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H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox from September 26th to October 5th, 2021

Below are User experiences for September & October 2021, starting from September 26th to October 5th, 2021 for H1B Visa and H4 Visa for both regular visa stamping and Dropbox. You can check US Visa Stamping Experiences for the entire collection

Experience 1: H1B at Kolkata

Date & Time: 24th Sep & 8.45AM
Reached consulate by 7:45AM
Security was asked to form a line in order of appointment time.

Allowed only Hotel key to carry inside.
After 3 levels of screening, I am at the Interview room and see 4 VO Counters are active.

VO: Namaskar, how are you sir?
ME: I am good Sir, thank you. How are you?
VO: Great, pass me your passport and I797
ME: Passed
VO: Verified something in his computer and asked to provide my employer documents along with NIE Letter
ME: provided Offer Letter, Consulate Letter, NIE Letter
VO: Reviewed the docs and asked what’s your Designation
ME: Answered
VO: Do you work for In-house project or for Client.
ME: I work for Client
VO: Who is your Client
ME: Answered
VO: From which location will you work
ME: Answered
VO: Do you have Client Letter?
ME: Sir, I have the MSA
VO: Please pass on
ME: Passed
VO: Went through the doc for few sec and asked How many years of experience you have?
ME: Answered
VO: Place your left 4 fingers on the scanner
ME: placed
VO: Seriously looking at his computer, typing something. After few seconds- what’s your Role and Responsibilities?
ME: Told my Role with employer and Started with my responsibilities, he interrupted me after 30-40Sec
VO: Are you married?
ME: Answered
VO: Do you have Kids?
ME: Answered
VO: Are they travelling with you?
ME: No, not at this moment
VO: Are they in India now?
ME: Yes
VO: What is your annual salary
ME: Answered
VO: I have heard what all I needed and started typing again and this time it’s a long typing…..
ME: Waiting for VO’s response
VO: Sir, your Visa is approved with NIE and you will get it in 7 days, Happy journey and returned all the docs along except Passport. Also handed NIE pamphlet.
ME: Thank you Sir, Have a Good day!

Experience 2: H1B at Chennai

Hello all, I just wanted to update on my experience with H1B. I have a US born kid. No NIE.

I had a valid L1B and my company applied for H1B which was approved in consular processing. I was in US during Covid. On March 8th I traveled to Chennai and faced my H1B interview which was fairly straight forward with basic questions like client, if I had client letter (which I did), roles and responsibilities, field you worked, how long you working on this domain.
This resulted in TAL 221g. But visa officer told that it’s a routine process and I don’t need to attend interview again. I received an email next day to submit documents ( research papers ,resume, etc) which I did the next day.
Due to work load I traveled back to US on my L1B immediately after a week and started my work which is still valid on L1B.

In May I got an email to drop passports, but since COVID was at its peak during that time in India, I couldn’t travel. I waited till it reduced and traveled in Aug. submitted the passport and got stamped back in 2 weeks time.

Travel to US was simple. I booked through Air India. However the immigration had long line. They check something additional during immigration due to travel ban I guess. Almost all in front of me or in other queue in immigration were taken to a room to wait to complete that background processing.
Mine was done in 5 mins since was to just check US kid passport. But if NIE letter there were few people waiting longer time as per what I noticed.

Experience 3: H1B at New Delhi

Fresh H1b from F1
Vac 26th sept
Consular 27th sept
Entrance for Delhi vac is from the back side

Please make sure you have all the documents especially the ds 160 confirmation page and the appointment confirmation page ready when you arrive for VAC

For Delhi vac they are allowing phones but they need to switched off
Any electronic other than that ex: airpods or pendrives they’re not allowing and you have to put them in a locker facility across the vac entrance… they’re charging 100 INR or you can give it your friend/relative…

Vac process was smooth ( I missed some docs so had to go out and get them printed… Beware of those guys outside who will try to over charge you for printing stuff… or helping you with ds160)

Consular appointment:
There is an initial security Check across the street from the consulate where you can pay 100 INR for storing your phones and 50INR extra for bags… If you don’t have anyone to hold them for you of course.

They do a pat down and send you only with the documents.

Once you go inside there’s another airport type security check and then you have to go and wait on benches in rows.

Afterwards they usually call 2 rows at a time

Once you go in the building they first take your fingerprints and a picture and ask for your passport size photo… you then proceed to the actual interview queue

The interview:

VO was a white lady in her mid 30s
There were 2 ladies before me
1st one was h4
Her husband was an Amazon employee she got approved.

The other lady before me I am not sure she had some issues with her existing visa and I believe she was applying for f2 and they made her fill a form and asked her to come back after she fills that form.

Then finally came my turn.

She asked me to pass my i797 and passport and scan my fingerprints

VO : so where do you work ?

VO : what’s your role at xxx
At this point I was blank and didn’t answer… she asked again.

VO : how long have you been working for this company ?


VO: is this the client ?

VO: where is it located ?

VO : what’s your salary ?

VO: where do plan to stay ?
I hesitated a bit as I was planning to work from some other state initially but I told her that I will be working from client location.

