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H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox from October 6th to October 18th, 2021

Below are User experiences for October 2021, starting from October 6th to October 18th, 2021 for H1B Visa and H4 Visa for both regular visa stamping and Dropbox. You can check US Visa Stamping Experiences for the entire collection

Experience 1: H1B with 221g at New Delhi

I had my interview in delhi for h1b visa.. 2nd attempt after getting 221g due to travel ban on my 1st attempt at Chennai.

My visa got approved with NIE.

VO: GM. Pass your i797 n passport.
Me: GM. How r u doin?
VO: I’m doing well and you?
Me: I’m great! Thanks for asking.
VO: who do u work for? Do u know what they do?
Me: answered.
Vo: looks like u did MS in USA, when did u graduate and wat did u do after that.
Me: I graduated in 2018, explained wat all companies I worked for after graduation.
Vo: okay, explain me ur work at current company.
Me: explained all with NIE specific sentences to make sure it’s critical sector.
VO: ur role is interesting, u work for orders team?
Me: no. I work for production, manufacturing and deliveries applications.

Vo started typing and then I asked would u like to see my nie letter, I have one.

Vo: no I don’t want to see it(laughing) anyways I am approving ur visa with nie for 1year. U fall in many different critical sectors. And ur very well prepared for the interview. You will receive ur passport in 5days. Travel safe, take care.

Me: thank u so much, have a good one officer!

But please note that I saw many rejections as well people coming out with their passports with different colors of form. Before my turn, even the guy before me got rejected.

So make sure you are well prepared for the interview and answer with confidence. That’s the key, focus on yourself, talk well and get it done.

Good luck all. I appreciate everyone who share their thoughts and experiences in helping out each and everyone here.

Experience 2: H4 at New Delhi

Biometrics : 24 Sept
Consular : 7 Oct

VO: pass me your passport
VO: pass me the I797 of the principal applicant
VO: you are applying for H4 visa?
Me- yes
VO: when did you get married?
Vo: pass me your marriage certificate
VO: where is your husband right now?
VO: when did he fly to US?
VO: how did you meet your husband?
VO: is it a love marriage?
Vo: where does your husband work?
Vo: do you know what does your husband do?
Answered explaining his roles and responsibilities for 10-15 seconds.

Vo was typing something and then returned my documents and kept the passport and finally heard the most amazing words
“your visa is approved with NIE”.

I was carrying all the documents of the wedding and of my husband but the key element is to give crisp, short and confident answers.

Experience 3: H1B at New Delhi

Reached at 9.55am 06/11/2021
Appointment Time 10.00am

-Reached to shivaji metro station
-Done with security checking
-Go One Level Down
-Provide DS160 / appointment confirmation / Passport.

  • Show All 3 documents to Next counter
  • Take token
  • They will ask Name & DOB
  • Photo will be taken
  • Biometric ( Left 4 , Right 4 & Both Thumbs ) will be taken
  • Done

Delhi – 7 Oct’ 9.10
Entry 8.15

  • security checking, Mobile not allowes
  • passport scan
  • belt remove & document security check
  • 6 rows – 6th row
  • 8.35 inside
  • 9.10 inside Queue
  • photographs, another q
  • counter 4 – passport scam
  • seat
  • counter 21
  • F1, H4, H1
  • gm
  • passport & i797
  • whats roles & responsibility
  • salary?
  • degree?
  • where your going?
  • end client?
  • you said no end client, which?
  • atlanta itself?
  • visa is approved.

Thanks all

Experience 4: H1B + H4 (Wife+Daughter) at New Delhi

VAC -4th Oct

Reached at 1.30pm along with wife and daughter
Appointment Time – 2.30pm
-Reached to shivaji metro station
-Allow entry at 2 pm
-Done with security checking
-Went One Level Down
-Provided DS160 / appointment confirmation / Passport.

  • Shown All 3 documents to Next counter
  • Taken token
  • They asked Name & DOB, place of birth mine and daughter
  • Photo will be taken
  • Biometric ( Left 4 , Right 4 & Both Thumbs ) will be taken
  • Same for wife
  • For Daughter photo taken and clicked photograph, biometric is not needed for daughter.
    -Asked to attend interview

Counsilor Interview:

Delhi – 5 Oct 10.50am
Reached at 9.45 am

  • security checking, Mobile not allowes
  • passport scan
  • belt remove & document security check
  • 6 rows – 6th row
  • 9.50 inside
  • 10.35 inside Queue
  • photographs, another q
  • counter 1 – passport scanned
  • asked to wait
  • my turn came at 11.45am at counter 18
  • H1B, H4 along with wife
  • Gm mam, mid aged American lady
  • asked for passport & i797, employment verification letter and NIE letter from employer
  • whats roles & responsibility at employer
  • what employer does?
  • what’s address of employer in India
  • Is your wife travelling with you
  • Is this your first time H1B?
  • How many years your working with client and employer
  • Asked for old passport?
  • Visa approved under NIE.

