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I was looking through my documentation that I collected when I attended F1 Visa Interview. Here are a few real visa experiences that I collected for guidance. Some are latest from 2016, 2017 some are old from 2003 and 2004, they are old but they can give you some general idea. Hopefully it may help some of you.  These are experiences written by someone who attended the visa stamping and they have given their word of advice at the end. NOTHING is written by ME in this POST. It is just a collection.  All credit to those who wrote these. I am just posting their experiences here. If you would like to share your Visa stamping experience, please feel free to email me. You may also read these visa experiences shared by our users :


Shared by our reader “ust”. Thanks to ust for sharing !

F1 Visa Stamping Experience – 2016 

My Profile:
B.Sc computers – 55% – 3 backlogs
9 years of work IT Work Experience
M.Sc Distance Education Kuvempu University – 74% – 2013
Certifications – Scrum Master, Java, ITIL, HIPAA, CRCR, Healthcare Managedcare IT Consultant.
GRE – 289
TOEFL – 79
IELTS – 6.5

L1B Visa sponsored by XXX Company in 2014 – Wroked in USA for 6 months on L1B Visa, returned to India as per company request.
L1B – Revoked since i left XXX Company
2014 B1/B2 applied by Some Noida based company – Denied at Kolkatta Consulate
Currently working for UAE – Govt of Health in IT Department

Steps that followed here in USA Embassy – Abu Dhabi Consulate
1. Security Check
2. Verifying your Ds-160 and Passport
3. Issue the token
4. Counter 1 :- Documents Verification
5. Counter 10:- Finger Prints
6. Counter 5 :- Visa Interview with USA visa Consulate Officer

Note:- In UAE ( Dubai/Abu Dhabi), Whole interview process will be completed on the same day, In India the process will be two days i guess.
I saw that there is one lady visa officer, around 40 Aged rejected so many visa applications. I can say success rate is 10%. I prayed to the god that my application should not be assigned to that counter. But luck/fate i was assigned to the same lady officer, which i am scared of. Heart beat increased i thought visa chances are only 50% with this lady officer.
F1 Visa Interview Questions and Details:
VO – Have you ever been to USA?
Me – yes On March 28 2014 i have been to USA on XXX Sponsored L1B visa
Vo – Duration of your Travel on L1B?
Me – 162 Days
VO – What is the purpose of your current USA Visit?
Me – To pursue masters in Information Systems Technology at Wilmington University
VO – When did you complete your UG?
Me – 2013 I have completed MSc from Kuvempu University through Distance Education which is equivalent to USA UG
Vo – Length of the program you want to pursue?
Me – 36 Months, actually we can finish that in 18 months ( 12 Courses – 36 Credits including Project and internship)
VO – Name few subjects which you’re going to study?
Me – I gave my course details
VO – Where are you currently working?
Me – Abu Dhabi Health Services – Govt Healthcare IT Company
VO – You will loose your job now for appearing the USA Interview, we will inform to UAE Health Authority and Govt.
Me – I was so tensed but still confidently said that i am interested in research oriented education and related jobs not Interested routine software jobs
VO- Are you ready to loose your job then?
Me – i am not loosing the job, i am going to resign to the current job since i am interested only in research oriented career.
VO – When you’re not interested in current job, why did you came from India and working.
Me – As i am not interested to take my family support, I came hear to earn money for my masters in USA
VO – when did you came to UAE, since when you are working with this company?
Me – I gave my recent india trip dates. she was angry and said don’t confuse me, make it clear with the dates, i thought she will deny. Then i told her that May 2015 i came to Abu Dhabi, Since that date i am working with the current company
VO – Since you are resigning to the current job, how do you pay for education?
Me – I have savings of XXX amount, worked for 8 years to save this money.
Vo – Can i see your financial docs?
Me – I gave all documents ( CA Net worth Letter, Affidavit Of Support, Bank Blance Certificates, Transactions Statement for last 6 months)
I told her confidently, please refer to the statements of UAE banks, i have sufficient funds in UAE itself, in addition to that my sister bank statements and my bank statements from India also there.
Vo – There is a problem with your visa application, Counter 1 officer put you under different category, you should go back to the counter1 and get it fixed.
Me- Went to the counter1 and waited for few minutes, heart beat increased, they fixed and gave back my passport
Came to the same lady officer counter and waited there for my turn, since another person is giving interview at that lady officer counter

Visa officr called me again,
Vo – you have mentioned that you worked for XXX Company in DS-160, are you still working for XXXX Company ?
Me – No Currently i am not working, i left XXX Company in 2014 as soon i return to india from USA
VO – She was keep on typing for few mins, and said that i am going to inform your Current Company that you have applied for USA visa. Please be aware that you will loose your job.
Me – I was so scared, i said that’s fine, i am prepared for that.
Vo – Are you married?
Me – No i am single
Vo – What is your age?
Me – I said my age
Vo – Why are you not married yet?
Me – Currently i am focusing on studies and career not on marriage
Vo – Any chances / planning to marry US Citizen or GC holder?
Me – No, that will never happen
VO – Will your previous company or current company pay for your education?
Me – I left XXX Company job in 2014, current company for which i am working will sponsor only for UAE citizens not to expats. So both the companies will not sponsor for my education.
Vo – Finally golden words, your visa has been approved.
Me – Thank you Officer


F1 Visa Interview Questions (actual Visa Experiences)

VO: Good morning.
Me: Good morning sir.
VO: Why r u going to US?
Me: Sir I have been working for the past 3 years now. I always wanted to do research and I think this is the best time to pursue my goals as I have the valuable industry experience and good academic background to support me as well.
VO: Hmmm. but why only this university.
Me: Infact sir I have got admits to other universities as well and….
VO: Which are the other universities.
ME: (I told him the list)
VO: Ok. So what’s special about this university U R going to.
Me: Sir, I have interacted with quite a few graduate students at all the universities and I realize that this university. I am going to has state of the art research facilities.
VO: Ok. So who is going to sponser ur education.
Me: My parents sir.
VO: Whats ur dad’s annual income.
I thought he said family….
Me: Sir X Lakhs.
VO: Thats ur dad’s income?
Me: Oh No sir. Thats my parents income. My dad’s income is YLakhs/PA.
He gives me a stare. Looks at me in disbelief. Looks thru my papers….
Me: I point out the various documents in proof of Y lakhs/PA.
VO: Where is ur bank transaction statement.
Me: I show him the printout which has the transactions.
Finds a letter which states that I work for Tata Infotech Limited.
VO: Oh. U work for Tata’s?
Me: Yes sir. For the past 3 years.
VO: So Tatas is sponsoring ur education?
Me: No sir. Tata’s dont sponser higher education.
VO: But Tata’s are very very rich.
Me: (just laughed).
Just passes all the documents below the window and says go and pay the visa fees at the counter.

