Cost of Living in USA on H1B or L1 Visa

How much Money can you Save in USA on H1B/L1 Visa? Living Cost ?

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One of the many drivers for many internationals to work in America on H1B or L1 Visa is the monetary benefits and savings they can make. The big question is how much money can you save in America ?   What are the typical expenses ?  How much is the cost of living in USA ?  Let me shed some light on these and give you some numbers for getting a high level idea.

In general, the net amount of money you can save is the total amount of money that you make minus the taxes and total amount of expenses that you incur for living. While you may make more money, you need to factor in taxes as well that a state can have to come up with nex expenses.

  • Net Savings = Income – ( Taxes + Expenses )

Let’s first look at the expenses that you would typically incur as an international on H1B or L1 visa.

Cost of Living in USA on H1B or L1 Visa ?

The below expenses are based on a big assumption that “You are married and living with your spouse, renting your own apartment” and  you are being conservative and not living an extravagant life with high end cars and expensive house rented.



Cost in USD ($)

Additional Notes on expenses

Rent ( double bed)


This can vary a lot by location you live. In bigger cities, this could be around $2500 to $3500 USD, depending on size and options.  In smaller cities, this could be like about $800 or less.


Typical car down payment, if you buy a decent small size car on loan. This can go up to $600 or more, if you go for BMW or more expensive cars.
Car Insurance


Car insurance varies a lot by driving record and place you live. You may pay double or more, if you live in big cities.
Car Gas


Average, if you have less commute. It can vary a lot by your travel. If you commute in high traffic cities, this can be as much as $250 USD.


If you have family plan with mobile carrier. This also can vary.


All the vegetables, snacks, etc. for cooking food. This may be more, if you cook more at home and your own country dishes…


Electricity + Cooking Gas + Water. This varies by region, in cold places, make sure you take where heat is included.
International Calling


Calling home and others in home country. This can be less now a days with WhatsApp and FaceTime
Eat Out


This varies by your food habits. Assuming you take a lunch box to office, this is just for eating out in weekends or occasionally.
Movies, shopping, other misc. expenses


This again varies. If you buy lot of clothes and other items, it will be very high.
Health Insurance (Optional)

100 to 200

This is optional as many of the decent employers give health insurance, so I will not add this expense for total calculations. This can be high as well, if you want a really good plan.
Total Expense



 You can even save more or spend more based on your lifestyle. I have not included any expenses related to your travel, buying clothes, other home setup things like Sofas, dining tables, chairs, etc.  Also, if you have kids, you will encounter some more expenses, which are not included in above.

Taxes you pay in US as H1B or L1 Visa holder

Taxes are a big part of your overall salary, you would end up paying anywhere around 35% as well depending on the state you live in and your status as single or married.

For example, If you make about $60,000 USD per year in USA, which is $5000 per month (Gross Salary).  For instance, if you live in a state like Wisconsin, your take home Net Salary  would be $3,600 per month ( approximate). See below from actual Payslip from Wisconsin state for someone making $5000 USD per month.

Pay Slip with Taxes in US for Wisconsin State

You can use something like ADP Pay Check Calculator to get an idea of Net Income that you will get after paying taxes. You can enter approximate numbers to get an idea. You can also read Taxes for Non-immigrant Visa Holders in USA to understand more.

Now that we know the Taxes and Expenses, let’s look at the savings.

How much can you save – Approximate Savings in State like WI ?

Based on above numbers, it comes out to below

Gross Salary  ( Per month)$5000
Net Salary   ( after taxes, per month)$3,600
Monthly Expenses$2345
Net Saving $1255

 All the above numbers are highly indicative and can vary based on state. Also, the take home or net salary varies by state with state taxes.

How can I estimate cost of living for other Cities or States in USA as H1B holder ?

There are two key things that you can look at to estimate the cost of living and how much you can save. As you can see from the above list, the biggest expense is Rent. If you check rental cost in a new city, you will get an idea. Also, next thing is to look at taxes in that state, once you have both of these, then you can use the numbers in above two tables and come up with your own living expense cost for any city in USA. In short, you need the below.

