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H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox from September 4th to September 13th, 2021

Below are User experiences for September 2021, starting from September 4th to September 13th, 2021 onwards for H1B Visa and H4 Visa for both regular visa stamping and Dropbox. You can check US Visa Stamping Experiences for the entire collection

Experience 1: H1B at New Delhi

DS-160 location, i-797B consulate notification location and passport pickup location: HYDERABAD

VAC and Consular: NEW DELHI

Booked Feb 2022 Mumbai slot and applied EA which was rejected in less than 5 minutes (seems a default denial for all urgent business travel cases from Mumbai)..After 2+ months waiting and sleepless nights, finally on Aug 20th, was able to reschedule Feb 2022 Mumbai slot to Aug 31/Sep 1 New Delhi..

Travelled a day ahead and stayed at Park hotel near VAC( i personally didn’t like this place, but very near to Shivaji Stadium VAC)

Aug 31: Visited VAC office 20 mins ahead of slot and was allowed right away. We can carry our wallet and cell phone (switched off)..have one vasco center opp to VAC to store bags..Carried all docs but asked only DS-160 confirmation, Appointment confirmation and Passport..

1st counter – verified Passport and DS160 confirmation and asked to go to the other counter.

2nd counter – security check at entrance and provided a token, waited for my turn. Went to the counter – they asked name, date of birth, took fingerprints and photo.

Overall bio-metric process was completed in less than 10 mins.

Sep 1: Heavy rain and few cars were drowned in New Delhi..I was lucky to reach Consulte in time as I started 1hr 15 mins ahead of my appointment for a 15 minute usual journey..it took me 40 minutes due to rain..we have a counter to store cell phones for 50rs(cash)..they checked passport and scanned the barcode attached earlier from VAC appointment and allowed in..almost all were h1/h4s with 1 or 2 C1D and F1s..

Counter 1: Checked Passport and asked for a Passport photo as it appears they couldn’t see it from VAC..luckily I carried one… request you all to carry 2×2 passport photos with you so that you can save time and get rid of pressure to step out to get photos..once done, went inside for interview and was assigned counter..VO(male) is an  Indian-American (40-45 years)

Greetings with VO!

VO: passport and documents ?

Me: handed over PP with  2 I797s(ext ension i797B current one and initial i-797A(expired))..

VO: So, you’re working for xyz?

Me: Yes

VO: What is your designation?

Me: Answered

VO: How many years of experience with firm?

Me: xx + overall and was with my company since xx years..

VO: Are you in this position since you joined the firm?

Me: No, I recently got a promotion for this position and I told the previous position title..

VO: Who is your end-client ?

Me: xx, he then started typing and seems he couldn’t find the name and asked me to spell the company name.. I was a bit terrified as he couldn’t find the name of my end-client..after typing for a while, seems he found it..

VO: Highest education?

Me: Masters in CS from xx univ in xx state..

VO: ok, what does your client do?

Me: answered briefly and said that the client company falls under Critical Manufacturing..

VO: Everybody claim that they fall under Critical Manufacturing or critical infra, but actually they’re not(in a bit serious tone)..

Me: was a bit terrified again as I thought he might not approve my NIE..

VO: Do you have USC kid or spouse?

Me: No, I’m single.

VO: Started typing something for a minute and checking something..

Me: After a minute or so waiting, I thought of showing my NIE letter from client and fortunately at that moment, he put my passport aside and grabbed the Know your Rights doc and said that my Visa was approved and that he approved my NIE as well..said that I’ ll receive documents and NIE in a week’s time.

Me: thanks a lot!

VO didn’t ask for NIE letter nor my job roles and responsibilities..just checked passport and i797s.. but he asked for offer letter and/or payslips and some other doc to the guy ahead of me(h1b)..he eventually approved his visa as well ( I believe with NIE) after checking his additional docs..

Overall interview was completed quickly (less than 3 minutes)

Experience 2: H1B with 221g at New Delhi

Here is my Approval experience from Delhi (Critical Infra) after 221G from Hyderabad.

First Application (Dropbox) @ Hyd

April 26th : Dropped off the documents

April 30th : Application Received

June 2nd : Refused

June 7th : Received passport with 221G

Waiting game for official NIE from my employer. It’s a service based company and i am a fulltime employee there. Client comes under Energy Sector

Aug 20th : Received NIE letter from employer

August 21st: Filed a new application and paid the fee for New Delhi location.

I opted yes under ‘Have you ever been refused a US Visa?’ So had to attend the interview

Sep 2nd : Biometrics in Delhi. Smooth. No issues there.

Sep 3rd : Interview appt at 8:20. Allowed us inside at 8:15

I was one of the first 5 applications went inside and I was the first person at the counter where I gave the interview

VO: Good Morning

Me : Good Morning sir, how are you doing?

VO: i’m doing well. Thanks for asking. Could you hand me your passport and I-797

Me: Sure. (Handed the documents and kept NIE document out of the folder so its visible)

VO: Who do you work for

ME: I work for xxxxx

VO: How long have you been working with them?

