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H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox from October 19th to October 27th, 2021

Below are User experiences for October 2021, starting from October 19th to October 27th, 2021 for H1B Visa and H4 Visa for both regular visa stamping and Dropbox. You can check US Visa Stamping Experiences for the entire collection

Experience 1: H1B at New Delhi (USC Kid)

Oct 17- OFC
Have to switch off phones inside.
Whole process took about 10-15 min

OCT 18- consular appointment
-Reached at 9:20

  • They started letting us in as soon as I got there.
  • Check Passport and I797 and let us in
  • security check. Phones and gadgets not allowed.
  • after security check waited in waiting area for 1-2 hrs.
  • took fingerprints again and also checked I797 and passport again.
  • finally got to the Interview section
  • QUESTION ASKED (Told them I have usc kid)
  • Where r you going?
  • Where did you live before in America?
  • How long are you working for this client?
  • Where was your child born?
  • Birthdate?
  • VO-Since you have American citizen u don’t need Nie. That’s great saves both of us time.
  • VO- your visa is approved your passport will be approved in 5-6 days.
  • VO- you can travel anytime after your receive passport. Watch out for Rule changes that are happening next month.

Experience 2: H1B + H4 (Spouse+Kid) at New Delhi

Having an H1B extension with i140 approved
Final result : Approved with NIE

VAC Date time : 7th-Oct-2021 9:00 am.
VAC Experience:

  • Documents required : DS-160 Confirmation, Appointment confirmation, Passport.
  • Reached 30 mins before.
  • Mobile is allowed in switched off mode.
  • Bag is also allowed.
  • No electrinocs items are allowed to carry.

Reached counter, which is 2 level down:

  1. Documents verifed by officer.
  2. Went inside office for Biometrics and photograph.
  3. Officer verified documents again and checked dates and pasted sticker on passport for next day appointment at embassy.
  4. I had carried my minor’s passport,his documents and photograph as well, as he did not accompany us. Please ensure that the photograph is as per the required specifications without any border and white background

Embassy experience:
Interview Date time : 08-Oct-2021 8.30 am.

Documents required : I797B, NIE letter, One photograph with white background(If you dont have then also its fine, They will click it there),DS-160 Confirmation, Appointment confirmation, Passport.

  • Reached 30 mins before.
  • On right side of road there is a booth where mobile and bag can be stored with charge of 50INR each.Token will be provided. You can carry your wallet with you
  • Security called for people who belongs to next 1 hour slot, checked them and sent to other side of road.
  • Again security check, passport check.
  • Moved forward through gate and there was a queue again for secutity check, Again where check up happpens with metal detector and body temp gets check.
  • Later sent to a hall where there are six rows and people were getting sent to interview row by row in round robin fashion.
  • On my turn, went inside, On First counter, Officer asked for Passport for all of us and I797B and a photograph of the kid.
  • Moved on to later counters where interviews were getting conducted.

My turn at counter # 18. The VO was an Indian American lady in her late 40s

me : Good morning
VO : Good morning (had a serious face)
VO : Please pass on your I797B and Passport.
me : Passed on
VO: which company do you work for?
ME: answered
VO: What is the strength of your company?
Me: answered
VO: Please pass me your NIE letter and the employment verification letter
Me: passed the letters
VO : What do you do at XYZ company
me : answered
VO: Meanwhile the VO started reading my NIE letter for a minute. She glanced through both the pages.
VO : Your last visa expired in 2017
Me: yes and since then I’ve been in US
VO: can you pass your previous I797 documents
Me: passed all my original I797 documents
VO : checked each of the previous I797 docments and started typing something for a minute or so.
VO: Asked my wife to put her right hand 4 fingers on the scanner.
VO: Asked me to put my right hand 4 fingers on the scanner.
VO: Congratulations, Your Visa is approved along with NIE.I am keeping your passport and asked me to collect rest of the documents.
me : Thanks for the decision and have a good day

Good luck everyone..!!

Experience 3: H1B + H4 (Spouse+Kid) at New Delhi

  • VAC New Delhi ( 10th Oct – 2:00pm ):
  • Reached the Shivaji Metro Station at 1:30pm. They only allow you inside half an hour prior to your time after checking on the appointment sheet.
  • Entry from the backside. Security check and metal scan completed.
  • Proceeded to a lift and went to the below level marked by button ‘C'(for Concourse).
  • Once out of lift, walk towards the VAC entrance queue (diagonally right from lift).
  • In the queue it is advisable to be ready with your DS160 confirmation pages and passport.
  • Near the entrance to the VAC entrance, on window counter your appointment confirmation, DS160 and passports will be verified. They affix a slip behind each of your passports.
  • Once completed, you will be asked to enter the entrance and move towards a security personnel (he might ask you to take out metallic things and show him).
  • Once that is done you move to another counter where they check your documents again and after stamping them will ask you move to a personnel who gives you a token slip.
  • Take that slip to the directed counter where biometrc submission will happen.
  • The official behind the window wil ask you to confirm your name and DOB.
  • You will be asked to give prints of all 8 fingers and then both thumbs on the scanner kept at your side of the window.
  • Photo was taken by the camera installed on the official’s side. For my kid, they asked for a recent photo and took its image via the camera since my kid was being unruly 😛 .
  • They will then inform you about the time and date of your Embassy interview.
  • This completed all formalities and we exited the gate. We completed all this before 2pm which was the actual time on the appointment time. 😛

