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US Consulates to open from July 15th. In India from Aug 2nd week(TOI news)

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Some of you would have scheduled US Visa interview appointments in India or your home country…With the unprecedented Coronavirus Situation US State Department are giving news alerts on how to handle such Visa appointments with their offices…

In this page, we have all latest updates on the News and Guidance from US Dept of State, US Embassy India. We have divided them into sections and have latest updates by date in each section. Click on each of the them to go directly. We will continue to update this page, you may bookmark this page.

US Consulates to Open from July 15th, depending on Local Conditions

Jul 14th, 2020 : US Department of State confirmed today that they plan to open US Consulates and Embassies in phased manner. They issued a press release indicating the same. Below is the update

  • US Consulates to open in phased approach depending on local conditions. No specific dates for a consulate, it all varies.
  • Need to check with local embassy or consulate, when they will open and resume the appointments for visa stamping.
  • Priority of appointments will be given to people with urgent need for US visa like F1 Visa applicants, Families of US Citizens, etc.
  • If you need emergency appointment, you need to check with your nearest US Consulate or Embassy for information and process.
  • Check US Dept of State Official Press Release

Jul 11th, 2020 : Below is update on US consulates opening across the world.

  • US State Department Tweeted today, see below, indicating that they plan to open US Embassies and Consulates in phased approach starting from July 15th, 2020. They have not given definite indication that all US Consulates and Embassies would be open and it will be based on the local conditions.
  • Also, there is no official announcement on yet on this.
  • As far as US Consulates in India goes, the same rule applies and there is no definite answer by US State Department ( see below second tweet).
  • As of today July 11th, 2020 7 PM EST, there is no update on the US Embassy India or US Consulates India website. Also, there is no update on the USTraveldocs website as well yet. We need to wait for few days.

You can watch below video on where & how to check for US Consulates openings, wait times.

US Consulates India Updates – Visa Appointments, Dropbox, 221g -Cancelled

  • August 8th, 2020 : No official news on when consulate will open. US Consulate Mumbai update today stating they do not have a set date. They did not respond to the Times of India News that mentioned the consulate would open in August 2nd week. See below tweet. Still we continue to wait.
  • August 5th, 2020 : Two updates – Official, News
  • Official Updates : No official updates in the form of news alrt from US Consulates, US Embassy or USTravelDocs. The only update is from US Consulate Mumbai on Twitter saying that they do NOT have an official date yet on when consulate will open. See below tweet.
  • News Update : Today Times of India posted a news article that says that US Consulate would likely open next week. It does not tell the exact date. Also, they say there is no official statement on this. So, you need take this news with a pinch of salt. It is basically the same news that was reported before by Local News ( Eenadu). See below screenshot or You can check Times of India News to know more.
US Consulate to open next week Aug 2020
  • Jul 31st, 2020 : We got some local news few days back, but as of today, nothing is officially confirmed by US Consulates. There is no official date when they will open. US Consulate Mumbai updated in tweet saying that they do not have a date yet. We need to wait. See below tweet from them.
  • Jul 29th, 2020 : US Consulates in India continue to be closed. The most recent update is from them today saying there is no date set yet on when they will open the consulate. See below tweet.
  • Also today, in Eenadu Telengana News Papaer ( local state news paper), there was news article that tells that US Consulates could be opened in August 2nd week. There is no confirmed date given by Consulate as per that news. It states that it will be applicable to all the US consulates in India. We have translated it to English. See below. Link to E-News Paper. We are no official confirmation on the same from the US Embassy site.
US Consulates Opening in August 2020 in India - Eenadu
US Consulates in India may open from August second week.
  • Jul 16th, 2020 : US Consulate in Mumbai confirmed that they do not have any planned date set for regular visa appointments and stampings. See below tweet. It is the same case with other Consulates like Chennai, Hyderabad. No official press release or update. Also, there is no official update on the USTravelDocs Website too. We need to wait and see.
  • Jul 12th, 2020 : After US Dept of State announced the opening on consulates, there were questions asked on Twitter to State Department regarding India and they responded telling, it all depends on the Local conditions and did not confirm, when they will open.
  • May 4th, 2020 : US Consulates in India are still closed and NOT processing any appointments or Administrative processing activities. They are only taking some emergency appointments on a case by case basis. At this point, there is no clear information on when they will open. They also are not processing Immigrant visas due to Trump’s 60 Days Immigrant Visas Suspension. You should check for latest updates. So far nothing has changed.
  • March 18th, 2020 : US Embassy India gave a news alert today indicating that they are cancelling the Dropbox and Biometrics Appointments from March 20th at all US Consulates and US Embassy. Also, they will not process 221g – Administrative Processing Cases as well. They did not indicate any date from when the services will resume. All they say is that you can use the MRV Fee receipt would be valid for 1 year and you can use it in future. This has a huge impact on many people planning to get their visa renewed or already in US with Dropbox Submissions done… See below screenshot from Indian Embassy site and US Embassy Facebook page regarding the alerts. You can check Official Press Alert by US Embassy . If you plan to go to India for Visa stamping, you need to factor in this news…if you leave US and do not have visa, you cannot re-enter.
US Embassy India COVID-19 Updates - Dropbox - Visa Appointments - 221g - Cancelled
Facebook page update - US Embassy India - Cancelled Dropbox Appointments 221g
  • March 14th, 2020 : US Embassy India Confirmed today that they will continue to process and accept US Visa Appointments for Interview Waiver / Dropbox Applications and the Dropbox Locations will accept document submissions. The only exception is Kolkata, which will Not accept the documents. Also, you will be able to collect passport and also submit any documents, if you were given 221(g) under Administrative Processing. See below screenshot for the same from US Embassy India Facebook Post.
US Embassy India - Visa Dropbox Accepted and 221g Documents Accepted
  • March 13th, 2020 : US Dept of State issued an alert saying that they are cancelling all immigrant and non-immigrant visa appointments from March 16th, 2020 in India until further notice. They say that the status will stand as cancelled and you will be able to re-schedule the appointment once the India Consular office resumes operations. Check below screenshot from US Consulate website for India.
US Visa Appointments Cancelled from March 16 India

