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H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox from November 20th to December 1st, 2021

Below are User experiences for November 2021, starting from November 20th to December 1st, 2021 for H1B Visa and H4 Visa for both regular visa stamping and Dropbox. You can check US Visa Stamping Experiences for the entire collection

Experience 1: H1B at Chennai

Reached the Embassy by 8.30am, was let into the queue right away for 9.am slot.
My Appointment Confirmation was checked at the entrance. The wait time was 45 minutes approx.

Finally the interview process began and the following questions were asked.

Please pass your passport and I797

Are you going to work for in house or for a client? (Mine was inhouse, but client letter was asked to the person before me)
What is your role and Salary in US?
What is your highest level of education?
Are you Married?
Where is your company located in US?
Will this be your first time to the US?

And then I was told that my visa is approved, ‘Yay’, and to put my hand in the finger print scanner.

The whole process was super smooth and adequate social distancing was followed throughout. My interviewer was so polite and made me feel very comfortable. Thanks to this group for providing all the necessary information which made me so confident.

Experience 2: H1B with Dropbox at Mumbai

Interview experience – Nov 22
1) ds-160 was for chennai but appointment was in Mumbai – didn’t cause issues.
2) It is very cool and relaxed – can’t stress enough – was very tensed but the whole experience was chill
3) noon appointment – went at 11:40am and the guard checked appointment letter and let us in
4) waited for 2 mins and was called to Dropbox counter
5) h1b – passport, ds-160,appointment letter, current I797, employment verification letter, 2 photos
6) h4 – ds-160, passport,2 photos

Some notes:
1) they were very specific about photos and how current it was – looked at photos closely for folks who had got photos that seemed older. But you can take photos on first floor there if they reject and come back to submit again.

2) No NIE asked.

3) Two photos. Not one photo as in the list. Please note this.

Experience 3: H1B at New Delhi

I work on H1 visa in the US after completing Masters (F1 ➡️ H1)

Nov 17, 4pm: OFC 6 mins in and out
DS 160, Appointment confirmation and Passport
Switch off and carry your phone, no bags allowed

They verify documents, take fingerprints and take your picture.

Nov 23, 9am: VAC 1:30 hours in and out
Above docs + interviewer asked for offer letter
No bags or phone allowed. Be prepared for line at locker facility and account for the time if dropping your belongings.

Line for screening (security)
Line for Passport barcode scan
Line for documents security scan
Wait at outer lobby
Line at final document verification counter
Wait at inner lobby
Wait at interview line (3 applicants ahead)

The wait times may vary as per appointment times.

Passport and i797
What do you do at xxx
Do you have a fixed client or they change
Asks again, what is your role at xxx
Did you do CPT and OPT
Offer Letter
Your visa is approved

I encourage folks to share their visa experience in the group, please. It takes less than 10 mins!

Experience 4: H1B + H4 at New Delhi

The location is for all country visas. My appointment was at 1:00 but they call 1 hr in advance. So I got in the line at 12:10 ish. Security asked to take the appointment letter and DS 160. Once you enter scan your bags and security check. Go two level down and you will see security person asking you to get in line for IW , Biometric and VAC three separate lines. Security asks if you have any Bluetooth devices or AirPods or usb or laptop. I had AirPods so I was sent to the outside doc submission counter. Rest others are sent inside taking thermal scan.

My Appointment letter was showing 3 applicants (not sure why) but I mentioned my name was printed duplicate. He took 2 copies of my current I797 2 copies of Employment Verification letter. Spouses I797 copies. My expired visa copy. Strangely the authorized person asked for our expired passports though my visa is stamped in the new passport and wife’s expired visa was in old passport. He asked how long were the photos taken. I said 2 months and he checked with someone and accepted. He said he will come back in 2 min went and came back and said. All done you need to pay 650 person for delivery of the passport and will get in 6-10 days. Overall a smooth one!

