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US recession impact on H1B visa filing for 2011 quota? How is Job Market in US in 2010 – 2011 ?

The most frequently asked questions when I talked to my friends, family or anyone for that matter from India :

  • How is recession impact on H1B visa workers ?
  • How is Job market in US now?
  • Should I apply for H1B in 2011?
  • Did the job market improve from 2009 ?

In this article I will try to give you an idea of How you can find answers to these questions and come to an educated decision, rather than relying on gossips. Also, explain the US recession impact  on H1B visa filing for 2011 quota.

With the way too much marketing by TV channels, News Papers, Internet blogs, etc. about US recession and unemployment situation, everyone across the globe are aware with precise unemployment numbers the situation in US. One thing that intrigues everyone around the world is “when will this change?”  If you are a young professional seeking to work in US on H1B, you have high hopes to apply for H1B visa petition for 2011 quota and would like to know the current status of recession. The reality is, not many people give same answers. Few people say, “Job Market is good”. Few others say, “Job Market is bad”. Remaining say, “Job Market is improving”.  Imagine you talking to these three different sets of people and you get three different answers, What do you do? You are Confused as HELL :S ?!?!

Let me tell you the reality, recession in US is influenced by many macro-economic factors. No one can predict what the future will be…if you can, you are GOD J . As human being, what we can do is always play safe bets and hedge our risk if we cannot predict future. One possible solution is, we can study the pattern and come up with some educated decisions.

How is Job market in USA ?  How to study the Job market trend for your Profession?

Lets me ask you the question again, “How is Job market in US”. Any ideas after reading the bold faced words ?  let me give you a clue, “How do you know price of vegetables or demand for vegetables ?”. Well, answer for this is: you go to “Vegetable market to find out, because they are sold there and exchanged there”. Similar case for jobs, “where do the Jobs get posted ?”, Job search Websites ! All you have to do is, go to the most popular and reputed Job search sites and see the job postings trend. Here is the logic, you cannot predict the job market for your profession in a day or two. You have to spend at least a month to see the trend. Few popular trends most internationals interested in are IT Jobs/careers/profession.

Steps to do to find out the Job market trend in USA ?

  1. You will have to go to the most popular job search websites
  1. Search for your profession by choosing proper criteria
  2. Look for the number of postings in the section as highlighted in screenshot below
  3. You will have to browse the jobs by title and check few requirements. Just looking at the number will not help. You will get an idea of what requirements are new and what are old
  4. Just keep track of the number of postings everyday. You do not need to save the job postings, but you will have to slightly remember the job descriptions. Because, recruiters just keep posting the same requirement again next day.
  5. Your goal is to see how many new requirements are coming to the market for your profession. The reality is, if a job position is filled, typically the post will disappear in couple of days or may be a week.

dice job search

Well, you can say, this is a lot of work for me! Honestly, there is no free lunch. This is a genuine way, which is based on real job requirements data, of studying market trend for your profession i.e., either IT Jobs or Non-IT jobs. It is hard for anyone even working in US to tell the job market trend because, if you are working: you are not in job market. So, you do not know. If you are not working and looking for a job, your focus is only in your profession. You do not know other profession’s job situation.

Other things you should follow to keep track of USA Job situation :

  • Check the unemployment rates for your profession in  US Department of Labor website for Unemployment Statistics . It may not look simple, but just navigate around, you will get your way through. Follow the news releases of US department of Labor news releases about Employment situation.
  • Check the US stock market Index. Look at how the market is trending. See the growth in the stock market. Look at industries. In reality, jobs and consulting projects are based on growth of Companies. If you know particular technologies used in companies, you can check the stock of those particular companies. Check : Wall Street Journal
  • You can also check Individual companies’ websites and setup alerts for a particular job title. If there are new jobs posted, you will get an alert. You lose nothing. At least, you get the job situation in that company.
  • Check the news releases or just subscribe at USCIS for H1         B visa 2011 news updates.
  • I assume you follow the general US news, if not start doing that 🙂

Will recession impact H1B visas filing quota for 2011 ?