Me : Its been more than 4 years. This is my H1 extension with the same employer.

VO: Which location did they have you working at?

Me: xxx, Florida

VO: Typing something… How do you like Florida?

Me: I like the florida weather. More similar to what we experience in India however with more rainfall.

VO: Diversity wise how do you like it?

Me: It’s good with lot of visitors not just from within US but across the world from different cultures. So its pretty good.

VO: That’s great. Who is your client?

Me: My client is xxx and provides Energy and gas services to customers around philadelphia

VO: Typed client name. What is your role there and what do you do?

Me: Explained my job role and responsibilities. My suggeestion is to Use keywords like critical, financially or help something like that. In my case, I enhance and support crtitical applications which helps customers with low income get the services for lesser costs.

VO: Okay. Do you have a client letter

ME: I dont have a client letter but I have the NIE supporting document from my employer and gave it even before he asked

VO: (Just gave a glance and gave it back to me ) Energy sector comes under critical infrastructure and I think we can approve your exception. Let me work on that.

Types something

VO: what os your role again with your employer?

ME : Senior Solution Engineer

VO: Okay. Thank you.

He typed it

VO: Okay. I think i have everything i need. Here’s your I-797 and i would need one last thing from you. Your fingerprints. My machine is getting started as you are the first person here today.

In just a minute, biometrics machine turned on and he asked me to place left hand 4 fingers.

VO: Alright. That’s it for today. As we have to give the NIE annotation, It’s going to take sometime between 5-7 days to get your passport back per the method you chose.

Me: Thank you. Have a good day.

VO: Thank you.

I met a guy who just completed his interview with another VO. He received a 221G at mumbai location and reapplied at Delhi and got approved.

So folks, I had to wait a long time for my NIE document. I could’ve gone with self written as many people did but dint want to take a chance so waited. And finally it turned out positive.

My suggestion would be dont spend much time waiting for responses from your respective home consulates regarding pending 221G applications. Rather create a new application and travel to Delhi.

Experience 3: H4 at New Delhi

Date/ Time: 3-Sep-2021, 8:30 am
Location: Delhi

Outside the Consulate:
Reached around 8:10am and they have already started lining up people from 9:00am slot.
They did a quick passport check, no other document was checked outside the consulate before entry.

Inside the Consulate:
There was a security check first (they did not check temperatures, were asking everyone to put on masks). After that there was a queue for document verification that took roughly 10 minutes, staff there keeps on announcing what documents do you need to keep handy for the verification. For H4, it was passport and primary applicant’s I-797 copy. After verification, they asked us to stand in line and then one-by-one, the interviewers started calling people.

Me: good morning
Vo; good morning

I gave VO my passport and spouses’s I-797. Here are the questions:

  • What does your husband do?
    He works as xxx
  • Where is he currently located?
    He live in xx city y state
  • What does he work on?
    He works on xxx technology.
  • what exactly does that xxx technology mean?
    I said it’s just a kind of framework.
  • When did you get married?
    We were married in this august xx date.( It was a coincidence that his parents marriage anniversary was also on same date).

Vo congratulated me on my recent wedding. I think he is an Indo American who has settled over there.

As he was typing,. he mentioned that my visa is approved and he is approving my visa along with NIE.

THAT’S IT !! no marriage certificate asked nor any photos or NIE approval of my spouse. I prepared alot of documents but none was asked to my suprise.

The overall process from entry to exit took half an hour. Hope this helps!

Experience 4: H1B at New Delhi

Status: H1b Approved
Date: Sept 3
Consulate- Delhi

VO: Good Morning, Pass me your passport.

Me: I said Good morning and passed Passport and i797

VO: I just asked for passport

Me: Sorry officer and took back i797( My inner feeling, he seems to be strict and he will award me 221g)

VO: what’s your job title ?
Me: ETL developer

VO: Do you have NIE letter
Me: Answered Yes( but he didn’t ask to show it)

VO: Who is your petitioner ?

Me: Answered

VO: what’s your salary ?
Me: answered

Vo: do you have any client involved?
Me: Yes and answered

Vo: can you pass your client letter ?
Me: since Iam contractor, my end client don’t provide letters to contractors as per their policy.But I have letter from my primary vendor( cognizant) supporting.

VO: Do you have SOW or MSI ?
Me: Answred No. But I have email screenshot from my manager supporting they don’t give client letter and gave it

VO: even this email screenshot seems to be provided by cognizant manager.Do you have anything else to prove?
Me: Sorry officer, I don’t have any thing else to prove. ( I thought in mind that it will be 221g for sure)

We both looked at each other and had a sharp smile 🙂

VO: Where is your end client location?
Me: Answered

VO: What are your day to day job activities & responsibilities since your sector ( entertainment ) doesn’t fall under 16 sector NIE category
Me: Answered Even thought my client belongs to entertainment sector, I work under IT and financial sector and supported it by saying I work for generating payments to actors and cast…..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,etc etc( explained about my project for 1 min). He kept on listening anxiously till I stopped.

