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Couple of our readers, Ramakanth, Devansh Sharma,  were gracious to share their experiences preparing documentation for Visitor Visa(B2) for their parents to visit USA, including visa interview questions. Thanks to them for taking time to share his experience with our readers. If you have any experience as well, please send it to redbus2us(at)

Visitor Visa (B2) for USA – Documentation preparation & Visa Interview

Hi Friends, My Parents got visiting visa (B2) for USA last week and I would like to give you a brief information on the Visiting Visa so that it helps others.

  • DS-160: I filled the DS-160 forms online individually for my parents and got confirmations for the same.
  • Visa stamping Appointment: Booked appointment online at US Consulate, Hyderabad. I scheduled same interview time for my parents by adding family member while taking appointment and I chose English as the Language for interview. (As my father would help my mother in translation)
    • OFC Appointments were not available back then, otherwise you need to take those appointments as well.

Documents sent for Parents US Visa Stamping:

  • H1 approval copy
  • Employment Letter
  • Bank Statements and Transactions(6 months)
  • Tax Forms (3yrs), I-134
  • Passport copies
  • Interview Letters
  • DS Confirmations
  • Invitation Letter
  • Letter to Consulate
  • Cover Letter to Consulate
  • Birth Certificate(Notarized in India)

Documents my Parents Carried for Visa Interview:


  • Passports
  • HDFC Receipts
  • DS Confirmation
  • Photos
  • All my Documents
  • Property Documents
  • Tax filing documents.

Parents US Visa interview Questions asked by Visa officer:

1. How many children? (I am the younger)
2. What does the elder son do? and where is he? (my bro is in India and work for IBM)
3. What was your occupation and what were the responsibilites?
4. How many months you are willing to stay in US?
5. What places will you visit?
6. What property do you have?
7. When will you return back?
8. Where does your son work?
9. To my mother, what about madam….Father replied, she is an Housewife.

My Tips for Visitor Visa :

  • Be Specific in giving the answers.
  • Be confident.
  • Prepare for the answers ahead for the questions related to you (sponsor) like job title/type of work/yrs. of exp.

I hope this will help with the whole process and please email me if you have any questions.


 Parents Visa B2 USA Experience – October 2018 by Devansh Sharma. Thank you Devansh for sharing their Parent’s experience  ! 

Hi All, Just sharing my experience on B2 visa process. Recently my parent’s visa got approved. Process wise it is fairly straight forward . Documents and procedure is almost same as mentioned above in this blog.

Steps for Applying for Parents Visitor Visa to USA 

1). Filled separate DS-160 for my father and mother.
2). Deposited fee (online) and scheduled appointment, one for OFC and other one for visa interview.
3). List of documents I collected :

a). My I-94
b). First three pages of my petition I129-S.
c). My visa copy.
d). First and last page page copy of my passport . Also passport page having my entry stamp in USA.
e). Employment letter from my employer.
f). W-2 form copy.
g). Application to consulate general (Request to issue visitor visa to my parents).
h). Invitation letter for my parents.
i). Latest 6 month’s bank statement.
j). Last three months salary slips.
k). Bank reference letter.
Apart from these documents, I asked my parent to carry their bank passbook , my father’s pension id card and property documents in India. All these documents are not mandatory just for the safer side.

My Parent’s consulate experience was very good. The officer only asked them to give their passports. No other documents.

Parents Visa Interview Questions asked were :
a). Where are you going in USA and why?
b). When do you have plan to visit?

That’s it.

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Comments ( 164 )

  1. Neha


    Sub – DS160 corrected and resubmitted just before fingerprints at OFC Mumbai Office .

    As this website is so popular, would like to share my experience for my mom’s B2 Visa so others can be benefited.