  • Rental Expense – How much is the average rent in a city
  • Taxes – How much are the state related taxes

The other expenses are pretty similar all across the US, except some insurance related things, factor in that aspect.

It is important that you understand the baseline savings that you can make, when you work on H1B Visa or L1 visa.  Just looking at 60,000 USD per year, without considering taxes and your expenses, will give you wrong perceptions about savings and your financial planning.

Did I miss any expenses ? How are your expenses living in US ? Share your thoughts in comments.

You can also read Cost of living in USA as Student on F1 Visa


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Comments ( 454 )

  1. Bhushan

    Hi ,
    I got H1B visa petition approved for New York location. My company has offered $68K per annum. Please let me know how much I would be able to save.I have family Me , My wife and 1.5 years old kid.

    1. Mrs.Kajal Vasoya

      Hi Bhushan,
      1.your salary would not be sufficient for New york, as NY is too much costly. House rent is horrible for 1bhk – $2500to $3000.
      2. you are moving with your kid so definetly it would be not sufficient at all.
      3.Remaining element of living cost like groceries+internet/mobile+utilities+car insurance +health insurance+car EMI in total would be $2000
      if you want to know more about all the element of expenses and relocation expenses you can check out my youtube channel(My121Cents) where I am sharing my experience as a first time visitor in the USA recently.

  2. prem

    My wife got L1 visa, salary 2600$ per month. Placement may be (Mooresville or Atlanta). I want to quit my job in india and come with him with L2 visa. We have one child. So pls advice me, With this salay
    How much we can save ???

    1. Rahul



      But at same time sorry to say, that 2600$ PM is take home after tax or what? i mean are they paying for your accommodation?

      if your wife’s company is paying for your accomodation then still it can be managable, but if this is only amount and you have to manage for accomodation by your own then this is very less…..

      any how still this is very less salary.

      1. prem

        Hi Rahul,

        Thanks for ur reply. Now only my wife got exact salary $3700 after tax. Is this OK to manage and save.. I am having housing lone for Rs30,000. I am quiting my job in India. My wife telling that with L2 visa I can work there.. pls reply me

  3. Swetha

    I came to US first time in Nov 2014 and my company offered me 64k per year. The work location is Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am staying in a shared accommodation. Can anyone tell me how much amount I can save per month / year. I heard of Indian tax obligation. Do I need to pay taxes both in India and USA? As per latest update from my company, my monthly overseas allowance will be 3k. This is different from what they mentioned in the deputation letter(64k per year). Can some one explain what this mean to me?

  4. Rahul

    Can anyone , Pls tell me the cost living in DETROIT MI .
    My employer is offering 56K PA.
    I plan to go with my wife and 3yr old son
    1. What will be the tax , how much we can get take home salary.
    2. How much we can save ?

    Please revert asap….

  5. Houston Living Expense

    Can anyone , Pls tell me the cost living in Housotn TX .
    My employer is offered 64K PA.
    1. What will be the tax , how much we can get take home salary.
    2. How much we can save ?

  6. swathi

    My husband is traveling to Houston Texas on H1 visa nd he is offered a salary of $105000.can u pleas tell me what would be his monthly salary after all the taxes..

  7. Dhanjit

    Kindly visit for paycheck calculators, withholding calculators, tax calculators, payroll information.

    You will get an Idea what is your take home salary per pay check and more.

    Dhanjit G

  8. Pradeep

    my company is offering me 75k USD for New York city. I m planning to live with my wife n one toddler kid. wife will b on H4. can anyone help me with how I can do maximum savings.

  9. SKA


    I will be moving to Houston, Texas within a month.
    I am being offered $81,000/- per year with additional $1200/- health insurance by the company. I am single. Anybody can suggest how much I can save per month with the assumption that I will be buying a car too.

  10. raja_chennai

    I just wanted to know if anyone could give me some information based on experience. my company offered me 80k USD and just got married (2months back) soon i am going to move to Atlanta, GA and I was hoping to get some information, does the 80k would be sufficient? what would be my monthly salary after tax also if possible pls share specifically the following in $USD.