Experience 5: H1B at Kolkata

Stayed at hotel heera international which is 10 minutes walk from consulate
Went 1hr ahead of my interview slot

Consular Interview : 22 Nov 2021
Sharing my consular interview experience with VO with you beautiful folks! Hope this helps!!
Questions asked –
VO- Good Morning
Me- Good Morning officer
VO- Pls pass your passports
Me- Gave passport
VO- are you working at client location
Me- Yes
VO- Do you have client letter
Me- Yes and Shared
VO- Was typing something on screen and asked pass me your I-797 and Client letter
Me – gave the documents
VO- Asked what is your role?
Me- Answered
VO- Asked what is highest qualification?
Me- Answered
VO- Asked me what would the salary?
Me- Answered with salary mentioned in LCA
VO- Tell me what is your responsibilities?
Me- started telling about project and my roles for 30 seconds..
VO- Typing something
VO- When did you joined with your employer?
Me- Answered
Vo- Asked me to place the right hand fingers
Me- Placed
VO- Congratulations your all visa are approved and will get your passport back in 1 week, have great day
Me- Thank you! Sir have a great day!!

Experience 6: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Nov 9 – Dropped off docs at Delhi VAC.
Nov 10 – Application received.
Nov 16 – Administrative processing.
Nov 17 – Issued.
Nov 19 – Received email/SMS for passport pick up.
Nov 22 – Picked up passport.

Points to note:

  1. Docs submitted — I797 Copy, Passport, DS160 confirmation, Appt confirmation, passport photo, Employment verification letter and NIE. Regarding NIE, I did mention to the VFS officer that it’s no longer needed post Nov 8th but was asked to submit If I already have it and so I did.
  2. My dropbox location was Delhi and I chose Hyd for passport pick up.
  3. No additional payment needed for passport pick up even though the passport pick up location is a different one than the dropbox location.
  4. No NIE annotation on the Visa anymore.
  5. Passport photos taken from Walgreens weren’t accepted and I had to get the new ones at a nearby location to VAC.

Experience 7: H1B with Dropbox at Hyderabad

Dropbox appointment report:

  1. Appointment was on 9th November, found it through the appointment telegram group (no way I could have found one without it)
  2. Appointment center in HYD doesn’t let you carry anything except paperwork and let’s you enter 30 mins before the appointment.
  3. After you enter the front gate there is are separate lines for Dropbox and fingerprint/biometrics. Both lines move pretty smoothly.
  4. Make sure that your picture is taken in the last 6months (or be prepared to lie when they ask the question, I told them my picture was taken 1 year ago and was asked to get a new picture and come back within 30 mins)
  5. I didn’t have NIE. But my appointment was after 8th Nov. they asked me if I had one and I said no I didn’t. They said “No problem”
  6. Visa got issued on November-18th
  7. Received my passport at home using premium delivery on Nov-21st.

From Dropbox appointment to delivery in hand was 12 days flat. Happy with the entire process except the horrible unavailability of appointments.

Experience 8: H1B at Mumbai

VAC : reach just 10-20 minutes before appointment time. They won’t allow you inside before that. I didn’t take any electronic devices with me so don’t know where to keep. But they won’t allow that inside.
Appointment letter and passport is needed

Interview: reached 20 minutes before appointment time. Not sure why but before interview the indian employees working there(inside the embassy after security is done) checked my documents again and asked me for i797 copy and a recent photo.
I didn’t have i797 copy but they were able to adjust with that. Employee took the original copy may have made a copy of that inside.
And they asked me for a recent photo ( not sure why) . I had a old photo which i gave but i think he doubted and took a photo of me in one of the counters ( like the way it’s taken in biometric centre). So it’s better take a copy of i797 and a recent photo.
Then waited in the queue for interview. Earlier i was on l1 visa.
Interviewer took the passport and asked to give the fingerprints without asking any qns.
Then asked below qns:
what’s the degree, from where you did your bachelor’s, designation, since how long you are working in the company, did you max out your L1 before switching to H1B?
Then we were done. He said visa is approved, you will get your passport in 7 days.

I didn’t take any electronic devices for interview also so not sure what’s the process if you take one.
Stayed in sofitel hotel: whcih is minutes walk from consulate and 15 minutes walk from vac center.

Experience 9: H1B with Dropbox at Hyderabad

Finished the Dropbox appointment today at Hyderabad for my wife. My wife did not come, I went to drop the documents on her behalf. Document submitted:

  1. Appointment confirmation page
  2. DS160 confirmation page
  3. Old passport with old H1B stamp
  4. New passport
  5. 2 photographs (they rejected the photo I took from US saying ears are not visible. Thanks to this group, I anticipated and got a photo taken at VFS center in India. They know how to take clear photo for US visa processing)
  6. Old I-797 copy
  7. New I-797 copy
  8. Employment verification Letter.

I did not have to show my passport. But I carried it just in case.

They allowed me to go inside only 30 mins before the appointment.