Status of Passports:
-4th October – Application received.
-5th Oct after interview – Administrative Processing
-6th Oct got NIE approval mail from Delhi counsulate and status issued.

Thanks all.

Experience 5: H1B + H4(Spouse+2 Kids) at New Delhi

Reached at 9.55am 05/10/2021
Appointment Time 11.00am

-Reached to shivaji metro station
-Done with security checking
-Go One Level Down
-laptops, power banks r any gadgets are not allowed.
-mobile can be switched off
-documents are checked once out side in a counter.
-Provide DS160 / appointment confirmation / Passport.
-you will b sent in

  • Show All 3 documents to Next counter
  • Take token
  • They will ask Name & DOB
  • Photo will be taken
  • Biometric ( Left 4 , Right 4 & Both Thumbs ) will be taken
  • Done

Delhi – 6th Oct 9.30

  • security checking-Mobile not allowed, bags like backpack r luggage bag not allowed
    -U can use d locker facility next to the security check point.

Only documents allowed…
Security check..

Entry -9. 25

  • passport scan
  • document security check
  • 9.30inside
  • 9.35 inside Queue
  • photographs and bio metric of an other round. passport scan
  • sit n wait 4 ur turn
  • Go ahead with interview at ur turn
  • gm
  • passport & i797
  • whos ur client.
  • whats roles & responsibility.
  • salary offered ?
  • highest education
  • where you stay in USA?
  • experience few basic question to dependents like
    • how long have u been married.
    • what is d age of ur kids
    • have u ever been to USA
    • which grade r d kids
    • how r u planning with there schools
  • Have a nie? (Passed it)
  • ur visa is approved with nie.

Have a grt stay at USA..

Experience 6: H1B at Kolkata

OFC: 3rd Oct
Interview: 4th Oct
Location: Kolkata
Documents required:
• Old/New Passport
• DS160 Confirmation
• Appointment Confirmation
• I797
• Client letter (must)
• NIE Letter (must)
If Going with Family for H4
• Marriage Certificate
• Child Birth Certificate (if you have kids)

Questions Asked:
• Who is your client?
• What is your US salary?
• What does your client do?
• Where is your client office located?
• What is your Designation?
• What is your Role and Responsibilities?
• When did you get married?
• What is child’s age?
• what is your highest qualification?
• How old is your kid

I stayed in Park Prime hotel, food is Good here but the prices are on the higher side

Experience 7: H1B at New Delhi

  • Working in IT organisation in Chennai with 10+ years exp.
  • Organisation raised petition in Mar-Apr 2020
  • Petition approved in Sep 2020
  • Organisation raised visa stamping request in Feb 2021 with scheduled date in Mar 2021 in Chennai
  • But slot was cancelled by embassy due to covid.
  • Organisation tried for new slots but could not get any.
  • Organisation transferred the profile from group profile to my personal email id profile in Sep 2021.
  • Tried checking multiple slots on my own for 2 weeks.
  • It is best to follow telegram groups for slot patterns.
  • Got slot for 28th Sep VAC in Delhi and 30th Sep consular Delhi.
  • Booked flight for 27th Sep evening 5.10pm , reached delhi by 8pm. Took accomodation near to consulate , around 800m distance. Reached accomodation by 8.45pm.


Scheduled at 10.30am 28th Sep in Shivaji stadium metro near Connaught Place (around 4km from Consulate)

Once you get into the station, 2nd level below.. take escalators.. you find One Vasco named centre in 2nd level which charges 200Rs to keep all ur luggages. If time is 10.30am, you can go into VAC at 10am itself..