1] Dont put all your documents in the folder given by the tts people because that we will be giving it to counsellor he will not see the docs completely. This was the problem faced by me. if  i would have kept some of my financial docs with me I would have shown him as soon as he asked me.
2] He [counsellor] asked me about my dad’s annual income i told him he is earning about X lakhs per annum …then he asked me that how much he will be providing you in that X lakhs.. i told him that he will be providing me X-1 lakhs for my education.
3] Counselor after seeing my I-20 where it is mentioned my course duration as 3years including 1 year as grace .
he kept hanging to it saying that my course duration is 3 years and u dont have sufficient funds to pay for it . i told him that only 2 years is the course duration and 1 year is grace he not even tried to listen my words. so any one going for counselling keep that in mind what to answer if this question is being posed to you.


Another F1 Visa Interview Experience . F1 Visa interview Questions

The interview was like this.

Con. Officer: Hiii!!! (with a broad smile)
Me: Hello sir (Smiling) Gave him my folder.
CO: Louisiana State University.
Me: Yes sir.
CO: Why this univ?
Me: My area of interest is VLSI and advanced research work is going on over there in this area.
CO: Look, the annual expenses are 16,000 USD and ur course duration is 2.5 years as per ur i-20, it comes to 50,000 USD. How will u meet these expenses?
Me: Sir, I am having a bank balance of 14.6 lacs and Fixed deposits of 2 lacs.
CO: what is your father?
Me: My father is ——– (told his occupation)
CO: What is his income?
Me: 4.5 lacs per annum sir.
CO: It is not sufficient I think.
Me: Sir, my brother is also sponsoring me for my education.
CO: What is he doing?
Me: He is working as ——— (told his occupation).
Co: where?
Me: In Bangalore sir.
CO: What is his income?
Me: 1.8 lacs per annum sir.
Co: So, He can also support you for ur studies.
Me: Yes sir.
CO: what is ur mother?
Me: My mother is a house wife and she is having property,
Con. Officer interrupted and said, property selling and all won’t happen…
Me: She gets rents of about 1.3 lacs per annum through her property sir.
CO: OK. So what will u do with ur electrical engineering degree.
Me: I will return to India and work in a big company.
CO: Why not in US?
Me: Usual sir, family ties and all our property is located in India.
CO: Take all your documents.
Me: OK
CO: Goto the last counter and pay the DD.
He didn’t check even one document of mine.
So be confident and tense free.


Another F1 Visa Stamping experience.

hi friends my visa appl was rejected on nov 15 the mistake i did was when he first asked me my dads annual income which i told was 5.26 lacs which was ok. But i got confused when he asked my fathers monthly income after asking what does he do i told him his salary only thats 25000 nd not the other incomes this where i got caught. And as told by rajesh fridays really r not advisable this is how my interview went
vo: hi Mr. ali how r u
ali: i am fine sir good morning
vo: do u know anyone in the US
ali: my senior friends are in the US
vo: why do u want to go to US?
ali: for master of sciences in Inustrial & system engg
vo: Which university u r planning to go?
ali: the university of memphis
vo: why univ of memphis?
ali: the industrial prog in the univ of memphis consist of topics  like operation research and forecasting techniques
which r of my  interest
vo: ( interrupts ) but these subj are taught in other univ also but why only memphis
ali: sir i thorougly studied the website of univ of mempphis and i am satisfied by the facilities being provided there also i had some conversation with the grad advisor michel race
vo: oh
vo: but Mr ali will u be able the high fees , who is sponsoring  u?
ali: my father
vo: what does he do
ali: he is a telecom engineer with the dept of telecommunication
vo: What’s his annual income?
ali: 5.26lakhs
vo: how hes going to support ur education tell me his monthly income
ali: 25000 also he has a steady agricultural income
vo: i dont think he can support U
ali: sir he is working for the past 27 years with  the dept. He has  sufficient bank balance to support to me
vo: show me ur bank docs
( i gave me my bank statement)
vo: not this one show me the transactions
(i gave him my passbook he sees all the pages of passbook)
vo: so do u think he is going to spend all his hard earned money on u (nodding his head
ali: yes sir
(i try to speak he interupts)
vo: mr ali i am sorry according to me(speaks a long sentence which  they do while marking the 214B)

Please share your experience as comment, I will update the article…


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Comments ( 210 )

  1. prasanna.k

    Last time i applied visa for MBA program in April got rejection 3 times from visa officer. After consulting so many educationalists so many people suggested me to go to ms in CS as per my working background.For this intake i am going to apply for MS in CS for Monroe College. Can you please suggest me what will be con vincible answer to tell to VO. And is it correct to change the course?

  2. Raj


    I did my MScomputers in University of North America,VA 2011-2013,
    I worked in OPT in some consultancy but not able to get my H1B. I joined again in MBA in American College of Commerce& Tech (http://acct.edu/) ,VA Jan 2016.Recently on family emergency I came India on June 7th. My SEVIS got cancelled.

    Now I want to go back to same school,but I heard there is only state accreditation not federal accreditation for that college.
    Please suggest me. I would like to go for stamping for next Fall Sem.

