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H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox from September 21st to September 25th, 2021

Below are User experiences for September 2021, starting from September 21st to September 25th, 2021 for H1B Visa and H4 Visa for both regular visa stamping and Dropbox. You can check US Visa Stamping Experiences for the entire collection

Experience 1: H1B + H4 at New Delhi (USC Kid)

Had my interview done at Delhi this morning 20 Sep 2021 for fresh H1b + 2 dependents + USC child. It was eventful and my visa’s approved. It was quick and I had my documents sorted to make smooth as possible.

I carried 2 transparent folders (This made easy to look for the right document as necessary in folder1 vs folder2)
• Folder1 had all the most important and necessary documents (Notice, company letter , client letter etc.)
• Folder2 had documents which are usually not that important but we still carry. Including past employment experience certificates and educational documents.

Consular was a female of probably an Indian origin in her 40’s. She was polite but was asking a lot of questions as I could notice with the people being interviewed in front of me – she refused visa to one for the candidate who was also from some IT company ahead of me in the queue and looked like he wasn’t able to describe his Job duties for the position.

Brief snapshot of the interview / questions asked by the consular –
1 What visa are you applying for ? – answered
2 Which company do you work for ? – answered
3 I will need your passports, 797 , company letter that shows details about the position ? – gave her all the documents she mentioned plus added the client letter along with those documents
4 What does your company do ? – answered in brief
5 What is your role / what all do you do for your company ? – answered in brief
6 Are you applying for the first time ? – explained that I was on another visa earlier in the US
7 She started searching for a past visa stamping on my current passport – I apologized and interrupted after a few seconds explaining that the visa was stamped on my previous passport (which was expired a couple of years ago) and I can share that too. Quickly searched and handed over my expired passport with the stamping page to her as I was talking.
8 Were you in US from the same company in the past – answered
9 So, you are converting your visa into H1b ? answered and explained that my past visa maxed out which is why I came back from the US. So this is a fresh visa I am applying for.
10 Which client would you be working for – answered
11 After this she took a few seconds pause looking at the client letter
12 Do you have a US citizen child ? – answered yes
13 Follow up comment from the consulate – So , you don’t need NIE in that case. Your visa is approved.

Good luck..!

Experience 2: H1B at Mumbai

Here’s what I’ve learned during my time in Mumbai. Everything went very well, no need to worry, just answer these questions confidently and be ready with all the documents (just in case)

9:00 a.m. on September 20th OFC –
What do you require on this particular day? – Passport, DS 160 confirmation page, and appointment confirmation page.
Simply follow the personnel at the OFC office and you will be done in less than 15 minutes.

22th Sep 9:10AM Interview –
Passport + I 797 + Interview (They requested that we retain the DS 160 and the appointment confirmation sheet in the bag/folder, etc.)

Other than these documents, VO did not ask me to present any document.

VO: Who is your end client?
Me: I don’t have any since I work for my employer.
VO: What kind of business is it?
Me: Answered by me.
VO: What are your responsibilities there?
Me: Job Tile + A Few Responsibilities for Me
VO: Have you been here for a long time?
Me:x years
VO: Your VISA and NIE both are approved and you will get it on the address mentioned by you.

Experience 3: H1B at Mumbai

First time H1B Visa Stamping Approved on 21st September at Mumbai Consulate.
Previous Visa is L1B
H1B Approved in February 2019
I was waiting for H1B Stamping since February 2019. Appointment got cancelled 4 times due to Covid situations in India.

Finally, I got dates in August 2021.

OFC : 8th September, @11.30 am
Consular: 21st September @9.20 am

OFC Experience:
Reached OFC location at 11.00 am
It was raining heavily. Unfortunately, we were not carrying any umbrella.
Please check the weather beforehand.
I asked person who was allowing people to go inside the building to allow us little early.
OFC documents: Passport, Appointment Confirmation Page and DS 160 Confirmation Page. Carry photograph of kid if you have one.

Consular Appointment Experience:
Reached US consulate at 9.00 am.
There is a person outside the embassy who checks your passport and confirms the appointment.
Then there is first security check for electronic devices – We kept our phones in car, but I was carrying my smart watch.
There is counter to hold small items. They charge Rs. 50 for each item.
Then after that there is second security check. All your documents and you go through security scanner.
After that there is huge waiting area. You have sit there until you get called.

