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I was looking through my documentation that I collected when I attended F1 Visa Interview. Here are a few real visa experiences that I collected for guidance. Some are latest from 2016, 2017 some are old from 2003 and 2004, they are old but they can give you some general idea. Hopefully it may help some of you.  These are experiences written by someone who attended the visa stamping and they have given their word of advice at the end. NOTHING is written by ME in this POST. It is just a collection.  All credit to those who wrote these. I am just posting their experiences here. If you would like to share your Visa stamping experience, please feel free to email me. You may also read these visa experiences shared by our users :


Shared by our reader “ust”. Thanks to ust for sharing !

F1 Visa Stamping Experience – 2016 

My Profile:
B.Sc computers – 55% – 3 backlogs
9 years of work IT Work Experience
M.Sc Distance Education Kuvempu University – 74% – 2013
Certifications – Scrum Master, Java, ITIL, HIPAA, CRCR, Healthcare Managedcare IT Consultant.
GRE – 289
TOEFL – 79
IELTS – 6.5

L1B Visa sponsored by XXX Company in 2014 – Wroked in USA for 6 months on L1B Visa, returned to India as per company request.
L1B – Revoked since i left XXX Company
2014 B1/B2 applied by Some Noida based company – Denied at Kolkatta Consulate
Currently working for UAE – Govt of Health in IT Department

Steps that followed here in USA Embassy – Abu Dhabi Consulate
1. Security Check
2. Verifying your Ds-160 and Passport
3. Issue the token
4. Counter 1 :- Documents Verification
5. Counter 10:- Finger Prints
6. Counter 5 :- Visa Interview with USA visa Consulate Officer

Note:- In UAE ( Dubai/Abu Dhabi), Whole interview process will be completed on the same day, In India the process will be two days i guess.
I saw that there is one lady visa officer, around 40 Aged rejected so many visa applications. I can say success rate is 10%. I prayed to the god that my application should not be assigned to that counter. But luck/fate i was assigned to the same lady officer, which i am scared of. Heart beat increased i thought visa chances are only 50% with this lady officer.
F1 Visa Interview Questions and Details:
VO – Have you ever been to USA?
Me – yes On March 28 2014 i have been to USA on XXX Sponsored L1B visa
Vo – Duration of your Travel on L1B?
Me – 162 Days
VO – What is the purpose of your current USA Visit?
Me – To pursue masters in Information Systems Technology at Wilmington University
VO – When did you complete your UG?
Me – 2013 I have completed MSc from Kuvempu University through Distance Education which is equivalent to USA UG
Vo – Length of the program you want to pursue?
Me – 36 Months, actually we can finish that in 18 months ( 12 Courses – 36 Credits including Project and internship)
VO – Name few subjects which you’re going to study?
Me – I gave my course details
VO – Where are you currently working?
Me – Abu Dhabi Health Services – Govt Healthcare IT Company
VO – You will loose your job now for appearing the USA Interview, we will inform to UAE Health Authority and Govt.
Me – I was so tensed but still confidently said that i am interested in research oriented education and related jobs not Interested routine software jobs
VO- Are you ready to loose your job then?
Me – i am not loosing the job, i am going to resign to the current job since i am interested only in research oriented career.
VO – When you’re not interested in current job, why did you came from India and working.
Me – As i am not interested to take my family support, I came hear to earn money for my masters in USA
VO – when did you came to UAE, since when you are working with this company?
Me – I gave my recent india trip dates. she was angry and said don’t confuse me, make it clear with the dates, i thought she will deny. Then i told her that May 2015 i came to Abu Dhabi, Since that date i am working with the current company
VO – Since you are resigning to the current job, how do you pay for education?
Me – I have savings of XXX amount, worked for 8 years to save this money.
Vo – Can i see your financial docs?
Me – I gave all documents ( CA Net worth Letter, Affidavit Of Support, Bank Blance Certificates, Transactions Statement for last 6 months)
I told her confidently, please refer to the statements of UAE banks, i have sufficient funds in UAE itself, in addition to that my sister bank statements and my bank statements from India also there.
Vo – There is a problem with your visa application, Counter 1 officer put you under different category, you should go back to the counter1 and get it fixed.
Me- Went to the counter1 and waited for few minutes, heart beat increased, they fixed and gave back my passport
Came to the same lady officer counter and waited there for my turn, since another person is giving interview at that lady officer counter