People outside were discussing that Hyd center is now taking less time to process. One girl came there to get her stamped passport and she said she got it in 7 days.

Experience 10: H4 with Dropbox at Hyderabad


  • H4 Visa Stamping for spouse.
  • US Citizen Kids accompanying travel with OCI.
  • Appointment Date: 24th Nov 2021, 10.00am
  • Changed DS-160 day before appointment to indicate change in consulate as earlier DS-160 was mentioned Mumbai Consulate.
    • This can be done by retrieving your original DS-160 and proceed with new application creation.
    • Most of the information is auto populated from previous form but you need to do self declaration on all security questions again.
    • You need to send new DS-160 number to consulate for updating your appointment confirmation.
    • Please make sure your appointment and application confirmation having same barcode number to avoid any last minute hassles.
  • (Optional)Stayed in hotel “The Manohar”, it is 800 meters walking distance from drop box location (US Consulate VAC, Hyderabad).
  • In center they do not allow phones and smart watches. My wife kept her phone outside with my nephew but need to use locker service (50 INR) for keeping her smart watch.

Documentation Carried

  • Appointment Confirmation
  • Application Confirmation
  • Photos (2 copies)
  • Original Passports (Old & New)
  • All original & xerox copies i797 for H4 applicant.
  • Xerox copy of prinipal applicant (H1B) i797 and passport copy.
  • US Citizen Kid Birth Certificate and Passport (Original and Copies)
  • Self declaration form mentioning waiver in providing NIE letter as parent of US Citizen kid.

Experience at VAC

  • Reached 20 mins advanced to schedule time.
  • Officer received appointment confirmation, application confirmation, photos and original passports.
  • Requested H1B applicant (me in this case) employer verification letter and last visa copy from passport.
    • Since my wife was not carrying these documents, she has to stepped out of building to contact me.
    • I provided my visa stamp copy and latest salary slip to validate my employer.
    • By the way, I’m in USA but having domestic help accompanying by wife helps to contact me and get copies and prints in time.
  • My wife granted access to building again providing after speaking to security guards.
  • Officer persisted in requesting providing employer authorization letter or joining letter instead of salart slip.
    • My wife somehow able to convince them that employer authorization letter cannot be produced on such short notice as it is time consuming process and not listed in required documents in appointment confirmation.
    • My wife also indicated that joining letter can be produced given more time but it will be dated 7 years back.
  • Finally after talking to senior personnel, officer accepted salary slip as an evidence to justify employment.
  • Officer provide receipt for accepting documents and mentioned that passport will be received in 10-12 working days.

Key Learnings

  • It would be very helpful to have someone waiting outside for immediate help like printing, copies etc. This way you can be around at gate and security.
  • Use locker service for keeping phone, as it is very handy to communicate outside when needed. My wife has to request someone to call for help.

I hope this experience helps someone to prepare his/her appointment in this location. We’re hoping to get passport back in time.

All the best to our fellow US friends.

Experience 11: H1B with Dropbox at Chennai

DS160 filed for Delhi
Appointment at Chennai VAC
Dropbox date Nov 24
Appointment time :2 pm

Landed the same morning in chennai at 10 am on Nov 24

Took around 45 min to reach the location
Although the appointment was at 2, I was inside by 11 am
First thing first no matter which picture you have they ask for a new photo

I read the experiences from others and decided to take a new photo before going to the office as there a photo shop along with Printing, xerox and ds160 correction shop on ground floor

There are 2 windows as you reach for Dropbox if you have electronics

If your don’t have electronics they have multiple windows inside another room

Since I had phone and AirPods I took the windows which are outside
You don’t have to switch off anything but just it on silence

The lady at the window first asked for the appointment confirmation,followed by the photo

As expected she said this photo is no good and was asking to get a new one .. to that I told her that I just got this 10 mins back and check the shirt color I am wearing vs the one in the picture to which she pretended to check with someone and accepted the picture

( so even if you have a old picture from couple of days ago, just wear the same clothes and ask them to see the shirt color)

After which she asked for ds160 and passports.. no issues or questions were asked even the ds160 had Delhi mentioned in it .. and the I797 copy of the last stamped visa on passport and the new I797 copy, along with Employee verification letter

She scanned all the documents and bunched it up and i was done with the whole process in 15-20 mins

At chennai they are not asking for 650 rs fee if you chose for premium delivery and mentioned that we will have to pay it at the time of delivery

