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H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox from October 28th to November 9th, 2021

Below are User experiences for October, November 2021, starting from October 28th to November 9th, 2021 for H1B Visa and H4 Visa for both regular visa stamping and Dropbox. You can check US Visa Stamping Experiences for the entire collection

Experience 1: H1B at New Delhi

Oct 27th : OFC. Really straightforward .Just carry DS-160, Appointment Confirmation and passport
Oct 28th : appointment at 9 am, reached at 8:30 am. Interview started around 9:50.
I’ll get straight to the questions
Q1 : what’s your salary
Q2: what’s your job title
Q3: Where will you be working
Q4: What’s your highest degree
Q5: Why do your company want you to be there.
Q6 : Do you work as a manager ( I don’t. Just my job title has Lead in there)

Visa approved.
Note : They are not asking for NIE. Quite High approval rate I think. Didn’t see any rejection. Maybe they will ask for travel plan. Just mention after Nov 8th and you should be fine

Experience 2: H1B at New Delhi

I have 3 times F1 rejection and once b1 rejection.Its first time H1B and new employer from US.

VAC-Oct25th 10.30 AM
Reached by 9.30 AM to shivaji stadium metro station.
I was confused so many people with different countries are waiting in queue.Later i got this is VAC center for several countries.
Checked with security guy and asked me join in queue to enter in metro

Security Check is done and went to lower basement basically its -2.Security guys assisted me in queu after asking for either biometrics or dropbox because there is another line for dropbox and asked me to switch off the mobile.
There is an outside counter which appointment confirmation ,DS160 confirmation & passport verification will be done as these 3 should have same details including spaces between names.I have space issue in my DS 160 got caught and asked me to get it correct and coome back by 4pm.
There is shop opposite to VAC center in lowerbasement will do assiatnce and made correction by charging 500 INR.Again went to counter and verified and assisted to move inside.Anther security check with verfication of details and attached the barcode on passport asked to collect the counter receipt.
Took counter recipt and moved to counter number 13 and taken finger prints and captured photo.

CA-Oct 28th 8.50 AM
Reached embassy around 8AM and there is queue with ppl standing till 8.30 AM appts.After a minute they have announced to stand in line for 8.50 AM candidates and i am first person to join in queue.
Completed security check [No electronic gadgets are allowed and there is bagage counter ppl are using it] and crossed road towards entry to embassy,One more secuity check for passport and appointment confimration details and allowed inside to Embassy.There was 5 rows to sit for some time and they will allow row wise to attend the interview.
Entered to interview hall and see ppl are sitting on chairs and one guy is assiting one by one to counters.

Finally my turn came to go for counter no 18 where i see the pattern in that counter as

H1B-Not Approved

VO is american lady with full positive smile everytime.

VO:Hey come on Good morning
Me:Good Morning Mam .How are you mam[Passed passport & I797]
VO:I am good .How about You?
Me:I am good Mam thanks with smile.
VO:Verified I-797 photocopy two pages[Original was stuck with USPS].
VO:Is it new Employer offer?
Me:Yes, Mam
VO:How did you get this Oppurtunity?
Me:I got a chance to work with xxx company for one of the service request whcih was logged .During that time i got to know there were openings and applied to it and interviewed me.
VO:What is your current company?
VO:Do yo have end client or Inhouse project?
Me:We have end client and its xxxx
Vo:Wow its xxx. Good.[typing & scrolling in system for 20 secs]
VO:What is your highest education?
VO:Did you complete Masters in India?
Me:Yes, Mam.
Vo:What is your role?
Vo:When are you planning to travel US?
Me:November End Mam
Me:November End Mam
Me November last week
VO:With smile Ok November End.
VO:She started explaining on guidelines after Nov 8 on fully vaccinated and all
Me:I am fully vacinated mam

Vo:finally the golden words came

Stayed in Hotel Smarat which is 1km away from embassy.

Experience 3: H1B at Kolkata

OFC : 27th Oct 2021
Consular Interview : 28th Oct 2021
Sharing my consular interview experience with VO with you beautiful folks! Hope this helps!!

