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H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox from July 4th to September 14th, 2022

Below are User experiences starting from July 4th to September 14th, 2022 for H1B Visa and H4 Visa for both regular visa stamping and Dropbox. You can check US Visa Stamping Experiences for the entire collection

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Experience 1: H1B with Emergency Appointment, In Person Interview at Mumbai

I came to India on a personal emergency, i got a expedited appointment request letter from my employer, and raised a emergency request articulating the business need and the personal emergency, request was approved on the same day.

1) OFC – 6/26 Chennai VAC
2) Consular Appointment – 6/28 Mumbai
they asked i797 and employer verification letter
in the first counter they told me wait for sometime and was verifying my docs in the backend, then after few mins they told me to go to the interview line.

the consular officer asked general details, roles work location etc … then he said that he is not finding some information in the system so he cannot approve my petition right away, he gave a white slip and said the approval should happen in a week and i should get my passport. Then i told him my urgent travel plan and said that i have all the documents now and can share whatever is required. he said that all the required info from me is available and its just a system issue .. and i should get the passport in a week.
ceac status
6/28 – refused
6/30 – Admin Processing
7/1 – Admin Processing
7/5 – issued
7/6 – document available for pickup in Chennai

for Mumbai consulate pls don’t plan your commute based on Google maps ETA… i was staying near the airport, the ETA was 20 mins whenever i checked, but on interview day i started an hour and 15 mins before and was stuck in a very bad traffic.. i got off the cab midway and requested a ride from a bike commuter and was 5 mins late to the appointment, there were people who were half hour late and was still allowed for the interview..

Experience 2: H1B+H4(Spouse+Son) with 221g at New Delhi

I attended an in person interview at the US Embassy in New Delhi on January 18th, 2022. The officer was very nice and cooperative. I had an issue on my record from my previous US visit which needed the approval of US state department before the embassy could issue me a visa. My application was instantaneously forwarded to the state department for their approval. The approval came swiftly on Feb 14th. My application was then put under Admin Processing without 221(g) the same day.

In the mean time my wife and son also attended their interviews and were issued 221(g) asking them to wait for the approval my visa.

On March 30th, I finally received my passport back with 221(g) asking for some additional documents from my employer. It was an exhaustive list. My employer took his own sweet time sent those document over to the embassy. They finally submitted the documents on May 19th. I had to wait another month until June 21st when I finally received an email asking me submit all family members passports including me.

Now, they issued the visa for my son on June 24th and for my wife on June 27th. I received my sons passport on June 28th. My status was still Admin processing at this time. Out of the blue, I saw that my passport along with my wife passport has been mailed back to me. I was surprised since my visa was still not issued. Anyway, on June 30th, I received my wife’s passport but it was without any stamp. I promptly emailed the embassy directly bypassing the useless ustraveldocs people about the issue. Got a call back in the morning from the embassy asking me resubmit my wife’s passport.

My passport was a bigger f@@k up. They sent my passport on June 30th and the Bluedart tracking was showing it as “out for delivery” but I didn’t receive it until late afternoon. I immediately got in touch with my local Bluedart office and they informed that my passport has been recalled by the embassy.

After receiving my wife’s passport, the embassy people called again the next day because no one there where her visa stamp actually went. They asked me to check my sons passport but it was not there. I was literally laughing at this point. 😂

Anyways, they finally issued my visa on July 5th and reissued a visa for wife the same day. Today I received the passports back with stamps. Turned out, they mistakenly stamped my wife’s visa on my passport. 😂

Well, all went well at the end but it was a pretty stressful 6 months for me. I had to do a lot of back and forth with lots of people which was not pleasant experience to say the least.

My take away, UStraveldocs(vfs) people are as useless as it can get. DONOT WASTE YOUR TIME BY EMAILING AND CALLING THESE PEOPLE.

My advice, if you are stuck at any stage during the stamping process, try to establish a direct contact with the embassy/consulate officials. There are ways to do that. I won’t be going into details on how to do that here but you may DM me for my inputs. I shall be happy to help.

Best of luck to all!

