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H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox from March 29th to April 22nd, 2022

Below are User experiences starting from March 29th to April 22nd, 2022 for H1B Visa and H4 Visa for both regular visa stamping and Dropbox. You can check US Visa Stamping Experiences for the entire collection

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Experience 1: H1B+H4 with Dropbox at Mumbai

Arrived 1 hour late, no issues due to that.
Asked appt confirmation.
Asked h1 passport + ds160
Asked i797 ( which i luckily received yesterday late night only)
Took i797 printout from next door in the morning. 100 per page.
Asked EVL/offer letter
Asked 2 photos. (Not sure why 2)
Asked marriage cert.
Asked h4 passport+ds160
Asked 2 photos.
They rejected the photos saying one ear is not visible.
As my wife was not physically present, asked to get a camera picture and send to the next door shop and get prints. 500 for photo prints from there. Another 1 hour wait due to that
Finally they accepted the full package.
My profile on cgi federal was with old petition. They said it doesn’t matter as long as ds160 is updated with new.

I felt the next door shop is making more money than vac lol. While i was there for 1 hour i could see many folks were sent there.
Ds160 correction: 500
Photos: 500
Printout: 100 per page
Xerex: 20 per page

Experience 2: H1B+H4(Spouse+Kid) with In Person Interview at Kolkata

Biometric appointment on 23rd March at 13:00.

  • Reached VAC at 12:00, they let us in as there weren’t many people.
  • Asked to switch off mobile phones and let us in.
  • 3 applicants including my wife and child. They checked passport and DS160s for each
  • Let us in and took photos and fingerprints.

Whole process completed in 10 mins.

Visa interview on 29th March at 09:00.

  • Reached consulate at 08:55 dut to flight delays.
  • Stood in line for 15 mins. Security check then let in for interview.
  • First is a document check by an Indian official then wait in line for visa interview.
  • VO was very friendly. Asked for passports, i797, DS160s, marriage certificate and client or employment letter.
  • Didn’t have client letter so gave employment letter.
  • Asked where was our daughter? Made some jokes.
  • Asked marriage date and DOB of daughter.
  • Job title and what technology you will work on.
  • Work location.
  • Asked for fingerprints. Visa approved.
  • No questions asked to wife.

Interview process not more than 5 minutes.

Experience 3: H1B+H4 with Dropbox, 221g, In Person Interview at Hyderabad

My case H1B extension on basis of I140 + H4 Dependent

We both had prior Visa in the same category but visa was expired. We were eligible for Dropbox (H1 + H4)

16-Feb – Dropbox appointment

We both allowed to VAC to submit the documents.
Documents requested: Appointment confirmation page, DS160 Confirmation page, Current Passport + Old passport of earlier Visa is stamped in old passport, Two passport size photos, Employment Verification Letter, I 797 copy, Marriage certificate. I gave the client letter too as a supporting doc. He added to my file.

Took me <10 minutes in and out

18-Feb – Application received.

28-Feb – Refused

1-March – Received email from the consulate to come for Interview and fingerprints. Date and time slot was mentioned in the email. Passport will be handed over prior to the interview.

I went to the consulate along with my wife but they allowed only primary applicant inside the consulate not the dependent.

28-March – Reached Consulate at 8:00.

Security guard will check your appointment confirmation and make you wait in queue. They will allow you to enter the consulate in small group (3).

Keep your appointment confirmation, DS160, Original ID proof( I carried Aadhaar card), Authorization Letter of you are picking up passport of family members handy.

You will reach the waiting area after clearing security check. There will be staff members who will coordinate with you. If you are asked to pick up the passport prior to the interview then this is time they will hand over it to you. Make sure you inform the staff. Also check that you have passport of your dependent (if you have dependents). In my case they gave me just mine. Later I told the support staff member that my wife’s passport is with consulate as well. They asked me to sit aside and went for my wife’s passport (took 30 mins), finally he handed it to me.

You will be asked to proceed to the interview counter when your turn is up.

VO was a pleasant person. Support staff took my passports and put it on VO window before my turns up.
VO wished and started questioning me while looking at the computer screen.

Questions were typical

Me: Good morning Officer
VO: good morning sir

VO: Are you working for **** company?
Me: Ans

VO: Do you have any end client?
Me: Ans

VO: What’s your client name?
Me: Ans

VO: Where they are based out of?
Me: Ans

VO: how long you have been with the client?
Me: Ans

VO: what’s your salary?
Me: Ans

VO: do you have paystub?
Me: sure, gave latest paystub and he checked and returned it.

VO: why the pay running in diff state than client location?
Me: due to pandemic we are working remote, once they asks to come I’ll move to client location

VO: whats your highest degree?
Me: Ans

VO: checked something on computer for few mins by scroll through screen.

Then Informed me that both Visas have been approved.