Questions asked –
VO- Good Morning
Me- Good Morning Sir
VO- Pls pass your passport
Me- Gave passport
VO- Was typing something on screen and asked pass me your I-979
Me – gave the document
VO- Asked do you work for client or in-house?
Me- Client
VO- Asked what is your role?
Me- Answered
VO- Asked what is highest qualification?
Me- Answered role mentioned in LCA
VO- Asked me what would the salary?
Me- Answered with salary mentioned in LCA
VO- Asked for client letter?
Me- gave the client letter
VO- Asked do you have US born kid?
Me – Yes, asked do you need to see passport and birth certificate?
VO- Said not required
VO- Tell me what you do for the client?
Me- started telling about project and my roles for 2 mins..
VO- Congratulations your visa is approved and you don’t need NEI as I am exempted and informed that will get your passport back in 1 week, have great day
Me- Thank you! Sir have a great day!!

Thanks for reading!!

Experience 4: H1B with 221g at New Delhi

Hey folks sharing my story to help anyone planning to go for stamping in the next few days:
H1B approval in New Delhi after 221g (due to Travel Ban) in Mumbai
Delhi VAC – October 28
Delhi VI – October 29
VO: Good morning
Me: Good morning and Happy Friday!
VO: So what company do you work for?
Me: Answered
VO: Role and responsibilities
Me: Answered
VO: Since when are you working in this company?
Me: Answered
(I was a bit hesitant so asked “do you need the NIE letter?” VO smiled and said “not required and thankfully won’t be required now that the ban is getting lifted”)
VO: So when are you planning to go back to the US?
Me: Most probably Early December
VO: Great. Just know you need to be vaccinated before you fly
Me: Yes, I’m aware and I’m already vaccinated
VO: Great. So I’m approving your visa. You should get your passport in a week or so. Have a great day!
Me: Thanks and have a great day!
Delhi has been great as said by other folks here and on several social media groups but for people interviewing in other cities, don’t worry much as this NIE bullshit is getting over.

Experience 5: H1B + H4 with Dropbox at New Delhi

I booked my slot on Oct 3rd, by mistake. I had no intention to come to India in October as I was aiming for November/December. I was waiting till 14th October to even decide if I have to use the appointment or cancel. Finally on 15th Morning, I decided to travel to India. Started on 20th from Newark to Delhi – United Airlines(RT-PCR and Air Suvidha). My appointment was at 3 PM on 22nd October in New Delhi VFS center in Shivaji Metro Station. All documents were accepted except my photos. So had to rush outside and get the pics.

22nd October – Submitted Dropbox in New Delhi
23/24 October – Weekend
25th October – Status changed to AR
26th October – Status changed to AP
27th October – Status changed to Issued
29th October – Passport picked up from Chennai.

So actually it just took 3 days to get to Issued status. Thank you to everyone here. One advice if I would give is, if there is a slot available, book it. Beggars can’t be choosers and hence change your travel plans based on the available slots.

All the best to everyone here.

Experience 6: H1B + H4 at New Delhi

Date: October 29th 2021

Good morning Officer !!
VO: Good Morning. Pass me your passports and I-797
VO: Are you guys newly married?
VO: Do you have any kid?
VO: What is your Job role?
Answer: Told my designation and job role as per petition.
VO: End Client or In house project?
Answer: Client project
VO: Who is the client?
VO: I have not heard about this company. How do you spell it?
Answer: Told him the spelling
VO: What do they do?
Answer: Explained him about what client does.
VO: Interesting, which location would you be working?
VO: Do you have any supporting letter which indicates you will be working for them?
Answer: Yes, I have the client letter (Passed him the same)
VO: What is your highest degree? Which University?
VO: Your Petition was approved last year, why are you travelling so late?
Answer: Due to COVID situation.
VO: I am approving your VISA with NIE.
General Observation: VO did not ask about NIE letter to me or any of the candidates who gave H1B interview before me.
While I was seated and waiting for my turn near a different window, that VO also did not ask about NIE to anyone.