VO: Have you seen any big actors coming to your workplace
Me: No officer. They don’t come to our workplace but I have seen few actors near time square while I was in New York and Smiled.

VO: Ok Iam approving your VIsa and NIE valid for 12 months.
ME: thank you so much officer.

VO: Is it your first time H1 stamping?
Me: Yes officer.

VO; which visa have you stamped previously and when?
Me: F1 and in 2015

VO: What’s your highest degree ?
Me: Masters

VO: when did you complete it?
Me: 2018

VO: You can leave now but remember next time when you attend an interview bring client letter or supporting documents.

Me: thank you So much office and left.

Suggestion: Just smile even though you are getting pissed off. Delhi is having high approvals and prefer it over other.

Experience 5: H4 at New Delhi

August 16: Got appointment at Mumbai for Feb/Mar 2022 (17 minute trick)

Aug 30: Rescheduled to Delhi during a mass opening (thanks to Strictly H1/H4 Regular Visa Slots group)

Aug 31: VAC at Delhi.
Appointment was at 8:30 AM, I reached by 10:00 AM. Was raining heavily, as soon as I told security that my appointment was at 8:30, they let me rush through all the checkpoints. They allow only cell phones (no earphones, usb, smart watches), and do not allow umbrellas.
VAC only asked for –

  • passport
  • DS-160 confirmation page (which had Mumbai consulate )
  • Appointment confirmation page (which had current Delhi appointment details)

Sep 1: Interview at Delhi.
Appointment was at 8:20 AM, at 8:00 AM, they took appointments from 8:20 to 9:00 AM inside. Cellphones, backpacks not allowed. Umbrella allowed.

After security scan, we were asked to keep passport and H1B’s i797 ready. Officer at 1st window asked for these documents. Asked me if I had brought any passport size photos. I said no. He said no worries, we will click one right now. Clicked picture and did fingerprints again.

Everyone waited for 15 minutes, then counters opened.

VO: Hello

Me: Hello, good morning

VO: Pass me your passport and 797

Handed over passport and black and white photocopy of husband’s 797

VO: How long have you been married?

Me: Answered

VO: Where is your husband right now?

Me: Answered

VO: What is he doing there?

Me: Answered what company he works for

VO: Can I see your marriage registration document?

Handed over color print out of marriage certificate

VO checked the marriage certificate, flipped through all pages of my passport, returned marriage certificate and 797 copy

VO: Visa is approved, National Interest Exception granted, you will receive your passport in a week

Me: Thank you very much

Sep 2: Status – your passport is still with the US Embassy

Sep 2: Got NIE approval email

Sep 3: Status – Passport received and is being processed for delivery

Sep 4: Passport delivered to home

Thanks a million, trillion to this group, and other Telegram slot booking groups, all of which I stumbled upon through redbus2us. Very grateful to this strong community. And wish everyone the best!!

Experience 6: H1B with 221g at New Delhi

I finally got my visa approved today. Below are the details.

First time H1B stamping. First visa interview @ Mumbai got 221g even with NIE letter from employer/lawyer. Followed up for a month and got tired of non-answers.

Filled new ds-160, paid fees and got regular appointment @ Delhi after looking for appointment for ~3 weeks.

Delhi dates: 3rd and 7th Sept.

Reached 1 hour 15 mins before appointment. They started taking us in ~1hour in advance of appointment.

There was a mobile/etc storage available @Rs. 50. Bags can be kept at the waiting area. Waiting area had benches for applicants or folks coming with applicants to sit and wait.

Security check outside. Passport barcode scan and appointment confirmation/check-in. Security check while entering the building.

Made to sit in different rows (~10 people per row). Took 10 mins per row to take in. Delhi was processing visas fast.

Entered and got the da-160 and i797 checked and again some sort of check-in before was told to proceed.

Sent to counter 22. Was asked the following questions:

  • hand me i797 and passport
  • did you apply for visa before. I mentioned had applied at Mumbai on 24June and was put on additional administrative processing.
  • where do you work?
  • what is your title?
  • salary?
  • are you married.
  • looked at the screen for a bit and asked me to take off mask and show face.

He said your visa is approved. Took the passport and hand me back the i797. Did not hand me any green slip or NIE approval slip.

I asked how many days to expect the passport in, he said 5-7 business days though not to book tickets till I get NIE approval email confirmation and passport back with proper stamping.

Experience 7: H1B with 221g at Kolkata

My Visa approval timeline:

April 30 – submitted docs for Dropbox at Hyd
June 10th – received email to collect passport with 221G PP

Sent lot of emails for NIE approval and didn’t get any response.

Filled DS -160 and scheduled another appointment at Kolkata consulate on Sep 3rd.