VO : Do you have any supporting documents for NIE ?
Me: sure do. Here you go

She had a look at those documents and said
I’m approving your visa with NIE
please wait for a week before making any travel plans as you will be getting your passport back within in a week at your selected location.

Thanked her and told her to have a wonderful day and left.

Hotels are pretty expensive in Delhi
So please sure the you book in advance to get it cheaper

Experience 4: H1B at New Delhi

Previous H1B visa: Expired 1st Sept, 2021 issued by Chennai consulate. Also, I had applied for NIE over e-mail & got approval from Chennai consulate on 23rd Aug, 2021. I had applied for NIE when I was in the US. NIE approval process took 45 days with multiple follow ups. Looks like you cannot apply for NIE from US now.

After searching for IW slots for 2 months, got IW appointment at New Delhi consulate on 20th Sept. I flew to New Delhi on 19th Sept. IW process was smooth for most part with documents but I was asked to submit new photo. Had to get new photos printed from near by photo studio/small shop (behind fuel station) – I was approached by some person when I exited the visa office, who took me to the photo studio

Below is the timeline from IW appointment to passport delivery

20th Sept – IW appointment
21st Sept – Application received.
22nd – 23rd Sept – Administrative processing
23rd Sept – Received NIE approval e-mail from New Delhi with passport number, full name, & validity period (1 year, multiple entry).
24th Sept – Issued
27th Sept – Passport received from consulate, scheduling for delivery
28th Sept – Passport was delivered at home
Visa has annotation – except from PPS/Coronavirus

Experience 5: H1B with New Delhi

Final result : Approved with NIE

2019 : Petition got selected in lottery rejected by USCIS during processing.
2020 : Re-applied petition and got selected in lottery, and approved by USCIS.
Had to wait for appointment because of Covid
Got appointment for June 2021 which was applied in Feb 2021 and cancelled becuase of second covid wave.
Got appointment for Feb 2022 which was applied in July 2021 and later rescheduled it to Sept 2021 for Mumbai Consulate
Read negative experiences about Mumbai consulate and somehow managed to reschedule it to Sep 2021 for Delhi Embassy.

Consulate : Delhi.
VAC Date time : 23-Sept-2021 11:30 am.
Interview Date time : 24-Sept-2021 9.40 am.
Accomodation : The Park Hotel,Delhi.

VAC Experience:

  • Documents required : DS-160 Confirmation, Appointment confirmation, Passport.
  • Was 10 mins walking from hotel.
  • Reached 30 mins before.
  • Mobile is allowed in switched off mode.
  • Bag is also allowed.
  • No electrinocs items are allowed to carry.

Reached counter

  1. Documents verifed by officer.
  2. Went inside office for Biometrics and photograph.
  3. Officer verified documents again and checked dates and pasted sticker on passport for next day appointment at embassy.

Embassy experience:

-Documents required : I797B, NIE letter, One photograph with white background(If you dont have then also its fine, They will click it there),DS-160 Confirmation, Appointment confirmation, Passport.

  • 15 mins distance by cab from hotel
  • Reached an hour before.
  • On right side of road there is a booth where mobile and bag can be collected with charge of 50INR each.Token will be provided.
  • Security called for people who belongs to next 2 hours slots, checked them and sent to other side of road.
  • Again security check, passport check.
  • Moved forward through gate and there was a queue again for secutity check, Again where check up happpens with metal detector and body temp gets check.
  • Later sent to a hall where there are six rows and people were getting sent to interview row by row in round robin fashion.
  • On my turn, Went inside, On First counter, Officer asked for Passport and I797B and a photograph. Verified and again took fingerprints of both hands.
  • Moved on to later counters where interviews were getting conducted.
  • Stood in a queue where a lady in her 45+ was conducting interviews.
  • Observed around and almost everyone’s visa was getting approvied.
  • A guy standing in front me also got approval and that was some sigh of relief for me.

My turn,

VO : Good morning.
me : Good morning, Hows doing?
VO : Smiled and said just interviewing.
VO : Please pass on your I797B and Passport.
me : Passed on asked documents and NIE letter as well.
VO : Who is your petitioner.(Started typing something on computer)
me : said ABC
VO : Who is your end client and do you have client letter.
me : No, I dont have any client letter since I will be working with my petitioner only.
VO : What is your educational qualification.(Kept on typing)
me : I have completed my BE in ENTC and have also completed post graduate diploma in advanced computing.
VO(action) : Started reading my NIE letter for a minute. She read it completely of 2 pages.
VO : Congratulations, You Visa is approved along with NIE.I am keeping your passport and asked me to collect rest of the documents.
me : Thanks for the decision.

24th Sept : Administrative processing
25th,26th Sept (Weekend) : Administrative processing
27th Sept (Morning) : Received NIE approval email with (Validity: Valid from 04-Oct-2021 until 03-Oct-2022). Status was still Administrative processing.
27th Sept (Afternoon): Issued.