Experience 3: H1B with Dropbox, 221g, In Person Interview at Chennai

My Dropbox experience was very frustrating and long drawn!
May 18th: dropbox submission
May 19th: case received
June 10th: case updated
June 18th(1 month after dropbox submission): “Refused” status on CEAC
June 21st: email to pickup passport with 221g(I’m a direct full time employee and the 221g had requirements for client letter etc – looks like they mistook me for a contractor)
July 11th: interview at chennai consulate
Interview questions:
VO: so you studied in the US
Me: yes sir, went to grad school in the US
VO: you’re a direct employee? Can I have your i797
Me: yes I’m a FTE and been with the company for 28 months now
VO,: what’s your salary? Can I have your last 3 w2’s?
(Luckily had w2’s with me even though 221g didnt specify)
VO: great, looks like you even got a bonus last year! 🙂 Your visa is approved and you’ll get your passport within a week
July 13th: received an email that my passport is ready for pickup at Chennai VAC
July 14th: picked up passport today
2 month wait to get visa stamped is totally unacceptable.. they definitely need to change the system!
Good luck everyone!

Experience 4: H1B with Dropbox, 221g at Mumbai

2nd Extension with Same Employer, EVC model

19-April-2022 – Drop Box @ Pune Center
03-May-2022 – Received Passport with 221g white slip asking to appear for in-person interview. CEAC Status – Refused
13-May-2022 – In person interview at Mumbai Consulate. Got 221g Yellow Slip. All yellow slip documents asked from the employer. CEAC Status – Refused
17-May-2022 – 221g yellow slip documents submitted to Mumbai Consulate
20-May-2022 – Date Changed – Status – Refused
20 may – 30 June – No update, no date change
Reached out to Senator and Congressman, Contacted their offices on phone, sent out weekly emails to UStraveldocs support email and called them as well.
1-July-2022 – got a letter issued from the vendor stating the urgent requirement to join office at onsite otherwise potential risk of losing the position with client and sent it to consulate email explaining the situation.
6-July-2022 – Date Changed. status – Refused
8-July-2022 – got an email from Mumbai consulate to provide updated client letter. also received response from Senator’s office that Mumbai consulate has approached me for updated client letter.
9-July-2022- Submitted updated client letter.
11-July-2022 – Date Changed. Status – Refused
13-July-2022 – Got email to submit passport for final processing. Submitted passport on same day.
15-July-2022 – Date Changed – status – Admin Processing.
18-July-2022 – Date Changed – Status – Admin Processing
20-July-2022 – Status – Issued.

I am not sure what worked in my favor but i tried everything that people in this group have suggested. This group has been very helpful in these last 3 months and I was following everyone’s timeline very closely.I think instead of waiting for them to respond, if we can somehow explain the urgency of the situation and what could be the potential risks involved, that might work in your favor. but that reason has to be genuine.

I wish all the best to all of you who are waiting for their case to be cleared.

Experience 5: H1B with In Person Interview, 221g at New Delhi


14 June 2022- biometrics
16 June 2022- VISA interview, received 221g yellow slip (TAL), no documents asked. Passport kept by VO and told me to expect the update in a couple of days. CEAC status refused.
16 June 2022- 4 PM received email asking details for resume, research, publication etc.
21 June 2022- submitted all docs via email, received auto generated acknowledgment.
8 July 2022- received passport with the same yellow slip again with comments for admin processing.
9 July 2022- sent a follow-up email advising that I have received the 221g in my previous stamping too and the notes from the same may help in expediting my current stamping timeline. Received system generated acknowledgment email.
14 July 2022- received email to submit passport
18 July 2022- morning submitted passport along with the copy of email and I797 at VFS new Delhi
18 July 2022- evening, CEAC case last status updated with refused
19 July 2022- morning, CEAC case last status updated with admin processing.
20 July 2022- CEAC evening (around 10 PM)- issued, passport is still with embassy/consulate.

My h1b first stamping was fine and was issue in less than a week (London) and second h1b stamping, 221g issue and took almost 80+ days to got it cleared (New Delhi)
My advise- I got lost and been anxious all time in my first 221g however this time I didn’t lost my self with these government working standard and tried best to spend some quality time with family.