  3. chakri

    My F1 Interview
    Before vo asking any thing I passed passport and kent i20 next vo asked as follows:
    1) How many colleges you applied?
    2)what are they ?
    ANS: umass Lowell,univ of Michigan flint,wichitha state univ,univ of new heaven
    3)what are the similarities among these colleges?
    I told credits—–he told no
    Fundamental courses—no
    All colleges accept GRE and IELTS—no
    He told he will give you one more chance
    Vo told It starts with ‘c’
    Then I told don’t know
    Then he told ‘CPT’
    4)Vo asked would you like to work in VirtusaPolaris in USA?
    I told to my manager that I come and work again here
    5)who helped to fill the form ?
    My friend
    6)what he is?
    He already studied there came back working in my company.
    7)what is his designation?
    Vo typing for 2 mins next
    8)who is going to sponser ?
    Ans: my father and sister
    9)what is your sister?
    Ans:She is associate execute engineer in govt sector
    10)wt is your father?
    Ans:he is a gold smith
    Who helped to fill the form?
    Next he gave 214(B)

  4. Rajath Prabhu

    Here is my visa interview experience

    Vo:show me ur i20
    Me:(handed over i20)
    VO: Western New England University?
    Me: Yes
    Vo: which year did you graduate?
    Me: June of this year.
    Vo: what is your GRE score?
    Me: my GRE score was 303, verbal was 142 and quant was 161.
    Vo: how many universities did you apply to?
    Me: I applied for 3 universities
    VO: y not other 2?
    Me: I got rejected
    Vo: wat is ur specialization?
    Me: my course is masters in Mechanical Engineering
    Vo: But Mechanical Engineering is a vast subject, which field do you intend in studying?
    Me: I’m planning on studying design
    Vo: design of what?
    Me: design of machines. My parents have ice cream manufacturing and parlour.
    Vo: who is your sponsor?
    Me: my parents are sponsoring for my studies. Along with it I have an education loan of 30 lakhs
    VO: what do your parents do?
    Me: we have an ice cream parlour and manufacturing.
    Vo: can I see your bank statement.
    Me:( gave my parents bank statements and loan letter)
    Vo:( kept aside the loan letter and went through the bank statements thoroughly)
    Who is Vidya Prabhu?
    Me:my mom
    Vo: there has been a large deposit of more than 2 lakh on July. Y?
    Me: my parents have business, transactions are because of that.
    Vo: how can an ice cream parlour have such big transaction?
    Me: we had cash in hand, so we decided on depositing it since it will also help with I 20
    Vo: (went through the bank statements further and gave it back)
    Me:( took back my statements and was keeping it in my folder)
    Vo: ( typed in computer and handed over my passport along with a blue 214b form)
    We are sorry to inform you that we cannot issue you a visa
    Me: thank you
    May I know the reason for rejection?
    Vo: it’s in the slip.
    Me: thank you

    Can someone tell me where I went wrong?

    1. administrator

      Rajath Prabhu,

      I can speculate 2 reasons:
      1. Your university is an immigrant magnet. Most of the students are from outside US and use this university as landing pad. That brought the university in their radar.
      2. It was a cash deposit made recently. So the officer concluded that you don’t have enough funds and took external help. If you are short on funds, you will work at odd jobs outside university to make ends meet.

        1. administrator

          Rajath Prabhu,’

          Unfortunately, I can’t suggest any. You are in a tough spot. Once you have been flagged, it is pretty difficult to overcome that.

  5. natvarlal c .patel

    Sir they ask me only this Q. three times i reply them but they reject me. why ? Sir, give me proper ans.
    How did you apply to this university ?

    1. administrator

      Well, visa interview can be tricky…Not sure, if the school you plan to go is decent or not…there may be many things and it is hard to tell, if you have admission from a better school, you can try using that and be confident.

  6. sreekar

    I scheduled my F1VISA twice in hyderabad but got rejected,the reason for rejection is USIEF it seems
    Iam totally confused whether to reapply for visa as my college starts from 5th of august
    So please suggest me whether to reapply for visa in mumbai or to attend for next time please answer me

  7. confuser

    My F1 visa was denied trice (28th June, 13th July, 20th July). Here is how my three interview went.
    1st interview(Mumbai)
    VO : Passport and I20
    Me: Passed(applied for Kent State)
    VO: How many universities you applied?
    Me: Well 2 universities, Wright State University and Kent State University.
    VO: When did you graduate?
    Me: 2013
    VO: What were you doing since then?
    Me: I am working in XXX organisation
    VO: Ok.GRE Score
    Me: 298(actual score is 296 out of confusion i was wrong)
    VO: who is your sponsor?
    Me: My father
    VO: What is his profession?
    Me: Business
    VO: Sorry you are not qualified for the visa
    Me: Thank you Mam.

    2nd Attempt
    Me: Good morning
    VO: no response
    Me: Passed my I20(Kent State) and Passport
    VO: When did you last appear for Visa interview
    Me: It was 15 days ago
    VO: Oh. ok 15 days.. first tell me why everyone in hyderabad is going to this university.
    Me: Sir I am not from hyderabad
    VO: ok… tell me why many from INDIA are going to this university?
    Me: I am not aware of those who are going but I am going as it suits my profile and some thing about the college
    VO: ok what is your GRE score
    Me: 296
    VO: any other admits?
    Me: Yes wright state university
    VO: Sorry you are not qualified.
    Me: May i know the reason
    VO: you havent changed from past 15days
    Me: I have changed alot
    VO: No you havent. Your Interview is over
    Me: Thank You

    3rd Interview
    VO: Good Morning
    Me: Hello Good Morning. Passed my docs
    VO: Which University
    Me. Kent state university
    VO: OK tell me why do you want to go to this university.
    Me. Explained well(but in the middle he tokk 214b form and kept it in my passport and he is holding my passport, i20 and sevis recipt)
    VO: what abt your test scores(I mentioned that i misspelled my gre score in the first instance and later i modified in DS 160)
    Me: Gre 296 IELTS 6.5
    VO: Sorry couldnot issue visa
    Me. May i know the reason?
    VO: mentioned in the paper
    Me: can you tell me the exact reason because i have got the same from my previous attempt.
    VO: based on our conversation
    Me Is it regarding my confidence levels?
    VO: No, I asked some questions and you said the answers i was not convinced
    Me. Thank you

    Can anyone tell me the exact reason of my failures? Now i am thinking to apply visa after 15 days with wright state university

    please suggest me.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. administrator


      I am going to guess here as no one knows the exact reason except for those visa officers. Probably during your first interview, you mentioned a school which may have received lot of applicants from India recently. If the university is not renowned, it may mean that university is either very relaxed with their selection criteria, or has programs that is a magnet for applicants from outside US (like CPT from day 1). This can raise a red flag. Once they have identified you as someone who would go for such a university, it is difficult to change the perception even if you now apply for another university.