27th Sept : Checked status on https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/ : Passport has been received from the consular section, and is currently being processed for delivery

Experience 6: H1B at Mumbai

Biometrics was done on 27/Sep at Mumbai
Visa Interview on 28/Sep at Mumbai:.

Vo: Good morning
Me: Hello, Good Morning
Vo: Can u pass your passport and I797
Me: Handed over the passport,I797
Vo: Please give any client offer
Me: Handed over the client letter.. she took a min to read through it
Vo: who is your employer?
Me: ×××
Vo: who is your client?
Me: xxx
Vo: How long did you work for xxx?
Me: …told
Vo: What do you do for your client?
Me: I could only speak 2 sentences then she stopped me and typed something
Vo: Tell me about your project
Me: Again spoke 2 sentences and she stopped me to type something

I tried to give NIE letter but VO said she got the criticality of my project and visa is approved with NIE

Experience 7: H1B at New Delhi

I have valid B1/B2 visa and travelled to USA once earlier.

I got picked up in 2020 lottery, appeared for first time H1B on 26th March. Interview went smooth but at the end of interview VO told, you don’t fall under exception of PP10052 and we put your case on hold. Once this PP10052 is expired, we will ask you to submit passport, no need to appear again. But that never happened, initially for few months my case was under admin processing but ultimately it got refused 😔 and they ask I may schedule appoinment again if you fall under PP10199 exception.

By that time, I have joined telegram channel and have clear idea of visa process works under current 10199 travel ban.
I paid fees again and lucky to get the slot for August 29th and August 30th for Mumbai. At that time there were good talks going on lifting the travel ban from September 1st and there were so many 221(g) issues from Mumbai, I have cancelled the appoinment 2 days before Biometric. 🤣

September starts and no news of travel ban 😳, so I finally decided to appear for an interview again. I got lucky again to find slot in 26th and 27th September in New Delhi.

26th September – Biometric, went smooth
27th September – Consular interview

Consular officer was mid- age american lady.

Question asked:

Me: Good morning
VO: Please pass your passport and also your i-797.

VO: You are working for blah blah (she read employer name from i-797 and I finished the name)

VO: What you will be doing for them?
Me: I hardly said small 2 lines and she asked new question.

VO: Will you work at end client?
Me: No, I will work in in-house project.

VO: Do you work for them in India?
Me: Yes, I work for there assoicates in India.

VO: Will you do same work what you do here?
Me: Yes

VO: Where will you stay?
Me: Answered

VO: Your salary, your highest qualification?
Me: Answered

VO: Do you have kids?
Me: No

VO: She types briefly something and said system is slow today. Finally she said your visa is approved with NIE. You will receive passport in 4-5 days and your visa will start from 3rd October.

She didn’t ask any question related to NIE, neither I have said how I fall under NIE. Though my employer make sofware for health care. Even no question about my previous refusal.

September 28th: Received NIE approval email in morning. By afternoon, status is showing issued. 🥳

Now waiting for the passport.

Experience 8: H1B with 221g at New Delhi

Finally VISA approved and Issued at Delhi(221g Case)

I am not sure if anyone experienced this situation like me.

Had Dropbox on 29 july at Mumbai location and on 4th August received passport with 221g additional Administrative processing- PP10199 (NIE letter not submitted)

Sept 7: Received NIE letter from employer
Sept 8 : Sent NIE Letter along with other documents through email to consulate
Sept 10: Sent follow up email again with all the documents
Sept 13: Received reply and they denied my request to reconsider my visa application
Sept 15: Tried again but same response again
Sept 17: filled New DS160 and looked for appointments (Mentioned refusal of VISA in ds160 and also i have selected visa refused option while taking appointment so applicable for In person interview)
Luckily got the appointment very quickly
Sept 23: OFC done at Delhi
Sept 24: In person interview

Me: PP and i797 given to VO
VO started with my 221g case
VO: Your 221 case already pending with Mumbai why did to come for interview
Me: (Got very nervous) I didn’t hear anything from Mumbai consulate hence i book the appointment
VO: (she started writing new 221g yellow slip) we cant take your case instead we can update Mumbai consulate for your case
Me: (my heart beats was running so fast) I sent email to Mumbai consulate many times with my documents along with NIE letter because while document submission at dropbox location they asked for NIE letter and i was not having that time but now my employer has provided me and same i sent to Mumbai consulate to reconsider my application but they replied that i am not qualified to travel due to PP10199
VO: do you understand the mean of PP10199
Me: explained..
VO: we cant take your in progress case
Me: (Given NIE letter) My project fall under NIE
VO: (again same thing and she started passing new 221g and my passport towards me) sorry we cant do anything we will update to Mumbai consulate for your case.
Me: (lastly i said) Can i show you my 221g form
VO: yes show me 221g
Me: (gave 221g and explained )they did not asked for any documents and it was pending for additional administrative processing and I didn’t received any email since then. Can you please check.
VO: (while checking 221g she asked) What is your profile and company name
Me: I explained very well about my project and how much important i am for my project.
VO: (she asked me to wait and she went somewhere with my documents)
Me: (I was very tensed and was praying to god)
VO: (she came back after few minutes and started giving me all my documents with 221g)
Me: i have my employer verification letter as-well
VO: Not required.
…few seconds she stopped and said i will keep your passport with us and will check with Mumbai consulate then will give you VISA AND NIE approval
Me: Thank you so much (I was so happy and nervous too)