USTravelDocs India Updates – US Visa Stamping Appointments

  • July 16th, 2020 : No new update on the USTravelDocs website. Even though there was announcement from US state department on the phased opening of the US Consulates, we have no indication on when Indian Consulate will open and they will give appointments. The previous message from June 22nd is still on the home page.
  • June 22nd, 2020 : After President Trump signed the H1B, L1 Visa Travel ban until Dec 31, 2020, USTravelDocs website also was updated to reflect the same. It clearly tells that Trump Proclamation is in effect and non-immigrant visa holders on H1B, H2B, certain J and L visa holders will not be able to allowed to enter US. See below screenshot for your reference.
US Travel Docs India - Appointments Not available Alert June
  • March 18th, 2020 : The USTravel Docs Website updated the alert on their page indicating the cancellation of all dropbox appointments and 221g case processing. See below.
USTravelDocs Update - COVID - Dropbox and 221g cancelled
  • March 14th, 2020 : The USTravelDocs Website updated their page with an alert confirming the guidance from US Embassy that all the US Visa appointments are cancelled from March 16th. They indicated that they do not also know the date when they will resume. See below screenshot. USTravelDocs Website - Update Appointments Cancelled India
  • March 13th, 2020 : website, that you use to book US Visa appointments gave guidance indicating that if you are experiencing any flu like symptoms, you should re-schedule your appointment by at least 14 days. This is pretty much consistent with the USCIS guidance too.  Also, they say that the appointment receipt is valid for 1 year. 
Dept of State Guidance to Reschedule Appointment Coronavirus

FAQs – US Consulates Updates with COVID-19

When will US Consulate Open for Appointments in India ?

There is no date given by US State Department on when will it open. All Visa interviews appointments are cancelled from March 16th, 2020. Dropbox appointments stand cancelled from March 20th.

Are Dropbox or Interview Waiver Appointments Available in India with COVID-19 Situation ?

No, starting from March 20th, Dropbox and Interview waiver appointments are cancelled as well. There is no estimated date for availability.

As Visa appointments are cancelled, will there be refund of Visa fee?

No, there is no refund as such. You will get a chance to book appointment once the US Consulate is open. You have one year from the day you paid Visa fee to use the same. Also, US Consulate will consider exceptions due to the Coronavirus Situation for all the visa appointments cancelled.

I am in US, my US Visa is Expiring, should I get Stamping ?

You do not need a new US Visa, if you are already in US. As long as you have your I-797 approval valid and I-94 valid, you are fine. All you need to do is maintain Status. Read US Visa vs. Status Difference

What happens to my Visa Appointments with US Consulate in March, April, June ?

