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Why NOT to buy clothes in Fancy Malls? Where can I buy clothes for cheap ?

Deals for Saving Money Buying and wearing trendy clothes is a very important thing to keep your lifestyle trendy… But, if you have to pay more money to buy these clothes in Fancy malls, it is not a good thing. This post will explain why you should NOT buy clothes in Fancy malls and where to buy. If you are already in US for a while on F1 Visa as student or Working on H1B visa, you may know the facts that I am talking about…

Why NOT buy in Fancy stores in Malls  ?

When I wrote the article about list of things to carry to usa , I mentioned not to buy a lot of clothes from your home country. The reason I wrote that is, in all reality clothes in US are cheaper than you think, the only catch is BUY at the RIGHT store and RIGHT time and when on SALE !   Let me tell you a quick comparison. If you buy a fancy Ralph Lauren Polo or Calvin Klein brand  Shirt at fancy Mall from the CK or Polo Store, it would cost you $70 -$80 at least. Just from my experience, I have never paid more than $30 and have even bought for $15 dollars too. Imagine the savings, 75%. That’s huge savings! Logically speaking, the stores in these Fancy malls are setup very trendy and décor is amazing.  All the money spent on the fancy store, is embedded in the price of the shirt. That’s one of the reasons the price is higher.  Obviously, the price is higher because they are upscale brands and as a company, they do not want to create wrong brand image by lowering their brand prices in fancy malls by big sale. There is quite a bit of sale during some occasions, but they do not mark down a lot. Well, if you really do not have time and want to get the latest arrivals in market, you do not have a choice other than buying from these stores. But, if you have time, DO NOT buy them from the stores.

Where can I buy clothes for cheap? When to buy What Clothes?

The only key to buying stuff for cheap is to buy them when the stuff is on SALE and at the RIGHT Place and RIGHT Time. You may check similar article on How to look for deals to buy in USA where I mention some stuff about clothes.

First question, where to buy clothes, PLACE ?

You should buy clothes from OUTLET stores or OUTLET Malls.  The clothes you get at Outlet malls are very cheap. The minimum discount you may get will be at least 40% to 50%.  If you go at right time, it can be 75% or even more. I bought real nice shirts for under $10, it is true !  So, what you have to do is find out  where outlet malls are around your area.  Even there are some  Outlet Malls chains like Prime Outlets Here are couple of Outlet Stores links  :

WHEN to BUY Clothes for Deals ?

Timing is a very important thing to buy clothes, as I mentioned in How to look for deals to buy in USA, you will have to buy clothes of WINTER in SUMMER or buy Winter clothes at end of WINTER or in Spring. It might sound silly, but if you need real good deals that save you 75% or more, then you have to buy clothes in different season. Another important thing is, you should buy clothes right after Christmas and New Years.  The biggest SALE is during this time after Holiday season.  Well, you may complain I am not getting what I want, well then you have to buy a little early when the sale is around 50%.  The Logics is, as comScore says in their article where $29.1 billion dollars spent during holiday season, if something does not get sold on the biggest SALE Day, when will they be sold ? So, companies mark down the prices even low right after the usual SALE days to get rid of the inventory.  Another thing if you do not know, most of the clothes retailers Mark Down their prices on a Specific day of the Week and some mark down as they get call from their head offices. So, ask the stores when you visit, when they mark down prices, they will tell you either Wednesday or Thursdays.  The goal is you should go to shopping right after they mark down the prices. You are the first one to know the info and you will buy for cheap. Usually, everyone try to buy on Weekends, but the biggest sale you get will be on Week days when they mark down the prices.  Also, if you know something is really good, but high priced, you get the Bar Code on it and ask the store manager to give  their phone number. You can call and ask if the particular item is on Sale. It works!

One important thing, if you want to wear the MOST NEWEST brand apparel that the Branded designers release, you may not get good deals. Also, if you want to buy REAL DESIGNER Apparel, you may not find great deals because, thats is designer,  they do not give great discounts and the target people are different.  If  you have time, you can wait and buy clothes for good deals at right places !

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  1. Cool blog. I recommend Marshall’s, Ross and TJ Maxx. They have brand name clothes for less than $30, sometimes less.


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