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H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox from July 30th to August 5th, 2021 onwards

Below are User experiences for July and August 2021, starting from July 30th to August 5th, 2021 onwards for H1B Visa and H4 Visa for both regular visa stamping and Dropbox. You can check US Visa Stamping Experiences for the entire collection

Experience 1: H1B at New Delhi

Walked in at 8:20 am
Me: Good morning
Vo: can I see you I797 and passport
Passed it to him
Vo: Are you married?
Me: yes
Vo: children?
Me: yes. One is US Citizen
Vo: show me client letter
Me: I was given MSA and no client letter and shared it with him.
Me: started sharing my roles and responsibilities
Vo: these are good (pointing at documents). Please scan your left hand figures
Vo: your H1 visa approved. You will get your passport in a week. (Returned my documents and kept my passport with him).

Experience 2: H1B + H4 with Dropbox at Hyderabad (USC Kid)

21st June – Dropbox done with USC cover letter , birth certif and passport copy
22nd June – application received status
13th July – Refused
14th July – got email asking to appear for interview on 27th July with no further information but passports kept with consulate
27th July – interview done with questions on new employer and to show birth certificate again – VO officer communicated visa approved with passports again taken
27th July – status changed to admin processing from refused immediately after the interview
28th July – status changed to issued
29th July – passports getting processed for delivery

Experience 3: H1B at Chennai

Type: Regular 1st time H1B (Change of status from F1 to H1)

Initial Biometrics and Regular H1: November 1&2 (Chennai).
1st DS160 – Chennai

New Biometrics and Regular H1: July 23 & Aug 2 (Del & Mum).
2nd DS160 – Mumbai.
Updated CGI profile with my 2nd DS160.

Biometrics: July 23 (morning 9am)
Attended in Delhi with my 2nd DS160 – Smooth process. 5 mins work.

On July 23 evening after completing Biometrics, I logged into CGI portal and found regular H1B appointment in Chennai for July 26 (10:30a). I booked it bcz there was rain and flood scare in mumbai plus I need to travel from TN.

Docs: Took I797, Appointment confirmation, NIE, Employer letter, W2, Pay stubs and ofcourse Passport.

Chennai – July 26.

Went in with my 2nd DS160 itself bcoz biometrics’ acknowledgement was against this. Reached by 10a. After a long queue and wait, went inside the premises where VO counter is at 11:40a. VO was old, male Indian (Surprised)!

VO: Which visa you are here for?
Me: H1B

VO: Can you pass I797?
Me: Passed

VO: Keep fingers on finger print machine. Press firmly as to breaking the machine.

VO: Why didnt you opt for dropbox?
Me: Bcoz mine is change of status from F1 to H1 and so I am not eligible for dropbox.

VO: Oh 1st time H1. I get it. Who is the Petitioner? Pass the client letter.
Me: Amgen. I am a direct employee at Amgen so.

VO: Okay so no client. Which location?
Me: Tampa, FL

VO: How long working ?
Me: For 18 months since Jan 2020.

VO: Job title
Me: Data Engineer

VO: Salary
Me: (Told my salary)

VO: Industry domain
Me: Pharma/ Biotech

VO: Why cant I work remote?
Me: Bcz I handle sensitive data

VO: Highest degree
Me: MS

VO: From where
Me: USF, Tampa, FL

VO: Total years of exp
Me: 5 (before Masters) 1.5 (after Masters)

VO: Do you have NIE letter ? If so for which critical infra
Me: Yes I do have. US healthcare & Public Health + IT. I can pass the NIE letter if you need.

VO: Not needed – I ll take it by your word. Alright I am approving your visa.

Me: Thank you. Do I need to separately email for NIE.

A: Nope – That’s what I was entering in the system. Keep NIE with you – You might need it at various times.

Came out by ~11:50a

Checked passport status at Jul 26 12:30p:
Administrative processing

Jul27: Visa issued
Jul28: Passport received with NIE annotation.

Experience 4: H1B + H4 (Wife+Kid) with Dropbox, NIE at New Delhi

Jul 26: Submitted docs
Jul 27: Application received
Jul 28: Administrative Processing
Jul 29: Received NIE approval email (11am) from Delhi embassy for all 3 of us
Jul 29: Issued (2pm)
Awaiting for passport delivery.