      You got I-20 from same university all 3 times, correct? Tell me more about this school and their CPT program? Do they allow students to get CPT from day 1 and work off campus?

    2. administrator

      It is very hard to tell what is going on in Visa officers mind. Sometimes, you may be doing everything right, but may not be able to convince the visa officer. I suggest you try another time by giving break for some time…it could be that the schools are not good, or the VO feels that you are a potential immigrant and just finding a way to enter US…Be positive and give it another try after sometime…Good Luck !

      1. confuser

        Hello Kumar and Saurabh
        Thanks for your Input

        Kumar you suggested me to try after sometime. Can you be more specific?
        15 days, 1 month or next intake?

        Thanks in advance

        1. chakri

          I too got rejected for kent in Chennai for first time
          I also posted my interview any suggestions……I am going again for Chennai in 7th and 8th for second interview…plz help me

      2. RAJESHWAR

        hello sir.

        I am Rajeshwar
        i applied for ESL course in Los Angeles (ELC Institution)
        i enquired about institution they said, they have students from india.
        duration 7 months.
        Then after completion i’ll apply to a university or college through their career pathway’s program.

        But, is it possible to obtain F-1 visa for ESL courses?
        what are the chances?

        Thank You.

        1. administrator

          I am not sure about ESL programs and their visa requirements. I suggest you check with the DSO at the school you have taken admission to get more details on the visa requirements.

  8. Diljit kaur

    Hiii sir, I am a MBA degree holder and want to go USA for student visa. Can i apply? What kind pf test i need to take i
    IELTS or TOEFLE?? For which course i can apply??

    1. administrator

      What do you want to study and why do you want to study ? You already have a masters right ? depending on the program you may need to take some of the tests like GRE and TOEFL.

  9. Simran

    Hello sir , I have done +2 in 2011 then till now I did job for agro firm as a supervisor , how can I explain the best reason for doing job and now why I want to continue my study

    1. administrator

      You should tell the truth on why you want to study. You should not really make up any answers . Be honest and answer the same.

  10. Ahmed

    I have appeared for my F-1 visa on 1 july 2016.
    I got rejected.
    The first question they asked me was
    VO- “Why your uncle is sponsoring you(as mentioned on the i-20)”?
    Me- At that time i havent sold any of my property and havent taken loan at that time to support me . So that is why my uncle was sponsoring me. But now i have available funds and have taken loan from the bank so my father will sponsor me.
    VO- She asked about my family and havent looked at my documnets. she jus then said sorry.

  11. Priya


    I have a query on my financials. I lost my father in an accident, as a compensation/exgrattia , the victim party has given us XX lakhs of amount. And that amount has been given to known relatives for interest. What will be the best answer to say why these sudden transactions of X lakhs amount. Please suggest.

    1. administrator

      Sorry to hear about your loss. You will need to tell the truth, that’s the right thing to do. If it was given as per judgement, you can carry proof. If not, you can tell, it was out of court settlement. You can speak to a Charted Accountant to get more advice.

  12. Ishaan

    My F-1 visa got rejected with 214(b) on 21st June. The mistake i did that i was not able to give details of the exact savings my dad has to fund my education. Now i get my bank letter with me with all the savings my dad have. What should i say in my next interview about the same? Does it increase my chances?

    1. administrator

      If you know exactly your mistake, get that fixed and be confident, it should definitely help you. As long as you can address the issue that was last time, you definitely have better chances.

      1. Dakshta

        I have said in my previous interview that my dad will sponsor me and my i-20 say the same but now my cousin and loan together are sponsoring me Combined worth of double the i-20. Also i have shown my dad’s immovable land property as a back up. Is this thing creates a problem? A sudden change of sponsor.
        First interview date- 21/06/2016
        Second interview date-
        Delhi Consultate

        1. administrator

          If you have any changes in sponsor, you need to inform the same to your school and then use the same for interview… in that way you will be covered, if the VO asks for it.

        2. Tejinder Singh

          Hi\.. My name is Tejinder Singh. i from chandigarh. plz contact me after your interview (14-7-2016).. bcoz i talking about your interview. i am also apply for study visa in USA.. So plz contact me after your interview..
          My mail id ( [email protected] )

    2. devashish kumar

      my visa got rejecterd 214b in chennai on 22 and i book slot in hydrabad on 18 ,Is that safe to attend visa interview in hydrabad compaire to chennai.what is the sucess ratio diffrence bitween both..plz come out with sujection .

  13. Shashank

    U & I have the same issue.. but it’s not a prob. U can sponsor brother of u have sufficient bank balance and u have to submit a form I134, ur pay slips, offer letter, icard of the company, offer letter, form 16, 6 months bank statements and u can also show ur sis as sponsor with d same docs if she’s working.
    Hope this gives u an idea atleast.

  14. sara

    Hello,my brother is applying for F1 visa this fall 2016,My dad is a retired govt officer.He do not hv much savings.I stay in US as a permanent resident ,work full time and have good savings.Can i sponsor my brother for his education.Will my sponsorship have negative impact on his visa chances. I also have my elder sister in UK she and her husband can sponsor him but she is a house wife.Kindly give your suggestions .Thank you 🙂

    1. administrator

      You can definitely be the sponsor for his education. Visa interview is a very tricky thing and it is hard to tell, if they would consider the applicant as potential immigrant…Either case, he would need to mention about you when he fills DS-160 form… Just be confident and go for it…If you have an alternative option, you can look for that and then keep your option as the last option…But, that does not guarantee you visa, it is up to the VO.

      1. sara

        can he just hide that im in us in ds160 form how would they know and go ahead with my sister’s sponsorship (this is what my friends suggested) want your opinion. thanks

      2. Abhishek

        Hi kumar,
        I got rejected by vo twice in Mumbai consulate. I’m sharing both interviews.