VO – Good morning
Me – Good morning officer. How are you
VO – Am great and thank you. How are you doing
Me – Doing great and thank you
VO – Asked passport
Me – passed over passport
VO – question about my graduation
Me – Answered
VO – question about my current job, salary and how long I have been with the firm
Me – explained
VO – question about my job during OPT and stem Opt
Me – answered
VO – I see their is a refused case with hyd consulate. Can you explain ?
Me – yes officer, I submitted my docs before the travel ban was declared and later I reached out to embassy as I am eligible for NIE. But couldn’t get any response.
VO – Can you pass over me the NIE letter
Me – handed over NIE
VO- asked about end client and Client letter
Me – explained and handed over end client letter
VO – asked about my wedding and had some casual talk
me – answered
VO – what’s the project that you work
me – explained that I work for COVID vaccine appointment system(gave the link details to check in the system)
VO – checked something and replied that’s cool. I am approving your NIE . we are almost done
Me – thank you officer
VO – suggested to process my spouse h4 ASAP and travel together
Me – thanked for the suggestion.
VO – your visa is approved. Congrats on your wedding and have a safe travel
Me – thank you soo much officer and bye.

Over all its a cool interview. As long as you have a valid reason and all supporting documents. We should be good.

Experience 8: H1B at New Delhi

H1-B first time stamping. Received approval on June 23rd 2021. Scheduled interview at Chennai on Feb 22, 23 2021. Rescheduled it to Oct 31 and Nov 1st. Eventually found a slot in New Delhi for Sep 5 and 7.

No RT-PCR required for travelers from Karnataka. Do check state guidelines on airlines’ websites if you are flying.

Biometrics was quick. I reached the center at 1210 for my 1230 appointment and they let me in. I was done by 1235 and outside.

Reached early for my 9 o clock appointment. There’s a booth where you can deposit your cellphone for 50 rupees. Adjacent to the same booth, they send you through after a security check.

You cross the road and get your passport and appointment details verified at another counter. After this you will be sent inside the embassy and seated in a waiting area after another security check.

From the seating area, you will then be escorted into another section where they check your i797(H1-B and H-4)/I-20(for F-1 and F-2) with your passport. They will also verify your finger prints here. I was asked for my photo at this point. I have heard that this happens every now and then, so have a few photos handy.

Then I was guided to the interview queue. VO was a middle aged lady.

Took a look at my passport, saw my f-1 stamp. Congratulated me on my graduation.

Asked me about my employer and what my job duties were. Asked me if I was working in-house or in a client location. I work in-house and said so.

Asked me if I did my OPT there, I said yes.

Explained my job duties. Embedded software and networking. Need hardware, need lab.

• Long silence and a lot keyboard tapping

She then said that we are done, that she will be approving my visa with an NIE so that I won’t need to apply later. She returned my i797 and told me that I will receive my NIE on an email

I asked her if the NIE annotation will be provided on the stamping. She said yes and as an afterthought asked for my i797 to make a copy of it.

Experience 9: H4 (Spouse + Kid) with Dropbox at Chennai

H1B spouse in US on expired visa but valid H1B status with approved extension i797.

Good news – documents accepted. There were experiences at certain consulates that below 14 yr old kid was asked to come to regular appointment since they were not eligible for Dropbox if H1B is in US on expired visa but valid i797. For us at chennai consulate they accepted Dropbox docs for both H4 spouse and H4 son, not sure about other consulates.

The usual list of docs was asked – appointment letter, DS160 confirmation page, photo, Passport, i797 approval notice, old i797 approval notice, H1b’s employment verification letter, NIE letter. For NIE letter we had 3 letters – H1B company NIE letter, self-written NIE letter by H4 spouse on family separation , Son’s US school letter from principal about requirement of in person attendance for 8th grade school classes(wanted to use 3 letters for NIE hoping one of those will/should click 🤞)

The whole process of docs submission took about 15 mins. Son did not go for this Dropbox appointment, wife dropped off both docs. When my wife gave sons passport, they asked his age to verify if below 14. Then not sure why but they took sons passport and went inside to confirm something with others and it took almost 10 mins and then they came back and gave acknowledgement of Dropbox submission.

I am hoping visa+NIE will be granted 🤞will update as soon as I know.

Just wanted to send this as it may help others in similar situation. Good luck all !

Experience 10: H1B with Misdemeanor Case at New Delhi

Location: Delhi
Type: H1B Dropbox + 221g -> Interview
Had Misdemeanor case in 2014.

Aug 20 : Submitted documents
Aug 23 : Case created
Aug 24 : Refused (with long text)

I was sure that it’s 221g (Obviously)

Picked up passport with attached 221g, asking me to attend the interview on any business day before 10AM.

