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H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox from May 25th to July 3rd, 2022

Below are User experiences starting from May 25th to July 3rd, 2022 for H1B Visa and H4 Visa for both regular visa stamping and Dropbox. You can check US Visa Stamping Experiences for the entire collection

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Experience 1: H1B with Dropbox, 221g, In Person Interview at New Delhi

May 4: submitted docs in hyd vac , my actual consulate is delhi
May 9: refused
May 12: received passport with 221g white slip asking to come for interview in delhi
May 19: i went for inperson interview
Good morning
Asked for passport
Asked for i797 ..
in: are you workiing for xxx company?
Me : yes
In: is this ur current company?
Me: yes
In: who is ur end client?
Me: xxxx company
In: do u have client letter with you?
Me: giving out vendor letter i told him that my client doesn’t provide but my vendor works directly with client so he provided one. Also they are on master service agreement. Here is the copy of it.
In: whats your work location?
Me: currently working from home which is my told them location thats is in LCA
In: is this the location in ur LCA ?
Me: yes
In: do you have it
Me * provided it*
In: checked and asked did u do ur masters in *** university?
Me: yes
In: did u do only one masters?
Me: i did my second masters in univ of cumberlands
In: to stay back in usa? Laughed
Me: no its diff( he stopped me there as if he knows the answr)
In: your visa is approved , one final check and all good

Changed visa status to administrative processing

May 25: issued

Waiting for passport.
Thanks for this group i got an idea to what docs and everything i should take ..

Experience 2: H1B with Dropbox, 221g, In Person Interview at Mumbai

Profile : H1B – US based Direct Employee (FTE)

Dropbox Appointment – April 28 (argued that they should not only take my recent 797 but also my previous 797 as my current H1B stamp is expired – but they did not take it)🤦🏻‍♂️😣

Application Received – April 29

Refused – May 10

Saw “schedule follow up appointment” on CGI portal with two dates to pick from – May 11

Got an email to pick up passport – May 12 (passport had 221g white slip asking me to coming for in person interview

Got follow up appointment date of – May 26

Interview details for May 26.
Documents checked on window 22 – both passports, current 797 & employer verification letter (EVL)
Got sent to window 35 for interview.
VO: Good Morning
Me: Good Morning, gave PP, 797, EVL.
VO: Was looking at my 797 and asked, “so how long have you been working for X? (he said my company name)
Me: This is my 7th year. I started in 2016, right after finishing my grad school. I also interned at the same company in 2015 while I was in grad school.
VO: Thanks, where is your current office in NYC?
Me: Told him the exact address.
VO: oh nice, that’s a nice neighborhood.
Me: Yes, it is!(with a smile)😊
VO: are you going to the office, or WHF?
Me: actually we have a hybrid working model due to the public safety concerns/ based on the local government guidelines. So I go to office 2-3 days a week, rest WFH if needed and my home address/office is also listed in my LCA.
VO: ok, thanks.
VO: while looking at my EVL, he confirmed, “is your current business title X?”
Me: Correct, I just got promoted 3 months ago. (I mentioned promotion cuz my title in petition is different than my EVL cuz of the promotion however since it’s a in-line promotion and there is no material change to my job responsibilities, it’s not an issue – but I still wanted to be up front about it)
VO: great, congratulations.
VO: while looking at his computer screen, so what did you study in NYC and where?
Me: told school name, major and the year I stared and graduated.
VO: your visa is approved, you should get your passport within 7 business days.
Me: Great, thanks, have a good day.
VO: you too.

Application status changed to Administrative Processing.

Now hoping to see “issued” and passport pick-up email soon – anyone know how long it’s actually taking to get the passport?

Experience 3: H1B with In Person Interview at Chennai

Chennai VAC . May 22
02.30 appointment.. highly crowed.. go just 5 min before your time. Dnt go before that .. you are not allowed before your time.
Took 30 minutes… security check followed by .. ds160 check.. they verified passport and ds160 information matches or not..
Then finger print done..

I attented my fresh H1B in chennai. My Visa got approved. May 24.


  1. Company address and Name.
  2. Salary.
  3. Qualification.
  4. Roles.

Visa is approved and got the approval slip. After that officer asked about the 4th question ( roles )

My advice is …Answer to the officer boldly and confidently.. if not you will asked more questions.

For fresh h1b others were getting more question..

