in california. My extension Opt will get expire on june 2022. my employer filled H1B petition for me but waiting for the aprroval and my wife just got visa interview date . so what should we say if they ask

        What are your spouse’s plans after completing studies and OPT phase in the USA?

        should she reveal about my H1B??

        2) my wife just recently left the job dur to some personal reason she did nursing and was working in hosoital. so it they ask

        What do you currently do?
        what should we say?

        3) Some of my relatives are in Usa so what should she say if they ask

        Do you have any relatives in USA and what do they do?

        Thank you.

        • Viraj,
          Well, when you are attending F2 interview, you need to show your intent to return…this is tricky….
          You should always tell the truth about whatever they ask. it will be fine.
          If it was filed as COS, best thing to do is ask your employer to upgrade to H1B premium, get it approved, then ask her to apply for H4.
          Some of these are tricky situations, you need to answer with conviction and be truthful. They can find out, if you lie

  18. Hi all,
    What are the chances of approval for already approved change of status F1 to F2 but needs stamping in India while traveling back?

  19. Hi,

    I have completed my Master’s and currently working on Stem OPT which is approved till Feb 2022. I recently got married and my wife has not resigned from her job and applying for F2 visa. In Feb 2020 she had appied for L1B visa which got rejected.

    Will this L1B visa rejection affect the chances of F2 visa ?

    Thanks for the help!

      • Hi,

        Could you please tell if F2 visa holder needs to resign before entering US? Or can they travel on an unpaid leave for a short duration like 1-2 months?


    • Bhargava,
      Both are very different visa types, they are not related…In general F2 visa stamping is very tricky as it can be hard to prove non-immigrant intent and finances for F2 dependent…Stay positive and give it your best shot.

  20. My husband is now in associate program in a community college
    He joined a university in 2016 after that he move into the college for earn some extra credite in 2018
    His I 20 show that it will expair in may 2021
    I applied for f2
    What is the change of getting f2 visa approval

    • Trina,
      It is hard to say the approval chances for F2….In general, the F2 stamping is tough, the only way to know is you giving it a try. Make sure there are enough funds to support you on F2.

  21. I am Manasa,
    My F2 visa got rejected 3 times, First attempt sep 27 at Hyd, 2nd was on Oct 24 in chennai, 3rd was on Dec 19th at Hyd. My husband has his stem opt valid upto Feb 2021. Now its H1 time. Should I wait for his H1 results or shall I reapply for visa in march or april? Can I apply for visiting visa?
    Please suggest.

    • Manasa,
      You may try to apply again now. The thing with H1B is that it can take time and there is risk of lottery, etc. So, you cannot be sure…You can anyways, apply for H4 once your spouse get H1B later during September. Did they give any reason for rejection ? How did the interview go ?

      • Hi Kumar,
        They gave me 214B
        First time interview went quite well he asked me several questions regarding my studies and my spouse current job details, from when he was there is US, he asked when will we coming back, I said we will be coming back in jan 2021, as his visa will be expired in Feb 2021.
        Second time : It was in chennai, the visa officer did not even take a loot at my documents, not even the i20’s, she just asked when will be returning back, And where is he working currently, this time in Ds-160 we have mentioned the dates as well, so I told her the same. She asked me only 2 questions.
        3rd time : Again i reappeared in Hyd, This time it was purely my bad luck, it was the same lady visa officer who took my interview in chennai ?‍♀️
        I was assigned to the window where she was there. I think that was the reason for rejection third time as well

        • Sorry to hear…It is very difficult in general for F2….and 214B is very common…One of our users got it after 6th attempt….You may try it again, worth a shot….

          • Hi Kumar,
            If we apply multiple times will there be an issue.
            If my husband gets h1, will it effect my H4 visa?
            If he doesn’t get H1 then I am planning for masters,
            Will it effect my F1 visa?
            I am confused ?

          • Manasa,
            It should not be an issue.
            In general, getting H4 visa is far more easier and predictable than F2, the reason is H4 is a dual intent visa. Well, it should not have impact on your F1.You should not be trying for F1 because you did not get F2, that would be tricky in interview and they can find out. You should only do it, if you really want to study.

  22. Hi,
    I had a f2 visa initially . I did not travel with my spouse to USA initially. Later I got an h1b and travelled to USA on my h1b. Now my h1b is expired and I am traveling back to India . I plan to return to USA now on my f2.
    F2 visa end date is a future date and I do not see any kind on “cancelled” stamp on my f2 visa .

    Can I be sure that my f2 visa is valid to travel back?
    What are the ways to be double sure that visa is still valid and we don’t face any issue at the Port of entry?

    • Sririds,
      You should write to the CBP officer and also to the consulate to validate the same. I am not sure, if the 5 month rule applies to the same. Ask your spouse to check with DSO on the same as well. Once you have a written confirmation from all of them, the you can travel. Just to be safe…Do update here what you find out too for community benefit.

  23. Hey Kumar,
    I am on Opt now and My opt will be till end of July 2020 and I can be eligible for the stem extension but I have not filled it yet. I got married on 6 th Jan 2020 and planning to call my wife on F2. She was doing government job before but now she is on LWP so What you suggest does she show the job status that currently working or no work?
    Is it advisable to stand for the visa now or Do I need to wait till my STEM extension will be approved?

    • viraj,
      what is LWP ? She should say, what the status is….In general F2 stampings are tricky, so timing does not matter. You can try it before or after, it does not matter. You can send the STEM extension receipt, if needed. Talk to your DSO as well.