Aug 27 : Attended interview

Interview experience:
VO: Good Morning
Me: Morning, passed passport + I-797
VO: returned I-797 and asked, how long have you been with this company
Me: X Years
VO: when did you join
Me: Answered
VO: Are you married
Me: Answered
VO: What is your role at this company?
Me: Explained my title and duties
VO: so, I see that you admitted XYZ misdemeanor case on your application, can you explain about that.
Me: Explained
VO: I would like to see case documents if you have any
Me: Shared the documents
VO: Gave a glance and told, I would like to review these documents closely on what happened and what the court passed on.
Me: Sure, I understand
VO: Did you do any community service and any fines?
Me: Shared the Details
VO: I would like to review this further and will ask for more documentation if required.
Me: Sure
VO: Do you have your Employment verification letter and NIE
Me: Yes, passed on the documents
VO: Gave 221g yellow slip with Admin Processing and said, I am keeping your passport assuming it is issued but will review the court documents and decide.
Me: Yes and makes sense. Should I wait or will I hear from you
VO: you will hear from me
Me: Cool, thank you and have a great day
VO: you too

Aug 27 : Status updated but still shows refused (due to 221g yellow slip)
Aug 27 : Status changed to Administrative Processing
Aug 31 : Issued

Things to keep in mind:

I had a very casual conversation with VO.
If you got 221g, understand what your refusal is about. If you know what it is (take my case as example) – Just accept the fact and be prepared for questions And be honest!

If you got 221g for something you are not aware, do some research, reach out to attorney.. understand in what circumstances they issue such 221g and bring all your documents to the interview.

If you are still worried, ask yourself why you are inadmissible to USA, what you might have done/submitted which raised yellow flag for VO and issued refusal! And correct it and be prepared.

Also, understand the types of status US visa has, and understand the process of visa denial. If you are not aware, check that out.. it’s not that easy!

I hope this gives some confidence to people who are worried if they received 221g, if you still are..remember to ask yourself— WHY WOULD YOU BE INADMISSIBLE TO USA!!

Remember that you are worthy!

Experience 11: H1B + H4 (Spouse+USC Kid) with Dropbox at New Delhi

Dropbox- Delhi on 20th Aug, with USC kid (No NIE required), H1, 2 H4 (Son and spouse).
Documents – Current and previous 797 copies, old and new passports for all, employment verification letter(not NIE), position confirmation letter, USC daughter passport and birth certificate copies.

Timelines :
20th Aug – Documents dropped at Delhi for H1, 2 H4 (Son and spouse)
21st and 22nd Aug – weekend
23rd Aug- Application received
24th Aug – Administrative Processing and Issued for H1 and H4 son, H4 spouse Administrative processing.
25th Aug – Passport received for H1 and H4 son with stamped Visa.
H4 spouse still Administrative processing.
9th Sept – H4 spouse status changed from Administrative Processing to Issued.

Waiting for H4 spouse passport. Hopefully should receive in next couple of days.

Experience 12: H1B + H4 with Dropbox at New Delhi

Appointment on Sep 3 2021. We went to Vac 30 mins before the appointment time and we were allowed inside 15 mins before the appointment. After security checks we went inside and security said they will allow only one person inside. I decided to go and drop documents for both h1b and H4. Securities, Vac rep all were friendly and werr ready to help.

Documents – two sets of below documents provided, one for each applicant

  1. Passports – old and new
  2. I797 – old and new
  3. Employment verification letter ( they mentioned it should have designation and employment start date)
  4. NIE letter from employer
  5. 1 photo
  6. Old h1b visa copy (only for H4 processing)

I tried to give client letter, offer letter, i140 approval but they didn’t accept. After coming outside I realized I didn’t ask if they need marriage certificate for H4. I asked the security outside and he was kind enough to go inside to enquire and confirmed no need of it.

Sep 3 – appointment
Sep 4, 5, 6 – weekend and us holiday – No status
Sep 7 morning – received
Sep 7 evening – administrative processing
Sep 8 morning – Nie approval email received
Sept 8 afternoon – Issued

Experience 13: H1B with NIE at Mumbai

8:30AM Reached Mumbai consulate Gate, had to stand in the queue and it was not covered/shaded.
8:40AM Although appointment time was 9:30, I was permitted to get inside the gate and sit inside the shaded premises (not the building) , hardly any candidates were there. It was the primarily the holding area.
8:50AM Permitted inside the building, was told to keep latest passport and I797 copy (not original) ready. There was a long queue for other visa types but a separate queue for H1/H4 candidates. Only 4 of us were for H1/H4
9:05AM Was asked to sit in one of the counter
9:10 AM VO called and informed that this is the wrong counter, had to sit in front of another counter ( I guess only one counter was designated for H1B/H4)
9:15 AM Interview was going on in another counter and the office took a small break
9:25 AM I was called
Me: Good Morning
VO: Good Morning and started scanning my documents on the computer, told to keep my fingers on the scanner
VO : Is this your first H!B?
ME: Yes
VO: How many years did you work with * company (Petitioner)
Me: 4 years
VO : What is your Job role ?
Me : Earlier role was XYZ * as a consultant
Current role is XYZ * as an employee
VO What do you exactly do? (Earlier I guess she wanted JD, I may have heard something wrong )
Me : Explained the Job description in 3 sentences
VO : Who is the end client?
Me: Petitioner (the XYZ company itself)
VO : What is your designation, Director?
Me : No, its XYZ* (Job Title)
VO Did you do B.Tech ?
Me No, I did my Master’s in finance
VO What is your salary?
Me *** per annual
VO Congratulation, your visa is approved, since you have a USC child, your visa is approved with NIE
Me Thank you
VO Where is your wife now, in US?
Me No India
VO You are good to go

