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H1B, H4 Experiences : Regular, Dropbox from July 23rd to July 29th, 2021

Below are User experiences for July 2021, starting from July 23rd to July 29th, 2021 for H1B Visa and H4 Visa for both regular visa stamping and Dropbox. You can check US Visa Stamping Experiences for the entire collection

Experience 1: H4 Visa at Kolkata

Hi All, I got married on Mar’21, and my husband left for the US before the Presidential Proclamation was declared

After checking every day for several months for available slots I finally, secured a slot for a first-time H4 interview at the US Consulate Kolkata in early June’21.

OFC: 15th July’21
Consular: 16th July’21

Here’s how the interview went:

VO : Give me your passport and husband’s i797
VO : Where is your husband now and when did he leave for US
Me : Answered

VO: That’s wild, you both are away from each other since then

VO : Can you pass your husband’s visa?
Me : Given

VO : After seeing the visa, the officer told me that I am eligible for NIE as my husband’s work comes under critical infrastructure support.
VO : Congratulations! Your visa is approved.

Just a 3mins interview!!

Visa Issued: 19th July’21
Received the passport today.

I already had an NIE letter from my husband’s employer but VO said, it’s not required. As my spouse works for a US TeleCom company.

PS: Keep trying! Patience can only work here 🙂

Experience 2: H1B with NIE at Chennai

Hi all, I got my NIE approval today from Chennai Consulate after 35 days. Sharing my experience here.

June 15th: I applied for critical infrastructure in healthcare sector with the requested information and a support letter from my workplace.

June 16th: I was requested a copy my H1B approval stamp

July 1st: I followed up with some additional details regarding why it was necessary for me to return to the US.

July 2nd: They requested for my passport number. *I had missed a letter in my passport. (Make sure you triple check your initial information submitted)

July 7th and 13th: I followed up again and received no response

July 15th: I sent a fresh email from the same email address. I improved my application, added details about my job and responsibilities. Explaining in detail why it was necessary for me to be physically present in US.

July 19th: Followed on the fresh email, but got nothing.

July 21: I received approval on the old email chain, means the first application I made.


  1. Triple check all details submitted
  2. For travel purpose: Introduce what your company does and how it is supporting a particular region or Americans. Make sure you detail out your job responsibilities, specific reasons why it is necessary to be present in the US, eg. You access protected data, which is not possible on a different network.
  3. Get a support letter from your company, I think that really helps reinforce your case.
  4. Attach all documents in your application. Passport, H1B stamp, Vaccination card, Support letter, etc.

It has been a harrowing experience, waiting for this. I empathize with all who are still awaiting response and I hope you receive one soon.

Experience 3: H4 Visa with NIE at New Delhi

My wife H4 visa got approved. Regular first time appointment. I got my H1 stamping in May 2021 got NIE under Critical Infrastructure health care and flew back on June 9th

Booked appointment on July 18th

OFC: July 19th ( on my Bday) Mumbai
Consulor: July 22nd New Delhi

H4 interview experience:
Questions asked

  1. Give me your passport and I-797
  2. How long have you been married
  3. love or arranged marriage
  4. How does families know each other
  5. Give me your husband’s Visa
  6. When did he fly to US?
  7. When is his Bday?
  8. Show me your mrg certificate.

Congratulations your visa has been approved. You should receive ur passport back in 5 business days.

It seems if husband is in US and have an NIE, spouse gets the visa under family separation.

Experience 4: H1B Regular at Chennai

My fiance just had her first time H1b regular visa interview today in Chennai. She got her visa approved with NIE annotation. These were the questions they asked her.
VO: Is this your first time H1b?
Navya: yes
VO: Pass me your passport and I97. She saw some other papers in her hand too and asked if it was an employer letter.
Navya: It’s actually an NIE letter from my employer.
VO: oh! okay pass that too.
VO: Any other visa before
Navya: Yes, visitors visa
VO: Who is your petitioner?
Navya: IT company name
VO: Where will you be going?
VO: What is your role , and what is your salary?
VO: How long have you been working with the company and who is your end client?
Navya: I’ll be starting my position and it is an in house project.
Navya: Software developer and salary.
VO: What will your job duties be?
Navya: Details about her job.
VO: Why is it important for you to be in the US?
Navya: Need to handle sensitive information of the company’s clients some of which are in healthcare.
VO: Your visa is approved with NIE. You will receive it in the location you specified in the form.