Due to long queue, our slot for interview came around 10.15 am
Me: Good Morning Sir,
VO: Good Morning. Please handover passport and I797
I passed the documents
VO: Is this your first-time visa?
Me: No, I was having L1B visa previously. I am here for H1B Visa
VO was surprised. Checked something on computer.
VO: Did your wife was having H1B previously.
Me: No.
VO was surprised again. Checked something on computer. I don’t know, why and what.
VO: For long you are working for current company.
Me: 14 years in total and from last 5 years I have been transferred to US location
VO: What will be your designation?
Me: Technical Lead
VO: Did you work for client?
Me: Yes. I told my client’s name. (I am working for a federal client)
I handed over the client verification letter
VO was reading it.
VO: Do you work at client location?
Me: No
VO: Why?
Me: I don’t have space and desk at client location. But I do have client device and badge.
VO: What you do for the client?
Me: I answered about my project and why I can’t work on it from India. And Why I need to be present in USA.
VO: He was typing something on computer and then said, your visa is approved. Please travel with proper documentation.

Interview took around 10 min.

Please carry a client letter if you an end client.
VO only asked for client letter. He did not ask for NIE letter.
I was carrying NIE Letter, Job Offer Letter and Client Letter.
I guess, as I am working for federal client and I need to be present to access the devices, my visa got approved.

Experience 4: H1B at Kolkata

Status: H1b Approved.
Date: Sept 21
I Stayed in Kenilworth hotel which was just 150 mts away from the consulate and few blocks away fro VAC Center.
It rained heavily the night before my VAC appointment and that part of town is prone to water logging till knee deep. So plan you stay accordingly.

VO: Good morning

ME: Good morning

VO: Pass me your passport and 797

Handed over both.

VO: Place your right hand 4 fingers on the scanner

ME: Placed my fingers on the scanner.

VO: Do you work in-house project or with the client?

ME: in-house.

VO: What is your designation?

ME: I didn’t hear properly started answering my roles.

VO: Interrupted and asked again.

ME: Answered.

VO: What is your Salary?

ME: Answered.

VO: are you married?

ME: No

VO: Kids?

ME: No

VO: Now tell me your roles and responsibilities?

ME: I was answering…

VO: Interrupted in the middle and said ‘I got all I need to hear’. I am approving your visa with NIE and you will receive your passport in a week.

ME: Thank you Sir and Have a nice day

Interview was over within 5 min. VO didn’t ask for NIE letter or any other documents.

Experience 5: H1B at Kolkata

Interview scheduled time was 9am . I reached around 8.45 am. Finished security and went in and cleared the initial screening procedure. Was asked to go in and stand in queue. Waited for my turn

VO: Good Morning
Me: Good Morning Sir
VO: Please pass me your passport and I797
Me: Gave it .
VO: Please provide me the NIE
Me: I am exempt from travel ban. Here are the documents (Gave kids passport copy and birth certificate).
He confirmed the number of kids I had.
VO: What do you do?
Me: I works as * for **** company
VO: Can you tell me in detail what that means?
Me: Explained jobs and duties in 2 points
VO: What is your salary
Me: Informed my salary
VO: Is your husband on H1 as well.
Me: Yes
VO: Is he in the US now
Me: Yes sir
VO: where are your kids now
Me: My kids are with me here in India
VO: Ok your visa is approved. You will get your passport within 7 days. Have a good day. Just one thing. Please sign your baby’s passport. Don’t leave it blank
Me: I will definitely get that done Sir. Thank you very much

Took less than 5 mins. I was back to my hotel within 1 hour of my departure in the morning

Experience 6: H1B with Dropbox at Chennai

Chennai Dropbox : H1b stamping with DUI, NIE letter from employer.

Following were my timelines:
July 17th- submitted docs at Kochi
July 23rd – Application received
July 25th – got 221g with note “return for interview only after embassy resumes normal operation”
Aug 19 – got an email from consulate to appear for an interview
Aug 25 th – interview completed and I was sent for medical test
Aug 26th – medical tests completed at Apollo hospital
Sept 14th – asked to resubmit submit passport back by consulate
Sept 21st – visa issued
Sep 22- got passport back

For me the stamping process took a little over 2 months due to my past DUI. Sharing this as I wanted to thank various people in this forum whom I reached out to individually at various stages of the process for their guidance and most important patience with me. Also sharing this as a reference to any one who might be in a similar situation.