Took 30 minutes from start to end.
My appointment was 11.30 came out at 12.00

Experience 4: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Changed employer two times after actual employer visa expiry ( August 2017 ). Last stamping via IW was done at Chennai VAC in Feb 2017

May 13 – Dropped documents at Chennai VAC ( Appointment Booked for Delhi VAC )
Dropbox documents:
Appointment letter ( Black&White copy )
DS-160 confirmation page ( Black&White copy ) for Delhi location ( My base location is Chennai VAC )
I797s (First page of last three i797 petitions with Black&White copy)
EVL with designation and salary, dated with a week before appointment (color copy)
Passport size photo – 2 ( Photo has taken at the downstair and they developed PP within 10 mins and charged Rs 300 for six copies (default) )
Note: They returned my expired passport after verifying my previous visa that stamped before and no original documents have been asked at anytime

May 13 – Your passport is still with the US Embassy/Consulate ( CGI site )
May 14, 15 – Weekend
May 16 – Holiday (Delhi VAC)
May 17 – No Status ( CEAC site)
May 18 – Application Received ( CEAC site)
May 19 – Administrative Processing ( CEAC site)
May 20 – Issued ( CEAC site)
Note: No more update in the CEAC site further once its Issued

May 21, 22 – Weekend

May 23 – Passport has been received from the consular section, and is being processed for delivery ( CGI site )

May 24 – Passport is ready for pickup ( Selected Chennai VAC for pickup )
Passport pick up documents:
Authorization letter to pickup passport & signed by applicant ( original )
Aadhaar photo copy of applicant
Aadhaar photo copy of passport pickup person
Aadhaar original ID of applicant
Aadhaar original ID of passport pickup person

May 24 – Your passport has been picked up ( CGI site )

Experience 5: H1B+H4(Spouse+Kid) with In Person Interview at Chennai

May 13 – Biometrics in Chennai VAC at 8 AM.

Submitted documents:
1.Appointment confirmation letter
2.DS-160 confirmation page for all 3
3.All 3 passports
4.A Passport size photo for my 2 year old kid

They Verified DS-160 details with passport details and took photos (Me and Wife alone) with all 10 fingerprints.They have scanned daughter’s photo which we have given and no fingerprints for kids.

May 26 – Consular appointment in Chennai.9 AM .
Highly crowed..they allowed us by 8.15 AM itself.
Security check followed by .. ds160 check.. they verified passport and ds160 information matches or not..
Then they asked to verify kid’s photo has no issues after biometrics update. verified this in separate counter.

Joined a counter where American lady officer was taking interview.

Passed our all 3 passports and my i797 approval original.
Questions to Me :

  1. Company Name
  2. Client Name
    3.Client letter** (But I shared PCL which was given by Employer)
  3. Salary.
  4. Maximum Qualification
    5.Designation in US (Job role)
  5. Responsibilities

Question to My wife:

  1. Are you working currently?
    2.Daughter’s age?

Finally, Visa is approved and got the approval slip. After that officer gave ‘Rights’ pamphlet as well.And came out by 9 AM .

Experience 6: H1B with Dropbox at Chennai

May 10 – Documents submitted
May 11 – Application Received
May 20 – Last updated (Application Receiving)
May 24 – Administrative processing
May 26 – Issued
May 28 – Passport Premium delivery by bluedart

Some helpful tips:

  • It took approximately 10 – 14 days to move from Application Received status to Administrative processing status.
  • When the last updated date is changed in ceac page while the application status is in Application Received status, then the application will move to Administrative processing status in 3 – 4 working days.
  • At the same time the passport status in CGI portal will display as “Document Delivery Information”
  • It will take 1- 3 working days to move from Administrative Processing status to Issued status.
  • It will take 1-3 days to receive passport through premium delivery. One advantage is that bluedart premium delivery can happen in week ends too where passport pickup from VAC will happen only in working days.

Blue dart premium delivery can be tracked through their website.


Use Ref no search in the above portal. Reference number is nothing but the uid printed on the appointment confirmation page.

Thanks to people who shared their experience in this portal which helped a lot.

Experience 7: H1B+H4(Spouse+Child) with In Person Interview at New Delhi

May 13 – Biometrics in New Delhi VAC at 3:40 PM.

Submitted documents:
1.Appointment confirmation letter
2.DS-160 confirmation page for all 3
3.All 3 passports

They Verified DS-160 details with passport details and took photos (Me and Wife alone) with all 10 fingerprints.

May 26 – Consular appointment in Hyderabad 9 AM .
Highly crowed..they allowed us by 8.15 AM itself.
Security check followed by .. passport Verification.