9:35AM Was out of the Consulate in an hour (1 hour 5 minutes journey, 10 minutes interview)

Experience 14: H1B at Kolkata

Here is my interview experience-
My appointment was at 8:30 I was there by 7:55 they let me get in Q outside at 8:00 .. than checked DS-160, Apt confirmation, passport.
Than was let in at 8:10 entered and completed security checkin (this Kolkatta consulate is to small compared to HYD one) no sealed envelope allowed.. after this I was let in to interview area one staff person confirmed my details tan asked me to step in onwards cabin … there were only 2 booths and very limited appointments and I see a Chinese VO in his early ~30’s . Firstly I din’t realise I am interview for first 2-3 questions he was asking to pass i797and passport and client letter .. I thought this is some one cross checking than he shoots this below question
Questions asked by VO

  1. How long have you been with this company
  2. Did you have H1 before and when did you start here – briefly spoke about opt and previous h1b
  3. What is ur salary in USA
  4. Where will u work in USA -Gave office address as my employer did not file amendments to update my work from home.
  5. Who is ur client- I work at client.
  6. What do you do
  7. did you study in us what’s your specialisation…
  8. When did you complete your Masters ..
  9. What does your company do ~ explained how it supports frontlineworkers

Okay I am approving your visa returned by ds-160 and i797 it will be out at you selected option of pick up in 3-4days and please don’t email us 🙏🏻😅.

Experience 15: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Dropbox appointment sept 7th at 11am
Hyd to Delhi – SpiceJet airway
Hyderabad- at 5:25am
Reached Delhi at 7:30am
Outside airport Take metro express to Shivaji stadium – Rs 50 charges
US embassy Dropbox will be inside metro station complex
They are allowing inside embassy before 15mins of slot time.
They will allow the bag inside if you don’t have power bank, AirPods or umbrella.. opposite to US embassy locker facility(inside metro station) will available. They are charged per 1:30hr -Rs 100
Documents submitted

  1. Ds160 confirmation
  2. Appointment letter
  3. Passport
  4. Photo as per Document
  5. NiE letter
    6.position confirmation letter
  6. I797 current

Just 5mins I completed my Dropbox …Return to airport through Metro express..

Sept 8th morning – application received
Sept 8th afternoon- admin processing
Sept 9th afternoon – got nie approval email
Sept 9th – issued

Waiting for passport pickup at Hyderabad..

Experience 16: H1B + H4 with Dropbox at New Delhi (USC Kid)

Sep 3rd in New Delhi vac.


  1. Appointment confirmation
  2. DS-160 Confirmation
  3. Current & previous I-797
  4. US citizen child Birth Cert + Passport copy
  5. Employment verification letter
  6. Recent paystubs (wasn’t required)


  1. Appointment confirmation
  2. DS-160 Confirmation
  3. Current & previous I-797 (dependent + Primary)
  4. US citizen child Birth Cert + Passport copy
  5. Employment verification letter
  6. Recent paystubs (wasn’t required)
  7. Copy of marriage certificate (wasn’t required)

Sep 3 – submitted documents at NewDelhi vac.
Sep 7 – administrative processing.
Sep 9 – visa issued H1B + H4.

Note: The staff at New Delhi vac was very accommodating, there are numerous small shops close to the vac for taking photos, printouts. Also, there’s a small shop in front of the US VFS counter which provide printing, document editing services.. but, the VFS staff in general were very accommodating, they allow you a few hours (up till 4pm same day) to correct your documents and/or print missing documents.

Experience 17: H1B with Dropbox at Chennai (Previous DUI Offence)

Just getting around to posting Dropbox+ interview experience – I had a previous DUI ( already did medical exam for earlier renewal in 2018) and got approved with NIE, so hoping it will help some folks with a similar background during this time.

Week of July 21 – unexpected travel to India because of family emergency and filled out DS160 indicating previous arrest and also eligible for Dropbox per updated criteria. I figured I would get called for interview anyway but didn’t want to answer eligibility questions untruthfully. Got Dropbox for Aug 10, thanks to the notifications from the Dropbox slots group.