Visa officr called me again,
Vo – you have mentioned that you worked for XXX Company in DS-160, are you still working for XXXX Company ?
Me – No Currently i am not working, i left XXX Company in 2014 as soon i return to india from USA
VO – She was keep on typing for few mins, and said that i am going to inform your Current Company that you have applied for USA visa. Please be aware that you will loose your job.
Me – I was so scared, i said that’s fine, i am prepared for that.
Vo – Are you married?
Me – No i am single
Vo – What is your age?
Me – I said my age
Vo – Why are you not married yet?
Me – Currently i am focusing on studies and career not on marriage
Vo – Any chances / planning to marry US Citizen or GC holder?
Me – No, that will never happen
VO – Will your previous company or current company pay for your education?
Me – I left XXX Company job in 2014, current company for which i am working will sponsor only for UAE citizens not to expats. So both the companies will not sponsor for my education.
Vo – Finally golden words, your visa has been approved.
Me – Thank you Officer


F1 Visa Interview Questions (actual Visa Experiences)

VO: Good morning.
Me: Good morning sir.
VO: Why r u going to US?
Me: Sir I have been working for the past 3 years now. I always wanted to do research and I think this is the best time to pursue my goals as I have the valuable industry experience and good academic background to support me as well.
VO: Hmmm. but why only this university.
Me: Infact sir I have got admits to other universities as well and….
VO: Which are the other universities.
ME: (I told him the list)
VO: Ok. So what’s special about this university U R going to.
Me: Sir, I have interacted with quite a few graduate students at all the universities and I realize that this university. I am going to has state of the art research facilities.
VO: Ok. So who is going to sponser ur education.
Me: My parents sir.
VO: Whats ur dad’s annual income.
I thought he said family….
Me: Sir X Lakhs.
VO: Thats ur dad’s income?
Me: Oh No sir. Thats my parents income. My dad’s income is YLakhs/PA.
He gives me a stare. Looks at me in disbelief. Looks thru my papers….
Me: I point out the various documents in proof of Y lakhs/PA.
VO: Where is ur bank transaction statement.
Me: I show him the printout which has the transactions.
Finds a letter which states that I work for Tata Infotech Limited.
VO: Oh. U work for Tata’s?
Me: Yes sir. For the past 3 years.
VO: So Tatas is sponsoring ur education?
Me: No sir. Tata’s dont sponser higher education.
VO: But Tata’s are very very rich.
Me: (just laughed).
Just passes all the documents below the window and says go and pay the visa fees at the counter.

1] Dont put all your documents in the folder given by the tts people because that we will be giving it to counsellor he will not see the docs completely. This was the problem faced by me. if  i would have kept some of my financial docs with me I would have shown him as soon as he asked me.
2] He [counsellor] asked me about my dad’s annual income i told him he is earning about X lakhs per annum …then he asked me that how much he will be providing you in that X lakhs.. i told him that he will be providing me X-1 lakhs for my education.
3] Counselor after seeing my I-20 where it is mentioned my course duration as 3years including 1 year as grace .
he kept hanging to it saying that my course duration is 3 years and u dont have sufficient funds to pay for it . i told him that only 2 years is the course duration and 1 year is grace he not even tried to listen my words. so any one going for counselling keep that in mind what to answer if this question is being posed to you.


Another F1 Visa Interview Experience . F1 Visa interview Questions

The interview was like this.

Con. Officer: Hiii!!! (with a broad smile)
Me: Hello sir (Smiling) Gave him my folder.
CO: Louisiana State University.
Me: Yes sir.
CO: Why this univ?
Me: My area of interest is VLSI and advanced research work is going on over there in this area.
CO: Look, the annual expenses are 16,000 USD and ur course duration is 2.5 years as per ur i-20, it comes to 50,000 USD. How will u meet these expenses?
Me: Sir, I am having a bank balance of 14.6 lacs and Fixed deposits of 2 lacs.
CO: what is your father?
Me: My father is ——– (told his occupation)
CO: What is his income?
Me: 4.5 lacs per annum sir.
CO: It is not sufficient I think.
Me: Sir, my brother is also sponsoring me for my education.
CO: What is he doing?
Me: He is working as ——— (told his occupation).
Co: where?
Me: In Bangalore sir.
CO: What is his income?
Me: 1.8 lacs per annum sir.
Co: So, He can also support you for ur studies.
Me: Yes sir.
CO: what is ur mother?
Me: My mother is a house wife and she is having property,
Con. Officer interrupted and said, property selling and all won’t happen…
Me: She gets rents of about 1.3 lacs per annum through her property sir.
CO: OK. So what will u do with ur electrical engineering degree.
Me: I will return to India and work in a big company.
CO: Why not in US?
Me: Usual sir, family ties and all our property is located in India.
CO: Take all your documents.
Me: OK
CO: Goto the last counter and pay the DD.
He didn’t check even one document of mine.
So be confident and tense free.