Consular Appointment New Delhi ( 18th Oct – 8:50am )

  • We reached by 8am and there was a queue across the embassy entrance where locker facility for mobiles and a separate one for bags was present). We submitted 2 mobiles @100 rupees as my wife’s handbag with our kid’s stuff was allowed. It is advisabe to reach even earlier to avoid any delays due to locker queue.
  • We joined the embassy queue at 8:10am. They call you in queue as per your appointment time.
  • Before the queue reaches the main entrance, they scan your passport slips stuck behind them during your VAC process earlier.
  • Note that if you are with a kid , you will be asked to jump the line 😉 and get ahead of the queue.
  • First is the security and metal scanner(make sure you have no electronics again). After this you will directed to a waiting area with 6 rows of metal benches. In batches, they will ask you to sit and wait for your row-call.
  • Upon the row-call, you will be asked to proceed to the area where interview windows are located. We were again asked to proceed ahead of the line and directed to a window with an indian officer who checked my(H1B primary applicant) I-797 and all dependent passports.
  • No questions were asked here and she asked us to proceed to the actual interview area.
  • We waited for our turn in the interview queue( proper masking and social distancing was followed at all times). On our turn, we all proceeded towards the VO’s window.The VO was an American lady.
    VO Q&A:
  • VO: Good morning smiling
  • We: Good morning. How are you?
  • VO: Good.Thank you! Please pass me your I-797 and passports please.
  • We: * Passed the asked documents.Shes starts typing *
  • VO: Who is your employer?
  • We: Named my employer XYZ Inc.
  • VO: What is your role there?
  • We: Named my designation as per the documents and started explaining my duties as she didnt stop looking at me.Mentioned keywords of my technologies and domains(VO typing)
  • VO: Is this your client or employer?
  • We: Explained that il be working on a contractual position for another client ABC but will be on payroll with XYZ Inc. (VO typing)
  • VO: Where will you be staying?
  • We: * Explained that due to pandemic il be working remotely from my employer XYZ’s location and then possibly move onto that of my client’s – ABC
  • VO: For how long have you been working for them?
  • We: * Explained that this is my first time for stamping with them but have 9+ years prior industry experience*.(VO typing)
  • VO: What will be your annual salary?
  • We: Answered in just the anuual figure in USD.
  • VO: Have you ever been to the US before?
  • We: Yes. mentioned my tourist visa stint and travel month-year to Atlanta. Also mentioned that i visisted my sister and brother-in-law there as I had this mentioned in DS160 already.
  • VO: How did you like there?
  • We: * Mentioned that it was a bit away from downtown but i liked the peace and quiet there *.
  • VO: Do they still live there?(my sister and brother-in-law)
  • We: Yes.
  • VO: Are you aware you need an NIE for travel to the US?
  • We: Yes and I have an NIE letter from my employer (Handed it over to her.She glanced at it and started typing).
  • VO: I would also like to ask some questions from your wife.
  • We: I back stepped and picked up my son and wife took over my place.
  • VO: How old is the kid?(smiling)
  • We: Answered.
  • VO: What will you do in the US?
  • We: Answered.( * mentioned mainly taking care of the child and house as she had IT experience too. But specifically answered that she will only resume her job after returning to india )
  • VO: Your VISA is approved with NIE. You will be receiving your passports within 7 days so please plan your travel after that. Here is a pamphlet describing your rights in the US as a legal non-immigrant worker. Please carry your original I-797 at all times during travel and port of entry for immigration processing purposes. ( Handed me back my I-797, NIE letter and the pamphlet).
  • We: Thank you so much. Have a nice day! All smiles *
  • So, we exited post that from the building before 9am thanks to the preferential treatment due to the toddler. Stay confident and have a pleasant smile at all times in front of the VO. I had carried my MSA,LCA and educational certificates in original but were never required but would be advisable to plan for all scenarios.

Experience 4: H1B at New Delhi

VAC : 18th October
Appointment time scheduled: 9 am

Reached the VAC center at 8.10 am
Had to wait for 10 minutes and security let me in after validating appointment confirmation
Documents required: DS-160 confirmation page, appointment confirmation page and passport

Entered vac office at 8.30 am. Asked for the above documents and the biometric and photo was taken

Completed the vac process in 5 minutes (8.35 AM)

Suggestion: Go early if you want to complete the process early

Consular interview experience:
Date: October 19th
Scheduled appointment time: 9 am

Reached the venue at 7.45 am. There was a huge crowd at that time.
Queues were formed based on your appointment timings

First security check : 8.00 am
Drop off any electronic devices and bags at the counter outside the center

We were asked to enter the consulate building
Second security check: 8.15 am

Documents: passport and I-797 A
After waiting for about 10 minutes at the waiting area we were sent inside

Keep the above documents handy and will be sent to one of the validation counters. Once that is done you will be seated and you will have to wait for your interview turn

Interview time: 9.10 am
Counter: 10

  1. Give your passport and I-797
  2. Do you work at direct employer or client ?
  3. What does your company do?
  4. How long you have been associated with the company?
  5. Were you in US before?