They are technically cancelled, you cannot attend US Visa interview until the Consulate indicates that they will start taking appointments. They will give guidance in future and you will need to re-book your appointments.

I have Flight to take, Job in US and need to leave to US. Anything I can do to get US Visa Appointment ?

No, there is nothing you can do until US Consulate accepts US Visa appointments. You need to wait for their next guidance. Talk to your airline, employer and make arrangements accordingly.

Can I submit 221g Related Documents at Dropbox Locations in India with COVID-19 Sitaution ?

No, the 221g related processing is also cancelled starting from March 18th, you cannot submit your documents and they will not be processed until further notice.

I had US Visa Interview in India, got 221g. Can I submit documents now ?

No, you cannot submit anything. Everything is cancelled until further notice.

US Citizens, Green Card Holders – Flights to US from India by US Govt

May 4, 2020 : US Embassy in India has updated that they have repatriated about 5,100 travelers and currently pausing the same initiative to do an assessment. See below. Check official update of COVID-19 on USEmbassy India

Repatriation Flights Paused

April 4, 2020 : US Embassy India has issued an alert indicating that there are special flights organised by US Government for US Citizens and Green Card Holders. Below are the details.

  • Delhi to San Francisco – April 6
  • Delhi to San Francisco – April 7
  • Delhi to San Francisco – April 8
  • Mumbai to Atlanta – April 7
  • Mumbai to Atlanta – April 10

There is a confusion that, visa holders like H1B, or other visa holders are eligible to fly on these, as the page says you need a valid passport, green card or US visa. To clarify, this flights are only for US Citizens, Green Card Holders. If you neither of those and have US visa like H1B, or L1, you are not eligible, see below screenshot from the actual form that you need to fill out. One key exception, if the US Citizen has a caregiver, then spouse or children can accompany them and those immediate family members, if not citizens, can be on a US Visa. See below screenshots. Read Official Alerts : Flights to US Citizens, Green Card Holders Alerts and US Citizens Flights FAQs

US Citizens Eligibility and Green Cards for Flight Evacuation.
US Travel Document Care Giver for Evacuation

Official Sources, Links

If you are from other country, you should check your local US Consulate Website for updated information.

Did you go for Visa appointment or Dropbox ? What was your experience ?


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Comments ( 218 )

  1. Bhavin

    I have also tweet to the US Consulate Mumbai.
    But I got same answer that they have no specific to resume visa services.
    I am concern about my student visa nothing else.
    I think they are not interested to reopen.

  2. Bhavin

    I think we can trust on Times of India about US Consulate resumption timing.
    But one thing I do not understand still that Eenadu and Times of India says US Consulate will likely to open in August 2nd week but US Consulate didn’t reveal the resumption date yet.
    How they can say this? Strange…

    1. administrator

      TOI has been wrong many times on the H1B news, so hard to say… That’s the whole point, they say everyone declined to comment. Maybe it is true, take it with a pinch of salt.

    1. administrator

      We have no confirmation from Dept of State, so all we can do is wait. Take the news with a pinch of salt…

      1. Bhavin

        Hi Kumar,
        Thank you for your response.
        But Universities and Colleges in the US are planning to start Fall Semester 2020 and the deadline for international students is August 30, 2020 to enter in the US. Then after they will consider the course as online course not in-person.
        And here there is not specific date to reopen the US Consulate.
        It’s a very problematic.
        My brother has lose the visa chances during lock-down period and that college intake too.
        Would he has to lose the visa chance and not take admission?

        1. administrator

          I totally understand the situation, it is really sad…
          No need to lose the chance, he can ask the school to defer his admission to Spring and go for visa stamping once consulate opens. Ask him to talk to their DSO and plan for it.

  3. raja

    F1 renewal visa interview in Dec, 2019.Further Administrative processing required. 221g.Passport given back to me .I had to fly back in Feb,2019.
    Before leaving india,
    Submitted required info.

    Now in the usa, but status continues to show ‘refused’ since Dec 2019. Feel, not updated after submitting the clarrification documents in Jan, 2019.

    No worries as of now. ,but in case I am required to travel out , I will have an issue.
    Could u suggest ,something I must do now.

