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What is H1B Visa ? Job Requirements, LCA, Quota Cap

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There are many types of visa classifications which are used by foreign nationals to enter the United States that don’t carry specific requirements or obligations with them, and are used simply to come and live in the US. Of course some individuals do adhere to certain visa requirements in order to live here, but the way in which they qualified …

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Business Executive Program ( BEP) – H1B Visa 2014 Stamping and H4 Experience, Chennai, India

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One of our readers Ramoji, who works for a company that is part of a Business Executive Program( BEP) attended H1B visa stamping for FY 2014, along with his wife for H4 Visa and got it successfully.  He was kind enough to write up and share his experience, firstly Congrats to him !  Thanks to Ramoji for sharing his H1B …