Delhi drop box experience:
Appointment time 3pm, allowed in by 2:40pm

Primary H1 docs:

  1. passport (old & new)
  2. Latest I797 soft copy
  3. Old I797 soft copy
  4. Previous visa stamped page soft copy
  5. 1 photo
  6. NIE letter
  7. Position confirmation letter
  8. Ds160 H4 (spouse) docs:
  9. Passports (old & new)
  10. My latest I797 soft copy
  11. My previous visa stamped page
  12. NIE
  13. Position confirmation letter
  14. 1 photo
  15. Ds160

Note: marriage certificate not mandatory, so they didnt ask at all

H4 (child) docs:

  1. Passport (old & new)
  2. My latest I797 soft copy
  3. Parents Passport soft copy (mom and dad)
  4. Paresnts visa stamped page (mom and dad)
  5. 1 photo
  6. NIE
  7. Position confirmation letter
  8. Ds160

Note: birth certificate not mandatory document

Photos for my spouse and child were not accepted, i was told its not as per specification (time was 2:50). The VAC officer gave time till 4pm for resubmission. Failing to submit with new photos, requires rescheduling of appointment.

I came out of VAC centre called my family and asked them to rush to photo studio. I went to near by studio at vac and passed on studio email to my family to send the newly taken photo. Studio guy printed and charged Rs.800. I managed to get into VAC again by 3:50pm and submitted documents with new photos.

Documents accepted and got acknowledgement seal on my appointment letter.

My suggestion from personal experience. Try to get photos from 2 or 3 different photo studios and have multiple versions to avoid last minute chaos.

Overall roller coaster ride for the past two months, especially that 1 hour at Delhi VAC.

Tip for Dropbox slots:
Bulk dropbox appointments usually opens every monday, try to be online from 8:00am ist to 11:00am ist and keep an eye on telegram drop box group for notification.

All the best!!

Experience 5: H1B + H4 at New Delhi (USC Kid)

We raised EA based on US born Kid needs vaccination on June 29th and approved on July 25th.

VAC completed on July 29th and Consular Appointment on July 30th.

VO asked normal questions about role, salary, end client, how many years stayed in USA, Kids name, where he born, Kids Birth Certificate.

VO asked spouse when you got married, love or arranged, how many years you stayed in USA, kid name, what he is doing now, kids age etc.

While VO typing asked end client letter. I said I don’t have end client letter but I have Position confirmation letter and another letter that describes my role and responsibilities are critical. VO took the letter and saw the client name & details for typing purpose😊.

Experience 6: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Appt at noon, they let me in at 11:30am, entered the VAC room at 11:35, out by 11:50.

Docs submitted:
Dropbox confirmation page
DS160 confirmation page
Passports (old and new)
1 Photo
Latest I797 copy
Employment letter
NIE letter

Surprisingly, almost equal number of Dropbox and F1 applicants during my slot.

Note: there are no lockers at Delhi VAC. Was told to arrange space for all my electronic items (laptop for me) by myself.. switched off phones are OK. Don’t leave your stuff unattended outside else the guards usually take them away and submit it to lost and found.

Experience 7: H1B at Mumbai

I stayed in Trident BKC. It was pretty convenient as both the consulate and the VAC were pretty close by. Consulate even more so. It was barely a 2 minute walk.
Trident also has pick up and drop service within BKC which is free of charge. The cars are available within 5 minutes which is a huge relief. I would highly recommend staying close by as it eliminates the uncertainty of making it in time during this season.

Biometrics on 29th July
I got out within 5 minutes.
Documents needed:
Ds 160 confirmation
Appointment confirmation

I didn’t use the locker facility not sure if they had one. I just carried my document folder inside. I was allowed to carry my room keys and some cash

Interview on 30th July.

I carried my umbrella, document folder, room key and cash. I was allowed to carry everything inside.
Please make sure you have an umbrella because in the queue outside you don’t have any shade and the weather is pretty unpredictable. I reached at 8:30 am for my 9 am appointment and there was a huge queue outside the consulate.

Inside at counter no. 34 I saw 4 F1s getting rejected. The VO was a really cranky guy maybe in 30s. I just hoped and prayed I don’t get to interview with him.

I got counter no. 32 which was again a guy in 30s.
The VO asked for my passport and i797. I handed those over. I also told him that I have my NIE supporting letter from employer and he said he would take that. ( I saw some threads where people brought up their NIE letters without being asked for it and I just followed it and it worked)

He then asked me the company I work for and what it does. He was reading through my NIE letter ( my nie letter was written for financial services which is what my company does)
I gave him the details and briefly mentioned my roles and responsibilities as well.
He asked a few questions on my role and the kind of loans I deal with. I gave him more details on that.
He asked me the size of my team. I mentioned the size and also mentioned how I work with different teams within the US.
Asked if I work for a client or directly for the company. I work directly for the company so I mentioned that.
Asked my salary
My highest qualification.