Hope this helps!! All the best!!! 👍🏽

Experience 4: H1B+H4 with Dropbox at Hyderabad

Mar 24 2022:

  • 2:30 pm Slot, but they are allowing from 1 PM
  • No vaccination check, just show your appointment confirmation
  • they may ask for ID proof (anyone can drop your docs)
  • No mobile or smart watch allowed
  • side note my file contains some sealed envelopes and they are not allowed
  • I just opened them
  • about 10 mins waiting in line outside and about 15 mins wait time inside


  • Give your Appointment confirmation
  • Give your DS160 and spouse DS160 form
  • Give yours and spouse latest photographs
  • checked previous visas (may be for any annotations) for both H1 and H4
  • asked if i am with same employer as previous visa, ans: yes
  • Give your employment confirmation letter, current I797 and previous visa’s I797 copies
  • same docs for spouse if available
  • Give me your marriage certificate copy,
  • I have my original but dont have a copy
  • this is new to me, last year i went to drop box in chennai and they didnt ask for this doc
  • They asked me to go out and get the copy of it and after that, I informed security I came our for doc and they sent me in without placing me in line
  • I waited for the same counter to free up again (inform security about this and they will take care)
  • gave all the documents once again in same order
  • The person went through the docs and stamped on my appointment confirmation as docs submitted


  • 25th Mar – case received
  • 27th Mar – Administrative processing
  • 30th Mar – Issued

Experience 5: H1B with In Person Interview at Mumbai

I had booked the Vac + interview options before the Dropbox waiver was available so I never bothered to change it due to the discrepancies with cancelling and rescheduling.

For Mumbai Vac/dropbox or consular there’s a pay and park lot exactly behind the US Consulate and it’s a 10 minute walk to the Vac/dropbox location.
I went by myself so I left my stuff in the car and took car keys in.
car keys are allowed inside both the places.

30th March 11 am
They’ll take you in within 30 minutes of your appointment time
Smooth process in and out under 10 minutes.
Just need the ds 160 confirmation page and passport

Mumbai 31 st March 9:10 am
I reached they’re by 8:20
They were taking people in randomly i saw a 10am guy with me as well as an 8:30am.

Waited approximately 35 minutes In the waiting area

Vo: good morning, pass me your passport and 797

Vo: what is your role, can you explain a bit?
Just said the title and then he interrupted me

Vo: what kind of company is it?
Told him.

He typed for a bit and then told me my visa was approved.

Experience 6: H1B with In Person Interview at Kolkata

VAC at Delhi on 13th March
Reached venue 1 hour early but allowed only 15 mins before the scheduled time.
Locker is available just in-front of VAC and mobile allowed in switched-off mode.
Consular interview at Kolkata on 25th March
Reached venue 30 mins early. Not allowing (electronic gadgets, bag, even water bottle etc..).
I stayed in Pallavi international hotel which is just 650 meters to consular office( this hotel is suggested by member of this group. thank you bro)
Security check, Docs verification then Consular interview.
VO: Good Morning Me: Good Morning
VO: Please pass over Passport, I-797B
Me: Gave
VO: what is your highest education?
Me: Answered
VO: What is your Salary?
Me: Answered
VO: Give me your client letter?
Me: I don’t have client letter and said applied for In-house project
VO: do you mean applied for only VISA (for employer)?
Me: bit confused with his question
VO: watched my face with eye-eye contact for few seconds
Me: Smiled
VO: What are your Roles and Responsibilities?
Me: Answered
VO: Returned my I-797B
Me: taken back
VO: VISA Approved. Congratulations
Me: Thank you so much 😊
On 25th March Status: Admin Processing
On 28th March Status: Issued
On 31st March Status: Ready for Pickup
This group guided me a lot and thank you every one for sharing their experience.

Experience 7: H1B+H4 with Dropbox at Pune

For Mumbai vac

Reached half an hour before scheduled time. Since there was no rush was let in. Collected the token. There were 5 appointments before me. Passport collection was given preference ahead as it was quick couple of mins.

Documents requested
Appointment letter
Passport valid Original +all old expired original passports
Current i797 copy
Old i797 copy that matched on recent expired Visa (older i797 was not taken)
Employment verification letter copy
Marriage certificate copy
2 Photos 2×2
Rs 650 cash per applicant

Got back receipt and Appointment letter with seal. Wait Time about 30 min. 5 mins for submitting documents.

22 March submission
23 March application received
28 March application received (updated date)
30 March Application processing
31 March issued
1 April blue dart delivery after paying 650 per applicant drop fees.

Trackers : 1- 2 days after dropbox submission:
Non immigrant visa

Passport tracker after status is issued:

Blue dart tracking with uid on Appointment letter after 1 day of issued status.use ref no.

Experience 8: H1B with Dropbox at Chennai

Mar 21 2022

  • 10:45 am Slot
  • No vaccination check, just showed my appointment confirmation
  • Mobile should be switched off and other electronic gadgets like smart watch or pen drive etc are not allowed. If we bring any, we will have to drop in a separate queue outside the restricted area counter.

