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FAQs on 17 Month STEM OPT Extension Revoked – Impact, Status Issues?

Updated : October 5th, 2015

It has been crazy and shocking news for many of the F1 students working on OPT  with the federal judge issuing judgment saying that the 17 month OPT STEM extension rule will be vacated ( cancelled) from February 12th 2016 as US Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) did not follow the correct process of notice and comment period for issuing the OPT extension rule for 17 months for US STEM degree holders back in 2008, when the rule was issued.  There was so much of speculation by many on options for DHS…finally on October 2nd, 2015, official rule to address this was posted on RegInfo.gov indicating the details. DHS Plans to re-issue the rule formally as per process, within the deadline and working hard on this. There is so much of speculation and confusing among many of the current students on OPT and future OPT applications, including aspiring students planning to study in US.  Below are some of the commonly asked FAQs around this on our blog.  We will keep adding FAQs to this list as we get more questions.

I have a STEM degree from US school and working on 12 month OPT now, which is expiring by December 2015. Can I apply for OPT Extension like normal?  Will USCIS approve my OPT extension?

As of now, nothing changes. You can apply for 17 month OPT extension as usual with normal procedure up to 120 days before the expiry date and USCIS would approve your OPT extension. DHS/USCIS updated its stakeholders on October 2nd that the rule would be re-issued and they are working on it. No new guidance has been given by DHS/ USCIS, so everything goes normal and USCIS should process everything normally. As per USCIS, they plan to re-issue the 17 month extension rule by Feb 12th, 2016 and everything would stand as normal.

I have my 17 OPT STEM Extension until July 2016.  What happens to me after Feb 12, 2016 ?  Can I continue to work after that as I got the OPT approved already beyond Feb 2016 ?

Well, technically, if the court ruling holds, the OPT extension rule will be vacated (cancelled or revoked) by Feb 12, 216. What it means is that even though your OPT extension is approved beyond that date, it will not be valid. So, you cannot work after that period on OPT. You will have 60 days grace period after that date to look for alternatives or leave USA.

I have a STEM degree from US and my 12 month OPT expires on May 1st, 2016.  Can I apply for OPT extension in Jan 2016 and get OPT Extension ? Will I get OPT extension for 17 months and work in US after Feb 12, 2016 ?

Well, technically you can apply for OPT extension 120 days before the expiration date, so you can apply for that. But, having said that it is not sure how USCIS will handle the extension at this point and how many months they will issue.  Even, if USCIS issues 17 months OPT extension beyond Feb 12, 2016, if the rule is not re-issued by standard process by USCIS  and court ruling holds, you may not able to work after Feb 12 as the OPT stem rule would be vacated or cancelled by that time. Updated : on October 2nd, the details of the new proposed rule for STEM OPT Extension are published on RegInfo.Gov website.  As the rule making is in process, we may assumed that USCIS would give it as normal, but nothing officially said though.

 Worst case situation, if USCIS/ DHS does not re-issue the current OPT STEM extension rule by official rule making process of notice and comment period before Feb 2016, what will happen to students working on 17 OPT STEM Extension?

Well, if that happens, after Feb 12, 2016 as per standard grace period, F1 students on OPT extension will get 60 days grace period to leave the country or look for alternatives like change of status or enroll in another degree, etc. It is very likely that USCIS will take care of this situation and re-issue the OPT extension rule by the Feb 2016 deadline. Updated : on October 2nd, the details of the new proposed rule for STEM OPT Extension are published on RegInfo.Gov website.

I am a prospective student with admission from US School for Spring/ Fall 2016, with this OPT cancellation rule, I am confused, should I come to US ?  Will I able to work after MS ?

Firstly, to clarify, the general 12 month OPT is not impacted by this ruling. What it means is that you can work for 12 months on OPT after your degree graduation.  The current court ruling only holds to 17 month OPT extension for STEM degree. I can tell you, it is too soon for you to think about this and get worried. On October 2nd, the official rule details were published on RegInfo.gov website.  So, the re-issue of the rule is in process and nothing to worry…In fact, DHS said that they are working hard to complete this before the deadline.  Besides, OPT extension has been a priority and even was part of Obama’s Executive action of Nov 2014. I would NOT worry too much about the OPT extension and cancel your plans for higher education. If you are passionate with a Goal for MS in US, you should pursue your higher education.