Nonimmigrant H1B visas F1 visa DHS report Recession impact Analysis Statistics

Well, it is a very tricky question. The last year H1B visa quota for 2010 got filled completely on December 22, 2009. Check the article USCIS Reaches FY  2010 H1B – Cap.  It does not mean 2011 H1B cap will last that long, very unlikely.  Let me tell you why, the statistics released by US agencies indicate consumers are spending and job market seems to be getting better. Everyone knows this fact, US market will pickup someday, but what we don’t know is when it will pickup. Let’s think through, in all reality, the individuals filing petitions for H1B 2011 quota will start to work from October 2010 or may be January 2011. That’s a long time. If you think practically, you have one more year. Wouldn’t the market pick up in one year? Imagine in a boom market, everyone jumps and you do not want to be the last one.  It is a matter of fact that there are additional regulations for filing H1B visas for 2011, but those are only for TARP funds taken banks and some more regulations which are in place to avoid fraud. If there is a genuine need for skilled workers, USICS will take the petitions. I will leave the judgment up to you all to think through and come up with decision. What do you think about Job market or H1B visas impact due to recession ? Post a comment…

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  1. HI..I am vaibhav Gupta from Lucknow.I have done B.TECH in ECE and MBA- 1 year executive in Marketing….I have 5 years of experience in telecom sector as senior engineer..Presently i am not working for 1 last year…I am thinking to give GRE for Fall admissions in US and look for job there..is there any university there in which i can work along with pursuing MS….or what are the prospects of getting good job after completing MS…I have heard about CPT that u can work along with MS…There is one university ITU , san jose which has such feature…Please advice me..I am very confused….

  2. Hello, i am giving GRE exam for MS in finance. I will b completing my MS in 2014 so is there any hope for job. I cant bear to come back to INDIA without having job over here.

  3. Hi,I work for a renowned IT firm. they have recently filed my H1B petition for a Non-IT role of a Functional BA, i.e. domain expert. I am a 4 yrs Non-IT Graduate with 7 years of overall experience and 6 yrs of experience in an IT firm but in a non-IT role as a BA. My question is whether there will be any hindrance in my petition processing for me being from a non-IT education but serving an IT firm for so long, thanks

    • USCIS may question your qualifications and ask your employer to show that you really fit the job requirements. If the employer is able to show that, then I don’t think there would be a problem. You can submit experience letters, training certificates etc to show that you have the necessary requirements for the role.

      • My LCA has alreacy been procurred by them which is approved by the US department of labour, I am guessing thats where my firm has clearly explained my qualification and how I fit for the role with respect to my work experience, also since i will be working at Client site, even they have issued an invite letter specifying my roles and repsonsbilities. Can we anticipate further drilling with the peition processing at USCICS?

        • Yes, each department can decide to do a thorough check at any stage. LCA is approved by DOL, while petition will be approved by USCIS. When you go for stamping, it would be done by the consulate. So it’s best to be prepared for each stage.

  4. Hi Friends,
    I am working as Oracle apps DBA in india with carrying one year of current experience. From the recent scenario reports suggest that job opportunities in U.S are now getting tightened for non-US-citizens indeed for students, working professionals and job aspirants. How are the opportunities now for DBA’s there??
    Also plzz specify some canada job sites

    • Go to job sites like dice, monster and see if there are any openings for DBAs w/ profile similar to yours. That could give you an indication on how the market is for DBAs. The other thing you need to see is how many of those openings offer visa sponsorship, as not all employers sponsor H-1.

  5. Friends, if you are fresh and just out of your schools, and serious about getting a job here, stop your search through social media or professional media sites like linkedin, twitter or face book. I would suggest volunteering is the most important way to develop your network in America, from sites like volunteer match or craiglist, choose the volunteering job that is relevant to your field of study… It adds value in your resume and can be counted along with your years of experience. You get an opportunity to meet professionals from different fields. Professional Network you develop through volunteering will be more helpful than social medias.
    As an F1 student when passed out of Berkely, i was offered a virtual volenteer job for a financial institution and was working from home … i develop some new skills and received guidance from skilled and experienced professionals…. now am a green card holder and working for Wells Fargo…

    I wish you all the very bests….