    Two weeks back my mom went for fingerprints at Mumbai OFC Office. The problem with my mom’s DS 160 was that the birthplace on DS 16o was Kota India but in passport it was Rajasthan India. As soon as she reached there, Officer told that the form is wrong and we need to have a corrected DS 160 confirmation page. I was surprised because new DS 160 means new bar code. But the officer told that within an hour if we take a corrected DS 160 they will continue with current appointment else we need to reschedule. After that I filled a new DS160 and my mom took out print put there and after that she was allowed to go inside. In the office they pasted the new Bar code on her passport and cancelled the old one. Later her interview was also smooth and she got her visa.

    So for those people who realize the problem with DS160 after submitting , at least at Mumbai office they have a way around.

    All the best to everyone going to get their parent’s visa done.


  2. Jeannette

    My husband apply his parents to come to visit us.
    when they paid the fees, the bank only give my father-in-law one receipt with 2 people payment.
    my question is, when you fill the form online, they ask receipt# 1 number and receipt # 2 number. since we have only one receipt number, what should we do? Use one receipt number for both of them??
    Please help

    1. Devendra

      Yes. There is only one receipt number generated and same thing happened for my parents as well. I did called consulate office and they confirmed the same.

    1. administrator

      Each applicant needs to complete DS-160 form. They will have to schedule the interview and can appear together. You should check w/ the consulate in your area about the scheduling process.

  3. ASingh

    Visitor VISA

    My parent would be going for VISA interview on moday(oct 22), just wanted to know if the consulate person asks if I have children, is it okay for my parents to mention about it as my baby is only 2 weeks old? and the chances are that they might deny them the VISA. Please suggest.

    1. administrator

      One should always be truthful to the officer. So they should mention about the baby (I assume the purpose of their trip is to visit the newborn, and this would make it more genuine).

  4. Pradeep

    I am planning to send my parents for B2 visa . Do we need to fill I134 ? I dont have original date of birth certificate, though I have DOB birth certificate from MRO after 12th standerd with only my dads name on it. Is that okay or do I need to get the new one?
    Thanks in advance!!!

    1. administrator

      I have seen instances where people didn’t complete I-134 form. But it is preferred to complete it. Also, it is ok not to have original BC for this purpose. You will be having their names mentioned in your passport and that could also help in proving the relationship.

  5. Mohamed Khan

    The above process mentioned is what I too followed and got Visitor visa for my parents in 2009.
    Also I was able to get Visitor visa for my niece (2 yrs old). I scheduled the appointment for her separately and my Mom went along with her for stamping. Only question asked for my niece was where is her mother and how old is she.
    My mom carried sufficient proof as sister was in UK for studies. (letter from my sisters university)
    Now my parents and niece are with me in US.

    Extending Visa after coming to US.
    After 5 months my father visited my sister in UK for a month and came back to US and got new i94 with another 6 months.
    I applied extension for my mom and niece and its under process and Inshallah will get approved very soon.

    Mohamed Khan

  6. Nanditha

    Hi Saurabh,

    I am planning to apply for visitors visa for my parents and in-law. My husband is the sponsor. We have green cards. My father knows English and he can communicate well with English as the medium. However, he finds it very difficult almost impossible to understand/follow American accent. I am wondering if I should ask for interview in Tamil. I hear that lots of times, the interpreters mess up while translating our answers to the officer.

    1. If I ask for interview in Tamil, once the interpreter translates the question in Tamil, can my father respond in English so that the officer can learn it directly from him rather than the interpreter translating it? Or is it strictly the language we choose at the time of tha appointment.

    2. I & my husband own a Limited Liability Company. So, he does not have an employment letter per say. He takes individual contracts. The company has just us two as its members. So, what should he produce as employment document ?

    3. Will my mom and dad be interviewed together? Will there be a provision for us to check which will get us a single interview slot for both of them? Can my in-law join the same slot as well?

    Kindly explain. Please do provide any links related to my question as well for further study if possible.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance from anyone in this forum.