Documents Carried: Ds 160 confirmation, I797, NIE letter, employment agreement letter, offer letter, position confirmation letter saying that the job offer is valid ( since the offer was given in 2020) and the regular check list of docs

Experience 5: H1B with Dropbox at New Delhi

Hi Friends,

Would like to share not just the experience but ‘Quite an experience’.

First Petition Approval: 22nd July’15
Couldn’t travel because of personal issues and petition expired on 31st Aug’18

Filed for petition extension and got approval valid until 19th Jan’19
Couldn’t travel again because of personal issues

Filed for petition extension with expected travel date in Mar’20.
Got petition extension notice on 19th Jan’20 but validity was just for 20 days (Trump era).

Covid took over the world..

Nonetheless, filed for another extension and got approval until 24th Jul’21.
Got visa issued on 23rd April’21 with travel date on 7th May’21.

Travel restrictions kicked in.

Applied for another petition extension since current visa expires on 24th Jul’21.
Got extension approved until May’24.

Sent mail to Chennai consulate for NIE approval on 18th June’21 and kept looking for dropbox appointment.

Got the dropbox appointment on 2nd Jul’21 for 16th Jul’21.

Received NIE approval from Chennai consulate on 13th Jul’21 but with visa expiring on 24th Jul’21, was advised to get the visa stamped on new petition.

New Delhi Dropbox Experience (Critical Infra):
16 July: Appointment 3:00 PM – Submitted passports (old and new), Old and new I-797 copies, Photographs, Employment letter, NIE letter from Employer
17 & 18 July: Weekend (Sat, Sun)
19 July: Status Received (Time: 10:15 AM)
20 July: Status Admin process (Time: 10:20 AM)
21 July: Consulate closed due to Bakrid
22 July: Issued (Time: 12:30 PM)

I was checking the status since 10:00 AM frantically today.

So, in nutshell, a wait of almost 6 years finally got over which encompasses different feelings with relief being the biggest. Various posts, success stories and inputs gave me hope and at the end of the day that is what counts most.

Experience 6: H4 Visa with 221g, NIE at Hyderabad

Vac on 29th June hyderabad
July 7 was Visa interview in Mumbai. Received 221g white slip asking for husbands approved Nie letter. My husband was in India.
Husband applied for nie to Hyderabad consulate on 7th July.
Approved Nie received on 20th
Submitted passport, 221g slip and approved nie letter at Hyderabad vac on 20th.
21st status changed to administrative processing
23th status changed to issued.

Hope this helps for those who got 221g for travel ban.

Experience 7: H1B with 221g, EA, NIE at New Delhi

Sharing visa experience, hoping it helps.


I initially had my appointment at the Mumbai consulate for April 28,29, but it got canceled due to a surge in Covid cases and statewide lockdown, I had already traveled from the US to India to attend my appointment.

Kept on searching for new appointments, but had no luck. Came to know about National Interest Exception and Emergency appointments around May 15, worked with my manager and he gave me the National Interest Exception letter on the company’s letterhead.

Somehow got a regular appointment with the Hyderabad consulate for November 2021. Using the NIE letter I requested an emergency appointment at the Hyderabad consulate on May 24th under the urgent business travel section.

Emergency appointment request was approved on May 28th, scheduled appointments for June 8,9.

June 9 Interview, Questions asked:

  • So your company is XYZ?
  • Salary?
  • Work location?
  • Highest degree?
  • Given the travel ban, are you exempt under NIE?
  • Job duties?

The Visa officer handed me the 221G slip and returned the passport to me. I insisted that I have an NIE letter from my employer and asked him to have a look at it. VO said no need for it, I’ll hear back within 2-3 days.

After my interview, I was devastated that even EA didn’t work out.

on June 16th received an email from the consulate mentioning
” Considering the provisions in the Presidential Proclamation, a consular officer has determined that you are not eligible for an exception. Your case will remain refused in INA section 221(g) until the Proclamation ends. You may contact us once the Proclamation is no longer in effect and we will then continue to process your visa application to conclusion.”