    1. administrator

      Did you get your visa renewed in Feb 2019 ? Did they stamp passport after administrative processing ?
      As long as they have given you new visa, you should be fine. It could be an online system issue. You can call National Visa center and ask them to fix it.

  4. Muthu

    Hi All,
    I submitted my passport for stamping in Chennai embassy during march and unable to collect after March 20th due to lock down. I have been waiting for the embassy to get opened, but still it has not happened. I emailed US service desk last month to know my passport status, but they responded that i had not opted for premium delivery. When i try to create a new profile now, it is not allowing me. looks like new profile creation has been locked my administrator.

    Passport tracking feature in embassy website says ‘No records found” for my passport. Could somebody help me on how to collect my passports.


    1. administrator

      Try to call the customer service of UStravelDocs, they can help unlock it. It happens, they can unlock it for you.

  5. Vijay K

    Please let me know if drop box facility is open already in hyderabad (or any idea when it may open)

    We have already approvals for h1b extension & h4 extensions and we are eligible for drop box facility only till september 1st

    If it is after september 1st, then we need to attend Visa interview

    Please let us know.

    1. administrator

      Vijay K,
      Nothing is open yet. We need to wait for US Consulates to confirm. Stay tuned for updates, we will update or you can check US embassy website too.

  6. Vinay

    People whoever is waiting for stamped passports, Pls goahead and update your profile to ppt for premium delivery

    1. Venky

      Hello Vinay,

      How do we update ppt delivery to premium delivery. I don’t see an option in my profile, I initially opted for pickup but now want to change it to premium delivery. My visa is refused with 221G.


      1. Vinay

        Please find the instructions I received from consulate and followed:

        If you wish to avail this service and to update your delivery address, please follow the below steps no later than 14 June 2020 .

        1. Login into the profile on –
        2. Click on ‘New application/Schedule appointment tab’ and proceed further.
        3. After Step 7, you will find an option to change your document delivery location.
        4. Click on this option to change the pickup location and proceed ahead to opt for premium delivery

        The fee of ₹ 500/- per passport will be collected at the time of delivery of your passport through only Digital Modes of Payment by Blue Dart courier. For heath safety reasons, cash payments will not be accepted.

        Please note: (a) Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, there may be restrictions on deliveries to several areas. You may expect delays in the delivery of the passport.
        (b) You may wish to check the status of your application at to confirm that the visa has been issued; if it has not, you can still receive your passport, but you will not be able to interview and processing will not continue on your application until we have resumed regular operations.

        For more details please refer to our website at

      1. Vinay

        If your visa is issued/Candidate passports ready then u can opt for premium delivery. Since usa consulate is enabled this service only for ready candidates. But u can try login to your profile and check using the above instructions.

        If you feel that your passports were not ready then pls do not use this option. Your passports may get delivered without visa

  7. NRao

    I have a question, my friend’s passport is stuck with the Chennai consulate from March 15th, and it’s not stamped yet. With the new proclamation, the consulate can keep the passport with them for more than 6 months?

  8. NRao

    My friends’ case status is still “Refused” but “case last updated” got updated today’s date June 3rd after 2 months. Anyone else case got updated on June 3rd?

        1. Krishnadas

          Oh…so Chennai consulate started working..I have not seen any other person whose status or date changed yesterday..mine is in AP from May 8 ( Chennai Consulate)

          1. NRao

            Not sure.. if they are working or its system statuses started with Refused to AP(Mar 18th) to Refused( April 2nd) to Refused(June 3rd) again after 2 months exactly on same date… No other email or any update from consulate..

          2. venky

            Looks like its system update in your case. But mine also from chennai, submitted in dropbox, case is been in ‘Refused’ from March,17th without any further updates. Not sure whats going on.. Thanks Venky

    1. Praveen

      If I recall correctly email from ustraveldocs said that they are sending out all stuck passports, with or without visa. I will suggest to check with VAC to see if it was sent. A lot of addresses are not serviceable by Blue Dart due to this covid situation but they are not telling people that. Only when you call them will they tell you that you need to change your address. Be sure to call VAC and see what is status on their side.

        1. Praveen

          +91 1204844644

          Try to talk to someone on the customer care side. The mechanical responses are not that helpful plus not all option paths will get you to customer representative. So explore and talk to them. Hope it helps.

      1. madhu

        Hi Praveen, Did you get the email today ? was it in response to your query or was it an automatic email ? Also can I know which embassy your passport is at ? Thanks in advance.