He kept typing and reading through my NIE. It was the longest wait..he then gave me a pamphlet to read through before traveling and told me to give my left 4 fingers print. I did that. He returned my documents, kept my passport and told me to travel with my I797 and NIE letter.
I asked him about NIE and he told me he will recommend that to his chief VO.

That’s it! It was the longest wait. I was extremely nervous but I think I got lucky because I got a decent counter and VO.

Hopefully everything goes smoothly henceforth!

Good luck!

Experience 8: H1B + H4 (Wife+Kid) with Dropbox at Hyderabad

My Dropbox experience Hyderabad:
Booked for me H1B primary applicant and spouse H4 and kid H4 (not USC)
Due to uncertainty I didn’t travel to India. So it just both my dependents went for H4 extension stamping.
July 20 – Documents submitted
July 22 – application received
July 26 – administrative processing
July 27 – issued
July 30 – passport received

Documents submitted: i797 current and previous
Employment verification letter
Primary applicant visa page
Self NIE request letter explaining family seperation and school starting soon with attachment of primary applicant’s job duties (the job duties highlighting why my work is critical and I have to stay in US)

Travel plans
Booked united bombay to newark direct. No airlines gave any clear idea on how transit works so we went with a bit expensive direct flight.

Experience 9: H1B + H4 (Spouse+Kid) with Dropbox, NIE at New Delhi

Dropbox Experience at Delhi VAC on 27th July -NIE under Information Technology sector

Reached Delhi on 26th and Stayed @ Treebo Trend Natraj Yes Please
(Decent hotel booked through their official website)

Appointment time : 1PM

Reached the VAC Location ( it’s inside the Shivaji Stadium Metro Station, after metro station security check post need to get to basement 2 level)

Needed couple of printouts and there are couple Internet Center shops next to Petrol bunk which is located opposite to the VAC complex..

Allowed to enter the VAC complex @ 12:05 PM and deposited my bag at the shop located in basement level 2 just next to the escalator. Charged 200/-

You can carry Switched off phone inside along with you for Dropbox submission. No electronic gadgets including USB Flash drives are allowed.

Documents: 1 copy of appointment confirmation letter.

H1B –

  1. Passport (old & new)
  2. All I797 copies since the last stamped visa along with current I797
  3. H1B Last Visa stamped page
  4. NIE letter
  5. Position confirmation letter
  6. 1 Photo
  7. DS160

H4 Spouse:

  1. Passports (old & new)
  2. All H1B holder I797 copies since the last stamped visa along with current I797
  3. H4 previous extension of stay approvals from last stamped visa if any
  4. H1B & H4 holder previous visa stamped page
  5. H1B NIE
    6.H1B Position confirmation letter
  6. 1 photo
  7. Ds160

H4 Kid –

  1. Passports (old & new)
  2. All H1B holder I797 copies since the last stamped visa along with current I797
  3. H4 previous extension of stay approvals since last stamping if any
  4. Both parents previous visa stamped page
  5. Both parents Passport first and last pages
  6. H1B NIE
  7. H1B Position confirmation letter
  8. 1 photo
  9. Ds160
    looks like they are accepting Kids Dropbox application only when it is applied along with both parents @ Delhi

Jul 27: Submitted docs
Jul 28: Application received
Jul 29: Administrative Processing
Jul 30: Received NIE approval email and status changed to Issued
Awaiting for passport delivery.

Recommended to take soft copies of photos and all documents through a USB flash drive/email. Heard many people complaining about photos being rejected while submission and this will come handy.

Experience 10: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

I am from Chennai , no dependents, H-1B, Service-based, Healthcare client, qualify for NIE under critical infrastructure
28 April Drop box appt at Chennai VAC
25 April Recevied automated email that appt has been cancelled due to COVID
11 June Booked Drop box appt @ Delhi VAC on 16th June 2021
14 June NIE document mandatory as part of checklist, had to cancel appt since I didnt have NIE letter
Requested NIE letter from employer-IT industry, Healthcare client
1 July Received NIE letter from employer
7 July Booked Drop box appt @ Delhi VAC on 22nd July 2021
22 July Since I had carrried my laptop, i was not allowed inside Delhi VAC.
Placed the baggage at a place opp Delhi VAC( INR 200)
Entered and waited inside VAC after initial screening
Officer req documents one by one and the same was submitted.
Out from Delhi VAC .. overall 10 mins.
23 July Application received
26 July Administrative processing
27 July Issued
29 July Passport ready for pickup @ Chennai VAC
30 July Picked up the passport from Chennai VAC

