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H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox from March 11th to March 28th, 2022

Below are User experiences starting from March 11th to March 28th, 2022 for H1B Visa and H4 Visa for both regular visa stamping and Dropbox. You can check US Visa Stamping Experiences for the entire collection

Experience 1: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

First time stamping transition from F1 Dropbox experience at Delhi

Feb 6 : Landed at Delhi Airport and quarantined for 7 days, asked for covid test report at the airport

Feb 18 : Dropbox appointment at 1.15 pm at Delhi, they will take you inside the Shivaji Metro station 45 mins before, so reach the place 1 hr before, also mobile phones are allowed inside

Feb 22 : case created

Feb 24 : Issued

Feb 26 : Passport Deliverd at home

Documents asked :

  1. Passport
  2. I797 Copy
  3. Ds 160
  4. Appointment confirmation letter
  5. Employment verification letter
  6. Photo

I would advise to take multiple photos from two different Indian photo studios, avoid from cvs/walgreens or too much edited photos to avoid rejection, the photo shouldn’t be too much bright, edited, showing teeth etc, just a normal photo will work, else you can also take picture in front of the Dropbox place and they give it in 15 min which might be expensive

Also if photocopy is needed, get all xerox photocopy from your hometown or somewhere else in Delhi, as the folks in front of the Dropbox place were charging double the ammount

The whole process is very quick and we don’t have to worry about.

Experience 2: H1B with Dropbox at Kolkata

Location – Kolkota VAC
Stayed at Aauris hotel, it’s very close to the Dropbox location. The hotel doesn’t live up to its 4 star rating, but does a decent job for a night’s stay.
Went to the location 30 min before the appointment. They will only allow you 15 min before the appointment for all standard Dropbox appointments.
Checked the appointment confirmation and sent inside.
Docs asked:
Appointment confirmation first page
DS160 confirmation page
I 797 (first 2 pages)
One passport photo US passport size. * I cannot stress this enough but 9/10 photos taken in the US or any random place is not accepted. They asked me multiple times when and where the pic was taken. I have taken it just outside Hyderabad embassy 3 days prior to the appointment.
Employment verification letter .
Overall it has taken 15 -20 min and was super smooth.
Time line:
March 7 1:15 pm Dropbox appointment.
March 8: Application received
March 9: issued
March 11: received email for pickup and picked up.
Happy to answer questions.
I had to change my DS 160 as the intended dates of travel and salary changed. I created a new DS 160 and updated it a week before the interview.

Experience 3: H1B with 221g, In Person Interview at Hyderabad

Feb 2nd – Drop box appointment
Documents submitted:
I-797A copy
Employment verification letter
DS 160
Two photographs

Feb 8th (Morning)- Application Received Status
Feb 10th (Afternoon) – Refused status
Feb 14th -Received email to come for In-Person interview

March 14th -In person interview
NOTE: Please don’t carry any sealed envelopes, they will make u come out of consulate to open them and enter again, just avoiding them would be better

VO Questions:
My employer name?
End Client?
How many years with client?
Highest level of education?

Documents asked:
End Client letter

Verified and “Visa is issued” was told

Experience 4: H1B with Dropbox at Delhi

F1 to H1B COS. Last visa was issued in 2013
25th Feb: Reached Delhi
2nd March: Doc drop off in person
3rd March: Application Received
4th to 7th: No Change
8th March: AP
9th March: Issued
11th March: Passport Ready for Pickup
12th March: Collected Passport

Documents Asked:
Appointment Confirmation page.
DS-160 confirmation page.
1 photo
All passports with a US Visa.
Photocopy of current I-797
Employment confirmation letter.

When asked for Employer letter I provided with Client letter in the same bunch, and they just asked twice that I wanted to submit all those letters. No issues with photo as I had as per specifications (was asked several times during the process if it was recent), carry at least 2 or 3 different types and let them choose as mentioned previously by others. I saw people leaving only for photos and getting back in line. Was allowed in line before 20 mins. The VAC is on Concourse level in the Metro station hard to miss. Suggest taking Metro to reach Shivaji Stadium Station to avoid traffic and security check outside the entrance. There is photograph and printout service on the upper level.
Suggest not to carry anything other than documents folder switched-off phone and shoulder bag.
The process takes approximately 20 mins once you enter the hall, they will give you a token but wasn’t displayed anywhere. Instead, a person was directing everyone to next available window. Once done with the submission on the window you will be guided to the exit. Thanks.

