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Roads, Buildings, Public Facilities and Infrastructure – Singapore vs USA

It is very important to have proper infrastructure, roads and buildings, and public facilities  in the place we live…This could be one of the key deciding factors in defining your lifestyle. As part of the Series Living in US vs Singapore, we will cover around this topic comparing America  and Singapore so that it gives you some idea, if you are considering moving to Asia.

How are Roads in Singapore vs USA?  Are they similar ?

It is quite amazing to think of roads in US, they define the concept of road trips in US and long drives…that’s what made America very successful for trade and define the weekend drives and travel lifestyle for many.  Similar to  Interstate Highways System in US, highways in Singapore are called express ways…due to the small size of the country, you will definitely not have long roads, the longest is about 42 KM (kind of very small when compared to US)…They are typically abbreviated by 3 short letters like PIE (Pan Island Express Way), AYE ( Ayer Rajah Expressway ), ECP (East Coast Parkway), TPE, CTE, etc. Some are undersea as well…Definitely you cannot compare the size, but the quality of the roads are outstanding. I would say the quality is on par or even better than US. The system of expressways works like Interstates in US with concept of ‘exits’, where you can get off at any point that has neighborhood or satellite towns. The expressways in Singapore will let you travel from one end of the country/city to other side within 40 min like freeway. So, you will definitely not miss America. It is very expensive for you to afford a car though, we will cover that in upcoming articles.  The roads in city downtown are outstanding.  Singapore is only one of the few cities that have F1 night racing ( Singapore Grand Prix ) on the city roads, you can imagine the quality of roads now!  The roads in the entire country are very good, either they are in heart of the city or in a neighborhoods. Below is the highway map in Singapore. You can predict your travel time for the most part !

Singapore Expressways compare with US

How are buildings in Singapore vs. US ? Are they well spaced ? Are they modern?

US is a huge country with plenty of space for any kind of construction…Unlike, Singapore is a small place with less land space…but, despite that the buildings in Singapore are very well built with good spacing and facilities around them. In US, for the most part, except in big cities and neighborhoods around them, you may not find many tall buildings, due to the land availability the buildings are built with less stories and spread out. Unlike, in Singapore, except in the some of the older neighborhoods of the Singapore, you will mostly find

How are public facilities like Parks, Libraries, Community Centers, etc in Singapore vs. USA ?

America due to the size and strong system is known for rich public facilities like parks, community centers, bike trials, etc. Similarly, Singapore despite its small size, tried to balance everything and build a very vibrant city with very good public facilities….firstly, there are footpaths all along the roads with foot bridges over busy roads in the neighborhoods, except around freeways…technically, you can keep walking, push your kids stroller or use your bicycle to move from one part of the city to other part…there are plenty of biking trials…There are quite a few national parks and small parks created by Singapore government to keep up greenery in the city…and Singapore is No Concrete Jungle… There are community centers that offer many kind of facilities ranging from Swimming to cooking lessons. Each of the neighborhoods has a stadium with sports courts for badminton, tennis, including community gyms and many outdoor gyms for every few buildings…These are well maintained. There are libraries just like in US with very good collection of books and you can borrow as well, but you may have to pay some money, if you are not a citizen or permanent resident holder, but it is very minimal fee. You will find plenty of kids play areas all over the city in parks and neighborhoods… I would say the public facilities in Singapore are much better than the ones in the US.

Overall, I would say the infrastructure in Singapore with its rich set of facilities are on par or I would say even better than America. So, if you are used to a lifestyle of using the community centers facilities, taking your kids out for a jog or take your bike for a long ride in bike trials, you will not miss any of that in Singapore…

Did I miss anything ? What are your thoughts?  Did you live in Singapore after living in US – What’s your take ?   Share your comments…

Expressway Image Credits : Wikipedia 


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  1. It depends… I have lived and worked in Singapore and the USA. both countries have positives and negatives. Positives in Singapore: safe, small, a lot of good job opportunities, fairly good pay, great health system, great public transportation, quite easy visa regulations (compared to Europe and USA). Negatives: too expensive, too hot.

  2. Hello Kumar,
    Nicely written. I am a bit curious. How do you know so much about Singapore? I mean do you live or have lived there, and for how long?


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