Experience 7: H1B + H4 at new Delhi

My husband is the primary applicant.
After looking for appointments for around 4 months was able to reschedule our Nov appointment to September 14/15 for Delhi consulate.
Biometrics appointment: Sep 14th 12:30pm
Docs carried : DS-160, Appointment confirmation, old and new passports.
You can carry other docs just to be on a safer side.
There were around 5-6 members before us and it took half an hour for initial check with passport and DS-160,Security check and token issuance.
We had our mobile phones switched off and can carry plastic bags.I took water in a transparent bottle.
At the counter, officer asked name and DOB. Took just 5 mins for photo and finger print.
We used the same DS-160 filled earlier for Chennai.
Consular Interview: Sep 15th
Reached half an hour before.
You can handover your mobile phones for Rs.50 each at the kiosk opp to the consulate.People accompanying the applicants wait here. You then cross the road and reach consulate entrance.
After passport and DS-160 initial check, you need to wait in the hall with long rows of chairs. They let in people row by row. We waited for around 20-30 mins here.
Then we had security check, DS-160 and passport check.Here they asked for 2×2 photo and we provided it.
Then we moved to VO counter.
Almost all VOs were Indians.
We : Good morning officer
VO : Just nodded head,no smile and asked for I-797 (we couldn’t hear it properly as the VO uttered it in a hurry)

VO then asked for Employment Verification Letter..guys please note..its your position confirmation letter..luckily our letter slipped into another partition in our folder so my husband handed over our Client letter and NIE letter from employer.
VO just glanced through them and asked roles and responsibilities, Client name,years of experience and typed for about a min…
Then asked both of us to give our finger prints and asked which location we would be staying in the US.
Then said I am approving all your visa with NIE.
Tips: Please have the below documents in your hand when you meet the VO as they will mostly ask for any of these and they might be in a hurry and having these handy will save your time.

  1. I-797
    2.Employment Verification Letter/Position confirmation letter
    3.Client letter (if any)
    4.NIE letter from employer

Sep 16 – Received NIE email
Sep 17 – Visa status changed to issued
Sep 21 – Received passport with NIE annotation

Experience 8: H1B + H4 at Mumbai

Biometrics was done on 15/Sep at Delhi
Visa Interview on 21/Sep at Mumbai:
All 3 of us went for the interview.

Vo: You are 3 applicants?
Me: Yes
Vo: I need all 3 passports.
Me: Handed over the passports
Vo: Please give any other documents you would like to submit
Me: Handed over I-797, Offer letter, NIE letter
Vo: Are you going to work for the same employer that you worked for earlier?
Me: Yes
Vo: Are you a direct employee of xxx?
Me: Yes
Vo: How long did you work for xxx?
Me: …told
Vo: What is your salary?
Me: …told
Vo: What do you do at xxx?
Me: …told
Vo: How is your role beneficial for xxx?
Me: …told
Vo Goes through my documents …I think he was going through NIE exemption letter….pause of few seconds
Vo: Your visa has been approved…

Experience 9: H1B + H4 with Dropbox at New Delhi

Aug 31st – Appointment at 12pm, they let me in around 11am, you can carry your mobile/headphones and documents in a shoulder bag. Security didn’t asked me anything.
Dropped my documents around 11:20pm. If the counter is free, they will let you check in early.
Incase if you missed to carry photocopies of your document (or) if officers asked for another photo, dont get panic, just come out outside of embassy, guys are standing outside to help and you can trust them.
You can come back before 4pm on the same day and drop the missing documents.

Aug 1st – Received
Aug 2nd & 3rd – Administrative processing
Aug 3rd evening – Got NIE Approval email for both H1B+H4
Aug 4 – 6th long weekend
Aug 7th – Issued
Aug 9th – Collected passports at Hyd ( I mentioned Hyd as Doc pick up location )

Note: I would suggest to prefer New Delhi over Hyd or Chennai
Don’t hesitate to travel becaz the situation demands as I am from chennai, but decided to drop at Delhi VAC.

Experience 10: H1B at Chennai

Landed in Chennai on Sep 18th, had OFC on Sep 19th and interview on Sep 20th.

Visa : First time H1B (change of status from F1)
Sector : Automotive OEM.

VO: usual questions like end client ?do you have a client letter ?
who is your petitioner, salary, work location and about the project I handle. Kept typing for a while and asked how long I have been with the client.

Then he told me that he cannot approve my visa right now and he is giving me 221(g) since his system is down and should be processed in 2-3 days and asked me to give finger print.

No questions about NIE, I had a NIE letter from employer but he did not ask for it.

Visa status tracker
Sep 20: Refused
Sep 21: Admin processing
Sep 22(AM) : Admin processing
Sep 22 (PM) : Issued

Got text around 1 pm sep 22 saying passport is ready for pick up. Visa had the NIE annotation and there was a yellow letter inside the passport saying that visa is approved and also the NIE is approved and valid for 12 months.