Joined a counter where American officer was taking interview.

Passed our all 3 passports
Questions to Me :

  1. Company Name
  2. Client Name
  3. Total Experience
  4. Total experience with Client
  5. Salary.
  6. Maximum Qualification
    8.Designation in US (Job role)

Question to My wife:

  1. How many years you have been married?
    2.Highest Qualification?
    3.How old is daughter?

Then took our finger prints again.

Finally, Visa is approved . After that officer gave ‘Rights’ pamphlet as well.And came out by 9 AM .

Experience 8: H1B+H4(Spouse+Child) with In Person Interview at New Delhi

31st May
Reached around 9 for 10 am appointment. Went in queue for security check.
After security check asked to wait in waiting area for 15-20 mins.
Then inside the consular section multiple queues were there. After 797 check and passports. Proceeded for interview.
Again wait for 10-15 mins before turn.
Me : good morning officer
VO: no reply
VO : please hand me your passports.
Me : passed in all 3 passports.
VO: After few checks and mark. Give me your i797
Me: gave
VO: so are you working directly for them or any end client
Me: replied
VO: what will be your designation
Me: replied
VO: how much they are paying you?
Me : replied
Then question to my spouse
VO: ma’am how long you have been married
Spouse: replied

No questions to my kid.

After few checks on pc asked spouse to place fingers on scanner.
Then after few checks on PC asked me to placed fingers on scanner.
Your visas have been approved.
Came out around 10:30 am.
On visa tracker page it shows “administrative processing”.

Thanks to the group , got lot of information here which really helped.

Experience 9: H1B with Dropbox, 221g, In Person Interview at New Delhi

I lost 100% hope on my case. Due to scary documents was asked in my case. Was plan to appear for 2nd interview at Delhi or Interview in Mexico.
4th time extension : H1B. (Was on F1 for 3 years and H1b for 8 years)
CAME TO INDIA: April 2021. All appointments of May-June gets cancelled due to Covid delta variant.
OCT 28th 2021: Dropbox. Nov 22nd Refused (white Slip221g)
Dec 2nd : Interviewed (got 221g yellow Slip). Interview went for 45mints. New VO.
Dec14th : Case Last Updated on 14 Dec 2021
Dec 18th: Family returned to USA due to kids schooling (they got cleared in September)

Jan 30th: Document Submission by an Email. (Asked all documents from page2 and pg1: pay slip from day1, W2, last two years tax returns, bank statement from day 1)
March 2nd and 3rd week : Contacted two senators and congress woman.
Senator 1: Ask fresh letter from employer to submit to consulate. Got generic reply after 2weeks.
March 2nd and 3rd week Senator 2: Contacted on 28th March and got generic reply after 3weeks from Mumbai consulate.
March 23rd Congress woman: contacted to Delhi consulate and got generic reply in same week.

April 20th: Got email that your case is flagged to NIV unit.
April 4th week, May 1 and 2nd week : Reminded senator 1 to reach again to contact Consulate as 55days completed since contacted. They told their director said no and told wait till June 27th (90days gap) for 2nd time follow-up. Congresswoman contacted 2nd time.

May 20th May (Friday): Email received to submit passport.
May 23rd (Monday): Submitted passport with i797 and revised dated employment letter.
24th and 25th May: Status changed to AP
26th May : Visa Issued and Received email to collect passport.
31st May: Collected passport.

Tips & Note:
1) Send Weekly Support email, change email description every 2 weeks (add your pain what challenges do you face due to this delay?
2) Called 2times/day to support, 2 times/ week to DOS.
3) Contact congressman/senators. Email and call them. Get Email confirmation from them that they contacted consulate on your case.
4) Don’t give up, you are very close to result.
5) Don’t stay at home in weekend. Frustration will kill you. Do some activities (Travel, Exercise, Good reading, Movies, Meet friends).

Experience 10: H1B with Dropbox at Bengaluru

Reached the consultate by 11am for a 12.15pm appointment. The security guard asked me to get in the queue. Security check is there at main entrance. Please note same vfs office also process UK visa too, so find the right queue. My original appointment for dropbox was New Delhi but did the dropbox here. Also I had ds 160 visa location as Chennai but visa appointment I was only able to get at New Delhi. Just sharing this info here that its okay to have different locations in Ds 160 and actual appointment. The appointment location is what matters.