Reqd docs are only three:

Latest passport original

DS160 confirmation page

Appointment confirmation page

No need to take any passport size photo at any time during VAC or during consular

For security check, wallet (without coins is better) and mobile phone (switched off) is allowed. Any car/room/bike keys are also allowed. (No smart keys or no smart devices)

10am 28Sep

  • Security checks the appointment time and lets you in.
  • 1st verification: they ask for latest passport , DS160 and appointment page.
  • Then they verify word by word regarding information in DS160 and Passport.
  • They mark it with a tick mark on each word of DS160.
  • Then they return the docs and ask us to go further.
  • 2nd verification: Security check , so that they will allow us through a hardened door.
  • 3rd verification: Counter person inside the room checks the tick marks and asks us to move forward
  • 4th verification: Security check to scan us and our belongings and again lets us through another hardened door.
  • 5th verification: Counter person now checks DS160, passport and appointment page and then verifies and places tick mark on appointment page.
  • 6th verification: Security person now checks both markings in DS160 and appointment page and then generates a token based on purpose (biometrics or delivery or others). We inform them biometrics and computer token is handed over.
  • 7th verification: Now we stand in a queue which leads to multiple counters having biometrics. Security mentions us to go to specific counter and we hand over the token to the biometrics officer at the counter.

Biometrics officer:

  • Hi good morning. Please be seated
  • Your passport please. You came for H1B right?
  • Asks our name and to remove mask.
  • Takes our pic through in built camera on panel between us and the officer.
  • Asks us to stand to give finger prints. (Left hand 4 fingers, Right hand 4 fingers and 2 thumbs). Takes a computer generated barcode slip and attaches it on back of passport. Tells us about the consular date and we respond by acknowledging the details. Hands over the passport, DS160 and confirmation page with the barcoded slip attached in passport along with stamp on DS160 page.
  • Thank you and VAC completed.

Please note:

VAC 28th sep 10.30am new delhi in shivaji metro stadium .. 2nd level below within metro station. They wont allow you till 9.30 or 9.45am and we need to be outside station where it might be hot weather but you can go inside the station saying that you want to eat in restaurent located on 1st level.

General FAQ responses:

  • DS160 and Passport details have to match.
  • But personal home address should always be our current address even if there is a mismatch between DS160 and passport.
  • DS160 consular location and actual location can be different. No need to do any changes.
  • DS160 number in appointment page can be changed till VAC scheduled date. Update your profile is allowed till biometrics date.
  • When company group profile is changed to personal ID, ensure you opt for premium home delivery for ease.
  • No need of any marksheets copy of any education. If reqd, just keep originals in handy or viceversa.
  • Take only copies of I797, Employer letter, Client letter, pay slips , NIE letter (if applicable), CV copy.
  • Other documents are not reqd

Tried to cover as much as possible about my experience.

Experience 8: H1 + H4 at Hyderabad

I came to India on April 9th and had my dropbox in the first week of arrival. It went well (No NIE back then). got passport in a week.
Got married in July and didn’t get any H4 appointment until August 2nd. Attended interview on 2nd in Hyderabad. We weren’t aware of NIE (Thought it was for only primary applicants dumb me). We didn’t have NIE so received a white slip to submit the primary applicant’s NIE when received to HYDADMIN@state.gov. Applied for NIE on Aug 11th and received approval on Sep 3rd.
Additionally sent an email copy to hydcea too. Hyderabad consulate is super slow with NIE requests. Emailed the NIE copy to hydadmin and received passport submission request on Sep 20.
Received H4 Visa issued after a week.
Qatar airways: Hyd->Doha->JFK NYC->DTW

It was mentioned that we need to carry only 1 personal item, but we did carry two, they didn’t check the weight. Thank you, Qatar.
Travel was mostly pleasant with less crowd on board, but the food was just ok. Please select your meal preference beforehand.
Immigration was so painful to wait, there were only 20 people before me, but it took 2 hours to complete. The officers were questioning many things and I was afraid for a while because I stayed so long in India and my passport is about to expire in 6 months. When our turn came, he just asked where we are heading, my work, and my address. Then he called me to the secondary room just made us wait and gave me the passports. Thank you, God, I thought my i94 would be only for 6 months but it updated to 2 years to my visa date.

Experience 9: H1 + H4 at Hyderabad

Stressful journey came to end.
initial appointment date: 22 Oct 2021
Applied for emergency request with NIE documents.
[Emergency request was approved and rescheduled my appointment to 23- sep-2021]
in person interview : 23rd-September
Location: Hyderabad
Questions to primary applicant:

  • Employer details
  • Client name
  • Location
  • Years of experience
  • How i have been with this client
  • Salary
  • Reason for emergency travel.
  • roles and responsibilities
  • Client letter
    ( i tried to provide NIE letter from employer, he refused to take it).
    Question to spouse:
  • location
  • occupation
  • marriage certificate
  • number of children
  • birth certificates of the children
    at the end he told that he cannot approve visa due to Presidential Proclamation.
    Status: Visa Officer took passports and gave
    the 221G white slip with reason as admin processing.
    September 24th: Status changed to Refused
    September 25th: With no hope, just sent an email to consulate by thinking that, it might help to take decision on my case. I explained the reason for my emergency travel in the email. Also, attached the NIE letter from employer, Client letter and position confirmation letter.
    October 5th: Status changed to admin processing
    October 7th: Status changed to issued
    October 10th: Received stamped passport with NIE approval annotation.