Experience 11: H1B at Mumbai

7th September – Booked appointment
14th September VAC @New Delhi VAC
20th September interview @ Mumbai Consulate
23rd September – still awaiting passport
Documents checked: I-797 and NIE letter at VAC

Interview questions : in order

  1. Reviews I-797 and asks for NIE letter immediately.
  2. Where will you be working?
  3. What is your position
  4. Salary?
  5. How many years of work experience?
  6. What is your highest level of education? And from where?

Interview lasted about 10-15 minutes since the VO wanted to verify the critical infrastructure sector.

VO response: ” your NIE is approved and visa is approved as well”.

Thanks for all the experiences shared.

My suggestion: Understand the critical infrastructure categories your work comes under (since they take the time to read the letter quite thoroughly) to explain it to VO correctly. Saw lot of 221(g)s before me because candidates were not able to explain their role under critical infrastructure. And BE CONFIDENT.

Experience 12: H1B at New Delhi

My Visa has successfully been Approved along with an Approval on NIE. Here is my experience on how things went

Visa Appointment experience:

09/20 – Had my VAC appointment in Delhi (near Shivaji Stadium). The appointment was at 10AM. I reached there by 830 and waited until we were asked to head inside. They usually allow people to start moving in 15 min before the appointment start time
Stood in line for around 10 min and finally reached the counter where I was asked to provide my DS 160, Appointment confirmation and Passport. I was then asked to place my left and right hand’s fingers on a scanning device. A photograph was taken and I was informed that my Consular appointment is confirmed at 940 next morning

09/21 – With the appointment scheduled to begin at 0940, I reached the US Consulate in Delhi by 0833. The entrance was through Gate Number 6. Right after I reached the gate, I was instructed by a guard deployed there to deposit my mobile phone and/or bag at a deposit counter, get my self security-cleared, before I entered the premises
I deposited my phone at a designated spot (they charged me 50 INR), stood in a line where I was checked by a security guard and was cleared to enter the premises (which was on the other side of the road)

The main premises also had a queue where the entry checkpoint validated our passports by scanning the barcode added on it the previous day.
I then entered the building (where I was thoroughly checked at the entry point); which further lead me into a decently large hall covered with asbestos (with ceiling fans adding the charm)
By the time I reached this hall, it was already 9AM.
And I was waiting there with others until 930AM when a coordinator asked us to enter into another space
This was at least a few meters away from where were seated
Right after I entered this space (which neatly accomodated 2 American Flags and the images of the POTUS, VPOTUS etc.) I was again asked to stand in a queue, which lead to some officers again verifying all my details, but this time, they also checked the I797
I was then asked to move a few meters away to head for the actual appointment

The appointment was with a fine young white gentleman who asked me to hand over my passport and I797 and asked me whether I was married and had any dependent kids.
He then went on to ask the employer name, my position at the firm and the salary I was being offered.
He also asked that I specify the client name.
After these questions were asked and answered, there was a brief pause where I could see the officer typing something into the system and clicking his mouse pointer multiple times.
I was then asked if I had any NIE request letter
I handed over the one my employer had provided and right he verified the details, he called out that my Visa is Approved and asked me to have a safe trip.
He also handed over a booklet that registers the rights I hold in the United States after I enter the country.
The next morning, I received an email from the Delhi Consulate informing me that my NIE has been Approved

Experience 13: H1B + H4 (Spouse+Kid) at New Delhi

My wife was the primary applicant. We were family of 3 with 1 son (2.5 years)
Our appointment was for 10:50 AM, reached consulate at 9:00AM. After initial security check and doc verification our turn for interview came at 9:30 AM.
My wife was primary applicant and we were family of 3 with 1 son
VO: GM & hi to my son
Applicant: GM + son said hi
VO: Please share your docs
Applicant: Shared 3 passports and approved I797
VO: Do you have Photos(all 3)
Applicant: luckily had photos of all 3 & handed over
VO: asked for biometrics 2
Me: done

Moved to another counter
VO: who is your employer
Me: said
VO( to applicant): what is your title?
Applicant: said.
VO: client name?
Applicant: said
VO: city you will be working?
Applicant: said
VO: what will be your US salary?
Applicant: mentioned the figures
VO: Madam, please place your right hand there( directing to biometrics machine and continuously typing)
Applicant: placed right fingers on biometrics machine.
VO: when did you get married?
Me (h4) : said
VO: how did you meet her?
Me: said
VO: Thank you, Sir can you place your left hand ?
Me: Stepped forward and placed my right hand fingers on biometrics machine.
VO: your visa is approved. Have a safe journey, handed over a pamphlet stating the rights in usa (We were carrying NIE letter & Client letter but he didn’t asked for even though we mentioned about it.)