  7. Sivaram

    Hi Saurabh,

    I am on H1B visa and it is valid till Feb 2013. I got an opportunity with one employer and they told they will be filing a Visa transfer petition in premium mode for me and my family by sep 15. They want me to start the relieving formalities with the current emloyer(Notice period is 2 weeks) as soon as they file a petition and share the receipt number and join them by Sep end. They gave the commitment that even if we get RFE, they will be able to respond as they have all the documents for my position with the client. Moreover they will be submitting client invite letter and new LCA along with the transfer petition. Could you please provide your suggestion on whether to go ahead as per their instruction or to wait till the transfer approval.

    1. administrator

      I would not suggest putting in papers until your H-1 transfer petition has been filed. Once the petition has reached USCIS, you can resign at that point and join the new employer after completing the notice period. Also, you should join the new employer on the receipt number only if you are confident that petition would get approved. If the petition is denied, then you will have to go back to old employer or file H-1 transfer to another employer immediately.

      1. Albert

        Hi Saurabh,

        Iam planning to apply for the visit visa for my parents. However in my father’s passport there is only given name and there is no surname. So in this case how should I proceed to fill the DS160 it requires firstname and last name. please help.

        Thank you.

        1. IndiGuy

          You should write “NA” in the last name. Mine is the same case. In fact if your father’s name in given as “Ram Prasad” on the given name column, then also you can write “Ram” for first name and “Prasad” for last name. It shouldn’t be a cause of worry.

  8. Sam

    Hi I have B1 Visa for 10 years with multiple entries, i have visited last year for 10 days now i got married and want to visit US for honeymoon. Can my wife get Visa for travelind?? And what all documents she needs to keep at the time of interview.

    Please clarify.

    Thanks in Advance.

    1. administrator

      You will have to show the complete itinerary along w/ different reservations (check w/ someone if they need the tickets or just the itinerary), funds to cover expenses. It also helps if your wife is working in India as then she can carry a NOC and leave letter from the employer. If you are booking a honeymoon package then also it helps.

      1. Sam

        Thank you Saurabh for your reply.

        I want to clarify one more thing that if she is not working anywhere does it matter? I am working so do i need to get NOC letter from employer too in this case? Please suggest

        1. administrator

          You don’t need NOC as you are not going for stamping, but she is. She can mention that she is not working but you are for some company and will join office after returning from the honeymoon.

  9. Farhad

    Hi, I am Bangladeshi working in USA with H1B stil valid for 2 more years. I sponsored my mom for a B1/B2 visa and she got visa in her very first interview. Now, I want to sponsor my cousin too for B1/B2 who is over 21, whi is studying in Dhaka.

    What type of documents he need to carry to the interview for himself? Do I have to write a letter as well? If yes, what sort?

    GIve me some advice as to how to increase his chance of being successful in the interview? I understand that in my mom’s case it was obvious coz she is my mom, but about cousin I heard success is not much. Please advise.


    1. administrator

      Documents to show ties w/ home country. If he is working or studying then NOC from office/school. If he is unemployed then it may be difficult to get the visa. Also show financial ties to home country.

    1. administrator

      Not sure what you exactly meant to ask. A person on B-2 can stay maximum for 6 months, but the PoE officer can provide a smaller duration as well.

  10. uma


    We applied B1 Visa for my husband’s aunt 2 times within a span of 1 month. She got rejected twice with 241b. We are planning to apply again for her next month.

    Officer did not even ask her more questions. He just asked two common questions and rejected the visa. He didn’t even saw the support documents.

    Please advise us whether we should apply for her or not.

    Thanks a lot,

      1. Uma

        Thanks for the reply. We have green card.

        Is there any hope that they will issue visitor visa for my husband’s aunt third time…
        By past experiences we were not able to predict also…looks like it is pure commercial..


        1. administrator

          It is tough to say. The aunt can try to convince the visa officer at the time of interview, but it is officer’s discretion.

  11. Rima S.

    Hello All,

    I want to Sponsor my Aunt (bua) and later on next year my in laws. Will it matter if I sponsor somoone this year and others next year?