Experience 5: H1B with 221g, In Person Interview at Chennai

Mar 2nd dropbox at Bangalore
Mar 10th status changed to Refused
Mar 11th received passport with 221G letter for interview via Bluedart. Scheduled interview for Mar 15th at Chennai
Mar 15th attended interview at Chennai Consulate. VO approved visa

VO – Can I have your passport and i797?
VO – Who do you work for?
Me – Answered
VO – Why didn’t you apply using dropbox?
Me – I did and I was asked to come for follow up interview
VO – How long have you been with your employer?
Me – Answered
VO – Are you married?
Me – Yes
VO – How many kids?
Me – Answered
VO – Where are they now?
Me – In US
VO – Wife and kids are on which visa?
Me – Wife H4, kid US citizen
VO – Do you have a Canadian visa?
Me – Expired Canadian visa more than 10 years ago
VO – Do you have a copy of it?
Me – Gave old passport with Canadian visa
VO – Why is the Canadian visa scratched?
Me – Single entry visa. Don’t remember why it was scratched.
VO – Have you been refused Canadian visa?
Me – No
VO – Visa approved.

Mar 16th status changed to issued

Experience 6: H1B with 221g, In Person Interview at Chennai

1) 2/22 – Docs submitted
2) 2/24 – Application received
3) 3/2 – Application received (case last updated)
4) 3/4 – Refused (w/ long text), no emails received
5) 3/7 – Passport ready for pick up, option available on CGI to schedule follow up appt, scheduled for 3/10
6) 3/8 – Picked up passport, it came with white 221g slip asking to appear for an interview, no docs mentioned as needed
7) 3/10 – Interview completed, Visa verbally approved by VO
8) 3/10 – Administrative Processing
9) 3/11 – Issued
10) 3/14 – Passport ready for pick up
11) 3/15 – Picked it up from VAC

Interview questions

1) Can I get your passport, 221g slip, and i797?
2) Do you directly work for the company or for a client?
3) Were you born in Saudi?
4) How long were you there and which year did you move to India?
5) Are you an Indian citizen?
6) What is your role at the company?
7) What is your highest educational qualification?
8) What is your salary?
9) Which city will you be working at?

“Thanks, your visa is approved, you can pick up your passport in a week”. Provided a green slip.

It’s a struggle but we get through with time and patience. Good luck, everyone!

Experience 7: H1B with In Person Interview at New Delhi

13th March 2022 finger print appointment was 12
Reached center by 10:45.
Security personnel will call you batch wise to go inside.

After almost standing in line for 1:00 hours went to first check point. Where they took DS 160 & passport.
They stick bar code on your passport.
Verified the details and sent inside for finger prints and photo. Here 2 questions were asked. Like what is your name and DOB. Just to cross check. And done for the day.

March 14th. 2022

Interview time was at 10.
Reached visa centre by 8:15 and handed over mobile phone, bag.
Please try not to bring smart watch until and unless it’s Essential for you. (Since this is not allowed inside ).

Security persons were calling people in batches like the interview slot who’s scheduled for 10 please stand in line.

They verify you are not carrying any electronic items and you’ll be moved to next counter. Where one person will sit and scan your passport with the bar code and then you’ll send inside the main gate of visa centre. Here they ask you to keep all the things in a tray and go for checking again. It’s almost equal to airport check in.

Later you’ll asked to sit in row wise. Then you’ll be sent inside the actual visa interview place.

Here first check is your passport and i797 and then you’ll be sent to VO for the final task.

I was pretty tensed but it was a good conversation.

Interview went like this

VO : Good Morning.
Me : Good Morning Madam.
VO : Pass on passport and i797. Also can you please verify the finger prints.
Me : kept my fingers print and verified. Same thing for my wife too..

VO : so where are you going
Me : Answered
VO : what’s your salary
Me : Answered
VO : How long you’ve been working
Me : Answered
VO : were you working for the same client since then
Me : Answered
VO : I am not able to see your latest i797 here. Issue with my system and took the Xerox of the same

VO : to my wife. How long you have been married
And my wife answered accordingly.

She took our passports and said you’ll be informed through mails in case of any things are required from me.