 The court has given only 6 months for the entire rule making process, will that be sufficient for following the official process of notice and comment period and have the OPT STEM Extension rule ready by February 2016 ?  The H4 EAD took years to process, what are the odds?

Though 6 months seems like a tough timeline for passing the rule by official process, it is quite possible for DHS to make it happen. The reason I think it is possible is that Obama Executive Action of Nov 2014 had OPT extension program as an action item indicating the options to expand the degree programs for OPT extension and duration. So, technically in the background USCIS would have someone working on this and they would have very likely have made some progress on this. Now, this is an opportunity for them to make all of that happen officially as per process.  Of the various steps, longest step of that is 60 or 30 days comment period, which should be fine with timeline given by court. Coming to the H4 Visa EAD rule, though on paper it took years due to various dependencies, it was passed within short timeline after USCIS / DHS got the official notice from the President. The Obama executive action was passed on Nov 20, 2014 and the H4 EAD rule was finalized by Feb 24, 2015 with the effective date of May 26, 2015.  Technically, the timeline is about 6 months. Also, OPT extension is a current rule with the school officials are fully trained and process wise familiar too, so there would be less disruption and the ground work to be done for USCIS would be less, and it should be quite possible to re-issue the rule by Feb 2016.

There is a 60 days public comment period for official rule making process, will this 17 month OPT extension rule go through as there is opposition from many organizations like the Washington Alliance of Technology Workers ?

If we take a step back and look, “why would Obama executive action include OPT program extension and rules topic, if there was no backing from the tech world and many other supporting business organizations ?” . On the surface, even if there is so much of negativity and opposition from some organizations, there is still enough backing from many of the businesses that are utilizing the STEM graduates. The reason for this rule to become even stronger is with the H1B Visa lottery situation of FY 2015, 2016 indicating the need for STEM talent to work for some time, if they do not get selected in lottery.

What are the various Options that DHS / USCIS has to address this situation?

Well, below are about 4 of the options that can be used.  The last one is controversial.

  • Option 1: DHS can follow the proper rule making process and re-issue the rule by proper notice and the comment period of either 60 days or 90 days. Updated : on October 2nd, the details of the new proposed rule for STEM OPT Extension are published on RegInfo.Gov website.
  • Option 2 :  DHS/ USCIS can appeal the court ruling by federal court at a higher court, which is Supreme court regarding the judgement.
  • Option 3 :  They can chose to follow both above option 1 and 2 together like work on the process of re-issue of the rule and in parallel appeal the court ruling at higher court.
  • Option 4 : This is controversial and said by an attorney’s as per his opinion. DHS  can just ignore the rule and move on as the judgement applies to only the persons who have raised it and it does not apply to the overall STEM OPT Program…

Overall folks, nothing to worry. On October 2nd, the official details of the rule were published on the Reginfo.gov website. It is a work in progress and DHS is committed to have this done before the deadline of Feb 12th, 2016. Do NOT worry and panic regarding any of this.

Check latest updates : STEM OPT Extension Rule News Updates 

Any other questions ?  What is your gut feel on this rule making on time ? Share your thoughts.


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  2. I am currently on a STEM OPT that was supposed to last until January 2017. I am planning to go to India in November 2015 and apply for my F1 visa renewal. With the new OPT deadline (as of now) being in Feb 2016, I am not so sure about this trip anymore. Would it be wise to apply for an F1 visa while the end date is this close?

  3. The article states that the DHS has 6 months to take necessary steps where the lengthiest process takes 2 months. We are technically now 4 months away and no action yet. If DHS doesn’t take action until mid November things are looking difficult.

  4. Since OPT extension is revoked, can i travel outside US for few days?will there be any issue at Immigration?I am on my OPT STEM extension right now. Thanks.