    Thanks so much,

  12. Tailor

    Hi Saurabh,
    I am on H1B and planning to apply visitor’s visa for my sister. She just got engaged and will be getting married soon. Do you think applying for her alone would give her better chance or applying for my sister and brother in-law together with a ‘sponsered honeymoon’ reason would give her a better chance of approval?
    Thank you.

    1. administrator

      If they plan to travel together, then it would be better to go together for the interview. They both can carry letters from their respective employers and show financial ties to the home country. A single person has higher probability of getting flagged as potential immigrant than a couple.

      1. Tailor

        Thank you for you inputs Saurabh,

        They’re not planning to travel together, my aim right now is to just get my sister’s visa approved. If I have to file for both of’em together to boost her chances, so be it.

        Things can go either way though, if I’m filing for her only then she can always show that she is getting married in January and hence, will be coming back for sure.

        1. administrator

          IMO, chances of a single person being considered as potential immigrant are more than couples. So I would always recommend to go after marriage. But if she wants to travel prior to her marriage, then she can go alone and carry necessary documents about her employment and upcoming marriage.

  13. Krishna

    Hi Saurabh,

    My parents are applying for visitor visa. My husband is sponsoring them. His H1b will expire in feb2013 (completed 6 years). He has to renew the visa for 3 more years with his I-140 approval. (i-140 is approved.)

    My question here is :

    Will there be a problem if they go for visitor visa in June/July as my husband’s visa expires in feb2013.


    1. administrator

      The fact that his H-1 is expiring in Feb 2013 should not adversely impact the outcome of their B-1/2 stamping.

  14. thanuja

    Hi Saurabh,

    I am planning to go to Indian for my H1 stamping. This is my first stamping.

    1. Do we need to mentioned the start and end date of the current project or assignment in the CLIENT LETTER ? Because my project is extended every 6 months even though it is a long term project.

    2. Also if there are multiple layer, from whom I have to get my client letter.
    From whom I have to get the letter from vendor 1, vendor 2 or client.
    Is it OK to get letter from Vendor 1 and Vendor 2?

    Thanks in advance for all your help.

    1. administrator

      1. It is better to carry such a letter which mentions the start and end date. Otherwise carry a letter from client stating that they issue the letter for just 6 months and expect it to get extended.
      2. In this case your need get contract copy b/w E and V1, V1 and V2; and V2 and C. This is EVVC model which may run into serious issues during stamping.

      1. Krishna

        Thank you Saurabh.

        How can I avoid the EVVC model?
        Can I get the client letter stating that I am working for the client without mentioning the employer. I don’t know if it is possible though.

        This is my first stamping for H1B and i am quite confused and worried. Please help me out.

        1. administrator

          You need to get H-1 transferred to V1 or V2 or even better client. If you go in EVVC model you may be asked questions about contracts b/w different entities and employer-employee relationship which is close to impossible to show in EVVC model.

  15. vs


    Thanks for your prompt response. Have few more questions.

    1. I know if coming from India, standard stay will be 6 months that will be stamped in I-94. With valid B2 visitor visa, what will be the lenght of stay approved by Immigration when entering from Canada? Is it just three months?

    2. My parents have US multiple entry Visa till 2016. They are planning to visit my sister in Canada during July 2012 and then stay in USA with us around March 2013. Will my parents visiting US often during stay in Canada affect their stay or extension of stay in US?

    3. During the frequent visits to US, I think it is 3 months of stay that will be stamped in I-94 (related to questions #1). Thought I-94 is for three months, as soon as they leave US, the remaining days will not be counted towards their stay in US, correct?

    4. Last but not the least, I am hearing that extension of stay in US is not as easy as before. Please let me know the probability of stay extending extended under Visitor Visa B2.

    Thanks again!