Approved visa with NIE

Suggestions: Arrive early as it’s crowded; Overall process will take close to 1.5 hours

Stayed at: The park hotel, CP; Close to VAC, 7 Km from US embassy

Experience 5: H1B + H4 at New Delhi

1) Initially, got appointments for Mumbai for 2022.
2) When trying to look for earlier dates, found slots for Delhi for Oct 2021.
3) VAC appointment
Was allowed to enter 30 mins before time. In & out in 10 mins.
They took fingerprints for us.
DS-160 for Child under 14 was clubbed with spouse. For the child, photo was scanned & returned.
For me & spouse, actual live photos were taken.
4) Consular Appointment
Post security checks we were let inside & had to wait there.
After some time, were called for document checks.
Documents asked – 797B, passports, employment verification letter, NIE letter.
My case file was still in Mumbai & had to be transferred (Happened within 5 mins.)
Thereafter, has to wait in the queue for VO interview.

5) Visa Questions
i) Submit your 797, passports, nie letter, employment verification letter
VO went through them and then later asked following questions:
ii) Who is your petitioner
iii) How long have your been working for your petitioner
iv) Where are your currently employed and how did you get job with petitioner?
v) Roles & responsibilities
vi) What is your highest qualification
vii) Salary
viii) Location
xi) Designation

6) Finally, VO uttered the golden words “Your visa is approved with NIE”. We thanked the officer & came out.
7) 6th day from interview received all 3 passports with NIE annotation.
(Passport status changed from administrative processing to issued directly)

Experience 6: H1B + H4 at Hyderabad (USC Kid)

VO: hi
Me: GM Officer.
VO: pass on the passports & ds160 confirmations.
Me: gave him the documents
VO: only 2 applicants? Is your kid us citizen
Me: yes
VO: can you provide her passport?
Me: gave him the passport
VO: looked at the picture and commented she was tiny
Me: We got her passport when she was 5 months old
VO: where do you work?
Me: my company name
VO: which city?
Me: xxxxx
VO: do you work for a consultant?
Me: my employer is my direct employer (I am not into IT industry)
VO: what is your title?
Me: explained in 2 sentences
VO: typed something in the system. Then asked for more details
Me: explained my job duties and importance of position in my company.
VO: what is your salary?
Me: xxxxxx
VO: are you going back to the same city?
Me: yes
VO: asked my wife’s finger prints and then mine
Me: did our finger prints (had a small chat about my daughter)
VO: your visa are approved. Will notify once ready
Me: thanks much. Stay safe.

He did not ask any questions to my wife. She is on H4 ead and is working. I felt he was a rookie and asked standard questions. This is my 5th visa interview and the longest interview I ever had. I hope this will be of any help to you guys.

Btw, the person before us was for F1 visa and was rejected. He struggled little bit on couple of questions. However I noticed few f1 approvals. Good luck to all.

Experience 7: H1B at New Delhi

VAC : 19th October
Appointment time scheduled: 9.30 am

Reached the VAC center at 8.45 am
Had to wait for 10 minutes and security let me in after validating appointment confirmation
Documents required: DS-160 confirmation page, appointment confirmation page and passport

Entered vac office at 9.10 am. Asked for the above documents and the biometric and photo was taken

Completed the vac process in 5 minutes (9.20 AM)

Suggestion: Go early if you want to complete the process early

Consular interview experience:
Date: October 20th
Scheduled appointment time: 9.40 am

Reached the venue at 8.35 am. There was a huge crowd at that time.
Queues were formed based on your appointment timings

First security check : 8.45 am
Drop off any electronic devices and bags at the counter outside the center

We were asked to enter the consulate building
Second security check: 9.00 am

Documents: passport is only validated nothing else
I had to wait for almost 45 mins in the waiting Hall. I didn’t like the way security is allowing us to go in since they aren’t sending based on your appointment time. They randomly pick rows and send in

Keep the documents handy i797 original, passport recent one and will be sent to one of the validation counters. Here they validate your i797 and passport. No photographs. Once that is done you will be seated and you will have to wait for your interview turn. This waiting is also based on the security team preference.

Interview time: 10.10 am
Counter: 15

  1. Give your passport and I-797 and do you have invite letter, nie letter, company verify letter?
  2. Which company you work for?
  3. What does your company do?
  4. How long you have been associated with the company?
  5. Were you in US before?
  6. Why you want to go to US?
  7. Location in US

Approved visa with NIE

Suggestions: Arrive early as it’s crowded, Overall process will take close to 2 hours

Experience 8: H1B at New Delhi

Biometrics- October 3rd @ Delhi
My appointment was at 2pm but they allowed me at 1 PM and Had to undergo security check and reached VAC. They allowed Bag and Phone(Switched off) but didn’t allow smart watches and airpods.