It’s my guess that NIE will no longer be the only reason for 221-G refusal ( at least in New Delhi Consulate)

Experience 7: H1B with Dropbox at Kolkata

I had Dropbox appointment on 20th October. Appointment was at 10AM. I came out within 20 mins. NIE Letter, employment letter, old n new I-797 doc, latest photo s, DS-160 confirmation, appointment letter were the only documents submitted. Only xerox copies were submitted.

Questions asked:
Who is your Employer ?
Your current role ?
Which location you are going to work.

20th Application received.
21st Administrative Processing.
24th Issued
26th Passport is ready to pickup
28th collected the passport.

Note: Please take the latest photo of yours which is less than 6 months old and should be different one from the previous copy of visa expired. If the councilor can make out the difference means okay else he will ask you to get the new one.

Experience 8: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Took appointment for Hyd consulate then changed it to Delhi .
19 oct: started from Chicago (Emirates)
21oct: landed in Delhi
22 oct: drop off documents at Shivaji metro station Delhi consular section
The officer at the location asked me the following documents :
One recent photograph with white background
A copy of I-797
A copy of DS-160 confirmation page
A copy of NIE letter from employer
A copy of letter from employer stating I work there from so and so date and about my position details( employer letter)
My passport

27 October: my visa was issued with NIE annotation and I also received an email from the consulate stating my NIE was issued

I am a scientist and my NIE stated my research work related to COVID . It was a three pages long letter from my employer .

Experience 9: H1 + H4 with Dropbox at New Delhi

Appointment Nov 1, 12 pm.
Entry is from backside of Shivaji stadium metro station. US center is at lower level.

6 windows for document submission. Guard will ask you to stand in one of the window

H1 documents:
Appointment confirmation
Ds 160 confirmation
All passports with US visa
One Photo.
Current i797.
Position confirmation letter or employment verification letter
NIE or PP exemption due to US citizen kid.

H4 documents:
Ds 160 confirmation
All passports with US visa
One photo
H4s all previous i797 copy
H1s current i797 copy
H1 position confirmation letter
NIE or PP exemption letter

I only submitted documents for both h1 and h4. Spouse don’t need to go inside. No authorization needed if primary applicant is submitting the documents.

Photo – make sure they meet Specifications. There should not be any shadow in background. No uneven lighting on face. There are few shops opposite to Shivaji metro station (behind petrol pump) which does photo. They look shady but are pro in visa photos. We took photos from them. They click your photo, adjust it in photoshop and then print. Perfect photo in 10-15 minutes. It’s good to get photos from them as I noticed lot of people were told to get photos again as they had one or other issue. No issues for my photos.

I reached on time. Not much rush. It took me 10 minutes at window. Total 20-25 minutes including security check.

Take photocopy of everything with you. All 797 too Incase they ask for it. I had copy of all my i797 but they asked for current only. I asked them if they want old ones but said no need.

Experience 10: H1B at Mumbai

Traveled from Newark to New Delhi on 17th October, reached India on 18th October.
OFC – Kolkata VFS – 22nd October – 1:30PM
Reached 5 mins before the slot, was out by 1:30PM

Consular – Mumbai – 26th October- 9:40 AM
Reached by 8:40 AM, was sitting inside under the shed for 2-2:30 hours
Only two windows were functional- approx 100 people in total were present for the interview process including H1, F1, L1 and H4.
Only one window was taking cases for H1, and related visas but both took cases for F1.
Only questions asked by VO-
Hand over your documents- gave my i797 and passport.
For how long have you been working for this company?
What is your highest degree of education?
And then she told that the visa was approved.
I picked up my passport from Hyderabad consulate on 28th October. The visa has been approved with NIE.

Experience 11: H1B + H4 (Spouse+Kids) at Chennai

Dates: biometric- 29th Oct.
Interview- 02nd Nov
Stamping type: First time US visa.


They took photo of the first grade kid and accepted the photo of the toddler.


Documents asked: passports, i797, client letter.

Questions asked to H1:

  1. Who is your employer
  2. Do you have a client letter
  3. Who is your client
  4. Is it that you won’t be able to access the data unless you are in US?
  5. Where are you going to work?

