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H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox from November 10th to November 19th, 2021

Below are User experiences for November 2021, starting from November 10th to November 19th, 2021 for H1B Visa and H4 Visa for both regular visa stamping and Dropbox. You can check US Visa Stamping Experiences for the entire collection

Experience 1: H1B + H4 at Chennai

VAC Dec 31st
Asked for appointment confirmation and passport
Verified passport number and name clearly
Took finger prints and picture done in 15 mins.

CA on Nov 9th Chennai -8AM slot
Reached by 7AM
As it’s cyclone time so carried umbrella and they allowed inside.
Following are NOT allowed to carry inside
-Any electronic items like mobile, smart watches, pen drives etc
MOST IMPORTANTLY THERE IS NO LOCKER FACILITY. Please do not carry any of the above.

They allowed inside at around 7:40
-Checked passport at the entrance
-Then security check
-waiting area in alternate seats

At 8:00 am
Consular interview
Wished VO Good morning
VO : passport please
Me : passed on my passport and other 2 dependent passports as well
scanned it and asked below questions
who is your employer ?
what they do?
Do you have end client or direct employer ?
Where you will be working ?
Which city ?
What is the annual salary?
What is you position there ?
What is you highest qualification?

Then he checked my wife’s name and asked is she also from IT background ?
And asked my wife, what did you study ?

Asked her to place left hand 4 fingers
Then asked me to place my left hand four fingers

VO : I’m approving your visa and you can collect your passport from the address mentioned in few days.

Me : thank you and have a nice day sir and walked out.

Much awaited thing… thank you guys in the group for sharing all the details and experiences.

Good luck everyone.

Experience 2: H1B at New Delhi

Mon 8 Nov OFC :

People were asked to stand in a queue 30 mins before the appointment date. Once you enter the building, I took 2 flight of stairs down to reach US VAC. Before entering, they checked my appointment confirmation and DS160 confirmation letter and put a sticker on back of my passport. After that they let me in and I stood in line for biometrics and photo. On my turn, the lady at the counter asked my passport, appointment confirmation and DS160. Took my biometrics, photo and put a seal on my DS160 letter and asked to carry the same docs for interview.
Whole process once inside was 15-20 mins.

Tue Nov 9 : US consulate
Appointment time 11.40. I reached around 10.45 and they allowed me to proceed to next security check .
Once inside building, at first counter they verified my passport, I797A and took my biometrics again. They asked if I’ve a passport photo and i gave 1 copy to them. The counter also had a camera which I think they would have used if in case I didn’t have a photo.
They moved us then to the interview hall. We were asked to be seated until our turn arrives. No token number for interview. The staff inside managed who will go to which counter.
After some waiting I was moved to counter 16
Docs asked : passport & I797. No NIE asked.
Questions asked :

  1. What does your company do?
  2. Your office location?
  3. Are you an internal employee to your company or do you work for a client.
  4. Did you study in US? Answer full, your degree and University name.
  5. How long have you been with your company?
  6. Do you understand the rules for working in US? ( I exactly don’t remember the words but I answered Yes to it and no further questions asked)

Took my biometrics again and after some typing the interviewer said Visa Approved.
Came out at 11.40.

I noticed lockers are available at the US consulate(chankyapuri) for 50 rs. I didn’t use it since I left phone at hotel. Maybe someone who used can share the experience.
Almost every one I saw was asked to explain the role or some sort of project details. F1 Students were asked about their funding.
I did not see any rejects.

Experience 3: H1B + H4 (Spouse+Son) at Mumbai

5th Nov: VAC appointment at 11:00am. Not many people were there and was done within 15 mins
8th Nov: CA appointment at 9:00 am. Reached the consulate at 8:30 am and was out by 11:30 am

Questions Asked :
1) Roles and Responsibilities
2) Project Details
3) Propose US Designation
4) Highest Qualification
5) Tenure with current company and with client
6) Asked me to show end client letter

No NIE Letter Or Vaccination Certificate was asked

8th Nov: Status updated to “Administrative Processing”
9th Nov: Visa Issued

I have opted for premium delivery, so waiting for passport to be delivered at my home

Hopefully this helps some other folks planning to opt for Mumbai.