Conversation :

  • Give your Appointment confirmation
  • Give your DS160 form only the first page
  • Give current I797 and previous visa’s I797 copies, Gave my current and extension approved I797 (I only mentioned the current i767 in my DS160)
  • Asked if this is my first time h1 stamping, ans: yes
  • Give your employment confirmation letter
  • Give your latest photograph (One)
  • The person went through the docs and stamped on my appointment confirmation as docs submitted


  • 22nd Mar – Application Received
  • 25th Mar – Case Last updated date changed without any change in status
  • 30th Mar – Morning around 10 AM Case Last updated date changed without any change in status
  • 30th Mar – Between 2 and 5 PM status changed to Administrative Processing
  • 31st Mar – Around 1 PM status changed to Issued
  • 1st April – 3:30 PM Passport delivered to my home address in Chennai through Blue Dart. Paid Rs. 650 in cash and had to show govt. issued id.

Note: My passport had the expiry date of my i767 extension date even though I could only mention the current i767. However, I submitted both the current and the extension.

Hope this helps and all the best everyone!

Experience 9: H1B with In Person Interview at New Delhi

• Reached Delhi VAC at 10.30am on Mar-27 for my 12pm appointment
• They allowed us early by 11.15am itself. Please be there early as they let us in early.
• You can carry bags inside VAC with mobile phones switched off.
• There will be security check after we enter VAC. Please keep your ds160 confirmation, appointment confirmation letter and passport ready.
• Then they will verify your details if the ds160 and passport are matching. If there are any discrepancies you may have to correct and submit new ds160(there are some Internet centers in the same floor and they may charge 500rs for correction and will provide latest ds160 confirmation letter)
• Once all the documents are good, you will enter the building where they will paste the latest ds160 sticker behind the passport.
• Then you will be sent to the cabin to take your fingerprints and photographs(they will ask your name, dob for verification)
• It look just 5 mins after you enter the building.

Consular Interview on Mar28:
• Reached embassy at 8am for 9.50am appointment. They let me stand in the queue by 9am itself after security check.
• Only documents are allowed inside. Mobile phones and bags should be kept outside embassy at the cloak room(mind that there will be a queue for this so be early)
• Once you enter the embassy they will make you seated in the hall with rows of chairs. You can relax a bit there.
• Then they will send you inside the building where the consular staffs are present.
• They will verify your i797 and passport. Then again you will be sent to queue.
• Here is where you need listen to the interviews that are happening in front of you and be calm and prepared.
• Finally after a long wait, you will be sent to the booth where the interviews are happening.

Questions asked: (took 3-4 mins)
VO: Good morning
Me: Good morning Sir

VO: Give me your i797 and passport
Me: Provided the documents

VO: What’s your job and what you do
Me: Answered my roles and responsibilities

VO: Who is employer
Me: Answered

VO: Who is client.
Me: Answered.

VO: He asked few more details of my employer and client about what they do.
Me: Answered

VO: Asked my LCA.
Me: Provided LCA. Generally they ask additional documents if they need more details.

VO: place your four fingers and said your Visa is approved and will receive in 5-7 days
Me: Thanks a lot and have a good day.

Almost took around 2 hours for this whole process.

Received passport in 5 days via premium delivery. My only advise would be listen to the questions carefully and answer confidently. Be genuine and well prepared.

Experience 10: H1B with Dropbox, 221g, In Person Interview at New Delhi

Dropbox : Feb 16th
4th h1 renewal , 9 years with current employer, 2 years with same client

Asked to attend interview on April 5th 9.00 AM

Arrived 8 55 am, went to front gate at 9.20 after waiting. Took the print out of the email but the print was not showing my name I was sent back to get print out.

Entered at 9.35 AM
Cleared security 9.50 AM
Wait for passport till : 10.20 AM
Wait for my turn till 10.40 AM

I was waiting in line where the vo was bald guy with European accent

He was asking questions and cross verifying on screen
While talking to folks in front of me on

Employer letter
How long with employer
How long with client
What do you do for the client (roles and responsibilities)
Pay stubs
Client letter

I was rehearsing to answer the same questions when my turn comes.

I was then called onto another counter where I was the first one.

Is your employer XXX
who is your client
Show me the letter ( I assumed client letter)
Show me last year w2
What is your highest degree
What is your salary per annum

Visa is approved !!

Word of advise: Arrive at 8.30 irrespective of your appointment time. After 9.30 they don’t have h1 interviews waiting, if you delay you would be the last one like I was.

Be casual but confident. Good luck

Experience 11: H1B with Dropbox, 221g, In Person Interview at Chennai

Chennai VAC and embassy
Full time engineer in non IT

  1. March 16th – Dropped off Docs
  2. March 17th – Received
  3. March 22nd – Refused
  4. March 24th – Received message and email to pick up documents around 3 PM. Was able to schedule interview appointment immediately after I received the message. Many slots were available for the next week
  5. April 1 – Attended interview, VO approved visa.
  6. April 4 – Visa issued
  7. April 5th – Available for pick up.

Interview Experience:
They allow you inside about 45 mins before your slot. Took about 1 hour of waiting after security.

Questions asked:

  1. Asked a specific question about by role. They were basic questions.
  2. Explain role and responsibilities ? Quick 2 line explanation was good for the VO
  3. Asked salary ?
  4. Reiterated her understanding about my role and asked me to confirm.
  5. Asked if I did MS.

Gave me the visa pamphlet and approved the visa. The VO was pleasant and easy to talk.