Back to vfs office. There were 15 counters inside. They gave me token. My appointment was at 12.15 but I didn’t get my turn until 3.45. Since a lot of people like me were doing dropbox different from the original visa appointment location, so I assumed that was the reason they had a lot more people coming in and they couldn’t honor the appointment time. For some reason they were displaying token for all the categories but just for h1 they didn’t and were only announcing from the desk. I was sitting on the opposite side of the room and I could have missed my turn. Its just that I got worried when token numbers higher than me were processing. I reached out to the vfs person and he shared the info that they were just announcing token. I was just 2 token behind.

The VO asked a bunch of docs and I submitted them. Everything was done in couple of mins. And I left the consulate before 4pm. The process was super simple.

Below are the documents they asked:

Appointment confirmation
DS 160 confirmation
1 passport size photos
Original passports (carry all passports) they asked to submit my only recent passport that had last visa stamp, my wife had a new passport, so they asked her both new and old passport
Current i797
Previous i797 just 1 last one based on which we got last visa
Employment Verification letter
Marriage certificate, since my wife was with me for h4

They charged 650 per passport for dropping docs there.

Dropped: May 20th in Bengaluru for Delhi loc
Until May 23rd No status
May 24th Application Received
May 25th Administrative Processing
May 27th Issued
June 1st : Passport received at home in Bengaluru (650 per passport delivery charges)
Started looking into visa dates in Dec 2021, so it took 6 months from planning to execution. Longest project I worked on.

Good luck to everyone.

Experience 11: H1B+H4 with Dropbox, 221g, In Person Interview at Mumbai

Originally I had visa dropbox appointment for April 29th at Mumbai VAC.
I visited Mumbai VAC 40 minutes early and I was taken in.
Submitted token, appointment confirmation letter and DS160 conf letter, passports.
My H1B visa stamp was done in 2014 and had since changed 2 employers so VAC personal asked for all I797 approvals 1st page only.
Asked for my employer verification letter.
They didn’t ask for my end client letter and I forgot to mention too.
For my spouse’s H4 application, they asked for just the passport, confirmation documents and marriage certificate copy and nothing else.
5/13 Status shows Visa refused.
No email/phone call received.
5/20 Phone call received to pickup passport at local DHL office.
Still no email received. Status on dashboard does not show anything and status on ceac tracker still shows visa refused.
5/20 picked up passports with 221g form. 221g form mentions both me and my spouse to visit Mumbai consulate on June 2nd at 11 AM. Fortunately wasn’t asked to book appointment but was directly given the appointment.
6/2 reached Mumbai consulate around 10:15 AM and was taken in.
There is separate queue for 221g appointments.
10:30ish went to 221g window where my I797, passports, employee letter, end client letter were verified. My spouses I797 and passport was verified.
As we were leaving 221g window, was asked for my spouse’s 10 printed fingerprints eventhough it was already 10 printed but didn’t ask for my fingerprints.
Next around 10:40ish was asked to go to main visa interview window.
Q1: asked for my I797.
Q2: How long have I been with the empower?
A2: Since August 2019
Q3: what is my role?
A3: My role is Business Systems Analyst
Q4: Asked for my employment verification letter.
Q5: Where do you work?
A5: I work at Tampa FL
Q6: Do you work at this place (At worksite mentioned in letter).
A6: Yes at client place but mostly work remotely from home.
Q7: asked for end client letter
Q8: How long have you been at the client?
A8: Since August 2019
Q9: Have you had any problems with either of employer or client
A9: No
Q10: So the client is healthcare one?
A10: Yes and the client mostly deals with workers compensation insurance.
Q11: Asked for my wife’s I197 and marriage certificate
Q12: What do you do (to my wife)?
A12: I currently work with xyz employer
Q13: Asked for work authorization card (EAD Card)
A13: I had the card on me but couldn’t find it within rest of the documents so the VO said thats ok.
And said the visa is approved and that we should receive passports within a week
10:55 out of Mumbai consulate.
6/2 ceac status changed to Administrative processing
6/3 ceac status changed to Issued.
Now waiting for updates to pickup my passports as I am hoping to receive them before 7/11 when I am flying back.

Experience 12: H1B+H4 with Dropbox at Mumbai

Dropbox Appointment Date – 26 May 14:15 PM
Application dropped on 26 May at Pune Dropbox location at VFS global. Correct Address is 93 Avenue Mall, 4th Floor, Kalubai Chowk, Near Fatima Nagar Junction, Wanowari, Pune. This is on Swargate Hadapsar Road. Don’t go to Marvel Edge, Viman nagar location. You will waste time and these 2 locations are very far from each other. Please take a note of this. It’s important.