Experience 6: H1B+H4 (Wife+2 Kids) with Dropbox at Hyderabad

17th June – documents submitted for me(H1)/wife(H4)/2 kids 15 yrs and 10 yrs(H4)

22nd June – Application received (for all)

28th June – Administrative process(for all)

29th June – Refused(for elder kid 15+ yrs)

30th June – received mail for elder kid to come and give fingerprints on 13th July

30th June- issued(me,wife and younger kid)

1st July – mail received to come and collect passports (3 of us)

7th July – collected passports

13th July – gave fingerprints for elder kid(it’s 2 hrs process @hyd )

14th July – Administrative process(elder one)..until 20th July the status was actually Refused..as soon as it came to AP the date was changed to 14th July

21st July- Issued

22nd July – got mail as ready to pickup and picked up

Almost 1 month process..I felt it went smooth at least for Dropbox ..if you are on same
Boat be prepared for one and half month…All the best

Experience 7: H1B+H4(Spouse+Kids) with In Person Interview at Mumbai

Date – 25th Jul 2022
Time – 9.50AM

Reached venue by 9:00 AM. They allowed me at 9.30 as per time.

Documents verified:

  1. I797 – first 2 pages
  2. End client letter
  3. Employment confirmation letter
  4. Marriage certificate
  5. Birth cerificate for kids.
  6. Passports

After documents verified we went to 26 counter for interview.

CA Officer: How many years working with TCS?
Me: Answered
CA Officer: What will be ur annual salary at US?
Me: Answered
CA Officer: Which location travelling?
Me: Answered
CA Officer to my spouse: When did u married?
Me: Answered
CA Officer to my small kid?– what’s ur dob?
Me: Answered

CA Officer to my 2 kids- How old are you? —
Answered by two kids

CA: Congrats ur visa is approved and handed over one checklist to go through it and u will get ur passport in one week.

Me: Thanked officer

Officer returned all the docs and kept passport with him. Came out at 10.15AM.

Experience 8: H1B+H4 with Dropbox, 221g at Mumbai

May 16th- drop box appointment

May 29th- refused and asked to attend attend in person interview with 221g white slip.

June 24th- attended in person interview asked more about employer and issued yellow slip 221g and returned passports

June 27th, 28th and 30 last updated changed.

Lots of follow up mails but generic response from us travel docs and embassy.

Finally July 22 got email to drop off passport for final processing

Submitted passports at hyd embassy on July 25

July 26 -changed to admin processing

July 28th -issued

July 29th- passport ready for pick up at Hyderabad consulate

Will pick up on Monday Aug 01

So much uncertainty and stressful days finally got the visa. Thanks for sharing all your inputs which helped me a lot during these days.

Good luck😊

Experience 9: H1B + H4 with Dropbox at Chennai

Drop Box Appointment Date – July 18, 2022 10.45 am. I showed up at 10 am and they allowed me inside. I noticed 2 queues for Chennai and one queue for folks from other consulates. Please do not carry any smart/bluetooth devices other than mobiles as they are not allowed inside.
Though I showed up for the appointment with the family, only one person (myself) was allowed.
List of Docs Asked – Passports, current and Previous I797 copies, 1 copy of photo from each applicant, employer letter, Appointment Confirmation page and DS 160 confirmation page. I carried additional docs like paystubs, bank statements, marriage certificate, my son’s birth certificate just to be safe. There was an issue with my wife’s photo, so I had to provide an another one. Otherwise all good and no questions were asked.
It took about 1-2 hours to complete the process.
Dates Details:

Date of Appointment – July 18, 2022
Case Created – July 20, 2022
Application Received – July 25, 2022
Application Processing – July 28, 2022
Issued – July 29, 2022
Waiting for them to ship the passport upon completion.
Hope this helps!

Experience 10: H1B with Dropbox, 221g, In Person Interview at Mumbai

July 20- Drop box in Bangalore for Mumbai consolate.
July 22- Application recived.

July 27- Refused

In b/w – After a glance of 1000 messages of who got refused….Panicking and nail bitting…

Aug 1- Passport pick up. No reason was mentioned in the email. Even more anxiety.

Aug 2- Was praying to get an interview instead of document submission. Opened up to see a white slip to attend an interview( happy inside) was mentioned to come by any working day b/w 10:30-11 am.

Aug 3- Printing out all documents. Even my shopping receipts 😉 JK.