Interview- October 6th @ Delhi
Appointment was at 8:20 AM, went inside on time, they do a security check and then will ask us to wait in rows. They call us row by row for the interview.
Once inside, the first thing they do is verify your 797 and passport and then send us to next room.
Here actual interviews happen.

VO: Good Morning!!!
Me: Good Morning mam, How are you?
VO: Pass me your passport and I-797
Me: passed them to her
VO: Which company do you work for?
Me: Answered
VO: What do you do for this company?
Me: Answered with my jobduties(Mentioned i have an end client as well)
VO: How long have you been working for this company?
Me: Answered( I changed my employer recently)
VO: Is this a new job offer?
Me: Yes
VO: Where were you working before?
Me: Answered with my old employer name and mentioned that I working with same client even then.
VO: How long have you been working for the client?
Me: Answered( I have been working with the same client for very long)
VO: Thats pretty long.
Me: Yes Mam.
VO: Have you been to US before?
Me: Yes mam, I was on F1 before persuing my masters ( mentioned major as well)
VO: Where were you staying then?
Me: Answered the location along with my university name.
VO: What is your annual salary?
Me: Answered as per LCA
VO: Where will stay now?
Me: Answered
VO: Do you know you need to have NIE letter from your employer inorder for me to approve your visa?
Me: Yes Mam, I do have it
VO; Great Let me see it
Me: Passed the letter to her.
She barely looked at it for about 40 seconds and then said your Visa and Nie both are approved.☺️

Next day received email with NIE approval.

Same day status changed to administrative processing and after 2 days it changed to issued.

Picked up passport and it came with NIE annotation on it.

Experience 9: H1B at New Delhi

IT Sector, Software Engineer role.

Delhi VAC 20 Oct, 2021 10 AM:

Entire process took about 30 mins. I got there 30 mins before, went right inside and stood in the line.
Keep your passport, DS-160 confirmation and appointment confirmation handy at all the time. No other documents were checked.

Delhi Consular Interview 21 Oct, 2021 10 AM:

Entire process took about 2 hours. Make sure you get there at least an hour early to account for all the security checks and wait.
Strictly, no electronics allowed. Not even smartwatch. I only carried my file-folder and wallet with me. Water bottle is allowed, I saw a couple of them holding water bottles.

Keep your passport and I-797 document handy at all the time.

Got there at around 9 AM.
Handed over my mobile phone (50 INR) and my backpack (50 INR) at the first security check.
Went inside the Consulate for the second security check.

Fingerprints were checked. My photo was not updated from my VAC appointment, so they had to retake my photo again. They asked if I had a passport size photo with me, I did not.

Waited almost an hour inside to get to the actual interview.

The guy before me took almost 10 mins, I think he was going to the US for the first time on H1 (job was something to do in the automobile industry), he was asked to present several documents, back and forth documents check, the VO went behind carrying his documents. I assume he was asked to present some more documents, very sadly, I think he was given 221g or rejected.

My turn:

Presented my passport + I797, no other documents were checked.
Asked about my highest degree, my company and a little bit about job description.

Took about 2 mins. He told my visa was approved with NIE. I could see most of them with approved visas.

Experience 10: H1B + H4 (Spouse+Son) with Dropbox at Chennai

We all 3 had 797 approval. We prepared bulk document copies(100+ pages). Any these are all the document asked to submit by the officer.

  • All original passport current passport for all 3
  • Any previous original passports of all of us having stamping of same class
  • each 1 photos
  • current and one previous approved 797 of mine (primary applicant)
  • no need of any 797s of dependents
  • NIE letter of primary applicant 1 copy
  • employment verification or position verification letter 1 copy

My appointment was at chennai

  • they allowed us IN, just 10 mins before only
  • they allowed only me to submit docs
  • they allow to take any number of mobile, bags and water bottle, I mean n restrictions for dropbox.

Experience 11: H1B at Hyderabad

Oct 21st – 221g white slip (he kept my passport though)
Reached office 1 hr before and waited for almost 1-30 hr.
I was directed to VO and his age seems to be in between 35-40.
Before me there was a F1 student and he too got remarks for administrative process and he din’t approved his visa.
Next my turn: He directed me to take the pamphlet present before me.
VO- do you work for this employer(he referred my client, I guess he saw in my ds160)
Me- i said that’s my end client
VO- who’s your petitioner then?
Me- I said my employer name
VO- what’s your designation and what do you do at client location
Me- I said my designation and said 1-2 lines what I do and then he stopped
VO- asked about employment verification letter, client letter, pay slips, W2 form, salary.
Me- I showed all the documents
VO- who uses the application that you work on?
Me- gave the answer
VO- he asked about my clients full name and what does it do?
Me- I gave him the answer.
VO- he then said something about president proclamation and need some administrative process and he handed over me a white slip with a case number and he said it will 3-5 days to get update.
Me- I tried to show him NIE letter but he refused and said not needed and I took the slip and came out of the office.

I heard the same guy gave 221g white slip for one of the guys in fb groups and later it got approved. So hoping the same for me as well. 🤞.