    1. Living Expesnes – water, gas, electricity, food (2 adults)
    2. Housing Expenses – 1 or 2 bedroom appartment rent in a good neighbourhood – maybe 20-30 mins from the city (I’ve heard the further out you go the cheaper it is)
    3. Public transport – bus, subway or taxi.
    4. how much i can save per month?

  11. Jatin

    Hi Everyone.
    I have been offered a Job with pay of USD 75,000 /PA. I will be based in Houston, Texas.
    Is it a good salary with any saving prospects?
    I earn 18, 00,000 INR /PA in India. That’s Roughly USD 30,000 PA.
    I save around half my salary in India. How much can I expect to save there.

  12. kannan

    Hello everybody.

    Company I work offered me to transfer to the US with a salary of $50000/yr. I wonder if you can tell me if this amount is enough to live in Minneapolis,U.S.A.I will be single living here. How much cost of living will b here. How much i will b able to save ?Also please appraise me about applicable taxes both state and federal.

    with Thanks

  13. Pck

    Hello All,

    I need your advice, I have a offer of $75K from a company in San hose, california with a bond of 2 years . I will be travelling with my wife and 1 kid (toddler). Me and wife both are working here in Mumbai and our joint income is around 18L. Out there my wife will be on H4 and won’t be working.

    So can I survive there and save anything ? Please recommend me any suggestion.

    Your kind suggestion required.
    Thanks in Advance.

    1. Deep

      You can save around $1200-1500 per month I think. Your wife’s career will take a hit as well. Bond will not have any significance in US. So you can consider switching job after settling here.

      1. Pck

        Thanks for your prompt response Deep. Couple of questions here:

        1) Are you already in US or have you previously been to US ?
        2) Could you please throw more light on why bond will have no significance in US?

        Many thanks!

        1. Deep

          I am here since 1.5 years. As far as I know, nobody can force you to work with them legally in US. Your employment is at your will. But I am not sure how they would have worded it or what significance it would have in India.

    2. raj goyal

      San Hose is very costly to live and you will barely be able to save any money. Apart from the expense mentioned above, you will have to pay around 6-7K for health insurance alone. Also home rent will be close to $2,000 over there so i will assume you are looking at monthly expense of around 3,500-$4,000. Agree with deep that after tax and all you are looking at a saving around $1,500.


  14. deep


    I have got an offer from an American company for $90k + up to 20 percent bonus (based on performance) . My work location is Rhode Island. Is this a good salary for a change and for that state? I’m currently getting $66k pa from an Indian mnc with 6 years of exp. I live with my wife.


  15. kannan

    With the pay of 50000$ per annum can we survive and save enough of money in Minneapolis… What will be the total cost of expense for bachelor ? Please tell me

  16. Priyanka

    I was offered of 5890 $ per month salary in USA ARIZONA by hyatt hotel as a data analyst officer . Should I go there to join or not ?
    Please recommend me any suggestion ????

    1. Choks

      Arizona is not that expensive and so it’s not a bad salary. I lived around Phoenix for 4 years. Again- single, kids or married. Devil is always in details.

  17. NewToUSA

    I was offered 65K from my company at the time of filing petition and promised for good salary once I go.
    now my company stuck on 65 k only.
    I have to go California with my wife.
    I am getting Rs. 90000 in India and my saving Rs. 30-35 k every month leaving in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR.

    After getting visa from ABC company can I change company xyz and go.
    other company can offer 100-125 k easily.
    So can I survive there and save anything ?

    Your kind suggestion required.
    Thanks in Advance.

    1. Choks

      What’s your experience (in number of years)?. California is expensive. This is very low salary. Earning 90k in Gurgaon is not bad.