Few of my observations:

  1. Do not try to share all docs you are carrying : Passports and Petition are mandatory docs do not share any other doc unless specifically asked for?
  2. Keep cool and calm, be confident and be in the moment.
  3. Keep your responses short and precise.

We came out by 1015am.

Experience 14: H1B + H4 at New Delhi

VAC : 22nd Sept at Delhi.. Process is so smooth.. there is not much waiting anyhow.. Carry a photo 51*51 mm size if you can.. you can carry mobile, wallet even backpack if its having only papers…

Consular: 23rd at Delhi only@ 9:30 Am

Reached by 8:50
There is Q with 50-60 folks for initial security check.. we kept mobile at the locker, available there itself (50rs)

After security check, once u crossed the road.. there they will check the passport bar code (placed at biometrics time)

Then entered in to a small Q again for next round of security check..

After that we allowed to sit in a small hall having 5 rows.. security told move row after row to enter im to the actual interview buulding..

Once you enter there will be counters, where they will ask your passport+I797 .. and taken finger prints again.. they asked a photo of mine amd my wife.. if you dont have photo.. dnt wrry, there itself they can take like in VAC
Next allowed to actual interview place..
Asked me to stand in counter, where one H1+H4 interview going.. theirs is Approved

Next is H4 + 2 kids theirs also approved .. its takes 10-15 mins to me fpr my turn

..my turn now.. VO is American lady

VO: Good Morning Couple
Me: Good morning madam

VO: Give me your passport, I797.
Me: given including spouse pp. I asked whether i can give my old passport also.. VO said No

VO: Are you working for xxx?
Me ;: Yes

VO; how long you have been with xxx employer?
Me: 9 years

VO: who is end client
Me: Answered

VO: ok, with client how long you are associated ?
Me: 6 yrs

VO: So you are working in US?
Me: No madam.

She paused a min.. and typing..

VO: Client Loction
Me: answered

VO: what is your pay structure at us
Me: its xxxxx USD

VO: What is your Job title
Me: answered

VO: what is your highest degree and which stream
Me: Answered

Again 2 mins pause.. typing something..

VO: how long you guys are married
Me: 4 years.. and mentioned date. I asked would like to see marriage cerrificate? VO said not required. As my new passport is having my wife name mentioned in last page..

She typed some thing.. said Im approving your VISA with NIE too..

She didnt asked any documents other than pp & i797.
No Q’s to wife..

She gave your rights in US pamphlet to go though it.. and said Happy ane safe journey to US..

Hope this imfo..helps somebody

Experience 15: H1 + H4 at Mumbai

13th VAC at Delhi
Time 2 pm
Reached the location at 1230 waited at Starbucks in the same bldg until 130 pm
130 pm stood in the queue for both h1 and h4
At the counter – gave ds 160 confirmation page and passport he checked all the details and let us in
Security check done and entered the facility
Took the token went to the respective counter- verified name and birth date , took our photo and finger prints
Done in 15 mins

15th Sept – interview at Mumbai
Timing- 930 am but reached at 730

They called us in at 822 am

1st point – passport and appointment confirmation page checked

2nd point -security check inside the facility

3rd point waiting area outside the interview room ( waited for 10 mins)

4th point- entered the interview room we were asked to stand in queue

5th point – at the VO counter
H1 and h4 together

Vo – are you married

Vo – do you have children

Vo- tell me something about your role

Vo- what is your salary

Vo – tell me something about your employer

Vo- highest level of education

Vo- 1st time h1b

Vo- why do they need you in the US

Vo- who is your current employer

Vo- show me your NIE

Silence for 5 mins as she was typing something and updating her system

Vo- please ask your wife to give her right hand finger prints
And you give your left hand finger prints

Vo- congratulations guys your visas have been approved. NIE HAS BEEN approved and uploaded. Enjoy your stay in the US.

Took our passports and told us we should get in it 8 to 10 days.

Interview time- in total 60 mins we were out at 920 am

Visa status- 15th – Adminitrative processing
16th – administrative processing
18th – h4 passport received with NIE annotation
22nd – status changed to issued
23rd – h1 passport received with NIE annotation

thank you everyone for all the help!

Experience 16: H1B at New Delhi

OFC Appointment Experience (day 1)

  • Location: Within Shivaji metro station in New Delhi.
  • Stayed at The Metropolitan Hotel which is <1km from the OFC. Nice hotel; be careful while booking online though. If you booked “Day Use” by mistake, the booking will only be for 9am-6pm. You would have to pay ₹1680 extra for the overnight stay. My total came to almost ₹7,000. The hotel is nice though.
  • OFC location entrance is on the back side of the metro station (i.e. not facing the road). There is no parking, and no place to sit if you reach more than half an hour early (only a footpath like place). No malls nearby either, so make sure to reach no earlier than 30 min of your scheduled time.
  • Switched off mobile and small bag are allowed.
  • Actual appointment only lasted about a minute. Was only asked my DoB and visa type; gave my fingerprints, got photographed, and done!

