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Plan to apply for H1B visa for 2011 quota in 2010? Things to verify before you choose employer to sponsor H1B visa ?

Despite the impact of recession and lowest filing of H1B cases in 2010, there is lot of anticipation and hope in many of us to come to USA and work here or if you are on F1 visa, you plan to apply for H1B visa. 4DMHC2C9UHA5. There might be lot of people in USA in different kinds of visas like L1 visa, L2 Visa, F2 Visa, etc planning on applying for H1B visa petition in this year. If you plan to apply for work visa this year, you need to straighten out few things and be well prepared for the first day of applying which is typically April 1st. I plan on writing a series of articles related to H1B visa filing in 2011. This article I will try to focus on the list of the things you need to verify before you choose employer for sponsoring your visa.

Check the H1B fraud / debarred companies :

In light of recession, many fraudulent consulting companies were exposed with strict checking and compliance by the USCIS and ICE. In fact, all these consulting companies were doing a lot of things illegal and with recession they could not sustain. As always similar to ponzi scheme, these fraudulent companies were busted and charged guilty. One of these was “11 people arrested from Vision Systems Group, inc a NJ based company for Multi-state Operation targeting visa and Mail Fraud”. You should verify the list of companies that were involved with any of these kinds of things. You should talk to other people and verify about the list of  consulting companies you have in your mind about their authenticity and good will. Check this post about list of H1B Debarred companies. Your goal is to make sure you are in no way trapped by any of these employer’s related companies and get in trouble.

Create a list of H1B Sponsoring Companies :

It is not as simple as it sounds to come up with a list. Coming up with this list is the key thing. You will have to consider many things before you choose a company. I have written an article exclusively on How to choose your employer for Sponsoring H1B visa. You should read this article before you create this list. The goal is to come up a good list!

Check the Size of the company, How may visas were approved, Denied for that company:

You have the list, your goal is to validate and come up with valid reasoning on how to rank them based on some statistics. Statistics are very critical for applying visa. All the crucial information you need to know about any company that is sponsoring H1B visa is available to public. Details including the wage they filed petition for, petition denials, green cards, perms, etc. Rules of thumb, if the company has a bad record, do not go with the company. Sometimes, due to wrong filing companies like Microsoft also might have denials; it is your discretion when you see this in major companies. Applying H1B carefully by attorney in your area of study and work is very important. Overall, look for the key statistics. One of the websites that is very good for this kind of info is www.myvisajobs.com . There is some info that is premium, but you can get the basic info for free (It used to be completely free couple years ago). You get enough information for free and do not need premium.

Here is a step by step process for companies statistics :

Check screenshots for more info.

my visa jobs screenshot

my visa jobs screenshot

my visa jobs screenshot

Verify Company Policies and Ethics from valid source.

Based on the data in previous steps, you may eliminate few companies. Once you have the final list, you should find someone who work in these companies and ask them few details about the company like :

  • Do they pay on time
  • When do they do green card
  • What are the company’s ethics
  • When do they give increment
  • Do they pay insurance
  • If you are on bench, will they support you.

It might sound difficult, but honestly you just have to talk to people. Some of the info may  also available online in websites, but not reliable. You may check Websites for reviews of H1B Sponsoring Consultancies in USA. Desi Consultancies /IT Consultants. There might be only people complaining about the companies in these websites, but good to know any kind of information. Pick the one with less bad remarks.

Well, all the stuff you have looked so far is the Homework or prep work for choosing an employer. If you are planning on applying for H1B visa for 2011, you should start doing research on the consulting companies NOW !   Remember, if you choose a bad employer, consequences can be bad….lets say if he cheats you 10$ an hour, you lose $20,000 per year. If he does not do your green card, you may have to leave country….So, worth your time ! In the next posts, I will explain the next steps with timelines.  Stay tuned, do subscribe for updates !

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  1. Hi
    My employer did not file my H1 this year. he told me that you didn’t submitted your document on time.
    Same thing he told to my friend also.

    Here i am little bit confuse, is there any limit of H1 an employer can file.

    my co only doestransfer h1b visas.my hod wants and is insisting they do a fresh h1b for me
    will the co oblige
    efffienoor at rediffmail dot com

  3. Hi Saurabh,

    If a person reach US in July and I know that H1 B quota is full now. Is it possible if he get an employer to apply his H1 B, how soon he can start working there.Possible from March?

    Thanks in advance

  4. Thank you, I understand that you are trying to give me a realistic view about this issue. However, there are Iranians throughout the world who do business and some of them are not good at English. I have been offered such a job in the U.S. but the company was not a visa sponsor.
    Thank you for your time and best of luck.

  5. Hi
    I am a Persian translator. I am in Iran and have been applying for jobs for months, with no use. Some employers offered me jobs, but as soon as they understood that I am in Iran, they refused contacting me again.
    Can you give me some suggestions: what key words can I use when searching for a visa sponsor, or anything else.
    Thank you

    • Iran doesn’t have any formal diplomatic relations with usa. USa doesn’t even maintain embassy in iran.

      Its gonna be very difficult for you to come to america on work sponsorship. Maybe you should apply to work for CIA or something after arriving on visitor visa ( somehow ) :-)))))

      • To work for translator or analyst for united states govt, you need united states citizenship.

        for rest translator jobs, finding work or finding somebody to file for Iranian national is almost impossible ( even Iranaian american citizens would run away from You , here in america if you mention or discuss anything related to Visa or immigration )

          • there are plenty of those jobs but they don’t sponsor work permits as they can find americans with american accents to fill those jobs plus H1b are exclusive for certain job categories only. And trust me american are great in customer service. They don’t need asians for that in america.