Reached out to my immigration attorney, and my manager, and reworked on NIE letter. The manager reached out to the director, and my updated NIE letter was signed by Director.

Sent mail to HydCEA, HydAdmin, HydNIE with an updated NIE letter asking them to reconsider my 221G, but no luck, always received a generic response.

July 10th, I decided to re-appear for an interview as suggested by my immigration attorney, filled out a new DS-160, mentioned that my visa was refused previously, and paid visa fees.

Got a regular appointment at the New Delhi consulate for February 1,2 2022. I wanted to apply for an Emergency appointment again, but the CGI portal didn’t allow me to do it since the previous EA request with Hyd had validity till July 31st.

Reached out to the ustraveldocs support team, they mentioned I had to withdraw my Hyderabad 221G application to apply for EA again.

July 16th, emailed the support team to withdraw my 221G from Hyderabad Consulate(Huge risk!! But had no other choice!) But even after withdrawing, the portal didn’t allow me to request EA. Reached out to the support team multiple times on call, but they changed their stance that I will have to wait till July 31st to submit a new EA.

Kept on the hunt for regular appointments, but no luck, luckily on July 21 around 3:30 PM opened the CGI portal and found the ofc slot for July 22 at New Delhi, after selecting the ofc slot, I was able to see the Consular slot for July 23. Booked regular appointments, flight tickets and traveled to Delhi immediately.

July 23 interview was very smooth. Reached the embassy at 7.30, my appointment was at 8.20, was out by 8.50.

I passed my NIE letter along with my I-797 and passport (Read in Telegram groups that it helps and it did help)
Questions asked:

  • Were you working previously in the US?
  • What is your work location?
  • What is your salary?
  • Describe your job duties?

Finally received golden words, “Your visa has been approved”

VO folded the NIE letter, attached the letter with my passport, and mentioned I will receive my passport in 5 business days.

I asked, “Do I need to apply for NIE separately ?”

He mentioned, “It will be taken care of, have a good day”.

Experience 8: H1B at Chennai

First time stamping experience( no usc kids):

March 24: Attended Interview at Chennai; got 221(g) white slip . Asked for client letter, contract documents and project documentation

April 12: Sent required documents. Automated acknowledgement received.

April 27: client received verification email , responded with in a day

Sent Follow up emails every alternate week from then and received same generic response

July 12: Received an email from Chennai H&L to submit passport along with documents supporting exemption to PP10199, or NIE

July 19: Submitted passport along with NIE letter (own draft) and other supporting documents at Chennai vac

July 20: Status changed from Refused to Administrative Processing

July 21 : changed to issued

July 23: collected passport , visa got stamped with NIE annotation

Experience 9: H1B Visa (2020/21 CAP) at Mumbai

Location- Mumbai (Biometrics, interview)

  • Biometrics Interview- July 19, 2021
  • Consular Interview -July 21,2021
  • Appointment Time – 9:40 AM
  • Consular – Asked for passport and I797
  • Myself – Gave passport and I797B
  • Consular – What is your company
  • Myself – Answered
  • Consular – Will you working directly for them
  • Myself – Answered YES
  • Consular – Were you on H4 earlier
  • Myself – Yes
  • Consular – Do you have kid
  • Myself – Yes
  • Consular -Is your kid US citizen
  • Myself – Yes
  • Consular – Did you work earlier in India
  • Myself – No, worked in United States, mentioned company name and location
  • Consular – So you had work authorization on H4?
  • Myself – worked when on F1 visa on OPT
  • Consular – What will be your salary
  • Myself – Answered
  • Consular – Did you do your Masters in US and concentration?
  • Myself – Answered Told me to carry my I797 and kids passport while traveling
    Gave me a pamphlet which mentioned that I would receive passport at mentioned address
  • Myself – Thank you

Checked the visa status
22nd July – Issued

Hopefully the visa will be stamped and annotated with NIE

Documents I took with me to the interview :
Form i797
Employment Verification Letter
Offer Letter
NIE Letter
No client letter
Kid’s passport and birth certificate

Experience 10: H1B + H4 with 221g at Chennai (USC Kid)

Hello everyone, me and my wife finally got our visas.

