Work in Canada – Apply for FWSP, Get PR . Work in USA on TN Visa ?

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One of our readers, Subhadip, shared valuable information for all of those who wish to work in Canada and potentially work in US after you get PR under TN Visa.  It is great piece of information. Thanks to Subhadip for taking time to write the article and sharing it with us.  You can share your article here

What is FSWP?

FSWP is Federal Skilled Worker Program. This is equivalent to  US Green Card (GC) for Canada. Why Canada? There are several reasons why you should consider to settle down in Canada. First of all Canada is more like US, with additional free medical benefits. Secondly you can get Canadian citizenship much easier and in reduce time than in US. Also, if your dream is to work in US, as Canadian citizen you can work under NAFTA agreement in America under TN visa. The current FSWP program operates on a 100-point system. Pass mark is 67 which means you need to score 67 or above which is dependent on several factors like education, age, language and work experience.

Who can apply?

Anyone can apply to this program. You don’t need to have an arranged employment.

When this program will start?

This year the program will be starting on May 4th,  2013. CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canda) is the govt. wing that handles this program and it will accept total 55,300 petitions this year. The next step is that CIC will announce the educational evaluation body and you need to do your educational evaluation. Also CIC will announce the category in which they will select the applications.

How to apply?

  1. You need to score in IELTS exam to prove your English language efficiency. IELTS score will be valid for 2 yrs.
  2. You need to do the educational evaluation

What is the Total Cost to apply for FWSP Program?

Total Petition Cost: CAD $550 per adult person.

After Petition gets approved you need to pay CAD $490 per adult for the PR card.

Additional Cost: Educational evaluation cost (Mandatory) + Lawyer cost (Optional)

You can apply by yourself,  although I recommend you to go by a lawyer so that you’ll be in a safe hand. Lawyer cost will vary between $2500 and $4000 CAD.

For complete information visit CIC website links below :


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Comments ( 35 )

  1. Sean Bradford

    Thank you, and thanks to Subhadip too!
    It is so good to understand the FSWP program, as it gives much hope:)

  2. Bhuvesh Kumar sehgal

    Sir i want to apply PR canada. my ielts score are listening 5.5
    reading 5.5, writing 6, speaking 6
    over all 6 bands. m post graduate and M.phill in economics. i have 3 to 4 years experience as a cordinator cum supervisor. my wife is also post graduate and B.ed. she have also 3 years exoerience. i have one year old daughter. so please tell me can i apply for the same.

  3. yogesh

    dear sir, I am from india, I want to go to canada on PR.I am graduate in hospitality so can I apply for pr. when I apply for PR plz reply…

  4. srikanth

    I would like to apply under computer programmer category, how do i know whether the quota 300 is still available?


  5. Satya


    Is this FSWP applicable only to some one who is working / already worked in canada ?

    OR it is applicable to any one who is working outside canada too ?

    1. MK

      Hi Reema,
      Can you please share the Link which you are referring.

      Which Consultancy is better for Canada Visa, What is the cost for End to End process.
      any one please suggest the Consultancy and Feed back.

  6. MK


    How about Job opening in Canada for IT people. ?

    any Suggestion guys. other than US what you say for Australia?

    any info guys


    1. moor

      Well..Canada has few openings in the IT Sector as compared to U.S. As mentioned in an earlier comment, the supply is more than the demand. To get an edge over others try to fit in for a tech where there is less supply ( follow job boards ).

  7. Researcher

    I was just talking to Y-Axis consultant about this opportunity and per her comments IT professionals are not eligible under this program.

    1. Ajay

      For IT professionals you need to have an arranged employment thru a Canadian employer. Your employer would sponsor your visa(Work Permit) & PR.

  8. ram

    Searching for jobs in monster/dice showed a handful of openings in Toronto or Vancouver. Spending eight years of one’s career just to get into US is a waste of time.

    I think I will wait in India to try for H1B next year instead. There is plenty of action in India if you are talented and smart.

  9. Ajay

    My few cents, as I have worked in Canada:
    – TN visa is only for Canadian citizens(Not for Canadian PR holders) to work in US for long term, it is initially given for for 3 years, can be renewed indefinitely and there are no limits on how many of these visas are issued each year..
    – You get a Canadian PR after a minimum of 24 months of applying(from USA, if no objections on application). The PR card would take even more time.
    -To apply for Canadian citizenship, you should have lived in Canada for 3 years(within a 4 year period) on Canadian PR.
    – It takes minimum 3 years after you apply for citizenship.
    – For IT professionals TN visa is tricky, it is issued only for Business Analyst professionals & the issuing/stamping happens only while you enter US at the POE. You have to strongly prove that you are going to work as BA, for other professions like developer, analyst, designer etc. are not eligible.

    In all for you to enter back in US for work would take a minimum of 8 years(if your processing is not delayed due to queries).

    Software market in Canada is not like the US, I mean to say there are not that many requirements as there are only few major cities where you can work & few potential clients.
    The billing rate is much lower than US as the supply is high & demand is less.

    I am not De-motivating anyone, but this was all my experience as I have worked both in US & Canada. Do your homework before you chose the path.

    1. Anxious

      Ajay, can you recommend any good lawyers to approach for the Canadian FSWP application? My husband’s H1B quota has not completed and can no longer work in the US. So we wish to pursue Canada as an alternative.

    2. yes!


      I’m so glad you wrote this. As a US employer who has Canadian Citizens working for us on TN Visas, I was hoping someone would point out the Citizenship requirements and that the TN Visas are very closely tied to both the job in which they will be performing and their education. Also, only specific occupations are allowed.

      Be sure to do your research before you spend years working on Canadian residency only to find out later that your profession doesn’t qualify and you need to be a Citizen.

      1. nasir alliani

        Friends ,

        Can anyone let me know can a person can apply for IMMIGRATION for Canada , within Canada while having on tourist visa?

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