Importance Things :

1) There is no place to keep mobile, wallet and other belongings at both centers as far as I know.
2) VAC has place infront of it where cars/taxis can be parked, but at Consulate no taxi or car parking is allowed, so please plan accordingly it take a family member with you who can look after your belongings
3) Don’t click any photos or videos at Consulate, security there will immediately take you for questioning.

Experience 4: H1B at New Delhi

Book Delta airline from LAX to DEL very comfortable flight layover in Amsterdam (no transit or any sort of visa req as you don’t leave the airport). I was carrying vaccination card as well negative result 72 hour prior the date of departure (Oct 28)
Landed in Delhi RT-PCR testing is required no matter what you have it cost 500 inr so carry cash else credit card work as well. They will give result next day but when leaving the area they stamp quarantine for 7 days on the receipt but it doesn’t matter as you can travel anywhere.

OFC date Nov 1 Kolkata smooth process got free on 25 mins (if you are carrying bag you can keep it outside the ofc safe place with cameras but on your own risk, wallet and cellphone switched off is allowed inside along with your documents)

VAC date Nov 12 Delhi (8:30)
Reach embassy at 8:30 long line to get in pass security nothing allowed inside except document and wallet no e watch or phone but they locker for that not for bags

Waited 1 hour before i appeared in front of interviewer

Very easy process general questions asked.

Hope it helps for folks having H1B stamping

Experience 5: H1B at New Delhi

Date: Nov 12
Place: Delhi
Time of appointment: 10 am

Reached embassy at 9:15 am. There was a long waiting line in front of the consulate. Took almost 30 mins in the line irrespective of the visa appointment time. Then they did security check and allowed us inside where we sat for another 30 mins. After that we were escorted inside the embassay office where they were checking I797 for h1 appointments. Had to wait another 10 -15 mins here before my number came for the interview.

VO asked for my passport and i797.
Where do you work? How long have you been working here ?
where do you live? How far it is from your office location?
what do you do in your company?
What is your highest qualification? Which university did you do masters from?
Then she said visa approved
Hope it helps!

Experience 6: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Documents asked:

DS160 confirmation
Appointment confirmation
2 photos
I-797 copy
All passport
NIE letter (only if you have, they said it’s not mandatory. I think they ask if you have approval so they can annotated your visa that you have NIE. In my case I have approved NIE from embassy (got it 3 months back during travel ban), so I think they asked to provide. I provided that and also embassys NIE confirmation email). Person in front of me didn’t have NIE, and they said it’s ok if you don’t have. If you have provide. That’s it)

Nothing else asked. She checked my photo multiple times so I hope it’s ok… 🙏

My DS160 location different than Dropbox. I asked her if all my details are showing she said yes. Processing time 5-7 days and will be delivered at Chennai location. I need to pay 650 at time of delivery.

Dropbox experience in general. Delhi Dropbox – it’s in the metro station itself. If you are going from another city, take metro from airport. It’s very convenient. Directly you can go to the location. You need to exit metro go to top floor and renter through another entrance. They will let you in 30 mins before the time. Just appointment confirmation time check. That’s it. Counter is outside only. Total time 30 mins.

Now the main pain starts. Now we need to hope and pray no 221g. Hope this helps 🙏

Experience 7: H1B at Kolkata

10th November 2021: Delhi VAC. 9:30 am . Reached the biometric center at 8:50 am. They’ll start allowing you to go to the biometrics only half n hour before.
At 9:00 am, i was allowed to inside the building. It has 2 levels. US visa biometrics is at level 2.
Passport, ds160 and appointment letter was checked. Entered the biometrics office. Passport, ds160 and appointment letter was rechecked and then wait for your turn. Left hand, right hand, thumb and phots were taken. Was put within 20 minutes. Smooth process.