This is our story : initial appointment was April 12, we got 221g slip immediately the next day, we then waited for almost 2 months because our 221g instructed us to do a walk-in appointment and the embassy (Chennai) was closed;

We then tried to simply walk-in when Chennai lockdown was lifted but they didn’t let us in because “Normal operations were not resumed”;

I then sent an email to chennai CIU explaining them that our son is US born and his vaccination is due; I did NOT ask them for EA but ended the email with an open question like ‘What should we do?’; they then responded to my wife’s email and themselves told us to walk-in a week later, which we did;

VO asked a couple of questions like :

  1. any kids?
  2. US born?
  3. to my wife : what’s your education? (she was studying in US on H4)
  4. to me : when did you join company X? salary?
    He then gave us another 221g pink slip saying ‘he HAS to refuse our visas’ for some reason; and told us that we will get an email for more required info;
    my wife then got a questionnaire asking for some background info; the week after I got my visa and 2 weeks after that my wife got her visa (last week). Our original April 12 appointment was a dropbox.

Experience 11: H1B at New Delhi

Hello All, sharing my visa interview exp:
First time H1b, No US travel history

Consular interview (regular) on 22nd July: Delhi consulate.
I went with my wife and 3 year old kid. There are around 200 students waiting for their F1 visa interview.
Only a few H1b or H4 seen.

VO: Good morning
Me: good morning sir
VO: pass me your passports and i-797
Me: provided
VO: who is your petitioners?
Me: Answered
VO: are you also applying NIE
Me: yes sir, I am having a NIE letter signed from my employer. (Although he didn’t asked me to show it)
VO: who is your client?
Me: XYZ Inc.
VO: do you have client letter?
Me: yes, provided the client letter.
VO: what will be your work location?
Me: answered with client address
VO: asked US salary
Me:$ 123456
VO: How old your son is?
Me: 3 years
VO: Explain me your roles and responsibilities.
Me: Explained.
VO: explain how you are contributing to the Critical infrastructure( NIE eligibility)
Me: I said domain in which my company works… Then I tried to relate it with one of the critical infrastructure. VO stopped me in between and typed for 2-3 minutes. ( longest minutes of my life)
Then he said : your visa is approved with NIE.
22: July Administrative processing
23: July Issued. Also received NIE approved Email ( this email is just for information no offical use: said the VO)

Note: I was very nervous, as I am not sure that my clients work comes under NIE or not.

My suggestions: please do read out all the details of 16 critical sector and their sub-sectors.
If anything matches prepare your answer accordingly.
VO only interested in critical infrastructure terms nothing else. So prepare a 2-3 line sentence.

Experience 12: H1B + H4 (Wife and Kid) at Mumbai

Hello All, sharing my visa interview exp:
First time H1b(2022 cap) with H4 wife+1yr old baby with No US travel history
Location: Mumbai consulate regular appointment
Biometrics appointment on 22 July @12pm
Consular interview (regular) on 23 July @10am

There are more than 150 students waiting for their F1 visa interview.
Only a few H1b or H4 seen.

Reached consulate 20mins before appointment time. But security let me in @9.40am. Internal staff at waiting area let us move directly to counter due to infant ( which i was not aware of and went prepared to be in Q for around 2hrs)

VO: Good morning
Me: good morning sir
VO: pass me your passports and i-797
Me: provided
VO: here for fresh H1B?
Me: Answered
VO: which company you work for in US?
Me: answered
VO: Do you work for client?
Me: No client i work with company as resident employee
VO: your job title?
Me: Answered
VO: which project you work for?
Me: Answered
VO: can you explain your job responsibilities?
Me: answered along with different industries I support
VO: Do you have NIE letter from employer?
Me: Yes, Handed over
VO: How long you’re working for this company?
Me: it’s my new job in US. currently working with different company here in India.
VO: typing for 2-3 minutes, he is sweating meanwhile turning back and referring some documents again typing, running his fingers through his hairs. It created a tense moment in all of us.
VO: Do you or your family travelled to any other country in the last few weeks.
Me: No
VO: mam your left hand four fingers on machine please
My wife: Done
VO: Great, now your right hand four fingers sir!
Me: Done
VO: Agin typing for a minute
VO: With deep release of his breath, okay I’m considering your application with NIE, Don’t need any additional documents. I’m keeping your passports. You’ll get your visa with bit delay with NIE. You can travel on NIE. Wish you happy travels and safe stay. Handed me over a paper with information to track application.