Experience 12: H1B at New Delhi

Stayed at : Novotel Aerocity (4000 odd per day) however food is very expensive

Use Uber for all transport, readily available

Aerocity to VAC- 35 mins
Aerocity to Embassy-25 mins
Aerocity to airport- 10 mins
Travel time was between (7 am to 8.30 am for both destinations)

VAC – 20th Oct
10:00 AM
Reached the VAC at about 9.00
Security personnel allowed us to enter prior to appointment time as we had an infant. We were asked to switch off mobile phones. We stood in a short queue and we entered around 9.40 and after documents were verified got tokens and completed by 9.55.
21 Oct -Consular
Appointment 9.00 am
Reached the embassy at 8:00am
Locker facility available for mobile phones etc. When 9 appointments were asked to stand in queue we were allowed to walk through as there was a separate queue for infants
1st counter- Passports and I797 were evaluated.
No tokens were issued. Just counters based on the order we were called along with dependents.
VO : Good morning
Self: wished her back
VO: Asked for I797 and Passports
Self: handed them over
VO: what is your location
Self: answered
VO: Company I work for and how long I have been with the company
Self: answered
VO: asked for client letter
Self: Handed over the client letter
VO: read through and asked my designation, role and how long I have been working for this client
Self: Answered briefly but kept it crisp
VO: Asked what does my Client do?
Self: again answered in a sentence
VO: told me and spouse to keep left hand for finger print verification
VO: Visa approved with NIE, passport will be available within 5 to 7 days

22 Oct- Received the NIE approval on my Email ID

Experience 13: H1B + H4 at New Delhi

Date: 17 October biometric
Reached around an hour early, allowed at 3:00 for 3:30 slot
Took finger prints and photos
Verified DS160

Date 18 October interview
Long queue at embassy, waited near 1 hour


  1. Current company?
  2. Client
  3. role & responsibility
  4. Years of experience with current company
  5. I797 , client letter, employment verification letter, NIE request letter

Approved with NIE

passport size photograph scanned for each applicant

Oct 18 status changed to Adminstrative processing
Oct20 status changed to Issued
Oct 22 passports received at VFS pickup location and also got NIE approval email

All the best and be confident.

Experience 14: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi (USC Kid)

Hi all, sharing my Dropbox experience at Delhi consulate

Appointment date : 14th oct
15th – Dusshera holiday
16th, 17th – Weekend holiday
18th oct- Application received
19th oct – Administrative processing
20th oct- Issued

Document submitted:
DS160 acknowledgment
Appointment confirmation letter
Position confirmation letter
USC kid birth certificate
USC kid passport
Self written PP exemption letter explaining that we are exempted being parents of minor usc

Need to get my photos clicked again at Dropbox location as they didn’t accept the ones I got done from Walmart

Experience 15: H1B at New Delhi

Reached 10:30 for 11 am appointment. Was allowed to go in through the station entry/security. Reached 2 floors down to where the VFS for US is. Again, was allowed to get in line ~20 minutes early. Someone else who had a 11:30 appointment was asked to wait. They verified my appointment and I went inside for metal detector and bag check. PHONES WERE ALLOWED but in switched off state. Battery pack was allowed. Backpack was allowed. Headphones, smart watch, other bluetooth devices were NOT allowed.

Went in, took token and waited for my turn (10 minutes). Was asked for appointment letter, DS-160, I-797 copies, NIE or exception letter, employment letters and 1 photograph. Photograph was rejected for being too dark (was from CVS). There were many vendors outside ready to take you to get instant photos (300 for 4, didn’t haggle). Went back inside, always telling them that I am coming back to re-submit photograph. Again, metal security check, token, 10 minutes wait. Then photo submitted and accepted.

Experience 16: H1B + H4 (Wife+Daughter) at New Delhi

Got dates of Nov 3rd and 5th during April 2021. Booked.

Appointments cancelled by Chennai Consulate in September.

Luckily got appointments again in Delhi – 17th and 18th October.

OFC Experience:

17th October Time – 2:00 PM
Reached Shivaji Stadium metro around 1:30 PM
Went and told appointment time.
Scanned by CISF personnel and we went to the VAC area 2 levels down.

Stood in queue. Around 10 people ahead of us.
Once in, your time does not matter. You have to be in the queue and wait for your turn.

VAC people verified documents and let us in.

Even though we were together, we were sent in one by one inside.

Once inside, you will be shown which counter to go.

Passport – I 797 verified. Photos and Fingerprints captured.

All this ( from standing in the queue to exiting the facility) was done in around 30 minutes.

Visa Interview Date 18th October 10:50 AM

Reached consulate around 10:15 AM.

Submitted phone at counter outside ( 50 Rs per item).

There is a holding area across the street where people who were earlier than their time were seated.

If you are near you time, you will be asked to stand in the queue.

Joined queue.

Big queue with around 60 people ahead of us.

We had an infant ( US Child) with us. Security asked us to moved forward bypassing the queue.
Passport verified and given back. Were asked to move to the entrance of the consulate.

After some wait, went inside.

Detailed frisking. No bags ( only ladies bag) allowed.

This is another holding area inside

We were asked to move inside where actual stuff goes on. Waited at door for 10 minutes.