Hope this helps

Experience 12: H1B at Mumbai

Biometrics on nov 23

  • Not many applicants were in queue.
  • I took my mobile with me and was asked to deposit in private locker with 500 storage fee
  • I have booked the appointment with my old passport and apparently the ds160 has to be updated.
  • There is a xerox shop next to the private storage and they charged Rs 500 for updating ds160
  • The xerox person mentioned that I need to update my appointment letter with new ds160 and that will be additional 500. I didn’t remember by password for us visa docs portal
  • I went to the biometric submission team and they mentioned they can update and only updated ds160 would suffice
  • After that I headed towards biometrics and there is no queue and biometrics were done in a minute

Visa appointment on nov 24

  • My appointment is at 8 50AM, I reached the consulate by 7 50AM. Everyone who have appointments before 9am were allowed inside.
  • They asked me if I have mobile, this time I didn’t carry one
  • We were asked to sit in alternate chairs for 10-15 min
  • Later we went inside. As this was morning, all the counters are not opened. There was seperate counters for elders for b2.
  • 3 counters were opened for all other applicants
  • About 5 applicants before me got rejected don’t know what visa type
  • Before going to the counter, we were asked to take out passport, i797 and employer letter
  • I was bit nervous due to many rejections prior to me in the same counter
  • My interview lasted about 3 min and my visa was approved
    • Me: Good Morning Sir!
    • Interviewer: Good Morning! Please give your passport and i797
    • Me: gave docs
    • Int: which company are you working for?
    • Me: answered ***
    • Int: How long have you been working here
    • Me: about 3 yrs
    • Int: did you work with opt previously?
    • Me: No, L1b
    • Int: what is your highest degree of education
    • Me: Masters in Technology
    • Int: With smile, do you get free gadgets
    • Me: No, we get good discount
    • Int: put your left hand 4 fingers for scan
    • Int: Gave me some doc to read before entering USA and said your visa is approved and kept my passport
    • Me: is that it?
    • Int: Yes
    • Me: Thank you

Experience 13: H1B with Dropbox at Hyderabad

Appt – Nov 23rd
Flight to Hyderabad – Nov 21st
Hotel – Taj Deccan (10 mins to consulate). Excellent stay! Amazing service and food options
Had booked initially at The Manohar as it’s very close to consulate (even had 5-star rating 👀) but it turned out to be the worst ever experience. Extremely unclean and lot of cockroaches might visit you.
A big red flag 🚩 for anyone looking for a place to stay peacefully. For folks who have already booked there, please cancel and book elsewhere.
Return Flight – Nov 23

Dropbox center – Gowra Chand building. Note that it is different from the building which does the regular interview appointments. Both are close to each other.

D day – reached at 10:25 for 11:30 appt but wasn’t let to enter queue until 10:55.

Queue wait times – there are 2 queues, first one ( wait – 15 mins) even before entering the building. Second one (wait – 35 mins) right past the entrance.

Will need to go to two counters – one for document verification and the next for the actual drop off. At the drop off counter, they seem to be a bit slow and it took around 10-12 mins. Qs – same company, company name, photo check and phone number verification.

Total time – almost 2 hrs

Experience 14: H1B with 221g at Chennai

Hi All, i had my 221G follow up visa interview at Chennai consulate on Nov 24th 9am. i had submitted my passport for h1b renewal stamping in march 2020 and 4days after that consulates shutdown and my passport was with the consulate until September. when i picked up the passport, i got a white 221g slip that said appear for interview when regular processing resumes. no documents were requested. I waited for 18months until i got my vaccination and then scheduled follow up interview on Nov 24th 2021. here is my interview summary.

CO : Can i have your passport and I-797 approval?
me : gave the passports and the approval notice
co : you had applied for Dropbox renewal?
me : yes
co : are you going to work with the same employer you were working with last year
me : yes
co : how long have you work with this employer
me : 5years
co : can you give me your client letter
me : sure
co : is this your direct client or you work through a third party vendor?
me : they are our direct client
co : are you getting paid in us salary or india?
me : india salary right now
co : till when did you get US salary?
me : till july 2020
co : oh for the first 6 months you were stuck in india
me : no, for 3 months only. i came to jndia in march 2020
co : can you give me your w2 from 2018, 2019, 2020 and your play slips
me : handed over the w2 and pay stubs from my last 6months US
co : verified the w2 and payslips
co : looked up my spouse’s work history and spoke about she worked in EY and now practising yoga
me : yes she’s yoga enthusiast
co : small talks about yoga for 1min
co : I’m giving the preliminary approval for you and your spouse’s visa. the case officer who requested for an interview during your Dropbox also has to provide his approval. It should not take more than 2-3days time for his decision. you can check the status online.
me : ok will do
co : handed me a green slip that says your visa is approved and reminded that this is only preliminary approval and final approval has to come from the case officer who requested interview.
visa Status on nov 24th: admin Processing
visa status on Nov 26th : Issued