  9. Patel

    So far, on, my passport status was showing
    “…still with embassy”,
    But surprisingly since today it’s showing “There is no status update available for the passport number submitted”

        1. Sunny

          Search for link in this comment section all cities are also there after u join telegram it’s an app u have to download like whatsap

    1. Soori

      Hi Patel,
      My case is as exactly as yours. It was showing “…still with embassy”, till last week. But this week, it is showing “There is no status update available for the passport number submitted”. Mine was Dropbox submission in Chennai OFC centre. What about yours.

      1. Patel

        Mine was a dropbox at Ahmedabad VAC and processing at Mumbai consulate. Visa application status on CEAC is showing issued, but passport status on ustraveldocs is now showing “There is no status update available for the passport number submitted” while earlier it was showing “…still with embassy”. I have seen lot of people with similar case, includin Praveen on this wal.

          1. Patel

            Hi Praveen – no updates till today, passport status still shows “There is no status update available for the passport number submitted”… what about your case?

          2. Praveen

            Got an email today from ustraveldocs to update my profile to set it up for Premium delivery. Anyone else see this? I have already opted for premium delivery earlier.

          3. Patel

            Hi Praveen- I also got an email from ustraveldocs to set premium delivery eventhough I already opted during scheduling an appointment, I see this positive news. let’s see when we get our passport now

          4. Praveen

            So on Monday my passport status changed to “Origination scan”, still the same. I usually take pick up option. Not sure what to expect for premium delivery. Does anyone know what it should change to and when?

        1. MK

          Hi Patel

          What’s does the Issue date on your visa? Is it March or May? My status changed to Issued on 16th June but I haven’t received passport yet so I’m worried about how the EO might impact me. My passport status shows as “no update available for passport”

          1. Animol

            Is there any new update regarding the passport?Did you get any mail from the consulate?
            Mine is also stuck with chennai consulate.

          2. siva

            Hello Krishnadas,

            Did you received your passport or email from consulate to pickup your passport?


          1. Krishnadas

            Hai Navz. May I know whether your status has been changed after May 08. Mine is same as AP with date May 08.

        1. Navz

          Yes passport was collected in the last week of feb and status changed to refused.
          After the famous system error, status got changed to AP from refused.
          After a long time about 2 months (lockdown) case last updated date to may 8th.

          1. Don

            That is a good sign! Perhaps the Department of State or the Consulate are selectively working at this time. I hope you get your VISA soon. Good luck!

  10. Praveen

    Any updates from anyone who had their visa in “Issued” status. My passport status still shows visa with the embassy/consulate.

  11. Sukanya

    I had a Dropbox on 23rd March. And the eligibility for Dropbox ended on April 5th.. really worried if they ll again allow the Dropbox or I’ve to attend the interview 🙁
    Anyone has any idea about it?

    1. Sunny

      We are discussing about people in similar situation and sharing news as well.

    2. administrator

      At this point, there is no guidance on this. We need to wait for Consular office to give further guidance. Stay tuned, we will update.

  12. Patel

    Received the following response from U.S. Visa Service Desk today when asked about passport status:-

    Dear Applicant,

    Thank you for writing to the U.S. Visa Service Desk.

    As of March 16, 2020, the United States Embassy and Consulates in India have cancelled immigrant and nonimmigrant visa appointments. As of March 20, 2020, all interview waiver and biometrics appointments are also cancelled, and the U.S. Embassy and Consulates will no longer accept 221(g) document submissions. All document collection centers also remain closed.

    We will resume visa services as soon as possible, but are unable to provide a specific date at this time.

    If your appointment was among those affected, please continue visiting our websites and for updates on resumption of our services. At that time, we will provide additional information on how to reschedule your interview appointment. MRV fee payments remain valid for one year from the date of payment.

    If you have an urgent matter and must travel urgently, please follow the guidance provided at to request an expedited nonimmigrant visa appointment.

    Please note there are travel restrictions for certain countries. Visit and read the section “Presidential Proclamations Regarding Novel Coronavirus” for more information.
    Alternatively, you may resend your inquiry upon resumption of routine visa services.

    Please visit to share feedback on the services we provide.

    U.S. Visa Service Desk.

      1. Sunny

        From US Embassy India:

        Nonemergency visa services will resume at future date when COVID-19 related social distancing practices are no longer required.