I have been checking slots in Chennai, but not available. Only the regular appointments are encouraged and no new slots
Processing time in chennai is almost 3+ weeks and in some cases almost a month.
My sincere request is that, unless its a emergency, please do not plan vacation to India, since slots are not available and cant predict when they would impose lockdown
When i came in April, didnt expect complete lockdown and appt cancellation.Getting an appointment again was nothing less than a nightmare.
Once in India, it takes a long time to get this all cleared and there is no mental peace until the visa is issued.
All the best for the other members with their visa process and travel

Experience 11: H1B with Dropbox, NIE at Mumbai (USC Kid)

BOOKED Appointment in March.
Travelled from USA on start of July.

15 July: Appointment, Submitted kids BC, PP and NIE Letter from employer.
16 July: Status Received
17 – 18 July: weekend (Sat, Sun)
19-22 July: Status Admin process
23 July: Issued
23 July: courier collected my passport for delivery .
30 July: Received passport with Stamping
Got late due to flood in my area.

Only one issue that they processed my wife’s case on 26, and due to flood, premium delivery was not available so they asked to pickup from Mumbai center.

Experience 12: H1B + H4 (Spouse+2 Non-USC Kids) at Mumbai

Category: Critical Infra Structure-IT (SemiConductor)
(PN: these products are used for Healthcare, Security and telecommunication applications)
Status: Approved
NIE letter from Employer.

VAC : 26-Jul-2021
Appointment was at 12 Noon, went early around 11AM.
Allowed inside and process was super smooth. Thanks to VAC team
Application status: Case Created

Finally the day waited!!!!! Almost 4 months after my H1 Petition approved!!!!

Visa Interview: 27-Jul-2021

Appointment at 9:40 AM,
Reached at 8:50 AM, Checked with Security if we are allowed inside early. He asked us to proceed.
Security check and wait time inside consulate waiting area for 15min
Went inside. Stand in the for Queue 10 min.
There were 4 counters operational and F1 interviews happening on all 4counters. H1B only on 2 dedicated counters.
We asked to sit at one of the counter dedicated for H1B
I saw very few H1B’s during scheduled appointment.

VO: Good Morning, How are you doing today?
Me: Good Morning Sir, I am doing good thanks. How are you doing today?
VO: Are you here for H1B, Do you have any USC kids by looking at my Kids.
Me: No Sir, I have passed on my Passports without VO being asked for those (Me being little nervous at this point)
VO: So totally 4 applicants
Me: Yes Sir
VO: Can you pass your i797 as well
Me: Passed
VO: So which company?
Me: Answered
VO: Are you going to work at client location?
Me: No, I will be working at XXX employee location
Vo: what’s your designation?
VO: How long you are working with this company
Me: I am going to work for them after travelling to US
VO: So are you designated as a xxxx in the current Org
Me: No sir, I am xxxx
VO: What’s your salary? Can you let me know $/annum
Me: answered
VO: Can you briefly explain about your responsibilities?
Me: Answered (While answering I just looked at letter which was infront of me)
VO: Passed on a KYR form by typing something in the computer
VO(again): Do you have an employment letter describing your responsibilities
Me: Yes Sir
VO: Nice!! Can you pass on the letter
Me: I have passed on all the documents(NIE, Employer verification and Offer letter).
VO: He Kept looking at the first page of the NIE document and he kept on typing.
Me: Little nervous at this point
VO: (after a minute) can you explain what XXXX (mentioned in NIE letter) do.
Me: Answered
VO: Okay, Can you please keep your right hand four fingers for finger print scanning.
Me: (I didn’t hear him well if it is a right or left) I kept left hand
VO: Right hand please
Me: Sorry and placed Right hand.
VO: You already had 2 H1B’s.
Me: Yes sir
VO(to my spouse): Mam, your left hand please on the finger print scanner
Spouse: Done
VO: Are you aware of current restrictions.
Me: Yes
VO: Have you travelled to any country in last 2 weeks?
Me: No
Vo: after typing for 2min. I got the required details I might not need this documents further and returned all my documents (i797 and Employer docs)
10 sec pause
I am recommending your application for next level NIE approval which would take some time. Are you okay with that?
Me: Yes
VO: Passed on a document(describes how to collect the passport). Once the decision is made your passport can be tracked as provided in the letter. He dropped the passports in his bin.
Me: Okay thanks
VO: Have a good day.
Me: Thanks, Have a good day

No questions asked to H4.