Experience 10: H1B + H4 (Spouse+Kid) at Hyderabad

Biometrics: 24th September
Interview: 27th September, 8:30 a.m

There were two batches before me. 8:30 batch was called in. Carried all the documents along with NIE from employer. Did not have client letter. Had all office related docs taken out before I went into interview room.

VO: Good morning
Me: Good morning officer
VO: May I have all your passports
ME: I passed it and was taking out 1797B after that.
VO: Not required
VO: You are working for XYZ right?
Me: Yes
VO: What is your annual salary?
Me: Answered
VO: What are your roles and responsibilities, are you eligible for NIE?
Me: Answered
VO: Can you please give left hand fingerprints.
Me: Sure

VO: Ma’am can you please step forward
VO: How long have you been married?
Wife: Answered
VO: could you please provide your left hand fingerprints.
VO: How old is the kid.
Wife: Answered
VO: Smiled


VO: I’m recommending your case for NIE and your Visa is approved.
Me: Thank you officer

VO put our passports aside, she was so kind that she gave some suggestions to deal with babies during the long flights. We thanked her and stepped out.

September 28: Status changed to refused.
September 30: Administrative processing
October 5: Changed to Issued
October 6: Received my Kids passport.
October 8: We received both of our passports with NIE approval.

Experience 11: H1B at Hyderabad

27th Sep Biometrics in Chennai
Documents: Appointment confirmation
DS160 confirmation page

Stayed in The Belstead Hotel Chennai (very near to VFS and good one to stay)

30th Sep VAC in Hyderabad at 8:15 AM
waited for almost 30-40 mins for to have interview

VO: Good Morning
Me: Good Morning Mam, how are you doing
VO: good, how about you?
Me: I am good, thank you
VO: Can you give me your Passport?
Me: Yes, I gave it and asked do you need to have I797 copy?
VO: No, I have it
VO: XXXXX is your company?
Me: Yes
VO: Does your company have office in India?
Me: No
VO: What is your Annual Salary?
VO: Do you work for any end client?
Me: Yes, XXXXX
VO: What is your Desigination?
VO: Where do you work in US?
Me: Said the location of client
VO: Are you married?
Me: Yes
VO: Where are they?
Me: They are in India, will apply for Visa once I settle down.
VO: How many years of experience you have ?
Me: I said
VO: Can you briefly describe me the job roles and why you are need over there?
Me: I explained clearly, how we mention it in NIE
VO: It is ok, are you working on Cloud ?
Me: Yes Cloud and Devops Engineer.
VO: Thank you, I will keep passport with me and recommend for NIE approval.
VO: She called Next person for interview

Even though I have NIE hard copy with me, I donot have any chance to show it.

Sep 27: Case Created
Sep 30: Refused state till 6th Oct evening
Oct 6: Admin processing
Oct 7: Issued and got email from Travel docs
Oct 8: Collected Passport.

Experience 12: H1B at New Delhi

First time F1 to H1b visa interview.
Sep 28: Biometrics in Delhi
Sep 30: VAC in Delhi at 9:20 AM
Sep 30: Evening status is Admin processing and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Holiday
Oct 4: Issued and got NIE email.
Oct 5: Currently being processed for delivery.
Oct 7: Received Passport through BlueDart courier(No Intimation about courier initiation).

VO: Good morning,
ME: Good morning officer,
VO: pass me your passport and i-797
ME: Passed passport and I-797
VO: Who is your employer.
VO: Do you work for a client or.
ME: Client
VO: Who is your client.
Me: XXX financial
VO: Repeated financial group?
ME: Yes Officer
VO: Do you have a client letter
Me: Officer my client will not provide the letter for subcontractors but I have MSA and SOW.
VO: MAS, please.
ME: passed
VO: By seeing the Home page typed something in the system and asked what is your title?
ME: Answered
VO: What is your project and what do you do.
ME: Answered
VO: What is your highest qualification.
ME: B.Tech in CS&IT
VO: What is your pay?
ME: Answered
VO: Write something in the system and kept the passport side and returned all the documents.
and said Your Visa is approved with NIE notation and will be delivered in a week.
ME: Thanks you soo much officer, Have a good day.