May 14 status was refused
May 15 status was administrative processing
May 16 issued.

Experience 8: H1B with Dropbox at Chennai

VAC: Chennai
Dropped off documents in: BANGALORE
(VFS Global in Gopalan Innovation Mall)

4th march: Documents dropped off (Friday)
7th March : Application received (Monday)
11th March: Administrative processing (Friday)
14th march: Issued (Monday)
17th March: Passport received at home in Pune via BlueDart premium delivery.

  1. If submitting documents in Bangalore, be prepared to sit/wait for long at the VFS center after you receive your token number especially if your appointment is in the afternoon. The process of submitting my H1B documents at the counter took only about 4 mins, BUT I had to wait in queue for 3 hours (only 2-3 counters were open during my time).
  2. VFS center in Bangalore moved from another place (global tech park) to the current address in Gopalan mall a few months ago. For those who booked their appointment in early January 2022 may see the previous VFS Bangalore address on their appointment letter. Please make sure you go to the correct VFS address in Gopalan mall in Bangalore. I was lucky I happened to notice the change of address on the morning of the day I had the appointment.
  3. Submit Rs 650 CASH if submitting documents in Bangalore, or any other location that does not have the embassy. Also submit Rs 650 cash to the blue dart delivery person who brings the passport to you to your home.

Experience 9: H1B with Dropbox at Mumbai

I had L1A stamp in 2017 (travelled India in 2018), then H1B with same company (not travelled India), then H1B with different company in last year. Travelled to India this March.

United flight from US to Mumbai cancelled, flew with Emirates. They asked Air Suvidha. Just fully vaccination (2 doses) is good for Air Suvidha. They asked original CDC vaccination card at ticketing counter, so keep it with you.

Dropped documents:

  1. Photocopy of I-797 of only current employer (they didn’t take for previous two I-797 though I had it),
  2. Dropbox confirmation letter
  3. DS-160 conformation letter
  4. Old and new passport (I had B1 visa on old PP and L 1 visa on new PP),
  5. Three line Employment Confirmation Letter on company letterhead (very simple format with details only date of joining, position, and annual salary). I directly work with US company, so no end client letter required in my case.
  6. Two passport size photos (I had Walgreen photos, but they didn’t accept it). There is photo studio on the same floor of dropbox, so if you don’t have photo or wrong photo, don’t worry. They charge Rs.500 for 4 pics and give in 10 mins (two 2inX2in and other two smaller size). After pic collection, when you go again to dropbox hall, they will prefer you first to go to window, so don’t worry about your queue place as well.


Dropped documents: 7 March

Application Received: 8 March

Administrative Processing: 15 March (8 calendar days since dropped documents)

Issued on 16 March (9 calendar days since dropped documents)

Passport picked up at the same Mumbai dropbox location. Photocopy of govt ID required.

Experience 10: H1B with 221g, In Person Interview at Hyderabad

24-th feb dropped the documents
2 mar-Refused status
9th Mar-got Email to come for in person interview On 16th Mar(Hyderabad)

I work as FTE for employer and contractor to the end client!

Interview process-
VO-Good Morning officer
VO-which company?
VO-what they do?
VO-do you have end client?
VO-what’s roles n responsibilities?
VO-Do you interact with client directly ?
VO-whats ur highest education?
VO-whats ur compensation ?
VO-whats your position?
VO-as writing something in computer?
VO-do you know employee rights?
VO-how long you been with client?
VO-how long you been company?
VO-place your fingers on scanner?
VO-will verify your case and send you confirmation email
Me-thank you

Be Confident and answer to what VO is asking only.

Status-17th February status from refused to administrative processing
Hopefully it will change by this Friday.

Experience 11: H1B+H4(Spouse+Kids) with In Person Interview at New Delhi

First time H1b … in 2019 my B1 got rejected.. never traveled to US..

H1b + 3 H4 (spouse + 5 yr kid + 1 yr kid(just carried his passport as he was sick) )

VAC and CA experience in Delhi.

13th March 2022 finger print appointment was 12
Reached center by 11
Security personnel will call you batch wise to go inside. (20 min before is fine no need to come in advance)

After almost standing in line for 1 hour went to first check point. Where they took DS 160 & passport.
They stick bar code on your passport.
Verified the details and sent inside for finger prints and photo. Here 2 questions were asked. Like what is your name and DOB and asked to read some paragraphs which is sticked in front of you..just to test are you able to read English or not..