27-July-2021: Administrative processing (after interview)
29-July-2021: Issued
31-July-2021: Received Passport

Stayed at Sofitel. Walkable distance to consulate. You can even walk to VAC if your kids are cooperative 😊.

All the best for the people who are planning to attend the interview!!!!!!!

Experience 13: H1B with NIE at Mumbai

Experience: Travel to India, Getting H-1B stamped (first time) with NIE approval and travel back to US

Consular appt: 9th July, 2021
July 1st, 2021: Applied for NIE- I work for Healthcare company, IT sector
July 5th, 2021: Follow-up email for NIE- considering long weekend, chances of reverting were less
July 9th, 2021: Didn’t receive any response for NIE, appeared for Interview
Interview Documents: Passport and i797
July 13th: Visa issued with NIE annotation
Booked flight BOM-EWR via United for 29th July.
Long queue for check-in
Documents asked: Document verification for NIE (Visa), Negative RT-PCR within past 72 hours
Immigration was smooth in India
Immigration at EWR airport:
Long queue, got chance after 30-40 minutes.
Documents asked: Passport and i797

Experience 14: H1B + B1/B2 Visa with Dropbox, NIE at Chennai

I have to thank everyone for sharing their experiences. I reached US safely. Those gave me hope that I will return to the US earlier than my expectation. In H1B visa, last visa expire date is June 2018. Kid not USC.

May 8 – Arrived India on behalf of my father’s death due to COVID.
June 11 – Applied EA approval from portal.
June 14 – My EA got approved but unable to schedule emergency appointment as I was getting group size error. The EA approval got expired in a week.
June 20 – Got regular dropbox appointment in Chennai VAC for June 22
June 22 – Droped by documents along with company provided NIE letter. I am in IT infrastructure. Went smoothly.
July 6 – Received my passport with NIE annotation
July 9 – Applied requesting for NIE for my mother in B1/B2 visitor visa (unexpired) to Chennai NIE from mom’s email on the grounds of family separation mentioned that she is feeling depressed due to my father’s death and will feel better if she was with me for the next few months.
July 14 – Got email response with my mom’s NIE approval.
July 24 – Spent around 20 – 25 mins in Chennai AirIndia check-in counter to verify both my NIE as well as my mom’s. They asked me to forward my mom’s NIE approval mail to some email ID. Then they got it verified. So please plan accordingly. Flight is completely full.
July 25 – After a layover in Delhi, Landed in SFO along with my mom.
During immigration they directed me and few other people to the secondary immigration room. I believe all are NIE. Waited there for a about 4 hours. The processing is very slow. Only one officer available for multiple people but there is nothing to worry in other terms. They ask normal immigration questions like, how much money in cash you bring, regular work related questions like company, position, client etc.
They also verified the NIE email directly on the phone along with “from” address.

They asked for COVID report along with QR code in Chennai airport and Delhi airport. Scanned the QR code for double verification. In the US no one asked for COVID report. Baggage checking in SFO was a bit stringent than normal.

Thank you everyone. Good luck.