Experience 13: H1B + H4 (Spouse+Kids) at New Delhi

Reached at 7.55am 04/10/2021
Appointment Time 10:00am

-Reached to shivaji metro station
-Done with security checking
-Go One Level Down
-laptops, power banks r any gadgets are not allowed.
-mobile can be switched off
-documents are checked once out side in a counter.
-Provide DS160 / appointment confirmation / Passport.
-you will b sent in

  • Show All 3 documents to Next counter
  • Take token
  • They will ask Name & DOB
  • Photo will be taken
  • Biometric ( Left 4 , Right 4 & Both Thumbs ) will be taken
  • Done

Delhi – Visa Interview at 10:10

  • security checking-Mobile not allowed, bags like backpack r luggage bag not allowed
    -U can use d locker facility next to the security check point.

Only documents allowed…
Security check..

Entry -9

  • passport scan
  • document security check
  • 9.30inside
  • 9.35 inside Queue
  • photographs and bio metric of an other round. passport scan
  • sit n waited for my turn
  • Go ahead with interview at ur turn
  • gm
  • passport & i797
  • whos ur client.
  • whats roles & responsibility.
  • salary offered ?
  • highest education
  • where you stay in USA?
  • experience few basic question to dependents like
  • how long have u been married.
  • what is the age of ur kids

interviewer asked me only passport and I797B..

your visa is approved with NIE for 12 months and. pack you bags…

Experience 14: H1B with 221g at Chennai

Scheduled DB: 9th September
14: AR
20: AP
20: Refused
21: Picked up the passport
Was handed a 221-G asking to appear for a walk-in-interview during regular hours of operation and to submit an NIE (Kind of puzzled why I had to submit an NIE again!)

21: Called the number provided on the 221G form, spoke about the 221-G, and asked if they could provide a date for walk-in considering I need to return to work ASAP. Refused.

22: Received an email to book a 221G appointment on the portal, chose 7th Oct

Interview: (Chennai consulate)
4 active counters, with visas being refused left, right and center!!

The person ahead of me had her visa refused, so in my head, I was like ok… ‘brace for impact!!’

VO: Hello, pass me your passport and 221G
VO: Oh, so you just have NIE listed?
VO: Pass me your I-797
VO: Fingerprints please/10 printed
VO: So, you work for ‘yyy’
Me: Yes
VO: What do they do?
Me: answered
VO: Is this FTE or client?
Me: answered
VO: Provided me with the ‘know your rights booklet’
VO: Where would this be?
Me: answered
VO: Annual Income?
Me: answered
VO: So, you can’t access data from here?
Me: answered
VO: I see one of your prior visas has a CR (clearance received)
Me: That’s correct
VO: Proceeded with questions regarding the same
Me: answered accordingly
VO: How long have you been working for the current employer
Me: answered
VO: So, you had to travel to India in-between?
Me: answered
VO: Okay, your visa is approved and annotated with the NIE.
VO: Safe travels!
Me: Thanks, have a good day!

She provided a green slip, which stated that the visa has been approved.

7: Status changed to AP
8: Issued

Experience 15: H1B with 221g at New Delhi

Folks, finally got my visa approved, after 19 months. Working as a consultant in EVC model.

Timeline :
Mar 19, 2020 : Dropbox at Chennai VAC
Covid shutdown + Travel ban
Passport stuck in consulate – 221g.
My i797 expired on Sept 7
Sept 9, 2020 : Passport return with 221g white slip at Chennai VAC asking for client letter
May 2021 : New client – New i797
Jun 21, 2021 : Submitted new docs for old 221g to chennaiH&L email.
Multiple follow ups for next 8 weeks – no more updates. Left this 221g to expire.

Aug 7, 2021 : Booked new H1B visa appointment at Delhi.
Aug 11, 2021 : Biometrics
Aug 12, 2021 : H1B visa interview – just regular questions. Had only vendor letter and my employer letters. Given 221g yellow slip – Admin processing.
Aug 19 : Passport pickup at Chennai VAC with 221g Blue slip asking for client letter and job itinerary. (221g case number format was incorrect). Ceac status – refused.
Aug 26 : Sent email with docs – vendor letter, R2W letter. Didn’t have a client letter since they refused to give one. (Incorrect format of case number)
Sept 2 : Sent the same email as above with corrected case number (morning)
Sept 2 : Consulate replied asking for MSA and client letter again. 😭 (Evening)
Sept 3 : Replied to above email with MSA, sow, vendor letter and R2W letter. Sow between client and vendor.
Sept 27 : Resubmit passport to nearest location. Ran to check VAC to submit 🏃. Ceac status was still refused.
Sept 29: Ceac status changed to admin processing.
Oct 5 : Nie approval email from Delhi. (Morning)
Ceac status changed to issued. (Evening)
Oct 7 : Passport pickup at Chennai VAC email and message.