Visa Interview experience (day 5)

  • Stayed at the Samrat Hotel (<1km from the embassy). It only looks fine from the outside, but frankly it is quite run down and uncomfortable. I came to know later that Samrat is an ITDC hotel (I wish I had known earlier). I would recommend staying somewhere else.

-There are very few parking spots, I would recommend taking a taxi to the embassy.

  • There is sitting arrangement across the street for people accompanying the visa applicant to wait. I am glad it was there because it literally took more than 2.5 hours beyond my scheduled appointment time.
  • the applicants sit in the first waiting area. The are sent to the next waiting area, one row at a time (not strictly in appointment slot order).
  • the second waiting area is a queue to confirm that you completed your OFC appointment.
  • the third waiting area is where you sit endlessly waiting for your turn.
  • Visa interview was very short (less than 2 min):


  1. Tell me about your qualification and the work that you do.
  2. Asked a follow up question about one technical term that VO heard in my answer.
  3. Are you married?
  4. What does your spouse do?
  5. Your visa has been approved and you should receive it in 5-7 business days. (Note: I had asked it to be delivered to my city).

I asked if the visa is approved with NIE. VO confirmed: “Yes, it is approved with NIE.”

day 6: Visa status changed from “Administrative Processing” to “Issued.”

Also on day 6: Received the “NIE Approved” email from the New Delhi embassy.

day 7: Passport tracking status changed from “with consulate” to “processing for delivery.”

day 9: Passport status changed to “Available for pick up.”

The visa stamp mentions: “NIE under all P.P.S. on Novel Coronavirus”

Cheers and Good Luck to everyone here 🤗🤗

Experience 17: H1B at New Delhi

Travelled from chennai to Delhi.
Stayed at Crowne plaza mayur vihar bit distance to embassy but reached through uber cab by 25 mins and OFC center by 20 mins

Vac on sep 22 and interview on sep 23.

Vac appointment was at 9.
Reached at 8. Went inside at the Shivaji metro station at 8:20 and came out by 8:50. I was third in line so no rush and it went smooth

Consular Interview was at 8:30.
There’s a phone storage opposite the embassy, was charged 50rs. If your slot is first make sure you went to deposit phone at first because he is very slow
Went in at 8:45, many people waiting for the interview.

5 counters were working

I had counter 16, young American woman around 28-30

Questions asked:
Q) Asked for passport and I797.
A) gave both

Q)company name
A) answered

Q) what do you do for them
A) Answered in 3 sentences ( prepared before going to interview which gave me lot of confidence while saying)

Q) who is your client
A) she didn’t understand the name so I gave her letter, after seeing she said it’s Awesome you work there ( Professional social networking platform )

Q)Are you Married?
A) answered

Q) salary?
A) answered as per LCA

Q) where do you stay in usa
A) city,state and zip code as per LCA

Q) what is your Designation
A) answered as per LCA

After typing for few seconds

She said Congratulations iam approving your visa with NIE, here is you know your rights pamplate, please go through before you enter USA and take i797B at POE you need to show them

Just clear your mind and speak clearly and answer to point if answer is single word don’t answer with sentence

And i don’t see any rejects in my time
Came out at 9:30.

How long will it take to receive the passport from Delhi?
I had chosen to home delivery

Experience 18: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Hello everyone.
Status- approved.

Dropped my passport in the New Delhi VFS centre on Sept 14th.

Documents submitted:
Appointment confirmation letter
Ds 160 confirmation page
1 recent photograph
Self attested NIE letter
Employer verification letter
NIE letter from employer

Carried paystubs and client letter but these documents were not taken by the Visa Officer.

Received NIE approval email on Sept 17th.

Received passport with stamped visa on Sept 23.

Good luck to all the applicants.

Experience 19: H1B + H4 with Dropbox at Chennai

NIE critical infrastructure category.

I had an expired H1B visa stamp on my passport, expired I797 and an approved I140. I was in India from July 2019

06/21/2021- H1B extension petition filed on premium processing by the employer
07/01/2021 – Extension application approved
09/01/2021- DS-160 filled and submitted and VAC fee paid
09/01/2021 – joined Telegram groups and started monitoring the posts for the available slots.