      • Thank you Kumar,
        LWP means on leave without pay form the job. but I have to wait till April for extension before then that I can not do extension so I can’t show the receipt or else but if VO will ask about the future plan so in that case can she mention that I am filling STEM extension?

        • viraj,
          She can say that you are filing STEM extension as you are eligible. I am not sure, if that would be decision making point. You can either wait till April or do it now too, it is your discretion…As always, F2 stamping are more difficult in general…but, stay positive and give it your best shot.

          • Hey Kumar,
            Thank you for guiding me. Other situation come to the side that my employer is filing H1 B petition for me and I can get the legal documents of the submission after then that. so in that condition what you suggest what would be the best answer for the consulate as they will come to know that my H1 B filing had been done by my employer. she can say that whether I can get or not but I am eligible for the STEM extension so she can be there with me till y status would get expired? need suggestion on that because she already took the visa dates which will be on 26 th march. is it worth or she can wait for the decision to be came?
            Thank you,

  24. Hello Kumar,

    Hope you’re doing well!

    I am getting married on Feb 12th and am applying for spouses F2 VISA, hoping to get a date before 20th.
    I have some questions regarding filing of DS-160 and if my current scenario would have any impact on her VISA.

    1. My STEM OPT expires Jan end, 2021. Will this have a negative impact?

    2. Currently, our marital status is not married, but during the interview – I would be married. What shall I fill out in the DS 160 form? If I say “Married”, it would be incorrect information as We are not married at the time of filling this form. I am in a bit of dilemma here.
    3) Also, currently She is working but soon i will be leaving my company (her own firm) and during the interview, would be unemployed. Again, if I fill out that i am currently employed in DS 160 form, then it would be incorrect information at the time of interview. There are high chances of rejection of her visa.
    4.)In the travel companion section in ds-160, should I mark yes for travelling with someone (as I plan to get her with me to US)

    Thank You,

    • Pratik,
      1. No, it wont.
      2. Ideally, you fill it out as single now and then fill out a new DS-160 after marriage with married status, so that it is fully compliant….Having said that, some have put the status as married and were able to do it, so…kind of grey area…I would go for first one with single and then married in new DS-160.
      3. Again, you can do it as working now and later change it after wedding…one more reason to go for new DS-160
      4. Yes, sure, you should, if you are planning to travel together.

  25. Hi,

    Currently I am on CPT and will be completing my masters in Aug 2020. My wife is struggling to get F2 visa, she had no luck in getting Visa. For the 1st attempt VO asked only two questions like who is he and which visa are you applying for?
    In 2nd attempt I have changed consulate and VO asked many questions but he also rejected. 3rd time also rejected and interview was same like first attempt.

    Could you please suggest me what changes do I need make, earlier I mentioned her father as sponsor. And what do we need to mention reason for denial in ds 160 form.


    • Abhilash,
      F2 visa stamping is a very tricky one, it is very hard to know what they want. In general, if you are still studying and have not completed Masters, visa officer could be questioning the funding aspect and how you can support…but, also the intent of coming back…again, very hard to know. we have some users, who got stamping on 6th or 7th attempt, check this experience of F2 …..Your wife would have been given a form that tells the reason for denial, you should mention the same.

  26. Hello, I am Praveen, I have been consuming the content on this forum for like 3 yrs now, ever since I decided to study MS in US and have found very helpful stuff, I will be graduating on Feb, 2020 (applied for OPT) and in the process of applying F2 for my family. Have a few doubts, would be great if you could help clarify, please let me know if I should add more details,

    1) I am expecting OPT approval to happen somewhere towards Jan end or early Feb, is it ok to schedule F2 visa interview in like Jan mid or would you suggest waiting until I get the OPT approval
    2) For the question “Intended Length of stay in US”, my understanding is that it would be 3 years (OPT + STEM OPT), please correct me if I am wrong
    3) For US address, I will be at the University off campus housing until I get the EAD card, is it ok if I mention my current address as I haven’t started to look for a place near my work location


    • Praveeen,
      1. If you can, it is better to get OPT approved so that your spouse can get visa till end of OPT expiry.
      2. Yes, as long as you have STEM OPT expiration end date
      3. It does not matter..yes, you may put in address where you live…

  27. Hi,

    I have given my f2 interview twice and it got rejected.
    First time it was on Sep27 at hyd
    Second was on oct 25th chennai.
    My husband is in stem OPT right now and it is valid till Feb 2021.
    I am planning to reapply again in dec or nov end.
    Can anyone please suggest me what to do

    • Manasa,
      Unfortunately, F2 stamping in general is very tricky and many had rejections for no reason…All you can do is carry all documentation and see, what was asked in first and second times and see, if you can answer anything different. Wish there was a better answer from my side…

      • Hi, got F2 rejected dec 2019 and was given 214b. Have reapply going for interview March 27th 2020. My husband is on opt and will expire by july 2020. Will the time duration affect the visa?. Also I will be going with my 3kids and we are planning to spend two weeks with him to celebrate Easter and come back to resume in the office and my children back to school.

        • Well, it is hard to say….F2 stampings are very hard…Even harder with 3 kids as the Visa officer may think of that as burden for someone on OPT. If you have already booked it, go for it. Stay positive…

      • Well they asked me, what would he do after his Opt,
        I replied that we will be coming back to india.
        Next question was does he have a job offer in india?
        I said no, he will come and search for a job.
        Second it was the same question,
        I reframed it by saying that he will be working for the same employer at offshore.
        How can better answer this?


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