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H1B Visa Total Cap Stats from FY 1990 to 2021

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It is always good to have a historical perspective about anything in life…In the context of H1B Visas, it is H1B Visas Cap numbers and their availability from beginning until now….if you are new to the term cap, don’t be confused. Read What is H1B Visa Cap ? Masters vs Regular Cap ? Before we dive in, let’s explain how …

H1B Visa Stamp Sample, I-94 Sample – What to look out for ?

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Most of the people who did not get H1B visa stamping are curious to know how actually H1B visa stamping looks in passport. Few things to look for on H1B visa. Also, same case with I-94.  This post has samples with description of terms on them. Sample H1B visa stamp in Passport – What to watch out for ? Pretty …

Companies that cannot Sponsor H1B visa for 2011. TARP impact on H1B sponsors for 2011

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As most of you know, not all companies can sponsor H1B visas for 2011. Well, if you do not know, the simple reason is that they took bailout money. USCIS placed additional requirements for companies if they have taken money from “Troubled Asset Relief Program(TARP)”.  This additional law is in effect from February 17, 2009 through Feb. 17, 2011 and …