        1. Sunny

          Which could mean April end since even USCIS plans to resume their work from May first week. Fingers crossed. I do not think it should extend that time frame since even this years applications will be due for interviews. I’m very optimistic. Unless something really crazy happens and these guidelines get extended.

          1. administrator

            It all boils down the current COVID-19 situation, which is unpredictable at this moment…

          2. Swati

            Do you think even the 221G processings won’t start before April end? My documents were submitted before 5th March via email. I wonder 221G processings don’t require any personal interactions. They can still be processed. Any idea anyone?

          3. administrator

            It is not about processing, it is about the consular office functioning…So far, they have indicated that nothing will be processed…We need to stay tuned…

          4. KSRAO

            I have an USA Visa B1/B2 class which was issued by USConsulate Kolkatta going to be expiring on 22Aug 2020.
            In the meantime I have shifted to Visakhapatnam AP and my Passport was also get reissued from PSK Visakhapatnam during January 2020.
            Now my question is to which consulate either Hyderabad or Kolkatta I have to go for drop box and if so when?During Carona will I be allowed for Dropbox after the expiry of Visa.

          5. administrator

            You can do dropbox at the place you live. It would fall under Hyderabad now. You can do it 1 year before expiry. Now, the consulates are not yet open. Once they open, you can do it.

      1. Swati Sharma

        Hi Kumar,

        Thank you for replying. I had a dropbox on 18th Feb. My passport was returned without stamping with a 221G slip asking to appear for an interview after a week. I appeared for an interview on 27th Feb where I was given one more 221G yellow slip asking to submit a few documents online and my status was changed to “Refused”. I submitted the documents on 5th March. I noticed that on 13th March my “Case Last Updated” was changed but the status is still showing “Refused”. Any idea what does change in “Case Last Updated” would possibly mean?

        I am really worried after they have stopped the 221G processings 🙁

        1. administrator

          The last update means that some action or activity was done on that day. Unfortunately, not much can be done, all we can do is wait… I understand you are worried, so are we all with the global situation…The situation is not in your control, so, do not worry too much…Stay positive…

        2. Kumar

          Hello Swati. any update on your case.? I am in same situation like your’s drop box on 22nd Feb then called for interview then asked to e-mail document.

          please keep posted if any update on your case.

  13. Praveen

    I had my dropbox appointment on 16th March, submitted all documents but not seeing any updates for my application. Are they still processing submitted applications or they are not working at all?

    1. administrator

      They stopped processing of all petitions as per the update given…I doubt it, if they are processing now…

    2. Patel

      I’m in the same boat, submitted passports on Mar 19, and they stopped accepting drop box applications from Mas 20.
      Till Mar 23 status was – Application Received
      On Mar 24 status changed to – Administrative processing

      1. Praveen

        Yep same here. Status changed yesterday (24th) from “Application Received” to “Administrative Processing”. Will update if anything changes.

        1. Vandana Kumar


          I submitted on March 10th US Embassy received it on March 16th but still my status shows Application Received any idea why my status is not changed even when US Embassy was working till March 20th.

          1. administrator

            it is hard to know, there could be delays with COVID-19…While your question is logical, these kind of things can happen…

      2. Patel

        On Mar 25 application status is still “Administrative processing”
        But surprisingly, passport tracking status changed to “There is no status update available for the passport number submitted” when earlier, the same status was “passport is still with us embassy/consulate”.

        Anyone who submitted their application around Mar 19, please share your experience

        1. administrator

          Interesting, no sure what is going on…maybe they are not updating system. Try to call the National Visa Center…Do update here for everyone benefit.

          1. Patel

            Praveen –
            CEAC status changed to – Issued on March 26
            But passport status is still showing the same till this date – Your passport is still with the US Embassy/Consulate.

            what about you? did you see any update for your passport?

        2. SJ

          Hi Patel, I’m in the same boat. My visa status was also updated as “Issued” on Mar 26th; but haven’t seen any update since then. I sent them an email asking for the status of my Passport and they said that the delivery centers are closed until further notice. I’m guessing we will not get the passports until after the lockdown is over. Please keep us posted if you see any further status updates. Good luck.

          1. Praveen

            No same still. Not sure when will Mumbai embassy start mailing passports out. I need it soon now.