Sept 27: got NIE Approval on Email and Visa Issued
Sept 29: pickup passport

Experience 9: H4 with 221g at New Delhi

Biometric in Mumbai 24th June
Done in 5 minutes
Interview on 30th June in Delhi.
Reached @8:20 Am
Interview time 8:30 Am
There was line so entered US embassy. Got my turn.
VO office: Good Morning
Greetings done
Then VO started asking questions
Asked for i797 and my Passport
Then VO started checking on his computer screen
Then started asking question
Q1 When you get married
Q2 What your wife do?
Q3 Arrange marriage or Love marriage
Q4 Where your wife ryt now
Sine my qifenwas in India so told him
Then he started typing on computer and later told me that i am unable to process your visa since your wife is in India and due to travel ban so given me one instruction letter stating how to apply for NiE since my wife doesn’t had NiE at that time. Also told me that i dont have to again come for an interview. Just submit the docs at VAC but didn’t give me 221g form for further instruction.
Got out and later my wife applied for NIE approval.
Approved in 3 days.
Did follow up for upto 3 months with ustravel. But didn’t get any response. They keep on closing my case.
Later decided to go for another interview.
Biometric on 27 sept. Done in 20 minutes
Interview on 28th @10:40 Am
Reached @10:40 Am
Entered US embassy
I saw same person who refused my visa earlier. So hoping that i didn’t get the same VO.
Thankfully got VO who is lady.
She is so nice and polite and the applicant in front of me getting all visa approved.
My turn came.
At this time my wife already went to US.
VO Greetings
Asked passport and i797
VO said ” So you want to join your wife
Said Yes.
Q1 Where your wife live in US
Q2 What you gonna do when you will be US
Q3 What your wife do
Q4 Arrange marriage or love marriage
She started typing on computer.
She didn’t ask for my wife’s NIE approval i volunteerly given to her.
Then after little wait she said your visa is approved, took my passport and said will take some AP.
29th sept Got my NIE approval over mail.
Later status changed from AP to issued.

Experience 10: H1B at Kolkata

Consulate- Kolkata
Biometrics- 27th Sept
Interview – 28th Sept

After Greetings !!!!

VO: Pass me your I797A and Passport Please !!
Me: Passed it.
VO: Do you work for this company or any client.
Me: Started explaining with saying I employed by *Employer name “ as a full time employee…..( Interrupted) .
VO: Interrupts, Asked straight-wise do you work for any end client?
Me: I came to the point and said ‘Yes’ . I work for the client.
VO: Good, Do you have any client letter , SOW?
Me: I said no. My client doesn’t provide any document for that.
VO: Anything from client to proof that you work for that client?
Me: I said no, I don’t have anything from my client. As I said , client doesn’t provide any documents.
VO: Asked for my LCA, checked it and returned back to me.
VO: Explain ur work.
Me: Explained as I was prepared for it.
VO: Salary?
Me: Told
VO: tell me the name of ur Client.
Me: I told.
VO: *Typed something*
VO: I am approving your visa with NIE . Kept my passport and returned back my I797A.
Me: I shockingly said “Thank you and Have a good day” 😊

NIE letter- VO didn’t ask or mention anything about NIE letter .

Experience 11: H1B at Hyderabad (USC Kid)

Biometrics at Delhi – 12th Sept
Interview at Hyderabad – 16th Sept

VO questions:
1.Pass on passport only
2.You had your previous H1B visa in YYYY year
3.Who’s your employer
4.Employer location
5.what’s your salary
6.Roles and responsibilities
7.Do you have end client
6.What does your employer do
7.Highest Qualification
8.Is your spouse GC holder/US citizen
9.Do you have immigration petition filed? If so show me the document.
10.Do you have US child? Show me birth certificate

Golden words, your visa is approved, you will receive passport in a week.

AP: 16-SEP-2021
Visa issued: 17-SEP-2021
Received passport on : 22-SEP-2021

Received passport with annotation:
Exception under PP on novel coronavirus

Experience 12: H1B with 221g at New Delhi

Detailed Experience H1b (FTE Employment – Cyber Security)

July 25th – Landed Mumbai
July 30th – Submitted my documents with NIE support from Employer (IW Dropbox)
August 2nd – Refused 221g president proclamation
August 5th – Received passport back

Then started what can only be described as frequent back and forth emailing for at least a month (Immigration attorney told to wait at least for 1 month for next consular appointment)

Emailed Mumbai consulate but no success. Emailed Delhi consulate and received generic reply that please contact Mumbai consulate since my Dropbox application was at Mumbai.

Seeing so many positive outcomes from Delhi, decided to fill new ds-160 with Delhi as base location.
September 5th – Filled new DS-160 for Delhi and paid fees
September 24th – Got dates for Delhi on 27th/28th (luckily)
Flew to to Delhi on 27th Morning.