Aug 10 – submitted docs at Chennai OFC. NIE letter from employer(IT), no dependents.
Aug 11 – Application Received
Aug 24 – Administrative Processing
Aug 25 – Refused
Aug 26 – Picked up passport and 221 g indicating that I had to appear for interview after regular operations resumed..Used Provide Feedback option in CGI and also emailed consulate(ChennaiCIU@state.gov) directly asking for early follow up appointment because of needing to return for employment.
Aug 27 – Both consulate and travel docs support responded that booking 221g follow up appointment had been enabled for my CGI profile. Picked Aug 31 ( first available).
Aug 31 – interview at Chennai consulate. Asked about dates of DUI (2012), whether I had already attended the physician panel and medical exam( Yes, earlier for renewal from same consulate in 2018), any other offences (No) and asked to see latest I797 and verified location of work and salary. VO then mentioned I would automatically get flagged for interview every time even through Dropbox and even though the offence was almost 10 years ago. I said I figured as much and it was fine because it was my mistake at the time.
He explained that it was just how the system was designed. Also explained that officer who did Dropbox review already approved my NIE documentation, said visa was approved and to expect passport within a week.
Sep 1 – got notified passport was ready. Picked it up and it was also stamped with NIE annotation.

So not too painful, but again, do not EVER drink and drive and make the same mistake I did. Common sense, safety and total costs of the incident aside, you will see that it or any arrest for that matter sticks and complicates your immigration record permanently regardless of local court decisions and your plea (also had to mention this earlier during I-485 application from the US).
Good luck everyone!

Experience 18: H1B + H4 with Dropbox at New Delhi

Dropbox Appointment:
Delhi – Sep 01 – 12:00 PM

DropBox Experience:

  • Reached ND VAC at 12:10 PM, allowed inside at 12:30 PM
  • Waited for my turn and then submitted docs for H1B + H4. No need of family presence. Primary applicant can submit for the dependents. Guys at VAC are very friendly. You can carry your backpack and mobile, no issues but no electronic things.
  • H1B – All issued I-797, Passport (old + new), old visa copy, DS160, Self written NIE comes under US kid, position confirmation letter from Employer, 1 photo, USC passport copy and birth certificate
  • H4 – Same docs


  1. I took 1 set for each applicant and handed over to officer 1-by-1
  2. I went with photo as per US Visa specifications. Don’t take chances with photos taken in US, get them in India, they are good at it. I Took two sets just to make sure.
  3. Metro from airport to VAC is very convenient and economy. No need to worry about traffic or weather.

9/01 – Docs Submitted
9/02- Application Received & administrative processing
9/03 – issued
9/09 – opted for blue dart pickup, got call from blue dart tirupati to pickup passports.

Experience 19: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Dropbox appointment sept 7th at 11am
US embassy Dropbox will be inside metro station complex
They are allowing inside embassy before 15mins of slot time.
They will allow the bag inside if you don’t have power bank, AirPods or umbrella.. opposite to US embassy locker facility(inside metro station) will available. They are charged per 1:30hr -Rs 100
Documents submitted:

  1. Ds160 confirmation
  2. Appointment letter
  3. Passport
  4. Photo as per Document
  5. NiE letter
    6.position confirmation letter
  6. I797 current

Just 5mins I completed my Dropbox …

Sept 8th morning – application received
Sept 8th afternoon- admin processing
Sept 9th afternoon – got nie approval email
Sept 10th- issued

Waiting for passport pickup at Delhi

Experience 20: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Dropbox appointment sept 7th at 12pm
US embassy Dropbox will be inside shivaji stadium metro station complex, at concourse level
They are allowing inside embassy before 30mins of slot time.
They will allow the bag inside if you don’t have power bank, AirPods or any electronic devices including headphones.. opposite to VFS, there is a locker facility available. They charged me -Rs 200
Documents submitted

  1. Ds160 confirmation
  2. Appointment letter
  3. Passport photo
  4. Photo as per Document (Just an advise, if you had your passport photograph in any CVS/wallgreens, there is a high probability that the VFS will request you to get one more again, apparently the CVS/ Walgreens don’t follow the instructions clearly while taking the photograph for visa purposes .I was asked by VFS employee to get another passport photograph again as the photograph i got from the CVS in USA was not taken properly, and there are several middle men right outside the metro who can guide to where you can get one with in 15 mins. I got a passport photograph at a gas station , right across the metro station, they charged 300rs. )
  5. NiE letter
    6.position confirmation letter
  6. photo copies of I797 current, and previous

Just 5mins I completed my Dropbox …

Sept 8th morning – application received
Sept 8th afternoon- admin processing
Sept 10th afternoon – got nie approval email
Sept 10th- issued

Waiting for passport delivery to my home

Experience 21: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Here is my Dropbox timelines in anticipation that it will help provide some perspective to others in the group

Aug 13th – Dropbox appointment 10am – Hyd – H1B + NIE
Aug 17th – Application Received

Waited for a week and got to know about all the delays with the consulate. As I was contemplating withdrawal, I paid another MRV fee and booked a slot for Sept 15th in Chennai and over time rescheduled multiple times and ended up with an appointment in Delhi for Sept 7th, 3pm

Aug 25th – Sent a permanent withdrawal request to support/ustraveldocs
Sept 1st – Case last updated changed but the status remained AR
Sept 2nd – Changed to refused
Sept 3rd – Passport was ready to pick up

