F1 Visa Students Stock Trading – Allowed? Invest – Buy, Sell and Taxes ?

F1 Students Stock Trading Options SSN and Tax Info

In general students are passionate about financial markets, F1 students in US are not different…Some of the F1 students might have been investing in stocks in their home country, before moving to US for education…they may want to continue to invest in stocks to have an understanding of the US financial markets…the question is around …

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First time in USA as F1 Student – Airport Pickup – How to arrange transportation ?

I still remember my first airport pick up experience as international student, it was crazy…I was very happy that I scheduled an airport pickup with International students office and Indian Students association… I would have been totally lost without it…Let me share the importance of arranging for an airport pickup and how to get that …

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Detailed F1 Visa Stamping in Chennai with Tips

Below is a detailed F1 Visa stamping experience at Chennai, India from one of my friends.  This is not from 2010 and written some time ago…some of the administrative procedures might have changed so double check on that stuff, but it is very well articulated and help anyone going for F1 Visa stamping. Thanks to …

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