Experience 12: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

March 31 : appointment at 11:45am went there at 11 am and they allowed me inside. My wife was not allowed as only one person can go.
Documents : latest passport and old passport where US visa stamped.
Recent I 797 and old I 797 based on which my previous stamping was done. Employment verification, one photo, DS 160 confirmation, appointment confirmation, spouse latest h4 approval and previous one based on which her stamping done( if not available that’s fine) and marriage certificate.
April1: sent to consulate
April 4: admin process
April 6 : issued and with VAC Delhi for pick up.

I had premium delivery option but the pin code mentioned did not had blue dart delivery. Raised question in UStravel docs via provide feedback on April 6.
April 7 they responded and asked for an address where blue dart can deliver and for that was asked me to create a new appointment and go till step 7 where new delivery address can be provided. Did the same and raised another ticket via provide feedback mentioning the above steps
April 9: passport delivered.
If you are choosing premium delivery please check the pin code is serviceable via blue dart by going to their website and checking location finder. If your pin code is not there try to give another address so that u can get the passport else you have to travel to VAC for pick up. Hope it helps.

Experience 13: H1B with Dropbox at Hyderabad

Flew via Etihad on 27th March from DC to Hyd, no RTPCR asked, only filled Air Suvidha form in the portal.

My Visa Appointment confirmation page had my first and last name interchanged along with old passport number tagged on it. Called customer service(+1 703-520-2239) 2 days before the interview and they fixed the issue over a 5 min call.

04/01 – appointment at 12:15, was allowed to go inside at 11.
Dropped Off the below documents at the Hyd location:
I797A first page photocopy
2 photos(2×2)
DS160 confirmation
Employer Verification Letter
04/04- Application Received
04/08- Administrative Processing
04/11 – Visa Issued
04/12 – Passport Picked up from the Drop off location.

The customer service reps and the people at the Drop off location are extremely helpful.

Experience 14: H1B+H4(Spouse+Kids) with In Person Interview

Biomatric- 6 April 2022 – 9AM

  • My/spouse and my 2 kids (7 and 2 years) appointment was on 6 April 2022 – 9AM.
  • Booked a cab from Exotica by 8 AM and reached the VAC by 8: 30 AM.
  • US Visa application Center (VFS Global) is at basement -2 .
  • You can carry mobile in switched off mode and a bag without any Bluetooth/smart watch or such kind of gadegts.
  • All should wear a mask (Mandate even for 2 year kid).
  • Security staff is very corporative.
  • Queue- you have to be in queue for 10-15 mins for verifying below documents.
    • Appointment confirmation
    • DS-160 (For my elder one I recently renewed the passport so they need updated DS-160 only)
    • Passports
  • The security allowed us to go inside again by verifying the Docs and Passport.
  • Again I waited in a queue where they have a system ,they will stick the barcode on the backside of passport after verifying the passports.
  • Then they will ask you to get the token and stand in final queue.
  • I waited for 10 mins in that queue and got my number for biomatric.(they have 10+ counters)
  • They will ask your name,DOB, bio of left hand and right hand four finger and both the thumbs.
  • They will click a Picture with very specific angels a (For females they need their hairs should behind the ears)
  • For my kids they checked the photos and ask me to leave and reach the CA interview (with the documents and kids photograph)on the scheduled timings by stamping my/all DS160 .

CA Interview 8 Apr 10:20 AM (Friday) Slot.

  • Departed from Exotica hotel around 9 AM and reached 9:10 AM.
  • Make sure everyone have mask else you need to buy for 40 rs each.
  • Submit Mobile 50 rs each and Bagpacks for 100 rs each on separate counters outside in open area in this summer.
  • One can carry mobile water bottle along with the documents.
  • One need to stand in queue for security check for at least 20 mins in the summer outside.
  • They will call in batches as per your slot timings.
  • After security check before the entrance passport will be checked.
  • Then they will ask you to move inside and then again security staff will pass your things through the security detector machine.
  • After which you can get into a hall where they have row wise chairs maintained.
  • If you are with kids they will prioritize as per slot.
  • Then you enter in the main AC hall.
  • Security person will ask you keep handy your passport and i797 and ask you to move to document check counter.
  • They will check your passport and ask for kids photos.
  • Then security person ask you to move to final CA interview queue for me it was counter number 20.
  • My CA was a Chinese guy (Very hard to understand his question due to his mask and accent)
  • Consular- Good Morning!
  • Me- Good Morning!
  • Consular- Pass on the passport and I 797.
  • Consular- Asked about my kids -how old are they?
  • Me- Answered. (They were sitting on the front chairs and playing)
  • CA- Who is your client.
  • Me- Answered.
  • CA- What is your LCA?
  • Me – Answered.
  • CA- Are you good with this (LCA)?
  • Me- Could not hear properly what he is saying- but eventually answered as yes as I am fine with that.
  • CA- Asked us to put our left hand four fingers on the scanning machine one by one.
  • CA- Asked is this your first time to US?
  • Me – Yes
  • CA- your visa is Approved.

Exited from the hall and it was 10:30 AM.

11 April status changed to Issued from Administrative processing.

Did not got any updates/ Courier tracking (over email or sms) till 13 April.

