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L1, L2, F1 Visa Experiences – June 2022 onwards

Below are experiences from June 2022 onwards for L1 Visa, L2, F1 Visa and others.

Experience 1 : L1A Individual with In Person Interview at Hyderabad

Dropbox 20 May
Application Received 25 May
Admin Processing 9 June
Refused 9 June – Got a mail to come for Interview on 13th June. Only my name was mentioned in the mail. So checked if I need to take my spouse and minor kid. Got response to bring spouse only.

Interview 13 Jun – Went with spouse. The parking lot near the consulate is closed. So park nearbuy or at the paid parking near passport office.

I did not take the mail in which they asked to bring spouse. So her name was not there in the list at the entry. Even my name was not there. So there was a delay to check and after 30-45 mins, they allowed us. So make sure whoever you are taking inside, their names are on the document with passport number.

Waited and waited. 9:45 AM was the interview time. They allowed all regular interviews 1st. Got all passports for the interview at 11:45 AM. Interview happened at 12 PM.

Questions :
To me – Location, Salary, Company Name, Current designation,Highest qualification

To spouse- Location, how long married, do you have kids.

He asked for kid’s Birth Certificate which did not have. He checked the passport and did not asked again. Then he said “Your visa is approved”. Asked to pick “Know your rights” booklet.

Out of consulate 12:15 PM.

Admin Processing- 13th June
Issued – 14th June
Waiting to pickup the passport.

Experience 2: L2 with Dropbox at Mumbai

29th July’22: Docs dropped at Mumbai VAC
2nd Aug’22: On CEAC Tracker, status changed to ‘Application Received’ (30th and 31st July’22 was Sat and Sunday). Before that, Tracker mentioned ‘No Status’
4th Aug’22: Status changed to ‘Administrative Processing’
5th Aug’22: Status changed to ‘Issued’
6th Aug’22: Visa received at Mumbai Home. Had opted for Premium Delivery, paid Rs.650/- to the BlueDart Gentleman.

Some inputs based on my experience:

  1. Principal Applicant’s (PA) Visa had expired in Nov’21. PA had I-797A and supporting I-129S. But the PA is staying now in the USA, not in India.
  2. Regarding Employment Confirmation Letter (ECL)
    a. I did not have ECL of PA with me while submitting docs at Mumbai VAC on 29th July’22 at 11.45 am. That’s because after trying since Feb’22 for getting the Dropbox appointment, I got lucky suddenly on 27th July’22 to prepone appointment to 29th July’22 from earlier date of Sep’22 (My first appointment before this was in Nov’22). I could not get latest ECL since I had only a day with me and the time delay between India and USA also did not help. The kind lady at Mumbai VAC counter gave me a blank paper and told me to write that I did not have the ECL. I did that, addressing it to Chennai US Consulate and signed it off. She attached that letter with my Passport and other docs.
    b. I had to spend some anxious moments as I did not submit the ECL. I suggest please get the ECL as well as other documents before the Dropbox appointment. ECL Template can be found on the Telegram Channel, just search for it.
  3. All documents that are required are mentioned in the appointment confirmation page. Please do not leave anything to chance.
  4. I could update the DS-160 two days before the interview. Then I updated the DS-160 confirmation number on the Profile Page along with my latest address and contact number and saved the information. I carried the hardcopy of the latest DS-160 confirmation page along with the other documents to Mumbai VAC.
  5. Carry a set of your latest Photograph, which are as per the mentioned specification on the website. I had 4 with me, the VAC lady took 2 of them.
  6. Regarding Mumbai VAC experience: it is located around 800m and at a 10 minute walking distance from US Mumbai Consulate. I had parked my car in the Parking Lot (paid) next to the Consulate. For Dropbox applicants, VAC was allowing to carry mobile phones. They are pretty well organized. My appointment was at 11.45 am and I was out at around 12.30 pm. Carry an umbrella in the monsoon. Closest Hotels are Trident and Sofitel, else you can look for other options on Make My Trip, etc.
  7. I had initially told an agent to book my appointment. Later, I realized it was useless and took over myself bypassing that agent. Followed the telegram channels ‘H1B/H4 Visa Dropbox Slots(..) and ‘L1/2 Individual Slot’. Adhere to the laid down rules on the Pinned Messages and keep trying.
  8. Do not keep trying if you get a message like “You are reaching the maximum attempts…”. If you continue after this message, there is a high chance that your account will get locked for 72 hours (happened with me once, got automatically unlocked at around the 72nd hour)

Experience 3: L1B Blanket with In Person Interview at Chennai

OFC: 14th Aug Chennai

  • Reach only 30-40 mins ahead on scheduled time to avoid waiting in humid weather
  • Phones switched off

CA: 16th Aug Chennai 11 AM

  • Reach only 30-40 mins ahead of scheduled time to avoid waiting in humid weather
  • No electronic device (Mobile, electronic kar keys, smart watch etc)

Reached Consulate by 10.30. 50 Rs Auto from Taj Coromandel after crossing road at hotel. Too much traffic, could have reached walking in the same time 🙂
After ~ 10 mins waiting in multiple queues, was inside Consulate. Was asked to arrange docs in order. If I remember correctly:

  • I-129s two sets
  • I-797B two sets
  • DS 160 X 1
  • DD (if applicable)
  • Passport
    They again arrange the docs and put a rubber band on docs along with PP.
    Proceeded to another building. Waited ~5 minutes for a counter where there was camera, she scanned docs.
    Went to a counter in an alley for FP Fee payment by card. Was asked to wait after it. Had to wait for ~30 seconds (applicant was reapplying and it was the same VO, so VO asked him to go to some other counter)

Usual greetings.
VO: Which company do you for?
VO: Ohh XXX great!! (Smiling, he moves his hand to pickup stamp)
VO: How long you have been working for XXXX?
Me: Close to 8 years. (He puts the stamp)
VO: What do you for XXXX?
Me: Started talking about my position etc for 30 seconds he wasn’t listening anyway.
At one of my pauses he said your visa has been approved followed by usual instructions.
After handing out documents, Asked me if I was married. I said yes and they have appointments on xxxx date. He suggested that dependents should carry a copy of my visa or the stamped I129s copy with them, but also said anyway everything is there in the system. Made some note about my dependents while I was talking. Confirmed with me how many kids I have.

Reached hotel room by 11.20 AM. This time auto route was longer and they knew from my face that my visa was approved. Asked for 150, gave him 50 tip at drop.

Experience 4: L1+L2(Son) with Dropbox at New Delhi

Original Appointment: Mumbai Vac on 2nd Aug
Appointment Attended: Delhi VAC.
My appointment includes 1L1 Individual and 3 Dependents. However my wife and my younger son didn’t travelled to India, canceled at last moment. So myself (L1 Primary) and my elder son attended the Appointment
Document Submitted: Appointment Confirmation, DS 160, I-797, Employer verification letter. For my son, since my wife didn’t present they asked for My wife I-797 as well for my dependent. Photos. Recommend to get photos from shop next Delhi VAC, they are rejecting photos for every applicant and some of them got it from US as well 😛.
Status: app submitted on 2nd at Dehi, 3rd Aug Case Received, case updated on 7th, 11th and 17th Aug on CEAC portal. 17th Aug evening around 4PM status changed to Issued. Aug 18th Passport sent to origination location. Aug 19 passport
Ready for pickup at Delhi VAC.

During appointment they didn’t ask my wife document for my son. Same day when I left delhi around evening I got a call to send my wife document to support my dependent application. I have email them at the same day. They rejected our photos as well, so clicked from a shop near to Delhi VAC only.

Experience 5: L1B + L2 (3 Dependents) with Dropbox, 221g, In Person Interview at Kolkata

Managed to book appointment when bulk slots opened on 22/May.

Appointment location: Kolkata VAC
Appointment date: 02/Sep

02/Sep – Documents submitted at Chennai VAC
1.DS160 of all 4 applicants
2.Passports and previous visas
3.One copy of i797
4.Employment verification letter
5.One photograph of all 4 applicants
6.Appointment confirmation page(this was stamped and returned to me as acknowledgment)

07/Sep – Application Received

07/Sep – Refused

08/Sep – Got an email from Kolkata consulate to appear for In-person interview on 12/Sep 10am. Only the primary applicant was requested to appear for interview not dependents.

Consular interview:
12/Sep – Reached Kolkata consulate @10am. Took 30 minutes to get through the security procedures and interview lasted 10 minutes.

Questions: Company name, Years of exp, Job duties, Salary in US, Basic question about Specialised tools, How many other employees has knowledge on the tools, for which customers have you used this tool, marriage date, arranged/love, basic questions on past b1 visa and UK travel history. Visa was approved. No additional docs were asked although I carried all necessary documents.

13/Sep – Status changed to Approved

14/Sep – Status changed to Issued

15/Sep – CGI portal showed passport being processed for delivery

16/Sep – Passports delivered at home

Interview tip: Keep answers short and clear. Keep calm and imagine as if you’re having conversation with the officer and not interview.

Thanks to this group for all slot notifications and sharing their experiences. Good luck to everyone who is waiting for slots/visa.

Passport Status:

Visa Status:

Blue dart tracking: After cea portal status shows ‘Issued’ you can use your UID in blue dart under REF NO while searching.

Experience 6: L1B + L2 with Dropbox at New Delhi

Dropbox Date: 16th Sep’22 (Friday)
Dropped Docs at: Bangalore VFS
DS160 Filled Location: Chennai
Got Appointment for: Delhi USA Consulate
USA VISA Photos taken at: GK Vale, HSR Layout, Bangalore (Accepted at VFS Bangalore)
Paid 1300/- Cash as Processing Fees for 2 Applicants
Acknowledgement Received from VFS Bangalore: 1300/- Paid Original Receipt + B/W Xerox of Appointment Confirmation Stamped/Signed & returned back after scanning
CGI Appointment Booking Portal Status from 16th Sep’22 evening till now:
“Passport is being delivered to Post” and not further update after that, Might be updated during week-days.

Documents Dropped:

  • Primary + Dependent Applicant’s Passports (Original) (they pastes DS160 Confirmation Numbers’ stickers on each)
  • 1 Blank/White Xerox Copy of I-1797B (Petition Approval Notice)
  • 1 Blank/White Xerox Copy of Primary + Dependent Applicant’s DS160 Confirmation
  • 1 Blank/White Xerox Copy Marriage Certificate
  • 1 Glossy Coloured USA VISA Photograph of each applicant (They validates and writes at back of each of them with Pen)


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