March 14th. 2022

Interview time was at 10.10
Reached visa centre by 9 and made sure that I was carrying only my documents file(u can carry analog watch and ladies handbag(no electronic items plz).

Security persons were calling people in batches like the interview slot who’s scheduled for 10 please stand in line.

They verify you are not carrying any electronic items and you’ll be moved to next counter. Where one person will sit and scan your passport with the bar code and then you’ll send inside the main gate of visa centre. Here they ask you to keep all the things in a tray and go for checking again. It’s almost equal to airport check in.

Later you’ll asked to sit in row wise. Then you’ll be sent inside the actual visa interview place.

Here first check is your passport and i797 and check whether if your kids photograph was taken at VAC or not, if not taken we need to give kids photograph so that they will scan it (plz check this link for photo size https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/photos/frequently-asked-questions.html ) then you’ll be sent to VO for the final task.

I was pretty tensed but it was a good conversation.
Counter 20

Interview went like this

VO : Good Morning.
Me : Good Morning officer
VO : Pass on passport and i797. Also can you please verify the finger prints.
Me : kept my fingers print and verified. Same thing for my wife too..

VO : so where are you going
Me : Answered
VO : what’s your salary
Me : Answered
VO : How long you’ve been working
Me : Answered
VO : do u have an end client
Me : No, (it’s an in house project)
VO : What’s your responsibilities
Me : Answered
VO : can you show your LCA
Me : shared the document, he has gone through the doc and checked his system

VO : to my wife. How long you have been married
And my wife answered accordingly.

He was jovial with my daughter asking about her name and her brother…. Why he was not there with us … and finally said the golden words “Your Visa is approved and u will receive ur passport in 5 to 7 days)

May 14 status was administrative processing
May 15 issued.
May 17 issued.
May 18 received passport

Experience 12: H1B with In Person Interview at Mumbai

March 17th 2022: Inside the office, the Security Person asked everyone to take out Passport, I797 and Employer letter.

My turn has come and moved to the counter.

Me: Good Morning Sir

VO: Good Morning

Me: Passed Passport, I797 and Employer letter.

VO: scanned my Passport barcode twice and he asked me to wait for 2 mins. I moved to the next seat and waited.

VO called the next person. After her Interview he looked at me and called.

Me: Moved to the counter.

VO asked me 9 questions and he is wearing a mask, not audible and not speaking in mike. He is sitting a little far from mike. I asked VO whenever I can’t get his question,

Could you please repeat the question Sir ?

Guys, If you didn’t understand the question, ask VO to repeat.

VO: He opened my passport and showed my passport pic to me and asked is it you!!

Me: I had removed my mask and answered yes Sir, It’s me.

VO: Okay.

VO: Whom do you work for?

Me: Answered

VO: How long have you been working for this company?

Me: This is the first time Sir.

VO: How come you know about this job ?

Me: Answered. VO was typing something for 10-15 sec

VO: Please place your left hand four fingers.

Me: Placed.

VO: What is your highest qualification?

Me: Answered.

VO: Is this the first time you have applied for the H1B ?

Me: Answered.

VO: Where is your company?

Me: Answered.

VO: What does your company do ?

Me: I told my Company is into *** and *** business solution provider. VO said Okay.

VO: What do you do for your company ?

Me: Answered my role and 4-5 responsibilities.

VO said Okay, Okay.

He was typing for 10-15 sec and said your VISA is approved and you will receive the passport in a week.

VO gave me the applicant’s US rights booklet.

Me: Thank you so much Sir, Have a good day!!

VO: Welcome

Status of my passport:

March 17th : Administrative Processing

March 21st: Issued

Wish you all the best for your Interview.