VFS global said they courier all documents received on the same day to respective consulates.

Application Status date wise:-
27th May to June 3rd – Application Received
June 4 – Administrative Processing
June 4th to June 6th 12:30 PM – Administrative Processing.
June 6th after 12:30 PM – Issued
June 6th after 14:00 PM – Passport has been received from the consular section and is currently Being processed for delivery.
June 7th at 16:00 PM – Received passport at Pune home address.

For Passport tracking, use UID number given on appointment confirmation page. Goto Blue Dart tracking website and use UID in Ref No.
Thanks to this group for all the helpful information shared. All the best.

Experience 13: H1B with Dropbox, 221g, In Person Interview at Hyderabad

Dropped docs in Dropbox on 13th May
23rd may – case created
24th May- status changed to Refused
No updates since then on either CGI portal, or Travel docs or on CEAC
31st May – Received mail calling me for inperson interview on June 8th
Went for interview today
8th june – Interview and after 2 hrs of interview status changed to “Administrative processing”
9th June – status changed to “Issued”

Interview Conversation
VO – pls Show me your Emp verification letter
Me- I showed it to him thru glass wall
VO- Since when you have been working with this Employer
Me – Answered
VO – Do you have a client letter
Me – I have showed it
VO – are you working at this location now
Me – Due to covid working from home
VO – you live in One state and work in Neighboring state?
Me- Yes sir
VO – why?
Me- Answered
Vo- will you be relocating next year to the state where your work location is
Me – said No and justified why
VO- whats your salary
Me- Answered
VO – show your last W2 pls
Me – showed it to him
Vo- your roles n responsibilities
Me – started explaining…
VO – Stopped me in between and congratulated me saying your visa is issued

Experience 14: H1B+H4 with Dropbox at Hyderabad

I had my Dropbox appointment on June 13th at 1:45 pm.

I had two appointments one for h1 b another for h4 b. These appointments are on same day , same time and location.


11:15 am – I reached at the center little too early, as soon as I reached first I went for photography at a shop close by center.

11:30 am – I checked with the security person at the center to check they will allow us. He mentioned that they will allow only 30~ 45 min before the appointment time .

11:45 am – luckily there is an ac waiting hall. Where I waited there for almost 1 hr.

12:45 pm- took a safe locker at the same place and stored all items .. ( smart watch, phones , bags, wallet). Just took some cash and documents needed.

1:00 pm – the security guard allowed both of us into the center.

1:15 pm – went for a security check and checking process . There it is very important that you tell that we are couple and have two appointments for h1b , h4 b. They will give one token only and will ask to stand in line.

1:45 pm- Dropbox officer called us and took all the required documents. I mentioned that we have two appointments for h1b , h4b. The officer said ok and took all documents,
1 . Ds160

  1. Confirmation letter
  2. H1b i797 ( current & previous)
  3. H4 I 797 ( current & previous)
  4. Marriage certificate
    6 . All passports
  5. Employment verification letter.
  6. If the company name is changed from previous stamp to current then please take supporting document. My company name changed from A->B and they asked me supporting document. I said I did not have it .. I was luckily , but it may not be the same every time

Officer took our documents and mentioned we will get them via mail .. since we do to live in Hyderabad so opted for delivery.

Experience 15: H1B with Dropbox, 221g, In Person Interview at Mumbai


*April 7 – Dropbox Appointment
*April 8- Case Received
*April 11- Refused
*April 15 – Picked up passport with 221g white slip; requesting to attend interview (Not any particular documents were asked)
*Apr 29th – Attended Interview, got it approved

Visa Interview Experience:
Appointment scheduled for 9:45 am
Reached the consulate at 8:30 am itself
They called in at 8:45 am
They regrouped the all 221g candidates then send in with just appointment confirmation,ds 160 confirmation page,i797.
Counter Number – 34
Visa officer in his early 30s
VO:- Good Morning
Me:- Good Morning Sir
VO :- Tell me about your Work in US.
Me :- Told
VO :- Highest level of education?
Me:- Master’s from Boston University
VO :- Your case is Approved. He kept the passport.

At 9:30 am came out from consulate.

April 30 – Administrative Processing
May 1- Issued
May 3- Passport Received
May 15 – Newark POE cleared

Just some thoughts on 221g interview
Just keep all documents with you and be confident to answer questions

Good luck all who is waiting for 221g update.