        25 June Mumbai
        Vo: hello sir, pass me ur i20 and passport.
        Me: yes sir .
        Vo: what other universities u applied?
        Me :SJSU,sdsu,arlingron ,long beach
        Vo: when did u finish your undergrad?.
        Me : 2014
        Vo: What u have been doing since then?
        Me: was preparing for examinations required for MS. Then worked as a software engineer in a firm named Mphasis.
        Vo:sorry I cannot approve your visa.
        Gave me 214b

        nsecond interview
        How many uni u applied and how many admits
        Me : I applied to 5 universities and got 1 admit but long beach kept my decision on hold(she interrupted in-between)
        Vo :why Albany ?
        Me : Albany is one of the oldest institution in NY state. It has its own reputation for being research institution. Further more ive gone through the research by professor Dan Willard on complexity of algorithm and by Prof Chen on developing the tools and techniques for effective developing of heterogeneous software(she gave me a look like she’s not interested in those topics )
        Vo: okay. Thank u for applying sir. I cannot approve ur visa please read the instructions on this page.
        Me: may I please know the reason mam
        Vo: ur rejected under us immigration section

        Please help me with it. Nothing was asked about my financial documents and sponsors.
        Is there any chance of getting it approved next time.

        1. administrator

          Visa approval is very tricky and can depend on many factors and hard to say. Well, you can give it another try…if the VO believes that you are a potential immigrant, it can be hard…but, worth a shot…

  15. yash

    I got a PhD offer form university of California, Irvine with a proper stipend mentioned in my offer letter. In my I-20 too, the university has mentioned both costs and funding (all from their side) properly. Do I need to have this passbook and parental income proofs etc???

    1. administrator

      If you have full sponsorship from the University and written on I20, you will probably need not show any financial proofs for covering your education or expenses. All you need to show is some cash to travel and some expenses for first couple of months. You should check with DSO regarding this to double confirm.

  16. Ama Amponsah Bonsu

    i have been denied a visa twice. This is my third time of applying for an F-1 visa. However, i have been able to schedule an appointment with my old MRV receipt number which shouldn’t be so. I just have a photocopy of my old MRV receipt because the Embassy took the original copy. What should i do now? Should i pay the visa fee again and reschedule the appointment? I tried that, so i cancelled the appointment i scheduled and tried rescheduling a new one with my new receipt number but they provided the old receipt number again. What should i do now? Am so confused..

  17. Shivani

    I wanted to ask that I applied to many universities in US and got selected by the University of San Francisco. I’ve completed my bachelor’s in computer applications and now I’ve applied for master’s in International Studies. Will it be okay if my bachelors and masters differ?

  18. Shashank


    I have questions on F1 Visa.

    I got the I20 from xxxx univ. For 2 years they asked me to show 60K$. My brother is the sponsor-er, who stays in US. He is having 30K$ in account and my sis-in-law has some 10K$ and the indian account of my brother has some 10 lacs. And we are taking a loan of 10K$. So, thats 60K$ in total. My question is, can i add both the names in the affidavit of support?(Bro n sis-in-law). or how do i show the statements? and also we have a property of xxxx. how do i show it?

    Can u help me?

    1. administrator

      Well, you can. Did you specify the same names, when you sent for the admission ? If so, carry the same for the visa interview as well. You can speak to a charted accountant, who can help you compile everything and give a statement.

      1. Shashank

        Thanks for ur reply.. I appreciate it!!

        But i only mentioned my bro’s name in the affidavit during the admission process. Do u think it will still work if i add 2 names in the affidavit now and take it to the VISA process or should I ask my sis-in-law to transfer the amount to bro’s account and show it under one name?

        1. administrator

          It is suggested to put in whatever you have sent to the admissions. The whole reason is that, if the VO looks at details, it is very clear that whatever you sent is in line with current sponsorship and for visa as well. Facts should not change within span of few months from admission application to Visa Stamping, makes sense right ?

  19. Tolu

    applied for a f1 visa and was denied. I am genuinely interested in pursuing a degree in physical therapy. I applied severally to PTCAS to get into school. I contacted a university professor who advised that I apply to a community college because of my low GPA not up to 3.0 which I did and got accepted into. The v o at the embassy told me that I should have applied for a higher degree since I have a bachelors degree and denied me on that grounds. What should I do or get in order to get the visa when I apply next.

    1. administrator

      Well, visa stamping can always be tricky…you may try applying for Masters and then attended visa interview as suggested. Many try F1 visa interview few times.. having a denial does not stop you from going again with better preparation. Speak to your community college that gave you admission and get their advice.

      1. Tolulope

        I did speak with them, my gpa is 2.85 which is low to get into a masters program, the minimum is usually 3.0 if it was higher, I would probably be enrolled in a physical therapy school to study doctor in physical therapy which is my dream profession. I was advised that getting into community college will not only help boost my low GPA but it is a less expensive way to do that. The visa officer didn’t really give me the opportunity to say all this. I intend to apply again in a week time. I currently work in a health care facility and I have applied for a study leave which has been approved. Is there any information more I could offer to the visa officer to prove my genuine case.

        1. administrator

          Well, if that is the case, then you need to apply again and explain your situation. I am not sure, it is always tricky…Be confident and explain your situation. It is your passion that should be driving the conversation, explain why you want to do it… Hope luck smiles at your end…Good Luck !

  20. prince

    i got an scholarship from Texas Bible Institute. I need to take only my transportation charge into the country. Will it b OK for them . . ???

    1. administrator

      That is pretty standard. Usually, even if you get full scholarship, they do not pay for airfare. It is up to the student. It should be fine.

  21. hamza jamil

    hello guys hope you all will be fine..here is my profile
    matric 81%
    fsc 70%
    ielts 6 bands
    one year study gap
    my intended course is bachelor of science in computer enineering.
    i want to ask that how many chances for visa with this profile.
    i’ve applied in University of Massachusetts dartmouth and got i-20 letter.i want to ask that what is the reputation of this university.
    what should i say about my gap..need your suggestions.your response would be helpful for me

    1. administrator

      hamza jamil,
      we do not advise on admission chances and credibility of schools, you may need to do your research.