Consular interview: Nov 12th. Kolkata. 8:15 am.
Reached around 7:40 am. At around 7:50 am, made to stand in line to enter the consulate. Can’t carry phones/laptop. Not sure if they have a locker room. Sealed envelopes are not allowed either.
Documents were checked. I waited about 15 minutes before my interview turn. Following questions were asked.
Asked for passport and i797
Me: Gave my passport. I gave the documents.
Questions asked:

  • Are you working in house for your employer or for a client?
  • Highest level of education
  • Role in the company
  • Responsibility
  • Salary
  • Are you married
  • Do you have kids?
    At this point of time, there seemed to be some issue with the biometrics. The VO kept scanning my barcode but seems to not work. Was given the passport and made to go to another counter (it was called the referring counter).
    At that counter, my photo was taken again, fingerprints were taken again and I was made to stand in line.
    I was told to go to the same VO. Scanned my passport. Seemed to work. No new questions asked. Congratulations! Your visa is approved.
    Was out by one hour.

A lot of people had issues with biometrics in Kolkata and were asked to get their biometrics done again.

Experience 8: H1B + H4 (Spouse+2 Kids) at Kolkata

OFC : 28th Oct 2021
Consular Interview : 05 Nov 2021

Sharing my consular interview experience with VO with you beautiful folks! Hope this helps!!
Questions asked –
VO- Good Morning
Me- Good Morning Sir
VO- Pls pass your passports
Me- Gave passport
VO- are you working at client location
Me- Yes
VO- Do you have client letter
Me- Yes and Shared
VO- Was typing something on screen and asked pass me your I-797 and Client letter
Me – gave the documents
VO- Asked what is your role?
Me- Answered
VO- Asked what is highest qualification?
Me- Answered
VO- Asked me what would the salary?
Me- Answered with salary mentioned in LCA
VO- Tell me what is your responsibilities?
Me- started telling about project and my roles for 30 seconds..
VO- Typing something
VO- How do you know about this job?
Me- Answered
VO- When did you joined with your employer?
Me- Answered
VO- Asked my wife to place left hand fingers
My wife- Placed
Vo- Asked me to place the right hand fingers
Me- Placed
VO- Congratulations your all visa are approved and will get your passport back in 1 week, have great day
Me- Thank you! Sir have a great day!!

Experience 9: H1B + H4 at New Delhi

09 – NOV OFC
12 – NOV interview

VO: Good Morning Gentlemen.
ME: Good Morning Officer.
VO: You recently marriage?
ME: yes
VO: Show me your marriage certificate?
ME: pass to VO.
VO: Where are you working currently?
ME: Answered
VO: Who’s your petitioner?
ME: Answered
VO: What is your salary?
ME: Answered
VO: what is your role and responsibilities?
ME: Answered
VO: What is your company do in US?
ME: Answered
VO: you will work on client?
ME: Answered
VO: What is SAP what it does? Please explain i never heart SAP Software.
ME: Explained in detail.

She typed something for 10-15 seconds
And finally she told your visa is approved.

Thank you so much 😊

Experience 10: H1B at Hyderabad

Nov 8 th – 8.45 appointment
7.45 am allowed in the queue

Around 9.30 – interview

Consular officer didn’t ask any document other than passport. Not even i797

Questions asked
Who is your Employer
Highest qualification
Place of stay

Took fingerprints

We will let you know when passport is ready.

Nov 9 – 1 Pm – passport issued
It took just 24 hours to issue.

I am seeing lot of posts saying hyd has delays. I think it’s different for case to case.