Questions asked to spouse:

  1. Did you study ‘their specialization’?
  2. Are you working now?

Question to the first grade kid:

  1. So you must be ‘kid’s name’?

That’s it.


  • Don’t go more than 15 minutes earlier to both vac and consulate.
  • Rainy season. Carry an umbrella. Umbrella sales for 200 rs outside the consulate.
  • And if you have to make a phone call auto drivers charge 30rs per call.
  • Best wishes to everyone.

Experience 12: H1B + H4 (2 Kids) at New Delhi

Initially appointment was scheduled at Chennai on 11 November 2021. Received cancellation mail from embassy. Scheduled appointment at Delhi- did not fill new DS 160- used the same one filled for Chennai – VAC at Delhi on 25 October 2021 and CA on 26th October 2021.
VAC-Oct 25th 09.30 AM
Reached by 9.30 AM to Shivaji stadium metro station . So many people were waiting in queue. Checked with security guy and asked me join in queue to enter in metro. This is entry for many countries VAC. Security Check is done and went to lower basement -2. Security guys assisted me in queue after asking for either biometrics or dropbox because there is another line for dropbox and asked me to switch off the mobile.
There is an counter outside in which appointment confirmation, DS160 confirmation & passport verification will be done as these 3 should have same details including spaces between names. They send back people with error to fill new DS 160 and return. Children must also be taken along. Another security check with verification of details and attached the barcode on passport asked to collect the counter receipt. Took counter receipt and moved to counter for finger prints and photo. They tried to capture kids photo. There were difficulties. Please carry photos as per specification. Produced the photos taken earlier. They captured the same and asked to carry the same photo for consulate appointment.

Was out in 20 minutes.

CA-Oct 26th 9.40 AM
Reached embassy around 9.00 AM and there is a queue. Allowed to join the queue with 2 kids . Did not ask for appointment time. Completed security check [No electronic gadgets are allowed and there is baggage counter for a charge]. Crossed road towards entry to embassy – security check for passport and appointment confirmation details and allowed inside to Embassy, where baggage scanning was done. There was 5 rows to sit for some time and they will allow row wise to attend the interview. Waited for almost 30 minutes. One more verification of passport I797 and kids photograph was done – they used the photo that I carried to VAC.
Entered the interview hall and people are sitting in chairs and there are 2 staff assisting and guiding candidates to counters.
Finally, our turn came after 30 minutes. We were randomly sent and in no specific order. Few cases were approved and few not approved. Did not pay much attention.

  • VO was American gentlemen who was cheerful.
  • VO: Good morning
  • Me: Good Morning [Passed passport & I797]. Kids also wished good morning.
  • VO:Verified I-797 Is it first time H1B
  • Me:Yes,
  • VO:How did you get this Opportunity?
  • Me:Answered
  • VO:Great
  • VO:What is your highest education?
  • Me: Answered
  • Vo:What is your role?
  • Me:xxxxx
  • VO: Have you been to US before?
  • Me: Yes on tourist visa
  • VO: Where will stay now?
  • Me: Answered. My spouse is on H1B and told him that we will be joining.
  • VO: turned to the kids and started interacting with them while typing in the system. Asked me to place left hand in the scanner and informed that visas are approved with NIE. If travelling after 8th November, different rules will apply.

Was out of embassy by 11.00 AM.
Stayed at Taj Palace, which was 20 minutes drive from VAC and 8 minutes from Embassy

Oct 27th – Received NIE approval e mail
October 28 – Status showed issued
October 29 – Received mail to collect passport. Collected the same from Chennai VAC

Experience 13: H1B at Mumbai

Biometrics Appointment – Nov 1, 9.30 AM

Guard will give a yellow slip after looking at the appointment confirmation then you enter in the building and visa application center is at 1st floor. Asked to take out DS160 confirmation,Visa Appointment confirmation page and passport. After verifying the details took the fingerprints and told to report at the visa interview on 3rd with all the supporting documents.

Visa Interview – Nov 3rd , 9.00 AM

While in the queue officer made an announcement to take out only I-797, NIE letter and Position Letter(Employment Verification Letter)

I reached half hour early. Not much rush. It took me 5 minutes at window. Total 45 minutes including security check.