Just keep up patience, don’t lose hope !! 😊

Experience 16: H1B + H4

I am sharing my experience for my First ever application of H1B and H4
We did our VAC on 7th Oct, 2021 and rescheduled our consulate appointment to 12/10/2021 which was earlier scheduled on 20/10/2021.

We successfully scheduled our consulate even after biometrics.
So today we had our interview with appointment scheduled at 8:40 am

We reached at the time and then it followed as
9:15 am Security Check
Waited for approximately one hour till 10:30
10:30 Document Verified
Again waited till 11:45 for Consulate Interview
VO asked general question
Take our passports and 797 approval notice and ask us to keep it.

  1. How long have you been married?
  2. Do you have any kids?

separately ask me as primary applicant

  1. What the job title ?
  2. Location,
  3. What’s your highest qualification – so I said I submit my thesis and my defence is pending.

Question from H4
What is your occupation ?
Are you going there for temporarily visit?

After all the satisfactory answers
VO said your visa is approved and you will get it within 5-7 days and also I approving national interest exception for you.
Congratulations 🥳

Note: Due to rush, waiting time is too much and also it’s like first come first service, those who reach early will get to go early for further process

Experience 17: H4 at New Delhi

VAC – 3rd October
Interview – 4th October
After some pleasantries
VO – Are you recently married
Me – Yes
VO – Congratulations!
Me – Thanks Officer 🙂
VO – Can you please pass me your passport, Spouse’s visa & I-797.
I passed all three.
VO – Oh it looks like you got married in the US.
Me – Yes, we got it registered in xx state.
VO – For how long were you there?
Me – Answered
(She cross checked my immigration stamps).
VO – So you met him shortly before?
Me – Answered
VO – (After looking at his I-797) He works for company X?
Me – Yes, that’s right
VO – Since when is he working with this employer?
Me – Answered
VO – When was the last time that he visited India?
Me – Answered
(She had his passport copy so she could see the immigration stamps)
VO – Where is he staying in the US?
Me – Answered
Then some general chitchat about Delhi weather.
VO – I am approving your visa and NIE. It will be valid for a year from xxxx. Enjoy your stay in the US! Here’s a pamphlet that will help you understand your rights as a dependent visa holder. Bye!
Me – Thank you Officer! Have a good one!
Note that she was typing after every answer so there were a couple of long pauses. You have to be patient and not panic.
5th October – Received NIE approval email
8th October – Passport ready for pickup
12 October- Picked up passport stamped with NIE annotation.
People’s experiences were really useful in preparing for what to expect during the whole visa process (both VAC and Consular).
Best wishes!

Experience 18: H1B + H4 (Spouse+2 Kids) with Dropbox at New Delhi

Dropbox experience Issued visa to edged case 47 month (cap)
Sep 8- Dropbox appointment at 2 PM
And gave all the necessary documents

Sep 9 – application received for all 4 applicants
Sep 10 – admin Processing for all 4
Sep 13 – received NIE approval email and 2 kids (2 H4) passports status was issued
Sep 14 – received kids passports with nie stamp but status AP for H1 and H4

Mailed regarding our applications and got generic reply as usual
Sep 28 – status changed to AP to refused for H4
Sep 30 — passport received with 221 g attached which was issue on pending for fingerprints only
Sept 30 – status was refused for H1
Oct 4 — passport received with 221 g attached which was issue on pending for fingerprints only
Oct 12 —- both H1 and H4 appeared to Embassy for fingerprints with old and new passport and 221g thats it.

Ur not required for any appointment you can go to embessy any business day before 10 am.

Oct 12 — after fingerprints status was changed from
Refused to AP
Oct 13 — ISSUED 😊😊😊😊

Experience 19: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

8th of Oct:
Reached at 9am to the Shivaji Park Metro station from IGI T3 for 10am appointment. Took 15-18min via Metro.

Security person told me to come at 9:30am for my 10am slot..
Reached at 9:30am and i was allowed to proceed to any one of the counters. Took window 4 (my lucky number 🙂 )

Documents asked –

  1. Passport
  2. Appointment Confirmation page
  3. Ds-160 confirmation page
  4. Copy of New I-797 (No need of your previous I-797, i carried it just in case but it wasn’t asked)
  5. Employment Verification Letter
  7. 1 photo


8th – Case received
12th – Administrative Processing
13th – Administrative Processing
14th – Received NIE Approved Email at 11:50am and status changed to Issued sometime in the afternoon.