Another F1 Visa Stamping experience.

hi friends my visa appl was rejected on nov 15 the mistake i did was when he first asked me my dads annual income which i told was 5.26 lacs which was ok. But i got confused when he asked my fathers monthly income after asking what does he do i told him his salary only thats 25000 nd not the other incomes this where i got caught. And as told by rajesh fridays really r not advisable this is how my interview went
vo: hi Mr. ali how r u
ali: i am fine sir good morning
vo: do u know anyone in the US
ali: my senior friends are in the US
vo: why do u want to go to US?
ali: for master of sciences in Inustrial & system engg
vo: Which university u r planning to go?
ali: the university of memphis
vo: why univ of memphis?
ali: the industrial prog in the univ of memphis consist of topics  like operation research and forecasting techniques
which r of my  interest
vo: ( interrupts ) but these subj are taught in other univ also but why only memphis
ali: sir i thorougly studied the website of univ of mempphis and i am satisfied by the facilities being provided there also i had some conversation with the grad advisor michel race
vo: oh
vo: but Mr ali will u be able the high fees , who is sponsoring  u?
ali: my father
vo: what does he do
ali: he is a telecom engineer with the dept of telecommunication
vo: What’s his annual income?
ali: 5.26lakhs
vo: how hes going to support ur education tell me his monthly income
ali: 25000 also he has a steady agricultural income
vo: i dont think he can support U
ali: sir he is working for the past 27 years with  the dept. He has  sufficient bank balance to support to me
vo: show me ur bank docs
( i gave me my bank statement)
vo: not this one show me the transactions
(i gave him my passbook he sees all the pages of passbook)
vo: so do u think he is going to spend all his hard earned money on u (nodding his head
ali: yes sir
(i try to speak he interupts)
vo: mr ali i am sorry according to me(speaks a long sentence which  they do while marking the 214B)

Please share your experience as comment, I will update the article…


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  1. Mohammad

    Dear Friends,

    I am Hafiz from Hyderabad India
    I need GRE /TOEFL/GMAT/IELTS material , whoever has cleared their visa interviews .Kindly forward the materials to my email id as i cannot afford to take the training and would like to prepare at home only. Please share all your materials and help me and God bless you

    Please do not ignore n do needful help

    my email id is hafizjam at gmail dot com

    Thanks & regards,

  2. Mirlind

    Hello.I want to apply for F1 visa .But I am very confused .I will get I20 form within next few days ,and I have money in bank 30.000 dollars ,my dad is professor ,my mother is doctor ,I have also my own company ”start computer” etc. I WANT TO SAY IF THEY SEE ALL THESE GOOD THINGS DO THEY HAVE ANY REASON TO REJECT ME.PLEASE HELP ME THANK YOU

  3. Daniel


    I will have an F-1 visa interview next week regarding to my summer school. May I face any problems if my sponsor on my I-20 is my college student Chinese girlfriend residing in the US?

    Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Joy

    Please i just received my 1-20 form for this summer semester,and the school wrote me dat i should be in the states on the 18th may,but i’m yet to book my interview. I want to travel on july,is there any need to write to the school and tell them why i can’t make it dat date theyt gave me.and please,will nigerian embassy ask me why i didn’t meet up with the date school gave me.

  5. Mohammad

    Dear Friends,

    I am Hafiz from Hyderabad India
    I need GRE /TOEFL/GMAT/IELTS material , whoever has cleared their visa interviews .Kindly forward the materials to my email id as i cannot afford to take the training and would like to prepare at home only. Please share all your materials and help me and God bless you

    Please do not ignore n do needful help

    my email id is hafizjam at gmail dot com

    Thanks & regards,

  6. kumar

    hi ,
    please let me know does consulate will do background verification of work experience..i had one and half year gap and applying for f1 visa..if we produce a fake work experience from xxx compamy will be any problem ,please let me know……..
    waiting for ur guidance…

  7. siddhartha regmi

    hello everyone, I have got my visa interview on tuesday. I need some help.
    my sponsor are my parents and they own a company just by themselves. so i have shown the bank balance of the company as it belongs only to them. Will that be a problem??
    reply ASAP in this regard!!! cheers

    1. administrator

      Siddhartha regmi,
      I don’t think this will be an issue. Carry a document to show that they are indeed the owners of the company.

  8. Mohammad

    What is the procedure to approach for 2nd time to visa consulate after visa rejected for 214 b for the first time for F-1.

    do we need to pay any fee and where we need to book the slot and what other details we have to submit while booking a slot

    what should be the time gap while booking a slot for 2nd time

    Kindly help and reply asap

    1. administrator

      Yes, you need to pay for another HDFC receipt. You can go for stamping as soon as you have addressed the rejection reasons. Consulate considers you as a potential immigrant, and you need to show better ties to home country.

  9. V Rushanth varma

    i have booked my slot on 25th of this month that is may 2012.

    I would like to know some better answers regarding visa interview,
    Questions are:-1)Y US?
    2)Y this particular university(UHCL)
    3)I have work experience which is not similar to my profession so how can i manage him saying about that?
    4)After Masters?