Experience 13: H1B with 221g, In Person Interview at New Delhi

24 Jan 2022 Dropbox docs submitted
3 Feb 2022 – Refused
10 Feb2022 – received passport with blue slip to submit docs
15 Feb2022 – Submitted requested documents
Followed up several times via email and phone calls
15 Mar2022 – Received email to attend in person interview before 10am any working day
21 Mar2022 – Attended Interview at New Delhi
Questions :
1)who is your petitioner
2)Since when you are working with this petitioner
3)End client
4)Role and responsibilities
5)since how many years you working for this client
6)client location
7)Did you worked in any other location
8)what is your pay
9)What is xxx project ( I never worked )
My answer : I didn’t worked on that project
Checked something in the system and said Visa is Approved
21 Mar2022: Ceac updated from refused to Admin processing immediate after interview
22Mar2022: case status changed to issued ,
waiting for courier tracking number
We can store the mobile for RS 50 at embassy security counter

Experience 14: H1B + H4 with In Person Interview at Hyderabad

March 13: VAC – we have appointment at 2:30 pm and we reached there at 2:00 pm
They won’t allow any electronic items / medicines/cosmetics( eg. mobile phones/electric watch/ headphone / sanetizer / tablet)
We have lockers outside they will charge 100 Rs for 1 locker I have used it.
Gold chain /bangles or rings allowed.
( Doc required – Passport/Interview confirmation and all ds160 confirmation page same we have to use in VO interview time)

March 17 VO : We have appointment at 8:00 AM morning and reached their around 7:30 am security has allowed us in 5-10 mins ( for other slots they have allowed later).
After security check we waited around 15-20 mins then they have started calling people for interview it’s early morning so only 2-3 windows are operating we are in queue for 2nd window 2 people are in queue before us.

VO : Good Morning How you are doing.
Me : VGM , thanks
VO: put your left fingers for identification( we both placed one by one)
VO : You are working with your current employer from XXXX year
Me : Answered
VO : Who is your end client
Me : Answered
VO : Which state you are going
Me : Answered
VO : Salary
Me :Answered
Vo : designation
Me: answered as per petition
VO : What is your roles and responsibilities
Me : Answer but he is not convincing for 2-3 lines of answer and asked me exact what you will do ? then I have explained some more technically.
VO : what is your end client business .
Me : Answered
Vo : Thanks I am approving your visa please collect your booklet and have a great day.
He haven’t asked any question from my wife .
Note : my case is I am working for one of the reputed Indian it consultancy and working with same client for 4-5 years and moving on-site for same client.
I don’t have client letter ( I have got MSA and SOW as supporting documents)
Marriage certificate is in local language so translated it in English from a notary.

March 17 : Not checked
March 18 : Administrative processing (19-20 is holiday)
March 21: Issued

Currently waiting for passport tracking information to be updated.

Experience 15: H1B with Dropbox at Pune

March 9: Place is VFS Pune ( 94 Avenue Mall, 4th Floor, Kalubai Chowk, Wanowrie, Pune, Maharashtra 411022)
Reached 10 Min before appointment immediately they took me in

  • checked ID – I showed passport
  • checked vaccination certificate
  • checked temperature Security check:
  • mobile (switched off/vibrate) and backpack allowed
  • Laptop is not allowed but there is locker facility available for INR 200 Reached counter and submitted following (no originals asked):
  • Appointment Confirmation
  • DS160 confirmation
  • 2 photographs
  • Current Passport and old passport
  • Latest and previous I797
  • Employment Verification letter (generated via worknumber) Paid 650 cash – they returned the Appointment confirmation with received stamp and payment receipt.

3/15 – Administrative processing
3/21 – Issued
2/22- Passport got delivered at home address, paid 650 Rs cash at time of delivery

Experience 16: H1B with In Person Interview at New Delhi

Mar: 13th VAC at 12 PM.

Reached early around 11 and stand in the line they allowed me in 11:15
Mobile phones are allowed to VAC in flight mode or switch off mode.
Verified passport , appointment confirmation and ds-160 and took the finger print and photo.

Mar 17th 9:30 consulate

Went to consulate early by 8:45

Arround 9:10 security started forming the queue for 9:30 batch and allowed inside.
No mobiles allowed to inside. There is box to collect mobiles(50/-) and bags(100/-)
After seccurity check they will send some people into counters.

VO:Good morning!
Me: Good morning, How are you!
VO:I am good ,Can i have your passport AND I797
Me: Handed over the passport AND I797
VO: Who is your employer?
Vo:Where are you working in US.
Vo: Do you have client or Working directly with Employer?
Vo:What does your company do?
Vo: Are you started working with the employer?
Vo:What is your project?
Vo: Roles and responsibilities?
Vo: Took the copy of your i797 we will verify and approve it nothing to worry it will take a day. Also holding your passport. Handed me back the i797(original).
Me: ok..
Vo: Please have the covid test before reaching to US.
Me: Sure, Thank you..