H1b Experience (Delhi)
Sept 27th – Reached Delhi morning and checked into hotel since my appointment was at 1500 hours. Stayed at Alfot (Marriott) at aerocity (lots of hotels around here and many places to eat as well) since it was close to airport and has direct metro connectivity from airport to this place and also Shivaji stadium where VAC office is)

Reached VAC at 14:30 (did not allow to go in early – they were strict)
Gave fingerprints and perform the usual formalities.
Very friendly VAC folks
Overall great experience

Sept 28th (Appointment at 10:00)
Reached around 09:15ish ( no traffic fro aerocity to embassy – however keep in mind that lots of uber/ola ride kept on cancelling on me)

There’s a small post there in front of the embassy where you can keep your belongings like bags and phones. They charge 50/- per item. However I’ll suggest to only brig mobile phones and no smartwatches/tabs. They will give you a token (please keep it safe in your wallet – which is allowed)

Once inside the embassy – you go through normal security check and are asked to sit in rows. ( 6 rows in total ). The lines were were very very long.
After waiting for 1.5 hours are so – I was assigned a counter and hoped for the best

Me: Hello , How are you doing this morning?
VO: Good, please pass me your passport

VO: So who’s your petitioner?
Me: Answered

VO: Are you a FTE or contractor? Do you have an end client?
Me: I’m a FTE employer and do not have end client.

VO: Whats your Yearly salary
Me: Answered

VO: Where do you work in the US?
Me: Answered

VO: Whats’ your highest qualification?
Me: Answered that I did Masters from US

VO: I see that you previously applied for Mumbai and got your visa refused? What happened?
Me: Told truthfully yes about the PP ban but said I believed that I am eligible for NIE

VO: Okay. Got it.

VO: typed for good 30 seconds, staring at the screen. Your case is rock solid and I see no issues. Not sure why they refused your application. (Laughed a little)
Me: (laughed a little) – That’s the same question, I had sir!

VO: No worries, I’m approving your visa this time and also annot NIE with it. You will get your passport in 5-10 days.
Me: Thank you have a good day!

Overall friendly VO and got it done.
I’ll suggest not to worry about previous 221g and go for in-preson consular appointments.

Good luck to all

Experience 13: H1B at New Delhi

Scheduled slot: 30 Sep 2021 09:10am

Allowed in time: 8:10am

Security: Wallets, coins, pen, normal watches are allowed inside.

Other valuables can be deposited just beside the entry gate for Rs 50 (taken care by embassy security staff)

1st level verification: Security check

2nd level verification: Barcode of VAC scanned and attached in passport.

3rd level verification: Shoes, wallets, belt, document files etc placed for security check

4th level verification: Passport and I797 Original

5th level is Visa Officer interview:

Please share your Passport — Done

Whom do you work for? — Done

Share your Employer letter (They havent accepted auto generated letter or offer letter or initial invite letter). Later NIE letter and payslips were accepted — Done

Do you work for any end client? — Done

Please share your client letter if you have — Done

Which location in USA you will be working — Done

What is your salary annually — Done

What is your role — Done

What do you do as part of your role in 1-2 lines — Done

What is your project about — Done

What are the specific skills you are equipped with — Done

What is your highest degree attained and from where — Done

VO: Your visa is approved with NIE for multiple entry with validity of 12 months.

Passport delivery: Opted for premium delivery to Home

Experience 14: H1B at Chennai (USC Kid)

I only started looking at appointments 2 weeks ago but understanding few basics go long way. Delhi was opening frequently but Chennai was a bit rare to find. I used the group to full extent to monitor the slots and had to be up for 2 nights (weekends) before I found one at Chennai itself. I found a Friday (Sep 24) on previous Sunday and then started working on my travel arrangements. I flew Qatar since other flights like United has long layover in Delhi and didn’t want to risk missing my appointment.

Travel was event less until Doha but Chennai flight was completely full and had to wear masks and shield throughout. Everyone had to undergo on arrival covid testing at Chennai irrespective of negative rt pcr. Took me 3 hrs to exit Chennai airport.

For 2 pm Dropbox , I went there by 1:25 itself but was let in by the guard. It was empty as I was the only one there. I submitted passport, i797 copies old and new, employment verification. They asked me for NIE but I mentioned I am exempted and gave them the copies of my USC kid passport and birth certificate with a cover letter stating I am exempted.

Tracked the passport on CEAC tracker and it was no status on Saturday and Sunday. Moved to Application Received on Monday, Admin Processing on Tuesday evening and Issued and ready for pickup Thursday. Was a bit nervous when it was on admin processing for 2 days since everyone had it issued the following day but it’s just random, nothing to worry.

Experience 15: H1B at Kolkata

VAC – 24th Sept
Reach 20-25 mins before your interview slot
As they wont allow you to go inside before 15 mins of scheduled time and there is no proper place to stand.
Kolkata has hell oh humidity. I was drenched in sweat.
Docs – Appointment confirmation 1st page
DS160 confirmation 1 page
Mobiles allowed in switched off mode. No other accessories wallet I didn’t carry.