    1. administrator

      1. Even when coming from CA, they should approve it for 6 months unless they see a reason to approve it for a shorter duration. In the end, its officer’s discretion
      2. I think it should be fine, but check w/ an attorney
      3. There is a rule which says if the person is leaving for CA and planning to return to US within 30 days on same visa, then I-94 doesn’t need to be dropped and same I-94 can be re-used. Check w/ attorney if B-1/2 applicants also fall under this category. That would help your case
      4. Yes, B-1/2 extension is not easy these days. Unless there is a strong reason (like medical), I don’t think they approved B-1/2 stays.

  16. mahendra

    My Moms B2 visa got denied first with 214b and I had sponsered the visa at that time. I am planning to re-apply but to make case different along with my inlaws. My question is if I apply for my mom and my inlaws and schedule the same interview date will they be sent to the same interview window together or seperately.

    1. administrator

      If there is only 1 window open for B-1/2, then they will go to same person. If there are multiple officers handling this visa, then they may go to different persons.

      1. Mahendra

        Thanks Saurabh.
        Also can you also confirm if I required to send fresh average balances statement from the bank for a b2 visa re-application or the previous statement will work. The visa was denied in 3 months ago.

        1. administrator

          It is recommended to always carry most recent documents. So you should carry new (recent) bank statements.

  17. Clara Solis

    Dear communit, I have a question. My h1b was approved and stamped on december 23, 2011. I came to the US on Dec 28 to start working on feb 1st. but actual work did not start until April 1st 2012 (I did not work or earn anything from December 2011 to March 31, 2012) is there any issue because i did not start working immediately after i came to the us? I don t know if there is a problem to enter the US on h1b status and not work for 3 months? I am declaring start day april 1st 2012 for tax purposes (I-9) and the beginning of my prevailing wage yearly salary . Thank you so much for your replies!

    1. administrator

      Clara Solis,
      Yes, this is an issue. When on H-1, a person is supposed to get paid all the time irrespective of whether they are a billable asset for their employer or not. So you should have got paid for those 3 months. You should talk to your employer about back wages. As a last resort you can complain to DOL about back wages.

  18. Lakshmi

    Hi Saurabh,
    My brother completed his masters in UK .He will be leaving to India permanently in october.He wants to visit USA on his way back to India.
    I am on opt extension.I got my H1 approved and it will start from october.Can I apply for visitors visa for my brother ?

    1. administrator

      Yes, he can appear for B-1/2 visa in UK. He should check w/ US consulate in UK if he can appear for US tourist visa in UK, or can he apply for it only from his home country.

      1. lakshmi

        I will be sponsoring for him. Is it okay if i do that .Becuase,right now I am on capgap .My H1 will start from october .
        And Since , he would be leaving UK permanently and visiting US from UK what are the possibilities of getting visa for him ?

        1. administrator

          Different consulates have different policies. So its best to contact US consulate in UK about the tourist visa stamping. Yes, you can sponsor him even when you are on cap-gap. Your brother will have to submit documentation to show that he is not a potential immigrant (i.e. strong ties to home country) and you will have to show funds as you are sponsoring him.

  19. Vatsya

    I am on L1B and traveled to US in Sep’11. I am planning to invite my father for a 3 months trip to US. My mother is no more. I will be the sponsor for this trip. I am unmarried.

    My father is a Chartered Accountant and running a CA Firm as Proprietor (Single Owner). He has no employees working under him. He owns a independent house and decent fund holdings in bank. In my family, I am single son and have three sisters. All my sisters are married and settled in India.

    How should I make my father prepared for this Visa Interview ? How to show my father’s strong ties to India? How to describe his employment as it does not reflect any bindings with India. Please advise.

    1. administrator

      He can show financial ties by carrying information related to his firm, rough count of tax returns he filed for his clients etc. This will show that he has a running business and needs to be in home country for next year’s filings. He can also carry his own tax returns to show that he is making enough money in the home country thereby showing financial interest of returning to home country.

  20. sion rajkumar

    i got invitation letter from the USA family where they invited for church meetings n to preach in thier church for a duration of only 1 month so what has to tell the visa people n how can i get visa n in which consulate is easy way to get tourist visa.

