F1 Visa stamping interview Experience. Actual F1 visa questions asked.

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One of our readers Vishal would like to share his F1 visa stamping experience of 2006. It is a little dated; some of the logistics and visa procedures might have changed, so be aware of it and verify the information on procedures. Nevertheless, the essence of visa experience and questions asked are always fresh and helpful to others. He wrote it casually long time ago and kind enough to share with us, please do not try to pick on English or any minute details.   Only pay attention to the experience. Thanks to Vishal !  if you have anything to share with our readers, you can contact me using the contact me option above in menu bar. Enjoy reading.


Hello people!

I have typed out a log of the events that transpired on the 1st of June, 2006; the day of my Visa interview. I do hope that it will help you in some way.

Visa Log:

  • Reached VFS at 8:30 am. — Interview scheduled for 10:00 am. – Waited in a light drizzle for around 40 minutes (yea.. real mean buggers aint they??). Anyway… finally got into the place.. the glorified Stars and Stripes Lounge.. –Was asked to deposit my digital watch at the locker.. (yes.. the lounge has a locker but the consulate DOES NOT..)
  • And guess what.. there’s a CCD in the Lounge.. (that’s Café Coffee Day for the uninitiated..) – waited for some time… — watched a news report about the inefficiency of the Mumbai Muncipal corporation in the face of the early monsoon.. – finally got hungry and had a paneer burji sandwich and a coffee.. wont comment on whether it was worth the insane 150 bucks (had bought the token earlier..)
  • the call for the 10:00 appointment ironically came at 10:20… — bundled into the bus.. Got off at the consulate.. – the security check involves removing even your belts.. so guys… prepare for the indignity of shuffling into the consulate, struggling to juggle your huge file.. the appointment letter, the passport; all while trying to get your belt on… — well, I know you may not be interested but I  wasn’t wearing a belt… — oh and by the way.. the security also hands out a little rectangular wooden token; the purpose of which is a real mystery.. (mine had no marks on it at all.. so it was obviously not for identification..)
  • Got into a line where a lady was giving out the contents of the original visa application (the one you submitted in a cloth lined envelope..) along with a little pink token.. – Now, pay attention folks !!! I CANNOT overstress this… DO NOT… DO NOT under any circumstance mess with what the lady gives you… she will fold the I-20 and your original application along with sum other things and stuff them in your passport in an seemingly haphazard way… but as I found out the tough way; it is not haphazard !!!
  • I was asked 2 stand at counter no. 1 and being the curious soul that I am, I opened up the documents and peered into them… — by the time I reached the counter, I got sent back to the original line for my sins… — So.. Moral of the story.. when you are given your documents folded and stuffed into your passport; you clutch it the way it is.. DO NOT mess with the order.. So, anyway.. made it back to counter no. 1… lost around ½ an hour in the process.. got finger printed… and was given back the pink token… the number on your token is the number that will be announced so pay attention…
  • Around 5 to 10 numbers are announced at a time and are asked to report to a particular counter. The numbers that are called may report there in any order (not necessarily the order in which the numbers were called..) so I picked out the most strategically located seat.. one that would let me get to any counter ASAP.. (well, it was also strategic because the prettiest visa officer :counter no. 6 was within my field of vision..) Had to wait a very long time (past 12:00 noon).. – but was finally rewarded.. and how !!! – was called to counter 6; with the pretty VO.. – reached counter 6 with just a leap and a bound and was the 1st to enter..

The transcript of the Actual Interview (lasted for around a minute):

Pretty Visa officer (PVO): Hi !! (Lovely smile too..)

Me: Hello !

PVO: What program are you pursuing?

Me: MS in Bioinformatics.

PVO: What is Bioinformatics?

Me: It is the … blah blah…. Mega blah !!!!

PVO: So what are the applications of Bioinformatics?

Me: Blah blah again.. sequence analysis… core

Bioinformatics.. human genome project… applied drug


PVO: What ?? Drug design?? (ears perked..)

Me: Yes. Rational drug design… as opposed to

serendipitous drug discovery..

[a little confusion over serendipity..]

PVO: What is your basic qualification?

Me: Bachelor in Pharmaceutical Sciences.