Out of consulate @10am.

Note: I felt explaining job responsibilities with industries supported will help.

2 months before I submitted DS160 with Hyderabad as my application location. But a day before VAC appointment submitted new DS160 with Mumbai location and updated in profile area of CGI site.

Documents I carried: appointment confirmation, DS160’s ,I797, NIE letter signed by petitioner, original education certificates, marriage and birth certificate of baby.

I suggest to stay in near by hotels in Mumbai (Tirdent, Sofitel) they located in walkable distance to both consulate n VAC. Climate is bad in Mumbai recently raining heavily for last two days. These places don’t have closed waiting area until you enter inside.

Experience 13: H4 Visa (Canadian PR) with NIE at New Delhi

This was my first time regular H4 stamping.
I am a Canadian PR and my husband is in US with H1B. He got his visa stamped with NIE on June 30th and flew back on 20th July. We got married on July 12th. Suddenly on July 14th I saw one available slot for H4. So keep checking for slots.

Biometric on 18th July: Kolkata.
I had Mehendi on my hand but it was not a problem. It was very quick.

Consulate Interview on 22nd July: New Delhi
My slot was 8:20
I reached at 7:35 and it was very crowded.
We had to submit our phones at the counter for 50rs.
At 8:45 I was inside consulate. They start allowing from 8:30
Then I was asked to proceed to the window- The VO asked for my passport and I20.
Me: I am here for H4.
VO: Oh Please move to the next window. This is only for F1.

That seemed a bit weird.
I waited in the queue for the other window for 2min may be.
This VO was an American lady.
VO: Good morning!
Me: Good Morning! Hope you are keeping well!
VO: what brings you here today?
Me: I want to apply for H4 visa
VO: May I have your passport and I797 please?
Handed over the documents.
Checked my biometric.
VO: Checked my passport- So you have been to Canada, do you work there?
Me: I am a Canadian PR, I work there and I did my higher studies from there as well.
VO: Great! So how long have you guys been married for.
Me: We had plans to get married in the beginning of the year but due to the pandemic we got married on July 12th.
VO: started laughing- thats not even a month. Just few days. Can I see your picture and marriage proof please? When do you want to travel?
I handed over the documents
Me: the marriage was only woth 30 40 people. We did not do any social marriage. The Vo went through 2 pictures only. I brought 25pics.
VO: smilingly said the dress is so pretty
Me: i want to travel asap because anyway I have to return to Toronto for wrapping everything up. And already we have been separated for long, we want to stay together now.
VO: I can understand. So is it arranged or love? How long have you been engaged?
Me: arranged. We found each other at a matrimonial site.
Its been 2yrs now.
VO: thats a long time. So you have been in Toronto for so long. How do you like it there? Wouldn’t be a problem to leave everything and move to US? Will you continue your Canadian job in US?
Me: Toronto is my home now but for me staying with my husband is priority.
I wont be working. My husband will be sponsoring. I joked a bit laughingly- Since I am leaving everything and moving, I shall be relaxing and he should be working.
The VO: correct! Good one! So where does your husband work and where is he now?
Me: i told what he does and where he works. I showed the visa NIE stamped for him. I mentioned he had fly back.
VO: Great that you have all the documents. Carry these when you are travelling. Your visa is approved! You don’t have to do anything. NIE stamping and everything will be processed from our side. Have a great day!
Me: Thank you so much! Have a great day and stay safe!

Next day afternoon I received a email for NIE approval.
Hopefully my passport will be ready for pickup in few days.
Please make sure you dress smartly.
Be very confident and honest.
It didn’t feel like an interview to me it was more like a chat. My VO was chatty.
Carry all documents: passport, I797, Bank statements and pay stubs, Employment verification letter for the primary applicant, Nie stamped visa if you have.
Hope this helps!