  6. what is the situation of the job market for Accounting, and what states have more potential for working in accounting field as well ?

    Thank you

  7. Hi,
    This is seema,currently am working as a software test engineer in Bangalore,and also am working under one year bond,so after getting one year experience,planning to work in US,So if am eligible,plz suggest me how to go US and how to get jobs in US

    • If you have 4 years of college degree (besides 12 years of regular education), then you are eligible for H-1. However, it may be really tough to find a good employer and project if your strength is just manual testing. Check job sites like dice, monster to see how many open positions there are which require candidates w/ 1 year of manual testing experience.

    • hi seema ,day by day IT market is increasing in US at the same time all protocols are changed and difficult to get a direct job from India.
      If u really crazy for US.U have two options to come to US.
      1.U can come through u r company as a offset employee.
      2.U can come to do masters here.then obviously u r in visa status u will get a job after u r Masters.
      so,Take a right decision and go ahead .

      All the Best for u r Feature .

  8. hi,
    I have 4 years o experience in IT and this year i got admit from university of California Irvine for its MBA program.
    My dilemma is the following:Although the college is good but its a huge investment even after having a scholarship and with the recession looming again finding job would get even tougher.
    On the other hand my father has invested a lot of money in his business so I have the option of joining his business, learn, gain experience and develop a career here, but then I would be missing out on opportunity of studying at a prestigious college, chance which i might not get again.
    Please suggest what should i do here

    • Avineet,
      MBA can be a significant investment of time and money. I can understand your dilemma.

      If you are planning to study MBA, just to get a good job in US, you should rethink your decision to go to US… But, if you are planning to study just out of your passion without any expectation of job and ready to come back and run your own family business in future, then you may go for it….

      There are pros and cons for both decisions….pick something that you are passionate about and stick to it…

      Good Luck !

  9. Hi Sourabh,

    I saw your opinions and I appreciate you for your effort in helping unknown people.

    I am one of them, seeking ur help.

    Please suggest me- My husband is already in US on H1B and I got H4 now. I will be travelling to US. Now as there is this news of Recession, I am worried of our travelling costs (if he stays there for more than 6 months, his Company will pay for my to &for tickets.) If they send him back befor 6 months, (which we are not sure of), we ourselves have to bear the ticket cost. We cant bear it.

    So please suggest me whether to wait for him to complete 6 months or shal I leave it to God and travel?

    • Ananya, that’s a personal decision. Some people don’t mind staying away for few months, while others would like to stay together.

      You guys need to weigh what is less painful – staying away or bearing the ticket cost.

  10. Hi,
    I think this is not the only recession that the U.S. has ever gone through, nor will it be the last. I make this statement because the common factor of all the recessions is that we have not learned from our mistakes. Why? Because the government is always bailing us out. I do not think that AIG and the other companies getting a bailout is thinking, “Oh this is our fault, we should probably make sure it will never happen again” or “Maybe we should use this money to do something better for those who were hurt by our actions.” Probably not. They are most likely thinking about how to save themselves and working on PR so they can get more business and in return, get richer.. for furthur discussion with me click on this link -http://sawaal.ibibo.com/news-and-current-affairs/you-think-recession-will-come-again-share-your-view-1690216.html

  11. As it is there are a lot of jobless Americans in this country, it would be much appreciated if you will kindly stay in your own and not clamor for H1Bs. We have enough Hindu IT consultants taking away jobs from native workers, and do not need any more coming in.

  12. Hii Friends…..
    I have 3+exp on Oracle DBA. now i want to go to US on H1B How can i find H1B sponsor . (My job are not permanent its contract). Is there possibilities to get jobs in USA with 3+exp on DBA.i have searched some of the websites like dice….. i have found only few jobs in DBA(3+).

    i would like to go USA. please suggest me …….

    • Besides dice, you can also look at sites like monster, robert half technology, career builder etc. If they all give you the same picture, then that might be the current job scenario for DBAs w/ 3+ years of work experience. You can also look at different company websites to see if they have relevant openings, as not everything is published on those job sites (but most of the consulting positions are).