    IAm expecting the earliest reply from any of them.

  10. Ajibike Babajide

    Good Day,
    I am a Nigerian.
    I have my f1 Visa interview next month here in Abuja,Nigeria got admitted atCommunity College in US to study Associate Degree on Biological Science but my problems is that I am a graduate with H.N.D Holder in environmental Biology. Am scared because they may ask why choosing community college and not University and I also applied to just one college.
    Please advice on what to do because my Interview fall around May.

  11. Kap

    I am about to go for F1 visa interview in New Delhi soon.
    The concern I have is that I have been denied an H1 visa earlier in Oct 2010. I worked from 2006 to 2010 in US and was on a personal trip to India in 2010 when my visa was not stamped. I was working for H1 based company in US at that time after switching from TCS to that company.
    Could this previous rejection impact my chances of getting a student visa? I am going for a MBA program this time to a very reputed B-school.

    Your help is appreciated.

    Also, do some Indian consulates have a better chance of approval than others?

    1. administrator

      Usually it doesn’t impact the new stamping as long as the rejection was not due to false documents, or not maintaining legal status etc. Do you know the rejection reasons for H-1?

      1. Kap

        Hi Saurabh,
        On the letter that I received from US Embassy, it said “We can’t give you a visa as your employer does not seem to be willing or capable of providing you employment in US in accordance with US laws and regulations”.

  12. Ajibike Babajide

    Good Day, I have my f1 Visa interview next month here in Abuja,Nigeria gat admitted with Community College in US to study Associate Degree on Biological Science but my problems is that I am a graduate with H.N.D Holder in environmental Biology. Am scared because they may ask why choosing community college and not University and I also applied to just one college.
    Please advice on what to do because my Interview fall arnd May.

  13. Sam

    When you’re pregnant and apply for I-20 Univ appointment/interview – might be risky as the intent is to get your child the US citizenship – is is OBVIOUS!. However, you can state that you are ready to give birth and then travel for further studies, and after receiving the visa can defer the semester, and join in the next fall or summer. This’ll be safer than, trying to prove that your husband is back here and you have to come back to India with your baby for your husband. Anyone who applies for an F1/Student visa is very closely watched and scrutinized for intent to migrate and not come back,; therefore with your pregnancy it might be derived that you will never come back, as your child will get auto US citizenship, AND they will certainly ask you who will take care fo the child when you go to school. US has very strict regulations for child services to come knowing on your door, even if you leave your child ignored or not attended to at any time, even for a few hours. ALSO, who’s going to pay for the delivery and the bills for the child and you, how about the insurance coverage – you will certainly be asked to show proof of the insurance for pregnancy form your home country to US….this will be very complicated. Safest bet would be to keep options open by saying that you though you might as well apply and get the visa, and then apply for deferment of semester and then go after the baby is born….hmmmm then again, you will be asked to apply again with your baby too…..guess this will be very complicated and not worth pursuing in the current state of your pregnancy. Maybe you want to consult a lawyer. Try reaching out to Rajiv Khanna – he has a weekly free call every week and answers most initial queries free of charge too, and he is second best in US. Sorry if I caused more confusion, but these are serious questions you need to consider before you proceed. All the best.

  14. JOY

    Please someone should ans me,do i have hope of getting student visa to united states,i applied it early last year,when i was not pregnant,but married on Dec.2011,and i’m pregnant now,and my 1-20 is ready,should i go ahead and apply for visa interview or should i abort my 4months pregnant to get visa,what should i do,i’m confused.

    1. Joel

      Dont abort infact for student VISA cases you might stand a better chance if you can proove that you will be returning to the father of the child and continue to build you family. The pregnancy might work for your good.

      There are also many other sites you can get information about student visas than this one which i surmise is exclusively for work related visas and greencard issues

      1. JOY

        Thank u so much Joel,i’m now relieved,sure i will really prove dat to them that i will come,my husband is allowing me since its just a two years duration and atleast to give our first child dat citizenship.so i should go ahead and apply for my visa interview.

  15. JOY

    Kumar,please do they give pregnant women student visa.my 1-20 is out,i’m scared to book my interview because i’m 5months pregnant for my fiance,but my sponsor’s acct has too much that will care for me and the delivery of the baby.should i go ahead and book my interview.its a college that i’m going to and i’m 21yrs.

    1. Deepak

      Hi Kumar ,
      I have 8 Yrs of Exp in Infosys . I will put my resignation soon . My wife is in Usa in H1B visa . If I go there in H4 visa , can any consulting company will Process my H4 to H1 .