13- April (After 2 business days) received the passport with visa stamped paid 650 each passport are premium delivery fees to DTDC courier guy.

Experience 15: H1B with Dropbox at Mumbai

April 4. F-1 (undergrad) expired in 2020. Traveled via Etihad JFK – Abu Dhabi – Mumbai to avoid any transit issues.

Photos taken from a studio in New York City (not pharmacy) near Grand Central and were accepted with no issues.

2:15 PM appt – took 10 mins to go through. Took a bag with all documents and cell phone allowed on airplane mode / silent. I arrived an hour early and they told me to come back 30 mins before my slot, so waited comfortably in the cafe in the same building.

Documents taken: EVL (full-time employee, had my start date, job title, annual salary, travel dates), copy of I-797A, confirmation page, DS 160 barcode copy. I had modified DS-160 3 days before appointment to update with travel plans and salary change from when I first filled out in the first week of Jan 2022 when I found slots.

April 4: Dropped off
April 5: App Received
April 8: App Received, Case Last Updated
April 12: Admin Processing (4:30 PM IST)
April 13: Issued (11 AM IST)

Waiting for passport pickup details to be available since CGI federal / email don’t have tracking data yet.

Experience 16: H1B+H4 with In Person Interview at New Delhi

April 10 – VAC Appointment

  • Appointment was at 12.00 PM
  • Reached 30 mins early still allowed inside
  • Documents asked Appointment Confirmation page, Passport, DS-160
  • In counters they asked Full name + DOB
  • Finger Impressions and Photograph were taken
    Total Process ends within 15-20 mins

April 11 – Consular Interview

Note – Appointment was at 10.10 reached 30 mins before but there was huge queue to keep mobile phones outside so please reach 40-45mins before if you have mobiles to submit.

Stage 1 – Initial Security Check outside consulate
Stage 2 – Complete Security Check inside Consulate
Stage 3 – Passport and i797 Verification
Stage 4 – Consular Interview

Consular Interview Experience:

1) Who is your end Client? – Answered
2) Do you have a Client Letter? – No
3) Why your client doesn’t provide a Client Letter?
“As per my client policy they don’t issue Letter for an individual associate. Instead they will release a Position opening and my Employer will issue the Position Confirmation Letter (which I had but Consular haven’t asked abt it)”

4) Do you have copy of your LCA? Provided
5) Asked for finger impression

Not even single question for H4

Finally Visa is Approved.

Experience 17: H1B+H4 with In Person Interview at New Delhi

Biometric : 10th April, 1.30 PM

Interview : 13th April 10.30 AM

  • 9th April i along and my 4 year kid and my husband who is the principal applicant flew to Delhi on 9th April.
  • Our hotel was booked near Aerocity.
  • 10th we started from hotel @12.30 , took the airport metro to Shivaji Stadium metro station
  • Bio metric is done inside the metro station. We reached in 10-15 mins
  • One suggestion no need to go early
  • Just be on time
  • Try to reach just before 30 min
  • Else you need to wait there as they will not allow even to stand in the queue.
  • At 1 we are asked to be in the queue
  • DS 160,Appointment confirmation and passport were checked and we are allowed inside
  • Bags are allowed mobiles should be switched off.
  • In the counter they took our biometric and clicked photos
  • Though we took our son with us but kids are actually not required on biometric day.
  • But for kids below five they were asking 2/2 photos.
  • So need to carry.
  • The process quickly completed and a sticker is pasted on our passports
  • There is a printout shop , he also has the locker facility

13th April

  • We started from hotel around 9 reached the embassy around 9.45
  • All waiting in the Delhi hot climate outside.
  • I am repeating just be on time no need to go early
  • There is locker facility outside for each mobile they charge 50Rs and bag 100 Rs
  • Ladies hand baggage are allowed
  • No metal allowed including coins and smartwatch
  • They allowed us to be in line at 10.10
  • We crossed 3 check points they checked everything thoroughly
  • Finally entered the interview hall
  • As we have a kid we are allowed to go first
  • In the counter they checked our passports and I-797 and allowed to go to interview counter
  • One professor who was in front of us was interviewed heavily as he was not confident and literally shivering and finally started blabbering and his visa is rejected I think.
  • Our turn came , VO was a young guy but his mood seemed upset as the professor might turn it down
    • We : Good morning sir with big smiles (specially my son greeted sweetly)
    • VO : Good Morning
    • VO : Passports please
    • Husband : passed the passport
    • VO started typing in his computer
    • VO: I-797 please
    • Husband: shared it
    • VO : your employer?
    • Husband: Answered
    • VO : Client name?
    • Husband: Answered
    • VO : Salary?
    • Husband: Answered
    • VO : Location?
    • Husband: Answered
  • He kept on typing
  • And finally those golden words came from his mouth
  • All your visas are approved
  • Not a single question was asked to me and my son
  • We said thank you and waived him bye

Few suggestions: Be confident,be yourself,don’t even try to tell false things

All the best !!