  13. hii
    I completed my M.CA in 2010 and i have not worked now i want to go to US on H1B visa ,how to proceed.how can i find H1B sponsor .. can i get job there……..

    • You can find sponsors either on job sites like dice, monster etc or through your network of friends and colleagues who are already working in US as employee of such sponsoring firms. Remember to vet each employer carefully as not all are credible.

  14. Hi,

    I am currently working for a MNC in India , will be visiting USA for 6 months on L2 visa(Accompanying my husband).We both wanted to move to a permanent job in USA , could you please suggest how to go about it ?. We have around 7 years of work experience in IT .

    • You will have to find employer(s) who is willing to file H-1 for you. The employer can file H-1 w/ COS. Once approved, you can start working in US on H-1 w/o needing to get H-1 stamped.

      If only one of you has his/her H-1 filed and approved, then the other person will have to move to corresponding dependent visa – H-4 – where the person is not allowed to work (unlike L2).

      Let me know if you have additional questions.

  15. Hi,

    I am having 5+ experience in Data WareHousing (Informatica) , currently working in UK. My base company is in India. I just wanted to know the process of applying for H1 for this year. Kindly guide me. I dont have any job offer from USA at moment. Also can my USA relative sponser my USA H1.

    • Refer this: http://redbus2us.com/how-to-apply-for-h1b-visa-petition-for-2011-quota-step-by-step-process/

      Any company can sponsor H-1 as long as they are a business that has open positions that you can qualify for. Also individuals don’t sponsor H-1, companies do.

  16. Hi,
    I am Dilip from INDIA..First of all, for your support and help i appreciate you.
    I completed my B.tech electrical in 2009 and working in IT industry as an database administrator.
    I got references in US who gave assurance that after 1 year of experience i can come to US..is it possible for an
    database administrator to enter US with 1 yr of experience?
    please help me..

    • Legally, you are eligible.

      Because you are in India right now, I am assuming you will be filing H-1 through a consulting company, who would then place you on a contractual job at the client site. I don’t think there are too many contractual positions available for 1 year experienced DBA. You can go to US job sites like dice, monster etc and search for positions that fit your profile. If you don’t find any, then that’s an indication it will be an uphill task for you to find projects in US.

      • Thank you…The reason i raised a question here is one of my senior apps DBA was unsuccessful in his two attempts to U.S ..He pointed out the blame on his designation.
        The consultate authorities asked him to support from india by taking the machine remotely as this becomes disappointment for the future aspiring young Apps DBA`s dreams… Also DBA`s market value is high in U.S they demand high price in american market….So are they trying to refrain DBA`s getting to U.S in order to save their country`s dollars..

        • A lot of this is officer’s discretion. Once your seniors’ visa was denied, the officer would have made a note of it in the file. Later, when another officer reviewed his 2nd visa app, he would have referred to the previous note and would have denied again.

          BTW, I know few DBAs who are working in US on H-1. So there is no outright rule to stop them from coming to US, but it can be circumstantial.

        • You are absolutely right it depends on circumstances. I looked for dice and monster they have opportunities for 1-2 yr DBA`s. Possibly it could happen for me i think.

          Thanks a lot

  17. Are there any hopes for Non-IT jobs in this weather condition? I am looking for companies who would file for my husband in garment industry as Manager for Merchandising. Does this concept exist in US and if so how to go about the search.

    Your guidance is really appreciated

    • Akshatha,
      I assume you meant economic condition 🙂 There could be similar roles in companies, but I do not know precise details to guide you…

  18. I am B.tech Computer Science 2008 passout and i have not worked any were due to personel reasons and now i want to go to US on H1B visa ,how to proceed.