  5. I am planning to Pursue Masters Degree from US Universities. Recently I Heard about this news and planning to drop for this Spring 2016. Is this a good decision to apply n pursue Masters in US as STEM extension is not taking place after Feb – 2016. My Dream is that, not only study in US. want to work for 3-4 Years after that. Please Suggest me..

    • I am working here and I tell this to all my friends and family not to come here at all. The immigration policy is very bad and its becoming worse day by day.

  6. I have PhD degree in a STEM field. I had applied for 17 OPT Extension in July, last week my new EAD card arrived. The expiry date stated on card is March 2017 (Based on OPT Extension being revoked, I was expecting expiry date to be February 12, 2016). I am confused now!

    • Renault, USCIS has not given any official response on the STEM OPT Revocation. So, technically things continue to operate as before. It is very likely that DHS would re-issue the rule by proper rule making process. We’ll have to wait for official communication. If you look at the timeline on the OPT STEM Extension updates page, the judgement came on August 12th. It is very likely that your case was processed before all of this came…Nothing to worry, take it easy.

  7. Renault, Don’t be upset. It is part of life. Be confident. USA is not a final and only stop in your life. You came for study and you have done well. You can use this anywhere in world. USA is not only place where you can use yours skills to payoff loan. Everyone who came to USA could have loans.
    Also no one guarantee that everyone will get a job after finishing up studies. If this is assumption you had when you get F1 visa it was wrong. Does anyone told you to get h1 or job ?
    It is part of process everyone has to go through. It doesn’t matter which country you are in . Canada, UK and Australia would have same stories and none of these countries has STEM. Don’t use STEM for granted.
    Think positive as you are educated person who spent life for research.

    • I have been in the US for more than 10 years now, I have very close friends here, I am very accustomed to american lifestyle now, it will be very hard for me to adjust lifestyle changes because of this stupid rule. Unable to pay $40000 quickly + shattered dreams = depression (It was my dream to come to US for better life, I studied hard and finished PhD from a top research university, now my fate is dependent on some stupid rule and random number, not hard work!). I don’t want my dreams to die and be depressed for a long time. I hate that even with STEM PhD degree I still will have to go through capped H1B quota and compete with IT employees from India in random lottery (who have not spent considerable time in the US, please read about how Indian IT companies apply for multiple H1b’s for one applicant) . My PhD was funded by U.S Tax payers money (over $300000 grant money). I am now applying to Post Doctoral positions now, this will help me get cap-excemt H1b without stress.

      • Renault, Well, you can always look for a role that is part of research institution, University or non-profit organization, then you do not have to go through the H1B quota cap. You already have a PhD, it should open quite a few doors in many of these institutions. Keep looking my friend, you will find something…

  8. Hi Guys,
    Honeymoon days are gone for F1 Students who came to US for just time pass life. These begger are making other F1s piss off by flooding here. Bu/eggars, Please stop flooding here who are take all begger part time jobs.
    Students who failed 3 /4 subjects in BTECH/BE, there is no point of issuing visa for these buggers.

    Another F1

  9. I am interning on OPT and I have a PhD in one of the STEM fields from University of California. I have been struggling to find job for more than 1 year. I have applied to 17 month OPT extension, I just read that the extension will be cancelled on Feb 12, 2016, even if I find a full time job, any company would not be able to apply for H1B, this rule is causing me a lot of stress. I have a lot of loan ($40,000) to return, I will just give up everything and end my life after Feb 12, 2016. I can not take this stress anymore.

    • Don’t. If you want to do something – reach out to the student community who has signed this petition already by now and ask them to sign this :


      Spread this to any person you meet or interact and ask them to do the same.

    • Renault, I understand your concern, there is so much of unknown facts at this point. We are waiting for USCIS/ DHS response. It is very likely that DHS will re-issue the rule, do NOT worry much. I understand that 40,000 loan is a lot, but it is not greater than your life. Please do NOT take any such decisions, there are always ways to handle any situation. If you are really stressed, take some time off, go some where, speak to someone that you trust like a mentor or elders that you trust and share your thoughts…These are just hiccups in life and we all should handle. Again, do NOT worry about this rule, DHS would very likely take care of this.


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