Experience 11: H1B with Dropbox at Chennai

I booked my Dropbox Appt in Chennai on 9/29 My Dropbox appointment date was 10/25. I submitted below docs at Bangalore location:

  1. Current I-797
  2. I-797 linked to last visa stamped on passport
  3. Employment Verification Letter
  4. Self written NIE Letter (submitted on 10/25 – this is no longer needed)
  5. Photo
  6. Passports
  7. DS-160 confirmation page
  8. Appointment Confirmation Letter

Here is the timeline:

10/25: Submitted docs in Bangalore
10/28: Status changed from ‘No Status’ to ‘Application Received’
11/8: no status change but it showed case was updated
11/9: Status changed to ‘Administrative Processing’
11/12: Status changed to ‘Issued’

Please note there were two holidays within this timeline on 11/4 for Diwali and 11/11 for Veterans Day!

Experience 12: H1B at New Delhi

Documents Asked -: Passport ,I797 copy

Note- I went with a Xerox copy of I797B (Original was mailed to me by my employer but Did not receive at that point of time)

Delhi Consulate on Nov 9th @10.30am, Counter 13

Questions asked:

  1. Who is your Employer
  2. How long have you been working with them- 5years
  3. Who is your end client?
  4. How long have you been working for this client-3years
  5. Where do you currently stay? I said Illinios but after this will move to Connecticut.
  6. Why is your client in Connecticut? yes
  7. Oh is it in CT? Yes it is headquartered in CT.
  8. Did u complete your degree in US if yes where and when?
  9. Oh Are you enrolled into another degree? Yes
  10. Why -Told about my interest moving to Cloud computing later into my career and related the same to my 2nd Masters.
  11. Whats your Annual?
  12. Are you working on H1B already? No-I requested for Consular process and was approved on September 13 2021 and thats the reason Im here to complete this conversion.
  13. Were you legal with all your stays in the US? Of course yes.
  14. Okay,Im approving your Visa. Make sure you are vaccinated.

All my Answers were Very loud and told answered them confidently.

Thanks and Good Luck to All!!

Experience 13: H1B + H4 at Chennai

Nov 12th at Chennai consulate.

Appointment time – 9 AM

Reached the location at 8:45 AM

Wait time in the waiting area (inside the consulate) – 30 to 40 min

  • VO – Good Morning!
  • Me – Good Morning!
  • VO – Requested my passport and I797 document
  • Me – Provided
  • VO – What business your sponser is into
  • Me – I explained her it in detail
  • VO – What is an AI
  • Me – I explained what is Artificial Intelligence
  • VO – Inhouse or end client
  • Me – Inhouse
  • VO – Salary
  • Me – I explained the total and also the breakage of the compensation
  • VO – To my wife – Are u a homemaker Madam?
  • My wife – Yes
  • VO – Pls place ur fingers on the scanner
  • VO – Congratulations ur visa has been approved and have a safe flight (provided a document on the US work rights for reference)

Tip – Company details, Location, Salary, Roles & Technology is very important.Don’t be oversmart. I have seen a candidate in the adjacent queue saying his petition is filed at xyz location but he might be working somewhere else depending on visa approval and his date of travel. He got 221g.

Experience 14: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

November 15, NIE not needed anymore!

Had two appointments one at 10 am for my wife and the other for me at 11 am
Was allowed to get in at 9:30 am. Wrapped up by 10:30

Docs submitted:

  • DS160 confirmation
  • appointment confirmation
  • current I797
  • employment verification
  • one photo (had checked all requirements around this). Please read up posts on this group to ensure your photograph meets all requirments: 2*2, no shadows, face should be 80% of the photograph

Do not submit old photograph. A person ahead of me was trying to fool around by submitting the same photograph as the one on the last VISA and was asked to get a new one and return anytime before 4 pm

For folks flying into Delhi, you can submit all the docs and then take the metro to the airport

Experience 15: H1B at Kolkata

OFC at New Delhi. There was no crowd, reached 20 mins before appointment time and got out within 10 mins. They allowed mobile phone and documents inside.