    • Well, you would have to find a H1B visa sponsoring company….it can be challenging, you would have to do your own research, talk to friends and then find a good company that can do that for you…

      • Kumar,
        I have received reciept no for H1b on 17th May 2010 under normal catergory. till now its showing intial review. I assume Vermont office is dealing my application(since receipt no starts with EAC). i called this vermont office but officer not disclosed any info and is asking me to call back with sponsor(my company). since i am currently in Ireland upto feb2011, i am not able to persuade with employer to look into application status. please suggest what can i do in this situation.

        • The only thing you can do (besides waiting) is to ask your employer to call up USCIS and follow-up. USCIS will not provide any information to the beneficiary i.e. you.

  19. Hi,
    This is sandeep. I am having 4 years of exp. in Java / J2EE technologies .I am from India , but currently working in Dubai.Can i apply H1b visa from Dubai. If your answer is yes ? please suggest me about some consultancies .

  20. I have a B.E. Electrical degree but i am working in a renowned IT company.
    Does the elligibility to go to U.S. is having a 3 year of work exp , if some one is not from computer/IT background.

    Please suggest me , if I would be elligible for L1 or H1 visa.

    • No, there is no requirement like that if you have B.Tech. It depends on the role you are applying to…You are eligible to apply for L1 and H1B as well.

    • Requirement for H1B is 4 years of college degree or at least 3 years of relevant experience for each missing year of education. From your question, it looks like you are eligible. But it’s always a good idea to have your education evaluated by an educational evaluation agency in US.

  21. Hi,

    I have B1 visa. Can I use that to enter into US and then convert it to H1B by some Desi consultants which I know?

    What are the problems behind that if I can do that?

    • USCIS may consider this as an abuse of B1 visa and may deny the transfer. B1 visa is meant to enter US for business purpose, not to enter US to convert to H1.

  22. My requirement is in critical situation. My employer filed my petition on June 15th and the same appear in USCIS site. My client wants me to land there in US as early as possible and they are waiting for my VISA to get approved, because of my non availabilty they have filled few positions and now, they are expecting me to get the VISA early october. They cant wait after october. Almost three months got over June 15 – Sep 15, i was expected that my visa will get approved at htis time but seems to be VISA not yet approved which was filed in May month itself.
    I have filed in regular quota and missed to filed in premium quota. Is there anyway to change my petition to premium quota by paying additional chrage as applicable, Do i need to enquire anything to the USCIS guys? My employer can take any step to make my visa to get approved. Guide me the best way to solve my problem, and once i get my visa approved, i need to do further steps to get the stamping process.
    Thanks a lot.

    • Gopinath, Yes, you can upgrade your petition to premium. Your employer and attorney should do that for you. It will cost $1000 for premium processing. Talk to your employer about the situation and premium processing, you should be fine.

  23. Hi,
    My H1 B petition filed by company A got approved. But Company A doesn’t have any requirements now in US and hence I am yet to go for visa stamping!!

    1. Can I apply for job in US other than Company A from here in India through job sites like Dice.com and join them?
    2. Heard that, I can transfer H1 B visa from company A to Company B if and only if I have travelled to US once through company A?.
    3. If its possible, do I need to get some approval from Company A?
    4.If I switch company fro A toB in India, Will I loose my H1 B?
    5. How long my H1 B valid if its not stamped?

    Questions 1,2,3,4 in short,
    Minimum criteria to apply for a job in company B if H1 B is filed by Comapany A?

    Thanks a lot for your time and consideration.

      • Hi Kumar,
        My requirement is in critical situation. My employer filed my petition on June 15th and the same appear in USCIS site. My client wants me to land there in US as early as possible and they are waiting for my VISA to get approved, because of my non availabilty they have filled few positions and now, they are expecting me to get the VISA early october. They cant wait after october. Almost three months got over June 15 – Sep 15, i was expected that my visa will get approved at htis time but seems to be VISA not yet approved which was filed in May month itself.
        I have filed in regular quota and missed to filed in premium quota. Is there anyway to change my petition to premium quota by paying additional chrage as applicable, Do i need to enquire anything to the USCIS guys? My employer can take any step to make my visa to get approved. Guide me the best way to solve my problem, and once i get my visa approved, i need to do further steps to get the stamping process.
        Thanks a lot.