Experience 15: H4 at Kolkata

VAC: 18 th November
Time: 10 am
Reached the cosulate at 9.50 am
Biometrics done by 10 am

Consular Appointment: 23rd November
Time: 8 am
Reached the consulate at 730am
Security check was done at 7.45 am : Only Checked passport at the gate
7.50 am was allowed to go inside the consulate.
Security check 2: Passport and DS160
8 am : interview at window 2

Interviewer: Very good Morning Mam
Me: Very good morning Sir
Interviewer: Please pass your passport and petitioner ( I 797) document
Me: Yes sir. ( Documents passed)
Interviewer: Your marriage certificate
Me: Sure sir ( Certificate shared)
interviewer: When did you get married?
Me: Yesterday sir
Interviewer: Ohh.. great congratulations
Me: Thank you sir
Interviewer: Do you have your husband’s visa copy?
Me: Sir, I do have his passport with me
Interviewer: Oh thats great, give me his passport
Me: Yes sir
Interviewer: Your VISA IS APPROVED , collect it in next 7 days

8.10 am I exited the embassy

Note: I got married (Court marriage) on 22nd November , right one day before my interview date 23rd November. I was all ready with my documents like marriage certificate and photos…

Experience 16: H1B with Dropbox at Hyderabad

Dropped passport on Nov 22.
Picked up on Nov 26.
Tips for drop off:

  • Be there 30-45 mins in advance, so that you can be among the first few when they start forming the queue for your time slot. I was there 20 mins before and I had to wait 30 mins after my time slot to get in(50mins in queue overall). Once you get to the counter, It should be pretty quick.
  • I carried the below documents.
  • Appointment confirmation copy
  • DS160 confirmation
  • Passport
  • Latest visa photo copy
  • All I-797s photocopy(mine and my spouse) since last visa stamp including the I-797 on the last visa. I had 4 I-797s since last visa and they asked photo copies of all. Glad I took them all.
  • Employment verification letter.
  • 2 passport photos(they will return one with passport). Make sure your passport photo is recent and your teeth doesn’t show in the photo. Have noticed a person sent back since his teeth was showing up in the photo. He had to rush to get a quick passport photo.
  • If you forget something, they are allowing to get those missing documents within the same day, which is good. We have internet and xerox centers in the same street, but I assume they would charge more than usual.
  • Rasoolpura metro station is closest to get to the HYD OFC/VAC to avoid traffic.
  • If you are applying dropbox for whole family, only one person can go and drop off on behalf of everyone. Not everyone is required.
    Pickup tips:
  • Carry your original ID proof along with a photo copy.
  • Carry authorization letter if you are picking on someone else’s behalf. If you are picking 3 passports, you need to carry 3 photo copies of your photo ID proof.

Sorry its too long.. But I thought it would help someone.

Experience 17: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Total processing time 3 business days

No Change in Employment

All previous visas issuing port Chennai

Documents submitted:

Appointment confirmation
DS160 confirmation
One photo
2 passports Old with new
Employment verification letter
Only current 797A

Did not submit NIE letter, did not submit vaccine proof.

Time line :

18-Nov- dropped documents

19,20,21 Nov – Embassy holiday

22 Nov – Application received
23 Nov – administrative processing
24 Nov – issued

25 Nov – Embassy holiday

26 Nov – Passport given to Blue Dart
27 Nov – received passport with stamped visa on hand at Chennai address

Received Passport via premium Delivery , no NIE or nothing mentioned in passport.

Wish each and everyone here to get their best in coming days ahead.

Experience 18: H1B at Hyderabad

OFC in Mumbai on 22nd Nov
Appointment was at 11:30 AM,
Reached at 11:25 AM , due to the traffic issues. Came out within 10 min. It was very quick, they checked my ds-160 confirmation & passport, then took my picture & fingerprints.