Interview at Kolkata. Stayed at the Senator hotel which is only around half a km from the consulate. Walked to the consulate (go north along Camac st, cross Shakespear sarani and there’s a road to the left with some barricades and a police booth). My slot was at 8.30am, so I reached there around 7.30am. There was already a crowd outside. At around 7.45, security started forming queues outside the consulate gate according to appointment time, starting with 8.15am.
I got to security check soon after 8. Social distancing is enforced inside. They allowed documents, wallet, hotel room key and umbrella inside. A person was checking passport and stamped DS-160 confirmation page in the waiting room. She told me to keep passport and I-797 ready. Around me most people were there for F1 visas, though I saw a few H1B and H4 people as well.
Got to the interview room soon after. 3 officers were conducting interviews.
Interviewing officer asked for my passport and took right hand fingerprints.
O: Do you work for an in-house project or for a client?
In-house project
O: Please give me your I-797
Passed it to him
Few more questions:

  • What’s your highest level of education?
  • What’s your job title?
  • What’s your salary?
  • Are you married?
  • Any kids?
  • Can you describe what you do at the company?
  • Can you be more specific?
    As the specifics of my role was tied to the company’s domain, I started explaining what my company does and what I do specifically at the company. He stopped me in between and said my visa is approved and it should be ready for pickup in about a week.

Experience 16: H1B at New Delhi

My first Visa experience direct h1(i797b) and non MS. Status :approved.
AVC 14th Nov & visa interview 15th Nov 9 AM Delhi embassy.
Visa officer is a lady aged around 35-45
VO: Good morning pls come forward.
Me: Good Morning officer.
VO: Passport and i797b
Me: submitted
VO: what is your employer.
Me: Answered
VO: You are going to work for employer or client ?
ME : I will be working to client on behalf of my Employer
VO : Give me your client letter
Me: submitted
VO : what does your client do.
Me : answered
VO: (read the client letter and asked me about project)
Me : answered
VO : what is the salary?
Me : answered
VO: have you worked in usa before
Me: No, I have not worked in usa but I have worked with usa clients in current project
VO : which company do you work
Me : answered
VO :from how long you are working in your current organization
Me : answered
VO : Do you know the rules and regulations of H1B
Me : yes
VO : where did you plan you stay in USA
Me : Answered
VO: place your left fingers on scanner
Me : placed
VO: your visa is approved pls collect your password in couple of days.
Me: thanks mam

Note: your current company does matters

Experience 17: H1B at Mumbai

Background: Booked slot through GCI website for the Mumbai Consulate for mid-November sometime back. Luckily, I was able to book a slot through the telegram group. I work in a product-based e-commerce company and work as full-time engineer working on in-house projects. I had approved H1B petition in 2020 and am changing status from F1 -> H1B.

Biometrics: 14th November 2021, Mumbai Consulate
Scheduled the appointment for 2PM at Mumbai VAC center. Since I stay in Mumbai itself, I did not have to make any arrangements for accommodations. Reached the center at 1:30 PM and they took me in. OFC was straightforward without any hassle and it took roughly 10 mins to complete the entire process. I was asked for DS-160, Appointment Confirmation, and Passport for documentation.

Consular Appointment: 15th November 2021, Mumbai Consulate
Had an appointment for 9:30 AM at Mumbai US Consulate. I reached the consulate around 8:30 AM and waited in line outside of the embassy for roughly 30 mins. I carried only the documentation folder and did not carry any electronics gadgets. Security at the gate slowly started to call people in through the gate based on your appointment time. I entered the consulate after completing basic security checking and were seated in the waiting area for roughly 45-50 mins.

There are strict social distancing measures while waiting on the lawn and people are asked to follow them strictly. After waiting for my turn we entered the main building where the interviews were being conducted.

I roughly waited around 15 mins inside the center and you can hear about other interview experiences. Pro Tip: Please do not focus on the outcomes of other interviews and who got accepted/rejected and only focus on your interviews.