  21. thanuja


    my brother wants to visit USA. he just graduated and waiting for joining letter for a campus recruitment job. I don’t want to include my brother with my parents for interview. Can I do that?

    Can they go separately for visa stamping(my parents and my bro)?

    Thanks for your help.

      1. thanuja

        thank you so much!! This is all beacuse he has a very little chances of getting visa.
        My parents I guess have a more chance. So I want to send them separatley.

  22. lakshmi

    Hi Saurabh,
    My parents are applying for Passports.My father is a government employee.
    Actually , the problem is , there is no lastname mentioned according to the office records of my father .The reason is , he has been employed since long time and in those days they didnt knew the importance of this. But, all other things like Ration Card and everything is having his lastname mentioned.
    Now, what are the options for him ?Should he use his lastname in the passport application ?
    And get the letter from his office ?


    1. administrator

      It is nice to have the last name mentioned in the passport especially for US visas. So you can get the last name added in the passport application, and later get a letter from office stating that it’s the same person.

  23. Rajani

    I am sponsoring visitor(b2) visa for my parent. Do we have to submit the documents in advance?
    I just heard that docs must be submitted in advanced even for visitor visa. Unfortunate I don’t see that in vfs website. So not sure what to do.

    I am B2 visa is rejected in yestarday. When apply in next visiting visa (how much duration in another visa apply)

    1. administrator

      If they are going to Mumbai, then documents need to be submitted at least 3 days in advance. For other consulates, there is no need for advance submission.

      You can apply soon after you have corrected the reasons for rejections. I don’t think there is any cooling period.

  24. Arundathi

    Hi Saurabh,
    I am sponsoring visitor(b2) visa for my parents.
    As my father is a Lawyer, I would like to know the list of documents(of my father) to be carried with him at the time of the interview.


    1. administrator

      If he working for a firm as a lawyer, then he can carry a letter from the firm stating his employment. If he is working as a solo, then he can carry details about his open cases (to show that he will return to take care of them) and also information about his financial assets to show ties to the home country.

      1. Arundathi

        Thankyou for the information Saurabh, but I apologize as I missed one Major point
        I would like to know:

        -My father is a Lawyer but he is not practicing from long time and he has few properties from which he is getting the rents thats all, is it fine if he shows the rented documents at the time of interview?


        1. administrator

          Yes, he should carry information about them and any other source of income he has in the home country. This will help in showing financial ties to the home country. He should also carry information about any fixed/liquid assets he has in the country.

  25. SP


    I did as according to this blog for my parents visa for graduation ceremony.

    My dad was asked Purpose of trip-Graduation ceremony of son
    My University Name- XYZ University
    MY Dads Profession
    One question to my mom- Any other children and what he/she does

    Thats it…No documents were checked.





  26. Matt

    Hi Ramakanth,

    When you fill the application online the digital photo is of the sponsor ?
    gOnly application or 2 for my parents?

  27. P V

    Hi Saurabh,
    Quick question!
    My parents have got a visitors visa based on my brother’s documents. They went for stamping last year in 2011 March and got the visa. My brother had not gone back to India. I have booked tickets for my parents on 1st of May, but NOW I have the following doubt:
    1) Can I bring them to my location [My brother was in Houston when he sent his papers, but now I am in NJ[for a different employer compared to brother’s employer]
    2) Do I need to send them my papers? If so, what all docs ? [My latest payslip, offer letter, any utility bills etc as my address proof??]
    3) Do I need to send invitation letter? If so, what to address in the letter?
    Plesae clarify all my questions. so that they have a smooth commute and face no issues in the Port of Entry.
    Thanks a million!!

    P V

    1. administrator

      P V,
      1. I think you can. Just send them a invitation letter and it should be fine. Make sure they carry your information as well (location, employment etc)
      2. Yes, send those documents
      3. You can address the letter to PoE officer (or just state to whoever it may concern)

      1. P V

        Thanks, Please also let me know, if a softcopy of invitation letter is fine or it should be a hardcopy signed by me?