Experience 18: H1B with Dropbox at Chennai

March 28 – Submitted docs at Chennai VAC. Make sure to have atleast two different copies of your passport photo. I saw them refuse the photos of many applicants citing reasons like incorrect dimensions or lack of clarity. You will be directed to a photo studio downstairs and given some time to return with a new one. I took mine at CVS and they initially refused it. I had another backup photo which was accepted.

March 29 – Application received

April 6 – Application received. Only change is Last updated date.

April 11 – Application received. Last updated date updated.

April 12 – Administrative Processing

April 13 – Issued

April 14 – Received stanped passport in hand through Bluedart.

I personally think my case took a long time for processing. I had my return flight in the early hours of April 16 and I was almost certain it would have to be postponed since April 14 and 15 were holidays for the VAC and the Chennai consulate. I would advice anyone going for stamping at Chennai to budget atleast 4 weeks from submitting docs to receiving the passport in hand.

A pro tip I received from a good samaritan on this forum: You can check the status of your passport on Bluedart by using the UID on your visa appointment as the tracking ref no. This is after your passport tracking status has changed to “Your passport has been received from the consular section, and is being processed for delivery” on ustraveldocs. Please give it 6-12 hours of time to be able to track on Bluedart.

Experience 19: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Unconventional Dropbox Experience

March 21: Dropped off my documents at Delhi VAC. I797c, Employment Confirmation, Appoint confirmation and 2 photos.

March 23: Application Received

March 24: Administrative Processing

March 27: Passport received via mail without stamping. There was no refusal letter or any confirmation on why it was not stamped but online status still stated Administrative Processing.

Later I contacted them via email and mentioned on what happened. For the first couple of email they replied with no useful information. But I kept emailing them and called them which was later highlighted to higher authorities.

April 5: They replied to one of email mentioning that I have a 221G for missing passport and was advised to drop off my passport again at the nearest VAC.

April 8: Dropped off my passport at Hyderabad VAC with the email attachment.

April 12: Issued.

April 17: Received my passport STAMPED.

This I assume was a case of a human error where my passport was mistakenly delivered without stamping, because you never get a 221G for a missing passport.

These things happen very rarely but if you keep emailing and calling them, you might find a solution quickly without much waiting.

Good luck folks!

Experience 20: H1B with In Person Interview at Mumbai

17th April – Biometric experience: 3 document were asked DS160, Passports, appointment confirmation letter.
We entered the hall, there was not long queue, as we have kid with us, they allowed 40 minutes earlier also to enter into hall.
Then they verified our DS160, appt letter and Passports and sticker were attached to passport.
After that token was given and we were in queue. It took 5 min only for biometric, fingure prints and photo. For baby they accepted latest photo. Only name and date of births were asked

20th April – CA experience:

  1. Entered consulate at 9.30.
  2. As kid was with us, they allowed to go first and we went without any queue.
  3. Officer asked below questions:
    i. Passport
    ii. I727
    iii. Where you are going, client city?
    iv. How many years you are in this project?
    v. What is team size of your company on this project onsite?
    vi. Show me your end client letter
    vii. Put your fingures on that scanner
    viii. Your visa is approved and it will reach in a week.

Only water bottle , small is allowed in premises.
During whole process my kid was running here and there so no worries, if anyone has kid they can take it without hesitation.
There is benefit of kid with you as you are not required to stand in llong queue.

Thanks to everyone who helped in this whole process, and this group admins.

Please have End client letter , it is so much required.

Experience 21: H1B with Dropbox, 221g, In Person Interview at Hyderabad

March 21 : Documents Dropped
March 22 : No status
March 23: Application received
March 24 : Refused
March 25 : Received an email to attend in person for April 13

April 13th : Attended In person interview

Reached embassy by 8 AM
They given clearance to me at 9 o clock to enter


  • VO: How are you sir ? please pass me your passport
  • Me: I am great sir how are you
    && passed my passports(I have 2 with me)
  • Is XXX company is your employer ?
  • Yes sir
  • Do you work for XXX company directly or do you have any end client ?
  • No sir, I have end client
  • Can you show me client letter ?
  • I took the letter from my file
    In meantime he is asking next questions
  • In which state your client is located ?
  • Said
  • What’s your salary ?
  • Can you show me ur client letter now ?
  • He check in detail for Atleast 2-3 min
    && asked why it’s 2 names in client letter
  • I said 1 is companies brand name / trade name & other is marketing name
  • He said that’s fine
  • Can you show me your W2
  • Showed
  • Have you done your masters ?
    Yes sir In so & so year from so & so university
  • What’s your major ?
  • Typed something for almost 3 min in his system
  • Have you joined any other masters other than the one which you mentioned
  • I said yes sir in so & so university in so & so major but haven’t finished my masters
  • He said your visa is issued & ask me to take one booklet of know your rights in USA
  • Thank you so much sir