PVO: When did you do this?

Me: 2002

PVO: So what have you being doing?

Me: Joined a PG Diploma… worked… blah blah… super


PVO: Ok. So your fees are 35,000 $ !! Hmm.. and you have a

scholarship of ….???

Me: 33%.. 8379 $

PVO: Ok. So your parents will be funding you.

Me: Yes.

PVO: What do they do?

Me: My father is — Mother is —

PVO: What is your family’s annual income?

Me: Between me and my father —

PVO: Do you have savings?

Me: [Duh …] Yes, of course.

PVO: Have you ever travelled abroad??

Me: No.

PVO: Have you ever been to the US?

Me: No.

PVO: Ok. [pushes I-20 towards me…] This is for you. Your

visa will be couriered to you within 3 days, sir.

Me: Thank you.

PVO: Have a nice day.

Me: Yea.. You too.


All Credtis to Vishal for Sharing his experience with us.


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Comments ( 62 )

  1. Vonn

    My husband and I were admitted to the same school but different campuses. He got 50% scholarship and an approved loan (Prodigy. My tuition will be covered with my/our money.

    Kindly advise:
    1. Do we go for the F1 visa interview together or separately ( and why?)
    2. If the answer to No.1 is ”together”, what sort of questions should we expect regarding going to school together?

    Thank you.

    Thank you.

    1. administrator

      1. It does not matter. They are totally different as it is not related to family…
      2. It does not matter, each of your interview will be based on the admision and your profile individually, so prepare as if you were only going and studying…There is no dependent visa here.

  2. Aeksha

    I have been rejected twice with B1/B2 visa in the month of October and November 2018. Now I am applying for F1 visa for Fall 2019. Will my previous visa rejections affect on F1 visa ?

  3. sameer

    BOLLYWOOD STYLE Exaggeration but in my case for same profile it was a 45sec interview although process was similar and my approach was streamlined and i never messed up with any of the documents.

  4. ruchita

    i have been rejected twice in fall 2018 for roosevelt university actually i have not given gre and the officer asked me that without gre or gmat how you will manage your studies… i have applied for spring for Suffolk university i will schedule my interview in dec plz i need your help now what type of questions they can ask and how can i answers to that questions.

    1. administrator

      Well, that’s a valid question…while some get away without GRE at visa interview, it can get tricky…You need to have a valid answer to defend your situation without GRE.

  5. harman jeet singh

    12th(commerce) – 8.4 GPA
    IELTS – 6.5 bands
    financials ( no loan ) – 44 lakh
    Father income – 30 lakh

    i got admitted into santa barbara city college , i want to know that going for community collage is any problem to my profile or its okay

  6. Aleexaarav

    first of all thanks a lot for this bulk of information. I have a query. Sir, i rejected in my 1st visa interview. Actually i have done my bachelor in public health from a very renowned institute with outstanding GPA(3.93) and now i am looking forward to pursue my graduate in Psychology Counselling. I have also got very affordable I-20 . But still they rejected me. Actually when they asked a question why i am changing my stream from public health to Counselling, i could not justify it very well. I got nervous and could not explain it well and they reject me.

    What can i do know sir. Is there probability in the next chance to get visa. This time i am trying to prepare more well.

    Please help me.
    Thank you

    1. administrator

      It is very hard to understand what is going on in Visa officer’s mind. You need to be confident in explaining why you changed majors, it is one of the key things that VO looks for…Confidence and conviction. If you are passionate about it and have a strong reason, go for it with confidence !

  7. aira franco

    I love it! Excellent article. Cool to read such a well-considered article! Just look at the service https://goo.gl/Mbb1Hy. Its pretty easy to use. I think you can get a free trial if you ask for it.

  8. mike

    Hi ! I have applied for an f1 visa but my initial sponsor is not well and I am have gotten a new sponsor, will it pose any problem for me in getting my visa?