  22. Naavy

    April 14th Hyderabad F1 interview ,Out of 6 F1 visa in my line – 4 were rejected

    My visa on hold for 1 week ,due to Financial verification,

    VO: Good morning
    Me: GM

    VO: Why this university
    Me:Explained well

    VO: Say me about your course?
    Me: Explained Well

    VO: How you will fund yourself
    Me:Family sponsors me with 41 lakhs and I have 17 lakhs in my account

    VO: How you got 17 lakhs in your account ?
    Me: my dad deposited as his policies matured for my education

    VO: When has been this transaction carried ?
    Me: Few weeks back

    VO: I believe you are credible student for MS in USA ,But I need a week to verify your financial documents ,If satisfied visa will be approved .Is it fine for you
    Me:Yes officer

    Vo :Have your I20 ,I will keep the passport and financial documents with me
    Me : ok officer ,Have a nice day

    Vo: you too

    Questions :
    1.Is it going to take more time for my visa then he insisted ,my financial Documents are genuine .
    2.Have any one came across this situation
    3.I am worried about time ,I cannot concentrate on my work 🙁

    Kindly advise

    1. administrator

      1. It is very hard to tell, it may or may not. It depends. If your documents are real, then nothing to worry about.
      2. Sometimes, it is done, but nothing to worry.
      3. Dont worry to much on it. If your documents are true, then you are fine. Just take it easy my friend, hope for the best.

  23. bhargavi

    hi i hav been rejected for the first time i no as it was totally my silly mistake about my financial amount . He asked about my sponsors i told him about my father he asked me how much will b left for his savings from his income i said its 3lakhs and his income is 15lakhs. So he said im sorry and rejected my visa. Well , i want to b well prepared with second time visa and my another prob is that now my classes commences on jan 11th and my orientation is on 6th jan but i have my visa on 8th jan 2016 and im really confused whether to differ or tell him that i have taken permission from the university to land before 11th of jan 2016. i jus need a convincing answer so that vo should get completly convinced with my answer. i dont have to undergo any rejection this time. Pls any good suggestions.

    1. administrator

      It can be tricky situation to have the stamping date close to your orientation date. Usually the passport takes 3 days to a week to arrive to your home….You will be cutting very close on the dates.
      If you can get official email from the school telling that they will give you exception with the dates and let you start after a 10 days, then it will be convincing. You should carry the email print out from the admissions or schools indicating the same. If not, you will have hard time…Alternatively, you can defer admission to summer and attend visa interview for summer sometime later. Put all things in perspective and make a decision.

  24. sunilgavaskar burla

    chennai consulate around 9:30

    vo: come forward
    me: good morning sir
    vo: what course are you taking
    me : cs
    vo:what is your undergraduation major
    me: ece
    vo: why choose this course
    me : when i was doing undergraduation poject i got interest in programing languages so i choose
    vo: tell me about project
    me :iexplained
    vo:which university are you going
    me: silicon valley university
    vo: why this university
    me: the course curriculum what i was looking it is wel designed in this university
    vo : what is carrer goal
    me: i want to do a job in well reputed company( visa officer ask me repate again)
    vo: how this course is relevant to your previous studies
    me: some of subjects are relevant to my previous studies( i understand my situation i said wrong answers)

    1. sunilgavaskar burla

      after my rejection of chennai, i book the slot in hyderabad at 17/12/2015 around 12:30 but my bad luck it is also rejected

      me : good morning mam
      vo: what course are u going to take
      me: cs
      vo: how much % u got
      me: 64
      vo: how are u improve your language proficiency
      me : by taking esl program
      vo: can u tell me the 6 subjects of ur masters
      me:cn,cn-2,design and algorith,ca os,oops
      vo: which is your interest subject
      vo: why
      me: cn is interconnection of computers and sharing information………..
      vo:what will u do after completing ur masters
      me:my state was divided we have the big opportunities i come back to my home country and i do a job
      vo:what job
      me: as a software
      vo:how will you fund ur tution fee
      me :my father had annual income of XX and i have savings account xx
      vo:what does ur father
      me : exports in fishing mainly prawns
      vo : give me ur financial documents
      me :given
      vo: ur rejected
      me:i got angry i ask may i know the reason
      vo: for ever and whole fake documents

      but it was genuine if i argue there it go to my carrer loss so i acme back with greedy face and eyes was in tears mode

      visa is all about your luck

      in hyderabad 9th counter 3 of the people who are rejected before my rejection
      she never give approval to students

  25. Madhura

    I need ur help. I have got M.Eng in Cornell University. My husband is pursuing his Phd in the same university since last 1 and half years. Will that affect my chances of getting F1 VISA ?


  26. Ricky

    Sir i have completed my undergrduate in 2015 fresh agregate of 66 i have one backlog that have completed that 1year semister only cse i have not attempted gre but ielts exam is in the month of july 25 but but i got an i20 there is any problem for ielts and gre score

  27. hazard

    i need help from u guys
    i got admitted to north carolina A&T state university with 97% assistanship covering tution and living worth over 28000USD. i have bank statement of 6500USD. any help for me?

  28. surya

    Work study Program USA f-1 Visa Eligilbity

    I need a little clarification?
    i just need a straight answer, do i get visa or not? how much chances?

    i have done My B.tech ECE 60% jntu-hyd 2011 Passout
    12th 95% 2007 passout
    10th 80% 2005 passout
    GRE old-950-289
    Ietls validity expired 6.0 Bands going to retake if u suggest

    Coming to me, i have few negative impacts?
    1. I dont have any work experience after my B.Tech 2011, so its a Gap after my education? This is due to i have tried for Us in 2012 and got rejected twice in dec 2012 for low gre score they suggested..
    Then i have worked for some small company for 10months but the thing is the company has been removed unfortunately so i cant provide u any details letters or anything., then after i have done few courses and trying for job, suddenly i had interest to do Masters so thought of doing work study MS program as consultants suggested, and they guaranteed for i-20 without any gre and ietls, as they said there is no need to take gre and ietls for this work study program and they guarantee my i-20 for Ms in computer science in some average university may be a low ranked..
    My question is with out any prior experience showing a gap of 3.5 years after my B.Tech and without any ietls and Gre score of 289, can i get visa, is there any chances?
    if how much percent can i expect?
    the conusltancy says of having 90% chances but i would like to know form you, because you can suggest without expecting anything from me?
    i will be glad if you sugggest me and help me further..

