US Government Shutdown I20, F1 Visa, Prospective and Current Students Impact? FAQs

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As many of you know, US government is shutdown since October 1st, 2013 and the discussions are still in progress in senate with no resolution yet. Yesterday, we wrote an article that focused on US Government Shutdown H1B Visa holders impact . I have seen many prospective students applying for MS or MBA in USA and current F1 visa students post a variety of questions around the US Gov. Shutdown and impact to them. This article will focus on addressing many such concerns

Prospective Students Applying to US Schools

Will US Government Shutdown impact prospective F1 students applying for Admissions?

No, it will not have any direct impact on prospective students applying to US Schools for spring 2014 or  Fall 2014. You can continue to apply for schools for Spring and Fall of 2014.

Will there be any impact on SEVIS and issue of I-20 by American Graduate Schools?

No. SEVP will function normally, it will NOT have any impact on the SEVIS program and issuance of I-20. If you get an admission, you will be issued I20, there will not be any hold as such. Your schools DSO will work with SEVIS system and issue the I-20.

Will the US Government Shutdown impact my Scholarship or funding Chances ?

Well, it depends. In the short term, there will not be much impact as most of the grants would have already been approved. But, if there are any federal grants that the University utilizes for funding, that would be have impact and any funding like RA/TA or scholarships that come from the US federal budget would have impact. For now, do not need to worry much…

I have admission from few schools in US and I have I-20 as well. Can I attend F1 Visa stamping ?

Yes, this shutdown will not have direct impact on the US consular processing. The US consulate functions based on the fees collected from users. You can apply for F1 Visa stamping appointments and attend F1 Visa interview as usual .

Current International students on F1 Visa  in USA

Will this shutdown impact current classes/ courses of F1 Students in USA?

No, it will not have any impact. You will need to attend classes and continue with your coursework.  Although, many would like to take a break, ain’t gonna work folks L

As F1 Student, Can I work off-campus during US Government Shutdown ?

No, you are not allowed to work off-campus on F1 Visa anytime during shutdown.  You will need to maintain your legal F1 status just like you would do in normal conditions, by following all the required laws. Your DSO will be functioning normally and everything is tracked. Do NOT do any mistakes, ICE and CBP are functioning normally and NO exceptions to break law, be careful.

Will the US Gov. Shutdown impact my OPT processing by USCIS ?

No, it will not. USCIS will function normally. There could be slight delay, but it should be normal for the most part. You can apply for OPT.

Can I work on CPT ? Can I apply for CPT during Gov. Shutdown ?

Yes, absolutely, you can apply for CPT and work on CPT during shutdown. Unless you are working on CPT at a federal agency, it should not impact.

Will this Government shutdown impact my Job Search and Internship chances ?

It depends on where you plan to apply and work. Yes, if you are planning to work at a federal government agency.  Most the Federal government agencies are not recruiting during shutdown for their internships. All the career fairs will not have many of the federal agencies recruiting for their programs.

Will this Gov. Shutdown affect some of the University programs ?

It depends on the type of the program. Any program which has dependency on Federal funding will have impact.  For instance, programs with NASA collaboration will not function. 97% of NASA employees are not working (furloughed) during this shutdown.

Any other questions  ?

Were you impacted by this Gov. Shutdown ?


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