      I have Few questions in this Scenario
      — How much time it takes for H4 to H1 conversion
      — If Everything goes fine ,Can I work before Oct 2012

      1. administrator

        Yes, an employer can file H-1 for you. The petition can take 2-6 months to process. If RFE is issued then it can take longer. In any case, the earliest start date for employment is Oct 1 or later (if H-1 petition processing goes beyond Oct 1). There is premium processing service available where USCIS will adjudicate the petition within 15 calendar days. However, the employment can still not start prior to Oct 1.

  16. JOY

    Do they grant pregnant women student visa even if ur sponsor’s account can take care of ur studies and the baby.pls help me,my 1-20 is ready but i’m scared to book my interview with the USA embassy in Nigeria.what should i do

  17. JOY

    Hi friends,I’M JOY,FROM NIGERIA(21YRS) please i need a good answer and advice from u all.my 1-20 is ready for this summer semester 2012 in HOUSTON COMMUNITY COLLEGE USA,i’m scared of booking my interview because i’m pregnant,i got engaged to my long term years boyfriend on dec.2011,i just found out that i’m pregnant.will the US embassy in Nigeria grant me student visa or will they deny me because of the pregnancy but my sponsor have alot of money that will care for me and the baby.what should i do?i’m confused,i really want to study abroad and i dont want to abort my baby,i’m suppose to put to bed on august this year,help me,i’m in a state of confusion.

    1. Ajibike Babajide

      As regards Pregnant, I dont knw what to say but please never abort becuz of US.
      Do you have Toefl ?
      I also a Nigerian got my I-20 form and have for my SEVIP in one community college in US.
      I think what is most important and paramount thing in US Visa Interview is to have confident and be prepared, then pray.
      all dah best.

    2. Gopi krishna Reddy

      Hi Joy,
      There will be very less chances for your F1 approval.
      Generally US embassies refuses to approve Visas for the candidates who goes for visa interview when they are pregnant.

    3. Don Drambi

      Hi Joy, I worked at the US Visa Section. If you apply for an F1 visa, you must demonstrate to a consular officer that you qualify for a U.S. visa in accordance with the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act (INA). Section 214(b) of the INA presumes that every B-1/B-2 applicant is an intending immigrant. You must overcome this legal presumption by showing:

      That the purpose of your trip to the U .S. is for a temporary visit, such as business, pleasure, or medical treatment
      That you plan to remain in the U.S. for a specific, limited period of time
      Evidence of funds to cover your expenses while in the United States
      That you have a residence outside the U.S., as well as other binding social or economic ties, that will ensure your return abroad at the end of your visit.

      Please also note that it is at the discretion of the Consular officer to approave or to refuse applicant a visa and all visa applicants cases are analised individually.

  18. Divya

    I was refused a visitors visa yesterday, stating I don have strong ties back home. I am single and an unmarried woman, have a decent job which pays me 35k. my sister and her husband are in the us with an AOS visa.
    The VO took my documents and asked me to wait, after sometime a different man comes up and tells me that I am denied visa. I asked the reason why, he said absence of strong ties.
    No form given to fill…What s my status? Can I reapply?
    Your feedback would be appreciated,

    1. administrator

      Did you show your employment in India? Did you carry a letter from employer stating that you are working for them, and they expect you to join them after you return from short trip to US?

      You can still go for another stamping, but your initial rejection reasons may impact the outcome of the next stamping.

      1. Divya

        Hi Saurabh,
        I really thank you for the reply.
        I had shown her my employers letter, salary statement. i really cant understand why an unmarried woman should not be given a visa.
        How else can i strengthen my position? Should i buy property? will it improve my chances?

        1. administrator

          Actually it’s just the “unmarried” part. When a person is unmarried, consulate treats them as someone w/ no strong family ties to home country and hence an eligible immigrant. Their stance has been to err on the side of caution.

          Did you show any personal financial assets during your first stamping? Are your parents in India?

  19. sanaa


    1. administrator

      Regarding the previous rejection, you should remain truthful and state that it was rejected as your parents had moved their funds to your account and you thought your a/c needs to have the fund. Usually, they expect parents’ account to have funds equal to at least 1 year of course to be sure that you will be able to pay for the course. Also, you need to show ties to your home country to show that you would return back after your studies.

      I would suggest transferring the funds back to your parents accounts, and carry bank statements for both yourself and parents for last 12 months. In those, you can highlight the transferring of funds from parents account to your account, and then back to their account. You can also highlight besides those funds transfer, what the average balance is in the account. Tax returns can also help.

      BTW, switching off the CAPS-LOCK when posting comments will readily improve the readability.

  20. Anushi


    I have been denied visa for school ‘A’ during my first attempt. just a day after my visa being denied, i got an acceptance from school ‘B’ which is a much better reputed school than the former for which my visa was being denied. I want to go for the visa interview for the second time around, as i was a bit nervous during the first time and could not properly answer the questions posed at me. I am pretty much confident now ..but my concern is as to what if i change to school ‘B’ as it is a much reputed school. My gut feeling says that i stick to school ‘A’,take the risk and go for it. But,what if i am asked about my other admits..and school ‘B’ being a better reputed one, i did not choose it even after being admited?? What are my chances of getting visa if i go with either school ‘A’ or school ‘B’??