I’m yet to receive my passport. It still say’s the Passport is with Consulate/Embassy in the CGI portal.

I work in Semiconductor domain and in Hardware role.

Experience 20: H1B + H4 at New Delhi

  • Ds160 filled payment done. In DS160 its mentioned as Chennai consulate. But I have booked Biometric and appointment in Delhi ( No need edit Ds160 based on appointment location)
  • 7/Oct- Biometric 8/Oct – appointment
  • we have reached Delhi on 6 th OCT morning
  • Stayed at the park hotel in connought place
  • 7/Oct biometric afternoon 2.30pm slot , we have reached the location 1:30 pm and I could see 100 + members already waiting with their passports
  • I thought i have reached the location very late then came to know , In the same building N number of VFS are there.
  • security called Canada and USA 2’O clock slot pls go inside only 4 members was there. then 2.15 slots nobody was there. Around 2.5PM security called 2.30 slot for US and Canada can go inside then we went inside
  • Security Scanning done , pendrive CD tablet laptop are not allowed. We can take our mobile inside with Switched off
  • In lift go to -2 level
  • there security will check our appointment letter the will allow to stand in the counter
  • next they will be checking our DS160 confirmation and passport and i797 xerox
  • If name matches in all docs the will ask us to go inside for biometric
  • We have to collect the Token and take the right queue
  • Officer asked the full name and DOB
  • Asked to place left hand 4 fingers, right hand 4 fingers and 2 thumb finger taken photos. Same applies for H4 dependent.

October 8 Visa appointment at 10:20 AM:

  • Started from The park hotel sharp 9 AM taken local auto we have booked the auto 1 day before. that guy taken different route where there is no check post and signal to avoid traffic reached the embassy 9.20 AM.
  • 9.50 Security allowed us inside the building. please note Mobile , back bags and handbags too not allowed. Only files and wallets allowed there is counter you can drop your bags and mobile
  • Security Scanning done they do check watches and mangalsutra ( which means they asking us to show)
  • then 6 rows will be available we can sit wherever we want. based on the row number security will send the people inside.
  • once we enter the bulding they will check passport and I797 and check the biometric.
  • Our biometric appointment and Visa appointment time gap less than 24 hrs and my photo not got updated. They checked do we carry US visa photo. we said No then they send us to new counter to take the picture again and it took 10 mins
  • once done we where waiting in Visa interview queue

Vo : Good morning give me your 1797 passport of yours and dependent and offer letter
me: passed the documents
Vo: what is your highest education
me: answered
Vo: year of passing and which University
me: answered
Vo: how did you get the job and how long you are with them
me : Answered
Vo: what does your company do
me: Answerd
Vo: Client letter
me: no in-house project
VO: give me your NIE letter
me: passed
VO : Show me indian office- offer letter
me: passed

to my dependent VO asked the marriage date and marriage certificate

VO : Iam approving you Visa with 12 months of NIE
me: thank you so much. Have a great day mam

Happy happy, Visa issued

Just be confident guys All the best!

Experience 21: H1B at New Delhi

My Background:

  • Graduated from master’s in May 2017 in the US.
  • First time H1 candidate

Interview Experience:

  • Biometrics on 5th Oct at 10:30AM
  • VAC is 2 floor below the Shivaji metro station.
  • Reached there around 10:40AM by Uber auto
  • Went directly to the guard standing outside, assisting a big line and told him I have an appointment for 10:30. He let me in right away.
  • I had pendrives in my bag so the guard outside VAC said you can’t carry electronics except your phone.
  • There’s a cloak room right in front of the VAC. I stored my bag there and all the documents. They charged Rs. 200.
  • Took inside only the passport, DS160 confirmation, appointment confirmation.
  • Got out of there in about 15 minutes
  • Consular Interview on Oct 7 at 9AM
  • Reached there at 8AM.
  • They ask you to deposit your phone at a small cloak room outside the embassy. They charge 50rs and 50rs deposit.
  • They don’t store bag at that cloak room.
  • There’s a guy right next to the cloak room who takes care of bags. He charges 50rs again. Stored my bag with him.
  • Was put in the line at 8:30
  • The line at Delhi moves slow.
  • Reached VO window around 10:15.
  • Visa Officer was a Indian-American guy (window 19)

Questions Asked:

  1. Passport please – Handed my passport
  2. Tell me about your work sir – Software engineer at Xyz. Blah blah bla
  3. Pleas give me your I-797. – I said “I won’t give you that. Jo karna hai kar lo” bruhhh! (of course not!)
  4. Have you been to US before? – Yes
  5. What were you doing in the US? – I was doing Master’s
  6. Where did you study? – Chuckles University 🤘🏻

Then came the golden words we all have been so desperately begging the great America for

“Your visa is approved, you will get it within 5 days”

Received my stamped and NIE annotated passport on Oct 14th. Not 5 days. I’ll call that VO guy and ask why. 😂

So I am ready to fly to the US any time now. 🙄

Hope this helps! Cheers 🍻

Experience 22: H1B with 221g at New Delhi

Hello, I had my visa interview for H1B at the Delhi consulate today (oct 18th) and it got approved with NIE. This was my second interview after I got 221g(white slip) from Mumbai last week oct 12th.