Sept 7th – Submitted documents at Delhi location
Sept 8th – Application Received
Sept 9th – Administrative Processing
Sept 10th – 11am – Received NIE approval email
Sept 10th – 1pm – Issued

Word of caution, when you are selecting the travel dates, choose carefully. I noticed that Delhi is issuing the NIE dates based on the travel dates you select. Although my NIE was approved today, my validity date is starting from Sept 16th which was the date I specified as my travel date on my DS-160 form

Experience 22: H1 + H4 with Dropbox at Chennai (USC Kid)

Aug 13 – dropped documents
Aug 26 – Refused
Aug 27 – Collected Passport with 221g asking to appear for personal interview (once regular operation resumed) with client letter and project description
Aug 27 – received email to book 221g appointment
Sep 1 – booked 221g appointment for 8th Sep.
Sep 8 – attended interview in Chennai (WITHOUT client letter)
Questions/documents Asked by VO:

  1. client letter : I said my client will provide client letter after onboarding in onsite project and provided email from client that they won’t provide client letter before onboarding.
  2. Client location
  3. Salary
  4. W2 & Tax returns & payslips (because salary I mentioned and in my W2 differed)
  5. Why can’t you do the same work from offshore?
  6. When is your planned travel date?
    That’s all, visa officer said visa is approved.
    Sep 9 – Status changed to issued.
    Sep 12 – picked up passport with stamping (Chennai location VAC office is open from 1am to 5pm on Sunday to pick up passport)

Experience 23: H1B at New Delhi

Reached an hour before the interview time. Handed over the phone near outside security screening for 50 rupees.

Entered the building where I was asked to take my i797 petition and passport. Post verification moved to down the lobby for consular interview.

I asked to stand on a queue randomly by a security guy in that lobby

My turn came
VO : hand over the passport. Me: handed over
VO : are you applying for NIE Me: Yes.
(Didn’t ask /hand over my NIE letter which I carried. My end client is US giant banking company)

VO: who is your petitioner
ME : xxxx

VO : who is your end client
Me: yyy

VO : what is you job
Me : computer programmer. (No detailed explanation. Just sticking to the quwstion)
VO: Do you have end client letter?
Me: No. But I have have SOW and handed over

VO: where you going to work
Me : state and city as per petition

VO: your Visa approved with NIE

My VO doing interview of max a min. Rushing thru. So be crisp. Next counter a Chinese VO was little detail in questions. But still good approvals during my time. Don’t see rejections)

All the best

Experience 24: H1B at Kolkata

Slot Booked – 13th July

One of my friend suggested to try Monday and Friday 3-4 and was lucky enough to get slot for Kolkata location.

Biometric – 1st Sept
Slot was at 9, allowed to enter at 8.30. Out by 9.
Smooth process, if your DS160 filling is correct then there won’t be any issue.
Asked for Appointment letter, Ds160, I797 and passport. Took photo and finger prints.

Consular Interview – 13th Sept
Slot at 9 allowed to enter at 8.45.
There were two windows. The one which for me called was Chinese/Korean.

Me- GM
vac- Gm, share me passport , I797.
Keep your fingeres on scanner.
Vac – how much is your salary
Vac – what do you do ?
Me – As he heard my job role involved on E911, he stopped me and asked NIE letter.
Me – Shared NIE letter, he just took it, did not even read.
Vac – do you work in-house or at client locationa
Vac – Do you have client letter. Shared.
Vac – what’s your job location.
Vac – Are you married? have children? Area they not traveling with you?…I said because of COVID not preferring to travel them.
Vac – He handed over me paper and told I am approving your visa with NIE. no need to contact embassy you will receive passport.

Experience 25: H1B at New Delhi

Visa Approved – New Delhi
Appointment Type: Regular
Source of information about Slot Availability: Telegram Groups
Location Changed in DS160: Yes
Is Location in DS160 updated before OFC and Visa Interview : Yes
Category: H1B
Amended: Yes (Change in a client and Location)
USC Kid : NO
First H1B: NO
NIE Eligibility : Yes, Health Care
NIE prepared by: Self
Drop Box Eligibility: NO
OFC: Sunday, 12th Sep
Locker availability: Yes
What Allowed during OFC: only Mobile, Bluetooth- No
Time took : Queue : 30 min, Biometric Process: 10 Min
Visa Interview (in-person): Next Day, i.e., Monday,
13th Sep
Locker Availability: Don’t Know
Visa Interview Time: 30 Min (including wait time).
Question from VO:
Which Company, what they do?
Were you on H1B before?
Travelling with Family?
Client ?
Role (Title) ?
What do you do (Roles & Responsibilities) ?
Wages ?
VO typing information what I was told.
Qualify for NIE : ? (Yes, Health Care)
I have shown client letter without asked by VO
I asked do you need NIE: VO said not required.

I was told Your Visa has been approved.


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