Experience 14: H1B with Dropbox, 221g at New Delhi

Company: Employer- IT consulting; Client – Auto Insurance
12th July – Documents submitted
13th July – Application received
14th July – Refused
18th July – Returned passport with 221g white slip and mentioned to appear for interview any day before 10 AM
19th July – Appeared for in-person interview.
Was asked multiple question on my work, team, client, salary, work location. I was told my visa got approved at the end of interview.
Same day status changed to Admin processing
20th July – Received NIE approval email with validity of one year.
22 July – status changed to Issued
25th July – Received passport with visa stamp

Experience 15: H1B + H4 at Chennai

Feb 25 _ they gave 221g for asking client letter…

March 8 _we submitted our client letter. They didn’t keep our passports..

( Administrative processing waited more than 100 days exactly 117 days).

We waited until June mid.
June 22nd _ we received call and mail from embassy to submit passports .

June 28 _ we submitted passports along with221g. (They ask us to wait for 4 to 5 business days.)
Status changed to refused again .

But until July 19 there is no update.

July20 _ changed to AP .

July21 _ our status is issued .

June 26 _ picked our passports with NIE annotation .

Note: we didn’t have usc kids & Didn’t apply nie.

Congratulations to all of u who is waiting for good news…wishing u all will get as soon as possible…Hope tiz help u all…. Patience is must…👍…
Good luck everyone.

Experience 16: H1B + H4 at Kolkata

Type: Regular 1st time H1b &H4

In-person interview on July 26th @ 8:00 Am slot

Carried All the documents as per the list provided, including visa photos and marriage certificate, Small album with 8 photos & daughter 1.5 year photos and Birth certificate(didn’t want to take any risk since it was our 1st time H1b)

VO asked for passports & i797
Questions in the interview:-

  1. Highest degree- Answered
  2. Existing employer or new – Existing
  3. Which state you are planning- answered
  4. Designation offered- answered
  5. What tools do u use – answered
  6. Client project or in-house project- in-house
  7. Love marriage or arranged- answered
  8. Vo saw nie letter and asked to show him
  9. What is ur salary- answered
  10. Is it your daughter, she is cute.By looking at her first bday function picture – 😊

VO is male of age around 40 , he is super cool and smiling

Experience 17: H1B (First Time) at Chennai

Critical Infrastructure : IT and financial services

Went in at 7:55AM and came out at 8:05AM.

Documents asked – DS160 Confirmation, Passport and Appointment confirmation.

Went in at 11:10AM and came out at 12:45. There were a lot of students, hence the delay.

VO: Pass me your passport and i797A document.
Me: Sure
VO: who is your End client
Me: Answered
VO: What is your designation and salary?
Me: Answered
VO: Which city and state will you be living?
Me: provided the city and state

VO: Are you already working for this company
Me: yes

VO: Is there any hardware, software or devices that can be accessed only from that location? Do you have to be there for that?
Me: YES, need to access client data
VO: Took time to type the details and handed the US rights pamphlet to me, thats when I knew its finally approved!
After few mins,finally told me the visa is approved with NIE

Me: Thank you, have a great day.

It was a a pretty smooth experience, and the VO was calm and sweet. NO NIE letter asked/taken.

Experience 18: H1B (First Time) with NIE at New Delhi

Date: 24th July

I got appointment in April 1st week.

Process/ questions:

Please give your passport
Give your I 797
Are you going to work for a client?
What is your client’s name?
Do you have client letter? Please hand it over
Why NIE exception?: keep a simple answer here, I told that since this is sensitive data I can only access it from US
Your job title and salary?
Your client’s location?


Your visa is approved, NIE exception will be printed at the bottom of your visa. Please read the ‘know your rights’ pamphlet carefully. All the best.

Thoughts: Very few work visa appointments, so they are approving very easily. Client letter is very important, apart from that I had client SOW, US job offer letter and NIE letter on company letterhead.