Experience 16: H1B with Emergency Appointment, In Person Interview at Hyderabad

Appointment Type: Emergency/Consular

I have an emergency at work which required me to be present at US workplace, so I applied for the Emergency Appointment, it got approved and I booked dates for VAC on 10/06/2022 at New Delhi & OFC Date. on 14/06/2022 at Hyderabad.

After Greetings here is how the interview went **
VO: Let’s start. with the finger Prints, can you place your left hand four fingers on the scanner? (passport given to her before the start of my interview)
ME: I placed my fingers on the scanner.
VO: I see your Appointment is an emergency, what is your emergency.
ME: I mentioned my emergency and that I was needed at the workplace.
VO: you had the same visa earlier as well (I applied for my H1B Extension).
ME: Yes mam that is correct!!
VO: What is your Designation;
ME: I work as a Java Developer!!
VO: How long have you been with the client
ME: Told the time I have been with the client.
VO: when did you come to India?
ME: April
VO: Are you supporting the client from here or are you on leave?
ME: No, I am working.
VO: Did you lose your job?
ME: No I am supporting the client from India since I came here (I believe, VO was trying to see if my previous answer was genuine).
VO: In which you will be working?
ME: Told her the state
VO: What is your annual Salary?
ME: told her
VO: Can you give your last 3 months’ paystubs and LCA?
ME: I handed it
VO: Kept reviewing the LCA and said Sir, your visa has been approved, and you have a safe trip back to the US.
ME: Thank you, mam, you have a great Day!!

10/06: VAC
14/06: OFC
14/06:Administrative Processing
15/06: Issued

This time stamping had a bit more questions than my earlier stamping experience.
Hope this helps someone to prepare.

Experience 17: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

I had my h1b Dropbox appointment at Delhi VAC. Dropbox time was at 1:45 pm, I reached there 1 hour before.

Documents submitted

1)Appointment letter
2)DS 160 confirmation page
3)Passports old and new
4)2 US VISA photos (I took photos in a US Walgreens location, didn’t have any issues. it was worth it.. didn’t have to go for retake)
5) I 797 latest approval notice (first-page alone) + I 797 old approval notice (first-page alone)
6) Employer verification Letter
7) They did not ask for my end client letter

The representative said that your case will be updated within 7 days.I brought a file folder for my document, which they allowed me to take inside. We also need to keep the phone silent.

April 14-dropped documents
April 15 – passport sent to consular for processing
April 16,17 – Sat, Sunday
April 18- Embassy received
April 22 -Issued
April 23 (Sat) -Passport delivered

All the best!

Experience 18: H1B with Dropbox, 221g, In Person Interview at Mumbai

May 9:Dropbox at Mumbai Consulate
May 10: Application received
May 20: Refused
May 24: Picked up passport (White slip stating to appear for an in-person interview on June 13)
June 13: In-person interview at Mumbai Consulate

(Asked me only for passport, I-797, Employer letter)
VO: Is this your first time for H1?
Me: Yes
VO: Which company are you working for?
Me: I work for xxxx company located at xxxx
VO: Pass on your end client letter
Me: I work under an in-house project. I do not have any client.
VO: What are your responsibilities?
Me: Stated my duties as mentioned in my petition
VO: How is your role related to what you do?
Me: explained briefly on my project and my duties
VO: Which is your highest degree of education?
Me: Master’s at xxxx
VO: Your visa is approved.
Me: Thank you officer. You have a great day.

June 13: Administrative processing
June 14: Issued
June 16: Email to pickup passport
June 17: Picked up passport at hyd

All the best to everyone 🙂

Experience 19: H1B with In Person Interview, 221g at Mumbai

H1b first time stamping, Came to India after almost 5 years;
May 30th: Arrived from EWR to Delhi and went to Shivaji stadium OFC for fingerprint scanning (paid inr 1000 to some computer guy there to update new passport number on DS-160)

June 1st: Went to Mumbai consulate for 9am visa interview.
Was let in right away ~8 am and was at the window in next 10 minutes. old white lady VO.

Q. Where are we headed?
A. Florida
Q. what will you do there?
A. I already work there and explained job duties.
Q. Asked me about my PhD research (which I finished 4 years ago and I don’t even do research anymore)
A. answered, but she got spooked with some TAL-listed words and confirmed if I said that specific word.
Asked me to scan my left hand fingers and then gave me a blue slip.