Experience 15: H1B+H4 with Dropbox at New Delhi

  • Scheduling the dropbox appointment:
  • Filled DS-160 for Hyderabad location in early June 2021 and paid visa fees by 10 Jun 2021.
  • Joined multiple Telegram channels for appointment updates / applicant experiences.
  • After constantly looking for more than a month on CGI Federal website, we were able to book on 13 Jul 2021 for a dropbox appointment at New Delhi on 26 Jul 2021.
  • Updated in CGI Federal website from passport pickup, to delivery via post, after the appointment was confirmed (since the interview is not in Hyderabad anymore, and I did not want to travel to Delhi to just pickup the passports.)
  • US Embassy support team (over phone) mentioned that I should fill another DS-160 with Delhi as the location before we attend the dropbox interview.
  • Requested for Emergency Appointment at New Delhi IW and got the approval in under 24 hours. However, there were no emergency appointments available to book on CGI Federal website even when checked frequently.
  • Day of the dropbox appointment:
  • Air travel from Hyd to Delhi and back on 26 Jul 2021.
  • Used Delhi Metro to get from the Delhi airport to Shivaji stadium station in under 30 minutes. This was the best decison of the day. A train is available every 10 minutes, and only costs Rs.50/- per person one way. Fast – Quick and clean mode for transportation.
  • Appointment was at 1PM. They let us in at 12:45PM.
  • Only the primary applicant (H1B) for the petition was allowed. My spouse had to wait outside.
  • Please remember to take the following documents in 2 sets (since we submitted for both H1B and H4. Take more if you also have H4 dependents)
    • Appointment confirmation
    • Copies of DS-160 confirmation pages.
    • Current and Expired Passports for all applicants (Original).
    • Copies of current passport.
    • Current and earlier I797s for all applicants.
    • Position confirmation letter (if you have already working in the US)
    • Offer letter (if you are yet to start your employment in the US)
    • National Interest Exception (NIE) letter from your employer.
    • Self written Covering letter summarizing all the info, and requesting them to approve / stamp the visa.
    • US Child birth certificate copy (if you have US child)
    • US Child passport copy (if you have US child)
    • 1 photograph per applicant that complies with the 2 inch x 2 inch spec perfectly. Please take extra photos since I noticed 2 applicants before me had to step out to get new photos.
  • For H4 applicant, they ask for the following docs of the primary H1B applicant:
    • Copy of current Passport.
    • Copy of current I797.
    • Copies of previous I797s.
    • Copy of Marriage certificate if the spouse name is not listed in the passport.
    • Copy of NIE letter
    • Copy of covering letter
  • The employee at the interview window asked some questions:
    • What is your title?
    • Why are you eligible for NIE?
    • What will happen if you are not permitted to travel now?
    • The IW employee said I will get the passports shipped back in a week. In fact we received it on 30 Jul 2021.
  • Other Learnings:
  • Note that if you change networks (Internet) or try to attempt to check appointment availability for more than 12 times in a day, your account will be locked for 72 hours. So, please be mindful.
  • Do not apply for emergency appointment without attaching an NIE letter along with covering letter and additional supporting documents. Their response will be delayed.

Thank you group for all the invaluable information.

Expereince 16: H1B at New Delhi

Consular Interview – 2nd Aug – Delhi@8.20am.

Reached there at 7 itself, but they allowed at 8.20, came back out by 9 am.

There was a queue for 2 level checks and security check with my passport.

VO : Good Morning
Myself: Good Morning sir.
VO: Is my voice s audible
Myself : yes sir ( though it’s little low I planned to manage)
VO: Understand the questions before answer, then he tuned mic voice once again.
VO: how many years you r working for this company in US
Myself: this is my first time H1B, never been in US before.
VO: So u have been working for this company in India isn’t?
Myself: yeah.
VO: your petition looks on July 2019, why u didn’t travel so far
Myself : Answered
VO: ur job title
Myself: Answered
Vo: ur higest level of education
Myself: Answered
Vo: he started typing something in his system for about 2 mins.
Myself: waiting for those golden words,
Later said he ur visa is approved. You will get back your passport in another 5 days.

Background: I have prepared almost all the questions discussed in the group and redbus experiences. But luckily it’s very easy and straight forward. 🤗 I Had NIE documents as well, but there no need of showing it.

Experience 17: H1B at Chennai

BIOMETRICS : 25th July – Mumbai

VISA INTERVIEW : 2nd August – Chennai

  • ME- Good Morning
  • VO – Good Morning
  • VO- Do you work at the client site?
  • ME – yes
  • VO – Do you have client letter?
  • ME – yes and handed it over
  • VO – Why do you need to be onsite ?
  • ME – Answered
  • VO – Please take the employee rights book
  • ME – I have NIE Letter as well
  • VO – It’s okay. Not needed
  • VO – What is your salary ?
  • ME – Answered
  • VO – Your job title is software Engineer ?
  • ME – Yes
  • VO – Place your left hand fingers on the scanner
  • ME – Placer
  • VO – Your visa is approver, congrats for your stay
  • ME – Thank you.

Experience 18: H1B at Chennai

Hi Guys, Here is my experience for H1-B visa interview in Chennai.
22nd July : VAC appointment at 8 am
23rd July : Consular appointment at 11 am

Questions asked:

  1. Will you work with your employer or end client?
  2. What is your client’s name?
  3. Do you have a client letter?
  4. Why do you need to be physically present in US?
  5. Why can’t the work be done from here?
  6. What will be your annual salary?
  7. What is client location?
  8. What is your highest qualification?
  9. What is your job title?
  10. Any dependent, spouse or children traveling with you?