        P V

        1. administrator

          Generally hard copy is preferred, but I think even the soft copy would work if you are not able to get the signed hard copy in time. Make sure it is a clear copy.

          1. P V

            Dear Saurabh,
            Thanks for all your feedback and suggestions!!
            My parents have landed safely and had no issues whatsoever in POE.

        1. administrator

          I don’t have specific checklist, but in general documents include:
          – your passport
          – employer information
          – details of tasks you will be doing in US + itinerary + duration
          – information on past visits (if any)

          This list is indicative and not exhaustive.

  28. Lakshmi Gudavalli

    I am sponsoring visitor(b2) visa for my parent. Do we have to submit the documents in advance?
    I just heard that docs must be submitted in advanced even for visitor visa. Unfortunate I don’t see that in vfs website. So not sure what to do.

  29. Guest

    Hi Saurabh,

    I am planning to apply for visitor visa for my mother and in-laws(Uncle and Aunt).
    Is it advisable to club and take the appointment for all the three at the same time, or take an appointment for my mother at one time and in-laws at another.

    Is there any potential risk in clubbing them at the same time?

  30. Sukh

    Hi All,

    I m US citizen & want to apply for visitor for my parents. I know I can apply for immigrant visa for them but they want to visit me not stay here.
    I am only son & have one elder sister(married in india). Can someone guide me if I should sponser my parents or they show as self sponsers?

  31. Naresh


    I’m on H1 visa and applied visitor visa to my mother. I work for Employer at XYZ location and work at clients place in ABC location. The interviewer asked where is XYZ and where is ABC and rejected the visa. I have applied the visa again to both my parents. I have employer letter with XYZ location but my parents will stay in ABC location at my clients place how should I write the invitation letter to Consulate?

    1. administrator

      What does your LCA and I-129 state as your location?

      You can submit a letter stating that although your employer is based out of XYZ, you live and work at ABC and have LCA and I-129 to show the same. In addition, your parents will be staying w/ you at ABC.

  32. Swarupa

    Hi Saurabh,

    While filling DS160 for my mother, I was confused to chose which option for “Purpose of Trip to U.S.”

    It has two drop downs. I was not sure of which ones to chose. I was thinking of “TEMP. BUSINESS PLEASURE VISIT (B)” in first Drop down and in the second drop down “TOURISM/MEDICAL TREATMENT (B2)”. The second drop down has ambiguity. It contains “TOURISM/MEDICAL TREATMENT (B2)” and “BUSINESS/PERSONAL (B1/B2)” as well. So which one is best for VISITOR VISA FOR MY MOTHER?

    Thanks for your help.

  33. kris

    I have a question about visitor visa.
    I have been to US on B1 visa for company purpose earlier. I got B1 valid upto 2020. If I want to visit US for holidays now, can I go with the same visa directly without any other forms. Do I need a invitation letter from any friends in US? Should I take any permission from Consulate for this travel??
    Thank you for your time.

    1. administrator

      Yes, you can go w/ same visa. You may be asked about the purpose of visit etc at the PoE. So it would be better to carry documentation related to your visit (business or pleasure).

      1. kris

        Thank you Saurabh.
        Sorry could you give me an idea about the kind of documentation.
        I was concerned about the documentation I should take if it is for pleasure to visit. Selft attested paper explaining the purpose of visit something like that. Or any place details or hotel reservation for visiting like that.?

  34. Mohamed

    Hi Friends,
    I am employer of xyz and work at client location. I am in H1B and my parents have got their visitors visa as well (but not yet traveled to US)
    Question: If I go back to India stay there for few months and come back and join different client (but I will be working for same employer -xyz). Will this invalidate the visitors visa of my parents ?

    Thanks for your response.

