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Getting handle of your Credit Score as an Immigrant

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In US, credit score can either be a boon or a bane. Having a good credit score opens up access to cheaper mortgage rates, better credit cards and comfortable auto loans. Absence of one can cause the opposite. As an immigrant, one has no prior credit history. Lack of credit history is not seen favorably by several financial institutions and …

Roads, Buildings, Public Facilities and Infrastructure – Singapore vs USA

In Living in US by KumarUpdated : 5 Comments

It is very important to have proper infrastructure, roads and buildings, and public facilities  in the place we live…This could be one of the key deciding factors in defining your lifestyle. As part of the Series Living in US vs Singapore, we will cover around this topic comparing America  and Singapore so that it gives you some idea, if you …

Series: Living in US vs Singapore – Move back to Asia from America?

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If you are from Southeast Asia or Indian subcontinent and have lived in America for quite a few years and plan to move back from US someday for one of the reasons like kids education, their upbringing in your cultural values, take care of parents, settle down in home country, etc., it could be quite difficult to make the complete …

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Why NOT to speak English faster in America as International ?

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Many of the internationals, especially Asians from the sub-continent,  tend to speak English so fast that the American counterparts may not understand a thing.  It may sound quite normal for the person speaking, but Americans may not comprehend much as you are speaking fast.  Lets see why it is important to speak slowly and how can you fix it. Why …