March 17: Case created.
March 22: Issued.

Waiting for the passport. I opted for Pickup at Hyderabad.

Experience 17: H1B with 221g, In Person Interview at Chennai

March 24th.
I had 9 Am appointment, I went around 8:45Am, security check and etc took 7mins. Waiting inside for 15mins came out at 9:10Am. Interview took less then 5mins.

VO: Which company do you work?
Me: Answered
VO: How long you have worked with the company?
Me: Answered
VO: What’s your salary?
ME: Answered
VO: Did you do your masters in US?
Me: Answered
VO: Have you been to Canada and do you have visa?
Me: Answered
VO: Visa approved and provided know your rights letter and booklet.
Me: Thank you

Didn’t ask any other documents except passport and I-797.

Note: never carry anything in your pockets like phone etc except your room key (only if it is regular key they will allow. Don’t take smart key- they will not let you in with smart key) so you can just clear all the checks quickly.

Experience 18: H1B+H4 with In Person Interview at New Delhi

VAC Hyderabad: 20th March 4:00 PM
Reached VAC at 2.30 but they didn’t allowed till 3.45.
Don’t go early, they will allow only 15mins prior.
Process is smooth, checked appointment confirmation and ds160.
Attached sticker on back of our passports indicating the delivery type.

They will assign a token and need to go to respective counters, they will check ds160 and passport and ask our name and dob for reconfirmation.
They will take picture and finger prints and done. Came out by 4.30

Make sure name first name, last name and dob matches exactly with ds160 else they will ask to get new ds160.

Consular appointment: Delhi 22nd March 10.30
Reached embassy at 9, allowed inside at 9.15.
Security check, locker facilities available to store our particulars if any.
Validated sticker again and marked a tick mark on passports.
Went to queue and there are 4 to 5 counters (Indian officers) to validate passport and i797 once this done, they moved us to another queue.

After 15mins they allowed us to sit. Luckily they sat us Opposite to consulate counters. We were sitting there like 30mins. This time really helped me observing different consultants and their questions.

There are consulates, 2 of them are female and 1 male.
They allocated me to a Male consulate.
Me: Good morning
VO: Good morning
VO: Pass me i797 and passport.
Me: I have passed
VO: who’s h1 and who’s h4
Me: I have told I am primary and she is dependent.
VO: Employer name
Me: Told my employer name
VO: what is your salary
Me: told my salary
VO: he is checking some details and asked is it an IT company.
Me: I said yes, and we are into so and so.
VO: place your hand and he asked my wife to place her hand.
VO: your visa is approved.
Me: we said thank you.

It’s like shock for us as none of the questions to my wife and only 2 questions to me.

Questions I have observed during my waiting period:
Roles and responsibilities.
About Employer,
About client
State we are going to
Why do you need to goto US
Salary in US
Salary in India

Experience 19: H1B with 221g, In Person Interview at Mumbai

I was eligible for dropbox.
1st March – Documents submitted
8th March – Refused and followup appointment option showed up in cgifederal.Booked appointment for 25th March 09:50 AM
15th March – Received 221G white slip alongwith Passport asking to come for in person interview.
25th March – Reached embassy at 08:15 , was asked to go inside immediately. At one window a person collected my passport , white 221G slip , copy of I797. He came back after a while and handed me passport and Documents back alongwith a token.
I reached the counter no mentioned in the token
VO – How long are you working with current employer ?
Me – Answered
VO – Who is your end client
Me – Answered
VO – Asked me the client letter and roles and responsibilities.
Me – Gave the client letter and answered about role in brief.
VO – Highest educational qualification.
Me – Answered
VO – I see you had a business visa , did you travel on it ?
Me – Answered.
VO – Your visa is approved , you will get your passport in about a weeks time. Handed me my documents along with know your rights booklet.
I was out of the embassy by 09:20 AM.

Experience 20: H1B+H4 (Spouse+Kid) with Dropbox, 221g, In Person Interview at Hyderabad

My case H1B extension on basis of I140 + H4 for 2 Dependents

We all had prior Visa in the same category but visa was expired. I was eligible for Dropbox but had doubt about my son’s eligibility as many people in the group are not sure about. Anyway I added spouse and son to the same profile as family members and proceeded with the application. After answering questions on the portal out application was shown to qualify for the Dropbox.

