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Why should you NOT buy high social status expensive cars like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc when you are starting your career in Consulting?

H1b working consultant BMW Car One of the things that happens very often after someone starts working in USA on H1B visa as a consultant is buying expensive BMW, Mercedes, Audi or any other super expensive car. I will share some of the thoughts that can affect your work environment when you are working as a consultant for the first few projects and your social status. This is not aimed towards pointing out someone who buys an expensive car because they are passionate about cars and they love cars. Just few thoughts how it may create problems when you are a new and young consultant and how it may cause some issues.

It is very tempting to buy an expensive car when you start working and see that big pay check coming every month when you are working as a consultant. It is very cool to drive an expensive car and have a high social status. Also, it sounds very cool and you may be even thinking about impressing hot girls by your car. It is lot of luxury to have an expensive car and it might be wonderful to have all the cool features that these fancy cars offer. But, let’s think from other people’s perspective like your colleagues or your friends. I am assuming someone reading this article is someone who started working in first job is a middle class person working and having middle class friends and I am not talking about someone born with a silver spoon.   When you are working as a consultant, you want be considered a regular person and NOT a snob trying to show off. Others may think “ Oh, look at him, he is a consultant and making tons of money he is driving a BMR or Mercedes ”. “ He is paid a ton of money, look at the car he drives, let him complete the work today, he is paid a lot”. It may create some envy in others at work, it becomes a toy to compare your pay and work…no one talks about it…but internally they may think so… It can be a social risk at work. Some may argue, you should drive an expensive car to just show off, but it depends on where you work and what kind of people you hang out with. You do not want to send out signals to others that you are a snob at early life of your career.  Also, it is a personal financial risk too because you are a new consultant and you do not know when your projects are going to end, etc. Once you get established after working few years then you have a much stable job and can take those chances. These are just my perspectives. I am not saying, you should or should not, but just trying to see others perspectives and sharing the advice I got from my friends and seniors.


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  1. I just do not agree with your opinion. To me it makes no sense.

    It is my money, my dreams, my risks and my decisions. Just because someone else can get envy looking at your flashy car and about the things you do, I will not sway away from my dreams. It is their problem. I personally believe ,we should not get influenced by any external source in the things that we want to do.

    I’m planning to buy a Chevrolet Camaro in the very first year of my US career. Get jealous and I just don’t care.

    “You got a dream,you gotta protect it…….You want something,Go get it.Period” – Pursuit of Happyness.

    • “I personally believe ,we should not get influenced by any external source in the things that we want to do.”

      This is the most important thing you said. Do what you want to do, regardless of what others think. Don’t be influenced by them. If you want to buy a luxury car, go right ahead, but do it for yourself, not for others. If you want to buy an average car, don’t feel ashamed to do so. Do what makes sense for you.

      Some folks I know are only planning on staying a few years in the US, so they want to enjoy the lifestyle this country offers before moving back home.

  2. this article made me realize that not everything is easy but, i rather work my butt of just to buy my luxurious car.

  3. Great article. Exactly what happened to me , but i am a middle class dude and not earning much.. But i still opted for a big car and i have to sell it for high dues when i am out of job..

  4. The basis of your article is coworker’s envy & jealousy…..Really…? This is a very immature article and very irresponsible on part of the editors/admins at redbus2us. I understand that your intention of dissuading people new to US consulting/high paying jobs to purchase luxury vehicles are good, but how could what other people think be the main reason. If that is the case, then other people’s opinion and judgment would be the same through the course of your career and would matter to you even then. There is no mention of high maintenance costs, insurance costs or repair costs in this article, I fail to understand why. I believe those reasons should be the only reasons you should be stressing upon in this topic and not for a newcomer only, it is equally applicable for anyone in any stage of their career in USA. Additionally if your friends are judging you to be snobbish on your luxury car purchase, then let’s face it, they are not your friends.
    PS: I have never owned a luxury vehicle, but if I am persuading anyone to purchase a regular vehicle as opposed to a luxury vehicle, my argument would never be what people may think of you.

  5. What a load of crap. I understand that you have good intentions writing this, but its absolutely subjective. High costs of maintenance, insurance, …. are more reasonable reasons.


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