As soon as I entered the room. Scanning and then there was one guy sitting on counter will ask for ds160 passport and appointment confirmation. Will tally your info and details and will ask you to go inside biometric room.

There is one lady who will look for your docs and give you a token and will ask yoi yo to wait for your turn.

Indians are sitting behind window.
Passport ds160 and appointment confirmation they will ask. All fingers and thumb scanning, eye scanning & photograph. They will also ask you for your preferred language.
Once done they will put a bar tag on passport and stamped with vac date on your ds160 confirmation page and will
Inform you how your passport will be delivered based on method you,ve opted.

The lady who gave you token will verify that ds160 has stamped properly and you are done for the day.

Consular – 27th

I reached 25-30 mins before
No crowd only few people i was having slot of 8:15 in morning.
Next slot queue is at the gate of consulate.
Security room. Guard asked passport and then scan all the items.
Then they will ask you to go to waiting room.
There one lady will check your ds160 passport and 797 original copies. Then she’ll give you a slip and will ask you to go to interview room.

Standing in queue.
Two interviewers

VO & myself exchange of greetings
Vo asked passport and ds160

  1. in house or client project- mine was client.
  2. Asked for client letter – provide
  3. Job title – answered
  4. Salary – answered
  5. Highest educational qualification : answered
  6. Married – no
  7. Kids – no
  8. Roles and responsibilities- answered

VO: your Visa is approved with nie you will get your passport in a week.
He kept passport and gave me one letter which has info related to NIE.

Greeted each other and that’s all.

Thanks a lot everyone here who helped with various queries.
And all the best to people going to have interview.

I was out of the consulate in 30 mins. Interview duration hardly 5 mins.

I only carried
Docs in transparent folder
A transparent pen
Photographs and cash.

Experience 16: H1B with 221g at New Delhi

I had my interview in delhi for h1b visa.. 2nd attempt after getting 221g due to travel ban on my 1st attempt at Chennai.

My visa got approved with NIE.

VO: GM. Pass your i797 n passport.
Me: GM. How r u doin?
VO: I’m doing well and you?
Me: I’m great! Thanks for asking.
VO: who do u work for? Do u know what they do?
Me: answered.
Vo: looks like u did MS in USA, when did u graduate and wat did u do after that.
Me: I graduated in 2018, explained wat all companies I worked for after graduation.
Vo: okay, explain me ur work at current company.
Me: explained all with NIE specific sentences to make sure it’s critical sector.
VO: ur role is interesting, u work for orders team?
Me: no. I work for production, manufacturing and deliveries applications.

Vo started typing and then I asked would u like to see my nie letter, I have one.

Vo: no I don’t want to see it(laughing) anyways I am approving ur visa with nie for 1year. U fall in many different critical sectors. And ur very well prepared for the interview. You will receive ur passport in 5days. Travel safe, take care.

Me: thank u so much, have a good one officer!

But please note that I saw many rejections as well people coming out with their passports with different colors of form. Before my turn, even the guy before me got rejected.

So make sure you are well prepared for the interview and answer with confidence. That’s the key, focus on yourself, talk well and get it done.

Good luck all. I appreciate everyone who share their thoughts and experiences in helping out each and everyone here.

Experience 17: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

20 sept – appointment at 12 pm. Reached at 11:30 am.Its in the concourse of Shivaji Metro station..they don’t allow laptops or storage devices in your bag, so carry those stuff. They allowed to get in after waiting for 10-15 mins.No crowd inside..The lady at the counter checked all the documents (it’s for me & my family) specifically the employment verification letter and a NIE letter issued by my company(Oracle). Asked me to get a new photo for my son as his hairline was touching the borders. She kept the other passports and allowed me to get out to bring a new photo..this was unexpected but luckily my hotel (The Park) was nearby so I managed to get my son quickly and captured a new photo), then re-entered VAC (Little tricky this time as security folks gets confused looking at partially stamped appointment letter but somehow I managed to convince them about the situation and they let me go in for the second time after confirming the same inside). She now kept all the passports and documents.
21 Sep- Application received
22 Sep – Admin Processing
23 Sept – Recived “NIE Approved” email for all family members
23 Sep – Issued
25/26 – Weekend
27 – Recieived email mentioning passport collected from embassy for delivery
29 – Passport picked up from Kolkata VAC

Experience 18: H1B with 221g at New Delhi

Dropbox experience Issued visa to edged case 47 month
H1B visa, self written NIE on Employer later
25 Aug- Dropbox appointment at 10am
They let me in 9:30 am it self with carry bag no electronic devices phone switched off
One of the associates checked my docs and asked for nie as well.
Nie, appointment ds160 old new passport i797

26 aug- received
27 aug – admin Processing
30 aug- NIE approval mail
30 aug – status AP

Called multiple time
21 sept – refused
24 sept — passport received with 221 g attached which was issue on 23rd sept
221G— pending for fingerprints only
28 sept —- appeared to Embessy for fingerprints with old new passport and 221g thats it.
Ur not required for any appointment you can go to embessy any business day before 10 am. Delhi embessy you can submit ur mobile to the counter for 50 rs. And bag-pack as well (Charges i dont know). It is just across the road to the embessy building. You have to go through security check there it self. And then u can proceed to queue.
Note: at Queue you need to be present before 10 am.
After security check you will let u in and will asked for wait. But you can request for further processing and show 221g. Remember not to guard , to someone senior. They will let u go to main building.
Then u will be in another queue where documents get verified. Officer asked me to go to interview window just for fingerprints.