  21. amsale

    hi !

    i have an interview for f1 student visa after some weeks. my sponsor is not a family and he is a us citizen. my family is not very rich . so do you think they will ask me about my fathers income or our property? pls help me as soon as possible..

  22. Rahul Shah

    Are any of the documents to be couriered after taking the date of the visa interview?
    What are the documents that are needed to be taken along with us during the interview?

  23. Gopi Kiran

    Hi all,

    I have my Visa interview this month. I have GRE score- 1010(quant- 710 and verbal- 300) and toefl score- 96. However I am lacking in my academics. I have bachelors degree percentage as 49.79 with 26 backlogs and my biggest draw back is that I took 7 years to complete my B.Tech. In the meanwhile I worked in a BPO for 2 years. I am mainly worried about two things. Firstly how can I cover my academics? It is definitely too low scores and huge number of backlogs. Secondly my sister is in US and I heard they are rejecting if the student have relatives in US. I also heard that they might find out presence of siblings basing on the father’s name in the passport. I heard this information from one of my friends. Is it true that they can find my sibling in US?

    I thought of telling them that I am the only son and have to look after my parents. So have to come back after my masters degree to look after them. Do you think this explanation is enough? Or can you suggest something else? Please advise me regarding these two things.

    Thank you,
    Have a nice day ahead.

  24. Joyce

    Dear Kumar,

    I have been following the threads and I must confess it has been really helpful as I’m also preparing to go for my visa interview in a month time here in Nigeria.
    I do have a question and am hoping you help me with answers….
    I applied for my MBA in America and on my i-20 form it says my sponsor is in America and yes my sponsor is in America but for the purpose of the visa interview, I am using my Father’s financial details here. Also stating that I dnt have any close relatives in America. Will this contradiction affect my visa in any way?

    Hope to get a response from you.

    Thank you.

    1. peter

      hello guys,getting a visa is much easy than apply for a college in the US,guys i was in Russia for six years ,while i was in russia in my first year i applied for a student visa,but got denied twice,i decided to be patient until when i finished my studies and returned to my home country,fortunately on returning i immediately got a job in UN head quarters in Nairobi.Then i decided to go and try to apply for masters and this is how ma interview went.

      Visa off. hello

      me .hey hello good morning

      Visa off . sir we dont rely on uncles

      me .sir this ma uncle and he was the one who sponsored me for six yrs in Russia

      visa officer .. ok show me your degree from Russia

      Me ……… i showed him,,

      visa officer ,. this is impressive ,wlcome to america

      me,,,,,, i said thanks 100 times guys ,,,,

      visa officer ,,,,you deserve a visa man

      he didnt check ma documents only ma degree and that was it guys

  25. JOSEPH

    Hi all!

    I was issued a visa only during the Seccond interview.My first was a failure.
    Read my story at website given.
    Also post me if anyone needs to know more about twinning programs to USA.
    Which is an easier way to US.

      1. joseph


        twinning programs allows you to earn a degree from a foreign university by completing part of your chosen course in that university.So one would be starting the course in ones home country and completing it at the foreign university/college.
        In my case the course was mba and in india it is usually a 2yr course .I completed my 1st yr in india and im gonna do my 2nd yr in usa.

        Similarly you can find such courses in various other fields like engineering,bba etc.The thing is , how much part of the course one completes in the respective colleges is decided b/w these colleges and there is a tie up formed.

        Usually people prefer doing such programs to get an international experience or to study in best universities of the world for a cheaper rate .
        Cheaper because one pays less for the initial years which is completed at home itself.So comparitively cheaper.

        But do keep in mind that us universities ask for certain level of competency in exams like GMAT(for mba),GRE ,TOEFL etc as per your chosen course before they accept you.So be sure that you can pass their qualifying marks before joining any twinning program to USA especially.

        you need any more info regarding, pls feel free.