Left the consulate by 8:30 and started working on getting the documents ready.

Submitted all required docs by noon of 2nd June. Got a reply right away that documents had to be in a single word file; so I merged them into one.

After that no updates until today — June 16th. Got an email to submit passport and a few other documents. I think I’ll go there next week to submit passport.

Thank you all for your help and solidarity in these trying times..

Experience 20: H1B+H4 with In Person Interview at Chennai

22nd June 2022

Docs: i797, Passports, Client Letter
Chennai consulate had a long queue, make sure you be there atleast hr b4 your scheduled time.

Our appointment was at 11:30 but we entered 12:30pm

VO: Hi, How’re you Sir, please pass me your passports
Me: Hi, Good Afternoon & passed my passports
VO: Took one minute to scan the biometric behind the passport & retrieved informations from her system
VO: So please tell me what are your job roles
VO: Do you have a letter from your client
VO: Can I please see
VO: How long have you been working for this company
VO: How long have you been working for this client
VO: What will be your pay in US
VO: Do you know your rights in the US
VO: So you’re married
VO: Do you have kids
VO: Question to Ma’am (to my spouse h4 applicant)
VO: Are you homemaker Ma’am?
Spouse: Answered
VO: Sir please place you right hand on Biometric device to verify
VO: Now Ma’am please place your left hand on the device to verify
VO: Alright good to go, your visa is approved you will receive your passports to the mentioned address within a week, Sir

The above questions were asked & answered within 1 min😊

Experience 21: H1B with Dropbox, 221g, In Person Interview at Chennai

9th May : Dropbox in chennai VAC
11th May: Application received
19th May: Application Received
23rd May: Refused
25th May: Received my passport with a white slip 221g
22nd June: Follow up interview
22nd June: Approved

Yet to get the passport

In my 221g they asked me to come for in person interview, no additional documents asked. Date of interview was already mentioned as 22nd June between 9am – 11am
Though i am not sure the reason for 221g, i recently had a employer change and that might be the reason, they wanted to see me in person😂😂

Interview Day: (Complete process – 35mins)

  1. Very long queue but priority given to 221g’s, at the entrance the guy already has the names of all the 221g’s scheduled for that day, so dont worry…(show your passport, 221g, he will verify your name and straight away skip the line and go for security scan)
  2. You will get preference every where.
  3. Proceed to the right most counter they will verify passport and i797.(only for 221g)
  4. Interview Counter: (Lady)

Me: Very GM, how are you
VO : I am good, thank you for asking
VO: Can i have ur passport and latest i797 please (very humble)
ME : provided
VO: which company you work for
ME: Answered
VO: wow..nice ( gesture )
VO: Do you have any end client
ME: No officer (as mine is product based)
VO: Can i see your employment verification letter.
ME: Provided
VO: How much do you make per annum.
ME: Answered
VO: smiled looking at me.
VO: how long you have been staying in US and where
ME: answered and showed my US drivers license(though she didnt ask for proof)
VO: You have i140?? Can i see that
ME: Provided
VO: tell me about your job R&R
ME: Answered (kept it short and simple)
VO: Do you know your rights staying in US
ME: Yes officer (smiled)
VO: Ok, all looks good, your visa is approved, you will get your stamped passport within a week, have a pleasent stay in US.
ME: Thank you Officer, have a good ahead..

Experience 22: H1B+H4 (Spouse+Kid) with Dropbox at Hyderabad

Guys , this is information to all after my drop box experience. Be noted the following points and relax .

  1. ready with confirmed appointment in any consulate through our India .
  2. Make sure to take print out of DS160 and appointment confirmation.
  3. Take print outs of all three valid passports with stamped visas.
  4. Take your kid all pass ports If your kid is renewed with another passport and had USA stamp in old passport .
  5. Take all adults passports too if you renew any body passports and had last stamping in old passport.
  6. Take marriage certificate too.
  7. Take latest company or client employment letter or offer latter .
  8. Take all three 2 passports size photos according to USA dimensions.
  9. Take some money with you because they reject photos some times they will say it’s blurry . In Hyderabad there is Xerox and photo studio at the centre of Visa consulate Center (dropbox).
  10. No need to worry if you miss any Xerox copies or photos in Hyderabad location drop box , facilitates are there but bit expensive.
  11. Carry all originals with you those helps to take Xerox’s .
  12. If you miss anything they will say to get Xerox or take photos and come 2 nd time on same hour . U need to mention at security guard coming 2nd time .
  13. Try to keep 1 hour buffer time to reach drop box location from any where in Hyderabad because there is huge traffic in Secunderabad area 20 Km radius to drop box location .
  14. Don’t worry if you arrive 30 min to 1 hr late, you must have appointment conformation at any location.
  15. Hyderabad drop box office opens at 10 am , so reach 15 min prior to that . I notice other locations have appointments from 9 am . U can reach Hyderabad drop box from 10 am.
  16. There is paid parking at location. No need to worry, 50 rs per hour.
  17. Don’t carry any mobiles or smart watches or electronics they will not allow , u have to keep in locker at Xerox Center they will charge and some times it delays due to space in locker.
  18. Due to lot of road construction works there are many diversions around drop box location .
  19. Feel free to reach me for further questions.
  20. You must collect passports with in 14 days of pickup notification otherwise passports will return to us embassy then u have to go to that location and collect .

