Business Executive Program ( BEP) – H1B Visa 2014 Stamping and H4 Experience, Chennai, India

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One of our readers Ramoji, who works for a company that is part of a Business Executive Program( BEP) attended H1B visa stamping for FY 2014, along with his wife for H4 Visa and got it successfully.  He was kind enough to write up and share his experience, firstly Congrats to him !  Thanks to Ramoji for sharing his H1B and H4 Experience. You can share it with our readers as well here

Background and Basic Information:

Thanks to everyone who posted their experience which helped a lot.

Visa Application Center (VAC)  or OFC Process

My VAC/OFC was on 05-Aug-2013.

Nothing to worry here , ALL I carried here was

1) Passports( two of them, mine and my wife’s)
2)Appointment confirmation (that shows the time of your VAC/OFC appointment).
3) DS 160 confirmation.

This is a very simple process, we see only Indians here (locals). So, all we need to do is follow there instructions to give our fingerprints and they will take our photo and you are back outside in 10 -15 minutes.

H1B Visa Stamping Process :

  • Date and Time : 10am 06-Aug-2013,
  • Category :  Business Executive Program( BEP)
  • Location : Chennai, India

Our appointment is @ 10am, we reached there by @8:45, there are around 100 -150 people waiting far away from the entrance.

Suggestion: Please be there only max by 30 mins early, waiting here will not only irritate us but your legs will start paining later because there are other lines inside to stand 🙂  )

They allowed us to join the actual line @ entrance only by 9:35

Three checks here at the line

1) Scans you DS-160 bar code using a portable device.
2) Stamps some confirmation on your DS-160 confirmation.
3) Takes your passport and sticks a token number to it.

Next is Manual security check.

Process after entering US Consulate
You will be allowed into the consulate, only if you don’t carry any kind of big bags or mobile or electronic devices.  Moving inside, again security will check your folders and files (please be carefully watching them, they may miss you documents or mix them with others)

Manual check again here.

Now you will move on into a large hall where there will be people waiting looking at the screens.

Please watch the screen for your number, they might not take much time your number will be called very soon.

Here, we have Indians who will verify our documents and scan our passport.

Once done, you need join another line where an American will scan your passport and will take your finger prints(there will be an Indian to help here).

Then again wait time, looking at the screens for your token number, (watch carefully for your number and if you see it on the screen , please ask the co-coordinators there and they will allow you to go in, no need to wait until they allow everybody)

Token numbers will be called randomly there is no sequence followed here,

from here they will send you to another building,(Same here wait and watch the screen). Please be attentive at time they may call out your token number (before it appears on the screen, it happened to me).

We need to join the queue, where max of two other would be waiting, once after the VO is free , he will call you showing you to move forward,(please be behind the line until and unless he/she calls you, don’t go near him even if he is sitting idle).

Finally, he called me.

H1B Visa Interview Questions

Me: Good Morning (with low voice)
VO: ( He did not here that for sure, so no response)

VO: Your passport please.
Me :  Passed.

He checks his monitor for few mins.

VO: who’s your client?
ME: XXXXX(Single word answer).

VO talks with someone showing his screen.( who took a chair and sat there)

VO: what’s your Indian Salary?
Me; XXXXX approx.

VO: Again talks with someone showing his screen.

he asked me the same question again
VO: what’s your Indian Salary?
Me; XXXXX approx.

VO: what’s your salary in US?
Me: XXXXX approx.

VO again talks with someone showing his screen.

H4 Visa Stamping Interview Questions :
VO(to my wife): where did you get married.
she answered.
VO: oh only XX months..,

VO; what’s you highest Qualification?
She answered.

VO again talks with someone showing his screen.

After few mins, I saw him packing both of our passports with a rubber band and placed them in a tub.(here I’m sure he approved my Visa).

Then he said the golden words “YOUR VISA HAVE BEEN APPROVED”

Gave me a pamphlet to read reading the rights of employment.

wished me to have a pleasant stay,
I thanked him and left the counter,

Found the courier counter at the corner, paid them 600 bucks for delivery and back exit.



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  1. Sunny


    Thankyou for sharing your experience.
    Regarding Courier -Where did u give the mailing address? is it as per DS-160 address or can we give any address where we temporarily leave? (we dont stay at native as we stay at other place for job)
    1. Do we need to give the address at courier counter or do we need to fill it in any form?
    2. Or, can we also collect it by hand at consulate?

    Where and how should we givethe address?


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