Visa at Hyderabad on Nov 29
Slot at 9:45AM.
I reached there by 8:30AM, there was an office for lockers out side (opposite to the counselor).
They charged 150/- rps.
No phones, smart devices allowed.
No closed envelopes(they sent me out because, i had a closed envelope, with my MS transcripts) and was told to come back again in a queue.
Allotted slot timings were not checked but most of us in the line were of 8-9:45 am. If your slot is at 8:30 they are not allowing inside for quick process.
Security check – strict covid rules were followed.
No food/water, no pen drives/hard disks allowed at security.
So many people were inside for different visas. I was told to go at counter 14, other interview was in process at the same counter & the interviewee’s fingers were placed at the scanner and after that the interviewer asked her to provide offer letter, but the interviewee said, do you also need ds-160? She was told to take her passport back & come back later with offer letter.

Next was mine:
Me: Hello, Good Morning (with smile).
VO: pass me your passport.
She(interviewer) typed something.
VO: whom do you work for ?
Me: client name
VO: what is your end client?
Me: client name again , I am a Fulltime employee to the client.
VO: which state you live in?
Me: mentioned state name.
VO: highest degree ?
Me: Highest degree with university name.
VO: place your fingers
Me: right hand Ma’m?
VO: yes, visa is approved.
Me: thank you, have a good day.

Experience 19: H1B with Dropbox at Hyderabad

Booked Nov 24th slot on Nov 22. Appointment was for 11AM. Reached at 11.05, Security asked to leave my backpack(allowed in case of PP pickup), mobile and any electronic device outside. I had my mobile since no one was with me rented a locker outside(100 Rs/hr) and kept it there. joined the queue outside at 11:15 and after 30 mins went inside and there was another short queue(1 or 2 person) before counter. The process of collecting docs was slow, they took ~10 mins per person, and for the person ahead of me it was even more. finally reached the counter around 12:10. dropped off documents and came out by 12:20.

Documents asked:

  1. Appointment confirmation (returned back with seal after completion)
  2. DS160 confirmation
  3. Passport (returned my old PP as latest exxpired visa was in the new one)
  4. i797 copies(current and previous)
  5. 2 photos (they said it was not upto specitication but accepted after checking with some other person. if you have time it is better to take the photo right outside)
  6. Employment verification letter. I didn’t have, gave Position confirmation letter instead
  7. Asked if I am with the same company or different – answered

Processing Timeline:
24 Nov – Dropped Documents
26 Nov – Application Received(25th holiday)
26 Nov – Administrative Processing
29 Nov – Issued

Other Points:

  1. DS160 was originally created for Chennai in Jun but appeared in Hyd without changing
  2. Selected document delivery as pick-up in Chennai

Experience 20: H1B with Dropbox at Hyderabad

Few things I would like to share here –
1) Be patient – it took me more than a month to find any open slot.
2) I submitted my DS 160 for New Delhi but booked the drop box appt for Hyderabad.
3) I chose any appointment at any location to start with. Then kept rescheduling as I found more suitable appt. Clicking reschedule button does not lose your current appt. Current appt is only over-written when new one is finalized.
4) I followed this group closely to see when bulk appt opens up.
5) DO NOT refresh the appt page multiple times as your account will be locked for 72 hours after a few refreshes.
6) I did notice that bulk appt comes in the morning (IST) between 8-11 am and usually around the 18 minute mark – 8:18, 9:18 etc
7) I had chosen my passport to be delivered to my home. I received my passport 1 week after the appointment.
8) I had requested an emergency appt after I got the slot but my request was rejected. I got a rejection within couple of hours of sending the request. This did not impact my original slot.

This is a long strenuous process but your patience and close eye on this group is the key.
Good Luck to you all!

Experience 21: H1B + H4 at Chennai

Interview experience in Chennai on 11/29 ( 2nd time stamping )
Interviewer asked common questions. Also my daughter was accompanied with us ( 2 yrs, US citizen, not in appointment) they didn’t object to bring our kid to interview with us. Mobiles not allowed to take inside.
Questions asked:

  • Who is your petitioner
  • Are you working with client or full time
  • What’s your total years of work experience
  • What is your designation
  • What’s your annual salary
  • How long have you been working for the employer
  • Are you going to work for the same employer
  • Your work location

Documents asked : H1 petition, passport only
Questions to H4:
1.were you previously held any h1 or h4 visa

2.What’s your highest degree
3.Did you work before
We were asked to scan finger prints. We didn’t give photo and he didn’t ask us to take one. Visa is approved .
When we were waiting for the interview , few ppl were asked about role and responsibilities, about company ,etc. They were given green paper which is visa approved.
If you are going to Chennai, check the weather and be prepared to go with umbrella. We stayed in The Park hotel, which is few minutes walk to consulate. You can pre book shuttle too if required but need to talk at the time of reservation or a day before interview.
Those who attended the interview can share their experiences it will help others. I read the previous experiences shared here and I prepared accordingly . Thank you to the group and people helping.