Aug 4- After long queue and holding my pee.
Me: Good morning
VO: Good morning
Me: Here is my 221g with white slip
VO: Gives it a glance and requested for client letter.
Me: I don’t have one but had a vendor Letter and couple of email conversations with my manager.
VO: Just vendor Letter should suffice.
VO: After typing for min asked where do you live
Me: xxx
VO: Suprised and asked couple of questions about the place and said APPROVED.
Me: Thank you, have a good day.

Came out and got into an auto and autowala asked did you get your work done? I said yes and he asked for 500 more bz your happy. Instant regret :/

Aug 5- Issued.

Hopefully it helps

Experience 11: H1B with Dropbox, 221g, In Person Interview at Chennai

Visa type: Change of status from F1 to H1B

drop box appointment, submitted documents

Received passport back with 221(g) asking for in-person interview.
Interview date July13th was mentioned on 221(g), so didn’t have to look for slot myself

July13th: Attended in-person interview along with updated client letter. Got 221(g) with no documents asked to submit.
They kept my client letter only and asked me wait for Administrative Processing.
I think they wanted to verify my client letter.

July 27th: Sent an email to support-india@ustraveldocs.com
explaining the situation as it was close to 70 days since the application was submitted.
Got the reply on the same day to submit the passport.

Aug2nd: Visa Issued

Aug5th: Passport Received with stamping

Experience 12: H1B with In Person Interview at New Delhi

After trying and failing to secure a dropbox appt for summer 2022 (paid the fees and waiting since fall of 2021), and literally losing my mind over it, I said enough is enough and booked an in person appointment at New Delhi.
July 27: Biometric at Delhi.
July 28: Interview at Delhi
July 29: Issued
Aug 2: Passport ready for pickup

Biometric was super quick, they let you in 30 min or so prior to your appt and I was out before my actual appt time. No waiting anywhere.
Docs taken: passport, appt letter, ds160

Interview: They let me join the queue about an hour before appt time. About 15-20 min of wait before entering consulate, another 20-25 min in the interview queue (only 2-3 windows were open and they were gradually opening other windows since it was early hours). Watched one F1 candidate after another citing their sponsoring parent’s properties in crores, the parents were all realtors 😀.

My questions: How long have you been with X, what do you do for X, what was your last stamped visa, where do you live in the US, what is your salary.
Docs taken: Passport, i797, appointment letter. Had taken an employment verification letter that neither document checker nor visa officer asked for.

Glad the nightmare that began late last year is finally over.
All the best to everyone still waiting for a stamp and thanks a ton to those in this group that provided helpful answers to my questions.

Experience 13: H1B with Dropbox at Hyderabad

Here is my dropbox experience at Hyderabad VAC that I went today morning. My appt was at HYD VAC. Altough I can drop at Mumbai VAC which is closer to me, I went to HYD VAC to save couple of days in transferring from Mum VAC to HYD VAC. My kids school starting shortly in US.
You can’t take any mobile or backpack inside VAC building. But outside HYD Vac building lots of locker option available that costs 100 rs per hour.
Mine was H1 renewal. At the counter lady asked the following document in order :

  1. Appointment Conf page
  2. DS 160 Conf page.
  3. Old and new passport(in case you have visa on old passport).
  4. i797 copy new and old (old should be one that matches the visa).
  5. Employeement verification letter( Since i’m fulltime, I don’t need to submit client letter)

That’s it. No other document asked. They don’t even take my salary slips. I was out in 5 minutes. My appointment was 11.45 but I went there at 10.

One thing I noticed is that they are very helpful and allowing people to go outside and get any missing documents. My advice is to go atleast 1 hr before your appointment time, so that you have enough time in case any issue arise.
There are lot of shops around HYD Vac that helps with photos, photocopy, ds 160 correction, A/c waiting rooms, lockers. I’m happy with HYD Vac.

This is my first time in HYD. I like the city. Yummy food.

Experience 14: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Renewal (2nd time) – document dropoff at Delhi VAC, embassy New Delhi.

Full time employee, same location and employer as the previous renewal.


June 15th – Document drop off – passport + i797 first page

June 16th – Application received

Aug 11th – Issued

Aug 16th – Collected passport

Overall it took 55 days for the status to change.