Once in, there were three parallel queues. Were asked to stand in one. In sometime, asked to move to counter 1 for further verifications. Greeted and gave I-797 and passport of 3.

I had two I-797 one expiring Dec 21 and another starting Dec 21 and expiring in future.
I had initially filed using the earlier I-797 but updated CGI with the new DS-160 after receiving the new I-797.

Was asked that if I want to travel immediately, I can’t as this starts only in December. I showed my prior I-797.

Lady was not comfortable understanding and she called someone from inside.

Guy looks at both and suggested her to enter both and told me that both will be considered together in the application. I was happy.

Thanked and went to the seating area inside.
Waited for 20 minutes before we were asked to move to counter 15.
Greeted VO and she greeted back.

VO: Please give me the passports and I-797.
Me: Handed over the passport and new I-797

VO: Scans them and asks, I assume that is your US Child pointing to the baby.
ME: Yes Mam. Would you like to see his passport and Birth Certificate.

VO: No need. That’s fine.

VO: So you work for XYZ
ME: Yes Mam

VO: How long have you been working for XYZ
Me: XX years

My wife’s L2 earlier was for 5 years with my PED mentioned there for 2019 end
VO: How does your wife get a visa till 2022 while you had it till 2019?
Me: (completely blank) I am not sure Mam why it was given for 5 years.

VO: OK so what happened in 2019.
Me: You mean what happened, why I came back or what did I do in 2019.

VO: Why did you come back?
ME: L1 extension was denied and hence had to travel back. H1 was picked up after that.

VO: So what do you do for Oracle?
ME: Explained roles and responsibilities in brief.

I saw VO dropping the passport in the basket inside ( relief)
VO: Place you left had four fingers on the scanner.
Me: Done

VO: I am approving your Visa
Me: Thank you Mam.

Wife taking folder and nudging me, let’s go , let’s go. VO heard

VO: Hold on Mam, I am not done with you.
Me: giving look to my wife.

VO: Please keep you right hand four fingers on the scanner
Wife: did so.

VO: You may leave now.


Interview – 18th October
Checked around 5 PM: Administrative Processing
19th October: Evening issued

21st: received

Experience 17: H1B + H4 with Dropbox at Mumbai

Me(H1B) and my wife’s(H4) dropbox experience.
NIE supporting Critical Infrastructure in IT

Oct 7 – Mumbai drop box (Mumbai IW)
Oct 8 – AR
Oct 18 – AP
Oct 22 – Issued (by noon)
Oct 23 – Passports delivered home

Documents during dropbox
⁃ All Passports (old and new with H1B stamps)
⁃ Passport photos(2 each)
⁃ Copy of Approved I797(I129)
⁃ DS160 confirmation printout
⁃ Employment Verification Letter
⁃ NIE Letter
⁃ Dropbox Confirmation printout(returned back with a stamp saying documents received)

My wife and I had originally filled out the ds160 with Chennai as the Consulate (previous stamping was there), but since we got the Mumbai IW, we re-did the ds160 with the same information and only change was the Mumbai Consulate.
The VAC folks will accept the new ds-160 (just ensure to bring the old/NA ds-160 to the appointment)
Thanks, and good luck to everyone 👍🏼

Experience 18: H1B at New Delhi

Biometric @Delhi on 12-oct

Consulate interview @Mumbai on 20-Oct

Biometric @Delhi experience:-They allowed to complete biometric half n hour before time.

Documents they asked:-DS160 confirmation page, Appointment letter and of course Passport.

No questions were asked only Indians were there. Stamped on DS160 Confirmation page, attached barcode sticker at back of passport and asked to read some text/oath. They took finger print and took pic (this pic was later printed in Visa).

Experience at Mumbai conuslate:-Appointment was @10 AMReached at 8 AM. Security allowed me to enter their premise after checking passport and appointment letter. Inside consulate, There is open waiting area were I was waiting for around 20 mins. After that they asked us to enter consulate interview hall where we were supposed to stand in queue and one guy was there which was directing us to avaialble consulate window for interview.

Documents asked by consulate:-PassportDS-160 confirmation pageOriginal i797 approval notice NIE (However, i carried lot of other documents just in case if they need i could have provided)

Scanned fingerprints(left hand 4 fingers) on her request

Questions:- Position, Roles and responsibilities; Highest education; Is your employer paying salary on time? No of years experience(with employer and client); Answered all questions.

They said your visa is apporoved and ONLY retained passport. Checked status online after returning home it was showing “Administative processing”. I kept tracking it. It turned to “Issued” on 22-oct. Passport collected on 25-oct.

Hope this will help other and will boost thier confidence. For me my managers and collegues helped me a lot to complete the process.

All the best to all applicants

Experience 19: H1B

O: Hello Sir, Namaskaram!!!
Me: hello, Good morning (gave my documents) (Passport, NIE, EVL)

VO: what’s your title?
Me: Software engineer (LCA)

VO: do you work for end client?
Me: Yes

VO: can you give me your client letter?
Me : I have already given the Letter (XXX)

VO: Your Client is YYY, but u have given XXX Letter?
Me : Yes sir, XXX has the rights to deploy the technical resources at client site. YYY and XXX has SOW up as like that my Company and XXX is SOW and its valid till May 2022.