Documents asked:
Passport, I797, Client letter

Visa issed on 26th July
Passport received on 30th July

Thank you everyone for sharing the insight. Its really helpful for first time travellers like me.

Experience 19: H1B at New Delhi (USC Kid)

US Visa Dropbox experience:
Dropbox on July 30, New Delhi. USC kid.
Documents submitted:

  1. Current and previous passport
  2. Current and previous i797
  3. Cover letter for NIE exemption (officer gave me pen and paper to write the cover letter as I have not written one in advance)
  4. USC kid birth certificate.
  5. Position confirmation letter from employer.
  6. One photograph
  7. DS 160 confirmation (updated my DS 160 with location as New Delhi few days before Dropbox.)
  8. Appointment confirmation

Status changed to received on Aug 2nd.
Status changed to Administrative processing on Aug 3rd afternoon.
Status changed to issued on Aug 3rd night.

Experience 20: H1B at Chennai

August 3rd Chennai Consulate H1 B

VO: Good Morning
Me: Good Morning Sir
VO: Give me your Passport and I 797
VO: Your application is not loaded. Go to counter X and come back
Me: Went to Counter X and loaded the application and went to VO
Gave Passport and I 797
VO: (After seeing my last F1 visa stamp.. I traveled to india almost after 5 yrs)… have you done CPT
Me: No Sir. I got my H1 Visa approved in my first year Stem OPT
VO: Is Employer ABC a consulting firm?
Me: Yes sir
VO: Who is your end client ?
Me: Told XYZ company
VO: Do you have Client letter
Me: Yes sir.. Gave it
VO: He verified and asked where is your client located
Me: XYZ location
VO: You are working in a financial sector and your company want you to be back onsite to access Confidential Security data concerns. Correct?
Me: Yes sir. I do have NIE letter from my end client
VO: Not needed
Me: When are you traveling back
VO: Planning in August 3rd week
Me: He typed for 10 sec and asked to give my fingerprints
VO: Your visa is approved with NIE. Congratulations on your trip. Gave blue slip and asked me to refer for my Travel
Me: Thank you sir
VO: You are welcome

Total process completed in 3 minutes

Experience 21: F1 to H1B at Chennai

Interview experience:
Chennai consulate Aug 3
VO was Indian around 50s
Me – good morning sir
VO – good morning pls keep your right hand 4 fingers like u break the machine
VO- give me ur i797 and passport
Me- sure sir. I also have my son passport who is us citizen.
VO – pls give thats great as u wil be exempted from all that NIE
And which college u studied
Me – told
VO – salary ?
Me – told
VO – do u work in client location where is it
Me – yes sir and told location
VO – do u have client Letter
Me – gave it
VO – checked for my name in letter
VO- ok I gave back all except ur passport. Your visa is approved . You should receive in 5-6 days.
Me – Thanks sir

Experience 22: H1B + H4 (Husband+Kid) at Mumbai

First time stamping with husband and indian child.
Status: Approved
Location: Mumbai
Biometric : 30th July
Interview: 2nd August.
Stayed in Trident BKC, consulate is just behind the hotel. Hardly 3 mins walk.
Note: Attended interview with i797 copy and chennai consulate DS160. No trouble with different location ds160..
Interview went well. VO asked for NIE letter. We had NIE and client letter both.
Asked for marriage date and marriage certificate.
That’s it…no questions for dependents.
Taken H1B candidate’s left hand biometrics and H4 husband’s right hand biometrics.

Once again thanks for the members for their valuable inputs

Experience 23: H1B with Dropbox, NIE at New Delhi

Delhi H1B Dropbox experience (NIE Critical Infrastructure – IT, No USC kid):

Booked a regular dropbox slot back in April for H1B company transfer and the appointment was honored.

The following documents were collected at the consulate:

  1. Appointment Confirmation
  2. DS 160 Confirmation (DS 160 location was Hyderabad and I was not asked to refill the form for Delhi)
  3. Previous I797
  4. Current I797
  5. Passport(s)
  6. 2X2 Photo with white background (off-white is also not accepted)
  7. Employment Letter
  8. NIE letter on company’s letterhead

July 30th: Documents were dropped off
July 31st – Aug 1st: Weekend (no update)
Aug 2nd: Application Received
Aug 3rd: Administrative Processing
Aug 4th: Issued (Also received an email stating that NIE is approved for 12 months)

Experience 24: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Requested NIE approval from Mumbai NIE as soon as I had the paperwork from company’s lawyers
I didn’t hear back from the Mumbai NIE department for 3 weeks
In the meantime, I had scheduled my dropbox for 23rd July in New Delhi in case my NIE got approved
To try my luck, I sent out another request for NIE but this time to New Delhi NIE 2 days before my dropbox date. They replied the same day saying the NIE adjudication is part of the visa interview process even for dropbox
I traveled for my dropbox as scheduled and had no issues over there
I received an email from New Delhi NIE with the approval of my request last week on 07/28
I received my approved H1B visa yesterday 08/03

Experience 25: H4 with NIE at New Delhi

Husband in India and NIE is approved.