Questions asked by VO

  1. Do you have an end client?
  2. Why do you have two I-I797 ‘s do you work for two employers?(Asked for latest only)
  3. Did you overstay in US in F1 or OPT status?
  4. How long have you been working ?

Then VO said your approved with NIE.

Mobile,Laptop ,Smart watch and portable drives are not allowed.

Experience 14: H1B + H4 (Spouse+Kid) with Dropbox at Chennai (USC Kid)

27-Oct : submitted documents
28-Oct : Application Received
1-Nov : Administrative Processing
2-Nov. : Issued
3-Nov : Collected Passport

Submitted documents– all original Current passports, H4 kid older passport which had previously expired stamped visa page and this was returned back after their verification, 1 photo each for the applicant – initially they complained about my photo don’t have space above the head then found another copy which had enough space in it , I 797 photocopy of current and all previous (they returned back the previous H1 & H4) , employment verification letter – no need for job duties , NIE letter physically written no template just your own words along with US citizen kid passport and birth certificate copies

Passport pickup – I got a call to pickup the passport from blue dart. I picked for all 3 of us. My Id proof (driving license) , spouse id proof copy (passport) along with authorization letter from passport just ur own words, kid Id proof (passport) . If spouse comes along with you no need for authorization letter.

Experience 15: H1B at New Delhi

Petition approved in Oct 2020

Nov 2nd VAC in Delhi 12:00pm
Reached Sivaji Metro station on time. Had a laptop bag so dropped it at a locker nearby store in the concourse level[Rs.200]. Phones are allowed inside in switched off mode.
I have renewed my passport after booking appointment. VAC staff updated my new passport details in my ustraveldocs profile. They took photo, fingerprints and pasted the barcode on the back of my passport and gave it back to me.
In and out in 10mins.

Nov 3rd Consular in Delhi. 11:10pm appointment
I stayed in a hotel nearby. Walked to the Consular section of US Embassy[20mins walk]
Reached there by 9:50am. There was not much crowd. They allowed me inside already.

Scanned the barcode on my passport in the entrance. Security check is done and waited for around 40mins in the waiting area[waiting area had 6 rows of seats]. They called inside one row after another.
After they called me in At counter 2 they verified my passport and I797 receipt and they sent me to the interview counters.
Made me to stand in line for counter 16[A lady].
She rejected 2 F1 visas before me.
Here are the questions that she asked me.
Me: Good morning
VO: Good morning, What’s your purpose of visit
Me: H1B
VO: pass me your passport and I797
Passed the documents
VO: after looking at the company name – What does your company do?
I explained about my company
VO: Do you have an end client
I explained about the work nature of my company and who our customers are, I told eventhough we work for clients we do not leave our work location
VO: What is the name of your customer?
VO: Which city are you based out in the US
Me: Explained where I am located. I also mentioned it is the same city I completed my Master’s from
VO: Nice to know you have Master’s. What’s your Job duties as a software developer, explain shortly what your are doing for your current customer?
Me: Explained briefly about my current project
VO: Showed me a white laminated sheet with points explaining the constraints & restrictions of H1B visa. Asked me if I have read that before while submitting Ds-160. I remembered reading that so I told yes
VO: your visa is approved, you will get your passport in 5-10 days

No questions asked about NIE or any other documents are verified.

I was out of the embassy even before my appointment time 11:10. 😄Hope this helps someone.

Experience 16: H1B + H4 with Dropbox at New Delhi (USC Child)

Sept 8 submitted in Delhi VAC: They took all applicable documents from the list that came in the appointment confirmation.Sept 9 application recieved

Sept 10 administrative processing

Sept 10 refused (i.e – admin processing)

Sept 13 H4 issued (H1b same status)

Sept 14 PP tracking says “recieved from counsulate and processing for delivery”

Sept 15 pciked up passport – H1b got white slip to appear for interview (H4 visa issued on the passport)

Sept 20 appeared for interview in Delhi. Interview was fine, they wanted to learn more about what I do etc.
VO said more processing is needed and sent me to a different window. I was given a form which said I need to wait from an email from advanceprocessing@state.gov with instruction and form (DS-5535) to provide. Passport was returned.