09/07/2021- Booked H1B+H4 visa dropbox appointment at Bangalore VAC on 09/14
09/14- document drop off for H1B + H4 visa renewal (single appointment) at Bangalore VAC. They let us enter the VAC at the appointment time only and document drop off took less than 20 min (including security check, waiting time). Documents collected – one set of current and previous I797’s, both passport(s), NIE letter from the employer, position confirmation letter. Fee ₹1300 (cash only)
09/15 – status changed to received
09/22 – H1B and H4 visa application status changed to Administrative Processing
09/23 – H1B visa application status changed to Issued
09/24 – 8:30am H1B visa passport delivered home in Bangalore by Bluedart courier person with H1B visa stamped and NIE letter. Fee collected by Bluedart courier person ₹650
09/24 – H4 visa application status changed to Issued
Awaiting for H4 visa passport.

Experience 20: H1B with Dropbox at Mumbai

Dropbox & Travel Experience:
Travelled to India on 09/23/2021 from DC to Bangalore.
You just need 1 copy of RT-PCR and Air Suvidha forms (They will check and give you back,so need to carry multiple copies)
First leg of the flight is completely empty and second leg of the flight to India is jam packed and people were in a rat race to get first into the plane.
After landing in Bangalore, they checked all our forms few more times and they took RT-PCR COVID test for every passenger in the flight (we got the result in 6 hours time) and they asked us to fill one more form on the web which was pain for many as they didn’t have internet connection. Luckily I was using Google Fi and we were able to finish the lengthy form for all 4 passengers others had to fill the paper form which were the given to some agents who will upload it online and give you a registration ID for the COVID test. Overall it took 2 hours for us to come out of the airport.

Dropbox Experience:
I have my Dropbox appointment in Mumbai on Sep 24, (I landed in Bangalore-India on Sep 23). At Bangalore airport during check-in they asked for RT-PCR test result or COVID Vaccination status (I showed my Pfizer CVS vaccine which was not accepted) so I showed them my RT-PCR result which I got it on Sep 23 after arriving from US in Bangalore. They asked me to show RT-PCR while exiting Mumbai airport as well.

My Dropbox Appointment was at 2 PM in the afternoon, but I went around 12 and they let me in and I was done in 5 minutes as there was no one.
For Dropbox you don’t need to worry about placing items in a locker or anything, they allowed me to take my backpack and my mobile with me. They just asked me to keep my phone silent.
I dropped documents for me and my wife. They just took all my documents (Current passport, Old Passport, current I-797, previous I-797, Employer Letter, NIE Exemption letter – since we have US kids I gave them my kids passport and birth certificate copy, 2 passport photos) whereas for my wife they just asked for her passport and 2 photos. They said that if we are applying together they will send them together as a single file so they said that we don’t need her I-797’s etc.

After my appointment I came back to Mumbai airport and they asked again for RT-PCR report during check-in. Currently waiting in Mumbai airport to catch my Bangalore flight.

Overall a really smooth experience. Thanks 🙏 everyone for sharing their experiences.

Experience 21: H1B + H4 (Spouse+Daughter) at Kolkata

Sep 22 – biometric 1 PM appointment
23 Sep – Interview 9.00 AM
VO: Good morning/Namaste
VO: Asked for all the passports and I-797
VO: Asked about current employer and employer verification letter.
VO: Are you working for end client or in-house project?
VO: Client Name
VO: Asked for share client letter.
VO: Where you will work? Client location?
VO: Asked for NIE letter
VO: What is your salary – annual?
VO: Highest qualification?
VO: what is your job title?
VO: What is your roles and responsibilities?

Asked 3 questions to my daughter (4 years old) with smile.
VO: what is your name?
VO: what is your age?
VO: Do you have brother/sister?

Asked below questions to my wife
VO: How did you meet?
VO: Arrange or love marriage ?

VO: I am approving Your visa with NIE and you will
receive your passport in week.

Experience 22: H1B at Kolkata

I got my passport today after having an interview on Tuesday at kolkata for first time H1B. Here is my interview experience at kolkata. VAC 20 Sept and Consular 21 Sept.

Vo: Gm! How are you doing?
Me: I’m doing great. How about you?
Vo: Great!
(Meanwhile I started taking out the documents like passport, i797, NIE and employment verification letter. He saw me taking out all those docs)
Pass me your passport and i797. Oh I see you have some other documents too.
Me: yes. It’s nie and employment verification.
Vo: Thats great! Pass me your NIE as I will need it too. I don’t need your employment verification. Tell me about your role
Me: answered
Vo: Salary
Me: answered
Vo: asked me about my previous US student visa and what and where did I study
Me: answered
Vo: Then we talked about San Diego where I studied and how beautiful the place is. asked me about my previous Mexican business visa
Me: answered
Vo: asked md about my friend whose address I had put in ds 160.
Me: answered how we know each other
VO was also from the place where my friend lives. So we talked about it and his favorite indian snack he used to have from an Indian store in that city. Then some deep talk about life on how he was in US once and now it’s been 12 years and he isn’t living there anymore. Lastly he went over NIE for few seconds
Vo: Thats very nicely written NIE. Short and precise. I’m approving your visa with NIE and you should get your passport in 7 days. Have a great day!
Me: thank you and have a great day!