July 29th – Fingerprints( Mumbai)
Aug 4th – Interview (Delhi)

1) Pass me your husband’s Visa copy
2) When was the marriage?
3) Show me the marriage certificate.
4) Where is your husband currently?

Informed that My husband has the NIE approved already.

VO: Pass me the NIE approval email.

He was checking something in the system ( Probably verifying the NIE)

Congrats! Your visa is approved with NIE.

Thanks to the folks here for sharing the information.

Experience 26: H4 at Kolkata (USC Kid)

Visa Appointment: H4 Kolkata IW USC Kid.
Appointment Date: 30-Jul
Application Received: 02-Aug
Administrative Processing:03-Aug
Issued: 4-Aug
Waiting to receive passport.
Docs submitted:

  1. Appointment Confirmation page
  2. DS-160 CEAC confirmation page (submitted for Chennai)
  3. 1 photo as per US specification
  4. All available prior passports with a U.S. visa – Old & New Passport Original
  5. Photocopy of each parent’s current passport biographic information page –
  6. Photocopy of each parent’s valid U.S. visa page – Principal applicant’s last visa copy
  7. Applicants Prior visa in old passport original
  8. Photocopy of current I-797 & Photocopy of previous I-797
  9. Principal applicant’s current I-797’s copy & Principal applicant’s previous I-797
  10. Principal applicant’s position confirmation letter from employer.
  11. proof of relationship that the applicant is not subject to the PP (cover letter)

Experience 27: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Booked a slot on 16th July for 30th July 11:00 AM at Delhi.

Reached Delhi on 28th as I wanted an additional day to accommodate for any flight delays (Had a connecting flight, and didn’t want to risk it).

Booked a hotel close to the VAC and took the metro from the Airport to the Shivaji Stadium Metro (same as VAC).

On the dropbox date, I reached the VAC at 10:15 AM. Was allowed inside the station, and was asked to wait until 10:30 AM – 10:45 AM.
Once inside, I had to wait for about 5-10 minutes since the person before me was having an issue with their submission.

It took me less than 10 minutes to submit my documents:

  • DS-160 Confirmation & Appointment Confirmation
  • 1 Photo
  • Copy of I797
  • Passports (old and new)
  • Employee verification letter
  • NIE letter
  • Copy of old visa


30th July to 2nd August – No Status (DS-160 was tagged to Chennai)
2nd August evening – Application Received (DS-160 was updated to New Delhi)
3rd August – Administrative Processing
4th August – Received NIE Approved email in afternoon (status was still Administrative Processing, changed to Issued in the evening).

Note: If your photo is not accepted, there is a very good studio named “DS Photo Studio”, which is about 5 minutes walk from the VAC. They charge about Rs. 200 for 4 photos.
My photo was accepted, but I visited the place with another person. We were done in 10 minutes.

Experience 28: H1B + H4 with Dropbox at New Delhi

Dropbox experience 4th August New Delhi:
Appointment was at 1:00 PM, but not allowed to enter inside campus before 12:30 PM.
After entery there was a long queue.
Waited in queue for more than 1 hour .
At 2:00 PM got call from counter.
Person at counter asked for document (had already adjusted document in order).
Gave him all the docs (original passports, current I797, previous I797, position Confirmation letter, employer letter for NIE,photo, previous visa copies, DS160 confirmation ).
He checked all the docs , read NIE letter, returned previous I797 copies.
Asked for 2 more sets of position Confirmation letter and NIE letter for my dependents, I gave separate NIE letter for dependents which I had, but for position Confirmation and one more copy of dependent NIE letter , I told have to get photo copy done ( as I was under impression that those are required only for primary applicants).
He didn’t say anything went inside and came back with photo copies after 3-4 minutes.
He rearranged all the docs.
After rearranging and putting entry into system told me that we are done for the day, you will be notified with sms whenever passport will be ready to pickup


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