Experience 22: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Nov 15 : submitted documents
Nov 17 : status changed to “Application Received“
Nov 18 : status changed to “Administrative processing”
Nov 23 : Issued
Nov 24 : Ready for pickup
Nov 29 : Picked up from Delhi

Tip :
Took picture near the dropbox location, much easier and faster. They are pros and their photos never get rejected. 200 rs for 4 pics.
For passport pickup, better to go later in the day by that time crowd dies down and it is much faster.
They allow people in only 30 mins before their slot so no point going in too early for your appointment.
The US dropbox is at the bottom of the complex which is two levels below.
You can carry phones and bags etc. with you.
When you collect the passport, remember to check that the stamped visa has all the details correctly listed and there are no mistakes.

You have to have really fast fingers(my gaming skills helped), try to keep a clock open because slots open not only in minutes but to the second very accurately. Do yourself a favor and err on the side of caution by just taking all documentation, I even kept two copies, if possible take color photo copies and not black and white.

Experience 23: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Successful visa renewal experience : Location is within the Sivaji stadium metro station (you don’t even have to step out if you have all the documents). Reached within 20 mins from Airport.

Doc Checklist (you will have these details in the appointment confirmation email)

◦ 1 Photo (There are couple of photo studios near the Dropbox location – Google it)
◦ DS160 confirmation
◦ Appointment confirmation
◦ Employment confirmation letter
◦ Latest i797 copy


11/22 Appointment
11/23 Case created
11/24 Administrative processing
11/26 Issued
11/29 Received SMS to pick up the passport

Booked this appointment on Oct 31st.

Tips for booking a dropbox slot

  1. Save your attempts for bulk slot openings (12-14 per day) if you have to book more than 1 slot
  2. Login from Laptop for better chances. Mobile with WiFI is fine but prefer laptop
  3. Don’t login from different devices (this will lead to freeze your account due to suspicious activity)
  4. Your IW location will be defaulted based on the state you picked in your profile. If you expect bulk update on a given day in a given location, update your profile so that you don’t have to switch (from say Chennai to New Delhi).

Experience 24: H1B + H4 (Spouse) with Dropbox at New Delhi

18 Nov – Documents submitted at Delhi VAC
19-21 Nov – Holiday + Weekend
22 Nov – Application Received
23 Nov – Administrative Processing
24 Nov – No update
25 Nov – Holiday
26 Nov – Same status just timestamp updated
27-28 Nov – Weekend
29 Nov – Issued
1 Dec – Picked up passport

I had split my application to move my kids before booking this appointment after reading few experiences about kids below 14 not accepted if parents does not have valid visa. Had called and email support and they said the same (since that is the official rule on their website)

After booking this appointment got to know that mostly it is accepted in Delhi 😒

Have another dropbox appointment for kids in 2 week at Delhi. But will have to go through this entire process again 😩
I just all consulates were following rules consistently regarding kids to avoid this confusion and dilemma for everyone.

Experience 25: H1B with Dropbox at Hyderabad

Booked appointment on 11/8
11/26 Friday – dropped documents around 11am ( long line waited for 1 hour). Got photos right there for 200 INR per person. dropped for both H1 and H4
Documents: Current and Previous I-797 photocopies ( did not ask for original). Employment letter(full time employees – get it from HR; consultants – its your client letter). I provided USC kid passport photocopy and birth certificated but they denied.
11/27-11/28 – Saturday and Sunday no update
11/29 – Status showed – Application Received
11/30 morning – Status changed to Administrative Processsing
11/30 late night – Status showed Issued
12/1 12pm – got email to collect passport
12/1 2pm – collected passport

Looks like Hyderabad is now super fast. Please note that my case was probably simplest, same employer(well known company), current visa still valid for another month. My previous two dropbox appointments were also at Hyderabad in the last 6 years.


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