            Best thing for you to do is to find a nice iranian american citizen to love you , marry and sponsor you .

          • I mean a customer service job which deals with Iranian customers, for example.
            How about universities like Washington who are visa sponsors?
            And about marriage. . . I don’t appreciate a love based on my need for a visa! What would be a visa sponsorship love?!!!

          • Relations between america and iran are at the worst point these days
            Iranian customers ?? Iranian business ??? LOL

  6. Hello,

    I have a question which is confusing me a lot. I have been selected by a company for which I will be working on contract basis. The company who is sponsoring my H1-B visa is acting a bit strange(not sure if this is normal). They are asking me to give them in writing that I am accepting the offer and please continue with my visa processing, and the problem is they are not sending any details on the salary or job offer on mail and just talking on phone. When I have asked them to send me a mail stating the details and then I will reply on the same they are not ready to send me any written communication but expecting one from me.
    Can you please help me in letting me know what should I do?

    • Usually professional companies don’t behave that way. You are right that something is not right here. Search for the company online to see if there is any feedback on them. You can also check them out on FlcDataCenter to see if the have filed any H-1 petitions in the past and what their fate was.

  7. It is very imortant to verify the companies that are involved because they start harassing and blackmailing the employee. They know how to go around the laws. Some of the companies are only depend on fraud and genuine workers loose a chance.

  8. Nice article!!!!

    Provides lot of useful info on H1b sponsor search…..This is what one needs to begin with in their search for H1b sponsorship.
    I would appreciate if there could be some research on H1b sponsorship in the field of Electronic Medical Records of IT healthcare….This is a booming industry here,but the market doesnt seem to show a list of h1b sponsors…………..If any1 has any info, it will be gr8

  9. Hi All,
    I am new on this site, after reading through most of thread as posted on this site; I find this site very resourceful with specific answers to various questions regarding information on H1B visa sponsor in the US.

    I would like to request for information from anyone with useful link on how I can find a company who can sponsor my H1B visa in this year 2011.

    My email address is ‘josoel@ymail.com’ or better still reply through this media.

    Once again thanks to you all



    • Joe,
      We do not recommend any consulting companies or H1B sponsors. You would need to do your own research. Talk to your friends/ colleagues. You need to know someone in the company that files your H1B…It is not a good idea to randomly chose a company recommended by someone online…

  10. Hi All, please I am new on this site and I currently in the middle finding an H1B visa sponsor company in the US, I will appreciate if anyone with any useful information can reply me email with full info on how to start my search H1B visa 2011.
    I can be contacted directly through my email address as mentioned above or reply through this media.



  11. i am on h4 visa n want to change to h1.i have completed m.sc microbiolog but that is 3+2 unlike 4+2 here in US .
    i reside in san jose .can you suggest good consultancy that will help me.

  12. Dear Sir, again and again thanks for your great site, I cant simply stop reading it,

    I am going to get an H1B visa and the employer is my cousin (its not a fake position of course) so I am sure he will do green card ASAP , unfortunately I couldn’t find an article on this issue, I want to find how is the H1-green card process? , how long does it take? from which stage I am a free employee and can find another job or self employment? and from what stage my spouse can start finding a job?

    Thanks a lot

    • Timeframe for green card process depends upon the position for which it is being applied, and your profile. If applied in
      – EB1: wait time for India is few months
      – EB2: wait time for India is 5-6 years
      – EB3: wait time for India is more than 10 years

      You can change employers even when on H1B, however if you want to be self-employed you will have to wait for EAD to arrive (timeframe is similar to GC). Your spouse can either start working on his/her own H1 (if s/he files one), or can wait for EAD to arrive.

      Let me know if you need any other information on this.

      • Thanks Saurabh for the response, let me remain that I am applying from Iran,
        So this mean that when I get US with an H1B I should apply for H1b->EB1 ?
        I am trying to google and find somethings on EAB EB1 EB2 etc not actually these are so unclear for me now,
        Thanks again for your time

        • GC category depends upon the prospective GC job offer, and how you fit that profile.
          – EB1 is the category when the job is of national importance. Typically people who have done PhD and are in niche research fall into this category.
          – EB2 is the category when the job requires Master’s degree. In this case, the applicant needs to have Master’s (4+2 education) or at least 5 years of relevant work experience (if s/he doesn’t have Master’s). Also the experience gained at the company filing GC doesn’t count in this.
          – EB3 is the category when the job requires Bachelor’s degree.

          So depending upon your profile, and the job employer will file for GC will determine your GC category.

          • Hi Saurabh , thanks for your replies and sorry for taking your time
            have a question on my spouse , will he also get the EBA and GC simultaneously with me? (he will be under H4b)

          • You can add him when applying for 485 (a form that needs to be applied during GC process) and he will also get the EAD and GC along w/ you. If you have any children who are not US citizens and less than 18 years of age, you can also add them to the 485 and have their GCs approved along with yours.

  13. Nice article. Till now I have not come across such a decent site which has lot of good info for a new guy like me, who is scared of H1B visa filing aftermaths.

  14. H1s applied right now will be for FY2011 that runs from Oct 2010 to Sep 2011. If your employment start dates needs to be b/w these dates, then yes you need to apply now.


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