My take away is that calling US traveldocs support or creating a case with them didn’t help much. This is because the case was escalated multiple times but still I didn’t hear any updates from the embassy.

I’d recommend reaching out directly to the corresponding embassy, for New Delhi it was nvind@state.gov. Even in this case they rarely respond and I think we just have to wait for them to do any additional processing that’s required and can’t do much.

Experience 15: H1B with Dropbox at Hyderabad

H1B Dropbox timeline

June 05: got July 11th appointment (not through agent)

July 11: submitted documents at VFS Bangalore

July 13: case was created at Hyderabad US consulate (documents reached)

July 20: visa issued

July 22: passport is ready for pickup at VFS Bangalore

Documents submitted at VFS Bangalore

Visa appointment confirmation


Current and previous I129 copy

Employment letter

One passport size photo.


Usvisaslot and checkvisaslots helped me to get visibility when slots are opened and save my logins for booking. I booked H1 Dropbox slot and F1 Dropbox for my wife by myself. I didn’t hire any agents for booking. Avoid agents if you can and better you take control of your visa process. Avoid scammers and sharing your sensitive information with someone.

Hope this help you. All the best 👍

Experience 16: H1B with Dropbox, 221g, In Person Interview at Mumbai

July 26 th drop box appointment – submitted documents at Mumbai VAC

August 4th status Changd to refused
August 9th pickup passport and 221 g white slip to attend in person interview any working day between 10:30 AM and 11 AM and to bring all i20’s

August 11th: attended in person interview
All 221 g have separate line
221 g window asked for documents and taken fingerprints and asked to merge in interview line.

VO: asked for passport, confirmation letter, i797 copy, employer verification letter
Me: Provided, and 221 g slip
VO: started asking questions on 1st master’s 2nd masters, OPT end date, Stem opt end date, CPT start Date, h1 approved date, 2nd masters completion date and How did you work during your 2nd Master’s.
Me: Answered.
VO: went inside, bring her manager and discussing with him for about 3-4 minutes
VO: stated asking again same questions on 1st master’s, 2nd masters, OPT end date, Stem opt end date, CPT start Date, h1 approved date, 2nd masters completion date.
Me: Answered the same.
Me: VO thought i dropped my second masters after getting h1b approved based on conversion and told her i completed my 2nd masters.
VO: asked for certificates
Me: provided transcript and degree certificate
VO: asked for the client I’m working
Me: Answered
VO: asked for client letter
Me: provided
VO: typing something on the computer for a minute and told your visa is approved.

August 11th issued status
August 16th passport recieved for pickup

Experience 17: H1B with Dropbox at Mumbai

H1B Renewal Dropbox Timeline:

  • Consulate: Mumbai
  • Drop off location: Pune
  • Delivery option selected while booking appointment: Premium (home delivery)
  • Aug 10: Documents dropped off
  • Aug 11: Application Received
  • Aug 22: Application Received (case last updated)
  • Aug 25: Approved
  • Aug 26 (Friday): Issued
  • Aug 26: Started monitoring Blue Dart tracker using UID number found on Appointment Confirmation Page (bottom right barcode). It went overnight from Mumbai to Pune
  • Aug 27 (Saturday): Blue Dart status showed that passport had reached regional distribution center within Pune, so went to the Blue Dart location in person, paid the Rs 650 fee, and picked it up before it was handed over to the last mile delivery person

Key learnings:

  • only tracked CEAC website for application status, not cgi portal as it was often blank
  • once application status changed to issued, started tracking diligently on Blue Dart
  • VFS centers (for passport pickup) are closed on Saturday AND Sunday, whereas Blue Dart delivers on ALL days, so opting for Premium Delivery is best as you have a chance to receive passport even on weekends

Good luck to everyone 👍

Experience 18: H1B+H4 with In Person Interview at New Delhi

Date 7th sep 2022 .. appointment time : 9 am, New Delhi

Arrived by 7 am and left mobile at locker for rs 50… they allowed us at embassy by 07:45 am… all security checks completed with in 30 mins.. entered counters and 10 more candidates standing infront of us it’s time 08:15 am… waited in queue for 10 mins and by 8:25 am three visa officers started at three counters and they started sending 3 candidates to each counter.. one candidate directly to interview and 2 waiting in front of counter.. our turn stated..