VO: Do you end-client letter or not?
Me: No (Straight forward answer). then he took all my documents went inside for 5 minutes and came back and started his questions.
VO: who is your Manager in US?
Me: ..
VO: what’s your work location?
Me: ..

VO: job title?
Me : ……

VO : roles and responsibilities?
Me : explained my roles and responsibilities for this current project

VO : how long are working with current employer?
Me : Said

VO : what’s your salary ?
Me : said as per LCA in USD

VO : what is maximum qualification?
Me : …..

VO : do you have child born in US ?
Me : No, Indians only

VO : did your family is travelling with you?
Me : No, Not travelling due to Pandemic situation.

VO : Please explain about your End-client?
Me : explained the business.. But parallely he was typing something in System.

VO: scan your left 4 fingers
Me: did

VO : Said as Your Visa is approved 😊 and gave back my documents and white slip.

All the best for future Visa appointments.

Experience 20: H1B with Dropbox at Kolkata

Before, I explain my experience, I just want to emphasize the fact that I’m a full-time employee for an American firm in the critical infrastructure sector of WATER AND WASTEWATER SYSTEMS SECTOR, identified by CISA. I also have ’employment confirmation letter’ & ‘NIE request letter’ from my employer. The NIE letter not only explains what our company does, but also what I do for the company & how my work is critical for functioning of our company.
June-21-2021 : Submitted all necessary paperwork for H1B Visa. Dropbox appointment at Hyderabad. Submitted passport, copies of my 797s, the employment verification letter & NIE request letter from my employer.
July-01-2021 : From Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) tracker – No status update, last update timestamp changed to July-01-2021.
July-06-2021 : From Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) tracker – No status update, last update timestamp changed to July-06-2021.
July-12-2021 : From Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) tracker – No status update, last update timestamp changed to July-12-2021.
July-14-2021 : From Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) tracker – Status changed to ‘Refused’. But the Passport is still with the Consulate.
*Had been reaching out to USTravelDocs helpdesk through phone & email numerous times. They couldn’t offer much help or status updates*

August-06-2021 : Received the standard – ‘Passport Available’ for pick-up email from US Travel Docs & collected passport the next day. Received 221(g) – white color letter explaining presidential travel ban with a HTTP link from state department website. That link itself has details about ‘critical infrastructure job’ related exceptions for the travel ban.
August-09-2021 : Sent email to HydCEA@state.gov asking why they refused the my Visa application. In my email, I clearly mentioned my submission of ’employment confirmation letter’ & ‘NIE request letter’ from my employer.
August-09-2021 : Received email from HydCEA@state.gov saying that a Visa officer determined that I don’t qualify for exception based on the presidential proclamation. Based on the 221(g) received, I can continue my application process & follow-up with them once the travel ban is lifted.
August-10-2021 : 
I replied to HydCEA@state.gov directly asking if they made their decision based on my  ’employment confirmation letter’ & ‘NIE request letter’. I even attached the scanned copies/PDFs of the 2 letters to the email. I also asked, if they ever reviewed what was in the letter. I have no reply/answer from them even as of today.
August-12-2021 : Filled new DS-160 for Kolkata. Within the application, I clearly mentioned that I have a recent Visa refusal from Hyderabad Consulate due to presidential proclamation & received a 221(g).
August-19-2021 : Scheduled bio-metrics appointment on the 24th. Visa interview on 31st of August. Since I have a recent refusal of Visa from Hyderabad ‘drop-box’, I have to for an interview now.
August-31-2021 : Visa Interview– Explained what happened at Hyderabad/drop-box appointment.- Explained what my company does.- Explained what I do for the company.- Asked about my education. I told I have Masters degree for XXXXX University in USA.- Was asked about my wife, I told she’s on F1 & recently started working on OPT. She’s NOT dependent (H4) on me.- Was asked about my wife’s Master’s course & university. I gave all the details he asked for.- Visa officer went inside, consulted with a supervisor. Must have explained everything I just told so far.- Was asked again to explain what our company does & my job responsibilities. I can understand his dilemma, as my critical infrastructure industry is not a common one.- I was getting nervous as I started repeating myself at this point. – Suddenly I was told, my Visa is issued with NIE exception. I was given a letter saying the same.- I asked & got clarification that my Visa will have the NIE exception annotated on it.
September-05-2021 : Received the standard – ‘Passport available’ for pick-up email from US Travel Docs & collected passport the next day.

Experience 21: H1 + H4 (Spouse+USC Kid) with Dropbox at New Delhi

14 th October submitted documents

  1. I-797 , employer letter ( 1 each for everyone)
  2. Previous Visa copy
  3. Parents Visa copy and parents Passport first and last page for kid
  4. H4 all previous I-797
  5. Photo as per spec

Key notes:

  1. Locker is not needed
  2. It is an external window
  3. If you have multiple applicants it might take more time for verification
  4. Arrange above documents with respective passport
  5. Go 35-40 mins before your appointment time so you will be ahead in the queue for that slot

14th oct submitted
15,16,17 holidays
18th status changed to AR for everyone
18th changed to AP for everyone
20th visa issued for H4 kid recvd on 22nd Oct
25th visa issues for H1
H4 spouse still in AP

I believe they might be a little backlogged so not processing at same time. Have patience and
Good luck to everyone!