Finally reached counter number 34 where the Consular officer took my interview. I was asked only for my passport and approved I-797 petition. No NIE for NIE.

Following are the questions asked:

  • Client-side/in house project
  • Masters Education details (Graduation details, time when I graduated)
  • How long I have been working with the company.
  • Information about projects I am currently working on
  • Conversation about the company that I am working for
  • OPT/CPT confirmation since I applied for the STEM extension with the same company as the H1B application
  • Finally asked to place 4 fingers on biometrics and my passport was kept by the consular officer by approving the application. I am asked to collect my passport within 1 week.

Reading previous interview experiences was helpful for me and I hope that my experience also helps someone to prepare for their interviews. All the best, folks!!

Experience 18: H1B + H4 (Spouse+Kid) at New Delhi

Petition approved in Sep 2021

Nov 8th VAC in Delhi 3:00pm
Reached Sivaji Metro station on time. Had a laptop bag so dropped it at a locker nearby store in the concourse level[Rs.200]. Phones are allowed inside in switched off mode. But not AirPods.
Security check done and sent to -2 floor. Standing in line for USA VAC. They took photo, fingerprints and pasted the barcode on the back of my passport and gave it back to me.
In and out in 10mins.

Nov 9th Consular in Delhi. 09:10pm appointment
I stayed in a hotel nearby. Walked to the Consular section of US Embassy[20mins walk]
Reached there by 8:50am. There was not much crowd. They allowed me inside already.

Scanned the barcode on my passport in the entrance. Security check is done and waited for around 15m in the waiting area[waiting area had 6 rows of seats]. They called inside one row after another.
After they called me in At counter 2 they verified my passport and I797 receipt and they sent me to the interview counters.
Made me to stand in line for counter 21[A lady].

Here are the questions that she asked me.
Me: Good morning
VO: Good morning, What’s your purpose of visit
Me: H1B
VO: pass me your passport and I797
Passed the documents
VO: after looking at the company name – What does your company do?
I explained about my company
VO: Do you have an end client
I explained about the work nature of my company and who our customers are, I told eventhough we work for clients we do not leave our work location
VO: What is the name of your customer?
VO: Which city are you based out in the US
Me: Explained where I am located. I also mentioned it is the same city I completed my Master’s from
VO: Nice to know you have Master’s. What’s your Job duties as a software developer, explain shortly what your are doing for your current customer?
Me: Explained briefly about my current project
VO: Showed me a white laminated sheet with points explaining the constraints & restrictions of H1B visa. Asked me if I have read that before while submitting Ds-160. I remembered reading that so I told yes
Scanned my all hands finger prints


What you do in US?
No questions asked to child.

VO: your visa is approved, you will get your passport in 5-10 days

Note:-No other documents are verified.

Nov 16th received passport with stamping through courier to home address.

Experience 19: H4 with Dropbox at New Delhi

Nov. 17th:
I had appointment at 10am, traveled via metro to Shivaji Stadium. VFS counter is just at the exit/turnstiles. No need to exit the station. There were 2 people in front of me. Both of them had luggage with laptops so they were asked to join the queue and submit docs at counters outside VFS.
I was sent inside as I had only docs and mobile. You need to show your ID if entering inside VFS center if submitting docs on behalf of someone else. No need for any authorization letter.
Submitted below documents for my wife’s H4

  1. Appointment confirmation
  2. DS160 confirmation
  3. Passport
  4. Current H1B I797 copy. Original was not asked. Old I797 was not required.
  5. Position confirmation letter and I provided additionally Client letter as well.
  6. Photo – checked it and accepted without any issues.
  7. H4 I797 (I539) copies both old and new .
  8. No need for NIE.
  9. Pay ₹650 on delivery to blue dart courier when passport is delivered as I had opted for premium delivery to my home.
  10. Existing H1b visa copy, doesn’t matter if visa is valid or exipred.
    Totally took less than 10min. No lockdown in Delhi as of today.
    There were lot of people outside waiting to get inside. Separate line outside metro station for VFS. I highly recommend everyone to travel via metro to avoid hassle of standing in queue 1st outside the metro station and then again inside as well. You can carry any luggage for dropbox but you will not be allowed inside VFS instead you will have to submit docs at counters just outside VFS.