      3. Mahi

        I had my interview on February 19, they kept my passport during interview and returned it back after March 2nd with a white slip which says administrative processing, but again on March 18 they requested to submit my passport again (client verification done) last updated date was changed to March 18. On march 19 i have submitted my passport and on March 20 I have received email to pick up my passport . Last updated date changed to March 20 but the status still shows refused. My question is will they send my passport back as I haven’t picked it up in 14 business days? Also as all the verification is done why will they ask for my passport again if it is not for stamping?

        Please any suggestions are greatly appreciated. In a panic mode right now unable to concentrate on anything.

          1. administrator

            Try to call and email them with the situation and then pick it up once it opens up…

        1. administrator

          Don’t worry about the online status, sometimes it can be inaccurate. if they have sent you a notice to pick up passport. You should pick it up. Check the passport status on UStraveldocs site. call them immediately.

          1. Mahi

            I called them several times but the call center is closed also I have mailed them and they said everything is closed that is the standard reply I receive every time from them . I guess they will be closed till April 15. Also have you seen any cases where the status is incorrect on ceac but still stamping is done ?

          2. administrator

            There are some users, who have said so, where the stamping status shows administrative processing but the stamping was approved…

    3. Praveen

      CEAC status changed to “Issued”. Seems like they are working on already submitted applications, just not accepting new ones. Are courier services running during this time? Wondering how long it can take to receive passport.

        1. Sunny

          221G interview when will they resume in delhi ! Can I go to Canada to get stamping ? I was called for Interview after Dropbox. Please help

          1. administrator

            We have no idea, when they will resume. You may go to other place, but beware they may send it back to home country for processing…

    4. Patel

      on March 26 –
      CEAC status changed to – Issued
      Passport status – Your passport is still with the US Embassy/Consulate

      (Earlier, I was tracking passports on incorrect URL, thanks Praveen for sharing correct url)

      1. Puma

        I am in a similar situation.. I had submitted passports for Dropbox on 18th Mar @ Chennai VAC, but CEAC status shows “No Status”.. Passport tracking says Passport @ consulate. Not sure what my status is now..

        1. Don

          My passport was requested on the 12th and sent to Chennai. CEAC status is still refused and passport is with the consulate. Puma, Would you mind updating in case you receive an update or passport back? I’ll do the same.

          1. administrator

            I dont know…Call National Visa Center. Some of these statuses are new as there is no processing now.

          2. ashu

            Hi Puma,
            I’m similar situation. Submitted on March 16th… CEAC status still says”No status” and passport status says ” no status update available”. What happened to your case?

    5. Praveen

      So today I see the passport status change to “There is no status update available for the passport number submitted”. Visa status is still “Issued”

      1. Mahi

        Seeing the same status “There is no status update available for the passport number submitted” from April 5th as my 14 days period is over for passport collection. I have received email to collect my passport on March 20 at 3.15pm. Unfortunately was not able to collect my passport due to lockdown from then. Do you think the 14 day rule of sending passports back to consulate implies now also ? Confused actually. Is anyone in the same boat?

        1. administrator

          Did you try calling them or emailing them. They are aware of the lockdown, so don’t worry, you would be able to pick it up once they open.

          1. Mahi

            I have tried calling them and also mailing them, no one answered the call and the email reply was automatic I guess. So hoping for the best.

          2. Mahi

            Also is there any way that we can raise our voices so that anyone can atleast know about people like us who are stuck in india and unable to go back to usa at this time. I know everything is pretty bad over there compared to our situation , but people talk about extending grace period of 60 days to 180 days. Then we should be able to talk about people who are stuck here with no one replying on any of our status or anything. Even our jobs are at risk . Sorry if I am trying to be over cautious but I guess we are the only people whose voice is not heard of. Ofcourse we will travel only if situations get better but there is no clear response to any of us from embassy on what the process is .

          3. administrator

            I am not sure, if it will work. Currently, there is a lawsuit in place to extend these. Check AILA Lawsuit USCIS COVID-19 Extend time
            You can always try to reach out to embassy and request for these…But, it is up to their discretion…You can work with an attorney or an immigration group like AILA and further proceed too, that’s another way…

        2. Sunny

          You can join our WhatsApp group and share ideas to raise your voice. I’m stuck in 221G interview myself. Hopefully the embassy will open on May 4th.

          1. Sunny


            WhatsApp group for people stuck in india as a result of covid 19 us visa Services suspension

  14. Patel

    On March 18th, 2020, The USTravel Docs Website updated the alert on their page indicating the cancellation of all dropbox appointments from March 20.