Sept 24, I reached out via CGI website to let them know I did not get the email.

Sept 28, recieved email to submit DS-5535 (15 years of travel, work and stay history). Apparently, its for an extensive security and background check.

Sept 29, submitted the filled out DS-5535 (all travel was between India and USA)

Oct 27, received email to submit passport (status still shows refused with a recent case updated date.

Oct 27, submitted passport at Hyderabad VAC (passport tracking status updated to “Your passport is being delivered to post” (it will go to Delhi consulate because that is where the case is being processed))

Oct 28, passport status updated to “Your passport is still with the US Embassy/Consulate”. Application status updated to “Administrative Processing”

Nov 1, application status updated to Issued

Nov 2, passport status updated to “preparing for post”

Nov 3, Picked up passport with visa. It has an annotation that says “Clearance recieved” with a date.

Experience 17: H1B + H4 at Chennai

Went in at 11.15 AM and came out at 11.30

Documents asked – DS160 Confirmation, Passport and Appointment confirmation.

Went in at 8:45AM and came out at 9.30 AM.

No waiting Outside , directly went inside . Took 10 mins to reach VO after security check.

VO: Pass your passport
Me: Sure
VO: Do you have USC kid
Me: Yes( didn’t ask any documents)
VO: What is your salary?
Me: Xxx per annual
VO to my wife: What’s your education
Wife: so and so degree
VO: your visa is approved and safe journey
Me: Thank you, have a good day.

It was a smooth experience overall. Everyone getting green form . VO didn’t even ask I797 form.

Experience 18: H1B at New Delhi

Appointment center: New Delhi
Appointment date: Oct 7th, 2021

  • Entered counter and she requested petition documents. I only gave I797 instead of hiving all the documents.
  • VO asked few questions regarding my client site – Answered
  • NIE letter – submitted employer and client letter as client add some statements related to NIE in the letter.
  • Second h1 or first h1 – 1st h1
  • When my opt ended – Gave her the date
  • How I am working in between period from OPT to H1 – working through CPT as I am interested in Project Management course
  • She took blue form and said I need additional documents, please follow the instructions on the form
  • The form has marked petition documents and IT returns of mine and my employer
  • Submitted them by my employer on Oct 12th
  • Received response to submit passport on Oct 22nd
  • Submitted passport on Oct 25th
  • Status updated to issued on Nov 5th

Learnings: I might have gave her all petition documents when she requested instead of I797

Experience 19: H1B at New Delhi

Biometric – 29th Oct

Consulate interview – 1st Nov

Biometric experience:-

They allowed completing biometric on time.

Documents asked:-DS160 confirmation page, Appointment letter, and Passport.

Experience at consulate :The appointment was at 9:10 AM.

Counter# 21.

Documents asked by consulate:-PassportOriginal i797 approval notice(However, I carried a lot of other documents just in case if they need we could have provided)


  • Place where I work?
  • Who is your Client?
  • Position?
  • Roles and Responsibilities?
  • Highest education?
  • Which university have you completed your highest education in?
  • No of years experience(with employer and client)
  • When are you planning to go back?

Answered all questions.

She said your visa is approved and passport will be delivered in a few days.

On Nov 1st case was created.

On Nov 2nd status changed to Administration processing.

On Nov 5th status was updated to Issued.

Experience 20: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Location: Shivaji Stadium Metro Station Level -2

Documents submitted:

  1. Appointment Confirmation
  2. DS-160 Confirmation
  3. 1 Photograph as per US Visa Specifications
  4. One photocopy of I-797
  5. Employment Verification Letter
  6. NIE letter

Some applicants did not get photo as per US Visa spec. Some did not have photocopies of documents, VAC assistant requested applicants to get it. Assistants let people to get photo and photocopy and come back on the same day even if appointment time is already past.

Inquired about processing time:

Approximately one week

Inquired about need for NIE letter for appointments on Nov 8th or later:

Consular assistant responded she can’t comment. VAC center has been instructed to collect NIE letter until further notice.