  26. chandu

    okay guys today was my visa interview 23 sept 2011 in hyderabad consulate

    here is the discussion

    wats ur GRE score ???

    ans. i’ve taken my GRE but as you know ETS is upgrading their systems so scores will be out in Nov

    wats your grad percentage???

    ans. 6.23 CGPA

    do you have any backlogs???

    ans. no

    why did you choose low grade university???

    ans. if this is an low grade uni it wouldn’t be CA’s 2nd largest and US 12th largest uni

    what are the other Uni’s you have applied???

    ans. NYSU long island and NPU

    sorry sir i cant give you visa you can find better uni’s in india.

    he didn’t asked me any doc or wat i am doing… financial statement or nothing the whole conversation lost for 30 secs

    he has rejected visa for 4 people in front of me i was the 5th one…

  27. shankar

    im shankar from hyderabad.Im planning for ms in us and my profile goes lyk this:
    GRE : 880
    BTECH:73%(0 BAK LOGS)

  28. Aryan

    Hi Friends,
    I am going to appear for visa interview on 13th july. I have only one I20 wid me. I gave GRE (Score:1120), TOEFL (Score:89). I have 20lakh loan. My father has 10 lakh as FD. and property worth more than 1 crore. I applied to one more university, but they rejected my application. I sent my GRE and TOEFL score to four universities (including two above). I have three years work Exp. in telecom and Education industry. I have done my Engineering in Electronics. I am going for MS in Computer Science.
    Kindly tell me can I get visa??
    What I have to say for having only one I20??
    What to say for ” why CS if I have worked with telecom industry and graduation in EC”??
    What I have to show first:
    (i) Financial Documents of father
    (ii) Loan sanction letter

    Plz reply soon….

  29. Mona


    I have got my H1b approved in Sept 2010 but did not went for stamping. Post that i shifted to another company X and got my B1 visa and presently working in US. Now i got another employee is ready to hire me on a full time basis.

    1. Is it possible for me to shift to H1b visa now ?

    2. Can my new employer make the transfer of my existing visa?


    1. administrator

      1. Yes
      2. The new employer should file H-1 transfer and also COS from B-1 to H-1. Once approved, you can start working based on H-1 approval. You don’t need to go for H-1 stamping until you leave US and want to re-enter and work on H-1.

  30. smitha

    hai friends ,
    im going to attend the visa interview in 2 weeks , i do have less score (less than 800 ) in gre but i have a score of 97 in tofel , if the vo asks abt less score in gre wht should i answer

  31. Mihir

    I had my visa interview on June 17th 2011 at the Mumbai consulate.
    It was rejected under 214(b)

    VO: Why are you going to America?
    Me: To pursue BS in Computer Science
    VO: Which university?
    Me: Mississippi State University
    VO: Why MSU?
    Me: I liked the curriculum of MSU, MSU is a well-known university from USA and I also received positive feedback about it.
    VO: Positive feedback from where?
    Me: From Students studying over there and from the internet.
    VO: What did you learn from the internet?
    Me: I learned about the courses offered at MSU, it’s faculty and infrastructure.
    VO: Based on your answers, I regret I’m not able to approve your visa at this time. I’ll hand you a letter explaining why your visa wasn’t approved.. blah.. blah.. blah..

    So what went wrong? What could be better answers for the above questions for next time?

    Also, please help me with these questions for my 2nd attempt:
    1. Why was your visa rejected last time?
    2. What circumstances have changed since then?
    3. What ties do you have to your home country?

    What are the chances that my visa will get approved on 2nd attempt?


    1. Meenal

      Hi mihir,

      Did u go for second time F1 visa interview ?

      What happened ? what was the period elapsed between the 2 visa interviews?
      Please tell me . it would be useful. I am also facing the same situtation.

      Thanks in advance


  32. gaurav

    Hi every one

    My I20 says 31000$ per year, i am taking loan for 2nd year expenses but confused how to show bank balance for 1st year, as i have saving of 6 lac and my father had FD 5 lac rest money i have to arrange from my uncle, so my question is can i show my uncle along with my father as sponser ? will it make my case weaker as ideally your parent should be sponser or i should just take money and put into my father’s account to avoid my uncle sponsership

  33. srinivas

    hii i have visa interview in this month of may here my problem is i have the less percentage in btech 55% is it count in visa interview that ill be rejected based on my academic background…

  34. Sohil


    I have my visa intvw on 12 May. My mother is a housewife but has enough bank balance to sponsor my education.

    so does she being a housewife hamper my chances of getting a visa? Kindly reply soon.

  35. Jahongir

    Hi folks!
    Amaricans are just making money from applicants they don’t care about your education and intentions . My visa was rejected three times and I spend 1500$ for all this . Only 20% of student applications are being approved so it is better to study in home country than in USA.

  36. Neha

    This thread is very informative.Thank you for all the responses However I have a few more questions.
    My i20 amount says $29,000 are required (have an admit for MS in Computer Science from SUNY-Buffalo, Univ of Florida and George Mason Univ-planning to join UFL)and I would be applying for Rs. 15 lacs loan. How much more savings from the sponsor is required. My sponsor would be a family friend as both of my parents are not living so would it be a reason for the consulate to deny me visa? Also I have played the Diversity Visa Lottery for year 2012. Although you have answed to this saying it should not be a problem, I would like to confirm once again.
    Looking forward to your reply.Thank you much!