    1. administrator

      I do not think it matters, if they are ill or not. It is about their sponsorship and paying for your tuition, if they are able to fund, thats good enough, they do not have to come anywhere. You can change your sponsor, if you want. You will need to update school first and get their approval and then use it for visa stamping…

  9. keerthana

    hello I am keerthana done graduation in computer science engineering in 2013 and had only 6 months of work experience that is from jan 2014 to july 2014 and later i had my ielts-nov 13 2014 and gre 0n feb 25,2015 and wanted to pursue my masters in usa ,so will i be asked about my gap in visa interview and moerover what are the general questions asked for me during my visa ?can anyone please let me know ?

  10. Gillian

    I was wondering, I am from Ireland and have been accepted into college in the US, I have an american sponsor, I gave the college my original copy of my Affidavit, and now I have received my I20 to bring to the embassy. My school would not give me back my Affidavit, just a copy. Do I need to get another affidavitt filled out or is my I20 enough?
    Thanks in advance

    1. bhargavi

      Please help me out!
      I done BBA in the yr 2012 after that joined in MBA and finished it 2015 so problem is that, when visa interviewer asks can I. Tell him I have done Mba and want to do international MBa or go with bba?
      What should i tell him when asks me why u want to do mba in Us?

  11. Shaheel

    I have done m.com in india and I am going for MBA in genral management to tiffin university. I received the I20 from tiffin university but it is a conditional I20, which states I have to complete the bridge program and get a B grade, and the i20 is issued for the brigde program and once I complete it I will be enrolled in the MBA program. What should I do ? Should I go ahead with the visa interview ?
    also I have paid 500$ deposit which will only be refunded if I get rejection

    Guys please help me.

  12. laxman

    l done my masters in uk in 2011 last year i’m came back to india ,last december i went for usa visa interview as a student on MBA program at that they reject me three times,the 3 vo were question me same question, your you done your masters in uk why u need second masters,now i’m again i want go visa interview on december 5th at mumbai plz give me proper ans how to ans for the same question
    thank you………………

  13. jaspreet singh

    first of all thank u for helping students
    my question is I got rejected my f1 us visa because I was nervous there I wish to know that can I applied in next time by same university but on another i20

  14. saloni

    hi, i have completed my 12 th and got admission in csu and i have to go for my interview in july end my toefl score is 66 , i got admission but i am giving once again ,and my 12 th score overall is 72 percentile and according to merit it is 64 percentile so what should i say if they ask me my 12 th % and i have relatives in america should i mention for i am applying for bachlors degree i m tensed because i got no reviews or visa experienced comments for 12 th passed student can u suggest me something????

  15. ansa

    My big dad is going to sponser me as a major sponser and my dad does a small business .what will i tell them if they tell me what does you father do and why is your uncle sponsering you ?
    Another thing is i have changed my faculty from science to Business what can be the reasons ?

  16. Walsmorgan

    I went for F1 visa interview. My vo was really curious about my statement of account wch was actually valid for 6 months. I mean almost 6 months old cos I used it for my application to my schl in the us.I actually tot 6 months is always acceptable until I had my interview. She told me the only valid one is 5 months old statement. Now she told me to re-present an updated account statement later that I’m gonna be CONTACTED. Pls when I’m I likely be contacted and if contacted how possible is it I get the visa? Pls I need some help.

  17. Harshit

    Hi All,

    I got admitted to University of illinois, Urbana Champaign for the term Spring 14.
    I needed your help for couple of questions.
    Firstlly I got 90 in TOEFL so my admission says that I will have to attend a english exam and if I don’t pass that I will have to take eng course. So will this be a prob? if yes plz guide me how should I handle this?
    Secondly my Dad is a businessman and he shows less income in order to save tax. So how should I handle this question what is your Dad’s income?

    your help will be highly appreciated 🙂


  18. Patel

    I have showed 22 Laks as a financial statement for my F1 Visa. This does not include the home or anything else. Do you think it is valid to show them how much the house costs and that is my house so do I get credit for that balance? Please let me know ASAP

  19. oluyemi

    Pls I was give an appointment for my visa interview but I was told to make a payment for booking an appointment….do i need to pay for this

    1. administrator

      Different consulates have different processes. Visit the consulate website in your country and then will have the process outlined.

  20. likitha

    hi friends,
    this is likitha, i am pursuing mca final year in hyderabad.i am planning to go usa in auguest 2012, i wrote toefl ,i got less score 66 , i got i20 from NYIT in newyork , i am planning to go for visa interview please help me out who got visa with this NYIT and thosa who got visa having less score like me in toefl.