Experience 21: H1B + H4 (Spouse) at New Delhi

VAC appointment(2nd Nov) &
Consulate appointment(3rd Nov)
DS 160 filled for Chennai. Booked appointments in Delhi thanks to the h1/h4 visa telegram group where ppl post screenshot of consulate appointment availability.

VAC appointment at 11:30am :
Reached the Shivaji metro station at 10:00 and not allowed at -2 level where US VAC is located. Waited till 11am at the waiting area at -1 level.
Advice all to reach the location no more than 30mins before the appointment time.
Asked to stand in a queue for biometrics and keep latest passport, DS160 and appointment letter handy.
There are 2 counters for DS160 verification. They verify literally each alphabet on your DS160 confirmation page with the passport. My surname has an apostrophe and had to wait for 5mins at the counter till the situation is clarified.
Once the DS160 is verified you need to get security check done where they ask you to switch off mobile and let you in the biometrics hall. In the hall they stick a barcode on the back of your passport (this i think is required at the consulate) and give you a token. Collect the token and waiting for your turn. Proceed to the counter on the digital display. Biometrics and photo is taken(without the specs). I guess the photo comes on your visa so dress appropriately.
All in all process done in 20mins.

Consulate appointment at 10:40:
Reached consulate gate at 10:10am. Kept my debit cards and all other electronics at the hotel. Deposited my mobile at the counter for Rs.50 on the opposite side of the road.
3 layers of security done. Please keep latest passport, appointment letter and I797 handy. No one asked for my DS160 at the consulate. You then proceed to the waiting zone. There are 6 seating rows in the waiting zone and they call 2 rows in at a time.
Once the guard let’s your row in you enter the actual interview room where you again stand in queues to get your passport and i797 verified. Then proceed to the mail area where the interview counters are located and wait for your turn.

VO smiling : Good morning. How are you guys.
Me and spouse: Good morning. Hope you are well
VO: Thanks. Asks if I we both are together and if I am the primary applicant.
Me: yes and spouse is h4.
VO: asks for passport and i797. Reads it and then asks if you work for this company in US
Me : some goof up in understanding and answer that I work for xxx since yy years
VO : oh I mean do you work in the US
Me: No. I work here in Bangalore. I’ll be deputed to my client location at zzz in US
VO: Who is the client ?
Me : abc is the client. It’s the subsidiary of ccc and the xth largest sss of the US
VO : can you spell the client name please ?
Me : answered
VO : what do you do ?
Me : …2 sec pause to think as there’s so much to tell… described it in short 3 generic sentences .
VO : How much is your salary ?
Me : answered
VO : where would you stay ?
Me : Planning to get a rented accomodation
VO : Have you been to US before ?
Me : No
VO: Place your left hand on the device for biometrics. Indicating my spouse to come forward.
VO: Now it’s your turn.
Me: I step aside and let her move near the counter
VO: Wat were you working in India?
Spouse : answered in 2-3lines
VO: Since how many years are you married ?
Spouse: answered x.y years
VO: what will you do in US ?
Spouse : answered
VO smiling : Are you excited to go to US ? (Us feeling very relaxed at
this break from the formal conversation)
Spouse: answered
VO: Your visas are approved. Please read this booklet to know your rights. Handed me a small booklet and passes our i797 back. Keeps the passports.
Me and my spouse : thank you.

Be well dressed and confident. No one got rejected before me. Saw one H1B+h4 couple in another counter and a h1b single applicant

Nov4: Admin processing
Nov5: Issued.

Thanks to this group and to others for sharing their interview experiences. I owe this long post to the group. All the best 👍

Experience 22: H4 with Dropbox at Cochin (Chennai IW)

25 Oct – Dropped documents at Cochin( Chennai IW)
26 Oct to 27 Oct- No status
28 Oct – Application Received
2 Nov- Administrative Processing
3 Nov- Issued
5,6 Nov – Bluedart Holiday
7 Nov- Premium delivery to Coimbatore address(Paid Rs.650 cash)