      You can change jobs easily if on H1B and good experience. You would be easily able to get 100k after 6 months working in California. I would take a ride but be careful. It might turn into a frustration if you are not competitive and aggressive. No brainer if wife can also get the job. Think about this as a paid vacation 🙂

  18. ps

    Hi Guys,
    I am planning to move to NY on a salary of 115 K on H1, I make around 26 LPA in India, which amounts to 1.5 – 1.6 in India post tax, plus my wife is also working, I am not sure should I move ahead, Any idea how much would I be saving, if I live a simple no frills, OK type neighbor hood life style, with maximum 1-2 outings a month. I estimated it to be around 2000 – 2500 $, that would have matched our savings level in India, However I just realised that my employer is not paying for the health insurance, and I hope it should run into 500-1000K, so this might turn out to be a loosing proposition, I would really appreciate any help.


    1. Choks

      Trust me. You won’t save much if that’s your goal.

      You probably will end up living in metro park area or jersey city to save money on rent. That’s what most of people working in NY do. Your wife won’t be working I guess. Your health insurance costs are well in line considering your wife and you will both need it. I am assuming you would be working as consultant and that’s why your employer is not covering them.

      One mistake that people do when they come to US is start compromising on outing and vacations to save money. It back fires because that somehow helps to relieve the loneliness that you acquire being in a new country. Outing is expensive in US. A one eat out on indian restaurant or a movie with poporn can easily burn $50. A disney vacation can easily burn between $1000 and $3000.

      Living abroad is a nice experience though and if your wife can find a way to get a job in long run then 115K is not a bad start in US if you want to accept the initial tradeoffs. Consider this a paid ticket to a new experience and lifestyle. You will gain something in your resume and if you don’t have kids then it could be your good honeymoon destination.

  19. Sam

    Hello, I got a offer of 75000 /yr offer from ATL / GA. How much saving can be done with 2+2 kids family ? I can easily get around 10 lac / yr job in india. Is it good decision to migrte it to usa ? Appreciate the response.

    1. Shivgan Joshi

      I think 10 lcpa in India is much better- living alone will cost you a great deal of money – so taking 2+2 is not possible in that salary – moreover its starting salary. Yes if you get 100k+50k bonus you can go there.

    2. Choks

      I am looking at different comments and smiling. People – Don’t compare Apple to Oranges. I have seen students living on $800 budget and also the students who can’t live on $1600 and always on credit.

      Now professionals – Cost of standard living is very low and simple in US. You can SURVIVE easily in 48K (answering to one of the posts) depending on WHERE you live, what your MARITAL status is and what your LIFESTYLE is. Devil is always in details. This last factor lifestyle is very important. Society, your immediate friend circle plays a big role. You want to shop at walmart or branded outlets? You want to drive basic toyota or BMW, mercedes? you wanna watch TV or go movies, vacations and then where you wanna go vacation. Hawai or a local destination? 🙂
      If someone says that he’s living a decent life earning x amount, he is not saying wrong but he’s saying from his perspective about what comfortable life is.
      2345 break down above is very – very economical based on a small inexpensive city and you might have to compromise a few things to achieve that with two kids. I had a cousin who was single, no car, sharing a one bedroom apartment and his monthly expense was $1000. My wife and I could never got it down from $3000/month average. Insurance is never $80 for the beginners drivers. It’s more.
      Again depends upon, where are you living in India? Metro or small city?

      If comparing NY and Atlanta. Earning 70 K in atlanta is better deal than earnign 115K in new york.
      follow this link for comparison.

  20. Adams123

    For a family of 4 ( older kids 10-15) in NJ to live a decent and “respectable” life. Rent and utilities 2200, two ordinary cars ( $ 500) , gas ( 200) , auto Insurance $ 150 per month, groceries – $ 700, other expenses like home items, clothes etc $ 200, classes for children ( music, soccer etc) $ 300, eating out – 300, vacations and India trips apportioned on a montly basis- $ 300, monthly bus for school ( NJ they do charge for public school busing depending on how far you live from school) $ 100. I am not including any more real lifestyle expenses or expenses of mortgage and other family in India. So at a household income of $ 80 K , it is a wash! . Of course, you can cut corners, live in basic accos, eat little or nothing and never spend a penny outside to save but why come to the US when you cannot get a taste of the quality of life here? Don’t look at savings until you work hard and grow up the ladder quickly to make the 120K plus salaries. This is a great land that rewards those who can push themselves hard – remember, everyone works 40 hours a week, successfull ones work 60 hours or more with all other things equal! That is when you can do a 25% savings rate.

