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How to look get deals when buying !

Well, everyone wants to buy items when they are on Sale….won’t you ?

We always want stuff for cheap, and that too we want stuff of top quality brands for cheap…thats a bit tough, but you can totally do it ! Just have to look for deals….
First places to look for deals,
You should just quickly browse these sites when you are bored, you might find something cheap….the secret to buying stuff for cheap is “Start looking early and just keep looking for deals, when you get a decent deal, buy it “. NEVER, think of buying stuff for cheap in a day or two, you have to look for some time….
This site is good for price comparisons and to find the cheapest one available
Many people use http://www.ebay.com/ for bidding and buying used stuff or new stuff too for cheap, thats another avenue.
If you really are looking for buying clothes from branded stores, what I recommend is signup in their website and they will keep sending the coupons and deals, it works pretty well.
Also, the secret of buying clothes for cheap is, Buy Summer clothes in Winter or Fall, Buy Winter clothes during Summer sale. It sounds weird. But, the deals you get are unreal. I always really cool stuff for cheap. For instance, branded Calvin Klein fleece usually is $80, I got for $20. So, the deals are unreal.
Another thing is, whenever you enter any store, ask for the weekly deals pamplet, they have all of them listed on it. Usually most of the stores have it. You can get one of them online if you go to their site too….
Biggest sale of the year in US is during Thanks giving break. It is a good time to buy electronic items…The only thing is, you better be prepared to stand in long lines, buy a chair to sit in line all night 😉
Happy Deals shopping !


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