Just be clear and concise. Best wishes 🙂

Experience 19: H1B at New Delhi

Here is my experience:
Location: Delhi
Date: July 27
Counter: 14
Brief introduction: I came to India March 2020, I worked from India till sep 2020, and my contract got terminated as I am not supposed to work from India more than 6 months. No support from old employer found a new employer and got a role and booked slot on June 13th.
Interview: time 8.40
Me: GM Madam.
VO: pass your passport and I97
Me: passed passport and NIE
VO: what does ur employer does?
Me: answered
VO: you are with a different employer before coming to India?
Me: yes
VO: who is your client?
Me: answered
VO: can I have client letter ?
Me: I don’t have client letter but I have SOW and here I have mentioned that I have NIE from employer.
VO: show you name on sow ?
Me: as it is 10 pages she asked me show my name in sow.
VO: have done masters?
Me: yes
VO: university
Me: told
VO: is there any change In your status on 2014 and 2019
Me: answered
VO: golden words “your visa has been approved”
Note: I have been there for 30 mins I don’t see any h1B rejection, have seen 4 approvals total. Most of them are students for f1

Experience 20: H1B with EA, Dropbox at Chennai

Hello Everyone, got EA Dropbox approved from Chennai Consulate few minutes back.

Below Timeline

Jul 15 : Initial request explaining medical urgency, family separation and qualifying NIE (I dont have previous NIE approval) , along with all supporting documents

Jul 21 : First Follow up
Jul 22 : Chennai CIU asked additional details, shared same day and same day my request was denied, citing covid-19.
Replied to denial email same day , explaining my need again
Jul 25 : Follow up
Jul 26 : Follow up
Jul 27 : Approval to walk in and submit documents . Reply came on top of my second request after denial.

If you have a strong case and supporting documents , looks like they are approving.

Hopefully this information helps someone here.

Experience 21: H1B at Hyderabad

Hi Kumar…firstly Thank you! Redbus2us helped me a lot to prepare my NIE letter….So I would like to share my visa experience:
My initial appointment on April 26th at Hyderabad location
After my document submission status changed to application received.
After that Proclamation as well as Telangana lockdown started in May.
Sent emails to consulate to check status of my application in 3rd &4th week of May finally they update status to “Refused” on June 9th saying proclamation is active.
Worked with my attorney to prepare NIE based on templates you have provided in your website and shared the same with Hyderabad consulate along with my 221g scanned copy on 07/02 after couple days I got response from consulate saying we have forwarded your request to concerned team for review.
On 07/09 received email from consulate to attend in person interview on July 23rd.

Interview conversation:
VO: scanned DS 160… Which company you are working.
Me: Xxxxxx
VO: Are you full time employee
Me: Yes
VO: Are you directly working with employers or do you have client
Me: my employer is end client
VO: Do you know we have travel ban currently
Me: I said I know
VO: he is preparing to print 221g with travel ban
Me: interrupted VO saying I’m eligible for NIE, shared the same with consulate to get this in person appointment that’s how I got this appointment and said my actual appointment my drop box back in April 26th.
VO: got it you pointed me in right direction…typing something
VO: how much is your salary ?
VO: what does your company do ?
VO: what is your role ?

He took couple minutes to type and said based on your role you will most probably be eligible for NIE my team will review your case in next couple hours and will take decisions…he gave while 221g with administrative processing check marked and took my passport.

Status changed to refused on July 23rd.
On July 26th status changed to administrative processing.
Only July 27th status changed to issued.

Experience 22: H1B with Dropbox

Dropbox Appointment- June 30th
Documents –

  1. DS 160 confirmation
  2. Appointment confirmation
  3. I-797 Copies
  4. Employer or Client Letter with position title mentioned
  5. US Citizens kids B/C and passport copies
  6. Cover letter explaining exempted from PP
  7. Photos

July 2nd – Status “received”

July 6th – Status “Refused”

July 14th – Received an email from consulate to come for Interview on July 28th as the case needs further review.

July 28th – VO Questions.

  1. Who is your petitioner?
  2. Where is it based out of?
  3. Are you a direct employee?
  4. What does your employer do?
  5. Show me your paystubs and client letter – only saw paystubs ..
  6. Paystubs show different state than your employer ? Yes, I work for a client in xx state but my employer is based out of xx state
  7. Who is your client?
  8. What does your client do?
  9. I see that you are father of US Citizen Kids, can you some me their passports?
  10. What did you say the name of your client?
  11. Visa is approved, you can drop your passports in the box. Thank you.