    1. administrator

      As long as your loan amount is equal to or greater than the amount mentioned on I20, you should be fine…logically, bank is covering all your education expenses. There is nothing fixed, anything you can show from your sponsor would help and make the case stronger. They cannot deny visa for that reason… Yes, Diversity Visa lottery will not impact you with anything.

    2. Samy


      I have the same scenario as you did a year ago. I wanted to know if applying for the DV had an impact on your F1-visa application. Any information from your side would help me a great deal.


  37. Lingareddy

    Can you please suggest a good consultant for VISA documentation and income proof.
    In recent days I am seeing lot of rejection for the improper bank balances.

  38. jahongir

    Hello Mr Kumar I will be interviewed on 15 April
    my father has a 25 000$ balance on his account should I show this money to council or should we trasfer this money to my account and submit a bank statement confirming funds on my account .
    Which is good ? How do you think?

    thank you for help

  39. kiran

    i am going to apply f1 visa.i applied for toefl based university in Masters ( health care management).i got I20 also.i didn’t appeared GRE is any chances to reject visa r i can get visa..

    1. administrator

      Kiran, Well, it depends…very hard to say….the logic is, in general most of the decent schools have GRE as mandatory for MS….it is your discretion.

  40. Sneha Dutt

    I went for a student visa a month earlier than 120 days timepoint. The VO said she has good and bad news for me. She gave me back my passport and asked me visit again during the 120 days timepoint.

    Does this mean my visa is denied?

    1. administrator

      Sneha, it does not necessarily mean she denied you visa….she just asked you to come back during 120 days time for interview…there is nothing to worry…

      1. Sneha Dutt

        Thanks Kumar. I really appreciate it. But, is that normal? I read that if someone applies before the 120 days period, and if Visa is approved, the passport and papers will be retained and visa will be stamped (issued) within that period.

        I am going to USA for Phd on full scholarship but my financial condition here is not very good and I guess that is being reflected in my paperwork.

        1. Arindam

          Hi Sneha

          I hope you got your VISA without qualms. I am in a similar situation. Funded PhD…weak finances….so wanted to get in touch.

          Looking forward to your reply


  41. Jahongir

    Hi Kumar .
    I’m going to apply for F1 visa. Should I have to book accommodation in US before going to interview or before filling DS-160 application form?
    Will council ask me about my travel arrangements in interview?

    1. administrator

      I am not sure if they really would care much about your travel plans…They want to make sure you are going to US for education and your intentions are clear..

  42. Nandish

    Hi –
    If you want to go for f1 interview visa process by getting the i20 from a low graded university,

    What are the consequences?
    Which centers are much favorable for getting the f1 visa and is that going to matter in any ways, am a resident of Bangalore and what do you suggest for my case??
    My academics is also not great enough, ” I know there are lot of oppirtunity for the interviewer to reject” CAN YOU HELP ME ANY WAYS?? PLEASE 🙂

    1. administrator

      Nandish, You have to communicate well to the consular officer your intentions for going to a particular school and how it will help you in career…I am not sure if there are any shortcuts…you have to support your decisions to go to a particular school.

  43. Jahongir

    I have received I-20 from US university . But I played GREN CARD lottery for 2012
    what are my chances to get F-1 visa. Is Green card entry a great MINUS for this

  44. shirin


    I am a Indian wishing to pursue an MBA in US.I want to know if it is ok to have a US citizen (a relative) as a sponser for one’s education in US. Can the visa be rejected solely on this ground?

  45. Danesh

    Hi dude im appearing for the interview on friday 29th october.
    You said friday is not preferable y?
    i have appiled for the f1 visa once in New Delhi US Consulate but i got rejected.
    My sponsor is my uncle and he US citizen and he sponsring he now as well(29th october 2010 interview)
    And now i am applying for the same university to whcih i have applied before.
    I got rejected for 3 times, 2 times for B2 Visit Visa which i have applied from London US Embassy.
    I was in London for more than one year as i was doing my PG from there in Finance and Business Management.
    After My P.G i was planning to do Global MBA from UK but due to fee structure i could not prceed forward for Global MBA in UK.
    Now i have choosen US for my furhter Education with Global MBA program.
    So please friends give your suggestion il b thankful to you.

  46. santhosh kumar

    Thank you this article is really healp full for the students ,,i mean it,,,thank s can we get more info about the f1 intervie prosess ,,,,,,,,may i know exactly why friday is prefferable,,,,,,,

    1. administrator

      Honestly, I do not think it makes a difference. These are some collected over time and it represent their perceptions.

  47. pooja


    Thanks for sharing your experience. But I want to know that for what you paid money (DD) to the suggested counter? Do we have to pay additional money ?

    1. administrator

      Pooja, I do not think you need to pay additional money…some of these experiences are old and collection. Please check the consulate site or VFS site. They should have most latest information.

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