    1. Navdeep

      no need to worry just tell him truely wt u do after ur btech..my friend have 4 years of gap after graduation and he tells truth so be comfident at the time of interview nd say truth always. u will definiately get visa….best of luck bro

    1. Navdeep

      u can say this …when i was searching on internet a best college for me then i found this its have high ratings than others nd this college have very flexible time schedule and small classes nd i personaly conversate with student of this college and they all gave me positive views abt this so i chose this.

  29. urvesh patel

    i want to ask that my mother and father is in usa right now
    and for applying student visa i need to have affidavit of support of father.
    so should i take the affidavit of support of my dad from usa
    or india s one?
    bank balance should i show from usa s bank?
    or indian banks
    because my father is not citizen over there he is a green card holder
    so he is having account in india also.

  30. aravind

    Date 24th nov
    Time 9:00 AM
    Status: approved
    Counsulate: Chennai
    Counter Number: 22 ( Old lady with nice smile and beautiful )
    University : silicon valley university
    Engineering pass out: 2006
    Experience : 8 years

    Me:- Good morning maam
    VO:- Good morning passport please
    VO:- when did you pass out ?
    ME:- 2006
    Vo:- what did you do after that?
    ME:- Working from past 8 years in multiple companies. Right now i am working for ABC company
    VO:- What is your role?
    Me:- Network Engineer
    Vo:- Why now ?
    Me:- I have realized that having a master degree is plus point and also this is my correct age for higher studies.
    Vo:- Please give me your I-20?
    Me:- here it is maam
    Vo:- why silicon valley university?
    Me:- the course is related to my work experience and also they implement cloud computing concept in there campus.Cloud computing is the future of network world. intrep..
    Vo:- In which manner it is related?
    Me:- told about the subjected which are related to my work exp.. and interrupted
    Vo:- how many univ.. have you applied and how many admit.
    Me:- told 3 univ..
    Vo:- this university is very small
    Me:- yes maam , but they have implemented the latest techno.. like cloud computing in there campus network
    Vo:- How do you know about this university?
    Me:- My frd have completed masters in this university and also via social network i got know about that and more over i communicated with prof.. said there names
    VO:- who will sponsor ur education?
    Me:- myself and father
    Vo:- what your father do?
    Me:- retired scientist and now taking care of super market.
    Vo:- ok ur visa has been approved.
    Me:- thanks maam. have nice day.
    Vo:- you too.

  31. jerry

    i am trying for student visa to the texas southern university, and my dad’s brother who is a citizen of america will be taken my tuition fees and other expenses. Am i able to get it?

  32. jaspreet singh

    first of all thank u for helping students
    my question is I got rejected my f1 us visa because I was nervous there I wish to know that can I applied in next time by same university but on another i20

  33. Riti

    My Visa Interview experience Aug 2014 for Fall sem 2014.

    VO: Hello, Riti.
    Me: Hello Sir, Good morning.
    VO: Which university are you applying to?
    Me: SUNY, Technology institute at Delhi
    VO: Do you know where in New York is Dehi located?
    Me: Yes, sir. Its in the northern part of New York.
    VO: What do your parents do?
    Me: My step father ( who is sponsoring me) is an architect and my Mom own a line of cafes in the Dubai metro, Both live in Dubai.
    VO: Whats your Step fathers income?
    Me: 96000 USD
    VO: Your visa…
    (There was an announcement which interrupted our interview, nerve wracking interruption I must say)
    VO: Your visa has been approved,you’ll receive your passport within 3 days enjoy your stay in the US. Best of luck.
    Me: (Phew) Thank you sir.

    P.S -He did not ask me for any of my documents.

    Enjoy your interview, if you seem to be nervous to them they might interrogate you more.
    Be yourself. Be confident. DON’T LET THEM TEST YOUR CONFIDENCE 🙂

  34. Monday

    Please me I am a undergraduate and I want to attend one university in America to pursue higher education in computer science. But I attend attended vocational for three years. I want you to please tell me the entire process.


  35. karthik

    I got admission from Lawrence technological university and Bradley uni… MS in Mechanical Engg
    I submitted a bank document of $42,989 which I got from my agent.
    But for My visa interview..i want to show my parents fund and also i got 10 laks of student loan from Andhra bank
    will it be a problem?
    my IELTS score – 6 band
    gre- 275, 282
    but i already got admit with previous score 275(quants -140, verbal- 135 , AWA-2.5)
    BE-62.25% (4 backlogs)
    Zero work experience

  36. Justine Jose

    Me.. Good Mng Sir..(wid a pleasant smile:))
    Int.. Very Good mng.. Wid a cute smile:)Ua passport please..?
    Me..gave ma passport and i20..
    Int..so u are a student. Ua sevis fee receipt? Have you taken GRE?
    Me..yes Sir, gave ma score sheet and sevis fee receipt.
    Int.. Ohh..Santa clara univ..how many univs u applied?
    Me..just two..sanjose and santaclara and i got admit for both:);) int..flaat..:)
    Int.. Y not sanjose?
    Me.. Santa clara is the best option that i can get accordin to ma Gre score. Moreover..EE dept has got good ratings among the universities in US. And topics are quite advanced compared to the topics offered by state univ..
    Int.. U completed Btech ryt?
    Int..when did u completed ua graduation..?
    Int..smiled..then wots ua Btech %?
    Me ..70%..And i got 3.93 US gpa when WES converted ma % into US
    Equivalent GPA. Started to take the docs issued by WES..
    Int..It’s ok..wid a smile:)
    Then I heard the Golden Words..
    Ua visa has been processed..all the best.. C u at US..:)
    Me..Thanq Sir..thanks a loot:)

  37. kimgsley o

    Please am going for Us visa interview by December 2013 for spring 2014.
    got admission at Harrisburg university for my ms in Data analysis . No tofel
    Friends please advice me

  38. Dr,Ramesh Kamath

    My son Vikas who is working with CISCO got I20 for his MS studies from The University of Southern California, popularly known as USC which is one of the world’s leading research universities in Los Angele’s ,USA. Getting I 20 itself is not only the criteria for entry into US. You have to face VISA interview which is most unpredictable.