Me : good morning officer

VO : good morning guys, can I get your passports.

Me : gave my passport and my wife gave as well

VO : Who will be working in USA

Me : answered as I will be working in H1B

VO : who is your petitioner

Me : answered

VO : where will you be going to in USA

Me : New Jersy

VO : Will you be working for end company or end client

Me : answered as end client, told client name and what they do

VO : do you have employment letter from end client

Me : answered yes, showed client letter

VO : how much are you getting paid

Me : answered per annum

VO : handed over pamphlet, asked to read USA work related rights when have some time

Me : thank you officer

VO : to my h4 wife, mam can I ask you few questions

Wife : yes officer

VO : how many years were you married and can I get marriage registration

Wife : answered and showed marriage certificate

VO : can I see some of your wedding pictures

Wife : handed over albums

VO asked us to use figure prints of both my self and wife.. finally told you visa is approved .. happy moments.

Experience 19: H1B with Dropbox at Hyderabad

My dropbox experience (F1 to H1B):

Aug-12: Dropped documents at Hyderabad VAC
Aug 17: Application Received and Case Created
Aug 23: Application Received and Case Last Updated
Sept 1: Approved
Sept 2: Issued
Sept 6: Picked up from Hyderabad VAC

“Document Delivery Section” on CGI portal was showing blank since Aug 23.
It changed to “Processing for delivery” and “Ready for pick up” on 11 am and 3.30 pm on Sept 6.

Monitored the status updates here:

Docs submitted:

  1. Copy of the latest I-797
  2. Passports – old and new (my F1 stamp was on an expired passport)
  3. DS 160 and appointment confirmation letter
  4. 2 photographs
  5. Employment verification letter (this mentions my name, salary, job duties, that I am a full-time employee and company details with manager’s signature)

This group has been really helpful in analyzing the recent trends, thanks all!

Experience 20: H1B+H4 with Dropbox at Mumbai

8 Sept – Documents Submitted.

Mobile allowed.
Visit all applicants – if the retake of photo is required then it’s worth.
Check the exact face size requirement in photo.
Retake photo service available on the same floor- ₹ 500 – 2 copy.
Correction in DS 160, print, Xerox all services are available on same floor but very expensive.
Entry given before 30-45 minutes of your appointment.
Out side of VAC – No Drinking water, No Waiting area, No food service, No washroom, No Xerox service, etc.

Document Required:
I-797 copy.
2 photo of each individual.
DS 160 confirmation page of each individual.
Dropbox visa Appointment page.
Marriage certificate Xerox.
Employment letter Xerox from Company.
Original Passport needs to be submitted.
No multiple sets of documents xerox is required. Single copy of each necessary documents carry with you – precaution purpose.

Visa status track – DS 160 number required – https://ceac.state.gov/ceacstattracker/status.aspx

Visa Status Track:
8 Sept – No Status. On the day of Documents Submitted.
9 Sept – No Status.

Experience 21: H1B+H4 with Dropbox, 221g, In Person Interview at Chennai

Here is my 221g story

Submitted our passports H1B & H4 on 19/May/2022 using dropbox at Chennai VAC
Status changed to Application Received on May-20-2022 and went to Refused on June-25-2022
Appeared In-Person Interview on July-14-2022 and again received Administrative process and VO returned our passports and wait for couple of weeks.
Did a follow-up weekly once for Ustraveldesk and chennai H & L but no response/getting standard template response.
Frustrated completely since my kids school education is getting impacted
My employer emailed his State Senator by explaining my employment need in USA, but no luck.
Reached my state senator office by phone and explained my current situation and kids education impact
Received email from Senator office on sam e day to fill privacy act
release form and send it back to Senator.
The Senator office sent those form to USCIS and waited for few days.
Did a follow up again on next week with Senator office again explaining my kids education(My daughter is going 12th grade and Son is going 9th grade)impact as well as my employment loss in USA.
Senator office did a follow-up again with USCIS and received some response from USCIS is emailed to me from Senator office
The next day morning, i have received a couple of emails from delhi & chennai consulate by asking 4 weeks to wait to complete AP. But the same day evening I received email from chennai consulate to submit my passport.
Submitted my passport on last Sep-2-2022 and my status changed from refused to approved last Wednesday
Yesterday the status changed from approved to issued and collected my passports today.