My interview:

Me: hello, Good morning (gave my documents)
VO: scan your right 4 fingers
Me: (did)
VO: what’s your title?
Me: said
VO: what does your company do. ( I knew this might decide if I qualify for NIE so I answered nervously and the VO could tell that )
Me: responded
VO: it looks like you did your masters in US, where was it from?
Me: said
VO: what’s your degree?
Me: said
VO: Your visa is approved with NIE, you will get your passport in 5 days.
Me: thank you very sir.

The interview experience between Mumbai and Delhi were like night and day. Delhi being far better.

Experience 23: H1B at Kolkata

Hello, I my visa is approved today (oct 18th) with NIE.

My interview:

Me: hello, Good morning (gave my documents)
VO: scan your right 4 fingers
Me: (did)
VO: what’s your title?
Me: ….
VO: who is your end client ?
Me: ….
VO: can you give me your client letter?
Me : …..
VO: asked again what’s this company(confused between employer, vendor and client.)
Me : ……
VO: whats your work location?
Me: ..
VO : currently are you work from this location?
Me: explained due to covid wfh…
VO: job title?
Me : ……
VO : roles and responsibilities?
Me : …..
VO : how long are working with current employer?
Me : …..
VO : what’s your salary ?
Me : …..
VO : when did you complete you masters?
Me : …..
VO : do you have child born in US ?
Me :……
VO : can you provide passport or birth certificate ?
Me : gave him those.
VO : is your wife on H1?
Me : …..
VO : (verifying child passport) this has nothing to do with visa … Looks like your child indian visa expired?
Me : explained that I had applied for oci before expiry
VO : gave documents back….
VO : visa is approved will receive it in 1 week ….
Me : Thank you (with a big grin on face )

🛑🛑🛑🛑 Please don’t over dress to impress ……. 🛑🛑🛑🛑 Not generalizing but sharing information ….

Experience 24: H1B at New Delhi

First time H1B stamping New Delhi EVC layer
VAC appointment: 27th Sept

27th 2:00 PM VAC
Line was fast. Documents checked were Papport, DS160 and Appointmnet Confirmation.

28th 9:30 Time Slot. Reached there by 8:45 AM and the security let us go early.

Visa Interview:
Vo : GM
VO : Pass me your I797A and Passport
Questions asked reading through the computer . Who is your employer ?
DO you have an end client ?
Is there a vendor company between client and employer ?
Whats your role?
What is your highest degree ?
What are your dates of employment ?
When did your OPT start ?
What is your Salary
Are you working with the same company from your OPT ?
Answered above questions. VO said your visa is approved with NIE

Passport ready to be pick up date in 2 weeks

Experience 25: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Appointment date and time: Oct 7th 2021 (11am). Booked the slot on September 20th 2021.

Oct 7th: Reached the center at 9.30am itself. Security let me in around 10.15am. Reached the Dropbox counter by 10.20am after security and temperature check.

Below documents where asked.

  1. Passport
  2. Appointment confirmation letter
  3. DS160 confirmation letter
  4. I797 copy
  5. Employment verification letter
  6. NIE Letter
  7. 1 US passport size photo

My DS160 was initially filled for Chennai but got the appointment for Delhi. It took close to 20 to 30 minutes for the person who were verifying the documents to transfer my application from Chennai to Delhi.

Once done, came out of the center by 11.10am.

Oct 8th: Application Status changed to “Application Received”

Oct 9th, 10th : Weekend and no change in the application status

Oct 11th: Consulate holiday due to Columbus Day and no change in the application status

Oct 12th: Application Status changed to “Administrative Processing”

Oct 13th: Received NIE approval my email at the morning around 10am IST. Around 2pm IST application status changed to “Issued”

Oct 16th: Received my passport in my hand. Opted for premium delivery to my home address. In Visa stamp, the annotation is mentioned as “NIE UNDER ALL P.P.S ON NOVEL CORONAVIRUS”


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