April 14-17 holidays in Hyd consulate

April 18 – Status changed from refused to Admin processing

April 19 : Issued & Passport status changed to ready to pickup

Experience 22: H1B+H4(Spouse+Kid) with In Person Interview at New Delhi

Biometric : 20April, 2022 9:00 Am

  • 20 April i primary applicant with a kid and wife flew to Delhi on 19th April
  • Our hotel was booked near chanyapuri
  • 20th we started from hotel @8:30 ,We reached in 10-15 mins
  • One suggestion no need to go early
  • Just be on time
  • Try to reach just before 30 min
  • Else you need to wait there as they will not allow even to stand in the queue.
  • At 8:45we are asked to be in the queue
  • DS 160,Appointment confirmation and passport were checked and we are allowed inside
  • Bags are allowed mobiles should be switched off.
  • In the counter they took our biometric and clicked photos
  • Though we took our son with us but kids are actually not required on biometric day.
  • But for kids below five they were asking 2/2 photos.
  • So need to carry.
  • The process quickly completed and a sticker is pasted on our passports
  • There is a printout shop , he also has the locker facility

Interview : 21April 2022 9:10 Am

  • We started from hotel around 8 reached the embassy around 8:15
  • All waiting in the queue outside.
  • There is locker facility outside for each mobile they charge 50Rs and bag 100 Rs
  • Ladies hand baggage are allowed
  • No metal allowed including coins and smartwatch
  • They allowed us to be in line at 8:40
  • We crossed 3 check points they checked everything thoroughly
  • Finally entered the interview hall
  • As we have a kid we are allowed to go first
  • In the counter they checked our passports and I-797 and allowed to go to interview counter
  • Our turn came , VO was a lady
    • We : Good morning mam with big smiles
    • VO : Good Morning
    • VO : Passports please
    • Me: passed the passport
    • VO started typing in his computer
    • VO: I-797 please
    • Me :shared it
    • VO : your employer?
    • Me: Answered
    • VO : Client name?
    • Me:Answered
    • VO : Salary?
    • Me: Answered
    • VO : Location?
    • Me: Answered
    • VO : since how long you been married ?
    • Wife : Answered
    • VO: Date of Marriage
    • Wife : Answered
    • VO: Age of your son
    • Wife : Answered
  • She kept on typing
  • And finally those golden words came from his mouth
  • All your visas are approved
  • We said thank you and waived him bye

Few suggestions: Be confident,be yourself,don’t even try to tell false things

All the best !!

Experience 23: H1B with Dropbox, 221g, In Person Interview at Hyderabad

Drop box – 03/24/2022
Pretty smooth, reached an hour early than the specified time and they let me in.
Stand in line – they give number – go to the counter – submitted my docs
Docs asked:
✓ Passport
✓ Photo copies (make sure there are no shadows in the background, they might ask to go and get new ones. Hyderabad consulate has a store setup outside they can help you but charge you a premium)
✓ I797A copy (keep original just in case)
✓ Employee verification letter

CEA status
03/26/2022 – Application received
03/28/2022 – Administrative processing (pretty normal, don’t freak out)
04/05/2022 – Refused (I freaked out but stay composed nothing to worry)
04/06/2022 – Sent an email to HydCEA@state.gov asking for the status of my application as it is refused.
04/07/2022 – replied back with a in-person interview with a scheduled interview new date for 04/20/2022 asked my current employer documents (W2’s, LCA, EVL, Paystubs (min 3 months)).

Visa in-person interview – 04/20/2022
VO: Hi, good morning
Me: Morning
VO: Do you work for any client
Me: No I do not have a client. I work for XXXX Company as full time
VO: What is your role?
Me: I work as an Sr R&D Engineer
VO: How many years you have been with the company?
Me: 3 years
VO: What is your most recent graduate degree?
Me: I have a Masters degree from University of Cumberlands (did my CPT)
VO: Finally! Got your H1B?
Me: Yes, sir
VO: So, no more Cumberlands or Campbellsville? Haha (he literally smiled)
Me: No sir, I have graduated from the university.
VO: Good for you.
VO: Did you go to college more often?
Me: Yes sir. I have a course each semester that I need to attend college but however due to this pandemic, last couple semester courses were allowed to be taken from home.
VO: Great!!
VO: I need to verify some more details from the university.
Me: Okay. I have my graduation certificate and transcripts from college with me now. Do you want ‘em?
VO: Please send an email with all the attachments to the email mentioned in this copy ( issued a 221G white slip)
Me: Okay sir.
VO: The early you can send email the better.
Me: I have soft copies. I will email soon after I get access.
VO: Good luck.

I went home gathered all the documents and immediately sent an email with all the attachments associated with my graduation from Cumberlands (transcripts, degree certificate, attendance records, classes/courses attended, admission letter literally everything)

CEA status
04/20/2022 – After the interview, the status still shows ‘Refused’ but the ‘case last updated’ date was updated to the current
04/20/2022 – around 4pm, case status was changed to ‘Administrative Processing
04/21/2022 – around 4pm, case status is now changed to ‘Issued’

Waiting now to get an email regarding passport pickup
Hope this helps, good luck y’all. Keep your hopes up. This process is cumbersome all we need is some patience and each case is different. This is my experience with H1B visa process.

Experience 24: H1B+H4(Spouse+Kid) with In Person Interview at Kolkata

April 14(Biometric):
Reached VAC at 8.40 AM..Slot was scheduled at 9 AM.
There were not too many person outside. VAC was working with 50% capacity.
Security allowed to enter 8.40 AM only after necessary checks.
Standed in queue after 5 person.
Documents asked to carry by security:

  • Passports old and new.
  • DS160 Conf page
  • Appt conf page.
  • Kid photo.