        • Your employer should still be able to apply for the expedited process aka premium processing. Once approved, you can take an appointment for the interview, get visa stamped and fly to US to work for the client.

          • Thanks Saurabh for your reply. So you mean, my employer filed my petition in regular quota and still employer can move my petition to premium process though the initial filed date moved beyond 3months?

          • Hi Saurabh,
            My employer filed my petition as PP and the same is reflecting in USCIS website too. It has been more than 3.6 months days before it got filed and just a week back filed again in the mode of PP. I thiught it will get approved in a day or two as my petition is awaiting for so long time in regular quota..
            But whatsover the reason, it shud not exceed more than 15days right? or even processing time for PP also getting delayed?

          • Yes, it you should hear something within 15 calendar days starting from the day it is received by USCIS.

  24. I want to apply for H1b . for IT technical persons there is demand in USA. and for the currecnt status for H1b quota can you give .

    What can be the reasons for cancelation of H1b?

  25. Hi Kumar,

    I think you are doing us all a huge favor by posting all this information and by answering these queries.
    Coming to my question I entered US on F1 visa and after graduation I applied for H1b visa which got approved(from desi firm). Due to the market situation I couldn’t find any project for few months and my employer revoked my visa with out my knowledge and had to come back to India. Its been an year and if I want to apply for H1b visa is it gonna be on the old quota or my application will be picked in lottery for new quota.
    It’ll be a great help if you can answer my question.


  26. Hi,

    Have got H1B, in 2008. But due to the recession the company is not taking me in hence, am in my home country.

    But now i want to to U.S and then to change my status.
    I have the following questions:
    1. can i enter to U.S with valid visa but with out awareness of my employer?

  27. Dear Friends,

    I already have H1b visa from 2008. My H1B visa Is valid till sept’2010. Because of my personal reasons I could not able to travel to US at that time. Now I am planning to travel.Can I travel with this Visa. Any suggestions Please.


    • You can travel with that visa, you may need to be prepared for the reason for delay and also your current employment offer letter, etc. Talk to your H1B sponsor, they should help you with all the details and info.

  28. Well now its march end, the market has not picked up that much yet at least in biotech industry, I think the quota will stay for at least for a couple of months lil June or so this year, not long as Dec

    • It depends on the company you are filing with. I do not know the complete details. Usually attorney takes care of all that stuff.

    • The market is not as great as before, it might take some time to pick up and come to before levels…Well, it is hard question and up to you and your risk…. It is your discretion my friend !

  29. hi

    am planning for filing h1b this year ..please let me know ?
    Sud i file or not ..am in great confusion …?
    Plz reply needed

    • Well, it is not as great as before. The hourly rates for consultants in general has gone down…it is basic supply and demand concept. More people jobless in market and looking for job, so less rate… As I wrote above, it is hard to say a Yes or No. you will have to follow the Job market to get an understanding of job situation.

    • Dear Srinivas,
      I have the H1B approval from 2009, but i have not yet gone for stamping. Any idea if there is a time limit to get the stamping done??

      Thanks & regards,
      Vikas Arora

  30. Well , i am following up on this.. article…
    now it is almost Jan end and Feb first week.
    Any one can give me an idea of what is the situation of job market at current state? Seems like there is no change..also i noticed stock market dip.
    In fact i am planing to apply for H1 this year.
    Your inputs will definitely helps me.
    Thanks in advance,

    • Sriram, it is hard to predict. Also, other thing you have to consider that is, all the seasonal sales companies selling apparel, gifts etc. set their budgets for this year 2010 based on their sales numbers in 2009. It might take some time for the budgets to get through and hiring to start. February is the time when you can expect to see some changes. Also, I hope you are aware of the new rules for H1B 2011 http://redbus2us.com/2010/01/flash-news-additional-requirements-for-filing-h1b-visa-petition-for-2011-usics-releases-additional-employer-employee-relations-memorandum.html
      Hope it helps,

  31. I agree, but at least it did not go up 🙂 The reality is, it is very much expected to have constant unemployment in month of December because, historically no one hires during December because of year end and holiday season.


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