VO- passport
Me: gave both passport with 221 g
Vo: did verify few things. Gave some suspicious look i got scared
Vo: u work for which role n company
Me: answered
Nothing to worry. Just verifying.

28 sept evng — AP
30 sept — ISSUED 😊😊😊😊

Experience 19: H1B at New Delhi

My visa and NIE approved today. My experience is as follows:

July 22, 2021: Biometrics in Hyderabad
August 3, 2021: Visa interview in Mumbai. Received 221(G) until PP is lifted.
September 21, 2021: Sent email to Mumbai consulate for follow-up
September 23, 2021: Received email from Mumbai consulate to wait until PP is lifted.
October 3, 2021: Biometrics in New Delhi
October 4, 2021: Visa interview in New Delhi based on a new DS-160

My background:
I did second masters in US based on Day 1, CPT between 2019-2021. I went to counter 18 in New Delhi visa consulate for interview.

VO: Pass me your passport, I-797
Me: (passed)
VO: How long have you worked in your company
Me: 5 years
VO: Pass me your first i797
Me: This is my first visa stamping and so, have only one I797. I did my first masters and was on opt for next 3 years. Then I did my second masters on Day 1 CPT for 2 years and finished my second masters in June this year.
VO: how was your second masters relevant to your current job
Me: (explained)
VO: Pass me your old EAD cards.
Me: (passed)
VO: explain the gap between 2019-2021
Me: As I explained earlier, I did my second masters between 2019-21.
VO: show me your I-20 from second masters.
Me: (passed)
VO: So, you did your second masters for CPT then.
Me: Not exactly officer. As I explained, second masters was relevant to my coursework and I could leverage it within my work. I did my full time job and second masters in parallel.
VO: tell me the courses you did in second masters
Me: (told)
VO: show me your transcript of second masters and wait on the side while you search (VO started interviewing the next candidate)
Me: (passed my Transcript once the next candidate’s interview was done)
VO verified my courses and GPA
VO: Your visa and NIE are approved.

Experience 20: H1B at New Delhi

3rd Oct VAC
4th Oct Interview
Total time : 830am-920am
VO: which company do you work for?
VO: So what does XXXX do?
Me: Brief description on my company and the department I work for. I mentioned my client and the work I do for them.
VO: That’s an interesting profile
VO: So I see u lost your passport(I lost my passport in April)
Me: Yes
VO: Did u file a police complaint
Me: yes with Chicago PD
VO: do u have the police report or any documents related to ur passport renewal
Me: sorry I did not carry any of the documents related to my passport renewal.
VO: so your visa is gone too?
Me: yes but I have a copy if you would like to see. Handed over the visa copy
VO: please fill out this form (related to lost passport)
VO: Do u have a US born kid?
Me: No
VO: so u would need an NIE along with ur Visa
Me: Yes
VO: ok so I am approving ur visa and NIE at this point. I will keep ur passport and you should receive it by 10th Oct.
Me: Thank you so much
VO: so how was your interview at Ottawa embassy( that’s where I had gotten my first h1b renewal back in 2012)
VO: had small talk for the next few minutes.
VO: have a great day
Me: you as well

Checked the status online now and it shows administrative processing.

No documents asked for NIE.

Experience 21: H1B at Kolkata

Finally this day came. Got first time H1b interview appointment dates on 24th September, 2021 for 3rd and 4th October, 2021.
Sharing my Visa interview experience at US consulate Kolkata.

OFC Appointment: Date: 3rd October 2021

Following documents were verified at OFC:
1) Appointment confirmation
2) DS-160 confirmation
3) Current Valid Passport

OFC center do allow mobile inside the OFC center, but we have to switch it off. No other electronic devices like smart watch, ipad, laptops etc. are allowed.

Overall process took hardly 10-15 minutes once I enter in to the OFC center.

Visa Interview Appointment at US Consulate General Kolkata:
Date: 4th October 2021 (Today)

Visa Interview Experience:
VO: Good Morning Sir
Me: Good Morning to you as well officer
VO: I-797 and passport please
Me: Given I-797B and my 2 passports (current and expired). He returned my expired passport though.
VO: What is your designation?
Me: Responded with my designation in petition/LCA.
VO: Salary in USA?
Me: Replied with the amount mentions in LCA.
VO: Your roles and responsibilities?
Me: Informed him about my duties mentioned in the petition and DS-160.
VO: Are you going to work on in house project or client project?
Me: Client Project.
VO: Client location?
Me: Informed him the client location as per LCA.
VO: Do you have a client letter?
Me: Passed him the client letter. He had a glance view on all the pages of this letter.
VO: Are you married?
Me: Responded with yes officer.
VO: any kids?
Me: 2 kids
VO: Any of them is USC?
Me: yeah both my son are USC. Do you want their passport or birth certificate copies? VO said it’s fine.
VO: Congratulations I am granting your visa.
Me: thank you very much officer.
VO: You don’t need NIE as you have USC kids. Just keep their passport and birth certificate copies with you when you are traveling to USA. Have a great day.
He kept my current passport with him.