28-Feb – Dropbox appointment

I submitted application for all three of us. Documents requested: Appointment confirmation page, DS160 Confirmation page, Current Passport + Old passport of earlier Visa is stamped in old passport, Two passport size photos, Employment Verification Letter, I 797 copy, Marriage certificate.

Took me 10 minutes in and out

29-Feb – Application received.

3-March – Refused

10-March – Received email from the consulate to come for Interview and fingerprints. Date and time slot was mentioned in the email. Passport will be handed over prior to the interview.

I was not sure whether to take my wife and son with me so I sent email to the support team. I was told only primary applicant need to come.

24-March – Reached Consulate at 8:15.

Security guard will check your appointment confirmation and make you wait in queue. They will allow you to enter the consulatein small group (3).

Keep your appointment confirmation, DS160, Original ID proof( I carried Aadhaar card), Authorization Letter of you are picking up passport of family members handy.

You will reach the waiting are after clearing security check. There will be staff members who will coordinate with you. If you are asked to pick up the passport prior to the interview then this is time they will hand over it to you. Make sure you inform the staff. Also check that you have passport of all members. In my case they gave me just mine and wife’s passport. Later I told me thaty son’s passport is with consulate as well. The lady had it with her, she handed it to me

You will be asked to proceed to the interview counter when your turn is up.

VO was a pleasant person. He asked for passport and started questioning me while looking at the computer screen.

Questions were typical:

How long working for Employer

Who is the client

How long you have been working with the client

Job title


Highest education level

Were you in US before

Role and responsibilities

He asked where is your spouse, I clarified that I checked with the support team and was told only primary applicant need to come. He was okay with the answer.

He asked about my other kid and if she is US citizen, I answered.

I asked him if he need I 797, he said not needed.

He asked me pick up the information brochure about Visa holders rights and Informed me that Visa is approved.

I was done in 2-3 minutes. Even though I had all supporting documents, No documents was asked apart from Passport

Best luck everyone!

Experience 21: H1B with In Person Interview at New Delhi

March 13: Biometrics Appointment. Only asked for Passport, DS-160 confirmation and visa appointment confirmation. The process was quick and smooth with photo clicked and finger prints taken. This was completed within half an hour.

March 14: Consular interview at 10:40 am. I reached the consulate around 10 AM. Went through the security check outside and went inside where there was another security check. Was asked to sit inside for about 15 mins before asked to get up and go into the consular section. When you go inside the first counter will verify your passport, DS-160 and I-797. I took original I797 with me. Once it is completed, we will be asked to wait for the interview. It took around 20min before I got my turn. The interview process took about 2 mins and I was asked basic questions.

VO: Which Company you work for?
VO: Who is your client?
VO: Have you been to US before?
VO: Your Visa is approved, you’ll get your passport in 5-6 days.

VO only asked for my passport and I797.

March 15: Status on CEAC changed to Administrative processing.

March 16: Status changed to issued

March 18: Passport ready for pickup

Experience 22: H1B with Dropbox at Kolkata

Documents they asked,
Confirmation letter (print out)
Ds160 (printout)
I797 current and past (photocopy)
Offer letter or employment verification letter( photocopy)
Photo -1

These are all the docs required. They didn’t ask for originals.
Few tips for Kolkata appointments

  1. I was asked to retrieve and resubmit my ds160 form as it had my old passport number. I recently got a new passport in early March ; so they asked me to fill new ds160 with new passport # and get a printout . There is a printout/cafe shop within 2 mins walking distance which will charge Rs 100 for ds160 printout. If you are are trying to fill up new ds160 form in the cafe they will charge Rs. 1000 and only retrieval will cost you Rs. 500.
  2. The consulate people will ask when was your photo taken. If you answer it couple of days ago think it is fine. I had mine taken yesterday. So as long as it is recent it doesn’t matter if it was taken in US or in India. The specs matter.
  3. The whole process took like 15-20 mins ( exception of me filling out new ds160 form and getting a printout). So plan accordingly.