Experience 22: H1B+H4 (Spouse+Kid)

Hi all, my visa got approved yesterday with NIE, few points from my experience which may help:

For VAC:
Go just half n hour b4 , no need to go early as they will not allow you inside b4 time.
Ensure given name in DS160 is as per passport otherwise they will not accept and you need to fill another form.
Counsellor Appointment:
Reached early since there are multiple security check, locker facility is only for mobile so don’t carry bag or cards. Once inside consulate it’s first come first serve basis.
Interview experience: After formal greetings VO asked for form I-797 and passports,
How long I have been working for my company.
Who is end client?
Project details along with roles and responsibilities .
One specific question asked is regarding any third party involved between my end client and my company
No questions asked to H4 dependent, finger print taken
Visa approved with NIE.😊
Application status: Passport with embassy.

Experience 23: H1B at New Delhi

October 25th VAC Appointment 10am

Located at Shivaji Stadium Metro Station. As soon as you reach you will find security managing people who appear for the appointment. They allow people for US VAC 30 minutes before. So be there 30 minutes before your appointment time. Not needed to go very early.

Once you are sent inside they check your appointment confirmation and then send you inside after a security ch3ck. Then you have to go down to second floor below. There there will be two queues one for Dropbox and other for biometrics. Stand in the biometrics queue and they will check your passport, ds 160 and appointment confirmation. Then you are sent inside and then they take your photo and biometrics at the counter assigned to you which you can see on the monitors set up inside.

October 26th Consular Appointment US embassy

Arrive 1.30 hrs before your appointment. Opposite the embassy there is a waiting area. And right there as soon as you enter there will be bag and electronics deposit area. Do it first. Don’t wait until your appointment time is called out. Oncw they shout out your appointment time stand in the queue and they screen you and send you towarsa the embassy. They check your passport and let you in. You will be seated in one of the 6 rows of chairs. They let people in row by row based on arrival time and not appointment time. Once you are in appointment time doesn’t matter. Once inside the embassy first they check your i797 and passport. Once done you will again sit in the nearby chairs and wait until a guard there tell you the counter number for your interview. Here are the questions asked for me.

VO Good morning.
Me Good morning mam. Here’s my passport
VO Thank you. Pass me your i797
Me Here it is.
VO So you work for **** hmm. did you study in the USA?
Me Yes mam
VO which university
Me ****
VO So you studied masters in ***?
Me yes mam
VO what do you do at ****?
Me explained my role and duties for 10 seconds
VO Thanks for the work you do
VO I’m approving your visa. Your passport will be ready in 5 days. Travel guidelines are changing from Nov 8. Be sure to check Travel.state.gov website.
Me. Thank you mam. Have a good day.
VO Thank you.

Experience 24: H1B at New Delhi

26th Oct 2021.
Interview time 9.20am, reached there by 8.30am, allowing inside after 3 rounds security check.
waited around 10mins for my turn. my turn came to Counter 20.

Here are my interview questions, I am lucky that, he didn’t asked many questions.

Me: Good Morning
VO: Good Morning, can you pass me your passport and I797 approval notice.
VO: tell me about your role and responsibilties
Me: Described my roles and responsibilities
VO: How long are you working with XYZ company?
Me: I am going to work with this company in US, once my visa approved.
VO: Do you have client letter?
Me: Yes, I have client documents, passed MSA and PO.
then he gone through documents and typed something in computer for a min
VO: What is your annual Salary ?
Me : Answered.
VO: Your Visa is approved, You will receive your passport in a week time.
Me: Thank You Sir

No NIE and other documents, except passport, i797 and clients documents..

Experience 25: H1B + H4 with Dropbox at New Delhi

1/ Filled DS-160 on Sep 23rd and paid the fees (28K, 880INR less. Then paid the remaining as payment 2)
2/ Waited for 3-4 days to find slots and found on 28th in New Delhi for Oct 22nd 12 PM
3/ Booked flight tickets from Visakhapatname to New Delhi for 21-Oct-21.
4/ Reached Delhi on 21st night 10 PM to hotel.
5/ Reached VAC Delhi at 11.45 AM and immediately joined the line. I was only allowed and spouse was told to wait outside.
6/ Gave all documents to the VO at 12.25 PM (token was given for dropbox)
7/ VO requested for additional Employment letter, Child Birth Certificate (US born kid), self declared letter for exemption for my spouse (h4).
Also, asked to get latest photo of my spouse.
8/ Took all photo copies and new photograph, went into same line waited for 15 min (1.25 PM).
9/ Gave all the documents to VO who verified and said it will processed and check for status in a week.
10/ Verified website https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx for status
25-Oct-21 Monday – Case was received
26-Oct-21 Tuesday – Administrative Processing
27-Oct-21 Wednesday – Issued

Awaiting for next steps – Passport delivery

Thank you everyone and Good luck.


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