CEAC website (ceac.state.gov) shows the visa status as Issued. Passport status says that passport is still with consulate, hopefully within 3-5 days I’ll get the passport. Hope this experience gonna help someone.

Experience 22: H1B at Mumbai

Sep21st:: biometrics
Docs asked:
Appointment letter

Sep22nd:: visa interview
Docs asked for h4:
Primary’s I-797
H1b visa stamp copy


  1. docs asked – i797 , visa stamp copy and passport.
  2. is she in US?
  3. where’s she living?
  4. when did you get married?
  5. when did she leave to US?
  6. does she has NIE ? NO
  7. how did she travel back to us?
    explained via 3 rd country (we both went)
  8. where did you stay in Maldives ?
    answered xx island name.
  9. Officer repeated the island name for confirmation.
  10. place your right hand four fingers and said your visa is approved.

Passport received with NIE annotated

Experience 23: H1B + H4 (Spouse+Kid) with Dropbox at New Delhi

28 Sept – Dropbox @ Delhi, came out in 15 min.
29 Sept – Application Received
30 Sept – Administrative Processing
1-2 Oct – Weekend
3 Oct – No update
4 Oct – Received NIE over email , still status in portal say admin processing.
5 Oct – statue change from Administrative Processing to “Issued”

I got NIE template from 1 of the pinned post of Redbus portal .

Submitted employment verification letter with compensation and position details , NIE letter signed by company HR . All i797 copies . Went alone inside carrying documents for spouse and kid.

Working for Insurance company as full time. Insurance comes under financial sector ( 1 of the 16 category for critical infrastructure)

Previous stamp visa was expired in June 2019 and it was through previous employer .

NIE email says it’s valid from 10 Oct 2021 to 10 Oct 2022 for multiple entries.

This was my 2nd time reschedule appointment.

Previous DS 160 was for Mumbai location, recreated new DS 160 for Delhi from old . We can update ds 160 in CGI portal for primary candidates only , got DS 160 updated for H4 through US travel docs after sending them email.

Waiting for passport at my address as selected premium delivery option to my address.

Experience 24: H1B with 221g at New Delhi

Had got 221(g) at Mumbai in July.
Tried mailing embassy with NIE, they directed me to support team as I didn’t have visa stamped. support team got back within a day of mailing and stated what was mentioned in 221g And said NIE for new visa is adjudicated at the time of interview by counselor/ visa office n suggested I wait til PP is lifted and then email them.

Was able to get appointment for 3 n 4th Oct booked during last week of sep.

Vac Delhi it’s at -2, security Checks appointment letter n let’s you in.
At a counter they ll verify ur passport info with ds160 , at another counter they take biometrics n pic .

*Please do verify that a new sticker with barcode is pasted on ur passport

Came in at 9:30 for 10:10 slot n they wer allowing folks till 11 am appointments in.
After security check, was made to
Wait for 45 min at a seating area before been guided into building Wher VOs are seated. At 1st counter they verified for i797 n passport , n then moved to another counter Wher VO was seated, VO asked for my passport, i797, employer letter and NIE letter. Provided her the same.
Vo : are u full timer with Xyz company
Vo: what degree do u hold from efg university( masters in **** )
Vo: what is ur designation and work
( explained )
VO: ur visa is approved with NIE.

Apartment from the waiting at seating area, all the other process was quick.

At VAC u can carry ur mobile phone ( it shd be switched off)

At embassy ther is a small counter outside Wher folks wer keeping their mobile phones ( I didn’t opt for any)

Application status updated to issued on 5th Oct

Experience 25: H1B at Mumbai

1st time stamping experience ( never been to USA), I applied from hyderabad as i have 7 years experience

  • biometrics 24th sep New Delhi VAC
  • Visa consular -06th Oct Mumbai

Documents :
Offer letter from company
Other documents (i carried client contract docs and education etc (

Questions- salary?end client letter? If no , do u have any supporting docs? I showed MSA

What is tenure of project?
Who is your current employer?
What is your scope of work in project?
What business does client do?
Whats your highest degree? ( mine was bachelor’s in CSE)

VO was silent and seems he googled evrything and read documents carefully for 5 min,

VO- visa approved

Me – shal i apply any Nie ?
VO – Not required
Thanks sir and have a great day..

⚠️Note: i neither had NIE from emoyer not I requested individually…i gave crisp and too short answers as i see lot of people had been interviewed and rejected everyone and-gave 221G in front of me today..

Note 2: booking appointment needs lot of patience , i waiter 9 months to get apportionment and luck factored me on one fine day morning as this group has helped me a lot!!


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