Documents asked for H4

  1. Appointment confirmation letter
  2. DS160 Confirmation page
  3. Passports (Current and old passport with last visa stamped)
  4. Primary applicants current I797 copy
  5. Primary applicants last stamped Visa copy
  6. Primary applicants old I797 copy with which last Visa was stamped
  7. Primary applicants employment verification letter
  8. NIE letter(Provided cover letter for USC with passport and birth certificate copies)
  9. 1 photo( Given photo not accepted so had to take another one outside the VFS)
  10. Paid fee Rs.650 cash as it is Kochi location

Visa status check after dropping: https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx?App=NIV

Passport Tracking : http://cdn.ustraveldocs.com/in/in-niv-passporttrack.asp

Bluedart tracking for passport delivery: Enter the UID number(8 digits) from the Appointment confirmation letter in Ref No. https://www.bluedart.com/home

Experience 23: H1B at Hyderabad

Date:8th November
Appointment time: 10:15
Reached Hyderabad consulate by 9 and was allowed to stay in line since 9. But was only sent when my time slot was asked to. Would suggest get into the line 30-45 before. No more.
At the gate, they check yours passport and ds160 that is stamped during the fingerprints. So do carry the the same ds160 that you took for the finger prints.

Get into the gate and take a tray and place all your belongs and sit down for them to call you. They call sequentially.

Once called in, place the tray with all your items and go for scanning.

Do not carry anything other than documents. No smart watches.
The lady would check all the documents and send your to another place to sit and wait. It’s a 100-200 meter walk.

Will have to wait at the place and again will be called sequentially.

Finally I was called in to the counter.

VO: step forward mr.
Me: Thank you mam and good morning.
VO: can you pass your employment letter.
VO: How do you know this company
Vo: what is the client
VO: spell the client
VO: give me any documents related to the client.
VO: what does client do?
VO: what does your employer do
VO: how did you get to know this opportunity.
VO: what is your pay
VO: where would you stay
VO: what’s your highest qualification
VO: your visa is approved. Please scan your right hand finger prints.
VO: thank you and have a nice day!!!

VO and you both will be wearing masks. JFYI.

Experience 24: H1B + H4 with Dropbox at New Delhi (USC Kid)

10/29 – We flew from SFO to Delhi (United airlines) and landed around 1AM, stayed for the morning in ibis New Delhi Aerocity, its a decent hotel.

10/29 – Submitted docs for H1/H4
Docs submitted:

  1. DS 160 confirmation ( completed with Chennai location)
  2. Appointment confirmation
  3. I-797 Copies
  4. Employer Letter with position title mentioned
  5. US Citizens kids birth certificate and passport copies
  6. Cover letter explaining exempted from PP
  7. Photos
    I saw some people carrying backpacks, but I used locker facility near by and they charged me 200Rs.

11/01 – status changed to received
11/01-11/02 – admin processing
11/03 – Issued
11/08 – Premium delivery to my home for both h1/h4, they charged me 650Rs for each passport.

Experience 25: F1 to H1B at New Delhi

VAC Kolkata Nov 7th 1.30 PM
Reached there by 1 PM and allowed me inside by 1.15 and the process was so smooth. Gave my fingerprints and they took a photograph and came out even before my actual appointment time.
Documents asked Passport, interview Confirmation and DS 160 Confirmation.

CA Delhi Nov 9th 11.30 AM
Reached there by 10.30 AM and they allowed me inside. Waited for few mins after security check where some chairs are arranged to seat. And then they called by row inside the office.
Inside it is a 2 step process.
Initial counters to verify the documents that I brought for the interview. Once verification is done they asked me to stand in interview line.
Went to Counter 16, VO was a American Lady, Asked my passport and I797
Questions Asked:

  1. What does xxxx company do ( referring to my employer in I797)
  2. Asked about client and layers in between, also asked to show letters if any to justify the layers.
  3. Asked if I am working with the same client in US.
  4. Work model
  5. Asked if I had done my masters.
  6. When did I got my H1B.
  7. When did you graduate
  8. What you did after you graduate.
  9. Did you do second degree after OPT

And asked about if I read about H1 visa rights while filling application and if any questions in that. I said No.
Then scanned my right hand four fingers and finally she said your visa is approved and mentioned that I will receive my passport in 1 week.


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