  21. J

    Hi Saurabh,

    First of all thanks for your quick response and guidelines.

    My question is as below.

    I am working for a big reputed MNC. My petition is approved and I also got the interview date.
    Problem with me is in my LCA my position is “Computer System Analyst” and in my client letter position is “QA Analyst”. will this create any problem at the time of interview. Should I ask client to get revised client letter with “Computer System Analyst”.

    In one of the letter my employer explains roles and responsibilities of “Computer System Analyst” it is same as “QA Analyst” so can i give VO explaination like in my company they have offered my position “CSA” and my client is having same roles and responsibilities with “QAA” so will it be good argument.

    Please help me because I have stamping date.


    1. administrator

      Check w/ attorney/employer if there is a separate job code for QA Analyst. If they have the same job codes, then it should be fine. If they are separate job codes, then it might be an issue. You can try to explain the VO about it, and then it will be their discretion.

      1. J

        Thanks Saurabh,

        I have checked in one of the website mentioned here in your blog where you can find the Privilege wage, in that site QA Analyst job code is not available with any code when I read the descripction of Computer System Analyst in that website it is similar to QA Analyst means CSA is having all the duties of QAA.

        Checked with my employee he said that please ask client with new client letter with CSA job title until dont go for visa stamping. Now its very difficult to get that letter as We have already asked client twice about the letter.


        1. administrator

          If you cannot approach the client, then try to gather some information (yourself or through attorney) which says that QA Analyst and CSA are same jobs (w.r.t. LCA).

  22. Tina

    I am a Canadian permanent residence and got accepted for Masters program from US. My husband is in US on H1 Visa and he is sponsoring me for my education and stay. Will his H1 status and the fact that he is sponsoring me could effect my F1 visa.

    1. administrator

      Yes, it might. But I know couples who are in US w/ one being on H-1 and the other being on F-1. I would suggest you go for F-1 interview first and then your husband goes for H-1 visa stamping.

  23. Manjunath

    I am working for a defence organisation and would like to pursue my MS in electrical is there any problem in getting F1 visa Please reply

  24. Naynish

    I am proposing to appear for my F-1 interview shortly. I have decent GRE (1470;V690; Q780; AWA 5.5) and TOEFL (119/120). My GPA is good at 3.95/4.00. I am a doctor and have got an admit from University of Pittsburgh for a PhD in research. However the hospital where I have been employed (at a fairly low salary) used to pay this in cash. The salary was so low that I didn’t even need to file any tax returns. I have an experience certificate from my boss. I can demonstrate the required financial ability; however I have no proof of salary. Will this be an issue?

    1. Raptor


      How are you planning to demonstrate your financial ability.
      Your scores are top notch, shd be a definite + to your stamping.

      1. Naynish

        Hi Raptor,
        Thank you! I was just worried that having received my salary in cash they will doubt my employment (this is what a friend told me). As to financial ability, the University has stated that it will cover tuition, health insurance and living costs on the I 20. I was also to show Bank deposits in my name of that amount. I had applied for MS, but University said that they would like to offer me a PhD, which I accepted since that was my goal all along.
        Thanks a ton for such a prompt response! This is an AWESOME place, only wish I’d found it sooner 🙂

        1. Raptor

          oh boy .. you have a hell of profile dude 😛
          Just tell them that ” I had applied for MS, but University said that they would like to offer me a PhD, which I accepted”

          I bet you get a VISA. Pack your bags ..!

          1. Naynish

            Hi Raptor,
            Thanks a lot for the support! Exactly as you predicted, the interview was extremely easy and pleasant!

  25. Tanveer Ahmad

    Hi , I am Tanveer Ahmad ,Final yr Electronics Engg. Student at Aligarh Muslim University. I have a CPI of 7.18 … i had applied to university of Toledo only as I had a senior in there.got an admit and full tuition scholarship.have received I20. My GRE is 315 and TOEFL is 108. With my CPI and scores I fear i may not get much good offers than this ,as i m much dependent on scholarship. Now the problem is i have applied to only 1 university as i was late in applying and got admit letter quickly. And i would be able to get my provisional degree by 9th july. so when should I apply for VISA and what r my chances of getting visa since i have applied to only 1 university. On my I20 ,9th August is given as the date to arrive. Please advice me how to move ahead.