My NIE was only one page on company letterhead with hr and managers signature. I had mentioned what I do, what my team does, and how it’s beneficial to all our customers.
In few words my roles and why I’m needed there in one two line.
Just have a smiling face and be confident when you answer 🙂

Experience 23: H1B at Kolkata

20th September VAC @ 12.30pm.
They allowed me at 11.50am
It was quick.

Documents asked

  1. Current passport
  2. DS160 Confirmation Page
  3. Appointment Letter

21st September Consular Appointment @9am.

Reached consulate @ 8.30am

After security checking they allowed me in Waiting area. There were around 12-14 people ahead me.

After 30 mins waiting, moved to Interview Room. It was a small room with 6-7 window counters. But interviews are conducted only at 2 counters. Once my turn came, VO asked me to go Counter 2.

At Counter 2, a lady asked me for photograph. (2*2 inch white background)
Unfortunately I forgot my photo with my friend. She gave me a re-entry slip to collect photo and come back directly to Interview Room.

Once I was back, she scanned my photo and returned to me. She took my biometric and asked to wait in line again.

I returned to same VO and he greeted me Welcome back. VO asked me passport and I797.

Questions asked

  1. Do you work inhouse or for the end client?
  2. Do you have client letter
  3. What is your work location
  4. What is you salary
  5. What is your job title
  6. What is your highest qualification
  7. Are you married
  8. Do you have any kids
  9. Describe your job duties

I saw almost everyone’s Visa got approved and both the officers seemed friendly.
Just be calm during the entire process and it should be good.

22nd Sept – Issued
25th Sept – Passport delivered with NIE annotation

Experience 24: H4 (Spouse+Kid) at New Delhi

H1b – approved with NIE on Sep 13

On Sep 13, booked H4 slot in Delhi for dependents ( spouse + kid 4 year)for Sep 20 and 21

Travelled to Delhi on Sep 20 from Chennai and went directly to Bio metrics at 12 PM appointment. Went directly thru aero line and did bio metrics half an hour before. If you come by road, you need to stand outside until you time comes. So plan to go by metro

On sep 21

Reached Counselor at 9:30 for 10:20 appointment. Handed over mobile for 50 rupees.

Completed all security and waiting formalities by 10:50. Very long queue on that day.

Final reached met consuler after completing basic documents checks

VO : How long you married?
Who is spouse employer? Is he India the pass NIE? Were you already been USA(YES).

IT WENT very causal since primary applicant got NIE a week from same consulate.

Sep 21: admin processing
Sep 22: admin processing
Sep 23: Issued
Sep 24: being processed for delivery
Sep 25: being processed for delivery. But received passport to home and paid 650 per passport.

Passport received with NIE for dependents too but no mail received. But oky as long as stamped in passport.

All ther best for others.

Experience 25: H1B at Kolkata

Date: 09/21/2021

Have to be there 30 mins before your appointment time. They will ask you to stand in a queue and send 1 person at a time, cannot carry phones or gadgets or wallet or any closed envelopes.
Once you’re inside there will be security check and later you will proceed to waiting room, after 15-20 mins, you will go to interview room. There are only 2 interviewers, I got my turn after 15 mins or so.
Vo: Good Morning, how are you doing?
Me: I’m doing good, thank you. How are you doing?
Vo: Good. Can you please pass me the documents?
gave my passport and i797
Vo: which location?
Me: San Diego
Vo: Beautiful city. Your previous appointment was in Chennai, why here now?
Me: this was available for an earlier date
Vo: What is your job title?
Me: said my Job title
Vo: salary?
Me: xxx thousand dollars
Vo: Per month?
Me: Laughs I wish
Vo: Laughs And that’s the only joke I know
Vo: Did you do your Masters from Xx university? What did you study?
Me: Yes, MS in XX
VO: Do you have any letter from your company for NIE?
Me: Yes *gave the letter *
*he glanced the letter *
Vo: okay your Visa is approved with NIE, you can collect your passport later. Thank you, have a nice day
Me: Thanks, you too!

He was very friendly and had a smiling face. I was nervous as the person before me was interviewed for 20 mins or so and he got some letter in the end.


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