    Now a days the rejection rate of Student VISA is very high . So my son was little bit nervous. We went to Chennai to procure F-1 student VISA from Consulate General of the United States.VISA procurement is a two day affair. First day they will do Fingerprinting and Biometrics Process. Second day the crucial VISA personal Interview.

    We reached consulate which is near Gemini Flyover at 6.30 am since he opted the 1st slot which was at 7.30am. By that time itself – around 300 students were in the Q.He entered inside US consulate at 7.30 am. All parents waited outside anxiously.

    Here is the first hand information about my Son’s interview for the benefit of future aspirants who wants to pursue their studies in US.

    VISA INTERVIEW AT CHENNAI on May 23 rd 2013:

    Following documents is a must to carry while attending interview :

    Valid Passport ,VISA Appointment Letter, Application confirmation page (with bar code),Visa application fee (MVR fee) Receipt , SEVIS fee Proof, I20-Letter of admission from the University.

    Better to carry All Educational Qualification Certificates in Originals , TOEFL & GRE test Scores ,CA statement for Financial supporting and Bank Loan approval Letter.

    As soon as I enteerd inside , one person checked my Valid Passport ,VISA Appointment Letter, Application confirmation page (with bar code),Visa application fee (MVR fee) Receipt, SEVIS fee Proof, I20-Letter of admission from the University . After verification he was sending students to different counters for interview. I was sent to counter number ten where already few students were standing. An american lady who was around the age of 25 was taking interview .She was asking so many questions to my earlier applicants. On the spot she used to tell the results whether SELECTED or REJECTED. I was little bit nervous .

    When my turn came – I sat in front of her with a Big Smile:

    US Lady Intrvwr( Seeing my face ) : Good morning .
    Me: very good morning mam .
    US Lady Intrvwr: What’s your plan after completing MS ?
    Me : Come back to india and work for the same company which now I am working.
    US Lady Intrvwr:Which company you are working now..?
    Me : CISCO
    US Lady Intrvwr: From how many years you are working there ?
    Me : Two years…
    US Lady Intrvwr: Any assurance given by your company for taking back..
    me : My manager has given assurance..
    US Lady Intrvwr: Who is going to Sponsor for your studies ?
    me : I got the loan from the Bank and also my parents are sponsoring..
    US Lady Intrvwr: What is your family income ?
    Me : It is around…….lakhs
    US Lady Intrvwr:( she hold my passport and started typing something on computer )
    I was getting tense , heart beat was increased, I was so much scared by the thought that in a few second my future is going to be decided.
    US Lady Intrvwr:I am approving your VISA, enjoy your stay in US. All the Best
    Me ( With lots of relief ) :Thank you Mam..Thank you sooo much

    My interview was over within one minute. I got my VISA approved.

    I went to another counter and paid Rs 300 and submitted a form to receive my PASSPORT to be delivered to my residence.

    My version for VISA Success : Select universities that have solid reputations, Be confident while answering and be Frank in all aspects. Maintain the smile on your face throughout. Never ever tell that you are going to settle in US after your studies !


    I was happy to see my son coming out around 10 am – with smiling face.
    CONGRATS VIKAS ..All the Best in your higher studies.

  39. Methor

    Getting an F1 Visa is more than just knowing the questions and answers for the interview; you actually have to know the right way to package your whole application, and the interview part is just a piece of cake. f1visasolutions-com shares the truth about f1 visa. A must for all f1 visa applicants.

  40. Riya

    I got admission from wayne state and NJit
    Ms In industrial Engineering.
    I submitted a bank document of $45000 which I got from my agent.
    But for My visa interview..i want to show my parents fund and also i got 10 lakhs of student loan from SBI.
    will it be a problem?
    my toefl score -80
    gre- 287
    2 years of work ex

    1. Anish Reddy

      Evn i too got admit frm wayne state n m applying my visa with wayne state on 12th june 2013.
      If ua done wid ua visa interview.?with wch unv did u applied.?
      If u applied wid wayne state i wana knw sum info abt that unv
      Plz reply n all d best.!!!

  41. ogboye benjamin

    hey friends,i’ll be attending a visa interview here in nigeria with the following details :sat score 1800,scholarship:full ride 100%,sponsor :university.ill like to get an advice on how i’ll have to answer questions during my interview

  42. syed sazid

    Hai iam sazid i had a doubt that iam absented for 10 exams including labs because of an accident in my 2nd year of study can they treated as backlogs and my profile is 71% in btech n 97% in 12th and 92% in 10th hw can i explain that to visa officer of usa

  43. ranzy

    Hi pals I am to appear for an intrview at the US embassey here in Nigria,and I have just got only a sat score of 58,I am actually applying to a community college in virginia.Please I am scared of visa denial.I need advise from you all

  44. vishweshwar reddy

    hiiiiiiiiiiii friends . my academics is 61.7% and my gre score is 287 and planning to take ielts the very next month. can anyone help me out of the tension that ll i get rejected for f1 visa because of my low academic scores or % whatever shit it is? planing for spring 2013. guys please help me out. am very much tensed about future

  45. Divyansh

    I’m appearing for my visa interview next to next week and I was just wondering if they can reject my application on any grounds given the following details.
    Sat score: 1950
    Toefl score: 111/120
    Sat subject tests:
    Mathematics: 790
    Financial Information
    Total estimated expense as mentioned on the sponsor statement: USD 45,800
    Scholarship received :USD 6,000
    Current Bank Balance :USD 41,300
    Other non liquid assets: USD 160,000
    And does the VO consider non liquid assets while considering the application?
    PS: My dad is currently working as Chief Project Manager in a public sector and my mum owns an online tutoring firm.
    Also, both have done their grad. and post grad. from IIT’s.
    PPS: I scored an 80.5 in my 12th boards after messing up maths (62/100)
    Any help will be sincerely appreciated.

    1. Joe

      For non liquid assets, the Dept of State probably follows the same guideline as the USCIS, which is 1/5 of the value. The asset has to be something that can be converted to cash within 1 year and will not cause hardship (so you can’t sell the only house you own and have no place to live). So for example say your father has stock or mutual funds worth $10,000 USD, they might consider that as $2000 income.

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