    However, My parents had an appointment on March 19 and they submitted documents on March 19 at Visa Application Center at Ahmedabad.

    Does anyone knows, if embassy would still process the already submitted documents? The processing consulate is Mumbai, which would not have received documents on or before March 20.

    In this case, would Mumbai consulate still process the visa application submitted through drop box on March 19?

    1. administrator

      Well, I am not sure, if they will give you dropbox, if you pass a date…The reason is, their systems are programmed for it and may not change…Nevertheless, you can call or email them and clarify.

  15. Don

    I was asked to submit my passport on March 12th. I had assumed it was positive. Will they return the passport with the stamp now considering the recent update in processing 221g?

    1. administrator

      Hard to know…they said they have stopped processing of 221g in India.. Not sure, which country you have applied in, email them.

  16. Jinesh

    Hey Kumar,

    thanks for helping people with their visa issues and doubts.

    My scenario:

    Went for visa interview on jan 17 and they gave me yellow 221g slip. Its been two months since I have emailed them documents. No response back yet. Is there anyway I can reach out to them or should I resent them my documents?

    I received 221g on 17 th jan. will they stop precessing my 221g due to recent corona announcement?

    1. administrator

      Yes, they are stopping the processing of 221g, that’s what was announced. Nothing you can do. Calling or emailing may not get you an answer…You may need to wait…Wish there was a better way.

  17. Syed

    Hi there,

    I had submitted my passports via Dropbox at the Bangalore VAC center. Unfortunately, my application was refused under 221G and I was asked to attend a visa interview at the Chennai embassy and bring a couple of documents with me.

    Is the embassy closed to all interview appointments insisting walk-in appointments?

    1. administrator

      I am not sure, how it works for your case, please call them or email them on the steps. General appointments are cancelled though. But, yours is a walk-in so not sure..

    2. Sajal B

      I have to get my stamping done. So, I filled DS160, the next available appointment date for Kolkata Consulate is showing as Feb 22, 2021. My guess is , It could be the automated date calculated by number of applications as people can still take appointment though. Any idea if the appointment date also retrogrades ? In other words, if the Consulate opens, could it change to early dates in yr 2020 ?
      If I book my appointment, will I able to change it later if I find there are early dates available in same or other city ?

      1. administrator

        You should be able to change it. The dates you see in system can be misleading with the COVID situation. You can try to call the customer service and clarify.

  18. Krishnadas

    My visa status changed from Refused to AP on March 10 2020. Still it is in AP. Since visa appointments have been cancelled, will the AP status remain for long time?

  19. Deepak

    I was issued 221g in January and now I received all docs asked by Consulate. However on 221g it was mentioned that I have to attend a walk-in interview at Consulate and bring the requested documents along with me.

    Question- Am I still eligible to attend the 221g walk-in interview or need to wait till all consular operations resumes?

    Thank You.

    1. administrator

      You can definitely submit the requirements, but there are not interviews as per the alert…Not sure, how they will handle your case. The only way to know is to call the Consulate, try calling them or emailing them. Do update here for community benefit..

      1. administrator

        Not much will progress, it is very difficult situation for most…be prepared for the worst and plan for alternatives.

        1. Sunny

          I have a b1/b2 visa and Canadian visa. Can I go to Canadian Embassy to attend an interview or go to the Us and get change of status done ? My petition is valid till 2021.

  20. Sidd

    For all those wondering and/worried, i asked the mumbai consulate and this is what the responded
    “Please note Mission India will continue to process nonimmigrant interview waiver (‘dropbox’) applications, and Visa Application Centers will accept document submissions for nonimmigrant applications that have been initially denied under Section 221(g).”

    however, will not process interview waiver applications. Therefore, if you have an interview waiver submission appointment [except for
    ] it still stands. In addition, Visa Application Centers remain open for document submission and passport return.

    “It’s only visa interviews that are cancelled.”

    1. administrator

      US Embassy Confirmed that Dropbox appointments are available in all locations, except Kolkata. Check above article , it is updated now.

  21. Sidd

    How does this effect people who have already completed their interview process before March16 and are currently in Administrative Processing?

        1. administrator

          We have added a separate section with the links to official websites and pages for benefit of everyone. Check above article, it is updated now.

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