  21. Deepak

    Hello Friends,

    I am going to Orlando, Florida this december along with my wife and 3 yrs old son (both on H4). My package break up is like:
    – Base Salary: $70,000 per year
    – Benefit Allocation: $10,000 (this will include health insurance, cell phone, internet connection …)
    – Year End Bonus

    I am yet to clearify from my employer about Benefit allocation if it is included in the basic salary or additional.
    I am looking for an estimate of monthly fixed expenses.
    Rent, Taxes (no state tax there I guess), food, phone, electricity, water, internet, school.
    Will I be able to do some saving or it will be difficult to manage. Anybody from that location or who knows the expenses there well, could you please help.

  22. Anand

    If you are living in the bay area, that is, San Jose, Fremont, Sunnyvale then following is the breakup of probable expenses and savings.

  23. Graduate student

    take home $1404/month
    groceries $300/month
    rent $600/month
    utilities $200/month
    savings $ 300 /month
    living in upstate NY.

  24. SingleGuy

    I am amazed to know that people get so good salaries (60K, 75K…).
    I get 48K annually (courtesy of the company I work for) , i am single, bought a car, rented an apartment and do some savings..
    After few months, you will come to know what fits into budget and what doesn’t.. Where to buy and where not to.. And if you just see what you ‘need’, you will spend wisely, but if you see what you ‘want’ , any salary in the world is not enough..

  25. BoredGuy

    What are the deductions from my salary ?
    Tax information – State Tax – ; Federal Tax –
    This is what I have put together from the various websites:
    Federal Tax – 10%
    State Tax – 6%
    Social Security – 6.45%
    Medicare – 1.45%
    Is there anything else ( leaving aside medical and dental insurance costs) they will deduct from my salary ? Also, what will be the minimum / maximum cost of Medical + Dental insurance that will be deducted by my employer ?

  26. nandini

    With the pay of 120000$ per annum can we survive and save enough of money in sanfranscico… What will be the total cost of expense for husband and wife?? Please tell me

    1. anumita

      Hi Nandini,

      SF has one of the most expensive housing prices in the US. Having said that, a pay of $120K is pretty decent. Depending on whether you wanna live in the city or the outer districts your rent could vary between 4k(in the city) to 2500 around the SFSU area. Public Transportation is gr8 within the city so that should work up to 100 bucks for the MUNI/BART or a little more if you intend to use a car. Utilities and other costs work up to the estimates above in the article. Depending on your spending habits you can live quite comfortably in SF.

    2. Anand

      SFO is costly than the other bay area cities like San Jose, Sunnyvale, Fremont. You may try to the option of staying in Fremont and traveling to SFO using BART. For your information, here is the expenses v/s savings for the bay area cities:

  27. Karan


    I’m making Rs 17 lac per annum (gross salary) in India. It translates to roughly 1.10 lac per month after taxes.
    I’m expecting an offer soon from US employer in St. Pete. What should be a good enough salary there? I’m willing to accept the offer only if I can save 2500 $ per month. I’m single.

    1. Kiran

      Hi Karan,

      I am in a similar situation and would like to know more about the offer u got and how much u are able to save?
      Actually i am also not interested to go if my savings is anywhere below $2000K in US.


  28. Holy

    Hello everybody.

    Company I work offered me to transfer to the US with a salary of $70000/yr. I wonder if you can tell me if this amount is enough to live in San Antonio, TX. I am married and have two kids.


  29. pranab

    Hi, i am coming to Seattle usa on march 2014 on l1-b visa. Is this visa good for long term work ? Or i need to apply any other visa. Also my gross sal will be 97000. I will be single living here. How much cost of living will b here. How much i will b able to save ?

