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One of our readers’ (Ramesh) parents attended US Visitor Visa ( B2 )  stamping in India. He was kind enough to write it up and share it with us. Firstly, congrats to Ramesh and his parents ! Thanks to him for sharing the experience with us. You can share your experience with us here.

Background – B2 Visa sponsors, Process  at Consulate

Hi this is Ramesh. I, my wife and my brother are doing PhDs in different universities. Recently, my wife delivered a baby boy, so parents are coming to see their grandson. My parents appeared for B2 Visa interview in Telugu on 21-06-2013. VO was a young American lady. There was no translator as we expected, VO asked all the questions in pure Telugu. But, It was amusing for my parents. Since we all are students my father opted for self-sponsoring for their trip, instead one of us sponsoring. Their overall visa experience was quite smoother than anticipated.
During interview day after preliminary screening, finger printing they were directed to interview section. By the way their appointment was at 8 am appointment. They did not have to wait for too long inside the consulate. I think whole process took 30 minutes apart from standing out side the consulate. I told my parents to wish VO. In fact VO wished them first. It was pleasant surprise for my parents, since they were anticipating VO to be very tough and hardnosed person. Please excuse me for my Telugu.

Parents US Visa Stamping Interview Questions

I have translated the VO interview questions from Telugu to English, they are in parenthesis.
VO: Meeru America endhuku velthunnaaru?  (Why are you going to America )
Father: Tourist places choodataaniki, and maa kodukulani choodataaniki.  ( We are going to visit tourist places and also visit my sons )

VO: Meeku entha mandhi pillalu? ( How many kids do you have )
Father: 4(3 kodukulu, 1 koothuru)  ( 3 sons and 1daugther )

VO: Mee pillalu ekkada vuntaaru?  ( Where do your kids stay ?)
Father and Mother: Pedda koduku, 2nd koduku US lo vuntaaru. Ammai, chinna koduku India lo vuntaaru.  ( first son & second son stay in the US. Daughter and youngest son stay in India )

VO: meeru US lo ekkada vuntaaru?  ( where will you stay in the US ?)
Father and Mother: Pedda koduku daggara and they told my address (since I was inviting them and in DS-160 my addres was given).  ( With first son )

VO: Meeru veare countries vellara?  ( Will you travel to other countries )
Father: Ledhu  ( No)

VO: Meeru emi chesthuntaaru? ( what do you do ?)
Father: Business

VO: Emi business?  ( What Business )
Father: explained what he is doing briefly (Sorry I could’t write all that in telugu).

VO: Mee samvathsara aadhayam entha?  ( What is your annual income )
Father: Rs 160000.

VO: Meeru US lo enni rojulu vuntaaru?  ( How long will you stay in the US )
Father: 2 months

VO: Meeru emi chesthuntaaru?  ( what do you do ?)
Mother: House wife

VO: Mee visa approve ayyindhi. Passport 3 days lo meeku vasthundhi.  ( Your visa is approved, pass will be with you in 3 days)
Father and Months: Thanks

VO: Danyavaadhamulu.  ( Welcome )

She did not ask for any other documents except their 2 passports. But, I made sure my parents have all the documents(my university related documents, W2 forms immigration documents, passport, visa and i-94 pages, and my brother and my wife documents as well) and some family pics. Since my father is sponsoring the trip they probably don’t need any tax or W2 forms of mine or my brother. I and my brother interviewed them many times with all possible questions and explained which document is for what. Pay the attention to what is written in DS-160, mostly they ask based on what is written in DS-160.

I felt obligated to share my parents’ visa experience since I got lot of info from different forums.

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Comments ( 16 )

  1. PM

    My Parents live in Orissa, but they are comfortable in speaking Bengali. I filled their DS160 with Kolkata (West Bengal) visa consulate. When I am scheduling their visa interview its asking me to select state of residence. When I select Orissa, its autometically selecting Hyderabad as consulate location where Bengali language is not supported. What shall i do in this case? Should i select false state of residence in this case to get Kolkata location for interview?

    1. administrator

      No, you should not select it wrong. I suggest you call the VFS or write to consulate and seek their advice and go as per their suggestion.

  2. Sean bradford

    Oh my — talk about meanings being lost in the translation!
    I am sorry to hear of Shilpa’s parents being disrespected.
    And thank you for enlightening us by sharing your story, Ramesh:)
    These B2 visitor visa stamping procedures can be tough!

  3. sameer jariwala

    hello elders
    we are applying for a b2 tourist visa as i am only son of my parents my father age is about 42 and mother is about 37 and my age is about 17 we are going to apply in december as our purpose of visiting is to celebrate my parents 18th anniversary. we recently visited a tour to singapore malasiya indonesia for celebration of my birthday! my father has a well settle business in india and my mom is highly educated she is working in staff training institute. i want to know that there are how percents that we can get a visa and some tips how to perpare for interview

    1. administrator

      As it is more of your parents’ occasion and you are still a student, it is recommended that they apply for tourist visa on their own. They can indicate that you are present here, if asked in interview or part of process. Visa approval is subject to many factors and there is no hard fast rule. Just follow standard process for visitors visa and hope all goes well.

  4. Shilpa

    Hi, my parents are from rural Telangana and they had their interview in Telugu done by a Telugu speaking officer. My parents expected a translator and they did not understand officer’s pure Telugu. A translator came and translated for them but got refused 2nd time. They got their visa on their 3rd attempt with the help of a visa consultant in Hyderabad called visavikings. I think there are a few officers who can speak Telugu and one young chap was very rude and insulting my parents.

  5. Bhas

    Could anyone suggest me on this… I am planning to apply visitor visa for my parents & in-laws.
    – they do have their children living in India so relation-ships should not be a problem but they do not have their own houses/business in India.
    1. My in-laws are currently living in a rental-house and they do have a combined property so please suggest me on how to showcase that to avoid visa rejection. note: my father-in-law was never employed nor having any business.

    2. My parents do live in our own house and they do get the house-taxes, all other bills on their name. But they do not have any property documents with them. The site/land was hereditary & it was re-constructed.

    Thanks a lot in advance for your suggestions.

    1. administrator

      Well, you just submit what you have, there is nothing that you need to create artificially. I have seen my friends in-laws and parents get approved without having any employment or formal business. Most of the time, the VO is not interested in looking at documents that are carried, they just look at the intent and why they are going and will they come back. Just be confident and tell them to articulate the intent to visit family and come back. It should work out. Do not try to fabricate anything, just because you feel there is no proof.

  6. Neha

    I am planning to sponsor my mother for visitor visa but I have a doubt which I would like to clarify, My mother’s passport and all her pension documents have her maiden name but in my passport her surname is that of my father.

    Will this cause any issue in applying her visa?

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