Experience 23: H1B at Hyderabad

H1B first time stamping regular appointment experience(booked the slot in February)

1) OFC in Mumbai on July 18th
2) Visa interview on 22nd in Hyderabad.
Questions asked:
1) Do you have a US born child? Show their Date of both certificate.
2) Where is your masters degree from?
3) What is your current salary?
4) Are you directly working for your employer.

Visa was approved. Received passport on July 26th.

Over all very smooth experience.

Experience 24: H1B at Mumbai

July 25th – Fingerprint appointment in Mumbai
July 26th – Interview, Mumbai
VO questions-

  1. Can you pass me your passport and I-797
  2. Is xxxxxx your direct employer? – Yes, and my client is Xxxxx
  3. What do you for client xxxxx?
  4. What are your job responsibilities at the client?
  5. What is your salary?
  6. Are you married?
  7. Do you have kids?
  8. Can you show me their passports?
  9. How old are they?
  10. Is your husband on H4?
  11. Did you travel anywhere in the past 2 weeks.
  12. Took fingerprints
  13. Visa is approved

Received passport with stamp on July 28th.
PS: Had booked appointments in June, tried for EA but EA got rejected within an hour. We thought, it was an automated mail but never got any update after that.

Experience 25: H1B at Chennai

My H1B (First time) interview experience: July 28th 2021: Chennai consulate

VO: Good morning
Me: Good Morning, handed my passport and i-797 approval form
VO: What company do you work for?
VO: What does your company do?
Me: Answered in detail
VO: How much do you make?
Me: XXX $/annum
VO: How long have you been with the company?
Me: answered
VO: Do you work for the employer directly?
Me: Yes
VO: Were you on OPT before?
Me: Yes and then on H4 EAD
VO: What is your highest degree?
Me: Masters
VO: Place your 4 fingers, your visa has been approved
Me: Thank you!

Experience 26: H1B with Dropbox at Hyderabad

  1. Booked 2nd August Mumbai Dropbox appointment
  2. Rescheduled to 9th July for Hyderabad
  3. 9th July – Traveled from Mumbai to Hyderabad location and dropped documents. Submitted NIE letter from healthcare employer. Lot of rush due to F1 students.
  4. 12 July – Application received
  5. 16 July – Admin Processing
  6. 23 July – Issued
  7. 27th July – Received email and SMS for passport pickup from Mumbai location
  8. 28th July – Passport collected with NIE annotation

Overall heck ride of whole month.

Tricks for Dropbox slots:

Cancelled slots generally appear on every 20th minute of hour IST time. Most favorable times where I saw appointments were 8:20 AM, 9:20 AM, 12:20 PM, 4:20 PM, 5:20 PM after lot of struggle.

Bulk Dropbox appointments generally appear on Monday 8:20 AM to 9:20 AM slots.

All the best!

Experience 27: H1B with EA, Dropbox at New Delhi (USC Kid)

Emergency appointment and DropBox Experience:

  1. June 29: Got Regular appointment for 2020 Feb at Mumbai
  2. July 1 & 2: Applied EA based on US citizen kid medical and schooling needs
  3. EA at Mumbai got denied with out any reason in one hour each time.
  4. Based on everyone feedback at telegram switched regular appointment to Delhi as there more chances for approval for EA
  5. Applied for EA on July 8th at Delhi, didn’t received any response for 2 weeks.
  6. Got one trusted agent number through friends and he was able to book dropbox appointment at Delhi in 3 days.
  7. July 19 Submitted documents for DropBox at Delhi.
  8. July 20 status changes to Application Received.
  9. July 21 status changed Administrative Processing
  10. July 23 status changes to issued.
  11. July 27 received passport with stamping at Bangalore

It seems Delhi is not processing EA due to lot of other Student visa applications.
So don’t waste time and try to get earlier appointment by yourself or through trustesd agent.
Note: All this is my experience and things may change later.


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