Experience 20: H1B + H4 with Dropbox at New Delhi

  • “Good news that things at dropbox are back to normal.”
  • No longer asking for NIE.
  • Had my appointment at 2pm. Reached early around 1pm.
  • Got my photos done near dropbox location. They give good quality pictures with required US Visa specifications in 5 minutes ( way cheaper than what we pay at Walgreen/Costco/Postnet )
  • Came back to dropbox location around 1:15pm. They allowed us to go in.
  • There will be few basic security checks and then we were in queue to get tokens (they moved us inside biometric section where they were giving tokens to dropbox people as well)
  • They only allowed one person in case someone has more than one family members for dropbox. In my case, I went in and my wife stayed outside.
  • Backpacks, switched off phone, battery packs are allowed.
  • Once I reached to counter, I was asked to provide following docs
  • For H1 : Passport, Dropbox appointment confirmation, DS160 confirmation, copy of latest I797, positional/employment verification letter of H1
  • For H4 : Passport, Dropbox appointment confirmation, DS160 confirmation, copy of latest I797 of H1, copy of latest I797 for H4 (if applicable), copy of positional/employment verification letter of H1, copy of last stamped visa of H1
  • Officer said it will take around 7 days to process and then passports will be delivered at address that I have chosen for premium delivery.
  • All in all it took 30 minutes.

Experience 21: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Originally created ds 160 for Chennai and got an appointment for Nov 9th Delhi in mid October.

Even though it is not required, i created a new DS 160 for Delhi and updated my profile with this confirmation ID. I did this because my original chennai DS 160 was created in August and I was not sure if there is any validity associated with it. Also I prefer spending an additional 15 minutes of time rather than letting my application process being delayed because of something I could have done.

Nov 9th – At 2pm dropped of docs in shivaji metro station. Since my employer has gone through merger after my H1B petition approval, in addition to position confirmation letter I submitted two additional docs – affadivit for immigration successorship provided by immigration HR and request letter return to consulate by HR. They accepted these two docs.

Nov 10 – status changed to application recieved with case creation date as Nov 8th. I was confused since my Dropbox date was on Nov 9th but this was not an issue.

Nov 11th – status remained application received

Nov 12th – status changed to admin processing

Nov 13th 14th – weekend, No cange in status

Nov 15th – status changed to issued after 2pm IST

Nov 17th – received email that my passport is ready for pick up at the chosen delivery location – Blue Dart Chennai

Nov 18th- my parents collected the passport fr blue dart with my and their original and a copy of adhar card along with an authorization letter that I provided.

Finally, the sleepless nights to book slots have paid off 😊

Experience 22: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Booked slot at Delhi by monitoring H1B Dropbox telegram group. Mostly slots open on Sunday night 11:48 pm EDT

PCR test: done at CVS and community offerings at Massachusetts, results were available in 24 hrs by email. Able to upload negative test documents on Airsuvidha (make sure you’ve vaccine certificate, passport and pcr digutal copy handy with no special characters in filename) Airsuvidha replied back in less than 5 minutes via email. Make sure to print the copy. (NO QR code needed for pcr or vaccine)

Flight qatar airways, from Boston to Delhi with connection at Doha. (I booked pcr test for Delhi via Airsuvidha paying Rs. 500 in advance, but was not asked at Delhi airport) pcr results was emailed in 3 hrs

Dropbox appointment Nov 9 at 2:00 pm
Recommend to arrive 30 mins early
Don’t take photo from usa (cvs) since Dropbox personnel find issues with brightness, etc.. and ask you to take new pic outside consulate (behind gas station)
Documents submitted
Latest i-797 copy
DS-160 Confirmation
Appointment Confirmation letter
Employment verification letter (I work FTE with direct employee)
All passport
2×2 size photo

Nov 16th Visa issued
Nov 18th visa delivered at home address (pay 650 rs.)