Hope this will help for some of our group members who are struggling in AP process from long time(May be greater than 4 to 5 months)

Reaching senator and did a follow up with senator office is really helped in my case( Especially who kids are studying in USA and primary and dependents applicant was stuck in AP process for a couple of months)
Once again thanks a lot for this group who guided to me reach Senator.

Experience 22: H1B+H4 with Dropbox at New Delhi

Hi all, here my Dropbox experience H1+1H4. I have booked my drop box slot for Kolkata location on May 23rd when they opened bulk slots for September 2022. After that I tried to reschedule for earlier dates but missed bulk slot openings. Finally, I was able to reschedule on August 26th for August 30th appointment for New Delhi location. I have submitted my documents at Chennai VAC for New Delhi Consulate.
8/30/2022 Application submitted your passport is being delivered to post NO status
8/31/2022 Chennai VAC Holiday your passport is in transit to post NO status
9/1/2022 your passport is still with the US Embassy/Consulate Application Received
9/2/2022 your passport is still with the US Embassy/Consulate Approved
9/3/2022 Weekend Holiday your passport is still with the US Embassy/Consulate Approved
9/4/2022 Weekend Holiday your passport is still with the US Embassy/Consulate Approved
9/5/2022 US Labour Day your passport is still with the US Embassy/Consulate Approved
9/6/2022 your passport is still with the US Embassy/Consulate Issued
9/7/2022 Passport has been received from the consular section and is currently being processed for delivery
9/8/2022 Passport has been received from the consular section and is currently being processed for delivery
9/9/2022 Passport ready for pick up notification received at 10 am. I was there at that time for my son biometric and collected our passports.

Document submitted for H1,
Appointment Confirmation
DS-160 Confirmation
Two Photos (they took one photo only)
Employee Verification Letter
Client letter (first they returned to me then I forced them to keep it)
Latest I-797 and previous Visa stamped I-797 copies
Passport and previous Visa Copies
Document submitted for H4 Spouse-
DS-160 confirmation
Two Photos (they took one photo only)
Previous Visa stamped I-797 copy (they asked my spouse latest I-797 copy but we don’t have so they asked to write a letter to Consular for not having)
Marriage certificate
Passport and previous Visa Copies

Experience 23: H1B with In Person Interview at New Delhi

VAC Appointment:

Location: Delhi

VAC date: Sep 4th, 4 PM

Reached by 3:15 PM. They immediately let me in.

Requested for Passport, Appointment Confirmation and DS160 confirmation page. Checking was done at the door then inside with the officer. It was a small queue.

They will stick a piece of paper on the passport. Also biometric will be taken for all 10 fingers. The whole process was over in 20 mins.

Embassy Appointment:

Location: Delhi

Date: 9th September, 10.30 AM

Reached by 10 (we need to reach only on time, no use of reaching early. We will need to stand outside; pretty hot climate)

Mobile was provided to a security guy outside, charge Rs.50/- There also option to guard luggage outside incase you need to go to railway station or airport soon after interview.

1st queue: Security check outside the embassy (10-15 min standing queue)

2nd queue: Passport verification outside the embassy (3 min standing queue). They check the piece of paper stuck on passport by VAC team

3rd queue: Security check on entering embassy. Complete check similar to airport. (2 min standing queue)

4th queue: Sitting Bench queue. Wait time around 15 mins. Washroom and drinking water available. 5 row bench. Each row is sent inside

5th queue: Indian officer checking Passport and i797B. (10 min standing queue)

6th queue: Interview waiting queue. Stood for more than 1 Hr. Sitting option available if you prefer your interview last.

Interview question:

Officer: Hello, Good day

Me: Good Afternoon officer (reached the interview person around 12:15)

Officer: Can I have your Passport and i797B?

Me: Sure (Provided)

Officer: Who is the petitioner?

Me: (Answered)

Officer: What is your location?

Me: New Jersey

Officer: Are you working for end client or internal project?

Me: Internal Project

Officer: What is your role?

Me: Programmer Analyst

Officer: What is your highest qualification?

Me: Bachelor’s Degree

Officer typing something.

Officer: Please place your left hand 4 fingers on the biometric.

I did the same.