Experience 23: H1B with In Person Interview at Chennai

Mine is a Lost passport case, so qualified for in person interview.

June 21st 8.00am appointment. Reached VAC by 7.20am. They let me in. Submitted passport, DS160 and appointment confirmation letter. After multiple verifications they let me near the window. Finger prints were collected and appointment was done.

June 22nd 10.30am appointment. Reached CA place by 9.40am to stand in multiple queues until 11.40am. Finally reached VISA officer window and he asked below questions

VO: Which company do you work?
Me: answered

VO: Is it a client arrangement?
Me: answered

VO: Why did you choose inperson despite eligible for drop box?
Me: answered about my lost passport situation and officer acknowledged

VO: How long have you been working in this company?
Me: answered

VO: Salary?
Me: answered

VO checked few more details and scanned my passport followed by writing something on a piece of paper stuck to my passport.

VO gave me couple of papers explaining about some info about human trafficking which is very common and just said I am all set to go.

I asked is my VISA approved? VO smiled and said yes it is approved.

On Same day evening, status of my VISA changed to admin processing. Following day changed to issued and on Friday status of my passport changed to ready for pickup.

All the best everyone!!!

Experience 24: H1B with Dropbox at Kochi

US Consulate – Chennai

List of Documents Submitted

  • DS-160 Confirmation
  • Appointment Confirmation
  • Passport
  • I-797
  • 1 Photo
  • Employment confirmation letter

Dropbox Stamping Experience
My appointment was at 11:45 on May 20. Got there a couple of hours early and checked in. Gave me a token number and waited for my turn. Though the appointment was for 11:45, I was able to drop off the documents before my appointment. They asked for all required documents one by one. Once handed all the documents, you will need to pay 650 rupees with the agent and will be provided a receipt.

Appointment Date: May 20, 2022
Application Received: May 24, 2022
Application Received: June 17, 2022
Application Received: June 24, 2022
Administrative Processing: June 25, 2022
Issued: June 27, 2022
Picked up Passport from Kochi VAC: June 29, 2022

Experience 25: H1B+H4 with In Person Interview at Hyderabad

This is my 3rd interview I got 2 B1 rejections back in 2018 and 2019.

Took our passport after finger print.
Waited in the queue.
Vo called us and greeted.
Vo: So you got an employment in US?
Me: yes Mam
Vo: what is the company name?
Me: said
Vo: when did you got the employment?
Me: yes (didn’t heat the word when)
Vo: that’s not the answer
Me: sorry could you please repeat. (Fear started)
Vo: asked again and I said 2 years back.
Vo: what is your role ?
Me: bluffed in 2 lines with fear
Vo: which location?
Me: said
Vo: what salary?
Me: said
Vo: what is your highest qualification?
Vo: typed for 20 seconds
Vo: when did you got married?
She: last year sep
Vo: please show me your marriage certificate and photo album
She: passed certificate
Me: took a album with wooden frame from file and just showed from outside as it can’t be passed
Vo: show me the ceremony pic
Me: I don’t have one I just have my marriage invitation
Vo: how many people attended your marriage
Me: 300 (actual is 1000)
Vo: wer was the marriage held?
Me: said
Vo: typed for 10 to 20 seconds and kept my passport beside her
Vo: your passport is approved please take your know your rights form and wished us
Us: took the form and thanked her and left with tears lol

Officer didn’t ask for any document from Me.
Recieved My passport through courier in 3 days.
Don’t get feared like me. Decisions are already decided in case of H1b that’s wat I guess.


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