  35. Sam

    Hi Saurabh,

    My H1b visa stamping was rejected a few months ago because I had lost my project in US by the time Consulate got to review my case. I plan to apply for a visitor’s visa now. Would the documentation for the visitor’s visa be the same for me or do I have to carry my previous H1b documents also? I have been told that the case and documentation has to be strong in order to get visitors visa now. Will I need a lawyer now to prepare any papers or is it just a matter of carrying all the listed documents? I don’t understand what one means by a strong case…isn’t it the same documents I’ll be carrying? Please advice.


    1. administrator

      Most of the documents will be same. If you have been previously in US, then you need to carry documents (payslip, W2 etc) for that period as well.

      Visitor visa is a strong non-immigrant visa, while H-1 is a dual intent visa. Once you have applied for H-1, officer may consider you as a potential immigrant when you go for B-1/2 stamping. He may think that you will apply for COS once you reach US. To tackle such situations you need to show strong ties to India to make him realize that you will return back to India. If you are working in India, then carry leave application from the employer stating that they are granting you leave for 1-2 months and you will return to work for them.

  36. JIGAR

    Dear Friends,

    I have question regarding DS160: Travel Section

    Person/Entity Paying for your trip:
    1. Self
    2. Other Person

    My Father & Mother-in-law is paying for round trip ticket and I am taking care about food, accommodation and all other expenses while they are in US.

    What should I write?


    1. Mus

      Hi Jigar,

      Did you get the answer for above?

      I am in a similar situation. Tickets might be paid by parents and I might be taking care of their accomodation etc. Does it make sense in saying ‘Self’ as I am sending them sponsoring documents, letter of invitation etc, and assurance letter that I will be taking care of all their expenses. So should it be ‘Self’ or ‘Other Person’?

      Thanks for advising.

      1. administrator

        IMO, you should say ‘Other Person’ as you are sending the sponsoring document. If the VO questions about it, then your parents can tell them about the break-up of expenses.

  37. vidya

    We are two children sponsoring visa for my parents in English at Hyderabad consulate .We both are staying in USA will there be any problem for stamping parents visa.

    1. administrator

      Depends on whether your parents are able to demonstrate that they are not potential immigrants. For this they need to show financial/family ties w/ India.

  38. Sachin

    I just want to enquire , if I can take my parents with me for B2 interview along with my Hib visa stamping.

    I have a approved H1 and soon will be coming to india, so have to do the stamping there at the same time I am planning for my parent’s B2 as well, so is it possible if we could take the interview slot toghter.

    Please clarify.

    Thanks in Advance.

    1. administrator

      They will have to schedule separate appointment. You can try to schedule on same day as yours at the same time. However, when you go to the interview window, you will have to go separately from them. Only H-4 visa holders can attend interview along w/ H-1 visa.

  39. Nishant Gogri

    Do parents have to carry any documents related to one son who is staying in India?
    Documents like Son’s bank balance and his investments

    1. administrator

      Not necessary. If the parents are retired and dependent on the son staying in India, then probably ye (to show they have funds in India and hence the ties). Otherwise it’s not required.

  40. Shubh

    Hey Hi,

    Thanks for sharing the information.

    When do we have to submit the supporting docs (IT returns,property docs,invitation letter etc). Do they ask for it at the interview counter or is there another counter where you first submit the docs and then move on to face the interview?

      1. sai

        So, I hear that several parents(mother & father i mean) go together for the interview, that means the appointment is only for one person at one time right? while taking the appointment will something prompt me to enter the spouses receipt number too in that case?

        1. administrator

          That’s correct. However, I am not sure how to do that when scheduling appointment online. Maybe someone else can chime in who has personal experience w/ the system.

      1. Akash

        PArents appearing for interview in a week.
        Scheduled the same time . both of them have separate interview letters but each letter says, party/group size to be 2.
        So would they have an interview together? or individually?

  41. US Visa

    You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and hardly found any specific details on other sites, but then great to be here, seriously, thanks

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