Officer: Thank you, here is your i797B. Your Visa is APPROVED!!!

Me: Thank you very much.

Happy moments, danced on my way out..

Experience 24: H1B+H4 with Dropbox at Mumbai

8 Sept – Documents Submitted.

Mobile allowed.
Visit all applicants – if the retake of the photo is required then it’s worth.
Check the exact face size requirement in the photo.
Retake photo service available on the same floor- ₹ 500 – 2 copies.
Correction in DS 160, print, Xerox all services are available on the same floor but very expensive.
The entry is given before 30-45 minutes of your appointment.
Outside of VAC – No Drinking water, No Waiting area, No food service, No washroom, No Xerox service, etc.

Document Required:
I-797 copy.
2 photos of each individual.
DS 160 confirmation page of each individual.
Dropbox visa Appointment page.
Marriage certificate Xerox.
Employment letter Xerox from Company.
Original Passport needs to be submitted.
No multiple sets of documents xerox are required. A single copy of each necessary document carries with you – a precautionary purpose.

Visa status track – DS 160 number required.

Visa Status Track:
8 Sept – No Status. On the day Documents were Submitted.
9 Sept – Application Received.
12 Sept – Approved. (H1 and 2 H4).

Experience 25: H1B+H4 with Dropbox, 221g, In Person Interview at Chennai

Aug 09th 2022: H1B + 2 H4 Dropbox submitted documents at Hyderabad. (Actual appointment confirmed at Chennai) Documents submitted alone, No dependents needed.
Aug 10th 2022: Application Status changed to “No Status” (https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx?eQs=WwjqOlbeRYzCYubaSQI+RA (https://ceac.state.gov/CEACStatTracker/Status.aspx?eQs=WwjqOlbeRYzCYubaSQI+RA==)==)
Aug 11th 2022: Application Status changed to “Application Received”
Sep 01st 2022: Application Status changed to “Refused”
Sep 02nd 2022: Passport tracking status “Passport has been received from the consular section, and is currently being processed for delivery”
Sep 04th 2022: Received email from ustraveldocs – “Your document(s) have been collected from the US Embassy/Consulate”
Passport tracking status “Passport is ready for pickup” (I have chosen Hyd VAC office for pickup)
Sep 06th 2022: I collected passports (Mine & dependents) at Hyd VAC. Along with passport got 221g white slip.
Brief -> Asked to attend in-person at Chennai Consulate office with mentioned documents in 221g on 12th Sep 2022 (9AM to 11AM)
Selected for me “You may attend along, please bring all your dependent passports”.
Documents asked
From Petitioner side:

Petition copy with supporting docs
Employment agreement letter
Contract between Petitioner and End Client
Client Letter
Project Description documentation
Complete itinerary of services
Petitioner’s last two years of federal tax return documents
From Applicant side:
Last two year W2
Last 6 month Payslips
Sep 12th 2022: Entered into Chennai consulate office at 9AM
After security check in – segregated types of appointments (221g, biometrics, L1, H1,..)
First counter – asked 221g and passports to register our entry and retuned back them. Then asked to join in Consulate officer interview queue
Interview:: Started at 9:41AM
Officer: Hello Good Morning! How are you
Me: Hello Officer, Very Good Morning! Doing good. Thanks
Officer: Can I have your passports
Me: Handed over mine & dependents passports
Officer: Can I have your I797s?
Me: Handed over I797 copies
Officer: Whom do you working for?
Officer: How long you being working with XYZ?
Me: n+ years
Officer: Oh I see you have end client – XXXX
Me: Yes XXXX
Officer: So do you have a client letter?
Me: Yes I do
Officer: Good, Can I have a look once?
Me: Handed over client letter
Officer: just 5 sec went through letter and seeing top to bottom. And typed something in computer
Officer: What is your salary?
Me: $#### Per Anum
Officer: Nice, Do you have W2 with you? Can I see once
Me: Yes I do. Then handed over W2
Officer: Are you still living in US?
Me: Yes
Officer: Very Good! Thank you 😊 your Visa approved. Please collect your passports in a week.

Me: Thank you so much! Have a nice day officer.
Officer: Thank you have a nice day.
Completed at 9:46AM
Sep 12th 2022: Application Status changed to “Approved”


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