You can keep your bag outside VAC at your own risk.
After necessary verification entered inside. Documents checked and labeled passports at reception.
Then got in front of VAC personnel.
He clicked photo for all of us including my kid and verified DS160 and stamped. He was not interested to take my kid photo which was carried by me.
Process completed in 10 mins.
You can eat breakfast at a nearby puri and samosa shop located 100 mtr from VAC at right side. Nearest metro station is Rabindra Sadan/Maidan but it will take 15 mins walking to reach VAC.

April 20(Consular interview) – Kolkata at 9.45 AM
Reached at 9 AM. Did some breakfast at Ganguram as other shops were close till 10 AM.
There was a queue outside Consulate maintained by Security. You can keep your bag at nearest tea shop at 100 Rs. No risk. He will give you token.
Documents carried:

  • DS160
  • I797B includes I129, G28, LCA, Cover letter.
  • End client letter
  • Employment Verification letter at US.
  • Position Conf. letter.
  • Company offer letter.
  • Kids birth cerificate.
  • Marriage certificate.
  • Payslip 3 months
  • 3 yrs ITR.

VO: Good Morning
WE: Good Morning officer.
VO: Hello little boy. I like your Mask. Seemed he was Marvel fan.
VO: Please pass passports.
Me: Given
VO: Looked at my kid passport first and started asking him by calling his name with smiled face.
VO: Do you eat breakfast.
Kid: yes.
VO: Do you like bread?
Kid: yes
VO: Do you eat bread with butter?
Kid: Yes
VO: Do you eat bread with jam?
Kid: No
VO: How old are you?
Kid: I am Six yrs old.
VO: Point is your mother and father?
Kid: Pointed.
Then Looked at me. asked to give I797, ECL, EVL, marriage certificate.
VO: Sir where are you staying in USA?
Me: Officer this is our first time visit.
VO: Oh great. So where you will be staying?
Me: Answered.
VO: What is your salary?
Me: Answered US salary.
VO: What is your role or designation.
Me: Asked politely whether he us asking for India or USA?
Me: Answered.
VO: Looked at client letter. He did not even bothered to see whats’ inside after seeing client name and asking me to confirm the same. Then he looked at Marriage certificate. Asked me what is your marriage date?
Me: Answered.
VO: Looked at my wife and verified whether it is true.
Wife: Answered Yes.
Then he said me and my wife to place right hand 4 fingers on biometric machine and verified with VAC record.
VO: Your visa approved and have safe travel.
14 April: Application received.
19 April: Application received.
20 April: Admin Processing.
21 April: Issued.
Awaiting message for passport collection.
Hope this helps everyone.

Experience 25: H1B with Dropbox, 221g, In Person Interview at Hyderabad


31-Jan-2022 — Drop Box Appointement at 12:15 P.M
1st Feb to 3rd Feb — No Status
04-Feb-2022 — Application Received
05th & 06Th Feb — Weekend
07-Feb-2022 — Refused
08-Feb-2022 — Email received from Hyderabad Consulate stating that Visa Interview scheduled for 07th March (They kept my Passport)
07-March-2022 — 221g White slip was given stating Consular officer cannot make a decision right now. (They returned my passport after Interview)
11-March-2022 — Employer received email asking for some details about my employment like other employees who is working on the same project, start date, employment contract, Duration, Cients details.
13-March-2022 — Employer replied to the consulate with details requested.
12-April-2022 — Received an email from Hyderabad Consulate to submit my Passport on 13th April or 18th April between 10:00 A.M to 03:00 P.M for further processing.
13-April-2022 — Submitted the passport at Hyderabad VAC.
18-April-2022 — Status Changed from Refused to Administrative processing.
19-April-2022 — Status changed from Administrative Processing to Issued.
21-April-2022 — Received email to Pick up Passport.

Interview Notes:

I was handed over the Passport before the consular interview and asked me to wait near a Window.
Once I was at the window these are the questions I was initially asked.
Q1: So you work for XXXXXX?
Q2: Did you apply for a H1 earlier?
Q3: Who is the end Client?
Q4: What is this inhouse Project?
Q5: What is your Highest Qualification?
Q6: What is your position at XXXXXXXX?
Q7: Where is your work Location?
Q8: What is your Salary?
Then he asked me to wait outside in the waiting area and he said he would call me back.
They called me to a second window where an Indian Woman asked the questions.
Q1: She asked to pass my I797.
Q2: Did you apply for a H1 earlier?
Q3: Who was the previous employer?
Q4: what is your current Job title?
Q5: what is the current project?
Q6: Do you have the project documentation?
Q7: Explain what this product is about?
Q8: What are your roles and responsibilities?
Q9: When was this product developed?
Q10: Are you replacing anybody at XXXXXXXXXX?
Q11: Did the employer said they would give you any client letter?
Then she took the project documentation and I797 inside and she returned after 5 to 10 minutes and handed over the passport & 221G stating the case number and informed me that your case needs some time before consular officer can make a final decision.


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