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Where to wash Clothes or do Laundry in US? Can I Hang clothes outside on a String?

Washing clothes is a very trivial thing, but when I landed in US for the first time, I was not sure how it would work.  I have seen new students and professionals wash clothes/ undergarments in a bath tub and hang them in the house, which would stink the entire house as it most of the houses are air conditioned and are closed spaces. Let me share my knowledge, so that you can it can help you understand the overall dynamics and make a decision even when you are choosing a house to rent.

Where should I wash clothes or do Laundry in America ?  Can I wash in Bath Tub ? Landlord issues ?

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Many of you before you land in US maybe used to washing clothes in a washing machine at home or have a maid/yourself wash them in your bathroom/roof and hang them outside on balcony or roof.   Now you plan to come to US and thinking, if you may have to buy a washing machine here to wash clothes or get a maid… The fact is that, if you are renting a nice individual house, depending on the house, the land lord might give you a Washing machine and drier.   Also, if you are staying in a nice fancy condo or apartment, your landlord might have a separate washing machine and drier in your apartment.  If you do NOT have a washing machine, below are the choices.

  • Common Washing  Machines in Apartment Complex : If you are living in a large apartment complex, there would be common washing machines in each floor or one large room in the building dedicated for laundry. You can use that.  You will have to use Quarters. Washing for one load would be anywhere between 4 to 6 quarters ( 1 to 1.5 US Dollar ). Also, dryers would be available as well to dry the clothes.
  • Coin Laundry Machines on streets or in a Neighborhood :  If you are living in small independent house or your apartment complex does not have the best washing machine, you can use the coin laundry machines that are available outside on streets in any neighborhood. You can look them up online or just ask anyone. The advantage of these coin laundry machine facilities is that there are a wide variety of washing machines,  you have option to dump entire clothes in one load in a larger machine and same case with drying.  I used to  prefer these because it was easy to do laundry at one time. Also, if you plan to wash large blankets, you need a large washing machine and this work well.

Can I wash clothes at Home in Bath tub and Hang the clothes for drying outside the house on Balcony?

Most of the houses or apartments in US do not come with hard cement floor with full area to wash clothes. You will have to wash in the bath tub and it will tough. I have seen some people do it to save a dollar or two, but it is not worth it.  Where would you hang them for drying?  If you hang in house, it will stink the entire house.  It is not very common in US that people hang clothes outside.  People typically use the dryers machines for drying clothes and they do NOT hang clothes outside their house.  Also, most of the two storied houses in the US, do not have roof as they are typically built by wood, so you have to hang them in front of your house…you would not have place…it is a big mess…Sometimes, you will get objections with Land Lord as well. You need to double check with your leasing office, if you are allowed.  Keeping house clean is very important and the land lord can evict you, if you are not maintaining it in a neat way.   As you are doing laundry once a week using laundry machine, it is very important to carry enough undergarments, when you travel to the US. Read the Checklist of items to carry to America

What was your experience?

Did you wash in bath tub for the first time 😉





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  1. Hahahaha! I know a lot of people who had these issues – lucky for me I’ve worked in India for an employer where we had laundromats and was using it even in India. The first 7 days I had paid hotel accommodation and the first thing I checked in the apartments I was searching was whether the apartment had a washer-dryer! Saves a ton of headache of locating a laundromat and then carrying stuff there.


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