    Thanks, pranab

    1. Rajesh

      Hope you had a good flight and settled now in Seattle . I am trying to find cost of living at Seattle . Can you please share your email /contact to get more info ?


  30. Ashok


    I would be travelling to New York soon with salary around 62K. I heard that NY is too expensive. Can someone help in understanding whether I will be able to survive with this salary in NY? Forget about big savings, I am happy if I am able to survive in NY with my take home pay.
    PS: I am single and would be in a shared room.

    1. Prasheek

      we’ve bent to tour in NYC for 3 nights,we found stay at one gujju’s (potel) cheap level dorm system hostel kinda motel for $35 a night.was quite clean though.
      it was on 41 the avenue,straight left from greyhound port authority,in beside of NY times office.was preety cheap but was shared though.

    2. Prakash

      For NYC, you can stay in Jersey City on shared accommodation with your friends or colleagues.. As a bachelor you would spend approx 800 Min – 1100 Max per month including all your expenses.

  31. virgo123

    I will be getting 75k for a San Jose job and planning expenses,along with a wife , as under.Is it realistic :
    rent 1500
    food 300
    travel 200
    office café for lunch/per month 200
    utilities/calling 150
    weekends 100
    medical 300
    expenses 2750
    tax 1867
    Savings 1633

  32. 221g london

    Hi Saurab,
    I attended h1b interview at London consulate. They issued me 221 g form saying she need to do some administrative processing. and asked to send below documents to email id mentioned in the form
    List of publications
    Invitation letter from sponsoring institution in US
    Employment letter .

    I m confused about List of publications .

    any one in the forum faced similar kind of issue..

    Please suggest me .

  33. H1B Visa Approved

    Can Anyone tell me how is albuquerque,NM as a location. Also is $62000 salary enough for this location. How much will be the take home salary?

    1. Prasheek gaikwad

      62k >after taxes >41550> 3500 PM net take home.
      Least household gonna depend on your life style,exm. min rent 500,food 500-800 ,,groceriess 150,cellphone 100,gas 200 (well,If you can afford car),,,,,

      I save around $2500,where I was told 75k.where My back home chennai,salary was 6 lcs its all you gonna get double bucks wht you get bck in of luck & welcome to stats hommyyy.
      All around if you’r here for exposure,its good savings gonna be second point.

      1. H1B Visa Approved


        Are you in US…? You were saying you save $ 2500..If you dont mind can u tell me what is your gross salary?

        I am asking above ques to confirm savings to salary ratio even though it depends on your lifestyle and the cost of living of the place where u r staying.

        1. Prasheek

          Hey Bud I don’t know Howmuch you gonna save or spend,I shared my past which is going to be your provisional experience in stats.Infact whatI’ve wrought-up was just minimum base expenses,so It may be less savings for you.well about me,I bent here on L1(55k NY) to h1(75kCL) since 2010 from Polaris software,but soon going to move back home for some family future cause m single & Havnt been to home due to stamping issues.I hope this infos will help you a lot.Btw apart savings, USA working exposure gonna help you a lot.

  34. guest21

    how much is the state tax in San Jose, California?
    Is 70000$/year is sufficient to survive in San Jose, CA for a family(2 members). Please reply.

  35. H1b_Gunjan_2013_Michigan

    Hi Saurabh and Forum Team ,

    I have got H1B Visa for Auburn Hills, Michigan . Base Salary : 60077 USD and 2300 for Medical Insurance . I am single so no family. Can you please help me to know useful things being in USA.
    1) How to find apartment nearby auburn hills? ((Big Challenge for Me)) > There are no seniors or other members 🙁 in Auburn Hills .
    2) How to find Public Transport availability ? Should I buy a car ? I have Indian Driving L. If not what should I do to get USA Driving L
    3) And very silly but a qn .. When I come out of Airport ? Taxi ? CAB ?
    Please pls help me 🙁 I ll be thankful to all .

    1. Use Google

      For the love of god, they are paying you 60K a year and you have these knd of questions to ask! Why don’t you use the millions of websites to find acco, also you should find a place close to work if not you need to get a car. FYI taxi and cab are the same thing! Can you not post in community sites asking people who actually live there these questions?