    1. Raptor

      Upon receipt of the F-1 or J-1 visa, you may enter the U.S. not more than 30 days prior to the start date on your I-20 or DS 2019. So I would suggest apply for F1 Visa somewhere in June 3rd ot 4th weeks.

      One university should not be a problem as long as you have reasons like ‘I liked the unique curriculum of this program etc’

      Low CPI is also not a problem if you give them proper answer like ‘I couldn’t manage time properly during the first semesters of my degree later i covered up etc ‘

      Good Luck & let us know what happens. You will get it 🙂

  26. Sarah

    Gideon, I will say choosing a particular university will not be a problem but how you compose yourself and answer your questions.

    Be ready for questions on why you chose that university amongst all other in the USA, questions about your program of study, your sponsor and why he is sponsoring you,
    assurance that you will come back to Nigeria.

    From my experience, i will stay be bold (fake is if you have to), speak loud and clear and dont mind that other people are listening. Dont be too fast or too slow, look at the consular in the eyes, organise your documents well so you can easily provide anything he asks for.Even if you dont have an answer open your mouth and say something, if that is not the answer, he will ask you again and this time, you must have tot of something.

    I wish you all the best. Go get your Visa!

  27. Gideon

    Hi, pls i’ll be going for FI visa interview on next monday.
    I Chose only one university, Oklahoma state university Institute of technology…….
    Will chosing only one university be a problem?
    Pls i need ur help as soon as possible….

    1. Kaushik

      I just applied to one university and got admitted with scholarship there. Getting visa was no problem. That was back in 2005, I am not sure if things changed significantly in recent times but I don’t think they did. Best of luck.

  28. Victor Obiora Egbun

    Good day! Please am a nigeria student just finish my Higher National Diploma in accounting but yet to get my result just only National Diploma which i tend to do a summer program in computer. I dont ve tofel cos i ve been studyin in English through my high school. Statement of account wont be a problem but wanna kw d process of getting a student visa in Nigeria

    1. oludare

      bro!! Cant lie to you….without the Toefl or any foriegn exam ? i doubt the issuance…or u may rely on pure luck anyway….

    2. Sara

      I also suggest that you take teofl to make your application tangible. You want to make sure you remove any doubts that the consular may have.

  29. Teju Oye

    Please am applying for F-1 Visa as an Undergraduate Student here in my Country NIGERIA..My Appointment date is February 2nd,2011….I have been given an Undergraduate admission for the Summer Term at University Of South Carolina ( B.SC Computer Science )with FULL TUITION SCHOLARSHIP..I have a 1423 in my SAT Critical Reading & Mathematics… Please sir am in need of all the likely Interview question and how to answer them correctly…

    Best Regards

    Teju Oye


  30. danesh khan

    Hi thanks for posting your experience.
    I am also appearing for visa interviwe on 9th sep 2010 in new delhi.
    I got rejected two times in London U.S embassy for b2 vist visa.
    I have completed my P.G diploma from U.K came back after completion of studies and was looking for job but i did not got any job which suits my profile and now i am applying for f1 student visa in new hampshire university.
    i have not written IELTS/TOEFEL as this was waved off bcoz i have studied in an english country for more than one year.
    And my uncle is sposoring me as my father he does not have sufficient funds to show in his a/c.
    what are the possibilities of getting visa?
    what question will be asked at the time of interview any idea?
    please reply to me as soon as you can.
    or email me [email protected]

  31. Arman

    Hai, first i thanks to you. I have read your article first time and i knew many things. i am eager to get an admission of an USA university but i want to know is there require any sponsorship or how much minimum income have to be shown to USA government.
    If i privately admit in an university what will be the minimum cost and is there any job opportunity for a student.

    1. administrator

      Welcome. Typically, US Schools ask for financial support in the form of an affidavit. It totally depends on the school you are applying to. Check this article How much does MS in USA Cost About jobs, it all depends on the school and amount of international students on campus.

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