Thank you and good luck

Experience 23: H1B+H4 with Dropbox at Chennai

I could not get slots when my login had 2 profiles. Hence I split and created an account for each applicant (1 for h1b and 1 for h4). The mrv receipt number got updated into h4 account from main profile within 24 hours after raising a ticket as I had already paid for both applicants together. I Got dropbox appointment in couple of days for h1b and h4 on same date but few hours apart with help of a travel agent. I chose this route due to personal urgency. Be careful with whom you connect and share your details.. Don’t pay exorbitant fees like 10k, 25k. There are other trust worthy folks who does for nominal fees. I connected with few agents in telegram groups, but they only give false promises but no results.
Upon reaching Chennai Vac, security guard let 1 person in (much earlier than allotted time slot as there wasn’t much crowd). I carried both the applications ( 1 h1b + 1 h4).
After security check (have your mobile switched off), I requested the officer at the counter to process both the applications together ( h1b, h4) they collected

  1. latest I 797 first page photo copy
  2. Passports of both applicants (had prior L1 stamping)
  3. Marriage certificate
  4. DS 160 for both applicants
  5. Appointment letter but gave it back with a seal
  6. Photo 1 each ( any issue in photo, they will let you take a new one downstairs and come back to complete the document submission). cost is very high though. About 300 per person)
  7. Employment verification letter ( they didn’t collect end client letter.)
    The whole process was smooth but it took me about an hour to complete the process.

Sharing my timeline for others to get an idea
3/16- drop at vac (no update)
3/17, 3/18, 3/22- Application received
3/22 – Administrative processing (updated)
3/24 – Issued
3/25 – received stamped passports

Experience 24: H1B with In Person Interview at New Delhi

VAC: Feb 27 3:30 PM

They allowed as 30 min prior to the appointment.we need to go to concourse level in the shivaji metro. they do allowed us to carry the backpack and hand bags.They have provision to keep the luggage and they charged 200 per bag. We have to stand in the line for long time though Biometric got completed to 10 mins. They asked the below documents at the initial check point.

  1. appointment confirmation
  2. DS 160
  3. Passports

After entering inside the office, they sticked the labels on the back of passports and gave token.

Lastly they asked to read the passage recorded our finger prints and took photo.

They also mentioned to carry the children photo without fail for CA and they wrote the same in appointment confirmation page.

Note: it’s not mandatory to take the children below 14 for this.carrying their passport n DS 160 is enough.

Note: We have direct metro to T3 terminal of IGI Delhi airport.

CA : Mar 7 th 10:10 AM

Preliminary check point:
Opposite to the embassy office, they have open waiting area with some stone batch and the Mobile deposit unit and they charging Rs 50 per mobile.
Before an hour of the appointment, they called out for initial check and allowed us to the gate of consulate where they checked the passports and scanned the labels sticked in VAC.

Secondary security check:
On entering into the building, they scanned the bags and files and asked as to wait on the rows of chairs.
Applicants with infants are given priority.They allowed as to enter the main building after 2 hours of waiting.

Document needed: I797,
Passports and photographs of children.

We have to wait in another Queue until they called for interview.

Finally we got our turn.

We greeted each other.
Officer asked for our passports,I797.
She asked for my role,highest degree , client details, location, years of experience and annual salary.
Finally asked my spouse whether he will be working in US.

She took our passports and mention it’s approved and can be collected in 2 days.

Experience 25: H1B with In Person Interview at Kolkata

Previous biometric done at New Delhi last week due to lost passport with latest US visa.

Appointment at 8:45, reached by 8:15. Stood in 2 lines before finally being let inside around 9am. Another 10 min wait inside. Documents asked:
797 original

No laptop or phone allowed. Only document holder + small purse allowed.


VO: so you lost your passport?
Me: yes
VO: fill out this document at the end of the interview. Please also provide police report at the end. Now place right hand fingers on fingerprint area

what is your designation?

what are your responsibilities?

What is your salary?

Where is your work location?

Do you have any children? What age? Are they US citizens?

he asked for my kids’ passport or copies. Luckily I happened to be carrying one of their (US) passports. He just wanted to check to make sure the signature area in the passport was signed by me (or their dad). Which I had.

VO: your visa is approved, please fill out the lost passport form and police report in counter 2.

Start to finish it took 2hrs15mins. Interview was 5 mins.

There were totally 3 interview counters open. The VO was professional and courteous.

Good luck to all!


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