Experience 23: H1B at New Delhi

CA interview experience at Delhi today 11/18.

After greetings,
VO: pass your passport and I797
Me: provided
VO: is this your first US visa
Me: I have B1/B2
VO: are you going to work for new company
Me: Yes
VO: how did you get this job
Me: answered
VO: is it a in-house project or client project
Me: answered
VO: what is the project about
Me: answered
VO: which company you are working with earlier
Me: answered
VO: did you do that type of work in your earlier company
Me: answered
VO: what is your annual salary going to be in US
Me: answered
VO: what is your work location in US
Me: answered
VO: what was your highest qualification
Me: answered
VO: did you do it in India
Me: answered
VO passed me a document and said to read the rights before going to US and said my Visa is approved and I will get the passport in a week

I booked my VAC(11/17) and CA(11/18) on 11/12 at 1:18 AM IST. There was only one slot at that time and I think I was lucky enough to login at that time and book the slot.

Experience 24: H1B at new Delhi

Vac Nov 16 and Consular Nov 17 – New Delhi

Vac was straight forward, they took finger prints and photo. Asked for appointment confirmation and DS160

Consular at 9:00am, but I was standing in 8 am line and came out by 8:45 am . Asked for passports and i797b

•Where are you going to work
•What does your employer do? Answered
•What are your roles? Answered
•Years of experience? Answered
•In house or client location? Mine was in house
•Salary? Answered
•Work location ?answered
.• can I see your CV ? Yes , passed my resume

Visa is approved

Tip – Be confident and answer to the best of your knowledge. Make sure your answers are inline with your application/petition/ds160.

Experience 25: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Documents asked:

DS160 confirmation
Appointment confirmation
2 photos
I-797 copy
All passport
NIE letter (only if you have, they said it’s not mandatory. I think they ask if you have approval so they can annotated your visa that you have NIE. In my case I have approved NIE from embassy (got it 3 months back during travel ban), so I think they asked to provide. I provided that and also embassys NIE confirmation email). Person in front of me didn’t have NIE, and they said it’s ok if you don’t have. If you have provide. That’s it)

Nothing else asked. She checked my photo multiple times so I hope it’s ok… 🙏

My DS160 location different than Dropbox. I asked her if all my details are showing she said yes. Processing time 5-7 days and will be delivered at Chennai location. I need to pay 650 at time of delivery.

Dropbox experience in general. – it’s in the metro station itself. If you are going from another city, take metro from airport. It’s very convenient. Directly you can go to the location. You need to exit metro go to top floor and renter through another entrance. They will let you in 30 mins before the time. Just appointment confirmation time check. That’s it. Counter is outside only. Total time 30 mins.

Now the main pain starts. Now we need to hope and pray no 221g. Hope this helps 🙏

Status update:

My DS160 location Chennai.
Dropbox location Delhi.
Same employer.
I have NIE approved.

12th Nov : Dropbox date.
Status : Application received
15th Nov: Same status. Last updated date changed.
16th Nov: Admin Processing.
17th Nov: Issued.

3 business days total.

Delivery update:

Use your UID in the appointment confirmation page as tracking in Blue Dart.

Enter it in the Reference number on Blue Dart tracking page.

You can see where your passport is currently on the map.

Mine was delivered just now.
2 days to deliver from Delhi to Chennai.
I gave home delivery so I needed to pay 650 Rs to the delivery person (at time of delivery only)

Check your VISA and make sure all details are printed correctly. In the delivery package you will also get back the copy of documents (minus the photo) you submitted during Dropbox. Nothing to worry about it.


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