      I still don’t know who is willing to pay you 60K

    2. Akki

      Dude….just take a cab for first month and in mean while fix yourself with a car. As you NEED one in metro Detroit area.

      And for your all other questions please research a little …it’s not that hard.

    1. Akki

      75000 is good but you need to understand that cost of living will vary a lot depending upon the neighborhood you choose to live in.

      And also depends upon your lifestyle . 🙂 . Welcome to Metro Detroit

  36. sam

    I was getting $70,000 in Minnesota at one point, but barely could save $1000 per month, with no kids and moderate lifestyle.

    You have to definitely consider the following expenses:

    1. Health insurance cost- $300-$500 per month
    2. Doctor visits/check-ups – $200-$600 per year (for healthy family)
    3. Internet and cable- $50 per month
    4. Receration/visiting places- $1000-$2000 per year
    5. Eating out- $100- $300
    6. Shopping- $100- $300 per month
    7. Initial settlement cost (buying furniture etc)- $ 500- $2000
    8. State Tax in Minnesota- $350 approx.
    9. School expenses for children- $100-$200 (there are other expenses even though basic education is free)

    Also in case you are reffered toa hsopital for check-ups (scan\ultrasound\minor surgery), this can cost you say between- $200 – $5000 , or even more depending on your insurance coverage.

    Going to USA for $55,000 is a risk , unless you are confident about getting a higher salary in few months.


    1. Diya

      Very helpful!! Can one stay in USA with only one income family with only husband working if spouse is on H4 visa and does not have work permit?

      1. administrator

        It all comes down to what salary the H-1 holder is getting, what location the person is in and how much they want to spend on a monthly basis.

    2. vasim dodiya

      Lolllzzz I just had an dental Root canal surgery in my mouth N I loose almost my 4 months salary savings.Yet not married otherwise I could save nothing in albany Ny,better to stay back india if you’r earning 50k-60pm.Believe it or not then choice all yours.think T(2)WiSe.

  37. VJK


    I have H1B and planning to move US sometime first week of August to Minnesota, MN.
    Can somebody help me in getting an expenses charter (may be approx) as i will be joined by my spouse and 2 kids. 1 will be school going kid (6 yrs old).
    Also please appraise me about applicable taxes both state and federal.


  38. sudheer mangalpady

    Almost close but travel is a big ticket item especially with families. India (>1000/ticket) and within US atleast $3000 – $5000 a year for a family works atleast 300/month.

  39. Kumar

    Its totally depends how you are living in USA. I have seen some of my friends spending as little as $500 per month and still surviving. they never eat out. They didn’t bought any car and always have some one whom they ask for lift. Sharing two bedroom 1 bath apartment with 5 more guys. I was surprised when they told me the breakdown of money spent every month and how much they saved after just 10 months living in US. I was living at the same place from last 2 year and was not able to save even half the money that they have saved. And this apply to only bachelors as no family can live like that and save money.
    As I said its totally depends on you and your aim. Whether you are coming to US just to save money or enjoy the culture and explore new world.

  40. abi

    Everything makes sense to me. The big loop hole here is that I don’t know anyone who settles down to a pay as low as 60000$/yr even after getting married and having children. Not even 10-15% fall into this category. They usually make a lot more and many make sure that the other person works too. So now you see a huge difference in savings and that ‘s the reason everyone still wants to be here. Apart from money its about the lifestyle you experience. With a 300 – 500$ car payment you will probably be driving a Merc or BMW if you like but like wise in India even a Sonata is not possible.

  41. soorya


    You should also think of Medical Insurance for spouse and kids (if any).. Certain companies put this burden on the employee and the cost could go as high as $500 for a family with 2 kids.

    Calbe(time warner/AT&T) is usually around $50 since you want a high speed connection for streaming Indian/regional channels using yupp tv.

    1. Ankit

      i think those are the part of your gross salary so his calculation about 3700 take home is correct and it does consider fedaral/state taxes

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